The Three Worlds

2001-8-7 03:17:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 28

Before we move to the human kingdom I thought I would include an interesting tidbit on animals.

DK calls them "little brothers." When I reflect upon this term it feels right to me. They are not yet human, or in our image, but they feel like little brothers that we can nourish, love and care about.

Then he gives an interesting purpose in humanity taking animals as pets. He says that this puts them in training to come through the door into human consciousness when it is open again in a future time.

In other words, a pet to a human corresponds to a human disciple in relationship to a Master. It seems that all of us either have pets or are pets in one cycle or another.

Overtime I see a dog with his master I try and tune into his vibration and sense his feeling. While some animal rights people think that the keeping of pets is inhumane I sense that every animal I come across that is not mistreated (and even some of them) loves being a pet, just as you or I would love to be an accepted disciple of the Christ.

One of the reasons I enjoy this experience is that I like sensing the feeling a dog (and other animals) has toward his Master. Some say it is like the feeling he had in the wilds toward the leader of a pack, but I pick up much more than this. The dog realizes (instinctively, not mentally) that he is in the presence of one much greater than another mere dog and this greater presence to him brings him joy (in animal feeling) just as we correspondingly on a higher level feel joy when the presence of a Master is sensed.

Here in Idaho a lot of people haul their dogs everywhere they go in the back of the pickup trucks. Every time I follow one and see the wind blowing through the dogs hair I would be inclined to think the dog would wish to be back home sleeping in a cozy doghouse. But no -- the dog looks happy as can be in the uncomfortable situation. Sometimes when I park in the grocery store lot I'll notice a parked truck with a dog in the back waiting. The Master could have been gone for an hour, but is the dog unhappy? No. He's sitting there with great content waiting with anticipation for his master to return.

Sometimes when the master returns he pulls something out of the bag and gives it to the dog. To the dog this is more than just food. This is his reward for being a good disciple, waiting patiently for the will of one higher than himself.

When I correlate the correspondence between the kingdoms I can see that I am very much like a patient pet to my own spiritual contacts and when I am thrown a bone with a few strands of meat on it, it is much more than a bone. It is a sign to me I am still in the circle and that I should trust the relationship, wag my tail and move onward.

Now let us move to progression within the human kingdom itself.

One of the main purposes of the human kingdom is to progress through and master what DK calls "the three worlds of human endeavor" or the "three worlds of form."

These three worlds are:

  1. The physical and the etheric double counting as one world. The calculating brain and instinct is manifest through this.
  2. The astral through which emotion, attachment, aspiration and selfish love is manifest.
  3. The mind. Keep in mind that mind is much different than brain activity and is not even activated in the average person.

The main purpose of the mind is to teach us to become creators on the physical plane in preparation for higher creation which will follow later. Mind imagines and then figures out how to bring that which is imagined into reality.

Mind takes the lower love and transmutes it into the higher love, blends all with brain and out comes logic which leads to wisdom.

Mind leads us to ask, to reason and to create philosophy for better life, for livingness that has never been seen upon the earth before.

Mind is the plane whereon the Masters may be found.

Above mind are the three higher formless planes, the Spiritual Triad, whereon the Solar Angel may be found.

The aim of evolution for us is to progress from the lower (physical) to the highest (mental) worlds of human endeavor. Thus when seeking to trace the cycle of evolution, in the physical for instance, one must not limit himself to one type of group of people. Individual humans are at different levels of progression within every group and race upon the earth.

For instance, within a fairly primitive tribe the medicine man may be a fairly advanced human being incarnated there for the specific purpose of being a teacher to relative new human souls. And then among the most civilized of societies we will find a number of low grade souls (as well as lesser evolved) that we would shudder to take as our brothers.

One thing I found amazing about analyzing the handwriting of various criminals is that the average criminal has above average intelligence. As we advance on the ladder of human evolution we do not just move in as straight line toward goodness and righteousness. As we gain in intelligence we gain in power and when we first gain in power we misuse the power and then suffer the results. After a period of suffering then we finally master the power and move another step.

So, keeping in mind that there are various grades of humans in every group, we will isolate tribal living collectively and look upon it as a whole.

Question: Next we shall be talking about talents within us which are "below the threshold of consciousness."

What does this mean and how does it apply to us and our evolution?


-- End Of Lesson Two, Part 28 --


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