Where Are the Masters?

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Blayne writes:
I am wondering if there are many masters reincarnating or have already into this time period to help humanity through this rough patch? Or high level initiates at least?

Maybe it is just me but I feel something has to give soon and I have the feeling it is going to get pretty rough soon. I feel like the Korean problem while still volatile has passed its most dangerous point and is calming down.

Still unemployment is increasing rapidly despite politicians and media pundits claiming were in recovery and of course politicians are borrowing and spending like drunken sailors.

We Have riots in Europe and the UK as students are mad the government wants to cut back the education subsidies and make them pay more as governments all over the world are bankrupt and running the printing presses or credit card so to speak to pay the bills. And yes Australia too they just had more room to inflate then the US but are in the same boat and will catch up soon.

While it’s possible things could change nothing has and there is no indication any of the people that need to be the catalyst for change are even considering it. At some point the unemployment will reach a critical mass and then you will have a bunch of pissed off people with nothing left to lose.

I just feel people need to prepare for a time in the near future when there will be no jobs and food etc will be scarce. I don’t see it heading any other way. If something changes to save the day great but in the meantime were on our own for a good stretch and were going to have to reap what we have sown as a people I think.

Hate to be gloomy and I still have a strange optimism at the eventual outcome but the in between is not going to be fun and what we see now is just barely the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts?

Unless some turnaround occurs we are indeed headed toward financial catastrophe. One just has to do the math on the increasing interest payments we are making on our debt.

There are ways to turn things around and perhaps the only real solution will come from the people themselves as politicians seem to lose all touch with common sense after they get settled into office. The new crop shows some promise but we’ll have to wait and see.

Mentally it seems logical that I should be placing all my energy into organizing something to incorporate some of the changes I have written about but my soul tells me that the time is not quite right and wait for a season. I do not think the time is far off as more people are looking for solutions as time passes.

As to where the masters or initiates are it appears that not many high on the scale have entered politics as there doesn’t seen to be much light in he halls of Congress.

An amazing number thought that Obama was a master or high initiate. His ability to read a teleprompter well seemed to have misled many. Thankfully you and I were not among them. Now, even many of his supporters are coming to the conclusion that he is in way over his head.

So, if Obama was not a master or high initiate then where are they – or do such entities avoid politics completely?

If we want to find any initiates among politicians we must know what to look for. What kind of approach would be taken by a lofty soul who is in politics? The masters focus on the line of Love/Wisdom and can be found on the plane of the mind so a high initiate would use logic and reason tempered with love.

Anyone working with the forces of light would show these qualities.

(1) He or she would not support the idea of continually spending more money than we have and strapping the next generation with high interest payments.

(2) He would support the principle of freedom and thus work to run the country on the lowest possible tax rate giving people freedom to invest their own money.

(3) He would not seek for excessive regulation and quality of laws but only essential ones.

(4) He would not use the poor and unemployed to increase his power base but sincerely seek to assist them in ways that will get the willing back into productivity.

(5) He would be a true environmentalist. He would not use the environment as a weapon to increase political power or raise taxes but seek to aid the environment in common sense ways.

(6) He would not be black and white but willing to use the principle of judgment as situations change.

(7) If he is an initiate then he will be working on initiating something new.

That said – let me throw this out to the group.

First, do you agree with the above seven points? If not what criteria would you use?

Secondly, can you think of any one involved in politics who you think could be an agent for the Brotherhood of light?

If the answer is yes then why do you think this?

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Government, Politics and Politicians

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  When the government becomes a true servant of the people then the people will freely serve the government.

2  A true democracy has never existed in recorded history, but one is on the drawing board of those who watch.

3  True conservatives and liberals follow their ideals without questioning them or making judgments on their own.

4  There is a chain of command for dealing with disasters and it is appropriately organized from the bottom up.

5  In ancient Israel the whole government was financed on a voluntary ten percent tithe and the money was used for the benefit of all. Wouldn’t it be nice if a voluntary tithe were our only tax today? There is no reason why this cannot be so.

6  When the government begins assuming powers that we the people have not granted it, it becomes a beast that seeks to destroy freedom through the use of fear and intimidation.

7  When the majority receives hand-outs through the government from the slavery of hard working taxpayers, we approach a situation where we have a majority who has a vested interest in continuing to increase taxes and tyrannize a minority.

8  In the United States it is now difficult for a politician to get elected unless he promises lots of federal dollars to a greedy majority who feel that it is right to take what does not belong to them. (Remember we defined greed as wanting more than you have a right to have). When we approach this situation where the majority choose to take that which does not belong to them we approach a situation where the nation is “ripe for destruction.”

9  In many countries we are approaching the time when the majority will be receiving benefits through the government from the earnings of others.

10  If we had applied all the billions spent on the war on drugs to education and rehabilitation we would be a much more drug free society than we are now – and our prisons would have a much smaller population.

11  Ideally, a voluntary ten percent tax should be able to run any efficient government.

12  In the United States the majority is quite unsatisfied in the overall system, but makes no positive efforts for change.

13  Today one can openly talk about most any mystery without fear of zealous idiots burning you at the stake. However, part of this religious freedom is more indebted to the free governments of the world than to religious leaders.

14  The last democratic president I respected (despite his faults) was John Kennedy.

15  The politician who promises the most goodies that the country can do for us seems to be the one we want to vote for. This idea needs turned around and the concept of service for something else besides the tiny self needs to be restored. This is essential groundwork for the return of Christ.

16  Government does have a purpose and that is to protect freedom and the purpose of any law or restriction should have an end product that the freedom of the majority is enhanced.

17  At present all governments gravitate toward greater and greater restrictions and force, where the majority is not served, thus causing the minorities to eventually be not served also.

18  [In The United States] HMO’s [Health Maintenance Organizations] became necessary because of government interference.

19  The tyrannical governments of the third world are the real restrictions of freedom and will sometimes help corporations unfairly so more money will come their direction.

20  If things go as planned, governments will assist rather than hinder in the creation of abundance.

21  There are certain things that the individual may not particularly like to be governed by, but if these things can have a disturbing effect upon the whole then the body or state does have the right to make laws to correct the problem.

22  If an individual is partaking of the goodness or badness of a state or body then one has the moral obligation to recognize and abide by the laws of the body that affect the body as a whole and are accepted by the majority.

23  If some law or rule of the state irritates me to a sufficient degree I will then seek to change that law or remove myself from the group.

24  Governments must do all in their power to encourage the development of clean burning fuels with unlimited supply and provide an atmosphere of freedom and support for the coming innovations and crossovers to the new fuels.

25  When one realizes that neither conservative nor liberal is the big enemy, he can become an intelligent watcher of events and pick the side that is correcting a great wrong.

26  The freer the market the more prevalent the freedom for all.

27  There are many on the fringes who believe that the necessary rules of society take away their freedom or free agency.

28  What is liberating can be either conservative or liberal.

29  Many support long jail sentences for non violent crimes that draw on our financial resources and could be solved by other methods.

30  In the Old South many fought to keep the principle of slavery alive because it gave the taskmasters more “freedom.”  This idea is not that much different from the current idea of increasing taxes on those who have, to give to those who have not. This causes those who have to “slave” away harder to fulfill their dreams and causes those who have not to become lazy and miss the joy of accomplishing something on their own.

31  The government should only do that which we permit, but the individual should be able to do all that is not prohibited because of harmfulness.

32  The principle around freedom is that the Government needs to be restricted to allow the maximum freedom of choice for the largest possible number of people.

33  Even totalitarian regimes will topple without physical conflict if enough light and common sense is manifest by the lovers of freedom.

34  In a way it is too bad that the discussion of freedom is mainly limited to people in the arena of politics. Many people in metaphysics and philosophy shy away from the subject as much as they do a fundamental religion; yet, this should not be.

35  The main criteria I look for in supporting a party or candidate is their adherence to the principle of freedom.

36  Many people there are in totalitarian regimes who are not crying out for more freedom, but completely accept their restrictions and look on freedom as an adventure into irresponsibility.

37  99 percent of the time when there is tyranny, it is the tyranny of a minority over the majority.

38  The will of the majority far outweighs the potential tyranny of a minority.

39  Freedom does not belong to either conservative or liberal, even though both sides lay claim to it.

40  Those who wish to restrict freedom to conserve the past are the true right wing and those who wish to restrict freedom to obtain liberal change are the true left wing.

41  Fortunately for the world, there are no idealists who have supreme power over a major nation. Let me assure you that there are many idealists that would indeed unleash great misery on human kind if they had the power to restrict freedom.

42  Both the left and the right use the same argument of being pro life to promote their cause of the restriction of freedom. The political left want to restrict our freedom to own guns for the preservation of life and the anti abortion people also want to restrict freedom to preserve life. Yet the interesting fact is that they both violently disagree with each other.

43  We need to change our system to place emphasis on education rather than enforcement.

44  Voting is important my friends, even if it is for the lesser of two evils.

45  Some people talk of a benevolent dictatorship. There is no such thing.

46  It is true that sharing and service will become principles of salvation for the coming age, but these will become manifest through free will with much more power than good-through-force as encouraged by government.

47  It is the destiny of the governments of the world to become members of the house of God. The governments of the earth will be set in order and thus eventually join the house of God.

48  The greatest enemy to the governments of the earth joining the house of God are the religions of the earth who see most government as the enemy of God. Many of these believers do nothing to help change the world, waiting instead for a great savior to come and destroy them all and set up a benevolent totalitarian rule.

49  With freedom comes responsibility.

50  It is helpful in this age that the lights are not seeking to overthrow or subvert any government, but is seeking to work within established rules, laws and systems to create permanent change.

51  If the Brotherhood of&nbspLight gets their way the coming one world government will be a loose association of the nations of the world patterned after the idea of limited government composed of cooperating nation states, similar to the association of the original United States.

52  The Constitution of the United States is built around the principle of the Free Agency of man.

53  When I talk to those on the right they think I am left wing and when I talk to those on the left they assume I am right wing.

54  When you examine the various countries of the world you will see that the less freedom the people have the more they are influenced and controlled through emotion.

55  When a person receives benefits, he will tend to vote to sustain the benefit no matter how unfair it may be to the persons providing it. In his mind he is voting for greater freedom for himself, but at the expense of the free choice of the person providing the money.

56  Look at any issue and you will see that freedom lies more on one side than the other.

57  If a government were to switch over to the Molecular Relationship it would have to be a gradual process involving appropriate legislation on a national and State level.

58  There has never been a permanent government of any kind on the earth in the history of the planet. So if we predict the future based on the past we could say, “There is no such thing as a permanent form of any government.”

59  Whether a Molecular Politician is a Democrat or Republican will make no difference for they will vote the will of the people.

60  If democracy in the world is pushed back far enough then the coming of Christ within this generation will not be able to take place, at least not in the way we hope for.

61  The transition to a true democracy is expected to be mainly fought out in the United States, but it is always possible that some smaller nation could incorporate the higher principles before we do.

62  Because an informed majority will make democracy much better I have stated that one of the main jobs of a Molecular candidate is to educate his co-legislators. Our representatives’ prime job needs to shift from power broker to manager and teacher.

63  All throughout history policy has been made by the minority, not by the majority through Democratic means.

64  To make Molecular Politics work the candidate must agree to follow the will of his co-legislators with his voting, even if it goes strongly against his beliefs.

65  I am adamantly against enforced universal suffrage of any kind. People should only be encouraged to vote when they know what they are voting for.

66  Under Molecular Politics, term limits would not be needed because the will of the people will prevail no matter how long the candidate is in office.

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