Group Oneness

2001-1-20 21:57:00

When teaching this group I have often found that when I posted what I thought was my finest teachings that I often received the least response. It looks like Benjamin is experiencing the same phenomenon.

His last discourse was excellent and I know it fed the souls of many but no one has commented yet (as of this writing). I think a large part of this is that many read it and feel satisfied that all that is needed has been covered and just soak in the knowledge.

Sometimes what I would do when there was not much comment on words that I felt came from the soul was to tune I through the Oneness Principle and I would get a sense of impact that was beyond the visible and felt satisfied within my soul that the effort was indeed worth the time spent.

Group soul contact is an ideal which shall soon be achieved. In a Molecule of twenty-four individuals each person involved must be capable of such contact or contact for the group as a whole will not be achieved. The weakest link determines the power of the spiritual flow.

We have seen on this list how one person can create division and in division the power of the soul is diminished to the group as a whole (though not to individuals) and then we have seen how a more unified group as we have today brings a greater power of soul and peaceable things of the Spirit.

There is a time for personality and a time for soul. This list first had to grow and develop its personality and now that is accomplished the time has come that the list become more directed toward oneness wherein lies higher contact.

There are advantages to the written and also to the spoken word in reaching the group soul. In written communications the group avoids much of the emotional heat that a gathered group would have, though you would hardly know it by observing this list in times past.

The advantage of the spoken word is that a teacher can speak from the soul and if the words are eternal words, spoken in the language of the principles, then they are carried through the medium of soul to the hearts and minds of the group, or as it is written in scripture:

"...for when a man speaketh by the power of the Holy Ghost the power of the Holy Ghost carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men."

Question: There are three ways a group can become as one voice. What are these three and what is the difference in the quality of the oneness?

Hint: Think emotional, mental, and spiritual.