Going Molecular — The Molecular Relationship

“Going Molecular – The Molecular Relationship” Quotes

1  The time is at hand to have revealed “knowledge which is hid up because of unbelief.” An example of the knowledge which was hid up is the Molecular Relationship which came by way of revelation from the Christ.

2  Even though we are not ready to form a working molecule here yet list members without a suitable partner who are interested should be keeping an eye out for a working partner. Some working partnerships will turn romantic, others will just stay on a friendship level and still others will not be that harmonious and some rearrangements will be made.

3  The Molecular Relationship is one such revelation that fits within the purpose of the Plan of Light and your will or mine has nothing to do with its activation. Our job is merely to follow the whisperings of the inner voice and create the necessary structure as habitation for divine life.

4  The word “molecular” is important because it is descriptive of the most evolved relationship in the physical world.

5  The creation of the first human molecules will require the greatest act of faith demonstrated on the earth for many years.

6  The main emphasis of the one [The Molecule] Jesus made was what the people considered miracles, but there are many other points of emphasis that we have not seen yet.

7  The basic idea I have presented in the Molecular Relationship is this:  (1) The ideal endpoint of the male/female relationship is a committed monogamous marriage where both are happy with the relationship.  (2) Ideally that relationship will place the female in the receiving position and the male in the sending position in the majority of circumstances.  (3) To create this ideal the male should be evolved enough to send to and stimulate his mate toward higher evolution.  (4) This ideal is not an end, but a beginning to a greater relationship which corresponds to the Molecular World.

8  Participation in the greater life increases freedom and does not decrease it.

9  If the energy flow continues without resistance the molecule will live indefinitely.

10  Each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel, but this is connected to us whether or not we are in the Molecular Relationship.

11  The Masters including the Christ are all in Molecular Relationship and their molecules embody a greater life.

12  All humans in the universe will eventually identify with higher lives. This identification principle is in a very embryonic stage on earth in the God kingdom and is practiced by the Masters and will soon be practiced by some of humanity in the Molecular Relationship.

13  Those who enter the Molecular Relationship in the near future will be infants in the principle of identification and it will take many millions of years for us to master it. Nevertheless, the little we will comprehend as this next great step is made will create great change.

14  There is a big difference, however, in the application of the Molecular Relationship with plants, animals and humans. With the lesser lives the intelligence involved is supplied by great entities that preside over the lesser kingdoms, but with humans there is the privilege of joining our intelligence with greater intelligence to consciously participate in our next great leap in evolution.

15  Few married or committed couples have the interplay necessary to become a Molecular Atom (Adam).

16  The molecular entities are on a totally different order than is human and are a higher correspondence of a crystal, just as humans are a higher correspondent to atoms. Technically we could call it a crystalline life within a human molecule.

17  The only ones who understand the Molecular Order at present are the Masters, but they experience it from the vantage point of living within the kingdom of God as a group.

18  We will play out every possible dream and adventure that is within human imagination as the molecular order is expanded throughout the universe. After every dream has been accomplished and there are no more challenges from a human viewpoint then time will cease to exist and the principle of identification comes into play.

19  The highest level of commitment in the Molecular Order will eventually be the commitment to the Plan because it works.

20  The greater lives who incarnate in the Molecular Order be not confined forever to the same set of lives but will go through numerous bodies as they progress on their level.

21  To establish a connection between mankind and the Hierarchical Molecule a link has to be created so the spiritual flow will not be broken.

22  If perchance you marry a person of standard interests the chances are that he will fight you tooth and nail to frustrate your participation on this list or the Molecular Order.

23  The Molecular Relationship eventually leads us to the principle of identification.

24  The Molecular Relationship is Nature’s order and so it is a natural thing that all of humanity’s organizations will gravitate, in their evolutionary process, toward it.

25  One molecule though, may over a period of time, be the home of more than one higher life.

26  Jesus compared the Molecular Order linking to the greater life as a branch connected to the vine.

27  A higher life, as discussed here, is a life composed of, or a molecule or cell of, individual entities who have passed through the human kingdom.

28  The Molecular Business operates on similar principles as the Spiritual Molecule except that the numbers of individuals in the various molecules will not be determined in advance, but will be resolved as needed.

29  When a complete Molecule achieves oneness of thought through becoming sensitive to the Soul, then the Spiritual Hierarchy, which is presided over by the Christ, can pour forth its spiritual energy, which is channeled down from the very presence of God into a group here on earth.

30  With union through Soul Contact, we will then have a functioning Molecule that can be accepted by the Hierarchy to lay the foundation for the complete transformation of the whole planet earth which will bring about the redemption from the Fall of Man as prophesied in the scriptures.

31  There are two basic mantras that Molecular members are urged to recite. The first is The Song of the 144,000. The second major mantra was revealed through Alice A. Bailey. This is called The Great Invocation and is said to be uttered by the Christ himself on a daily basis.

32  In a Molecule of twenty-four individuals each person involved must be capable of such [soul] contact or [soul] contact for the group as a whole will not be achieved.

33  Male/Female entities as individuals form human atoms, not molecules and this requires a one to one relationship, just as there is always one proton for each electron in nature.

34  The advantage of the Molecular Business is that the employee has more freedom to move in with a group that is compatible.

35  Each individual in the Molecule must have spiritual contact to make it work and activate the spiritual flow.

36  In the molecular relationship, if you do not like something your leader is doing, you can challenge him for leadership and call for a vote.

37  With a change in the entity [occupying the molecule] there will be a change in the emphasis of direction and the manifestation of higher properties or the miraculous.

38  One of my goals before I leave the scene of things here is I want to get the molecular relationship going so it is self healing.

39  When two or more molecules are functioning well there will be such efficient contact with the Oneness Principle so it will seem that if you are a member of one you are a member of them all. Also a number of molecules will work together on various projects. You can also exchange your position with a member of another molecule and thus move from one molecule to another.

40  Twenty-four human units creating a molecule draws one greater life, not multiple ones. If we have two molecules created then two greater lives can incarnate into two bodies.

41  When I wrote the Molecular Relationship I did not have the understanding of the difference between unlimited and infinite. Now I do and see that I was not exactly correct in my past wording.

42  In a nutshell the function of the molecular order is to extend the benefits and powers of the higher kingdoms to the lower.

43  The mere gathering of twenty-four does not create a working molecule. It has to be planned and executed with the cooperation of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

44  Molecular Politics is our best bet because it doesn’t rely on changing the current Constitution or system.

45  I use the word “molecular” in relation to the new political and business groups not because they are the same as the spiritual organizations, but because they lead to greater group work and they involve sharing group energy and thought.

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