Molecular Motion

2006-7-14 11:59:00

Good comments John C. I'm sure the group found your post interesting.

Assaf writes:

Will the individual members of the ex-molecule wish to leave their individual bodies too, as soon as possible (assuming the greater life left the body of the molecule because it was the right time to do so)?

The molecule will live indefinitely. The only thing that would "kill" it would be the loss of one of its units causing it to lose its molecular properties.

Does this mean that if an individual gets upset and turns his energy against the molecule that it will die?

Not necessarily. It will first get ill and then it will be the duty of the group to replace the non working individual(s). If they are not replaced the molecule will die and the higher life will leave the body.

If they are successfully replaced then the body will be healed and continue its existence.

If the energy flow continues without resistance the molecule will live indefinitely. The one molecule though, may over a period of time, be the home of more than one higher life. This life could switch places with a different entity from another molecule or, if it needs a rest, it could allow another higher entity that hasn't incarnated yet to take a turn while it takes a rest.

The lifetimes of the individual humans who make up the molecule will be fairly unaffected by what the higher entities do unless the molecule becomes sick or dies.

With a change in the entity there will be a change in the emphasis of direction and the manifestation of higher properties or the miraculous.

The main emphasis of the one Jesus made was what the people considered miracles, but there are many other points of emphasis that we have not seen yet.


Another question:  Can an individual human be a member in more than one molecule at the same time?

No, but when two or more molecules are functioning well there will be such efficient contact with the Oneness Principle so it will seem that if you are a member of one you are a member of them all. Also a number of molecules will work together on various projects.

You can also exchange your position with a member of another molecule and thus move from one molecule to another.


Are some of the masters who already passed the fifth initiation living in more than one molecule at the same time?

No, but their consciousness will extend to more than one molecule.

Well-timed silence hath more eloquence than speech.
Martin Fraquhar Tupper