What is the Soul?


What is the Soul?

The Bible states that God breathed the breath of life into Adam and he became a living soul.

On the other hand, the word soul is often used synonymously with Spirit, or that which leaves our body at death. Other teachers use it when referring to our Higher Self.

Soul, in a way is that point of oneness that many have referred to. Soul energy occurs when spirit interplays with matter. Thus when God placed Spirit in matter and there was interplay soul (or living soul) was the result. Soul is that point by the sea where land and water meet which is neither wet not dry, but where wet and dry interlay.

Our Higher Self as well as the Masters use the medium of soul as a means of communication with us. Thus when a disciple says he has received something through or from the soul it could be from either his higher self or a Master.

The internet is an imperfect correspondent to the soul. When we say we received something from the Internet you did not really receive it from the Internet. In reality the Internet is a medium with no form. You really received the information from another person through the medium of the Internet. In the same way a disciple is likely to say he receives from the soul when he really receives through the soul from some higher intelligence.

When a regular writer talks about the soul you must examine the context in which he uses it so you can follow his train of thought. As I said, soul is often used interchangeably with a number of things, but a spiritual internet medium is perhaps the most common used by disciples.

There are two main aspects of soul. The first is that spiritual medium that links us to higher lives. The second and not so well understood is the interplay between spirit and matter within the atomic lives who are so evolved on their own plane that they oscillate between spirit and matter and thus create the energy of soul that builds and maintains the forms for the greater lives. This knowledge will be expanded upon in the future.

Question: What is the best way to deal with problem children who seem to inherit negative patterns?

I believe that it is true that we pick up negative influences and programming – something like implanted hypnotic suggestions and they have a strong influence over many. Beyond traditional therapy, the way to overcome these influences is through mental development and then soul contact. The mind can learn to recognize negative influences and override them, but the soul can bypass them completely allowing the soul infused personality to live his life as if there is no past that can control voluntary action.

The short answer is that the best thing one can do with children is to guide them as close as possible toward the spiritual life.

Comments on Nations

Nations are great individual entities and are a lot like people and as such are responsible for their own destiny just as you and I are. It is true that some other nations attempt to influence them negatively just as other people try to influence you and I. Nevertheless, I do not blame anyone but myself for my mistakes. Nations also must take responsibility for whatever situation they find themselves in.

I’m sure that Russia and China are as nervous about the U.S. and NATO as we are about them. Therefore we should take action to increase stability.

If the people of a nation are willing to follow the path of least resistance which allows for totalitarianism then their consciousness will draw it to themselves no matter what form of government exists on paper. Thus, if they did not have communism as a totalitarian government they would have had some type of monarch or dictator which would have restricted freedoms in the same way.

There are some nations which have a democratic government on paper but in reality they have totalitarian dictatorships because their consciousness is not prepared for freedom.

At present I am concerned about the U.S., UK and Europe for their sense of freedom is being dumbed down creating a dangerous situation for ourselves. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance.

I believe a representative or democratic form of government is a big leap forward over totalitarian regimes. Never in history has a stable democratic country made war with another one. Even though the U.S. irritates France and the French sometimes irritate us there is close to zero chance we will ever nuke each other. This would only be a danger if one of us had some type of dictator surface. Freedom respects freedom. Our nations are not perfect, but there is enough freedom to create stability between us.

I do believe that the United States Constitution is a light to the world, but this document also owes a great debt to England and France as well as some inspiration from Indian tribal government.

When my nation does something right, I will support them, and there are some things they do which is beneficial to the world. But when my nation goes in the wrong direction I will not support it just because I happen to live here.

As far as Hollywood goes. It is not all bad either. They gave us Yoda.

I stand by my statements on Russia and China. I did not call them evil, but dangerous. Russia is experimenting with democracy just as Germany was before World War II. They also have many political parties vying for leadership just as Germany did making it possible for a fringe group to take control as the Nazis did in Germany. If I remember right Hitler only received 23% of the vote. If a majority were required he could have never become chancellor.

China is dangerous because the leadership there would like to take Taiwan back by force if necessary. If this first aggression were to occur the leadership of both the U.S. and France may feel it necessary to go to war. Without a first aggression there would never be a second one. There is about a 50/50 chance China will make a first aggression here and that my friend is a dangerous situation.

All for one…

The fourth Ray is very strong in this group. This is the Ray governing the principle of harmony through conflict. This fourth ray along with the fifth governs humanity itself and is the primary ray influencing the whole of Planet Earth. This is one of the reasons that we humans have such difficulty escaping its influence. The goal of the Brotherhood at present is not to eliminate all conflicts, but to shift the center of conflict from the physical plane to the astral and mental. Once this is accomplished we will at least escape the danger of blowing ourselves up.

Nevertheless, in the coming age of peace, primary conflicts will be eliminated from the physical plane, but they will be intensified on higher planes. The interesting thought about all this will be that there will be some realization that harmony is derived from conflict and the lights of the race will see harmony as the end of all enlightened conflicts. Some of those who lack spiritual vision will wonder when all the peace is supposed to break out.

Nevertheless, if the age of peace unfolds as planned it will be a great improvement over what we have today.

Today many look back at Columbus and the early explorers, the founders of the U.S. Constitution and other innovative thinkers and find much fault with them because they did not seem to stand up for some of the things we consider today as “good.” But a 1000 years from now humanity will look back at us and wonder why we lived in such a veil of ignorance and followed the current beast with such non thinking obedience.

All historical initiates must be judged by the times they lived in just as it is hoped we will be.


Having a completely open and inclusive list such as this has it’s place, but having a true teaching situation where everyone wants to learn is also a positive thing. In order to have a positive situation where the concentration is on learning then others who wish only to teach and those who do not wish to learn must be excluded.

Exclusion is not always a bad thing. It also has it’s positive aspect.

When DK did his work through Alice A. Bailey he selected 50 students and excluded all the rest of the aspirants. Then when a student caused a problem he dropped them from the group. This was necessary for him to accomplish his work.

Nevertheless, to be inclusive to the highest possible degree is always the goal and for this cause I stay in this group and encourage openness to all. This prevents the exclusion of a true seeker who may be overlooked by an exclusive list.

On the other hand, those who merely seek to learn and don’t want to deal with conflict will have a place to go.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 24

Day 304

Creating Reality

The Seed Thought:

Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

How many times have you heard people complain about how badly others treat them? They are not loving enough, generous enough, kind enough and, instead, treat them badly. To listen to them it would seem that they were cursed with the exceptional bad luck to be surrounded by people of a terrible temperament.

The seeker must realize that there is a lot of truth in the statement, “We create our own reality.” If most of the people around us seem negative then we need to examine the thoughts that we ourselves are producing to create that reality.

This reminds me of a story.

A guy moves into a new neighborhood and has his first encounter with the guy next door and asks, “What are the people like in this neighborhood?”

The guy responds, “What were they like in your last neighborhood?”

“They were a bunch of S.O.B.’s, backbiters, irresponsible, and just out for their own selfish purposes.”

To this the neighbor responded, “Well, that’s pretty much the way that you will find them here.”

The guy was wise enough to know that reality is largely created by our own thoughts and perception.

Understanding this principle is very useful in the selection of friends and romantic relationships. If a person complains about a string of terrible relationships in the past then it is best to avoid that person or you will shortly join the list. If the person complains about all the friends that betrayed him then you’d better distance yourself or you will join that list also.

A complimentary principle here is that like attracts like. Positive people are attracted to others who are positive and the negative to negative. The positive ones create their own heaven on earth and the negative ones their own hell.

If the seeker sends out love and acceptance to the maximum degree possible he will draw others who recognize and appreciate such vibes and people will come into his life who reciprocate that which was given out.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.


Day 305

Love and Hate

The Seed Thought:

You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

This roughly corresponds to the thought that light can instantly dispel darkness but no amount of darkness can extinguish the tiniest light.

I say the correspondence is approximate because few correspondences are exact yet they are close enough to reveal the principle involved.

Light immediately dispels darkness, but a show of love does not always cause an immediate effect. What does correspond exactly is when love is received. When love is given and then received all hate involved is instantly evaporated just as a light instantly causes darkness to no longer exist.

On the other hand, when one truly accepts love into his consciousness there is no amount of hate that can take it away for love and light are closely related. It is of great importance then that the seeker keeps his focus of attention on both light and love. When the focus is maintained then no amount of darkness, negative feelings or hate can extinguish them.

Once a truth is registered in consciousness no amount of darkness can cause the seeker to snuff it out. Similarly, once the fires of love are registered in the heart the seeker will always choose that feeling over hate.

Jesus was a great example of this principle. In the midst of the agony of crucifixion by his enemies, who hated him, he demonstrated the dominance of love over hate by saying:

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Likewise the love of the true disciple cannot be diminished by those who hate him. He will instead look upon them as if they are little children who know not what they do. He will have faith that the day will come that the love of God will manifest in their hearts and from that point on be the dominate force.

Those who are polarized in hate have never fully registered spiritual love. What they see as love is merely selfish desire. Spiritual love is completely unselfish accompanied by a desire for equal sharing.

Seed Thought of the Day

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.


Day 306

The End of the World

The Seed Thought:

Those who focus on an end of the world apocalypse often create an underlying energy that leads to the end of their personal world in disaster.

This is a good time to review lesson 88 dealing with the principle of energy following thought. Because we are all a part of God we all have within us godlike powers. We thus have within us power to manifest our thoughts for thoughts are indeed things and create things. The only reason this creative power is not more apparent is that most have within them many thoughts in opposition to each other. You may have a goal you want to achieve but other thoughts take you on the easy and perhaps more enjoyable road in the opposite direction. You may want to make a great accomplishment, but opposing thoughts do not believe it is possible.

Remove the opposing thoughts and all things become possible.

Easier said than done.

Today as in ages past there is a large percentage of the world who believe we are in the end of days, that we are approaching an apocalypse that will manifest great tribulation in the near future. Fortunately, not everyone has this belief, as there are also many with the opposing belief that mankind has a promising future ahead of them.

These two opposing beliefs interplay and from them is produced a world of uncertainties where a apocalypse seems possible, but so does a better world. How this plays out is largely determined by whether positive or negative thinking dominates.

Meanwhile, even if we have no outside apocalypse the power of focusing, and sometimes even hoping for one, has a powerful effect and such thinking is often powerful enough to cause great tribulation within one’s own world.

A great example of this was David Koresh and the Branch Davidians. They believed the apocalypse was very near and the days of fire and tribulation were at their doors.

It turned out that they were correct, but the fire and tribulation only applied to them and not the world itself. After a confrontation with the authorities their whole compound went up in flames burning many of them alive and destroying their movement.

Their thoughts were directed toward the end of the world and the end of their world came to pass.

Many end of the world thinkers do not suffer such a dramatic ending, but still suffer their own personal apocalyptic scenario. Some suffer financial disaster, devastating breakups of relationships or painful end-of-their world health problems.

The old adage of being careful of what we think applies here. The seeker must focus his mind on seeing both the outer and inner world in as positive and peaceful terms possible. This will aid in making his personal world more of a heaven on earth rather than a hell.

Seed Thought of the Day:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.


Day 307

Holding the Light

The Seed Thought:

No great truth will come without effort. We must seek it in our quiet moments. As we become sensitive to the inner voice we will all discover truth in some odd places.

I have discovered what I consider to be many significant truths in my life that are outside of mainstream thinking. When I have taught them to others I notice an interesting response. Part of the receivers merely registered the information as data with no understanding of the underlying principles. When discussing it later with them it is as if they had never heard of the teaching before, though they may recall a few words that were said.

Then there are others who heard the same teaching, but seemed to have a light turned on inside of them. These seem to grasp more than a few words but assimilated the ideas or principles therein.

What is the difference between the two groups?

The difference is the second group made an effort to understand, whereas, the first just basked in the teaching as one would enjoy a movie for entertainment purposes only.

The seeker must understand that greater understanding does not come by osmosis. When a greater light is available the student must see it as a trigger rather than something just passing by. If he sees it as a trigger then it will act like an alarm clock reminding him to wake up and pay attention. When he pays attention he then applies the principle of holding the mind steady in the light. When the mind is then steady in the light it is as if the light is no longer just passing by, but now held firm as the sun shining in its strength at noonday.

When this occurs the student claims the understanding as his own and it will always be with him.

The student must have his internal antenna up at all times to detect signals of truth. If he keeps up this awareness at all times he will find truth in unexpected places. It could be something like an interview in the media, a comic book, a movie or even a casual statement from a friend. Flashes of greater light comes from other sources than the scriptures or great literature.

Jesus said: “Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour your Lord doth come.” Matt 24:42

This is equally true if worded as follows:

“Watch therefore: for ye know not what hour greater light will come.”

Seed Thought of the Day:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.


Day 308


The Seed Thought:

Perfection is in the eye of the beholder. Even Jesus was rejected because he was seen as a flawed character.

All religions teach about the perfection of God and Christians are big on the perfection of Jesus. This doctrine uses the Bible to justify this, but what is not realized is that theologians rely on a mistranslation. The Greek word for “perfect” in relation to Deity is TELEIOO and the corresponding TELEIOS. This word does not really mean perfection as we think of it today but more literally means to finish, accomplish, or complete.

Here is the main scripture that refers to the perfection of Jesus:

“Though he were a Son, yet learned he obedience by the things which he suffered; And being made perfect, he became the author of eternal salvation unto all them that obey him.” (Hebrews 5:8-9)

“being made perfect” all comes from the one word TELEIOO. This does not mean perfection as we define the word but it implies that Jesus finished his learning so he could do his job.

The Greek word AKRIBELA corresponds to the English perfection implying exactly correct performance. This word was not applied to Jesus but to the attitude of the authorities who crucified him.

Perfection is indeed in the mind of the beholder. What one considers as the perfect response to a problem will be seen as flawed to another.

Many see God as the perfect creator yet take a look at his creations, All humans are different and all have some flaws. It is close to impossible to find a perfect natural diamond or crystal, but easy to find those with flaws.

And take a look at the planets in our solar system. Only earth has perfect enough conditions to support human life.

Even when we look at the creations of God we must admit that perfection among them is difficult to find and then what one sees as perfect another will find flaws.

Instead of seeking a flawless perfection the seeker should seek the perfection of TELEIOO as did Jesus. In other words, the pilgrim will seek to do a work in harmony with the will of God and continue until it is finished, or TELEIOO.

This is doable whereas an exacting perfection in this material world is not.

Seed Thought of the Day

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.


Day 309

Focused Attention

The Seed Thought:

The inner voice must be awakened by focused attention.

Focused attention is a key to success in almost any arena of life where achievement is involved, yet it is perhaps the most ignored.

And why is this?

Because focusing one’s attention takes effort and it is the line of least resistance to take the easy way which is to attempt to reach the goal with little or no effort.

The main lesson learned by the life of God as it passed through the animal kingdom was the paying of attention. A wild animal has to learn to pay attention or it will starve or get eaten or killed by a predator. Deep within each human are all the knowledge and lessons of the lower kingdoms which are: the knowledge of the mineral, the feeling of the vegetable and the focused attention of the animal.

All these qualities can be retrieved by human consciousness, but not by osmosis. The individual has to pay attention to the Spirit within if he wants to correctly manifest and use them.

Here is why paying attention to the inner Spirit is difficult for the beginning seeker. From the time of his beginning as a human life all he has felt from within are the feelings generated by his personality self. For a long period of time he is not even aware that there is something else to perceive.

Eventually, he hears others speak of the inner voice or Spirit or has an experience where the Still Small Voice seems to speak. Finally, he realizes that if he pays attention that there is something more within than his own personality feelings and thoughts.

At first the seeker just “waits upon the Lord.” Then after waiting and waiting he either gets discouraged and ceases his quest or realizes he must do more than wait. Instead, he learns that he must be actively involved in directing consciousness toward the union with Spirit and the Higher Self.

Just as a person building a model ship within a bottle must pay a lot of focused attention to the project, even so must the seeker who seeks consistent communion from within must do likewise.

Seed Thought of the Day

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.


Day 310

Earth School

The Seed Thought:

Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love and light become known.

We often complain about problems we have as humans. Many either blame God or refuse to believe saying, “If there was a God then why would He allow pain and suffering?”

The seeker needs to realize that this earth plane is a school and without problems to solve the student learns very little.

One of the most important lessons to be learned is love and the principle is illustrated in this story:

“And, behold, a woman in the city, which was a sinner, when she knew that Jesus sat at meat in the Pharisee’s house, brought an alabaster box of ointment, And stood at his feet behind him weeping, and began to wash his feet with tears, and did wipe them with the hairs of her head, and kissed his feet, and anointed them with the ointment.

“Now when the Pharisee which had bidden him saw it, he spake within himself, saying, This man, if he were a prophet, would have known who and what manner of woman this is that toucheth him: for she is a sinner.

“And Jesus answering said unto him, Simon, I have somewhat to say unto thee. And he saith, Master, say on. There was a certain creditor which had two debtors: the one owed five hundred pence, and the other fifty. And when they had nothing to pay, he frankly forgave them both. Tell me therefore, which of them will love him most?

“Simon answered and said, I suppose that he, to whom he forgave most. And he said unto him, Thou hast rightly judged. And he turned to the woman, and said unto Simon, Seest thou this woman? I entered into thine house, thou gavest me no water for my feet: but she hath washed my feet with tears, and wiped them with the hairs of her head. Thou gavest me no kiss: but this woman since the time I came in hath not ceased to kiss my feet. My head with oil thou didst not anoint: but this woman hath anointed my feet with ointment.

“Wherefore I say unto thee, Her sins, which are many, are forgiven; for she loved much: but to whom little is forgiven, the same loveth little.” Luke 7:37-47

This does not mean that we have to become great sinners to learn about love, but it does illustrate the fact that great difficulties provides opportunities for it to manifest.

The woman had a great weight on her shoulders which was relieved by Jesus, causing her to feel a surge of love. When a person encounters difficulties of any kind and receives help from another that brings relief, then love will be manifest.

Great love is often manifest when a group of people undergo a harrowing experience together. For instance, those in the military who go through great battles where they have to depend on each other to survive establish a brotherhood and closeness that few realize. Comrades in sports also establish a strong link.

Such a brotherly love cannot manifest between two who do not go through points of tension together.

Any shared experience involving problem solving bring two or more people closer together and helps love to be known.

The seeker will not realize the power of love through mere osmosis, but must descend to the depths and get his hands dirty if necessary. Peace and love exist most profoundly together when they follow a resolved conflict or problem.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.


Day 311

Expanding Consciousness

The Seed Thought:

It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which lies outside our consciousness.

One of the problems with a lot of gurus and self proclaimed prophets is that they elaborate on many things outside of their consciousness while expecting students to accept merely because they say that what they teach is true.

One of the things that is beyond the consciousness of all these characters are the details of future happenings. One can examine future trends and cycles compared with the past and give some accurate indications, but no one has proven they can accurately predict the details of the future.

This gives the seeker a reliable key to weed out the self-deceived teachers. All one must do is examine their writings and see if they have made any serious predictions that did not come true. Amazingly, most of them do make specific predictions and all who have that I have examined have failed prophesies. Generally, close to 100% fail.

So, if a person claims to be of such high consciousness that he can predict the future, and then fails, one must ask – what else has he taught that is not true? What other levels of consciousness that he thinks he is accessing that is illusion on his part?

As sincere seekers, however, we do want to expand our consciousness and stretch ourselves to reach our next level. This is a right direction to take, but problems develop along the way. When the individual touches upon his next level he finds himself on unfamiliar territory and at first has difficulty in articulating what he has perceived. Sometimes he will merely say that it is impossible to put into words.

The truth is that anything can be put into words for the Word is God and with God all things are possible. The difficulty in putting a new experience into words is that the seeker merely has not yet completely processed it and does not comprehend it in his physical brain consciousness.

Therefore, you will sometimes encounter those relating true experiences but giving a description that is not accurate. This is again an important reason that the seeker develop his own soul contact so he can discern for himself the real from the unreal.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.


Day 312

Perceiving Truth

The Seed Thought:

The inner spirit only recognizes that which is true and does not see error. Therefore the soul vibrates positive for us when truth is spoken or presented.

The Higher Self lives in a realm where only truth exists which is quite different from the earth plane where unlimited illusions exist.

Here, there are a number of problems with our communications. Some of them are:

(1) Outright lies.

(2) Distortions and exaggerations.

(3) Incomplete communications giving the wrong idea.

(4) Honest communications, which are misunderstood and interpreted incorrectly.

(5) Bias on the part of the receiver causing him not to register what has been said.

In the realm of Spirit these limitations are virtually non-existent for deceptive communication is impossible. Think… if you could read someone’s mind then they could never lie to you.

This earth plane is foreign territory to the soul. When it begins to merge with the lower self and peers out into our world it is like entering a foreign country with different customs and language. It recognizes truth but error and deception are not in its consciousness.

The question that arises then is this: Is the soul any help to the seeker in perceiving error?

The answer is yes and the reasoning is simple. When a true principle is enunciated to a seeker with soul contact he will feel an inner vibration that tells him that there is truth in what is being presented. If there are no true principles then the seeker will draw a blank or a stupor of thought.

Remember the consciousness of the soul focuses on principles rather than data. If the sender is giving out true principles then the data is usually reliable, but it is up to the seeker to verify them if they are of importance. If the seeker gets nothing from the soul then the data is generally filled with distortions and should be investigated to discover the truth.

Then there are times that the soul becomes aware of certain directions of people in your life and will perceive that they will be of benefit or harm to you. If the knowledge is considered important it will send you either a positive or negative impression on these people and it will then be up to you to reflect and figure out how to deal with them in your life.

When the seeker first establishes soul contact these impressions are so faint they seem to be a part of his imagination, but as he places attention on them the link becomes stronger and the seeker becomes confident in what he receives, for he has proven them correct many times.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.


Day 313

The Master Within

The Seed Thought:

Never substitute the master within for a master without.

In addition to the word “master” one could use “teacher” or “authority.”

It is human nature to look at a confirmation from an outside authority before they will accept something as true. And why do they accept a particular authority? For the average person this occurs largely by chance. Such authorities may come from the groupthink of a religion he is in or a political party or group accepted by family and friends.

Once something is proclaimed by this outside authority it is accepted as true, even if it makes no sense when critical thinking is applied. The mind directed by outside authority is so clever that it can take the most illogical pronouncements and rationalize them into acceptable logic for the unthinking conscious mind.

The problem for beginning seekers is this. Before achieving soul contact that which comes from within is not directly from the soul, but filtered through the astral/emotional body which distorts reality. After they have relied on this they have found they have been wrong most of the time. These inward impulses caused them to marry the wrong person, take the wrong job, and choose the wrong friends or maybe a bad belief system.

Therefore, it seems safe for this person to rely on an outward authority who seems reliable. One thing that seems enticing is that if something goes wrong he is absolved of responsibility. He can now just use a version of “I was just following orders” excuse. He can thus make mistakes and remain innocent of failure within his own mind.

What is not realized by those who substitute the voice of a strong authority within for that which is without is that there is a guidance that comes from within which is reliable. To contact it the seeker must rise above emotional contact to the spiritual contact of the Inner Voice through the Spirit from the Higher Self.

This whole course is dedicated to assisting the seeker in finding and securing this contact. Once the contact is made the test is whether the seeker will learn to trust the inward master over the outer self-proclaimed ones.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”


Day 314

Eternal Words

The Seed Thought:

There are certain words stimulating thought that take the ear back to the vibration of spirit that cannot be corrupted. These are called, “Eternal Words.”

There are words that pass away and then others that do not. Jesus talked about this principle when he said:

“My words shall not pass away.” Matt 24:35

What is the difference between words that pass away and those that do not?

First, words that pass away are those that:

(1) Merely repeat something that has already been said.

(2) Do not make sense.

(3) Do not offer a new insight.

(4) Do not clearly enunciate a truth or a principle.

Eternal words that do not pass away, such as those spoken by Jesus, are:

(1) Words that bring additional light to the minds of the receivers.

(2) Words that are original in presentation and not just a repetition of things past.

(3) Words that either clarify a true principle or clearly present a new one.

For example, some of the words of Shakespeare are so enlightening that they bring greater understanding to the mass consciousness and, therefore, do not pass away. Here is an example:

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”

This is knowledge we should know, but passes over the heads of many; therefore, Shakespeare’s words helped to anchor this important truth and thus will not pass away.

Others may quote and reword this, but it is the original thought offered by the master writer which shall not pass away.

Jesus knew that his words would not pass away because this master soul knew that he was presenting truth and principles in a way that had not been done before, and that these words lifted the consciousness of the receivers to a new level.

Words that do not pass away come from the higher self to the mind of the seeker and should be sought. Often, these eternal words are something tailored to an individual consciousness to bring a greater awareness. When this happens to the seeker the light from the experience will stay with him or her from that point on. Let us all seek the light that comes from eternal words and cherish them.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.


Day 315

Basic Lessons

The Seed Thought:

If we try to solve the equations of the higher realms before we learn our basic lessons, we will neither know the mysteries of the higher or be able to live successfully in the lower. What this leads to is the seeker becoming the dreamer within the dream rather than the knower waking from the dream.

Here is one of the best commentaries on this idea made by Djwhal Khul:

“What do I mean by the dangers of atrophy? Simply this: Some natures become so polarised on the mental plane that they run the risk of breaking connection with the two lower vehicles. These lower bodies exist for purposes of contact, for the apprehension of knowledge on the lower planes and for reasons of experience in order that the content of the causal body may be increased. Therefore it will be apparent to you that if the indwelling consciousness comes no lower than the mental plane and neglects the body of emotions and the dense physical, two things will result. The lower vehicles will be neglected and useless and fail in their purposes, atrophying and dying from the point of view of the Ego, whilst the causal body itself will not be built as desired and so time will be lost. The mental body will be rendered useless likewise, and will become a thing of selfish content, of no use in the world and of little value. A dreamer whose dreams never materialise, a builder who stores up material which he never employs, a visionary whose visions are of no use to gods or men, is a clog upon the system universal. He is in great danger of atrophying.”

Letters on Occult Meditation – Page 97

Most of us have met aspiring individuals who focus on fanciful ideas floating around in their heads while ignoring down to earth realities which must be dealt with. These people usually dwell in poverty on the material plane as well as in relationships for they do not cross their Ts and dot their Is in the world of experience.

The seeker must avoid this trap and render to Caesar that which is Caesar’s and take care of essential business. When he does this he can then focus with peace of mind upon higher ideals.

Seed Thought of the Day:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.


Day 316

Accepting Limitations

The Seed Thought:

I cannot alter the will of God, or even the whims of fate, but can adjust my mind and heart to create a positive outcome.

Harmonious with this thought is the Serenity Prayer used by 12 step programs which reads:

“God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,

Courage to change the things I can,

And wisdom to know the difference.”

There’s also the famous quote of Clint Eastwood from the movie, Magnum Force:

“A man’s got to know his limitations.”

The seeker must realize that there are things that are under his control and then others that are not.

The individual does not have power to control the weather, who is elected president, what time the sun will rise or decisions made by others. He may have a small influence on some large events, but overall he has to accept that such things will happen with or without him and must be incorporated into his reality.

Then there are other items over which we do have power. The most important is the power of decision itself. We have the free agency to make decisions within the realms of our ring-pass-not.

Within our limitations we have full power over:

(1) Words we speak.

(2) Books we read

(3) Friends we select

(4) Careers we pursue

(5) Our entertainment

(6) How we use our time and much more.

Any time we pursue a positive goal there will be hurtles to overcome, but if we make the best of the powers we have, and do not give up, a satisfying result can be obtained.

Along the way to success many seekers make the mistake of not taking their limitations into consideration on one hand, and not relying on decisions within his power on the other. Thus when they fail they often succumb to the temptation to see themselves as victims.

The fact is that we are all in the same boat and face similar advantages and disadvantages. The differences which exist are more related to consciousness than circumstances. There is a way for seekers to achieve most any desire if they persist within the light.

The path to the unlimited is through wisely dealing with limitations.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.


Day 317

The Highest Authority

The Seed Thought:

You are an authority on yourself more than anyone else. Do not let anyone else define who you are.

Perhaps you have been called a liar, hypocrite, racist, bigot, sexist, hater etc. and you knew that you were none of those things. You explain your true views but the attacker insists that he is right, even though he is unable to present any evidence of your inner thinking.

The guy has the gall to believe he knows your actual thoughts better than you know them yourself.

A problem occurs when the seeker may doubt his own authority over that of a negative person trying to define him. In all cases the seeker needs to examine his own thoughts and not let an outside authority convince him that he is thinking or believing something other than what is real.

Can some really be convinced that they think differently than their real thoughts?

Some time ago Dateline arranged an experiment with college students. They had unsuspecting victims participating with a group of about a half dozen that knew what was going on. The group was shown a set of four lines and of the four there were two of equal length and two obviously unequal. They were then asked to pick the two lines that were equal. They showed the lines on TV and it was obvious which two were the correct match.

The next thing they did was to have the planted students all give the same wrong match. Then when it became the victim’s turn you could tell he began to doubt what his eyes and reasoning were telling him. Some of the victims gave the right answer for a round or two but, one by one, each victim gave in and started giving the wrong answer as the right answer, even though they knew within themselves that it was wrong.

The interesting thing about watching their faces on TV was that they all looked a little depressed when they started knowingly giving the wrong answers as right answers. It was almost like the poor kids were selling their souls.

Even so, some will allow others to define them in ways that defy perceived reality.

Does this mean that introspection of ourselves always produces a reliable assessment of ourselves?

Yes and no. Each of us knows for sure what we think and feel at any given moment. Such thoughts and feeling truly represent what is occurring inside, but that does not mean that one’s thoughts and feelings represent true reality.

For instance, one may believe his thoughts and feelings represent a very giving person, but when contrasted with that of 100 other people he may find that he is really in the bottom 10%. It is true that he feels that way, but truth is not born out in his actions.

Thus in dealing with other people the seeker should accept that each individual is the world’s greatest authority on what he thinks and feels, but at the same time question their accuracy if they do not seem to reflect reality when contrasted with humanity as a whole.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.


Day 318

Creation Principles

The Seed Thought:

Creation begins with thought, then contemplation, next a feasible plan, then the plan into words and finally the words into sustained action.

A thought marks the beginning of all creation and rightly so for thought is associated with the life of God. We have heard that God is love, but even more foundational is that God is thought for not even love could exist without thought.

And what produced thought one may ask? Thought and intelligence is manifest though the eternal interplay of cause and effect. Thus, cause and effect, as well as thought, are the two eternal principles that are co-dependent and have always existed and will always exist.

This seed thought is a formula for successful creation as all successful endeavors begin with a thought and then is followed by contemplation upon the thought or the idea.

This second step often lacks attention and focus thus leading to disaster or incomplete creation. The seeker must take the seed idea and allow it to come to life within the womb of the mind and heart to then give birth to a workable plan or blueprint for success. If there is not enough thought applied to create a workable plan then all the effort in the universe will not produce success. There will occur failure after failure until sufficient contemplation is applied to create a workable plan.

The next step is to put the plan into writing or some type of physical blueprint or model that can be shared. This sharing will draw others who will assist in the creative effort.

The final step is to sustain action directed at the final creation until success is achieved. This is the second major step where failure happens as many give up when difficulties present themselves. But, if the plan is good then it is only a matter of time and energy expenditure before the creation will manifest.

Seed Thought of the Day:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.


Day 319

True Peace

The Seed Thought:

True peace comes not through suppressing dissent, but in allowing conflict to be resolved through maximum freewill.

Many there are who are deceived into thinking that peace is equated with a vacuum of physical dissent from opposing beliefs. This false peace manifests in tyrannies where the slightest disapproval of the “Dear Leader” brings imprisonment or death. Such draconian measures do cause the appearance of stillness, or false peace, on the physical plane, but where is the peace in the minds and hearts of the loved ones of the one who was martyred? The hearts of the spouse and children of such a person are ablaze with rage as the crowds shout with approval to the tyranny that persecuted him or her.

This false idea of peace manifests not just in authoritarian governments, but in all nations and groups throughout the world. Lack of agreement may not be met with death or imprisonment but it usually reveals disapproval and lesser, but still effective, punishments meted out such as, loss of job or status, loss of love or family association, unfriending, shunning or threat of damnation from a religious group. These threats in a free society are often almost as effective in creating a false peace as the tyrannies. This is especially true of a religion that holds the threat of eternal hell over the head of a true believer.

On the other hand, the threat of ostracization is very powerful in any group where the thinker represents a small minority. Just having to deal with being the sore thumb in the group is a difficult situation for many to handle.

The fact is this. If free speech is allowed with no draconian punishments attached there will be disagreement and conflict, but just as light is only revealed through contrast even so truth that leads to peace on all levels is only revealed through the contrast of truth and error. Without that contrast manifesting through the principle of freedom then ignorance through false peace will prevail.

There is a principle called “harmony through conflict” which tells us that a certain amount of conflict must be resolved before true harmony and peace can manifest. The true seeker must not seek to suppress conflict, but to resolve it through the promotion of true principles.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.


Day 320


The Seed Thought:

The higher nature can fulfill the lower but the lower cannot fulfill itself.

The bureaucracies of the world illustrate the truth of this principle. They create a problem and then those who created the problem attempt to solve it and wind up making things worse. To solve the problem, requires thinking, unencumbered by the deficiencies of the ingrained groupthink, so an efficient solution can be presented.

With humanity in general, problems are attempted to be solved on three levels.

The first is the emotional level in connection with the computer aspects of the brain. The decisions here are determined by what feels right which often disregards reasoning to the contrary. This is by far the most popular method of decision-making and greatly flawed, for what one desires to be right or true is often set with many flaws.

The second is the thinking part of the mind, which uses reasoning and logic. A minority are polarized in this even though it is much more accurate and can correct many of the mistakes made by the feeling nature.

The third is the intuitive/spiritual approach through soul contact. Whereas, the mind can reach a dead end and slay the real, soul contact always reveals true reality and is the most reliable of the three. Unfortunately, only a handful of people are centered here.

Each seeker desires the greatest possible fulfillment, but to find this he or she must realize that the lower nature does not have the power or intelligence to fulfill itself. The emotional nature consistently sabotages its own desires and understands not the path of peace and happiness.

The reasoning mind sees at a higher level and can do much to assist the emotional nature in reaching stabilization. It has its limits and eventually reaches dead ends in its reasoning.

The intuitive/spiritual self sees from the widest angle of vision and can fill in the gaps and errors created by the mind. Because the Higher Self is linked to the Life of God it is the source of the most complete fulfillment for humanity.

When soul contact is not perceived the seeker needs to use his reasoning powers as the highest point of decision, but influenced by positive desire. But when those flashes of inspiration come through the soul he has the ultimate guide on the path of fulfillment.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.


Day 321

The Strongest Prison

The Seed Thought:

The most potent control happens when the person does not realize he is being controlled and the strongest prison is that where the prisoner thinks he is free.

The average person has numerous implanted mindsets that control his thinking of which he is unaware. He thus thinks he is in charge of his thinking and destiny when he is a slave to direction that comes from a source outside of himself.

This can result in a situation where the person is a slave to an outside will while thinking he is following his own.

There is an advantage to being a slave and realizing that you are a slave. In such a situation one will fight for his freedom. The problem is exacerbated when he is a slave, but does not know he is a slave and truly believes that he is sacrificing of his own free will. In this situation he will not fight for his freedom and will remain in slavery until light is shined on his ignorance.

So, what are some situations where a person is in a prison of sorts but does not realize it? Here are a few.

(1) In religion. The believer sacrifices time and money to support his religion when none of his beliefs are his own. Instead, he was raised in that religion and is enslaved by the belief system implanted in his. He doesn’t think to question it.

(2) Even if he is a convert to a religion he can be enslaved by it if he accepts all beliefs as coming from an all-powerful God who is not to be questioned. He donates money not questioning how it will be used and supports teachings, not thinking them through.

(3) Politics. Just like religion many are slaves to beliefs instilled into them by their parents, friends, groups and teachers. Many give their support as slaves to a master without even thinking through their beliefs.

For instance, reporters have taken the stand of candidates that are hated by various individuals and told them they come from a politician they love and they instantly support such issues, obviously showing slavery to an ideal rather than reason.

(4) Average citizens. In the United States the average person pays over 50% in taxes when all of them are considered, but many do not believe we pay enough and do not consider them slaves to the system. Consider that in ancient Rome it was common for slaves to run a business and only pay a third of the profits to the slave master.

The seeker must free himself from implanted thoughts that control him. He will do this by examining all his beliefs and testing them out in the light of his heart, mind and soul. Then when he understands why he believes what he does he takes a great step toward liberation.

Thought of the Day:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.


Day 322

Extending Love

The Seed Thought:

As the seeker transverses the valley of the shadow of death in the blackest pitch, a hand extending love or light is seen with overwhelming joy that could not be experienced in the light of day.

The biggest complaint about God is that we live in a world where we have to endure many negative things such as pain, suffering, loneliness, depression etc. They claim that if there is really a God then there would be no suffering or deprivation – that all would be bliss and peace instead. Why would God want anything else?

The answer is that it is not some god on a throne that wants all the difficulties that surround us in this world, but ourselves. We are the ones who volunteered to come here and were happy to do so. Therefore, if a person wants to blame anyone for a difficult situation he finds himself in he must blame himself.

“So when did we volunteer to enter a world with pain and suffering?” asks the skeptic.

The answer is that you are an eternal being who came from a higher plane where there is perfect peace and bliss. You decided you wanted a new and different challenge that would expand your awareness and appreciation for the things of the spirit. We could call this the Bodybuilding Principle. Behind this is the truism, “No pain, no gain.”

In other words, to build a strong body which can handle great challenges with ease the person has to put himself through a strenuous program that takes great effort and is quite uncomfortable over periods of time. But, after going through such an agenda, the person sees great progress toward his goals.

Even so, before birth we planned and agreed to the life we have now in hope of obtaining a great benefit from it. Ironically, some of those who are now in the most painful of circumstance were most eager to plunge into it because of the benefit that would be later realized.

Two great realizations come to the seeker as an increase of light and love and these often manifest in the most difficult of situations. When a seeker feels crushed by negativity or overwhelming circumstances and experiences a hand extending in loving support he will feel a sweet spiritual uplift that is priceless.

There are many out there who need a word of cheer or encouragement, or assistance, and the seekers who have the strength can do much to increase the flow of love in the world by reaching out and doing what they can to help. The reward will be beyond anything money can buy.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Human nature generally takes the easy way and just wants to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon their own souls.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering 2007, Part 34

This entry is part 34 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Labor One – Controlling Thought

JJ: So Hercules was sent forth on his first great labor in the sign of Aries. In the sign of Aries he was to capture these man-eating mares and these man-eating mares were owned by Diomedes, the son of Mars. They roamed the countryside and they were terrible mares and they of course were female. This was his first labor and it was to be introduced to female energy because that is the greatest mystery for us guys – to figure out – that is how to handle females.

These mares would roam the countryside and if someone got in their way they would run them down. Everyone was terrified of them plus they bred very quickly and the animals they bred were worse than themselves so the situation kept deteriorating. His first labor was to capture the man-eating mares and herd them into a safe place where they would not hurt anybody.

Hercules says I will get my good friend Abduras to come with me and he calls him to come with him and round up the mares. They rounded them up and they were driving them to the pastures where they were supposed to be safely placed. Hercules was very proud of himself and everything seemed to be under control so he tells Abduras go ahead and finish of the job and he will go and tell the townspeople they are safe.

So Hercules went and tells the townspeople this and he gets all the glory. In the meantime Abduras is herding these mares back and they turn on him and Abduras was not strong enough like Hercules, and they trampled him and mortally wounded him.

Now Hercules was in the town receiving all the glory when he heard of this and he went back to Abduras and as Abduras lay dying Hercules had to herd the mares by himself and put them in the pasture where they were supposed to be. And as the story goes Hercules finished the job but Abduras his best friend lay dead.

Then the Presiding One says the first labor is done, but badly done.

We are going to examine the meaning of all this. The symbology of horses signifies thought. They are thoughts out of control. The horses were female and female symbolizes the emotional nature so it would be the emotional nature controlling where thought goes. For instance, let us say that you do not like someone and your mind thinks about how you don’t like him but your emotional sends it forth in ways of gossip, or spreading lies about the person or things like this.

So these are thoughts that are mingled with emotion that are very destructive and they are like horses that roam around the countryside and if anybody gets in their way they run them down, kill them or injure them and they terrify everybody in the area. This is what happens when the person’s thoughts are out of control and not directed intelligently. They create great destruction and people begin to be afraid of what this person is going to come up with next and begin to avoid this person with these destructive thoughts. So this is symbolic of what the disciple must do for his first labor of Hercules. He must learn how to control his thoughts and his speech so they are harmless. Abduras, any idea what he represents?

Audience: I read it already, the personality.

JJ: He represents the lower personality and it takes the lower personality mingled with Hercules, the soul, working together. These two can round up the mares quite easily, which they both did. Then what happened is Hercules thought he had his unruly thoughts under his control so he thinks the soul is not really necessary to control this anymore, it is pretty automatic so he just let his personality handle it.

So his personality tries to handle things but without the energy of the soul his thoughts begin to get out of control again and start to trample whoever is in their way all over again. When the disciple realizes this, that his thoughts are out of control without the soul being there, then the soul has to return and master the situation again and this time make sure the soul is there when the horses are put back in the right pasture. Notice that when the effort was finished, the soul had to be there to bind the unruly and harmful thoughts so that they could no longer be released to destroy his family, friends, his best friend and terrorize the neighborhood and make everyone that came into contact with him feel uncomfortable. People wonder, what is this guy going to say next and have you ever met someone like this? What kind of harmful thought, statement or phrase is he going to come up with next?

Audience: The personality does not actually die does it?

JJ: The personality has the harmful thoughts that are out of control. It does not die per say but that part of the personality that allows the thoughts to be unregulated – that eventually dies and the soul has to dominate. In other words, Hercules had the idea that the lower self could pretty much handle this and when he found out that it could not – that lower self had to be taken out of the way or dead to the situation. He found out that these unruly thoughts had to be taken out and that they can’t be turned over to the lower self. It does not mean that the lower self is gone completely but the lower self lacks control without the help of soul.

Audience: So this was handled badly?

JJ: Yes it was handled badly.

Audience: so was the personality not supposed to die?

JJ: Ideally if it was handled correctly the personality and the soul work together as one. Now it still does this in the end but Hercules turned it over to the personality completely and the personality had no control over the situation at all. So Hercules, or the soul, came back and the soul dominated and the soul had to dominate completely because now the thoughts were even more out of control than ever before.

They were even worse than they were before they herded them in the first time so the soul had to really amplify its power and dominate. If he had done the labor correctly there would have been more of a balance between the soul and the personality. It was interesting that the teacher said that it was badly done but at least it got done. He will fine-tune this as he moves on and even though it was badly done the lesson was learned.

This happens to us in our own lives as we perform our own labors of Hercules where we learn our lessons. Often the greatest lessons we learn are from a labor badly done and I know that is the case in my life. Some of the times that I have learned the most are when I have bungled the most.

I think one of the biggest mistakes that people make is when an employer or somebody gives someone a job to do and they bungle it completely and they have devastated themselves because they did not do it correctly. The guy who gave them the job says, well you screwed up so I am giving it to Smith over here. He should not do that because this guy has learned a lesson that Smith has not yet learned and he is not going to make that mistake again because it is ingrained in his mind.

When I am in charge of anything and somebody has done that I give them another chance because I know this guy has learned an important lesson and you can tell by his attitude whether it has really sunk in. Now if he is really apologetic and feels bad and wishes he had it to do over again then give it to him to over again. He is much more likely to succeed than the guy without that experience because we learn by our failures and this is what a lot of bosses and people do not realize.

They think if you fail then they will get someone else that won’t fail. Well they will probably fail as well and failure is part of the learning process, as long as you accept the failure and want to improve on it. There are people that you may hire that are happy to fail and do not care of they do fail. These are the type of people you do not want to give a job but if they fail and if they really understand the repercussions of the failure and want to succeed next time then this is the guy you should have to do the labor.

I read an interesting account about a company that spent $200,000 training this guy and then after they spent the money he underwent a tremendous failure. Then the boss gave him another chance and another guy comes up to him and says, why do that, the guy failed? And he says, well we spent $200,000 training this guy and I am not going to throw $200,000 away! And he has learned the lesson and he is ready. And that is what they would have done – they would have thrown $200,000 away on somebody that has learned his lesson.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 22

This entry is part 22 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

A Unique Universe

Audience: I have a theory, in the mental health field there is a diagnosis called sociopath, my theory has been that the sociopath is not connected with their golden thread anymore and they have completely severed their connection and are no longer connected to the collective consciousness of human beings and that is why they are able to commit their atrocities. If this theory is correct than is that a sign that they are on the dark path or are they truly a dark brother walking amongst us?

JJ: It could be except a sociopath often lacks an understanding of what they are doing and it is more of an illness. I think some of them still have the thread that will eventually be re-established. A person can be temporarily be disconnected from the soul for a lifetime and then re-establish the connection in a future life. What makes a dark brother different is that he sees the two paths for he has to be a fairly advanced soul before he can even choose the dark path, Like Hitler chose the dark path and he was a very intelligent person, a second degree initiate, so he was fairly high there.

He had the birth of the Christ within at one time in his past and he had worked to overcome glamour and then he misused the plane of the mind and that is why he used the mind to teach the Nazis to overlook all compassion. Do not have compassion for these people because that will be our downfall, and so the whole of Nazism operated on the ideal of no compassion. The true dark brother chooses the path and he knows what he is doing and Hitler knew what he was doing. A typical sociopath is not advanced enough to make the choice necessary to be a dark brother and must be healed and come back several times before he can even make the choice.

Audience Larry: On the life of the soul, you wrote an article on someone who really did not have a life living in primitive circumstances.

JJ: Was that the book I started and never finished on the progression of the soul from self-consciousness to initiation?

Audience Larry: Yes it was on the progression of the soul and I would like you to finish that one. My point is that everyone at some point is very early in the life of the soul, and at that point they are almost like the sociopath and have little empathy or sympathy for anyone, they are like a very young child that does not understand these things yet. They could hurt someone and laugh because they have no concept of these situations. Some of these people we call sociopaths, evil or whatever, they will come along and if they want something then they will kill someone and take it not thinking about it. A lot of times this person is far down on the evolutionary scale,

Audience member: Yes but their intelligence is high.

Audience Larry: Yes their intelligence is high but intelligence is not sympathy or empathy and those are learned through experiencing life.

JJ: And this is an interesting point, all of us go through a period of extreme selfishness that lasts for a number of lifetimes in our evolution. If you are not selfish now then you probably were in a past series of previous lifetimes. What this process of selfishness teaches us is that selfishness does not bring us happiness. So we have to go through selfishness until we reach the bottom of selfishness and then when we reach that point we have to ask ourselves the question of do I want to continue on this path and is this working for me? Some people will go off the path and then come back on and it is very difficult to get off the path of selfishness but most of us accomplish this after many struggles.

Audience: Some people refer to the selfish nature as the reptilian part of your brain.

JJ: Many seekers, when they see someone in that mode they will say that they are on the dark side. Most of these people are not on the dark side, but are going through that selfish point in their evolution and they will eventually come back around to the path of light and group consciousness.

Audience: Most people do learn when they experience pain and suffering and begin to pick up empathy but some other people instead of picking up empathy say that they have just not perfected their focus to get what they want.

JJ: That is a good point, they will say that they are just not selfish enough and I have to use my selfishness with more ingenuity and I will be happy. Then there are those who go off the path of selfishness like Hitler and move up to the second initiation and the selfishness was never completely conquered in his mind. He read all kinds of philosophies and developed a mental philosophy in his mind that pure selfishness was the answer to what he needed to accomplish and so he did everything he could to undermine all the work of the soul.

Audience: I have a difficult question to ask. So we have these forms, our physical, emotional and mental forms which are all surrounded by illusion, but then we have the eternal essence of ourselves which is the power of choice. It is our agency to decide, and our soul and in that realm is our reality yet for some reason that is the enduring part of us but we only have a strand or golden thread to it. We talk about the selfishness of people and that ultimately the soul will reach out and bring us back. If that is our essence and who we truly are then why is it that we have such a difficult time removing or casting off the illusions and contacting our true self? You talk about selfishness and the soul is always reaching out to them and trying to bring them back. Why is the link so fragile and why is it not the rushing of waters because that is really who we are.

JJ: Do you play the piano?

Audience: Just a little bit.

JJ: Tell me something you cannot do. Tell me something that you could not do at all if someone asked you to.

Audience: Calculus

JJ: You have within you the seed of intelligence to be an Einstein in calculus. But you have never done it before. So you just cannot come and have the calculus thread connected which can give you the ability to be a master of it. This can just not happen overnight because you have not mastered calculus in all your history of past lives – so you are starting fresh but within you have the seed for being an Einstein in math. If you decide that you want to make that connection with yourself that will cause you to develop all these abilities and it will take a period of time to master, but if you put your attention on it you will accomplish it.

Now it is true we have a connection with God that has unlimited potential, but the spark of God has never come down mastered through you in physical existence, so you are like a baby just learning here and it takes a long period of time for us to go from scratch in our learning to mastering everything. The spark is within and has potential for us to do anything we decide to do and be anything we decide to be but we have never done this before. It is like in the Book of Revelation; it says “I create a new heaven and a new Earth behold I do all things new.”

That which has never been before will be called into being. In other words, the life of God through us and through the universe is to always be doing new things. Concerning this universe that we are in now – there has never been a universe like it in the history of eternity.

This is a universe that is unlike any others and there have probably been billions of them in existence in the past. This one is totally different, and why is it different? It is new because the life of God wants new challenges, and that is what gives us joy – having challenges and mastering them.

Visualize God when He created this universe and He thought, well the last universe I mastered was tough but was fun to do. I did not think I was going to get out of that one because it was a really difficult but now I have mastered it and I cannot do the same thing over so I am going to create a more complex one and this one is going to be even harder to master. I have to let the old one go and then create a new universe all over again.

So each time God creates a new universe He does it with additional complications to make it interesting. When we play a game do we want to play a game where we win all the time? Monopoly is a great game because it has tremendous pitfalls. You can loose everything in one move and then in another move you can gain everything and it is really a good example of how life works. Life is like this. So God created this universe and you are part of the creation. Your job is to come down and enliven the spark of God within you and master everything within your sphere and what you are doing is different than any other being in the entire universe; your problems are unique to you.

As each one of us look over our lives we can all see this. No one has lived a life exactly like I have lived, thank God, and nobody has live life exactly the way that Susan has lived. We all have our complications and it is our job to solve them and solving them is what makes life interesting. We do not want to play a game unless there is tension. The greatest game that the Boise State Broncos played was the Fiesta Bowl in 2007. How many of you saw this? You saw it Larry. That was a pretty good game, wasn’t it?

There we were, the underdog and we had never played a team of this caliber before and there were on national TV and were ahead by several touchdowns and then we had a fluke turnover happen and got behind and it looked like we had lost the game. Then in the last 20 seconds we scored a touchdown that took the game into overtime. The overtime lead to a two-point conversion and by hook and lateral play, a very inventive play and we pulled it off. At a tremendous risk pulled the victory out of the hat and I will tell you Boise has never been so thrilled, the whole city was celebrating! Those guys came home and they were like the biggest heroes you had ever seen. We not only beat Oklahoma, but we beat them in the last 20 seconds! That point of tension caused everyone in Boise to feel good about their life for a month or two. If you met someone in a grocery store they would go, oh did you see that game? Go Broncos! Even people that did like football were excited.

It was a great game because it was tough, it was really hard. John Kennedy said, we were going to moon, not because it is easy but because it is hard. You do not hear a politician make that statement anymore. If Bush were to say that now than people would look at him and say, you know that Bush was as stupid as I thought he was. But Kennedy said this in a way that got to us and when we landed on the moon we were celebrating! It was like Boise winning that Fiesta Bowl, it was a great feeling!

Audience: I do not know Tyler if this might shed some light on what you asked but I have been thinking about what you said and I have had one or two experiences where I felt like I was really connected to something higher spiritually and you asked why is our connection so tenuous and why is it not like a rushing water. I really think that at least for me and where I am at right now that if I had a really strong continuous connection with that spirit, it would almost take away my ability to have free will because it is so overpowering, it is so,

Audience member: It would be so easy to just sit there and wallow in it and enjoy it.

Audience: Exactly, I think it would take away my ability to make decisions because I would be overwhelmed with the pure joy and delight of it, so maybe that is the reason that our connection is tenuous because if it were not than our ability to experience and grow and make decisions and do all the things that we are here to do would be some how overpowered by that.

Audience: I think it is like when baby is born and grows and begins to use muscles and build them up. Our spiritual connection is like a muscle and the more you use it the stronger it gets. The stronger it gets the more you begin to know the joy of that muscle and all that it can do and I think that through free will we choose to build the muscle and when not, and as you get stronger and stronger you find that you do not have to work out all the time and you balance that. I think it is the same thing with spirit, it builds like a muscle and just like you get to the point where you want you physical body in good shape you want your spiritual connection to be solid, continuous and always present because that way it becomes who you are just like your muscles in your body become the machinery that you are working in. You can fine-tune your machine so that it is not holding you back from doing what you want it to do. In turn allowing you more freedom to do more and grow and the time, attention and focus is what allows that allows that growth to take place.

JJ: Yes and when it does take place then you feel a really great sense of accomplishment and if it were easy than you would not feel this sense of accomplishment.

Audience: And you get so used to it that it becomes a part of you are that is it is turned off or shuts down then you feel alone and lonely because you are used to having that connection and it becomes who you are.

Audience: The nature of all this as I understand it is to master the spirit in the physical, to bring the duality into one eventually and thus completing one task so that we may take on another.

JJ: Master the spirit and conquer the flesh so to speak.

Audience: This is a good teaching environment.

Audience: maybe God knows that we are more capable of what we are than we do and pushes us to achieve more.

Audience: If you want to teach somebody something you want the right environment for him or her so that they can teach through trial and error from experiencing the lesson first hand master the ability to the greatest extent that they can. And so if we had an environment that was easy then how would we master anything and how much growth would take place? If we have an environment that is complex and with multiple choices and multiple sides of illusion so that the more choices we have then the more diversity and discernment and choice, the chances that we are given so that we can get good at it, the environment has to be conducive so that we get the maximum learning potential from it. What we came to learn was not easy so why would we have an easy environment to do it in.

JJ: It is a little bit like basic training. You could say that we are in basic training right now. Basic training is hard so that you will be successful in the end.

Audience: Why call it hard? Just try to understand it. Just simply understand that there is this difference.

JJ: In basic training if you understand it, it still hurts.

Audience: Laughter. It is like you said earlier, God made it hard on purpose, and if I understand you correctly that He has made this so hard that there is the potential that He will not win at this game.

JJ: Yes, He can lose a number of times but the Spirit is eternal and eventually finds a way to succeed. The more difficult it is the more driven we become.

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Principle 70

This entry is part 67 of 98 in the series Principles

The Principle of Soul

This principle is of great interest to seekers of all stripes, though soul contact itself is called different names by different people.

The term “soul contact” basically describes contact humans sometimes make with higher spiritual reality and spheres of being. This is something all religious and spiritual people seek to some degree.

The typical religious person will seek answers to prayer or occasional divine guidance. Some even describe encounters with angels or visions of God, Jesus or spiritual things.

Then other seekers associated with new age or eastern thought describe all kinds of experiences that they believe to be higher spiritual contact.

The reason higher contact is so sought after and cherished is that it replaces faith with knowledge. A higher contact is a real experience that verifies to a high degree that there is indeed a reality beyond the material world.

The question few ask is, what is the principle that makes higher contact possible?

Most give fairly vague answers such as quoting Jesus telling us to ask and we shall receive and seek and you shall find.

This apparently does not reflect the full principle for a few ask and receive while many do not. What is the principle that can make higher contact a reality?

There is indeed a point of contact which is neither material nor spirit, but where both interplay and the result of that interplay is soul energy.

Contacting this point which is neither spirit nor matter, up or down, wet or dry is the key to soul contact. This mysterious point where soul energy resides is the door that opens up consciousness to all higher contact.

So, how does one open this door to soul contact? I have written a lot on this subject in previous writings so I will just give a few important hints here:

(1) The consciousness must cease to focus on the material side as being all-important and balance it off with spiritual focus. When the seeker balances the physical and spiritual within he discovers the door of soul energy.

The enlightenment of the Buddha was a good example as described in my book The Lost Key of the Buddha

If you tune the strings of a harp too tight,

the sound will not be right.

If the strings are too slack as they play,

a beautiful sound will not be made.

Neither too tight nor too limp shall be the strings,

If the player is to be worthy of kings.

The tension must be tuned by the ear

To fill the soul of all who hear.

The door to higher contact will not be found in extreme focus on either spirit or matter but by the balanced mind.

(2) Because energy follows thought the seeker must direct his mind toward higher contact to receive higher contact. This is a self-evident truth that is often overlooked.

(3) The seeker must sustain his focus until he achieves the contacts he desires. Many give a feeble attempt and just give up.

(4) The seeker must seek to free himself from material attachments.

(5) The seeker must forgive all and hold no grievances.

(6) It helps to achieve correct focus to seek to understand Higher Will and seek to fulfill it.

(7) Listen in silence for the Inner Voice.

Conclusion: The Soul Principle can be stated as follows: The discovery of that zero point which is neither spirit or matter, but the interplay of them both.


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The Oneness Principle

This entry is part 06 of 98 in the series Principles

Principle Six

The Oneness Principle

In a nutshell the Oneness Principle corresponds to a spiritual Internet that allows those who properly tune in to receive understanding on any true principle. This principle, when applied, can instantly transform two who disagree into a unity of thought.

Here are some of my previous writings on this principle.

Now when two people are in the Oneness Principle they can speak from different backgrounds with a different way of looking at definitions yet sense the meaning the other is trying to convey. Reading Xavier for us English speaking people is a great example of this. Even though he sometimes struggles to convey his thought because his native tongue is French, most of us get a good sense of where he is heading even when he is using a weird selection of words.

On the other hand, when people are centered in the personality and ego and any disagreement arises this “feel” for what the person means goes out the window. For this cause it is good to have a uniform definition of terms.

Scientists use very exact definitions which allow them to communicate professionally with minimal distortion. Now we who are becoming spiritual scientists need to follow this same principle. Concerning myself I know that all members on the list cannot absorb by supernatural means what my true meaning is if my terms are fuzzy, so as a teacher I have some responsibility to make myself clear.

Seek first the Kingdom of God and come into the Oneness Principle where you will only be concerned about what the Spirit tells you to be concerned with. Now with me as an individual the Spirit did not tell me to be concerned over Y2K. It does tell me to be concerned over the threat of the extinction and of civilization and to do all in my power to prevent it.

Many fundamentalists have the idea that Jesus is going to show up and exterminate the wicked and somehow force everyone to live in peace. The scriptures are true, but the second coming will not take place as they expect. The picture of bringing peace by killing everyone who doesn’t accept you is of the adversary indeed.

We must take individual responsibility for our destiny as beings in the image of God, but my whole point was to seek within for guidance through the Spirit so each of us will know our own part. Then if we play that part successfully we will be told what to do for the highest good of the whole, and if we follow it there will be no need to worry, even if the worst should happen on a personal level.

There has been only a handful of teachers working through the Oneness Principle. I do not intend to sort them out for list members. That is to be between you and your own souls. But I will say this. That those who have arrived at the Oneness Principle will have an amazingly similar appreciation for the same groups of writings. Those outside of the Oneness Principle will either like every teacher that comes along or cling to one or two as the greatest and reject the rest.

Soul contact is the door that brings us to the Oneness Principle that I have often mentioned. When the door is open and the seeker enters in he becomes one in the body of the soul and two or more who dwell beyond this door together will see the same vision.

Now that this first great hurdle has been crossed a second major obstacle is now in the way. It is fine to enter into the world of soul and then return and be “in the world,” but when the consciousness settles down in this reality we tend to get spiritual amnesia and lose sight of the soul. Losing sight of the soul is especially easy to do in relationships. As far as the isolated individual goes there is not as much to get in the way of soul contact as there is with another human being. Why? Because most of us see ourselves as good decent humans trying to do our best. But those with whom we are in relationship with are another matter. They often seem dead wrong, cold hearted, distant, stubborn, mean spirited, and just plain nasty at times. When these negative aspects that are not part of the kingdom of the soul are focused on then the soul goes out of focus and the two remain two.

The principle of Oneness is this: 1+1=1. You being one communicate through the soul with another who is one and join through the soul into a unified life where you discover that the two of you are a part of one soul with one vision. Thus 1+1=1. This mathematical formula will be rejected by mind without soul, but makes perfect sense to the soul infused personality.

When you draw within to pray, meditate or seek for answers where is up or down, right or left? Technically they do not exist for the Spirit of God dwells in the very center of your being. When that center is found you seem to be lifted up in awareness and thus God is refereed to as “up there,” but it would be more accurate to describe him as “in there.” If the kingdom of God is within then it only stands to reason that God dwells in his kingdom does it not?


What are the barriers that prevent two people from entering soul contact together and experiencing the Oneness Principle? How do we overcome these barriers? We talked a little about this as it applies to a romantic relationship, but the same principles apply to all relationships.

If you have a friend or co-worker and all your attention is focused on what is wrong with him this takes your attention away from the face of Christ that is within him. Again, by an act of will we must direct our attention away from his faults and toward the soul. When this is done the seeker can then sense and realize the oneness of all mankind and that his brother on a higher level is one with him.


Can we have an awareness of the imperfections of another yet still see the perfection within? How is this possible?

The scriptures say:

“They shall see eye to eye when the Lord shall bring again Zion.” How can a group see eye to eye without the imposition of strong authority? We see how difficult it is with us don’t we? Is it possible for 200 or more to see eye to eye? Seeing eye to eye through the Holy Spirit uses all the heart and the mind so if anything being one in Christ is mind-full and heart-full.

If seeing eye to eye is “agreeing to disagree” then there should be plenty of people in the oneness principle right now. Oneness awaits a people who can see eye to eye in the building of God.

In our lower natures we have many disagreements and when we reach a dead end we may agree to disagree. Many people without soul contact do this daily. But as we approach building the kingdom of God, points will be reached where agreeing to disagree will not work but will cause progress to come to a screeching halt. When this happens the Oneness Principle must come into play and the two must contact the Spirit through the Soul together. Then the Spirit which is One reveals the same thing to both of then at the same instant and then two or more entities become as one mind joined in the one mind of God. The instant the revelation is received they no longer agree to disagree, but agree to agree and providing both abide by what they have received and do not deny the revelation of the Spirit. They will then move ahead seeing “eye to eye.” Notice that it does not say eyes to eyes? This is because of the emphasis put on the unity that is attainable through the window of the soul.

Soul contact is just the beginning of an endless journey. Just because we participate to a degree in the oneness principle does not mean that we have achieved all there is to achieve. When we become members of the Kingdom of God all knowledge is available to us if we earnestly put our attention on it, but which knowledge to bring into our sphere and what to do with it is an eternal process.

Consequently if there be two people upon the Path one will be in a different location than the other. If we are left to our own devices we will stumble on the path or wander off in strange directions in the dark. Sacred writings are given to us to help, but we often misinterpret them. The greatest aid to us is someone who has already taken the step we desire to take. This person knows all the pitfalls and most importantly he can testify that the step is really there to be taken.

By understanding a principle you can understand all the details related to the principle once the principle is clear in your mind. So by the power of this spiritual Internet we can tune in, by the oneness principle, to any of the lives here upon the earth, the principles that are going through those minds.

How do we tune in to it? One of the ways is through seed thoughts. You put a thought in your mind and you contemplate it. Contemplation is the highest form of meditation. When most people think of meditation they think of making their mind blank. This is a negative form of meditation and it has its place. It’s good to relax you but it’s not really a good way to discover knowledge. The way to discover knowledge and develop ability to commune through the oneness principle is through the meditative state called contemplation.

One of the ways to contemplate is by putting an idea or a thought in your mind and expanding on that thought.

And this should be our goal as individuals; is to develop this sensitivity and perhaps the greatest key to developing it is to follow the highest that we know. And when we follow the highest that we know we will receive more. If we don’t follow the highest that we know; if we disregard the last impression that we have; we have to go back and relearn that impression and follow it before we receive more. So, it is important that when we receive an impression that we follow and then if we fulfill it then we will receive more.

“Most men are within a finger’s breadth of being mad.”

— Diogenes, “The Cynic” (412 BC-323 BC)

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What is Love? Part 2

This entry is part 37 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

If we want to be a servant of humanity then we put our attention on the service without the idea of proclaiming oneself to be a great servant or person that embodies love.

Titles have always irritated me like many of the religious titles including your holiness, or your lordship or your kingship or whatever. These titles really mean nothing and what means something is what you truly feel about any person that you are having a relationship with. Friendship and love are very closely associated with each other. What is the difference between friendship and love or is there a difference or are they two aspects of something?

Audience – Jason: Friendship is an aspect of love. If you have a true friend then there is definitely a sense of unity and love there.

JJ: Everything is in triplicity so lets say if friendship is an aspect of love then what are the other two aspects?

Audience: Unconditional

Audience: Respect comes to my mind.

Audience: Trust

JJ: Respect is a good possibility and trust is a good possibility as well.

Audience: Compassion, commitment, security.

Wayne: I think you break love down to just the energy of attraction because there are people who love to hate. There are people who love ice cream. You can have a physical attraction and call it love, you can have an emotional attraction, sensual attraction, mental attraction and it is called love and it is kind of a generic term. We have to take from context what we mean when we say the word and if God is without body parts or passions then His love would be something different than an emotional attraction be it mental, spiritual or whatever. You put love into so many categories that we put it into I think we may say what we mean when we love something and not always giving somebody else a clear idea of what we mean by using that word. I love everybody is a generic saying but you certainly do not feel the same about everyone that you know or people that you don’t know.

JJ: Good comments. We have friendship as an aspect of love and respect is another one and trust, there are several triplicities we could get out of love but that is a good one. Now Wayne was touching on the definition of love and the funny thing about love is people talk about love as being something so mysterious that nobody can really say what it is. But the thing is if something exists than you can say what it is. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was God. Now if the Word was God and God can do anything that means that anything can be put into the Word. So if there is such a thing as love than it can be defined. Now what we need to look at is the reason why people say that it cannot be defined and what that reason is. Why do people feel that love cannot be defined. Blaine you look like you have an answer to this question.

Blaine: That is what I get for looking! I think the reason that a lot of people feel it can’t be defined is because it has so many aspects that people are not sure as to exactly what it is and different people define it differently.

JJ: And the people that fall in love with someone that is kind of their opposite cannot really explain why right?

Blaine: Yes and Wayne touched on that, different people define love differently. Some define it as attraction and others as sensual love and we talked about respect and trust and all these different aspects of it. I kind of look at on levels if you are friends with somebody and you may not know them very well but you show a level of love towards your fellow man.

JJ: Some may claim they love you but they are not friendly toward you, is that really love?

Blaine: Then there is the next step up which would be probably be romantic love either that or family or friendship where you have commitments and respect and do things for each other and so on.

Audience – female member: I think the reason it is so indefinable is because it is misused so often and that makes it harder to define.

JJ: Plus when we fall in love often times we end up marrying somebody different that we ever imagined that we would be attracted to and so love becomes very mysterious. Like Artie probably wonders why did she fell in love with me?

Audience: Chuckling!

JJ: Artie will admit that when she was younger that she never imagined that she would fall in love with somebody like me and that was the farthest thing from her mind.

Audience female member: There is also an exchange and appreciation between you two just right there in your little glance to each other showing the love you share without saying anything.

JJ: Okay lets define what love is. It is quite simple; love is an attractive force, a magnetic force that pulls one thing towards another thing. Now people say that all is one and we need to go to the great oneness and when we do we will be dissolved in love but this is not true because if we went back to the absolute oneness there would be no love because it takes two or more to have love. Love can only exist in duality because love is an attractive force of one living entity to another living entity, creation, or a group of entities.

If you love mankind you are attracted to mankind and you have a magnetic pull that pulls you into service to mankind. If you love your country you have a magnetic pull from the ideals of the country that makes you want to serve your country. If you love your spouse or your girlfriend or your boyfriend you have a magnetic pull toward them and there is something about them that causes this magnetic pull.

Now for romantic love – this opens the windows of the soul so love is increased. Now the important thing about romantic love that a lot of people don’t understand is that anybody can fall in love with anybody else. We have barriers between us and what makes love mysterious is that often opposites attract and the reason they attract is because if you were around people like yourself for a while and you saw your own faults reflected in them you may not like them. So you meet someone that is different than you think, wow this is refreshing, and because it is refreshing you begin to let the walls of the soul down and you see something really good in this person even though his qualities are different from those in you.

As you become attracted to this person he or she thinks ah he is attracted to me and then walls begin to come down and when they look at each other they share that energy; they begin to peer into each other’s souls. As soon as the souls of the two people are exposed and they allow the romantic energy to circulate then they will fall in love. So the romantic energy of falling in love is the opening of the windows of the soul that pours the soul energy all the way down to the emotional level, to the chakra that we call the solar plexus and also it can affect the heart chakra.

Now there is a difference between the love energy of the solar plexus and the heart. The solar plexus energy is possessive and it governs the romantic energy. Some people think the lower love is bad but the truth is that nothing that is in us is bad. It is how it is put to use that determines whether it is good or not. So the solar plexus is the source of romantic love that can be very good and useful but can be very possessive. The trouble with people when they fall in love is they let the walls of the soul down and then after some time has passed they will often see each others faults and the windows of the soul will begin to close and when they close they do not see the good anymore, they only see the bad. Maybe one day the person did not brush their teeth good enough or Bryan did not trim his beard enough or maybe Melva does not like Bryan’s shoes, laughing, I like Bryan’s shoes Melva.

Melva: They are very practical. (Bryan had unusual shoes)

JJ: We find what we are looking for, so when the windows of the soul close because we are not looking for good things anymore and we see all these personality things that just grate on us. They grate on us until we either separate or we open the windows of the soul again.


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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 4

This entry is part 31 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

In the duration of the thousand lives we go through all the signs a number of times and you may have completed one lesson in Scorpio but there will be other lessons in Scorpio that you will have to learn maybe 12 lifetimes later. In each one of the signs are quite a few lessons to learn but then we begin to unfold all of 1000 energy centers in the top of the head. One by one in each lifetime we begin to unfold a new energy and within that lifetime our various other centers will also unfold and sometimes a major center will begin to unfold, for instance in the heart, which is very closely connected to the Christ energy. When one of those petals in the heart unfolds it produces an inflow of energy into us that we do not know how to handle because we have never felt this before. Has anyone ever felt that before, you are just going along living life like normal and then you feel a new energy circulating around you or within you?

Audience: When I was first getting into some of the Reki I started felling like I was just falling in love with everybody I was around and I did not understand what was happening. I would hug people and have this kind of a different experience and it was like I was not even in my body anymore during the hug and people didn’t know how to take it. It was very profound experience.

JJ: You have twelve petals around your heart center and a more advanced person may have say nine, ten and eleven already unfolded and then another unfolds and you get this rush of love energy so wherever you were at you probably had one of the heart petals unfold. You have six of them connected with the pure love energy and six of them connected with higher reason and wisdom. That is why the heart center petals are called the love wisdom center. Part of the petals are connected with wisdom and part of them are connected with the love energy itself. It sounds like you had one of the love energy petals unfold.

Now your throat center is your creative center and if all of a sudden you have the sense to write or create something it is probably because one of your throat petals in the creative center began to unfold and it is sending additional energy into you and you, all of a sudden, feel, I have to do something creative like write, paint, create music or whatever. Now when the petals begin to unfold, new energies are released and they are difficult to deal with at first because a person may feel that something is wrong with them for they have not felt this before.

If he accepts the energy and goes with it he will grow and his health and vitality will be good but if he rejects the energy then this produces ill health and this is one of the greatest causes of ill health. There is always a new energy unfolding in us and it is foreign to us so the natural inclination is to reject it and if it is a major energy it may take us three or four lifetimes to adapt to it and if it is a minor energy it will much easier to assimilate. But if it is a major one then it may take several lifetimes to adapt to and it may lead us along paths we do not want to go and may lead us to develop skills that we do not think we are good at.

They say the most terrifying thing to do is what I am doing right now, public speaking. I remember the first time I ever had to give a speech and it was the most terrifying thing I had ever experienced at that time in my life but now it is pretty easy. But the first time I did it I was just terrified beyond belief. They say if a person has never given a speech before that it is the most terrifying thing that you can do. Lets say your soul is leading you in that direction to give public speeches and you think, I am not good at it, I am boring, I don’t have a clue as to what to say, but all of a sudden your soul is pushing you that direction.

If you resist then your soul will not let up on you and will continue to push you in that direction and will make your life very discomforting until you go along with it. If you go with it then you will experience tremendous growth and it will be wonderful growing period. And this is the way it works – it squeezes you tighter and tighter until you say uncle! Okay I will do it.

When you think back on your life of the greatest lessons you learned where at first you resisted and resisted and things got worse and worse and then finally you gave in and learned the lesson. Now you are good at and now you love the thing that you are doing. Can you identify with that statement?

Now if you have not learned your lesson you will probably have to come back in the next life and pretty much live this life all over again but with different circumstances. That is one of the biggest complaints about reincarnation that I get from a lot of the Christians I talk to. They say, I don’t want to live this life over again, this has a been a tough life and I just want to go and live with Jesus now.

Actually if we learn our lesson then we don’t have to live this life over again, we move on and live a better and more interesting life than we have now but if we don’t learn our lesson we have to come back and not live the exact life over again but a similar more difficult one. It is going to be harder the next time because the soul that governs you will say well he did not learn it with the situation I put him last time so I have to put him in a tougher situation this time so he’ll get the message.

As we began our progression we went through trial and error and this is a very slow process until we reach the point of what this class is about tonight, the birth of the Christ within. When that begins then it is kind of like the end of a parabolic curve. In the beginning we can hardly see any progression at all and then we reach a point where it goes up very dramatically. A large percentage of our lifetimes are spent in trial and error and progression is very slow.

Some people seem to just progress very slowly but then, on the other hand, someone may be looking at you and think you are not progressing so well either. We progress along through trial and error and as we move ahead we finally reach a point where we think that there has to be a better way to do this. You feel very tired and you don’t know why you feel this tiredness because you are not aware that you have traveled through hundreds of lifetimes and this tiredness is just there within you and you sensed that there has to be something better than this. When this occurs then at this moment a new energy begins to stir within you if your soul sees that you are ready then your heart center will begin to open up and one of the love petals of the heart center will begin to unfold and this is the sign of the birth of the Christ within.

Now there is a false birth and this happens in the solar plexus center governing lower emotions. When people talk about heart energies a lot of them are really identifying with the solar plexus, which is the lower emotional self. There is a big difference between the lower emotional energies and the higher heart energies. The lower emotional energy is possessive and if a person is centered in the lower emotional and he says I love you what he really means is I want to possess you, own you, manage you and I want you to make me happy. That is what he means when he says I love you from the solar plexus. What is the difference when the person says I love you from the heart center when the birth of the Christ within him is happening to him?


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Braco & the Blue Dot

This entry is part 38 of 50 in the series 2011A

It is interesting that we have not heard Braco speak a word yet he has caused a great plethora of words to burst forth here on the Keys.

In reading comments on Braco sites I have noticed two typos misspelling his name – both seem to be done by accident. They were “Draco” and “Bravo.”

Draco the dragon could be associated with the dark side and “Bravo,” representing courage, could be the light. So even with subconscious Freudian slips we have the contrasting light and dark surfacing on the guy.’

A number of you are wishing I would give more specific comments on Braco and some were a little frustrated when I said I hadn’t received anything on him. This is not unusual. There are billions of people that I do not receive anything on and neither do I particularly care to.

However, Braco has aroused our curiosity so I decided to have a talk with my soul. I said, “What gives? You haven’t given me anything on Braco yet?”

The soul responds, “Do your homework and find out a few things for yourself.”

A few days pass and I say, “I’ve done my homework and still the guy is like a non entity. Surely there’s some morsel you can give me?”

The soul gave me a look. It was a Braco type of look that irritated me. I grabbed my soul and threw it against the wall and was close to slapping it around. Then I said, “Look, I’m tired of playing games. Give me something to go on here!”

My soul brushed itself off looking a little impatient with me, “Okay, okay, just relax. If you insist I will give you something. I’ll give you two words and from that you should be able to use your intuition and put everything together.”

“Two words, doesn’t seem like much, but I’ll take it,” I said.

Here it is… Now listen carefully and reflect. The Soul spoke:

“Blue dot.”

“Blue dot?” I questioned. What kind of hint is that?

“Exactly what you need.” The soul grinned with a hint of superiority and was gone.”

Okay, that wasn’t exactly how it happened and I used a little creative license but that gives you the idea that I do not use the orthodox approach to meditation. But it works. I did finally get a hint from my soul – The Blue Dot.

What is the blue dot?

Here’s the story. Back in June 1990 The National Enquirer published an article about a psychic named Judy Hevenly who claimed to be able to energize a blue dot. All someone had to do was to look at the blue dot that had been personally energized by her and make a wish. Her energy would then go through the blue dot and activate the person’s desires. If the individual concentrated enough on this dot (see below) then their dreams of money, health marriage etc would come true.

They published the blue dot with the story and invited readers to make a wish and stare at it and then write in and tell them what happened.

I remember reading this article and then wondering what kind of results they would receive. After a couple weeks the response was published and the National Enquirer editors were quite pleased. Thousands of letters poured in claiming all kinds of miraculous results. Some gained wealth, others love and still others had miraculous healings. Since being published lottery winners claiming the blue dot gave them luck have won over $170 million.

Many thousands believed in the magic of the blue dot and that psychic Judy Hevenly had truly energized it. Many people cut out the blue dot and put it in their purse or wallet and looked at it several times a day.

The response was so positive that Judy could have probably started a church based on the dot except the idea of “Church of the Blue Dot” might be hard to sell as a serious religion. Anyway the Enquirer found the blue dot to be so successful that they have republished it a number of times and even given free blue dots to new subscribers.

Now let us step back, look at this logically and ask a few questions.

Was Judy Hevenly some special being who was so full of psychic power that she could energize millions of blue dots in all the issues of the National Enquirer?

Probably not.

Was the blue dot published in the Enquirer energized any more than a blue dot I could print up on my HP printer?

Probably not.

Yet miracles happened. If the cause was not Judy’s energy or something magical in the dot then what did cause them?

Well, it may have not been Judy’s energy that did the trick but Judy was responsible. Even though she did not have any inner power that was special she did act as a director of energy and directed the scattered thoughts of the many into one location. Since energy follows thought then a lot of energy was stirred up by millions of readers and for some, who were good receivers, miracles did come.

I think the reader can see the connection here with Braco. Braco is the blue dot. The people who sponsor, introduce and support him play the director’s role, as did Judy Hevenly.

There are two reasons why even sensitive people have difficulty picking up anything either positive or negative on Braco.

The first is obvious. He says nothing and this makes it difficult to make any composite judgment on the guy.

The second is not so obvious and it is this. Braco sees himself as a channel of divine energy and just as he feels his words get in the way even so does he feel his thoughts get in the way. Thus when he goes on stage he stares at nothingness. Rarely does he look at any individual unless one happens to draw his attention for some inner or outer reason. Often he does not see the crowd itself but places himself in as complete neutral state as possible. Just like the blue dot, then he becomes a point of focus and the energy created comes from the powers of the inner God in the audience themselves with of course Braco’s added in.

Wherever Jesus healed anyone he never said “I have healed you,” but “YOUR FAITH has made you whole.” Jesus was merely a director of energy to open the door to the souls of the people who were healed so their own powers of godliness could heal them.

Is Braco a Master? I don’t think so. A Master has to demonstrate mastery of “the Word” by showing forth wisdom. Thus they are called Masters of wisdom.

Some think he is a master because of the positive feeling they have during sessions and are drawn back again and again to get an extra dose.

These people are looking for happiness on the outside and will have to keep returning until they find it on the inside. When it is found on the inside then it will just be there all the time and they will not have to depend on any one person to possess it.

Would I be any happier if Jesus moved in with me for a month – would just having him physically present make a difference in my well being?

Not really. In fact I may find that he gets in my way.

On the other hand, if he went beyond just gracing me with his presence and teaching me something would that help?

Yes, it would. This would increase my happiness.

If he went a step further and came up with a project that we could work on together to fulfill divine purpose would that increase my joy?

Yes, that would be a fun thing to do with such a master.

But as far as just having his presence… well I already have that through the Oneness Principle so having his physical body nearby wouldn’t bring that much enhancement.

There must be something about Braco’s peaceful look and the infectious expectation of the audience that brings out peace and positive feelings in people that are already readily available.
Is Braco evil? An evil person does evil things and we have no proof of any wrong doing on his part.

What I pick up is that he is following the highest he knows and sincerely wants to help and heal people.

Does this mean he is without error? No of course not. Most likely some ego may affect him and he is subject to some illusion.

One very positive and unusual sign though is that he built his healing center with his own money and does much of his work for free. When he does charge it is a reasonable $8 which is in the range of all. Of course, when he travels and has to rent facilities he should charge at least enough to cover expenses.

Does this mean we can trust Braco to never deviate from the light?

No. I see no evidence that he has progressed beyond the second initiation and as such is still subject to illusions and if this assessment is correct then he could still be mentally tricked into making wrong decisions and doing quite a bit of harm while thinking he is doing the right thing.

This is why the seeker must – with Braco and every other servant – check and recheck with his soul on a regular basis or in the end he will be disappointed and wind up as the blind following the blind.

Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 25

This entry is part 10 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

We are always having a new energy unfolding and if you have a life where you have good health and vitality it normally means that you are having a rest between the major unfolding of energies. Your soul will realize when you need a rest. After the rest you will go through an unfolding of energy where you will have a hard time adapting and you will have some disease because you are resisting and then you will finally accept and handle the energy and afterwards you are given another period of rest where you have a great health for a while. Then a new energy starts to unfold and you find a new problem somewhere else because you are resisting again.

We have all been through many lifetimes and it is human nature that when something new comes into our life we resist. We resist because we want to just get to a certain stage and then relax in our comfort zone and we do not wish to leave that state. It is like when you go through college, you work real hard and when you are done you just want to get a job and settle into things and relax and not learn so much.

Many people after college never learn anything usable the rest of their lives because they just get lazy and relax. After a time in that state their soul is not going to let them relax, the soul says, you are not done yet and you are going to learn some more and if you are not willing to learn than I am going to put the squeeze to you. So the soul puts a squeeze to you and you still resist and then the soul puts a tighter squeeze and then you get more and more pain and more and more disease and more and more discomfort until you look up and say, “Why God?”

Have you ever said that? People will often look up into the skies and say, “Why God, what have done I wrong and why is all this coming into my life?” Then when they ask that question, they begin the journey of finding the answer. When they find the answer they will adapt and move on to the next cycle.

Audience: Sometimes I ponder that question, I was thinking about those hot flashes that women get and I ask why and what is the cause of that and I got the answer, and it was, it is because you are getting a new and higher frequency. Higher frequency produces heat so you feel your body burning and what is going on is that you are getting a higher frequency because you are that age that you are mature enough to accept certain things and you are running around like when you were young and acting all crazy.

JJ: We have energies unfolding all the time and we have to adapt to them. If we accept and adapt to them then we will maintain our health. The difference between a Master and one of us is that whatever energy unfolds they do not resist but adapt. They are always able to maintain their health and vitality where as us mere mortals, when we have a new energy unfold we think, what is this? The energy pushes us a certain direction.

Maybe you have some energy in throat center unfold and it is time to play a musical instrument. Well, you do not want to play a musical instrument, you want to be a carpenter, or go fishing or something else. Well, your soul is saying that it is time for you to be creative in a musical way. All of us go through a period where it is time to be musically creative and now it is time for you and you are resisting saying, I am not good at that and could never learn to play the piano. When you resist because of new energy coming from your throat center then you tend to get illness that affect your throat center, colds, sinus infections, throat infections, and so on.

The soul sends you general reminders that the center is getting clogged up and you need to unclog them because it is sending these energies to you and you are congesting the energies but you need to go with the energies. And the pain and discomfort will get worse and worse until finally the person leans to follow his creative impulse. Now he will be receiving these messages through the soul in subtle ways and will have a sense that he is supposed to be doing this. The sense will turn into a desire but what often frustrates us is pure laziness.

All of us have certain goals that we have within us that we feel we should be doing, and what stops us is pure ordinary everyday laziness. So we are sluggish as we go along and our soul puts stronger and stronger pressure and puts us through more pain until finally the pain becomes so great that it has to be resolved one way or another and we wind up yielding to it.

Now, for me in this life my soul wanted me to learn common sense business principles and I resisted this until I married my wife and I finally decided to do these things. I wanted to be creative, learn all kinds of metaphysical things. I like to spend more time studying, teaching, writing, and in my life every time I have switched over to doing these things instead of learning common sense business I have really suffered. Finally, I made a commitment to get our business going so I could at least pay the bills and not have to worry all the time. I finally succumbed to my soul.

When I made a definite decision to do this then I was able to achieve success to the point where my soul was happy not that I would be rich or anything, but that I would not just be a wild dreamer throughout my entire life. The problem with many people who are visionary is they are so bad with business and every day living that they never have any power to take care of their life and become dreamers for their entire lives.

My soul told me, “you do not want to be a dreamer throughout your life with no power. You need to learn some common sense things so that you can attain the power that you need. I really resisted for this was not the path that I wanted but when I finally accepted I felt a tremendous relief and an enormous amount of energy pushing me in that direction. When I yielded I wondered why this did not dawn on me earlier. I had all kinds of signs and clues that I did not follow and I would have been so much farther ahead if I had yielded to this when I was 20 rather than resisting and waiting until I was about 40 to yield to it.

Audience: Did you have negative physical effects from not yielding?

JJ: Not too many physical effects but a very strong spiritual energy that I felt, I would often feel that I am going the wrong direction and I think that if I had not corrected myself when I did then the soul would have put heavier pressure on me causing physical effects.

Audience: So what does the sinus related to?

JJ: Sinus is connected with ideas.

Audience: You said that when there are a lot of sinus problems that this is connected to the third eye?

JJ: Yes, if you have a problem with your sinus’s then it means this is problem with your ideas because ideas come from the third eye. So what that means is your unfolding energies that help with ideas are awakening and you are not going along with them. Your ideas are not manifesting the way they are supposed to and you have to figure out how to take the correct energy and manifest your ideas. I know Lorraine has lots of ideas, she is always coming to me with many ideas and a lot of them have not manifested yet, right Lorraine. She has sinus problems so she has to figure out how manifest her ideas and when she does that her sinus gets a lot better.

Audience: Another is thing is that I have noticed in me that when you are getting some new knowledge like this that you begin to feel sleepy. Do you know what causes this; is it a resistance of your programs?

JJ: It is funny, the book of Mormon does that to people. Have you ever noticed that when you start to read it that you begin to fall asleep and feel very sleepy. It is a funny book. Some think because it is boring and some think that there is something about the energy in it. But this is true if you are connecting up to an unusual frequency; it can make you sleepy because it is a little bit draining since your body has to adjust to that frequency. So if we are putting out a frequency here that is different than you are used to, either higher or lower, especially higher it can make you a little sleeper than normal.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey