The Power of Symbols

2001-7-24 05:02:00

White Magic -- Lesson Two, Part 20

Thanks for the tabulation on the comments in the symbol, Anni. I think you got then all except for out friend Magra who said:

"Within the triangle which is the Tibetan symbol for Tejas representing the Tatva (essence) of Fire is contained the last consonant of the Tibetan Alphabet "Ah", the lowest seed syllable; the sound on which all speaking depends; that which was before everything else and that which remains after all else is dissolved."

Interesting thought, but I couldn't find the letter "ah." I did, however, find several other Tibetan letters that seemed to correspond a little.

I appreciate all the creative thinking the group did on this. I gained further insights myself from reading yours.

I'm short on time tonight so I'll just give you a few on my thoughts on the symbol.

Even though the orthodox meaning as presented to Alice A. Bailey is simply LUX, for Light, I believe the core of the meaning is intended to be a symbol of the Hierarchy as illustrated in the following diagram":


JJ image overlay of DK symbol with hierarchial chart.


As I previously pointed out the "X" marks the spot of the mysterious European Master. He apparently is the master closest to the heart of the Christ, yet nothing is given out about him. We speculated that not much is given out about him because he is working incarnated among European related peoples. Since DK's tabulation was given out this European Master has probably died and been reborn again in a Caucasian body.

When I meditate on the symbol I get the sense that this European Master is a focus of attention for the Christ. Christ himself is not ready (because we are not ready) to work directly with humanity, so this particular entity acts as a focus of soul force to prepare the way for the Master. Hence the "X" goes through him.

Very little accurate information is given out about the Masters in this current time but one day all will be revealed. If you want to know more I would suggest that you meditate on this symbol for 15 minutes a day for a week or more and see what information comes to you.

You'll remember that it was while meditating on the symbol that it came to me that the Master Jesus had a connection with Pope John Paul I.

When meditating on the symbol see the point where the "X" crosses as a doorway into the Fifth Kingdom wherein the Masters can be found. Enter the doorway and discover what you will.

I will write more on the symbol soon for I am short of time.


It is said that there is power in symbols.

What is their power and purpose?

What is your symbol?