2001-3-15 00:08:00

The classes being presented are on the Molecular Relationship, but let us stop a moment and examine these two words.

The word "molecular" is important because it is descriptive of the most evolved relationship in the physical world. In the molecular level relationship has reached relative perfection, whereas the progression of humanity toward their relative perfection in relationship is at 50% or less.

A key point to remember is that even though the atomic lives are much closer to the end of their evolution than is humankind that humans are a more complex life form than molecules, cells and atoms. What this means is that even though we have not duplicated the perfection and intelligence of the microcosmic world at the present this does not mean our achievement is low. Humans have only really begun to organize. The day will soon come (relatively speaking) that we will not only reach the level of intelligent organization of the micro world, but because we are a higher life form we will far surpass the complexity and glory of the lower lives when humanity reaches its fullness in evolution.

Now, let us examine the word "relationship."

An important key to realize is that all creation is composed of relationships. Without relationship there would be no form, no creation, no intelligence, no love and no universe.

Some seekers have made the claim that they have evolved beyond relationship, that they need no one else besides themselves, but such is an illusion. Even "A Course in Miracles" teaches that God himself needs us in relationship and if God should need us for relationship then surely we need God and each other.

Whether we want to admit it or not all of us are deeply involved in relationship. Here are a few examples:

Now if one really wishes to escape relationship he must eliminate all fourteen of these items and more from his life (perhaps we would call it a non life if such a one was successful). When we hear one who proclaims that he needs no one and is complete within himself and is now free from relationship what is he really saying?

Often (but not always) he is really expressing a fear of intimacy. In the past, closeness and trust has caused him pain and because of this pain the person now wishes to avoid close relationship thinking this will avoid pain.

But does it?

Do we really avoid pain by avoiding intimacy?

Does the person who avoids intimacy encounter unexpected pain?

What would that be?

Is intimacy something to be desired? If so, how close are we to become?


"Many a poet escapes the mind and sees and describes reflections of truth, but lacks the courage to stare truth in the eye."