Enduring the Presence

2000-7-28 17:34:00

Dawn writes:
Why, when we see "higher" beings, would the light manifest as fear for us? Why would we be afraid?

Refer back to my analogy on temperature and apply it to vibration. Also Xavier's comments were very helpful. The higher the life in evolution the higher the vibration and the greater the adjustment necessary to endure the presence.

For instance, of Moses it was written "By faith he (Moses) forsook Egypt, not fearing the wrath of the king: for he endured, as seeing him who is invisible." Heb 11:27

Notice that the writer of the scripture admires Moses for enduring the presence of God (or the Master he was working with). He points out that anyone who has the courage and fortitude to do this certainly would not fear the king of Egypt.

The reason is that it takes more courage to enter into the presence of one of the Great Ones than it does to risk certain death by offending an absolute ruler on earth.

But you may ask, "I know of lots of people who have seen higher beings and there was no fear."

99% of all such visions are from either the astral world or an encounter with a thought form, and these do not have a high vibration and create no cause for alarm. Even a Master from the 5th Kingdom can visit you physically with no alarming exchange of vibration. But if you go to the higher lives and see or experience them as they are, the vibration difference will be alarming for the first several encounters. Also, if a Master connects with you in the Spirit, you will note a high vibration that needs a period of adjustment. If a Master decides to admit you into his ashram, you will first be sent a flow of energy of higher vibration to give you time to adjust. This adjustment can be disturbing at first - a little like getting into a hot bath. It's discomforting at first but after you adjust it is OK.

Then, after you make adjustments in vibration, you are admitted to the group. If the ashram were to let you in without the adjustment, you would either suffer death or go insane.

Lives higher than the Masters of the 5th kingdom are more intense still and their vibration will definitely create some fear at first. For instance, if you started to enter your tub and discovered the water was actually boiling you would be justifiably afraid to enter. Your body would have to undergo some type of change to enter such heat and, if someone told you that you could enter safely, you would have natural doubts. This would require a great act of faith in whoever told you to enter the boiling water.

Even so, high entities of light on the first Ray have this effect and this fear is what Moses had to overcome.

There is one person, who joined this list, who encountered a portion of this First Ray energy and that was Alley who created the artwork for my web page. I think it may have scared her off the list, as we have not heard from her for some time. I think she may have had some type of assignment waiting for her.

Even though the vibration of higher lives is very intense, the person receiving them will inherently know that they are on the side of good because the vibration will be recognized by the inner most part of themselves as desirable to attain.