2000-10-9 14:46:00

All creations in form are first created as a thoughtform, from an atom to a human being to a planet. Each thoughtform does have a purpose that is expected to produce certain results. For instance, a Master may visit a disciple through the creation of a thoughtform of himself of his own creation with certain expectations.

Every thoughtform and consequently every form in the universe were created by some thinker with certain expectations behind the form. In fact the higher the intelligence, the more sure and precise will be the preconceived idea of how the thoughtform is to perform. For instance, a thoughtform created by a Master will fulfill expectations with much more precision than one created by an aspirant.

Again let me stress that the key to the correct use of thoughtforms is non-attachment. If the situation changes and the thoughtform fails to live up to expectations, then the disciple must be prepared to abandon or change it and move on. I, personally, have no problem in expecting certain results, while not being attached to the outcome. Because I, and others, experience this I know it can easily be done. In fact I am often happy when the outcome does not materialize as expected because of the lessons learned

"Twist reality in any way and you are perceiving destructively."
A Course in Miracles