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The Principle of Soul

This principle is of great interest to seekers of all stripes, though soul contact itself is called different names by different people.

The term “soul contact” basically describes contact humans sometimes make with higher spiritual reality and spheres of being. This is something all religious and spiritual people seek to some degree.

The typical religious person will seek answers to prayer or occasional divine guidance. Some even describe encounters with angels or visions of God, Jesus or spiritual things.

Then other seekers associated with new age or eastern thought describe all kinds of experiences that they believe to be higher spiritual contact.

The reason higher contact is so sought after and cherished is that it replaces faith with knowledge. A higher contact is a real experience that verifies to a high degree that there is indeed a reality beyond the material world.

The question few ask is, what is the principle that makes higher contact possible?

Most give fairly vague answers such as quoting Jesus telling us to ask and we shall receive and seek and you shall find.

This apparently does not reflect the full principle for a few ask and receive while many do not. What is the principle that can make higher contact a reality?

There is indeed a point of contact which is neither material nor spirit, but where both interplay and the result of that interplay is soul energy.

Contacting this point which is neither spirit nor matter, up or down, wet or dry is the key to soul contact. This mysterious point where soul energy resides is the door that opens up consciousness to all higher contact.

So, how does one open this door to soul contact? I have written a lot on this subject in previous writings so I will just give a few important hints here:

(1) The consciousness must cease to focus on the material side as being all-important and balance it off with spiritual focus. When the seeker balances the physical and spiritual within he discovers the door of soul energy.

The enlightenment of the Buddha was a good example as described in my book The Lost Key of the Buddha

If you tune the strings of a harp too tight,

the sound will not be right.

If the strings are too slack as they play,

a beautiful sound will not be made.

Neither too tight nor too limp shall be the strings,

If the player is to be worthy of kings.

The tension must be tuned by the ear

To fill the soul of all who hear.

The door to higher contact will not be found in extreme focus on either spirit or matter but by the balanced mind.

(2) Because energy follows thought the seeker must direct his mind toward higher contact to receive higher contact. This is a self-evident truth that is often overlooked.

(3) The seeker must sustain his focus until he achieves the contacts he desires. Many give a feeble attempt and just give up.

(4) The seeker must seek to free himself from material attachments.

(5) The seeker must forgive all and hold no grievances.

(6) It helps to achieve correct focus to seek to understand Higher Will and seek to fulfill it.

(7) Listen in silence for the Inner Voice.

Conclusion: The Soul Principle can be stated as follows: The discovery of that zero point which is neither spirit or matter, but the interplay of them both.


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Got Soul?

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “The soul is represented by that point of invisible interplay between spirit and matter which is neither spirit nor matter, neither form nor formless.”

2.  “The union of matter and spirit makes soul possible, but Soul itself is the interplay of body and spirit rather than the union, and that interplay is within us all no matter what our degree of evolution.”

3.  “The word “soul” is used very loosely by various groups. In the teachings of the Masters it is basically used two ways: The Higher Self sometimes called the Solar Angel, which is linked as an atom in the body of the oversoul of humanity; The point where spirit touches matter. This is the point that some have referred to as being beyond dualities. This, however, is not a dwelling place, but a doorway to the higher worlds.”

4.  “The soul only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul only vibrates for us when truth is spoken or presented.”

5.  “One Soul is never out of harmony with another Soul.”

6.  “Whether or not I am convinced of a certain truth carries little weight for the true seeker; he still must find out all truth for himself through his own soul.”

7.  “Wise questions force the mind and heart to reflect on the soul.”

8.  “The current creative life, the human, is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.”

9.  “To say that life is unfair is to say that God is unfair. When all things are considered throughout the life of the soul, all is fair.”

10.  “The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.”

11.  “As an individual you can, through the soul, contact the spiritual worlds and your own higher self, which is a Master upon its own plane.”

12.  “A certain inner knowing and peace accompanies the revelations through the Soul. If the revelation feels wonderful and uplifting then it is logical that we will benefit by following it.”

13.  “The only way a union of any two or more people can take place is if the two follow the will of the God Within, or the Soul, which never disagrees with itself.”

14.  “There is always a point of truth that is seen by the eyes of the soul that will bring oneness to any group if they are willing to humble themselves, rise above pride of the ego and seek the God Within.”

15.  “Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.”

16.  “If we cannot agree in the soul we must go by the evidence, logic and reason. This will lead us to the soul and an eventual understanding of the greater whole.”

17.  “Now remember that soul energy itself is not God or the Higher Self, but is a door to the higher realm.”

18.  “All steps toward the liberation of the soul are proceeded by a greater sense and power of freedom in the life of the disciple.”

19.  “Here on earth we have individualized consciousness and we seem to be separate souls. But in the world of pure soul, there is only one oversoul for all humanity; and you and I are parts of that whole.”

20.  “The doors of the soul cannot stay shut for long to he who loves the truth.”

21.  “The personality resists the soul until it suffers defeat after defeat in its purposes and finally will yield through acquiescence.”

22.  “He who discovers the door of the soul discovers the way to recognize truth and is no longer deceived and thus becomes free.”

23.  “All decision in harmony with soul brings the power of soul.”

24.  “If the seeking attitude and the Decision to do so is maintained then that is a major event in the life of the soul.”

25.  “In looking at the higher worlds, from a universal angle, all higher contacts come through the soul.”

26.  “Although I have received many comments of how the teachings and the Song of the 144,000 have helped individuals in their personal lives, the teachings are not designed as self help aids. They are designed to lead the student to the soul and when he arrives there he will have all the help he needs.”

27.  “Unfortunately advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.”

28.  “As far as the soul goes nothing can harm it.”

29.  “When we become one with the soul then our attention is shifted toward the greater light of the Monad and when this shift is made the soul becomes as darkness and higher vision is obtained when the greater light shines ON the light of the soul.”

30.  “The Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us, and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.”

31.  “If a devil, a man or an angel speaks we all have the right to run the words by our souls and verify them for ourselves.”

32.  “Forget self and move forward in experience until the desire of your soul is satisfied. Then you will rest in peace and prepare for another.”

33.  “When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.”

34.  “All truth is available through the soul, and it is time for humanity to learn to use this tool.”

35.  “If two disagree on something related to a principle this tells us that either one or both of them are out of harmony with the soul.”

36.  “If we are true to the highest within ourselves the soul will eventually manifest.”

37.  “When one then makes a definite decision to serve self at the expense of the soul then a very significant event happens.”

38.  “The magical power of the soul is only manifest when the self is forgotten and the purpose of God is sought and service is the objective.”

39.  “It [the soul] supplies cohesive force and gives shape to living things, holding their forms together.”

40.  “There is higher and lower soul energy.”

41.  “This is the greatest honor that one person can give to another: to have that which is within the soul of one, light the soul of another like the passing of a candle.”

42.  “As we enter into areas of new understanding we enter into the possibility of inner joy through learning which can actually verified by the soul.”

43.  “Soul is the contact of the monadic energy with matter.”

44.  “Our soul is our personal book of life that stores cause and drives us to work out effects until all is in balance and we return to our source for the great rest of the Lord of Sabboath.”

45.  “The Soul waits until we have some group consciousness before it will even work directly with us.”

46.  “A soul confirmation always points you in the right direction to enhance your spiritual evolution, but it does not reveal to you all the knowledge and principles around the subject you may be contemplating.”

47.  “The soul often gives us an inch of truth and we make it into a mile of truth.”

48.  “One communication through the soul does not contradict another communication through the soul.”

49.  “To find evil in people feeling or seeking a soul connection to one another is an amazing thing.”

50.  “To reach the soul it must be understood where the polarization is.”

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  True oneness is achieved not by giving up individuality, but by expanding the mind and spiritual sensitivity so the truth becomes obvious to all.

2  Those who learn to differentiate between the Soul energies and other energies will then have the unique capacity to achieve oneness in thought.

3  When a complete Molecule achieves oneness of thought through becoming sensitive to the Soul, then the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is presided over by the Christ, can pour forth its spiritual energy, which is channeled down from the very presence of God into a group here on earth.

4  There is always a point of truth that is seen by the eyes of the soul that will bring oneness to any group if they are willing to humble themselves, rise above pride of the ego and seek the God Within.

5  Just laws and outside authority are very limited in bringing oneness, for as soon as individuals in a group are released from their authority and laws we will see the illusion of their previous unity.

6  My greatest desire is to see others feel the fire of the spirit for in this experience is true oneness. This experience causes great emotion, but is more than emotion.

7  A forced oneness is not oneness in the higher sense; it only gives the illusion of oneness. The individuals within a group of forced oneness will have many individualized and differing thoughts if they are allowed to express them.

8  Joy in humanity has a different cause than happiness. Happiness is caused by progressing toward a goal. Joy comes through moving toward oneness with other souls and God. In other words, joy operates on the principle of oneness.

9  Any unity and oneness that seems to be obtained by seeing illusionary sameness or the use of force is not true unity.

10  Oneness must be obtained through true seeing and free will.

11  A yielding nature is essential to create oneness in any relationship and it must be possessed by both parties.

12  Our mission is to find the next objective in alignment with purpose and become one with it through our attention.

13  Over ninety percent of humanity are controlled in some degree through emotional oneness and this is the mark of the beast.

14  Oneness will come through soul contact.

15  I have received a lot of material through the Oneness Principle and when received the understanding is extremely clear. But then when it is placed in words a distortion occurs that can only be corrected by the reader interpreting through that same Oneness Principle.

16  The One Spirit of God that works through the many creating the Oneness Principle that is available to all who will seek.

17  Keep in mind here that a fallen Lucifer is one who was a great being of light who decided to operate outside of the Oneness Principle and fell into darkness. There have been a number of such Lucifers in the history of our planet.

18  For many the true teaching of ultimate oneness is a big handicap because they overlook the learning steps in duality which is one of the prime reasons for our descent into this world.

19  In the end all entities will realize their oneness with God and come (home) to it.

20  The Oneness Principle corresponds to a spiritual internet that allows those who properly tune in to receive understanding on any true principle.

21  Even though the numbers around Jesus were few, look at the effect their oneness had on history.

22  If we are to become one with each other as the Father and Son are one then why would one have cause to not believe that such a union can await us?

23  Trust is the driving power that moves people to oneness.

24  Can you sense the Purpose of God – that it is more than a goal of some kind, but as aspect that must be revealed through your oneness?

25  Complete wholeness will only be reached when we are one with all other lives. This oneness cannot be reached by a mere belief in being one with the Universe, as many think. It can only be achieved through actually living in cooperation with other lives mentally, emotionally and physically in such a way that perfect harmony exists.

26  If we are going to be one with the One Great Life which is God, then we must initiate this process by finding one person, among the billions of human lives out there, with whom we may achieve oneness.

27  Oneness on the mental level is more sophisticated and stable than the emotional. To disturb this oneness new facts have to be discovered, but to disturb emotional oneness all it takes is for feelings to change.

28  Oneness in the molecule will be achieved not through teaching, argument and reason alone.

29  When the disciple breaks through and becomes one with the Christ consciousness he taps into the Oneness Principle, the minds of the holy ones of the past and the knowledge of all principles becomes available to him.

30  Often when I have had things revealed to me through the Oneness Principle I later will be reading DK [Djwhal Khul] and discover that he had written about it either directly or indirectly through hints.

31  As humans we are not the highest but neither are we the lowest. But through the Oneness Principle we can have access and identification with lives much higher than we are.

32  When two or more molecules are functioning well there will be such efficient contact with the Oneness Principle so it will seem that if you are a member of one you are a member of them all.

33  The way to discover knowledge and develop ability to commune through the oneness principle is through the meditative state called contemplation.

34  All of us have a higher part of ourselves but we are not one with the higher part of ourselves. If we were at one with that higher part of ourselves we would be harmless.

35  The Oneness principle is for people of vision, not numbed acolytes on one hand, or the unbelieving on the other.

36  Those who have arrived at the Oneness Principle will have an amazingly similar appreciation for the same groups of writings. Those outside of the Oneness Principle will either like every teacher that comes along or cling to one or two as the greatest and reject the rest.

37  The principle of Oneness is this: 1+1=1.

38  Just because we participate to a degree in the oneness principle does not mean that we have achieved all there is to achieve.

39  Reception through oneness is much different than channeling, which is reception through duality.

40  If anyone taps into my thought through the Oneness Principle and believes they can speak my mind it is fine with me if they try. If they are wrong I will correct them. So far, (as far as I can remember) everyone who has tried it has been very close.

41  I don’t think the Oneness Principle is conservative or liberal any more than Mars is.

42  When the fullness of the Oneness Principle is achieved the seeker will then know of a surety concerning that consciousness which cannot be touched by pain, neither by grief, discouragement or sorrow.

43  The Oneness Principle and the Science of Impression are two different things. The Oneness Principle includes and uses the Science of Impression, but is not the Science of Impression.

44  When two people are in the Oneness Principle they can speak from different backgrounds with a different way of looking at definitions yet sense the meaning the other is trying to convey.

45  If you only sense union with those who already agree with you, what have you achieved? Not much.

46  The only way a union of any two or more people can take place is if the two follow the will of the God Within, or the Soul, which never disagrees with itself.

47  The path to the union through the soul can begin with either agreement or disagreement. If two people already have soul contact and see how principles play out through the soul they will usually start and end in oneness. Only if the personality of one gets in the way will there be a problem.

48  There is only one God or One Life and we are to seek union with that Presence in ourselves and with others with all of our hearts, all of our Soul, all of our mind and strength.

49  Most Christians accept the fact that Jesus and the Father are one, but few seem to be able to consider that any man or woman can also be one with God in the same way that Jesus was. Nevertheless, this fact is taught beyond dispute in the Bible.
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Spirit, Spirituality & Spiritual Progression

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “All forms of human endeavor are spiritual if it elevates the soul of man.”

2.  “The closest the average person comes to the higher spiritual sensation is the sexual climax.”

3.  “To make real progress in spiritual evolution one must be willing to accept change, even if his whole belief system is shattered.”

4.  “There is no way one can supply the exterior world with a measurement of spiritual progress.”

5.  “Often those who are making the greatest progress are seen as the greatest devils.”

6.  “If a person believes that he has already achieved the highest contact possible, he will not seek any further.”

7.  “If one truly desires a quantum leap in spiritual evolution for his brethren, let him set up an ensign and remember the ancient law that we become as that which we gaze upon, or that which draws our attention.”

8.  “As we climb the ladder of spiritual progress the number of entities who turn around in their progress lessens because as we move toward greater and greater light it becomes more obvious that it is indeed wisdom to continue forward.”

9.  “After we finish one long cycle of spiritual evolution then, after a period of rest, we will begin another with temptations anew and perils unlike any encountered before.”

10.  “We either go forward in spiritual evolution or we go backward. We never stand still. If we try and just stand still and ‘just be’ as many new agers teach then the person will go backwards on the path.”

11.  “Spiritual progression is directly proportional to a person’s understanding and acceptance of the principle of freedom; therefore, let us contemplate that principle and embrace the greater livingness.”

12.  “A change in direction, belief or thought process toward what seems to be the light does not indicate a leap in spiritual evolution.”

13.  “Gaining much knowledge does not indicate advance in spiritual evolution.”

14.  “Whenever anyone makes a step forward in spiritual evolution he has to earn that step by facing a temporary aloneness and spiritual blackout. If you continue to stumble through the darkness, no matter what, then the light will come back and completely dispel the darkness and the step forward will then become a reality.”

15.  “One who has felt what I call the New Jerusalem feeling will have a sense of oneness and brotherhood with others who have felt it, and those who have not yet had this baptism of fire, yet think they have, will never be able to adequately describe it.”

16.  “This spiritual fire is usually given to you as a witness to some truth that you are supposed to register and incorporate into your life or mission. It gives you a surety that you are headed in the right direction.”

17.  “In this age, the true baptism of fire is very rare and only comes through a high demonstration of faith.”

18.  “You are commanded to “try the spirits whether they are of God.” (1 John 4:1). Remember you are not commanded to ignore the spirits or claim they are from the devil, or to try and destroy them, but ‘try them’.”

19.  “The weakest link determines the power of the spiritual flow.”

20.  “The Molecular Relationship creates the vehicle for the Kingdom of God, but spiritual fusion creates the greater life.”

21.  “Whether it be symbolic marriage or real physical marriage a disciple is considered a virgin before God if he has no spiritual intercourse with false gods.”

22.  “The Beast robs the seeker of his spiritual virginity.”

23.  “Even though we attempt to follow the spiritual path we must still live in the real world and nurture a certain amount of plans and goals to take care of our needs as well as our loved ones.”

24.  “All your desires to tread the spiritual path will be clouded if an unrealized vow is hanging over your head.”

25.  “When a person who has had contact with the Spirit goes against what he has received and reverts back to the old ways and seeks to steady the ark of God in the hearts of others with black and white laws of stone, then such a one will be in danger of being burned by the spiritual fire and can actually physically self destruct.”

26.  “Let me give you and others who receive a spiritual contact a word of warning. The power to hold this contact must be earned and not taken for granted. Approximately three days after a higher contact, the seeker usually undergoes a mini dark night. The void can be so great that he will be tempted to forget, discount or disbelieve his contact. The disciple must make a mental commitment to hold steady in the light and hold the memory of the Presence. This focus will take you through the dark night and eventually toward higher more permanent contact.”

27.  “The subtle authority that controls man and places a veil of illusion between him and the truth must be understood before a group can take the next great step in spiritual evolution.”

28.  “Spiritual oneness encompasses the oneness of the mind and emotions.”

29.  “Before illusion is overcome a person may experience quite a few spiritual contacts through the soul, but the door has yet to be opened completely. But when illusion is unraveled the door swings open wide and a world of vision and new opportunities are revealed.”

30.  “It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be ‘in the world,’ but when the consciousness settles down in this reality, we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul.”

31.  “Every great step forward is taken in the midst of a point of tension.”

32.  “Progression on an individual basis will only take us so far. The next step is progression as a group of individuals with soul contact.”

33.  “When a person first experiences the spiritual fire he will usually have an initial endowment of power that will have a residual effect for about three days.”

34.  “Lack of progression is something that I have observed in {both} extremes of thought. The literal Bible believer cannot get past his outward authority riveting him into his mindset and the “all is within” person will not take an objective look at reality as it is.”

35.  “Once the male and, or female relationship is in balance then higher non-sexual sharing on a spiritual level can create the next great step in our human evolution.”

36.  “Many in the East and West need to shift the focus of their meditation technique from formlessness to form if they want to make maximum progress.”

37.  “There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.”

38.  “One of the main purposes of soul contact is to reveal to us the next steps in our progression.”

39.  “Time after time the work of disciples fall short of the goal, and mankind does not progress as hoped for. In such circumstances even the Great Ones have to accept what is and move the Plan forward the best they can.”

40.  “An advanced disciple or master incarnate will never reveal his point in evolution publicly.”

41.  “If we follow the highest we know and move ahead to the best of our ability we will indeed make many mistakes, but the pure in heart will discover their mistakes and correct them.”

42.  “The lesser evolved shove to be first. The more advanced push forward without thought of first or last but for the pure joy of service, benefiting the whole and moving ahead to the new plateau of realization.”

43.  “The fact that you’re even seeking indicates that you are at least aspiring to something higher. Either you’re just looking or you’re committed to the purpose of your inner soul. You probably feel inside which category you’re in.”

44.  “The key to progression is always harmlessness.”

45.  “If our desire to be an island of independence separates us from reality then our progression will come to a standstill.”

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