The Three Preparations


The Three Preparations

The Question:

“When the student is ready the teacher (or Master) will appear.”

What are the three signs that tell us that the student is ready?

We received some great comments on this. That said I will give what I consider the three most important (but far from all) keys.

In considering what the teacher or master may be looking for in students we might ask ourselves what we would be looking for if one of us were a teacher for an organization which was trying to accomplish a great purpose.

In the early Sixties Kennedy presented to the United States the most fantastic goal ever given to a nation in recorded history – to send a man to the moon and bring him back alive before the end of the decade.

Let us just supposed you did live then and you were one with great knowledge commissioned by Kennedy to find the right students and teach them the knowledge necessary to help complete the goal.

What would you look for? Do you think you would be looking for people who did not believe we could go to the moon with that short time period? No of course not.

So, we may be able to word the first criteria as follows:

(1) The student must be open to the plan no matter how fantastic it sounds and have a belief that it can be accomplished.

To apply this to the seeking student of light today we might say this.

The student must seek out and find the next step in the plan of God as it is seen through the eyes of the Brotherhood of Light. He needs to understand that the Plan is truly possible and believe and endorse it with every part of his being.

  1. Now you’ve found a large number of people who are open minded and really believe we can go to the moon. You discover there are many more volunteers than you need. What is the second criteria of selection you use?

(2) You now look for people who have prepared themselves through strenuous effort to attain the knowledge and ability to appreciate and incorporate those sometimes difficult-to-understand-and-apply principles to get the job done.

To apply this to the seeking student of light today we might say this: Being enthused and believing is not enough. You must develop your talents and abilities so you can be useful to the work of the Masters.

Enthused and believing people with no talent could not have taken us to the moon. What makes us think we can believe only and be lazy in our personal development and then help accomplish an even greater feat than going to the moon?

So now you have found a number of people who are all for going to the moon – they believe it is possible and they also seem to have great talent. Are you ready to choose your students?

Not quite. There is one more important factor to look for. You tell yourself that you have applicants who are believing and talented, but the question now is will they do anything?

If you teach them what you know will they just say yes yes and then go on to the next theory and wind up in an eternal quest for ultimate truth while being of little use to God or man, or will they take what you teach and do all the grunt work necessary to make sure our man gets to the moon?

This brings us to number three:

(3) Are they willing to do the hard labor and overtime necessary to get the job done?

To apply this to the seeking student of light today we might say this.

Are they willing to be servants and actually do the work necessary to manifest the next stage in the divine plan?

If you visit any large office or production plant you will discover that there are many people who think they are working hard and efficiently who are doing neither. Then there are a small handful who are very hard and effective workers on whom the boss and fellow workers depend.

Even so, the Teachers do not look for one who performs the appearance of work, but a student that one can truly depend on who will be a great asset to accomplishing the goal.

Incorporating these three principles in our lives will bring us many steps closer to recognition by those who watch.

In the current topic we have been discussing methods of contact with the Masters or Teachers. We covered the types of visible contacts and now we approach the invisible.

Question: What are the methods of contact used by the teachers and higher lives wherein they remain invisible to the receiver? How do these methods work and why are they used in place of physical contact?

I was asked about the kingdom of God that was supposed to manifest as prophesied by Daniel the prophet. Will we play a part?

To bring down the powers of Godliness into the physical realm is an act that can only be accomplished through the Spirit of God. It’s not like an individual or group can just get together and demand that the powers of Godliness become manifest. The Dark Brothers attempt to make commands and control lower lives in able to impress those in darkness with their powers. Divine power only becomes manifest when the individual or group puts themselves in alignment with the voice of the Spirit and the Purpose of God. When this happens then revelation will be received which will outline the coming manifestations of the Plan which are shortly to appear on the earth.

The Molecular Relationship is one such revelation that fits within the purpose of the Plan of Light and your will or mine has nothing to do with it’s activation. Our job is merely to follow the whisperings of the inner voice and create the necessary structure as habitation for divine life.

The old orders of controlling the souls of mankind through glamour, illusion and force will be destroyed as Daniel predicted and replaced by higher orders that link heaven and earth and bring greater freedom to the children of men.

This will require our cooperation and much work on the physical plane for not even God can set up a kingdom among us if we refuse it. The Dark Brothers may attempt to force people into their dominions, but the workers of light only work with free will. Our responsibility is to use that free will to accept or reject the coming manifestations of Purpose.

August 24, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Revelation of the Keys of Knowledge

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The Immortal is the story of an average truth seeker who stumbles across a fascinating teacher, only to discover that the man is John, the Beloved, the Revelator, an Apostle of Jesus, perhaps the most mysterious man in history, comes alive in this book. Legend has it that John never died and still roams the earth as a teacher. John finds JJ Dewey, the main character, to teach him the Twelve Keys of Knowledge to prepare the world for the new age of peace. The first question addressed in Book I is WHO OR WHAT AM I? The student gives all the standard answers…and they are all wrong. The lead character then realizes he is under the tutorage of no ordinary teacher and must apply himself in a quest for knowledge.

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Riding With God

Riding With God

After reading a discussion on the Molecular Relationship a reader asks: “Did I miss something? Is the group issuing stock or are we starting a church?”

JJ: We have enough churches to go around. If members want to attend a church there are plenty of them available, but we are not starting one.

There are three applications of the Molecular Relationship in the archives and to get a full idea it would be best to read that material which is composed of an entire book.

Three different organizations are presented as possibilities for the world.

The first is a spiritual organization that will link humanity with the Christ and his Hierarchy of Masters who is in turn linked with Shamballa who is in turn linked with the Solar Logos and on up from there.

Now aside from the purely spiritual aspects of this relationship, the manner of the organization is very practical and has applications that can help humanity in areas not generally considered spiritual. Two of these areas are business and politics. Actually from a higher point of view all areas of human living can be seen as spiritual, but that is another topic.

So the two possible extensions of the harmony of the order can have tremendous application in business and politics and thus a practical application of molecular principles is introduced in the chapters on the Molecular Business and Molecular Politics.

The Twelve Principles of Synthesis are not written as any foundation principles for our particular group, but are presented as a synthesis or the best common beliefs of metaphysical and New Age people. The trouble with these various groups is that they have no common bond or banner under which they can unite for any purpose. The Twelve Principles of Synthesis is unique in that it states twelve principles that almost all seekers accept and are capable of endorsing. These principles do not belong to us or any group but it is hoped that they will be picked up by many New Age, metaphysical as well as churches as a standard that can unite people of goodwill throughout the planet.

This of course will not happen overnight, but it is something that can materialize and eventually produce much good in the world.

One thing that all seekers must learn as we move on into the new age is that there are many transformations that will take some time. A mistake that many make is to fall for predictions of great change in a short period of time and this rarely happens. Instead we must look forward to the future even beyond our own lifetimes to hundreds of years ahead and more. Only by making long range planning can we lay a sure foundation for lasting peace on earth goodwill to humankind.

A reader brings up a point that needs addressed.

“This sentence really caught my attention: ‘An extremely high degree of perfection has to be reached to remain in an unchangeable state for that period of time.’ That seems like a boring, stagnant or static state of being.. that has so often been discussed, and lasts for billions of years… and is because of the high state of perfection… like my thought of God… that is unchanging because of the high degree of perfection… JJ Would you call this then a ‘state of being’ as opposed to a state of becoming due to its level of perfection, and is the consciousness then bored in that state for so long???”

JJ: There is a principle here that I have hinted at in the past but probably should have more elaboration and that is this. Everything in the universe that is in a state of progression or Becoming will eventually reach a state of relative perfection where additional progression become virtually impossible. When this point is reached any further progress can only be obtained through the Molecular Relationship which takes the lower consciousness to a higher level where there awaits new challenges.

Let us take the windows operating system for example. As I understand it (being a Mac man myself) it is built upon the foundation of DOS and has advanced from Windows 3 to 95 to 98 and then to 2000. How many more improvements can Bill Gates make on the current foundation before he reaches a point where improvements become almost impossible? Mark my words, the day will come when Gates must move to some new foundation structure or die with Windows 2050 or some such number.

Our better bicycles, for instance, are made about as close to maximum efficiency as possible. As manufacturers approach relative perfection others follow. We will never create the perfect bicycle, but we will eventually get so close to perfection that it would be a waste of time to attempt any more improvement.

An eternity ago the attention of God was in what we now call the subatomic universe and there the proton and other particles were perfected. This happened in an instant by our measure of time but by the measure that was used then the process took billions of years. The proton was thus fine tuned again and again until further perfection became impossible so God multiplied them to an unlimited number and their course was put on automatic pilot.

Now would the life of God that is reflected in the proton be bored to death if it just remained in this relative perfection for trillions of years with only infinitesimal change? Yes, it certainly would and that is where the Molecular Relationship comes in. Protons and other subatomic particles united to form something greater than themselves – called atoms. The sub atomic lives thus transferred their consciousness and awareness of time to a higher level and continued their progression through the atomic world. When the atomic life then reached a degree of perfection these units in turn joined and created molecules and thus a higher order was made available for further progression. The attention of God then moved from the lower to the higher until it has now settled upon the human kingdoms in all the worlds within this universe. The mind of God is thus now in the process of entertaining Itself through us, so the better show we put on for God the richer will be the experience of the whole.

All the kingdoms above human such as solar systems, galaxies and groups of galaxies owe their existence to the interplay of energies that manifest in the human kingdoms and below.

Now when I mention the human kingdom I also include the Masters and higher lives who have passed through humanity at one time or another as well as lower lives approaching human. And I am speaking of this physical universe. When we go higher than physical the prime attention of God may be on a higher kingdom that will manifest in the future in this physical reality.

Thus in answer to the comment the proton itself will not change and become something other than a proton in this eternity, but it will continue to “Become” through the “Principle of Identification” with higher lives.

The goal of the atoms and cells of your body are to link with your consciousness to the extent that they become one with you or become you. Then as you Become they also Become in ways never dreamed of before by these little lives.

Humanity will do the same thing. When we reach a relative perfection there will come a time that it will seem as if there are no new worlds to conquer because we have done it all and conquered all. We will not cease to Become, however because at that point we will be molecular and identify with lives greater than ourselves and these higher lives will take us on a thrill ride that we cannot imagine in our present state.

March 1, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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One Plus One Equals One

Sept 6, 1999

One Plus One Equals One

I was asked the following question concerning the Molecular Relationship:

“It seems that the Molecule comprises 12×2, plus one leader, so effectively 13 units of people are involved. So why isn’t the number 13?”

First let me state that in the Molecule the male and female are counted as one unit. In defiance of the laws of mathematics 1+1=1. Actually, this is in harmony with the Law of Fusion. Neither the male or female is left out.

In the Piscean Age the attempted arrangement of the Molecules was on the basis of 12 plus one in the center with the center being Jesus in the days of the Apostles. Until a church was firmly established the molecule consisted of the twelve units with the invisible Christ in the center. Later an external substitute for the   Christ was created in the figure of the Pope.

The central figure thus became a prototype for a figure of infallible authority. During the past two thousand years this has been corrupted into the distortion of man replacing God as ultimate authority and the creation of the Beast as prophesied by John in Revelations which we talked about at length earlier.

In this age the creation of the Molecular Order will be slightly different physically but with the same creation principles being followed.

Unlike past ages as the human initiator I will not be in the center as the thirteenth member, but my wife and I will be one of the twelve units as equals with them. Nevertheless, there is still a thirteenth in the center and that is the Christ Himself who will establish a link with us between heaven and earth.

Because the thirteenth authority figure is to be invisible at this time it will not feed the temptation to set up a physical authority who will be a substitute for God.


“I was also wondering about the fragility of the Molecule. It seems that when the leader dies, the Molecule dies with it and no lasting benefit is achieved. Is the difference this time to be that the Molecule will last? Were the other attempts planned as prototypes of the lasting Molecule to come?”

One of the major problems 2000 years ago is that great distances often separated the Apostles and most of them were killed before they could get together and replace the missing ones.

We have many advantages in this age – the internet and other forms of communications, as well as air travel so we can reach any part of the globe in a day or so. If a Molecular Member dies or quits the group he can be replaced and balance can be obtained. Once there are three or four Molecules then if there is a betrayal as in the days of Jesus the two stable molecules can lend energy to the unstable molecule and thus bring assistance. When there is only one molecule there is more fragility.

The brotherhood always knew that lasting Molecules would not be created in the Piscean age, but the attempts gave the workers (as well as the Masters) experience that is carried over into this age.

I was asked about the three and a half generations mentioned in the Book of Revelation and how it may apply to the attempt by Joseph Smith to create one.

The way the scripture is written the indication is that the “woman” (molecule) will be in the wilderness for three and one half periods. This could be generations, or it could be something else. Forty years has kind of been assigned to a biblical generation because after forty years of wandering in the wilderness all the Israelites died except for three or four.

In our age a generation could be rounded out to fifty or sixty years. On the other hand, it could be three and one half Saturn Cycles. I believe the scripture was written somewhat ambiguously because the exact date was not a set one. Many of the workers who came with a mission in this age have been sidetracked.

Joseph Smith was killed in 1844 by an angry mob. It is interesting that the Church he created went into a real physical wilderness afterwards. The main reason the Mormons went to Utah was it was such a wilderness area that no one else wanted it. Thus the physical going into the wilderness was a symbol of the spiritual going into the wilderness.

I know the time is close for Excalibur to be released from the stone once again, but I will not predict the exact date. I only know for sure what I have been told which is this:

“Gather around you people who will listen to what you have been given and when the number is sufficient I will come to you and give you more.”

From this revelation I have the impression that this is a prophecy of the link up of the Molecular Order on earth with that of Heaven.

I was not told the number I had to gather with me but assume that it is at least 24 able to reach soul contact together. I am also not sure if the internet gathering is sufficient, but nevertheless my impression is to make the best of what we have to work with despite our distances and much good will come from it.


“If I think I have an idea about who might be my working partner – should I email him and make agreements about it – or should I wait (being the receiver!) and see if he emails me – or should I just go ahead and regard him as my partner when I am in NJ no matter if he approves it or not (he might not even know it then)?”

Answer: Don’t forget that both males and females have both energies within ourselves and we should always use them with judgment. If you feel impressed to make the first contact I would go ahead with it. If any of you have a name of someone in the group cross over your mind then go ahead and make contact and see if the feeling is mutual.

For right now the exchanging of ideas and thoughts about group discussion and more casual things that come to mind is a good place to start in creating a working relationship.

Concerning individual difficulties and how they distract members from forming a group – this is to be expected. Because this is an important move whenever one seeks to do such a thing as establishing a spiritual group, a similar type development will take place. It may seem as if heaven and hell are combined against you. It has seemed that way for me, but I ignore it to the best of my ability and proceed forwards.

Thus if you think you can put things off and that the formation of the group will be easier later, you may be mistaken.

Individuals need to decide whether they are going to do the project or not as Dave did in the parable. Then when you really decide to do it proceed no matter what.


“Will there be only one Molecule connected with the Christ? I would think that once the word gets out and the soul connections are made that tens of thousands of complete molecules of 13 will be made. I realize that Christ, as a Master, must have many capabilities – will he head them all, or just the Molecule of the Masters-to-be?”

Every molecule created will be connected to the first molecule which receives spiritual energy and instruction from Christ and passes it on. Thus each molecule has equal access to Spirit and when activated through the linking principle, has all the advantages of the initiating molecule.

This is the second stage in materializing the second coming (or reappearance) of the Christ.

Don’t look for people jumping on the bandwagon in droves here, at least at first. Finding even 24 people who can be one through soul contact is difficult enough. Many will come in wanting the molecules to adjust to their personality level rather than them adjusting to the oneness of the soul.

It will be extremely important that the initiating molecular members all be at-one with the soul or all molecules created afterwards will be flawed, like an imperfect crystal.

Before everything is said and done I will probably be called a dictator for insisting that all members of the first molecule reach soul contact together and thus achieve oneness in thought – but this is something that must be achieved to a workable degree.

This is why Jesus called John the Baptist the greatest prophet who ever lived. Because he prepared a molecule for Jesus that was capable of soul contact and oneness in thought and turned them over to Jesus after the Spirit descended upon Him.


“I do not know if this means anything, I had a dream the other night, I can not clearly remember all of it but I do remember a sword with a I believe to be inside a crystal stone…can anyone explain my dream to me and all of you beginning to mention this?”

We are not likely to have a physical Excalibur in this age for the sword and the stone are symbols. The stone is a symbol of Christ and the sword is a symbol of the Word of God, or truth. By creating a molecular link with the Brotherhood of Light through Christ (the stone) the Word of God (the sword) is unsheathed and cuts asunder truth from error to build Camelot (the kingdom of God).

It is interesting that the name Peter means Rock or Stone and Jesus planted his word (the sword) in him and through Peter the first working Molecule continued with the invisible Christ assisting.

The name Arthur is from the Celtic “artos” which also means “stone.” It is also interesting that my wife’s real name is Artie which comes from Arthur. Perhaps her support keeps the sword of truth alive in me more than I know.

A reader expressed some confusion concerning the numbers involved in the molecule and wondered if we may have enough to create one presently and how we will know when the time is right.

Each human molecule has twelve male/female units. Each unit consists of one primary male/female plus possible associates as illustrated in the book.

In the center of the initiating molecule will be the Christ. Whether He has a separate female companion or has a fullness of male/females lives within Him for balance is not for me to write at this time, but I will say this.

He is overshadowed by the Ancient of Days and in the relationship Christ is the receiver (female) and the Logos is the sender (male). In relation to us they as a unit are definitely male or sending.

As the molecules expand into 2, 4, 12 and 24 structures the consciousness of Christ will expand with them always being in the center. Various Masters will transmit energy to numerous molecules, but the consciousness of the Christ will be in the center of them all as the invisible authority, this time replacing the idea of a visible infallible physical authority from the Piscean age that caused the world so much grief.

I will know we have enough for the first molecule when I count them up and I number twelve totally committed male/female units that can see eye to eye in the soul and touch the Spirit as one life.

All who desire to create Molecules are welcome to step forward. If you are ready your spiritual endowment will come. If not the path to follow lies before you to tread. If you are pure in heart you will always have your next step revealed.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Higher and Greater Lives


Higher and Greater Lives

An excerpt from The Molecular Relationship may need some clarification:

“To understand this relationship, the first principle that must be realized is that there is life and consciousness in all forms, whether they be atomic, molecular, human, planetary or solar. Relatively perfect relationship which we call the Molecular Relationship exists in all forms from the cellular level on down. Even though life pervades all forms above the cellular, such lives have not reached Molecular Relationship. The cells within the organic lives such as plants, animals and humans have such relationship, but the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it. The plants yield to animals and the animals yield to human as the final point of attainment for this system. Now humanity goes forward with bodies of mineral, plant and animal components to bring completion to the present Purpose of God.

It is thus our responsibility as a species to take relationship to its next great beginning.”

Some may have a problem with the statement: “ the greater lives are yet striving to obtain it.”

By greater lives I mean composite lives such as nations planets, suns galaxies and so on.

Relative to us humans there are greater lives who do practice it such as Christ and his Masters of wisdom, but they are in human form and are the beginning of its implementation among humans on this little planet.

Among us regular mortal humans who do the grunt work on this earth the relationship has never taken root. This is what I refer to as the next great beginning – that is to establish it among us as a permanent system. This will be a great evolutionary step for this planet. Nevertheless, it will not make us unique for this relationship does exist on other planets, but percentage wise they are very few in number. Overall humanity is young in the universe and we have a lot of Becoming ahead of us.


Moving Stars

A reader quotes me saying:

“Imagine having the power to move the star system of Alpha Centura into our> solar system creating a double star and much easier access to its planets so we can transform its primitive life into a garden of Eden.”

Then he adds: Seems to me, that if you did this, you would throw off the balance of our solar system. As quoted from my friend, “The added radiation from another star in our solar system would fry all life on our planet. “Breakfast, anyone?


I understand that it’s fairly well known and accepted in the scientific community, that changes in space can affect wind patterns on Earth, and cause various other weather patterns to occur. It’s even suggested that the Eclipse on August 11th of this month, helped to cause that moderately destructive tornado that materialized in the heart of Salt Lake City. Tornadoes aren’t supposed to occur in Utah.

I’m not sure we would want another star in our solar system. Beyond the added radiation, it could negatively affect the gravitation pull of our own sun, thus disrupting the normal orbit of our own planet, possibly causing us to hurl out in to space, or be torn apart completely. If none of that happened, then the extra daylight would heat up our planet exponentially (greenhouse effect) and melt the polar ice caps a little faster than I would feel comfortable, thus flooding most of our land.

When the time comes (in the far future) that we can move stars and if we decided to move Alpha Centauri here it would be probably placed a distance away, like beyond the orbit of Pluto. When you look up in the sky you would not see a bright sun, but a very bright star with the luminosity of the moon. Still this would make the system very accessible with future technology. Right now traveling at the speed of light it would take 4.3 years to get to Alpha Centura but with the new location would only take a couple days using future technology.

In this future we will have full control over the weather and effects of radiation and have near complete control over the effects that such a move would create.


Dark Brothers

“How can a person know if they are dealing with someone who is, consciously or unconsciously, affiliated with the dark brothers? I ask because of someone I know who seems to make it a point to keep me off balance. I’m beginning to think that if I never saw this person again, I’d not miss them for a minute (and this is someone with whom I have been good friends for the last nine years). I’m kinda lost here, because I wonder, am I supposed to look for the Christ within this person even if they are “one of them”? Any guidance would be appreciated.”

Behind every person, even a Dark Brother is a soul connected with God. The difference between a Dark Brother and everyone else is that communion with the soul has been completely severed by himself and cannot be reconnected in this system.

Only a small handful have retrogressed to this degree. Even the typical mass murderer has not completely severed the link.

But to see the Christ, or the soul, within a person does not involve seeing what is not. If the person is mean spirited or irritating you do not pretend that he is a nice guy. Instead, you put your attention on the true reality – that behind this person – no matter how apparently evil he is, is the Soul.

Seeing the Christ in an undesirable person causes you to forgive him of all offenses, because you are seeing from soul to soul. This does not mean that on a personality level you have to pretend like he is a nice guy and be his friend. If you are a person with soul contact you should seek friends who also have such contact, but when those of low vibration cross your path recognize that the Christ is within them and is seeking to surface and let them go on their way with no negativity being sent or received by you.

You have probably never met a true Dark Brother, but you have come across many who are manipulated by them. As entities approach closer to the dark side you can recognize them through a “disturbance in the force” when you are around them. It will sometimes feel like they are taking your energy. You can neutralize this effect by taking your attention from them and placing it on the Christ within.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 27

Day 354

Mirror Image

The Seed Thought:

An accuser and name caller is, more often than not, merely looking in a mirror and describing himself.

We seem to live in an age where many have dismissed civility and replaced it by a desire to attack and humiliate anyone who thinks differently than themselves.

I have experienced attacks myself for making innocent statements that would have not raised an eyebrow decades ago.

For instance, I have been attacked on political sites for merely mentioning something that indicates a belief in a nebulous Divine Intelligence. In past generations the belief in a Higher Power was so pervasive and tolerated that the mention of such would not raise an eyebrow. But now in this age it seems many are looking for something to attack, even if it is mainstream belief.

The raise in attacking the beliefs and positions of others seems to be on the rise since the introduction of the Internet. You would think that people would be more civil where they have to take the time to write, pause and hit the send button, but there seems to be something about lack of face to face communication that calls forth the worst in many.

I have spent time on sites talking about controversial issues and have often seen baseless attacks calling others liars, hypocrites, Nazis, fascists, tyrants, or generally the most insulting phrase they can come up with. In each case it seemed that the accuser was merely looking in a mirror identifying the other guy with qualities that are within himself. More often than not the accusation of “liar” is made merely because the one attacking disagrees with the victim and doesn’t want his argument to be true. Then if one researched the dialog of the attacker you will often find numerous lies and distortions in his own presentation.

It is interesting that Satan is called the “accuser” of the brethren “which accused them before our God day and night.” Rev 12:10

There is a time and place for a true and just accusation, but the seeker should avoid anything resembling a false accusation where the accusation is made to create problems rather than solve them.

And if a person lies should we immediately respond, calling them a liar? No. Accusation by name calling should be avoided whenever possible. Instead of calling the person a liar merely tell him, “You said this, but here is the truth.” That reveals the lie, but removes the seeker from the position of the accuser.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Those who say the path of achievement is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.

Day 355

The Necessity of Effort

The Seed Thought:

Those who say the path of achievement is effortless are entirely wrong. Standing still is effortless. True progress takes a tremendous struggle – there is no other way.

In the Alice A. Bailey books the influential master Djwhal Khul writes this:

“I am a brother of yours, who has travelled a little longer upon the Path than has the average student, and has therefore incurred greater responsibilities. I am one who has wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article, and I must therefore act as a transmitter of the light, no matter what the cost.”

Note that he says that he has arrived at his place on the Path because he has, “wrestled and fought his way into a greater measure of light than has the aspirant who will read this article.”

It is interesting that it is very popular for teachers from the old and new age to place emphasis on shortcuts that remove us from all responsibility of making an effort to actually accomplish anything or worth.

Among the Christian fundamentalist emphasis is placed on being saved by faith alone so all you have to do is acknowledge the right version of Jesus and then you are all set for eternity.

This same idea exists in a different form among many in alternative spirituality. Among them we hear such things such as:

“Accept our guru as divine and you can escape the wheel of life and enter eternal bliss.”

“Accept our message and the space brothers will rescue you from Armageddon.”

“Accept our teachings and you can escape duality and enter the blissful eternal void.

There are many versions of this idea, but in principle they are all the same which is, “Do as we say and your labors are over.”

When the seeker hears such teachings he must fall back on his common sense and the wisdom of the soul and ask, “When has anyone ever achieved a great accomplishment without effort? Does not real world observation tell us that progress in any endeavor is largely proportional to the effort made?”

The only qualification is that the effort should be made in the right direction, but even if the disciple works smart and efficiently great effort is still needed for a great accomplishment.

The highest aspect of God is Will for without the will to create the universe would not even exist. Now some believers think that all God had to do to create the universe was snap his fingers, but reality says otherwise as science indicates that God has been at it for over 14 billion years and still things are far from perfect. It is even taking God a great effort to whip the universe into perfect condition.

The same principle of focused effort is needed by all lives including you and me if we want to accomplish anything worthwhile.

“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Jesus – Matt 5:15-16

“And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spirit, that they may rest from their labours; and THEIR WORKS DO FOLLOW THEM.” Rev 14:13

Seed Thought of the Day:

Falling in love is the closest thing most mortals have that relates to a direct experience with God.

Day 356

The God Experience

The Seed Thought:

Falling in love is the closest thing most mortals have that relates to a direct experience with God.

There are those fortunate people who have had the falling in love experience where the intensity was so great that the individuals do not want to be apart, as they are experiencing a greater high than any drug could produce.

The experience is so joyful that it is seen as a cherished memory even if the relationship breaks up.

Even more fortunate are those who have had a spiritual experience of oneness with Spirit. This can be even more intense and is an even more wonderful memory.

Now both of these experiences have their lower pseudo counterpart.

The true falling in love experience is produced from a two-way sharing of love energy. The feeling produced in a one-way attraction only involves lower desire and though the feeling may be intense, the vibration is low and incomplete.

Correspondingly, the true spiritual experience is also two-way – between the seeker and a great spiritual life. The false one involves the individual tuning into his own higher emotions which can generate intense feeling.

Those who have had both true experiences will marvel at the similarity between the two. The question is, why are they similar?

In the spiritual experience the seeker shares a oneness with pure spiritual life. With falling in love the two are imperfect personalities but overlook the lower and for a time see the perfected soul in each other. Thus the two experiences are similar with the spiritual one being of a more refined vibration because two lower personalities are not involved.

If those who have had a true mutual falling in love experience realize that there are higher and more intense spiritual experiences available then they have great reason to continue on the path of the seeker until full soul contact is achieved.

Seed Thought of the Day:

One must have enough empathy to relate to the suffering in the world, but keep enough detachment to avoid madness.

Day 357


The Seed Thought:

One must have enough empathy to relate to the suffering in the world, but keep enough detachment to avoid madness.

Some who are sensitive complain that they suffer when around others who are in pain and this makes life difficult for them.

All of us are affected by this to a degree. Perhaps the most common situation is that of a parent dealing with a sick child. The suffering of an innocent child, especially your own, has a powerful emotional pull on one who loves him or her.

But consider all that is happening on planet Earth. Millions of all ages are suffering and near death with disease, accidents and abuse. Just imagine the distress you would feel if you could feel all their pain. Such a thing would indeed lead to madness.

Then consider the universe itself. Somewhere in the Universe a star system is going Nova and is completely destroyed with all life therein. Considering that there must be millions of planets with life that has suffering thereon certainly would magnify this problem of one identifies with the whole.

Yet even through all this suffering the Creator remains at peace and in a state of bliss.

Since we are created in the image of God we can do the same thing and see from a perspective that allows us to remain at peace no matter what is happening around us.

Fortunately, we are each created with a separate consciousness so we do not share another’s pain unless we extend our consciousness through empathy. The seeker must be careful to not over extend his empathy or he will become so distracted that he will be of no use to God or man – and certainly useless to those who are suffering that he wishes to help.

Once again, a moderate common sense approach works best.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If reality disagrees with your opinion then change your opinion.

Day 358

The Key to Change

The Seed Thought:

If reality disagrees with your opinion then change your opinion.

It may seem obvious to the casual observer that people would follow this advice, but unfortunately many do not.

And why is this the case?

Because we as humans just do not want to admit we may have been wrong.

And why is this?

There are two reasons. The first is obvious and related to the ego. To admit to ourselves that we have been wrong disturbs the ego’s sense of self worth or value. The “I” part of ourselves likes to see us as being clever, astute and being right all the time. It takes a blow when confronted with error and becomes defensive.

The second reason is not so obvious which involves the time factor. A wrong choice often leads the individual on a path of labor which causes an investment of much time and labor. No matter what the investment is no one wants to lose it all and start over. When the person has resources invested in a direction he seeks to protect the investment, even if it is a Ponzi scheme.

Therefore, to discover you are wrong usually involves the deflation of the ego and loss of investment. At least that is the way it is perceived.

So, how does the seeker transcend this problem so he can move ahead?

A greater realization will help the seeker overcome the ego. If he realizes that finding error so he can increase his progress toward the truth is a much greater benefit than the saving of a hurt ego he will greet correction with gladness rather than anger. The ego will still tell the seeker that it wants to be right but the higher part of himself has to tell the ego to settle down.

A higher realization also solves the second problem. The seeker must realize that part of his journey involves taking the wrong paths, understanding why they are wrong and then moving back to the correct one. He is not losing an investment for the whole journey is the investment. By analogy, discovering an error is like adding money to your bank account.

In both cases a higher realization is the key to success.

Seed Thought of the Day:

What good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.

Day 359

Let Your Light Shine

The Seed Thought:

What good is it if we have light but keep it under a bushel? The bushel is composed of fear, inertia, ego, lack of confidence and dependence on unjust authority. Let us remove the covering and keep this a land of the ever present sun, in season and out of season.

This thought calls to mind the words of Jesus:

“Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid. Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house. Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” Matt 5:14-16

Who wants to put a light under a basket? You would think the answer would be no one, yet such a thing must be a problem or Jesus would not have brought it up.

Notice how the verse begins. Even though the greatest light was Jesus, he did not tell them, “I am the light of the world,” but “Ye are the light of the world.” He said this to his disciples who were taking his words seriously. Jesus was a lighted candle, who lit other candles. He obviously wanted them to see that they also had light and once having light one incurs a responsibility to spread that light.

What would prevent a disciple from sharing light and truth once it is received? There are several things:

(1) A feeling of inadequacy or unworthiness.

I’m sure some in the audience felt that Jesus was doing the job for all and their contribution would not be important, but these did not realize that Jesus needed their help, that it was important for them to let their light “shine before men.”

(2) They think that any attempt to enlighten others is related to the ego wanting feel important and should be avoided.

Yet the greatest proclaimer of light to the world was Jesus. Was he centered in the ego? Was he encouraging others to be egotistic by admonishing then to expose the light they have?

To share is not saying you are better than the one receiving, but is an act of love if done with a humble spirit.

(3) Fear. The sharing of light is often met with resistance, ridicule and attack. Because of this many are hesitant to let their light shine. Of course, the seeker must use wisdom in how he shares and not unduly antagonize others, but he should share what he can without fear as the opportunity permits.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Imagination precedes reality, so imagine well.

Day 360

Imagine Well

The Seed Thought:

Imagination precedes reality, so imagine well.

The seeker must firmly establish in his mind the fact that thought has tremendous power to create and that creation can be good or bad. For instance, Tony Robbins tells his listeners how he visualized being rich and successful and it came to pass. Then we have the Biblical story of Job with all his problems who exclaimed, “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me.” Job 3:25

Imagining either good things or negative results sends energy and structure into the creative ethers so we might as well imagine that which is desirable.

Most seekers will buy into this idea but some will ask why anyone would focus on the negative. One thing we do know for sure is that many people do make this mistake, but it helps to understand why. There are a number of reasons.

The first is that many do not understand the power of their own thoughts. If they fail to correlate results with positive or negative thinking then they will not monitor their thoughts and may often find themselves wandering into ideas that are not wanted in the real world.

Secondly destructive thoughts take less energy than constructive ones. It is always much easier to destroy than to build.

Thirdly, fear is a very powerful emotion and has great power to make life miserable. Even if the thing you fear does not happen the results of the fearful thoughts may still bring numerous unwanted events in life.

Lack of confidence or feeling undeserving is another factor. Many just do not think they deserve good things to happen to them.

The list could go on but this gives the general idea. The seeker must learn to neutralize the negative and once he realizes the power of his building thoughts he can place his focus on desired outcomes.

Some outcomes take more energy to manifest than others so they key to success lies in two main factors.

Pick an outcome that you feel is possible and that you are sure will be satisfying.

Secondly persevere until success is achieved. Someone once said, “Have you ever known someone who has worked his entire life on a goal and did not achieve some measure of success?”

Fortunately most goals do not take a lifetime to achieve, especially for the seeker who understands the power of his thought and imagination.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Therefore, focus on getting ready rather than just thinking one is ready. Find your next step.

Day 361

The True Teacher

The Seed Thought:

When the student is ready the teacher will appear. Therefore, focus on getting ready rather than just thinking one is ready. Find your next step.

The first sentence is a famous maxim known by all spiritual students. Most students think they are ready and either think they have found their teacher or looking for one to show up. The questions to ask are these:

  • Am I really ready, or do I mistakenly assume I am?
  • Are the current teachers in my life just placeholders filling in time until I am ready for the real teacher?
  • What steps do I need to take to be ready for a teacher that can truly assist me?
  • How can I recognize such a teacher when he or she shows up?

Most students assume they are ready for a real teacher, but many are not. Just like there are true and false teachers there are true and false students (or perhaps “misled” is a better word). What is the difference between the two categories?

The main difference is this. The true and wise student will be doing all in his power to find and fulfill his next step and doing his best to develop talents and increasing his power to serve.

The misled student will not be fully applying himself but be waiting around for enlightenment to strike, or a teacher to just show up and tell him what to do. Instead, the student must seek soul contact and focus on impressions therefrom.

The teacher may be an unseen master, an advanced spirit, his own Higher Self or one here in the flesh and may step forward to assist after the student has first done all he can do on his own.

The student needs to ask this question. “Why would a busy teacher take time to teach me knowledge that is already explained in a book that is sitting on the table in front of me?” First study that which is readily available then you may be given more.

Until the seeker truly makes himself ready he will encounter many who will compete to be his authority, or link to the Divine. These are placeholders and also teachers but not the kind looked for. Their job is to teach us what a real teacher is not.

How does the student recognize the real teacher? He can only be sure of recognition when a degree of soul contact is achieved. The real teacher will be more of a guide than an authoritative figure and stimulate the student to to move forward with or without his presence. The truth imparted will be confirmed through his own soul contact.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You find what you are looking for, whether it be good or evil, the true or the false, freedom or slavery.

Day 362

You Find What You Look For

The Seed Thought:

You find what you are looking for, whether it be good or evil, the true or the false, freedom or slavery.

The Bible Code caused a big stir a few years back. Researchers discovered that if they looked for hidden references of historical events in the Torah that they could find them. Some then concluded that all the history, past and future, was secretly placed there by God. They concluded that since past events seemed to be predicted in there that the future has to be there also. They then applied this same process and made numerous future predictions.

The strange thing is that none of the future predictions came true.

This same phenomena happens with the writings of Nostradamus. After any big event we see some article telling us that it was written of by this sage. In fact, every big event from the past seems to be in there, but finding the future in his writings presents the same problem as the Bible Code. Every announcement of the discovery of a prophecy of the future seems to fail.

The question to ask is this. Why do scholars find past events in code in these two sets of writings, but cannot find the future there?

The answer is very simple and that is that we humans find what we are looking for.

If you wonder whether the Bible Code or Nostradamus predicted the 9/11 event then you have this in the back of your mind as you look and anything that seems to verify your notion on this stands out and in the end the image in your mind is verified.

Finding the future there is much different because you do not know what it is and thus you just look at what is actually on the page.

The fact that one can find the past but not the future gives evidence to the principle that we find what we look for.

This applies even to some quite outrageous beliefs such as the flat earth. The Internet age has revived interest in this idea and even though we now have thousands of photographs of a round globe, which is earth as well as other globular planets, those who look for evidence of a flat earth find it. Such people have made many hours of video giving us the supposed evidence they are correct.

The question the seeker may ask is this. If we find what we are looking for then is it possible to find the truth? After all, the earth cannot be both flat and a round globe. Only one has to be true.

Yes, the seeker can find the truth. To find it one has to merely look with no preconceived notions. This is very difficult as most people are influenced by their bias. The final solution is to obtain solid soul contact. Then the soul will guide the seeker’s attention away from bias and directly toward that which is true.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

Day 363

Refiner’s Fire

The Seed Thought:

Just as gold must pass through the refiner’s fire before it reaches its highest purity and value, even so, must the disciple pass through every obstacle that can be thrown in his way on the path of service.

A recent thought I wrote enlarges on this idea:

It is ironic that life often treats her benefactors as if they are criminals who must pay a debt before they can serve the greater good.

The greatest example of this was Jesus, but there are many others such as his disciples, Galileo, Ignaz Semmelweis who was attacked for insisting that physicians wash their hands before an operation, Winston Churchill when warning of Hitler, and many more.

Any time a seeker decides to participate to any degree in moving himself or any part of humanity forward toward greater light and love it will generate a vacuum of negative force that will bring forth events and circumstances to pull the person backwards and keep him from taking the step forward.

When the seeker decides to use his resources to advance toward greater light and love he must be prepared to encounter resistance. The greater the impulse is to move forward the greater will be the resisting force to pull him backwards.

When one goes forward in the service of others he would think that one would be greeted with open arms by the many who would benefit, but that is rarely the way it works out. Instead, it seems that the servant must first go through a trial by fire, as if the gods demand that the one making a Herculean effort must first prove himself before he even is qualified to be a worthy servant.

Jesus made this important statement to disciples:

“Be ye therefore wise as serpents, and harmless as doves.” Matt 10:16

He also said: “Make to yourselves friends of the mammon of unrighteousness.” Luke 16:9

A good example of this approach was Isaac Newton. He spent a third of his life investigating forbidden ideas in scripture, a third in forbidden alchemy and the occult, and a third in science, which was accepted. He wisely kept two thirds of his research and thinking secret so as to not inflame the authorities at the time. It wasn’t until 2007 that his spiritual thinking was published to the masses. His wise approach prevented potential enemies from destroying his work.

Many a seeker thinks that he needs to just blurt out all that is on his mind, but sometimes this is not wise. Instead, he must take a realistic look at what the public is willing to receive and give it to them while holding back on some of those things which would cause enemies to come out of the woodwork opposing him.

Then there are other times that the only path ahead involves a release of the truth that will cause great conflict that must be faced, as was the case with Jesus.

This is where true soul contact is so important. The true seeker must be prepared to follow whatever it is the path the Higher Will sets out for him.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Most pain and disease has its root cause in resistance to taking the next harmless step in spiritual progression. Find out what that next step is, and take it; then a quantum of life energy will be released to circulate and heal your entire being.

Day 364

Causation and Pain

The Seed Thought:

Most pain and disease has its root cause in resistance to taking the next harmless step in spiritual progression. Find out what that next step is, and take it; then a quantum of life energy will be released to circulate and heal your entire being.

If you take two people living a similar lifestyle and it turns out that one is healthy and pain free, whereas the other is enduring all kinds of pain and suffering what are we to conclude?

The common thinking is that the one enduring hardship is just a victim of bad luck associated with his inherited health potential and there was nothing he could have done to avoid his problems. To insinuate in any degree that those who suffer hardships, ill health and pain are exacerbated by anything other than maybe diet and lack of exercise is politically incorrect and can be a cause of vicious attack for being insensitive.

The hard fact is this. There is a cause for everything. If two people have the same lifestyle and one suffers painful ill health then there is something going on in this person that is initiating the cause.

I will briefly explain the cause of much pain and suffering by the individual not recognized by the science of today. It is simply this. Your soul or Higher Self has a plan for your life with lessons you need to learn. When it sees the time is right for the seeker to take the next step it sends an impression that will register on subtle levels in the hope of eventually reaching the fully conscious mind. If the seeker correctly picks up the message and acts upon it then he will release currents of energy that will energize him and successfully propel him onward through his life’s missions.

On the other hand, if he looks at his next step and resists taking it then blockages of energy will occur that create all kinds of painful problems. More often than not the pilgrim will reject his next step and create problems for himself until those problems become so painful that he looks up at the skies and asks, “Why me, God!” It seems that God is picking on him rater than trying to help him.

Asking this question is often a milestone and eventually leads to an answer where the next step can be taken and the pain and problems neutralized.

The next step in the progression of any individual is never easy. Because it is difficult resistance is common. If the seeker obtains a degree of soul contact he will be able to successfully see the next step ad take it without putting up a fight and creating many problems for himself.

Seed Thought of the Day:

We have reached the end of this course and have only one day left. If you have applied all the lessons it is hoped that they have been helpful in bringing you closer to your soul and understanding your true connection. We will end this course with two important, but connected seed thoughts.

An important key to spiritual progression is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be true.

A broken promise is serious because it is a breaking of the will, your will. You have willed to do a thing and your will was broken by the only person who can break it, yourself.

Day 365

Being the Truth

Final Seed Thoughts:

An important key to spiritual progression is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge. You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be true.

A broken promise is serious because it is a breaking of the will, your will. You have willed to do a thing and your will was broken by the only person who can break it, yourself.

How does the seeker expect to find and recognize truth if he is consciously giving out that which is not true? The law of cause and effect tells us that we reap as we sow – that we receive back in kind to that which we have given out. Therefore, it stands to reason that if one gives out error and distortion he will receive, not pure truth, but error and distortion in return.

Have you ever explained to another something you knew of a surety to be true and present him with solid evidence, yet he cannot see it? Instead, he clings to a distortion of reality that you know is just not close to the true one. Have you wondered why this person cannot see the truth when it seems so obvious?

The answer is that the person has practiced deception on others and thus is suffering the effect on himself.

In this last lesson, if I can stress just one important starting point on the road to complete soul contact, it is that the seeker must be true to himself and others, else he cannot expect the truth to be true to him. If he allows deception to creep into his words then oftentimes he will not be able to see truth when it is staring him in the face.

To correctly discern truth and error that is out there he must first correctly separate truth from error within his own heart.

Now, of course, the seeker can make honest mistakes and some error may turn up in the words of the most honest among us. The responsibility though is to make sure that all the words coming out of your conscious mind are true to be best of your ability and knowledge. The worst thing the seeker can do to hinder soul contact is to tell outright lies that he knows are not true.

A broken promise is similar to a lie but different. When a lie is told the person knows that it is not true but many promises are made thinking that they will be fulfilled, but were not. Maybe the promise was completely sincere, but something unexpected happened to prevent its fulfillment.

In the area of promises, unlike merely telling the truth, more than sincerity is needed. On top of this, must be added good judgment and foresight. The seeker must look into the future and see all possibilities that could interfere with the fulfillment of the promise. If you promise to take your spouse out for dinner on Wednesday, yet there is a 10% chance your boss will ask you to work late then that 10% chance must be factored in. The seeker would then qualify his promise with careful wording such as,

“I’ll take you out to dinner as long as I do not have to work late.”

Or, even better, “Let’s plan on dinner Wednesday, barring something unforeseen.”“


“Lets go out to dinner Wednesday.”

The last statement only gives your intention, but has no promise behind it. If something comes up you both realize is important there is no harm done and no promise is broken.

Consider this. Suppose you were visited by a divine messenger, as were some of the prophets of old, and he gave you some truth accompanied by a promise. Would you trust him?

Most likely you would.


Because you associate a Divine Presence with truth.

If the seeker wants to be one with his Divine Soul or Higher Self then he must also become one that can be trusted to tell the truth and fulfill his promises.

It is my wish that the readers will take this advice that sets them on the path and then follow it to the consummation of full soul contact.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 26


Day 340

The Next Step

The Seed Thought:

To correctly assess your place on the spiritual path is a great accomplishment. Then you can see the next step to be taken.

Many standard Christians see themselves as saved. To them this is the ultimate accomplishment, so there is no greater attainment possible. There is nowhere else to go when sanding still is the best option.

Then we find many in the New Age community who see themselves at the end of their evolution and figure that they are on their last life. Since this is the pinnacle of accomplishment, they too have no next step, or nowhere to go but to stand still and just not go backwards.

Then there are many others who may not see themselves in any ultimate situation, but as being enlightened and very far up the spiritual path, maybe even a master or a famous person incarnate. These have a problem taking their next step because most are missing the step they are supposed to take and working on something which truly lies beyond their consciousness.

If you are climbing a ladder and are half way to the top, there are two things you do not want to do. You do not want to be deceived into thinking you are at the top when you are in the middle and thus stand still.

Secondly, you do not want to see your next step as being the fourth step ahead as that is impossible to take. Instead, you need to find the actual next step and take it.

The problem with finding the next step is that most people are centered in the ego and the false self will not tell you the truth. It will either humiliate you and make you think you are not worthy to take any step or it will glorify you, inflate your worth and tell you that you are a spiritual giant.

The seeker can only find his true place and the next step to be taken by going within and communicating with his own soul. He or she must ask, what subtle impressions have they have received from within about what they are supposed to be doing. When the right answer is received and followed the seeker will have a sense of well being and peace and be assured that their next step is a good one.

Seed Thought of the Day:

It is fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.


Day 341

Practical Work

The Seed Thought:

It is fun to talk about theory and ideas that we can never prove true or false in this physical reality, but the time comes in the lives of all seekers where practical work and progress must be made. Such work must be demonstrated in the eyes of all, believers and non-believers.

Many of those interested in alternative spiritual thinking are viewed by the masses as embracing illogical and impractical thinking. This has the negative effect of causing numerous potential investigators to stay away from thinking out of the box.

So what are some of the impractical doctrines that distract from practical thinking? Here are a few:

(1) The end of the world is approaching and we need to abandon all and prepare for space aliens, God, Jesus or Zork to come to the rescue.

(2) Teaching that there are shortcuts to salvation or escaping the wheel of life making any work you do here without value.

(3) Fanciful teachings about mysteries of the past, presenting data that cannot be proven true or false. While there is nothing wrong with contemplating any truth, too much focus on that which cannot be proven takes away for work that can be of real value.

(4) Believing and promoting the flat earth idea. To the surprise of logical thinkers this idea is enjoying a renaissance and a disturbing number of people are embracing it and wasting time promoting it.

Then there are others who are sincere seekers of the truth and do learn from some of the highest sources, but focus much more on learning than doing. Learning is, of course, valuable, but to be of true value the learning must be applied, preferably in acts of service.

The wise seeker must seek above all learning that can be transmuted into some type of useful activity. This can include esoteric ideas that merely shed additional light on true principles but should also include principles that have a practical application. Categories of practical spiritual learning would include:

(1) Anything that improves physical, emotional or spiritual well-being.

(2) Useful meditation techniques

(3) The presentation of principles so understanding is enhanced.

(4) Teachings that enhance goodwill and right human relations.

(5) Teachings that inspire service that is actually helpful to others.

The bottom line is the seeker needs to have as the end goal the improving of his or her usefulness and ability to serve.

Seed Thought of the Day:

You either make decisions that create your life, or someone else does it for you.


Day 342


The Seed Thought:

You either make decisions that create your life, or someone else does it for you.

Many people feel they are much more in charge of their life than they are – that they are the ones making decisions when they are really floating downstream in a current produced by the decisions of others.

The part of life most affected by this is a person’s belief system. Many parts of the average belief system were not chosen, but planted by parents or trusted authorities. Perhaps the individual did choose a religion, a political party or group as a whole, but never examined all the ingredients. All the doctrines and beliefs were created by someone else but the supporter just accepts the whole package without looking closely at the fine print.

The seeker needs to realize which parts of his life are governed by his own decisions and by the decisions others. He needs to unravel illusion so he does not think that decisions made by others that control or guide him are his own decisions.

Now it is not wrong to have parts of your life governed by the decisions of others. Politicians and various representatives make decisions for us all the time. We may not agree with them all, but it is necessary for a lot of decision making to be had outside of our personal circle.

There are spheres of decisions that affect us over which we have no control and then there is a sphere of decisions over which we have power. The seeker should never give this power away unless he can see that it will work to his advantage. He must claim as his own, decisions within his own power and make the best of them. If he doesn’t use this power of decision on a matter then someone else will do it for him and if things do not work out he will have no one to blame but himself.

The greatest power in the seeker’s life is that of decision and it is a valuable skill to use it wisely.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.


Day 343

The Good Student

The Seed Thought:

To be a good student takes as much wisdom as it does to be a good teacher.

The prevailing wisdom is for people to view the teaching position as being superior to the student, but we need to consider this. Without students there can be no teacher and, conversely, without teachers there can be no students. Every teacher was once a student and if he continues in his progression will be a student again. The student-teacher, or sender-receiver situation is a cycle that repeats indefinitely.

The idea of superior-inferior is entirely the wrong approach to viewing this relationship as all are capable of teaching some things and all are capable of learning and both approaches must be incorporated into our lives for successful living.

A student who views the teacher as superior rather than just a different place on the path is likely to be handicapped in his learning and delayed in his ability to become a similar teacher himself. Instead, the student needs to see himself and the teacher as fellow travelers in this earth school (where we are all students) who are working together toward a similar end. The good student does not have as his first priority to pass the class or get good grades, but to learn practical knowledge that can be applied in life. One piece of practical learning is worth dozens related to theory that can never be used in the life of the student.

So, what are the qualities we look for in the successful student? Here are a few:

(1) The student will not see learning as an inferior position but will look forward to using the acquired knowledge productively.

(2) The student will be wise in his choice of a teacher and the classes taught so his time will be well spent.

(3) The student will sort out the profitable from the unusable material and concentrate on that.

(4) The student will focus on seeing the principles involved rather than merely memorizing data.

(5) The student will formulate in his mind how he would present the information if he were the teacher (which may be the case in the future).

Indeed all seekers must take the learning position seriously for every teacher first had to be a student and will be again.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is one space yet innumerable stars manifesting in it. Correspondingly, there is one God manifesting many lives, including you and me.


Day 344

The One Life

The Seed Thought:

There is one space yet innumerable stars manifesting in it. Correspondingly, there is one God manifesting many lives, including you and me.

Spiritual teachers from the beginning have contemplated the oneness of God with all life. How is it that we can share a oneness with God, or the One Great Life, yet remain in a separate consciousness on the earth?

A popular analogy goes like this: The life of God is like a great ocean of water. We as individuals are like drops of water that have been separated from the main body. Then, when oneness is realized, we become like the drop that is placed back in the ocean, which contains all the drops merged into one body.

This idea is good food for thought and gives a rough idea of how God is the one and the many. On the other hand, it is not exact for this reason.

Once a drop of water is merged back into the ocean it will never exist again, for the millions of molecules which compose it are scattered in all directions. That particular drop will never again be reconstituted.

On the other hand, we as individual lives continue after oneness is realized. The essence of our life continues even after oneness is realized. That is because oneness with God is made by linkage rather than merging. Paul speaks of this principle:

“For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being MANY, are one body: SO ALSO IS CHRIST.” I Corinthians 12:12

God having one body but many members is different than an ocean composed of many merged drops. In an ocean each merged drop is the same, but in a body each part, which shares in the oneness of the body, plays a distinct and unique role.

So, is there a better analogy that more accurately reflects reality?

Indeed there is. Just go outside at night and look up in the sky and the truth of the oneness of life is revealed.

How many stars do you see?


And if we use our telescopes how many stars are revealed?


And all of these stars are ingredients that exist within the body of space. How many spaces are there?

There is only one space that contains the entire universe.

The body of the one space contains and links every star, every planet and every life in the universe, yet each life is still unique and follows its distinct path for the ages.

This correspondence is worthy of deep reflection.

Seed Thought of the Day:

One of the important teachings of the approaching age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.


Day 345

The Female Energy

The Seed Thought:

One of the important teachings of the approaching age will be the restoration of knowledge of the power of female energy, for it is as mysterious as gravity; no form can be held together without it.

The female energy has been a mystery through the centuries, even to the females. They have been tricked into thinking all the power is invested in the male energy and to succeed they must act as a male to compete and succeed. Doing this is comparable to swimming upstream. It can be done but things will seem unfair when you are competing with others swimming with the current.

To understand this problem the seeker must understand the difference between the male and female energy. The male energy is radiant, visible, active, sending and outgoing. The female energy is magnetic, invisible, receiving and works more on the inner plane than the outer. The male energy scatters and separates the one into the many while the female energy pulls the many into the one.

It is interesting that the female started to come into her own energy about the time that Newton caused the scientific world to pay attention to the law of gravity – a female energy. Civilization has made progress in understanding the female but still has a long way to go. Most still think the female will only be equal when she has an equal amount of power in the male energy and this is illusion – just as it is to believe that the male would achieve equality by obtaining an equal portion of female energy.

Evidence of female dominance in receiving is illustrated in the fact that over the records of student grades for the past 100 years females outperform males in all countries and subjects studied. Then when it comes to sending or initiating the males out perform.

The difference is illustrated in the male and female bodies. The male sends the sperm and the female receives. When the cycle is completed then a new creation occurs. This correspondence gives the seeker much food for thought and contemplation – much too much to cover in detail here, but is covered in my other writings.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Since you are in the image of God then whatever God can do, you can do. Nothing is impossible.


Day 346

The Image of God

The Seed Thought:

Since you are in the image of God then whatever God can do, you can do. Nothing is impossible.

In Genesis we read:

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.” Genesis 1:27

The implications of this are revealed in a later verse:

“And the LORD God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil…” Gen 3:22

This tells us that the “image” of God refers to much more than any physical representation, but other qualities such as the power to judge “good and evil.”

If we are then truly in the image of God then we have all the attributes and potential of God within us. We can possess all the powers of Jehovah who spoke those words, for we can become as one with the Godhead.

Why is this the case?

As reflections of God we have all the potential that God has. The skeptic will then ask why cannot we do great miracles with the snap of a finger?

The answer is that there are many things God cannot do with the snap of a finger for human beings are the arms and legs of God on the earth. You are a part of the wholeness of the One Great Life which we call God and that life, which is you, chose to enter into dense material substance in a limited condition in order to further your own progression. You are a reflection of God with all the powers of God, but do not yet realize what you are, so you are restricted in time and space to a limited condition in the game of life.

The prime limitation is our consciousness that does not understand our potential. When humans developed the advance in consciousness to recognize good and evil they removed a great limitation and opened the door to greater realization that would eventually restore all their powers of godliness, just as is possessed by Jehovah.

The difference between Jehovah and a regular mortal is not their origin, for both are a part of the One Great Life we call God. The difference is consciousness. Jehovah has the limitations of consciousness removed and humans are still restricted by them. With each removal of limitation we move one step closer to becoming as the “we” mentioned in the scripture.

All things are possible when our self-imposed limitations are removed and they will be removed when the seeker is ready.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To be born again is to drop all preconceived notions planted by the traditions of men, and see the world anew, as if through the eyes of a child.


Day 347

The Two Kingdoms

The Seed Thought:

To be born again is to drop all preconceived notions planted by the traditions of men, and see the world anew, as if through the eyes of a child.

The scriptures shed some additional light on this idea:

“Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.” John 3:3

When one is born he enters life as a child and Jesus said this about them:

“And Jesus called a little child unto him, and set him in the midst of them, And said, Verily I say unto you, Except ye be converted, and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven.” Matt 18:2-3

So is having a crusade and filling believers full of emotional energy the fulfillment of this or is there an actual principle involved?

Indeed, there is a principle.

Jesus spoke of two different kingdoms. One is the material world in which we live and another that is spiritual. He made this evident when he spoke to Pilate:

“Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.” John 18:36

And where is this kingdom?

“the kingdom of God is within you.” Luke 17:21

All of our outer senses are tuned to only perceiving the material world. Many are so focused on them that they will not accept the existence of anything that cannot be perceived by them. If you speak of things spiritual to them they will immediately discount them and not even consider another possible reality. They are like the Vatican scientists who refused to look through Galileo’s telescope. Because they did not look they could not see the moons of Jupiter.

In order to discover the kingdom of God one must at least look for it and to look for it one must drop all preconceived notions that it does not exist. The outside world (represented by the authorities in the days of Jesus) places every possible obstacle in the seeker’s path:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” Matt 23:13

Even today the authorities of the world do not look for and find the spiritual kingdom for themselves and do all in their power to convince others not to look, telling us that revelations, near death and out of body experiences, visions, angelic encounters and all sorts of spiritual experiences are merely products of the stimulation of the physical brain and are illusions.

For the seeker to discover the inner world of soul contact he or she must become as a little child and have a mind that is a clean slate willing to consider anything. When the seeker then approaches the inner kingdom as if it may be real the truth of its reality will be discovered. It will then be discovered that experience is more real than the declarations of outer authorities and nothing can take such knowledge away.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force is pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on our next plateau of consciousness.


Day 348

Moving Forward

The Seed Thought:

When we learn to stay focused in the light while a negative force is pulling us back, with negative people and circumstances trying to distract us, then we finally reach a point where we have earned the right to stay permanently on our next plateau of consciousness.

Even those who are not spiritual seekers will notice that whenever they try to do something that improves their lives that it seems that events and people just seem to come out of the woodwork to prevent them from succeeding.

If a person tries to quit smoking then it will seem that an unusual number of people will offer them free cigarettes. If one goes on a diet then great tasting rich foods will be available at every turn as well as a seemingly unusual amount of sumptuous ads for delicious forbidden foods.

While it is true that the average person will just notice the temptations more because he has deprived himself, there is also a true principle involved.

We as human lives are immersed in many fields of energy and it requires a transfer of spiritual energy to move toward the light or away from it. Moving backwards is the line of least resistance and forwards is the most. It is like the difference between going upstream or down. Going upstream requires more effort.

Yes, the guy seeking to improve his diet will encounter many temptations not linked to energy but he will also be attempting a small step toward greater light which forces him to go against the current. Thus, to succeed he must not only overcome the obvious outer temptations but the subtle energies at play as well.

For the average person seeking self-improvement the outer temptations are dominate over the subtle, but this situation is reversed for the seeker of greater light and wisdom. For him the outer evidence may seem to support his decision to advance forward into greater light. As he contemplates his decision it seems to make sense to move forward toward an increase of light, love and a more finely tuned inner vision.

Then when definite steps are taken toward greater light a significant disturbance of the force is created. It is as if a vacuum is created right behind him that creates a great force that pulls him backwards.

Jesus spoke of this principle:

“When the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, he walketh through dry places, seeking rest, and findeth none. Then he saith, I will return into my house from whence I came out; and when he is come, he findeth it empty, swept, and garnished. Then goeth he, and taketh with himself seven other spirits more wicked than himself, and they enter in and dwell there: and the last state of that man is worse than the first.” Matt 12:43-45

This illustrates the principle that when the seeker takes a step forward and thinks that he has made an advance that forces will come into his life seven times stronger than the energy he expended to move forward. When this happens many a seeker succumbs and instead of going back to where he was he winds up in a worse state than before.

The good news is that most seekers will eventually develop the inner strength to counter the powerful forces against his advancement. He will handle the inner turmoil and ignore the outer negative voices and by the strength of an enhanced will he will stand steady in the light no matter what forces attempt to pull him toward the darkness.

When he (and of course she) stand unmoved steady in the light the negative forces dissipate and the seeker then finds his place secure until the next step forward is taken.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Using feeling alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. Mind and heart are the two necessary hands.


Day 349

True Heart

The Seed Thought:

Using feeling alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. Mind and heart are the two necessary hands.

It is common for teachers of alternative spiritual thinking to portray the mind as some kind of enemy of enlightenment, that we need to put it aside completely and place our full attention on the heart. This, however, runs contrary to this ancient prophet as well as common sense:

“The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jer 17:9

Jeremiah here seems to be on the other extreme. After all, isn’t the heart the seat of love which is a good thing?

Here is where the problem of discussing the heart energies enters in. The heart center streams the energies of both love and wisdom, but it has its reflection in the solar plexus where most people have their center of consciousness. The solar plexus, governing lower feeling reverses true reality and leads to great deception. When the average person thinks of following his heart he really thinks of following his solar plexus lower feelings rather than the real heart. Because Jeremiah was speaking to those centered in the solar plexus his words were quite appropriate.

An example of the deception of the lower feelings associated with heart is the lady who falls in love with an abusive guy who follows her feelings into a world of misery while ignoring warnings registered by the mind.

To encourage the masses to follow their heart and ignore their mind is a very dangerous teaching for following the lower feelings while ignoring common sense is madness and leads to most of the problems we see people having in their lives.

The seeker must realize that the true heart center is composed of twelve energy pedals, part connected to spiritual love and the other to wisdom which is linked to mind. In addition, the heart has a distorted reflection in the solar plexus, but a higher more accurate reflection in the head chakra causing a union of mind and heart for the enlightened seeker who focuses on higher mind and heart rather than distorted feelings and the physical brain.

Let then the seeker follow the path of holiness (wholeness) by embracing both mind and heart, working in unison to take him to the feet of God.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Anyone can be the soul mate of another if both drop all barriers that separate and see the true spiritual being.


Day 350

Soul Mates

The Seed Thought:

Anyone can be the soul mate of another if both drop all barriers that separate and see the true spiritual being.

It is a common belief that there is one special person who is a soul mate and that if you find him or her that you will live together in a life of bliss, unity and understanding.

When people fall in love they often think they have found that person, but then after difficulties arise they find themselves despising that person they once adored. At that point they figure they made a big mistake and either the soul mate is elsewhere or doesn’t exist and is a myth.

Then there are a handful of individuals who have a happy relationship who figure they have indeed found their soul mate of destiny.

What is the truth of the matter here? Are there really only a lucky handful who can have a relationship with enough harmony to qualify as soul mates?

Let all seekers run this answer by their souls for verification.

There is no single person who can be your soul mate. All of us are children of the One God and have the same potential and at our core is the spark of Divinity.

That spark is represented in each individual by his own soul or Higher Self, but our vision is clouded by the imperfect judgments we make in this land of shadows and illusion.

How is it that a person can feel blissfully in love, feeling they have found a soul mate at one time, then a while later be filled with hate toward that same person?

The answer is that this person overlooked the personality and looked for the good that lies beneath the surface of us all.

If the seeker does this with any individual he or she will feel a soul to soul link that is similar to others who think they have found their soul mate.

The differences in personality characteristics and qualities hide the love of the soul and yes, some differences are much harder to filter out than others.

Does this mean that to see the soul you have to deny flaws in others?

No. Instead the seeker applies the Lion Principle mentioned earlier. Just see these personality problems as something temporary that exists in this material world that clouds the vision of many. See the soul of even in difficult people and love them as souls, as Jesus did when he said, “Father forgive them for they know not what they do.” You do not have to be best buddies with them.

On the other hand, when you do find your life’s partner you will discover numerous personality differences that can cloud soul vision if allowed to get in the way. If the two can focus on the soul with more attention than personality differences they can have the soul mate experience for the entirety of their lives.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The more you let others do for you what you can do for yourself, the more chaos and seemingly bad luck will enter in.



Day 351

Self Sufficiency

The Seed Thought:

The more you let others do for you what you can do for yourself, the more chaos and seemingly bad luck will enter in.

There are two types of people in the world: Those who seek to be self sufficient to themselves and use the extra power of their resources to strengthen and serve others and those who think the world owes them a living and expect someone else to take care of their needs.

Yes, there are shades of gray between these two poles, but each person overall will gravitate to one side or the other.

The second group tends to follow the line of least resistance and let others do for them many things that they can do for themselves. The problem is that once a person becomes comfortable with this mindset it is difficult to escape from it. After all, if you need food, shelter, clothing or some of the luxuries of life, which is easier? To get some other person or agency to supply them or to earn them for yourself? If the individual finds some generous source to supply his needs then the temptation to continue life with his hand held out for freebies is great.

The trouble for this group is that energy follows thought and if the thought of dependence and helplessness is reinforced, time and time again, then the person will have less control over his life. As the years pass he will seem to be plagued with an increasing degree of bad luck and friends will tend to avoid him for fear of having to endure conversations of bad luck stories instead of fun conversation.

When you hear from a friend or associate what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? If it is, “Oh, no, I wonder what he wants this time,” then you know that this guy is in the second category. If you have no such thoughts but just glad to hear from him or her then this individual is probably in the first category.

Every seeker should strive to find himself in the first category and do all in his power to, not only take care of himself, but to have an abundance of resources to assist others along the way. Keep in mind that there are many resources that are beyond the realm of money and material possessions.

Seed Thought of the Day:

An initiate is one who initiates. He or she will desire to do more than repeat the past, but to participate in creating the new and the beautiful.


Day 352

The Initiate

The Seed Thought:

An initiate is one who initiates. He or she will desire to do more than repeat the past, but to participate in creating the new and the beautiful.

In the past an initiate has been thought of as being a person who has joined some special or secret organization and jumped through some bells and whistles, learned secret code, knowledge, handshakes or mantras. He is a part of an inner circle with special access not available to the rank and file.

The question the seeker must ask is this. What good is it to be in on some esoteric secrets if you do not do anything with the knowledge to actually initiate something? In other words, if all one does is go through some process, but do little or nothing to benefit humanity then how is such an initiate any better off in his progress than one who has not gone through some outward initiation?

When you think about it any initiate worth his salt will do what the meaning of the word implies and “initiate” something of value.

The true initiate though does more than blindly repeating what has been done before. Reinventing the wheel accomplishes nothing new and useful. Instead, the initiate will make a better wheel.

Here are some things true initiates may be involved in.

He or she will either start, or assist in starting, a project, group, enterprise, business or movement.

He may initiate something new and different creatively in music, art, writing, architecture or other endeavors.

He may do something inventive or promote a new invention or process.

The greater the initiate the greater will be the power to initiate. To find some initiates just check the Internet for those who are doing new and different things that benefit humanity.

Finally, the question the seeker must ask himself is this: Am I involved in anything that will initiate new and better conditions for humanity?

Seed Thought of the Day:

An increase of freedom brings a temporary increase of both good and evil, but as the people choose truth over error that which is good will surface, be understood and dominate.


Day 353


The Seed Thought:

An increase of freedom brings a temporary increase of both good and evil, but as the people choose truth over error that which is good will surface, be understood and dominate.

The United States has 146 times more gun crime per 1000 people than North Korea. The main reason is a lack of freedom there as gun use or ownership is forbidden for civilian use and only allowed for the military.

On the other hand, the murder rate there is four times that of the United States. It looks like they find a way to kill each other, guns or no guns. It is said by some escaped dissidents that some murder for the sake of cannibalism as there is much starvation in the country.

Now let us suppose it was suddenly declared that anyone in that country could own a gun for any reason. Would that extra freedom produce some gun violence?

Of course. Instead of killing themselves with knives and hammers many would resort to guns.

The point is that with an increase of freedom in any area of life you will have an increase of activity and that increase will be on both sides resulting in an increase of good and evil.

The question we want to ask ourselves is do we want freedom where there is more good and evil or do we want lack of freedom where both good and evil actions are very limited?

The wise seeker will always side on the choice of freedom, within the structure of just law, for this reason. Though humanity makes many mistakes it learns from them and when good and evil are both revealed it will eventually side with the good. Thus maximum freedom, even though it allows the manifestation of both good and evil, causes progression toward the good in he long run.

On the other hand, suppression of freedom also suppresses progress and causes the consciousness of the people to stagnate.

The Principle of Freedom creates the main dividing line between the path of light and darkness.

Seed Thought of the Day:

An accuser and name caller is, more often than not, merely looking in a mirror and describing himself.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Provocative Quotes, Part 2

Provocative Quotes from JJ Dewey

For Provocative Quotes, 1-500 go HERE

501. Ideals can be very positive if approached with good judgment, but dangerous if judgment is in error, especially if human freedom is sacrificed to obtain the “greater good,” which turns out to be the greater evil.

502. Be thankful when rising, act with purpose through the day, reflect in the evening and sleep peacefully at night.

503. Though there be a dozen versions of the truth, there is only one that is true.

504. To learn, teach; to master, do; to receive, give; to be loved, love.

505. Look within and find yourself as bright as the sun, as endearing as the moon and mysterious as the stars.

506. When those who believe they have found the ultimate in spiritual understanding or experience take a rest, and look again, they will see another step that needs taken.

507. Love your enemies, but don’t give them your passwords.

508. The secret of happiness is in realizing you have free will and then choosing the path of freedom.

509. Many freedom lovers have quoted, “I may disagree with your speech but would defend to the death your right to say it.” That attitude has changed. Now many are saying they want to silence or harm those with whom they disagree. This is a dangerous path.

510. The moon today is blotting out the light of the sun, dividing America with a path of blackness, symbolizing the uncontrolled emotional rage that is blotting out the light of the inner sun which should unite us with true vision. (Written Aug 21, 2017, the day of the solar eclipse)

511. If you are incited to violence because of some disgusting opinion then the violence belongs to you, and you alone.

512. The secret to maintaining freedom for oneself is to not interfere with the freedom of others.

513. The secret of knowledge is to seek until you find, and when truth is found, to accept.

514. The secret of wisdom is to accept the higher over the lower, the mind over lower emotion, the intuition over mind and pure Spirit over all.

515. The secret of success is persistence in the right direction. Persisting 1000 miles in the wrong direction only takes you away from the goal.

516. Space is not empty, but filled with thought, which has woven itself into many forms.

517. Space is the mind of God; creation is Its body.

518. The secret of strength is to have no fear of loss.

519. The secret of security is to become indispensable

520. The secret of love is understanding.

521. The secret of intelligence is in the choices made.

522. The secret of health is moderation, harmony with yourself and nature and a cheerful heart.

523. The secret of good fortune is to make your own luck.

524. The secret of finding is to seek and not give up.

525. The secret of motivation is fire, but let it be a flame that warms your brother.

526. Love is sharing that last bite.

527. Sometimes love is just being there.

528. Life is intelligence in purposeful motion.

529. The only way to know if another has soul contact is to achieve it yourself. One person who has achieved this contact can recognize another who has received it.

530. When we talk about soul contact, we are talking about putting our attention and consciousness on the still point within that tells Spirit, what matter is doing, and matter, what Spirit is doing.

531. There is a time to play by the rules,

And a time to break them.

There is a time to play in the box,

And a time to think out of it.

A time to embrace with love

And a time to respond in firmness.

A time to include

And a time to exclude.

But the time is always right

To assist a willing pilgrim on the Path.

532. We can deviate from divine will on a temporary basis in this world governed by time by using our free will, but the pain and discomfort of bad decisions will eventually force us back into alignment.

533. The soul is associated with truth and has the capacity to recognize all true principles; therefore, a search or quest for the truth is a quest for soul contact.

534. When love and sharing become the new normal spiritual teachers will guide humanity toward a quality of life hitherto unknown.

535. Your eyes reflect your soul, your smile your state of mind, your walk reveals your attitude and your face is a roadmap of your journey through life.

536. Everything that has or will exist is in the mind of God and can manifest. Select that which you desire and make it yours.

537. Always remember, there is more to see than you are seeing, more to hear than you are hearing, more to feel than you are feeling and more to believe than you are believing.

538. Knowledge of facts contributes 1% to wisdom and the intelligent understanding of how they apply is the other 99%.

539. The “I found it” delusion is a great obstacle to soul contact. One cannot find without seeking and one will not seek if he feels there is nothing to seek. The ego becomes God; why seek that which is higher than God?

540. Be civil when attacks rage about you.

Pursue your goals when distractions abound

Find peace amidst the noise of life.

541. While it is true the NOW is all there is, sometimes it is pretty tough while other times it is a joy.

542. Beware of anyone who praises too much.

543. Once the light of truth is seen, it cannot be unseen, for light reveals and darkness hides.

544. Once truth is heard and understood, it cannot be unheard. Let us ever speak the truth and fill the world with light.

545. The great mind will work on the small, but necessary details, while the small mind sees himself at the center of drama with himself as a superstar.

546. The pain and pleasure, joy and sorrow, that make us human are the source of our constant complaints, but the envy of heaven.

547. If truth is relative then there is no such thing as truth, but “truth is true and nothing else is true.”

548. We cannot excel at all things, but all have the ability to focus on one thing. Pick that one thing that is most interesting to you and become an expert.

549. To hear in silence is wisdom and to see in the midst of darkness is true vision.

550. Perform well today so the you of tomorrow will be happy and at peace.

551. Teaching the rising generation true principles preserves liberty, whereas indoctrinating their minds with illusion and hatred is the biggest threat.

552. You came here with a purpose. When you discover it you will feel an inner fire that moves you forward no matter what others say to discourage you.

553. Even in the midst of great evil the good that is in humanity reigns supreme. (Written after the Las Vegas shooting Oct 2)

554. The greatest victor is not the strongest, but the one who makes all the needed corrections until the goal is met.

555. I will be your mirror and you be mine,

As we seek the light divine.

I’ll take a step and so will you,

Ever learning that which is true.

Two souls becoming as one,

As we approach the heart of the sun.

556. The Great Plan allows us to enter into the deepest materialism, pain, selfishness and illusion until we no longer want to play the games therein. Then we work our way back to reality.

557. Now is the opportunity to manifest in this world of time and space that which is in the consciousness that dwells in the great peace of the Eternal Now.

558. A popular illusion that is exposed as deception will strike a nerve in about half the people who will see you as an enemy to truth.

559. We have always been because God has always been.

560. You are proof that intelligence exists in matter. If intelligence can exist in a small body then it can exist in a larger one – such as the universe. That indwelling intelligence is called God.

561. The first great discovery was the fire that warms the world without. The second is the fire of the Spirit that warms the world within.

562. Illusion is so powerful that it can cause even good and decent people to take the path of destruction.

563. Achieving union with your own head and heart is difficult indeed, but achieving it with two or more people is a Herculean task, however, the reward is great power to move through any obstacle.

564. Too many people love illusion. They want to be tricked into believing what they want to believe and not let the facts get in the way.

565. If you lost a winning lottery ticket and didn’t know you had won there would be no significant discomfort. But if you lose a ticket you know is a winner the upset would be great. The difference between peace and pain is your attitude, not the loss.

566. Illusion seems logical to one caught in it and can only be unraveled by an honest and discerning mind.

567. Unless we practice non-deception then inspired teachings designed to take us out of illusion can lead us further into it.

568. The true seeker will never exchange truth for illusion no matter how disturbing.

569. The ways of transforming good intentions into harm through illusion are without number.

570. Seeing the same illusion together will reinforce error giving the false confirmation they are correct.

571. Foundation illusions are very difficult to dispel because they are usually tied in with a mainstream thoughtform, which is held by millions.

572. Illusion cannot be dispelled by good intentions alone; there must be an wakening.

573. The greatest enemies to seeing true reality are comfortable illusions that truth would destroy.

574. Natural love for illusion and magic gives the mind power to trick the seeker into thinking the unreal is the real.

575. The light of truth, if not blocked by stubborn willfulness, will immediately reveal and disintegrate illusions.

576. That which is not true can have the illusion of truth, yet those in illusion can present truth as a dark deception.

577. The small mind attacks the person with whom he disagrees. The greater mind addresses the illusion.

578. Harry sees three and Jim sees two. Either Harry is seeing something that is not there or Jim is not seeing what is.

579. There is illusion behind most fears, but there is also great illusion behind many proclamations of love.

580. We normally see a word as merely a sound, but from a higher view a word is a force that creates an impact. It could be represented by an idea, a book or united action. A Word created all there is.

581. Yes, follow your passion, but you must also make time to take care of the boring, but essential details.

582. Your life plays a note in the great symphony of the music of the spheres. Try and stay in tune.

583. Freedom of speech is determined by your government. Freedom of thought comes from yourself.

584. You can try to avoid life and its consequences, but life will not avoid you.

585. Seeing equality as sameness is a great error. Do we want a football team with all quarterbacks or work for a company where everyone is the boss? Equal opportunity is a fine ideal, but equal outcome cannot be mandated.

586. Truth offends those in illusion but is a thrill to those seeking reality.

587. The magical power of the soul is manifest when the self is forgotten, higher purpose is sought and service is the objective.

588. The mind expands when it is exposed to two sides of a debate and contracts when limited to just one.

589. The doors of higher spiritual reality cannot stay shut for long to one who loves the truth.

590. Diversity alone does not equal strength. Real strength comes from union, or cooperation on positive goals despite differences.

591. We are entering a point of tension that will create a gathering of lights that will illuminate the way of higher evolution.

592. The duties of life and career often consume too much precious time. Even so, make time for your passion each day, even if it is a small amount.

593. Advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn, from which there is no escape.

594. We either create our own reality or allow someone else to do it for us.

595. In the end good dominates over evil, intelligence over ignorance, light over dark and love over hate. This knowledge gives the servants of life the faith to endure to the end.

596. Union through true principles creates vision. Union through deception leads to blindness.

597. The seeker sees creation and marvels at the invisible Creative Intelligence. Then he advances another step and sees that the Creative Force hides an even greater revelation.

598. Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.

599. There was once a seeker from hitherland.

Who happily plunged into earthland.

But he soon forgot the plan,

And looked upward to demand

Asking what life is about?

Please remove all doubts.

He listened and listened for words from above

And finally from the soul heard words of love.

600. You experienced a resurrection from the dead at birth, for it wasn’t long ago that you died in a previous life.

601. After the path of good is discovered and followed to its end, another path opens to a yet greater good. Once taken, the good of the past becomes the current evil.

602. If belief is based on authority and backed up by other authorities then you have nothing unless you have verified it for yourself.

603. When the seeker learns to be the observer he can enjoy the ride through life in good times and bad.

604. On this Thanksgiving how can you not love a person with a grateful heart who appreciates all the wondrous gifts in his surroundings?

605. If authorities say do, consider not doing. If they say do not, consider doing. Step out of the box and join original thinkers.

606. All form is temporary, even stars and galaxies will disappear. Only that which creates form is immortal.

607. There are words that are just words and pass away and then there are words that convey true principles that do not pass away. These are eternal words.

608. Those who say there is no heaven or hell must be closing their eyes to life right here on earth, for we create our own heaven or hell in life by our thoughts and actions.

609. We complain about life’s problems but they often provide more opportunities for growth than the peaceful times for which we give thanks.

610. A small act of kindness can affect more change of heart than a thousand sermons.

611. Knowledge dispels many fears, but not all. If you’re headed over a cliff and you know it you will feel somewhat uneasy.

612. All of us have one important lesson to learn in this life. If it is ignored then circumstances will be created again and again forcing us to face it until mastered.

613. Familiarity can breed contempt, but remove the cause of contempt, replace it with love, and you have an everlasting bond.

614. A productive teacher obtains satisfaction, not from students who become disciples, but from those who are sponges for knowledge and independent thought.

615. One meaning of being born again is to birth yourself into a new learning experience, seeing yourself as a child beginning anew, instead of resting on previous accomplishments.

616. All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness.

617. He who stimulates love from others dwells in heaven. He who finds no love or acceptance dwells in hell.

618. Truth is as we perceive it until we know the truth. Then the truth just is.

619. The words and works of an individual reveal his true nature.

620. If you make a mistake on the road of life the problem multiplies with each turn until you are forced to correct or crash and burn.

621. Even the most average among us can excel at an endeavor if he focuses his time and energy on mastering it.

622. A spiritual insight gained, if not reinforced and applied, will be as if it never was.

623. It is not death that should be so feared, but a wasted life.

624. A test for seeker comes when he receives knowledge that contradicts what he has believed all his life. His outright rejection takes him into darkness, whereas his sincere consideration takes him into the light.

625. To manifest the great new age of brotherhood the lights of the world must penetrate the darkness that keeps the rank and file from the truth.

 “How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publisheth peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!

Thy watchmen shall lift up the voice; with the voice together shall they sing: for they shall see eye to eye, when the LORD shall bring again Zion.” Isa 52:7-8

626. Nature responds to human consciousness. Effects such as storms and peaceful waters, disease and health reflect the thinking and feeling of the people.

627. Love is not the opposite of fear and does not negate fear as many assume. Peace is the opposite of fear and fear can be amplified by love. If your child is threatened you will fear because of love. Fear is negated by seeing the whole rather than the part.

628. Your brain is your computer, your vision is your screen, your subconscious has your programming, your consciousness is the end user and your password is thought.

629. A belief system that allows persecution, suppression of free speech or violence is not the solution but a major part of the problem for humanity.

630. Like the sun is to the earth the inner spirit of truth ever shines, but is sometimes obscured by clouds, storms and a dark night.

631. The secret of success: Plan, work, revise; plan, work, revise; plan, work, revise – continue until satisfied.

632. The brave decide and do, though uncertain of the results; the timid stay where they are and wait; the cowards run.

633. Our desires, which often distort reality, pull us toward defending them with deceit. Unless truth is the highest priority desire will obscure vision.

634. Given two people of equal strength and ability, the one with the greater sense of purpose will prevail.

635. He who reaches the highest pinnacle of success has first passed through failure so devastating that tempted him to dismiss his life as worthless.

636. Celebrate this season with the birth of Christ, first within your own heart, then watch for it in the hearts of others.

637. Claims of strength, spiritual power or virtue mean nothing until they are tested.

638. A smile is a bridge between human consciousness and the gods.

639. He who has peace of mind, someone to love and basic needs supplied is rich.

640. The heresy of one age is often the established thinking of another.

641. One who is trusted is always loved, but we do not always trust those we love. Therefore, trust is to be valued even more than love.

642. A new year, a new cycle, a new beginning, and a new you. You are a different person now than you were last year and will be born anew many times hence, yet your essence remains. (Written on New Year’s Day)

643. Most of the unproductive are not so much lazy, as lacking focus, and wind up working hard at labor not related to their progression.

644. Time is caused by the motion of form. Therefore, true timelessness would be a state where there is nothing that moves.

645. To be or not to be is always the question. Do we move decisively ahead with life and forge a destiny or relax and let the decisions of others take control?

646. I would rather be in harmony with true principles and stand alone than receive the praise of the world for siding with error.

647. If all the people of the world were like you, would it be a better place? Something to think about.

648. If a rich man offers you a million dollars to jump up and down ten times, and tabulates in advance that you will do it, are you exercising free will when you perform since the probability of you doing it is close to 100%?

649. It seems strange that new truth is resisted by so many, but light destroys darkness and darkness fights for its life.

650. Taking the next step in spiritual progression not only brings a higher state of consciousness but greater freedom as well as more understanding of the principle on which it rests.

651. It is almost impossible to find new information that is not somewhere available, but the ways of enunciating ancient truths that shed new insights are without number.

652. A grain of sand, a perfected crystal – the difference being that the crystal is many grains of sand fused into one. So shall many souls become one and share the greater life.

653. A lesson unlearned returns again in new clothing. If not mastered it returns as an adversary that cannot be ignored.

654. Do not waste time awaiting a great opportunity before acting. There are small ones that come each day that can lead to big outcomes.

655. Happiness, love and friendship are elusive. The only way to keep them is to give them away.

656. Your soul and mine are one.

In the realm of souls love prevails.

Let us lift up our consciousness

That we may love on earth

As we do in heaven.

657. Certain melodies lift the consciousness from matter to spirit and heal the soul. Seek out those inspired sounds and play them when needed.

658. Silence is more than lack of noise. When the emotions and mind are also stilled, and the attention is focused on the place of stillness, true silence can be known.

659. Much worse than losing possessions we can see are losing those we cannot see such as love, friendship, trust, hope and faith.

660. True strength is revealed not in fantastic claims, but in one that is quiet in the storm, reserved when holding power but acts decisively when the need arises.

661. Proceed as if there were no limitations and prepare to be amazed.

662. The symbolic meaning of Jesus walking on the water tells us you achieve success by moving forward. Not moving ahead is the surest way to sink into failure.

663. If negative people knew the joys of love and forgiveness there would never be another war and the world would be at peace.

664. We plant seeds whether we realize it or not. The fruit from seeds of love and kindness or hate and fear planted in one cycle become obvious in another.

665. Taking one step forward on the spiritual path is more difficult than ten steps backward. Therefore, let the pilgrim focus with one-pointed attention on the goal.

666. An attempt to correct another has little effect if the flaw is in oneself.

667. Faith in unseen Divine Intelligence gives many advantages to one seeking to accomplish great things. With a spiritual wind at his back he will aspire and persevere where others will falter.

668. Those who gained fame because of power, position or authority are rarely remembered fondly, whereas those who touched us with their words and deeds are loved for ages.

669. The overly cautious and indecisive may make few mistakes but have little success. Success requires decisiveness and a few whopper mistakes.

670. True freedom brings freedom from guilt, from ignorance, from fear and lower desire as well as the freedom to act.

671. The few will see a higher truth that benefits the many. The many will embrace its lower distorted reflection that benefits the few.

672. If you know you are right, it is not stubbornness to stand your ground. If you are not sure, it is folly to pretend you are.

673. Make small improvements on yourself now and see large effects manifest later on.

674. Principles of a Fulfilled Life

(1) Trust yourself

(2) Love much

(3) Give much

(4) Seek truth

(5) Give others the benefit of the doubt.

(6) Take some risks

(7) Follow the highest you know

(8) Have faith in the goodness of God and fellow humans

675. Intelligence and character are revealed, not only by what you say, but by what you do not say, by what you do and not do.


I AM fire, the burning Spirit is within.

I AM air, I take in and share knowledge.

I AM water, I share my life.

I AM earth, I stand as a source of strength.

677. The learned are adept at solving problems for which exists reliable formulas, but sometimes lack the wisdom of a six year old in discovering the real problem that needs to be solved.

678. The mind rusts from lack of use; the heart stagnates when love is not there and the blood runs cold when there is no compassion. The key to the abundant life is to keep all of our parts in positive motion.

679. True vision not only sees what is there, but what is not there.

680. Great order and harmony are visible in all creation. Even so, make order and harmony a keynote in life for a peaceful happy existence.

681. A closed mind keeps the truth from entering, but releases many falsehoods and distortions.

682. Imagine how you would treat others if it were the last day of your life. If it is different than today then perhaps some reflection is in order.

683. An action, whether it be right or wrong, is the result of, not only the individual making it, but influences of millions who came before.

684. An action taken toward a goal is worth a thousand words.

685. Character etches itself into our appearance. Look at a person’s face as the years pass and you’ll see the roadmap of a life.

686. Take heart in the fact that in some skill you are superior to Einstein.

687. Victim mentality is as difficult to cure as cancer.

688. True education comes not from universities but through following the inner voice. It will let you know when the lessons are learned.

689. Are you a different person today than you were ten years ago? You should be, but in a good way.

690. Romance may come and go, but a true friend is forever.

691. Greatness is seen when another does that which we wish we could do.

692. How do you prove the dream world exists to one who does not dream? The final proof of all that is not physical is personal experience.

693. You can never love too much, know too much, or be too wise. Therefore proceed with full strength toward all the virtues.

694. There would be peace on earth tomorrow if everyone would just apply one or more of these:

  • Live and let live
  • Love their neighbors as themselves.
  • Send goodwill to all.
  • Believe in harmlessness
  • Are not easily offended
  • Are not obsessed with power
  • Do not feel like a victim

695. To do something great, be a part of something great.

696. Silence can speak volumes or it can say nothing. Therefore, guard how you use it just as you would your speech.

697. Great thoughts never shared are like pieces of art never seen. Don’t let them become as if they never were.

698. Look for flaws in your associates and you will find them, but look for wondrous things and you will find them also. Here you have a good reason to focus on the positive.

699. If you can make a living doing that which you love, you are blessed indeed.

700. Fear, worry and distortion are contagious. For immunity, vaccinate yourself with light, truth and courage.

701. If this divided society put as much energy into constructive activities as attacking each other, we’d be living in Utopia.

702. Sleep is the great equalizer. Whether one is rich or poor, old or young, small or great, sleep can be a blissful part of life.

703. The degree to which a person, organization or nation is attacked by the masses and pillars of power is directly proportional to their light and drive toward freedom and positive change.

704. Just as we can harness the power of a mighty river, the wind or the sun, let us harness the power of mind, the greatest of them all.

705. Many failures are caused by taking steps too big; whereas, many succeed with smaller but continuous steps toward the goal.

706. To be liked, speak kindly, listen much, smile often and show appreciation.

707. Before the lie, comes the works in the dark of night.

708. If one’s greatest talent is in making excuses then he has a problem that is inexcusable.

709. We tend to blame our failures on outside forces, but qualities inside are the real problem, such as laziness, bad judgment, envy, intolerance, deceit, and playing the victim.

710. There’s a big difference between knowing a fact and knowing what to do with it. The many have some knowledge but the few know how to apply.

711. Like attracts like. Your chosen friends and associates reveal a lot about you.

712. There is a price for everything though the payment is not always in money.

713. If we could go 100 years into the future we would see that much of what the masses believe today is not true. The wise will open their minds and see much of that truth now.

714. In the long run, the criminal has to work as hard for money as one who is upright, so we might as well put our efforts into an honest living.

715. Those who have work to do, good health, someone to love, and common sense have the foundation of a happy life.

716. Cause and effect and intelligence interplay. They have always been and will always be.

717. He who acknowledges weaknesses is a normal human being.

He who can tune out the partisan diatribe is a saint.

But he who instigates the division with fingers of false accusation is an agent of darkness.

718. Many believe in the path to excellence. Few take it.

719. Things do not happen unless someone makes them happen. You can be that someone.

720. We live in space and space resides in us, even so, we live in God and God is in us.

721. A firm decision is worth a thousand wishes.

722. That which makes you laugh or cry, angry or delighted, feeling hate or love will reveal your true character.

723. He who initiates attacks through demonization is the true demon.

724. People going to extremes in their beliefs and actions are the norm. Live a measured life and you will not seem normal to either side.

725. Do something in life that will cause others to fondly remember you after you die.

726. Truth will make the corrupt angry, but will bring gladness to the pure in heart.

727. Treat others as if they were angels and no devil will seem to exist.

728. Your talent will be appreciated by the humble, but arouse jealousy in big egos.

729. Your situation, whatever it is, is mostly the result of your past decisions. To make a bright future, cease blaming others and make constructive decisions now.

730. You can’t fool all the people all the time, but there are enough that can be fooled that it sometimes seems that way.

731. Be true to yourself and others. If not, you’ll never find out who you are.

732. To see the divinity in others you must first see it within yourself.

733. All the great ones were not satisfied with conditions as they are, but focused on that which should be or could be.

734. Knowledge can be power, but it is suffocated when constrained by ignorance and blocked by intolerance. Its greatest friend is time.

735. Climb the ladder to heaven. The steps are faith, hope, love, service and honest labor, and can be taken now.

736. What do those who achieve greatness have in common? Is it IQ, education or status? It is none of these obvious factors but an invisible intelligence not seen by the masses.

737. New truth, or a better way, is like a bright light, painful to those who love darkness, but bringing gladness to those already in the light.

738. Life’s problems bring blessings in disguise. They bring forth strength, talent and insights unrealized without the challenges of life.

739. Hold your vision continually in your mind and it will magnetically attract the ingredients of fulfillment.

740. The cure for an unhappy life is a change in thinking.

741. We do not realize the chains that imprison us until we try and break free.

742. Too many facts clutter the mind. Keep the important things in your memory but make sure the rest are available in other sources.

743. Each major event in life, whether good or bad, is an opportunity to discover truth that was hitherto hidden from view.

744. You will learn ten times as much studying that which you enjoy as that which gives you no pleasure.

745. We live in an age where machines are getting smarter and people are dumbing down. Your mobile device knows billions of facts, but many kids do not know who fought in World War II.

746. Happiness is directly related to being a decent, kind and forgiving person.

747. The great hero or villain did not take their path because of one big decision, but their direction began with something small during everyday life.

748. Miracles happen when you speak words of love, which are sent from the heart of God.

749. The only good thing about a failed life is that the biography makes for interesting reading.

750. It is easy to tell another he is wrong but nearly impossible to bring him to the truth unless he wants to see it.

751. If Christ were to come again and walk the earth, even in the hearts of a thousand souls, the event would go unnoticed if He is not first birthed within your own heart.

752. That which is seen as enlightenment often consists of replacing one illusion with another.

753. There is no noble thought or grand ambition that goes unnoticed by those who watch.

754. The heavens declare the glory of God, the heart pulsates with the love of God and the mind reflects Divine Intelligence. Then there is the inner core, which is One with All There Is.

755. The time of opportunity is now. It may be great or small, but if you seize the small the great will follow.

756. Since you cannot win arguments with those whose minds are fixed the best thing to do is humor them.

757. Look at the famous and adored today and wait 100 years. Only the ones who made real accomplishments will remain in the public consciousness.

758. Making a difference requires a firm decision, focused attention and perseverance. These are three pillars of creation.

759. If people insult you, do not lash back, but prove them wrong by the way you live your life.

760. A tree cannot fall in a forest without being witnessed by some consciousness, however subtle.

761. Find the limit of your consciousness, take a step beyond that limit, adjust and find your new limit.

762. When you find your true path every person and circumstance will try to pull you off it. Ignore them.

763. In a balanced education of our children lies our safety, but there is great danger of tyranny if learning is controlled by one political view.

764. He or she who makes use each day of wealth, knowledge, vitality and time is on the path of mastery.

765. You live with yourself. Do you like what you see? That is what you will project.

766. Freedom is not secure unless we protect the rights of those with whom we disagree as much as for ourselves.

767. He who supports injustice for the despised is supporting the same for himself at a future date.

768. We spend too much time wanting to feel important when we should be doing important things.

769. He who is afraid to leap is far behind the one who has taken a chance and failed.

770. We honor dead saints, but seek out and destroy the living ones.

771. Take ordinary knowledge, wrap it in mystery and secrets and you will captivate the minds of the unthinking.

772. Yes, life seems tough at times, but compared to those who have real problems we should be giving thanks.

773. We may be alerted by the experience and warnings of others but ignoring them really sinks in when we suffer the consequences of our own mistakes.

774. God speaks to us each day in events, through friends, family and people encountered. We should always be listening.

775. To relinquish thought and conform to a group mindset is true cowardice.

776. The one to be admired is he who remains calm while others are quaking with fear, who takes his time when others are rushed and who sees the sunrise tomorrow when others see only the black of night.

777. There is what people think of you, what you think of you and what God thinks of you. If they are all the same you are doing something right.

778. One with a truly good heart will be generous in poverty as well as wealth and will help others in good times as well as bad.

779. Truth is like a seed that cannot die which will sprout and grow the moment it lands on fertile soil.

780. Truth, clearly enunciated, vibrates in the heart, the mind, the soul and spirit. It is the link we all have between heaven and earth, if we choose to accept it.

781. If true sacrifice were seen in its correct light we would see that we are giving up the limited for the unlimited, a source of sorrow for joy, that which enslaves us for total freedom.

782. Sometimes the most effective promoters of truth are those who seek to destroy it and the greatest hindrance comes from those who embrace it.

783. You are more than you imagine.

The mind is stronger than steel

The heart more intense than fire

The spirit of life is invulnerable.

784. That which we run away from is often that which we should be hastening to confront head on.

785. Are your thoughts the result of your thinking or that of someone else? Are you in control or is someone else? Do you follow your path or one decided by another?

786. Power belongs to all the people, lusted after by many, but seized by the few who live in fear of losing it.

787. Truth revealed before one is ready can be like a scorching sun at midday. Though the sun is the source of life, too much too soon can be dangerous.

788. A small thought now becomes an imprisoning mindset later. A small action in time leads to a painful habit. Given time, there is not that much difference between small and great errors.

789. If you hate your enemies, your friends are not far behind.

790. Trust the person with flaws that you have tested above one proclaimed as a saint that you have not.

791. The light in your words reveals the light in your mind.

792. Keep words of light, love and truth before you for reflection and you will not lose sight of the path that takes you to the heart of God.

793. Courage is not found in being self-destructive, but in intelligently moving forward when others are afraid.

794. When one in darkness encounters a knower he must resist the impulse to fight the light before he can embrace it.

795. To achieve mastery the point of focus must be on the next step, and ignore the praise that may come from accomplishment.

796. New truth will not be seen correctly when using the filters of the incomplete pieces of the whole from the past. New prospective must be consistently added.

797. Choose the right thing over peace and you will have peace. Choose peace over the right thing and peace will only be a passing dream.

798. The body communicates through the senses, the feelings through emotion, the mind through reason and the inner spirit through inspiration.

799. The wise gravitate to being loving and kind whereas the foolish tend to be thoughtless and selfish. If love is the goal, wisdom indeed must be sought.

800. See Divine Power as coming through you, not from you, and miracles will happen.

801. If your religion is truth then we belong to the same church.

802. If you feel forced to labor for that which you do not love then devote your free time in excelling at that which you do love. In time the beloved skills will dominate.

803. Be the answer to someone’s prayer and watch your own prayers come true.

804. From a higher view there are not good times or bad times but different and valuable learning experiences.

805. A sure path to failure is an unrealistic demand for perfection.

806. Wisdom comes not from books, but neither does it ignore what is in them.

807. Confidence alone takes you half way to the goal.

808. To thine own self be true and truth will manifest for the rest of your life.

809. Thought breathes the spirit of life into our words.

810. If all people were of the same race would the division and animosity of humanity be healed? If not why?

811. Find work to do that gives a sense of purpose, else life will be an empty vessel.

812. To rob a person of hope is the greatest of all theft, but to instill hope opens the mind to all possibilities.

813. Many who preach peace have not tamed the fires of war within their own breasts.

814. Bring me friends to share highs and lows, dreams and visions where we imagine together the wondrous possibilities to come.

815. Extend the senses…

Smell the rain.

See the soul.

Hear the beauty.

Feel life and love.

Taste the memories.

816. I hear and know the creative force.

I think and know that I exist.

I see and know that I experience.

I feel and know that I love.

I decide and know I have direction.

817. Poetry is children playing

Art is in fields of flowers

Science is in the stars

Philosophy is in the mind

Theater is staged in life.

818. Pain awakens us to illusion, but it is truth that must lead us out of it.

819. Ignorance of the truth when the truth is readily available has been the cause of untold suffering.

820. Nothing in creation is completely neutral. All things gravitate to one direction or another. Let us consider the direction we are going.

821. Both love and hate manifest in difficult times. These are the times to wisely choose your friends.

822. Zero can mean nothing or a multiple of ten, even so, stillness can be as nothing or open a door to infinite possibilities.

823. Search for something where nothing is and you will find something. Search that something and you will find everything.

824. Just as matter becomes radioactive at the end of its evolution, so do humans. These great souls radiate love and wisdom to all who are willing to receive.

825. You will reach a place in your quest when you feel like you cannot take another step; that is the step that must be taken.

826. Those who endure to the end goal become masters and those who get discouraged and quit become subjects.

827. Minimal results do not mean you should quit in your pursuit of a vision. Instead, it is a sign your methods are flawed and need revision.

828. The closed mind uses super human effort to insulate itself from the truth, but sooner or later the stubborn one is dragged, kicking and screaming, into the sun.

829. It is good advice to associate with great souls, but first you have to find them.

830. To initiate a new idea places one on the path to glory.

831. Let your will prevail, not idle wishes, let labor be applied to dreams and love be your motivation. You will then have a wonderful life.

832. Love generates courage and moving forward.
Fear creates cowardice and stepping back.
Let us be motivated by love and move forward into the light
Into greater freedom and abundance for all.

833. If a person says something that is not true he is either lying or ignorant. It is not our place to judge the category he is in, but merely to reply truthfully ourselves.

834. If you are just in it for what looks good, you won’t do good.

835. Silence or speech can be the result of wisdom or bad judgment. Only the seasoned soul knows which to employ.

836. The one who has had experience has learned a hundred times the value over the one who has learned only theory.

837. You are the world’s greatest expert on yourself. Don’t let anyone talk you out of being who know you are.

838. You cannot change the past, but you can change how you perceive it and how it affects you.

839. The victim blames others and fails because others do not change.
The successful person takes responsibility and succeeds because he changes himself.

840. Those who hear what was not said, see what was not done and feel what was not in the heart create many problems in this world.

841. It is not the monetary cost that is important but the hours of your life that are needed to obtain your desire.

842. Every mistake can reveal a better way for those who are willing to take it.

843. How many have said “thank God” because of something you have done? If the answer is none or few, reflection is needed. If the answer is many, then you have treasure in heaven.

844. When one puts attention on looking for error, this wrong focus takes him on a detour as he moves along the Path. He sees error after error, and rarely has any positive observation of new truth to report.

845. There is one earth and one surface of the earth, yet there are billions of seeds that are planted on its surface. Each seed grows into a separate plant entity, yet is still a part of the One Life which is Mother Earth. This is a key to understanding the One and the many.

846. Hell is not knowing what to do next.

847. Unthinking people who support the latest thing are like a trained dog responding to the order of his master.

848. Those who make good things happen are part of the solution, but those who just watch things happen are a part of the problem.

849. We would pay to avoid our fears, but facing them and overcoming is priceless.

850. The wise person can disagree without being disagreeable; have a minority view without being a victim and can criticize without insulting.

851. Words are merely symbols of thought, thought is the action of mind, mind is the projection of intelligence, and intelligence is a point in divine space.

852. Great souls proceed and navigate amidst turbulent waters while the timid fear a few small waves.

853. The way of truth requires courage, whereas deceit is the coward’s path of least resistance.

854.The person with faith will find a way to accomplish the goal though a dozen faithless try and discourage him.

855. True vision is:
To see the light of God in the dark of night;
To see the face of Christ in a sea of hate;
To see heaven when others see hell.

856. A single candle can light others to create a great light, but no amount of darkness can extinguish the tiniest light.

857. The worker of darkness can direct your eyes toward the dark so you will not see the light, but he cannot prevent the light from being seen should you choose to look.

858. Your mind is so powerful that it can make heaven out of hell or hell out of heaven. The choice is yours.

859. If you look for reward for good works it will often elude you, but if you serve with no thought of reward good fortune will seek you out.

860. Only humans and the gods smile and laugh at themselves.

861. We cannot out imagine God and thus what is circumscribed within the mind of the Creator appears infinite to the human point of view.

862. Let me love a little more,

Seek a little more,

Learn a little more,

Try a little more,

Share a little more,

Be friendly a little more,

Be helpful a little more,

Improve a little more,

Which could make a lot of difference.

863. If you do not know what it takes to make you happy then happiness will elude you.

864. In the end, the highest good for the group is also the highest good for the individual. If surrounding cells do not get oxygen the individual cell also dies.

865. The tiniest spark can start the greatest of fires. Be therefore a spark to others to enflame their hearts to good works.

866. To live a year in a day, or a lifetime in a short time, is to know the beauty of life.

867. Find the Christ anew within your companion and fall in love all over again.

868. If you love someone they will see it in your eyes.

869. To make a mistake is a problem. To not correct it is a disaster.

870. It is a special person who can be trusted with all your secrets.

871. Many get ideas, a number act on them, but it is the few who see them to completion.

872. All of us are prodigal sons who will eventually return home.

873. To see: look; to know: explore; to understand: experience; to realize: reflect.

874. The total you is what you have been, who you are and what you will be.

875. Timing is everything. A mistake badly timed can wipe out the good will from 100 things done well.

876. The reward of any accomplishment is a temporary satisfaction. Permanent happiness demands unending challenges and victories.

877. The wise teacher will not decree the way, but turn on the lights so others can see the way.

878. When you turn on the light for another you also brighten the room for yourself.

879. Many of great education have learned a lot of uncommon things yet lack common sense.

880. Every thought and every action creates a ripple that eternally flows across time and space and joins with all other effects to create a wave of new cause.

881. In this age of fake and biased news, real news is revolutionary.

882. Truth has a vibration that is recognized by those who love the note it sounds.

883. Those who are guardians of truth are deceived for truth needs no protector. It only needs to be freely released.

884. For a fulfilling life,
Work while others sleep,
Move forward while others are still,
Learn while others are being entertained.

885. Choose light over dark Knowledge over ignorance Love over hate Wisdom over folly Peace over turbulence Humility over pride Work over sloth Joy over sorrow.

886. Words of life are those that lift the spirit, give birth to hope and stimulate love anew.

887. Not only is there is a time to smell the roses, but to pick the roses and plant anew.

888. Time crumbles all things to dust except true principles. Speak the truth and be a part of eternity.

889. Love of truth refines spiritual vision and allows the seeker to see far beyond the uncaring masses.

890. Some correspond to stars that merely twinkle in the light of truth. Others are like the moon who reflect truth given by others. Then there are those who are the truth like the sun shining at full strength. Find that sun within you and let its light shine forth.

891. To destroy is much easier than creation; thus for every person presenting a step forward you will have a hundred critics and accusers surface.

892. A short time each day spent frivolously, doing what you want, with no apparent purpose can have the purpose of recharging the soul.

893. All seems well as long as you play along, but when you disturb the power of the beast you then find where his presence is.

894. Be the same person while hidden by the dark of night as in the light of day and quality friends will be yours.

895. Your life is like the words and music to a song. May your words inspire and your melody be interesting.

896. Make use of the moment and the hour will be productive. Make use of the hour and have a great day. Your days make the years and the years your life. A successful life is determined by those tiny present moments.

897. When a person who disagrees resorts to name calling, insults or violence he has just admitted his angry feelings cannot be translated into logical words.

898. People often are contentious, argue and get angry over that which they do not understand. Seek first understanding, which leads to peace and unity.

899. Some take a book to say a paragraph and with others a paragraph yields a book’s worth of wisdom. Seek to be the latter if you wish others to pay attention.

900. To take in facts without reflection is to be a mere recorder rather than a thinker.

901. There are two times when the seeker of wisdom should question and examine his direction: when he is not sure he is right and when he is.

902. Never forget the consciousness you had as a child. Nurturing the child in you keeps you young, flexible and healthy.

903. To seek to suppress the speech or views of another is to admit that they are superior to your own.

904. Never appoint a group to do what can be accomplished by an individual at ten times the speed.

905. The greatest enemy of progress is the fear of change.

906. Though experience gives great realization, one can know many things without it by adding two and two together.

907. We must all be conservatives and hold fast that which is good, but also liberal and change that which is not so good.

908. It would be a great marvel if all that existed in the universe was one rock, but the glory of intelligent creation is so much more and beyond our imagination.

909. Forcing equality creates two unequal classes: the upper class of those applying the force, and inferior status to those upon whom the force is applied.

910. To believe everything is to know nothing.

911. The greatest freedom is to think your own thoughts instead of those implanted by others.

912. The pure music of the spheres can only be discerned by those centered in love and light.

913. The enemy of my enemy, as well as my enemy, has the Christ within I need to see.

914. True intelligence is not measured by memory, or brain activity, but what is done with the brain.

915. Equality is usually demanded by the 99% from the 1%, but if you divide everything up equally soon they would be looking for a new 1% and demand a new equal division.

916. Make a positive difference today and tomorrow will take care of itself.

917. That which many call good is seen as evil by others, revealing that the truth behind good and evil is a mystery seen by few.

918. A definite decision, even if wrong, is much better than indecision, for error will be revealed making progress possible.

919. Two things convince me there is Divine Intelligence: the universe without and the universe within.

920. Facts are pieces of a picture which, if put together in the wrong order, are very deceptive.

921. A believing heart opens the seeker to all possibilities from which the mind can discover many truths.

922. He who takes offense at innocent questions generally has something to hide. Truth loves the light and falsehood the dark.

923. The tendency is to attack others for flaws we do not see in ourselves, but obvious to others.

924. If you would expect the voice of God to be true to you, then first make sure others can depend on your own word.

925. True genius is related more to decisions made than I.Q.

926. Certain enlightened entities seem to incarnate in the same circles at the same time to perform a mission to aid humanity.

927. Knowledge is not power, neither radiates as light, until used with wisdom.

928. Those who dwell in the shadows are terrified of those who dwell in the light, for light obliterates the darkness which is their covering.

929. It is easy to recognize the truths of yesterday, but much more difficult to discern those of today that we watch playing out before our eyes.

930. Many of those who are hated today, and seen as on the side of evil, will be accepted as heroes or saints in future generations.

931. The overly cautious may avoid minor problems but also many great adventures in life.

932. Two people pass through a stressful experience. One feels exhilarated and laughs; the other feels defeated and weeps. The only difference was in their minds.

933. A unit of human consciousness is approximately one heartbeat. If you do not believe this, try and think two or more separate and distinct thoughts in one second.

934. All organization we see before us – such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.

935. Find that point which lies just beyond the limit of your consciousness. Therein lies your next step.

936. If you are to be free, find the programming in your brain and reprogram to your advantage.

937. The playing of a harp for God is a symbol of the soul that is in harmony with Higher Will.

938. The seeker must learn to think with his mind above his programmed brain and feel with his spiritual heart rather than lower emotions.

939. You are an eternal song in the music of the spheres. The arrangement and tempo may change but you will always be you.

940. The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realize it exists. Even so, we fly through the divine skies of experience back to our true home, unaware of our true purpose.

941. It generally takes as much effort to fail at life as to succeed, so you might as well face a positive direction and move forward.

942. The trouble with all the world being a stage is that too many want the leading roles when other parts need filled.

943. One anonymous good deed is worth a dozen that demand recognition.

944. He who loves the most serves the good of the whole above the individual, and in doing so, individuals prosper.

945. The one who is truly enlightened does not stand still basking in light, but moves forward toward what the light reveals.

946. Communication works when the speaker’s words are true and the listener actually registers what was said.

947. The fear of nothingness is greater than the fear of hell, for as long as there is life there is hope.

948. Some say there are no coincidences and others say there are. Who is correct is determined by how we define a “coincidence.”

949. Even though the seeker of wisdom can imagine himself doing the greatest good or the greatest evil he chooses the good and makes his own reality.

950. If all were suddenly immortal many would be so miserable with themselves after a hundred years or so they would chose death instead of life.

951. Many things that were invisible in past ages are clearly visible today, and many that are still invisible today, including things spiritual, will be clearly seen tomorrow.

952. Laughter is a gift from the gods to give us moments of joy in the midst of our greatest trials.

953. Many of those critical of others with too much learning are just excusing themselves for being too lazy to make the effort themselves.

954. Without an informed and just public no one will be protected by law or against the unscrupulous.

955. In the first half of life you learn what not to do, and, if you are lucky, in the second half you’ll learn what to do.

956. Lower love asks, “What can you do for me?” Spiritual love asks, “What can I do for you?”

957. Since the prime ingredient of life is intelligent motion then all things are alive, from the atom to a galaxy, all with their never ending particles in motion creating form by the Divine Artist.

958. Some will be miserable when others are happy and others cheerful in the midst of disgruntled souls. State of mind is a choice.

959. The last years of life can be the sweetest or the most bitter depending on the seeds planted earlier.

960. Do not let the imperfections of others cause you to not be thankful for the good they have done.

961. Life is indeed like a play. Some act in various parts while others watch as spectators. Many though do not even watch and have no clue what is taking place.

962. The inner voice leads to freedom while the outer voices seek to dominate and control. The choice is yours.

963. It is ironic that life often treats her benefactors as if they are criminals who must pay a debt before they can serve the greater good.

964.  Be playful at 10, studious at 20, useful at 30, successful at 40, creative at 50 and giving of yourself thereafter.

965. He who will not allow his words to be challenged will have a subtle sense of error but fears it being exposed.

966. A successful teacher not only gives out what he knows, but continues to be a student of what he does not know.

967. They say that the millions of stories are based on only seven plot ideas illustrating the importance of how things are said.

968. Seeking turns on light, revealing knowledge, leading to choices, producing revelation and wisdom, which manifests love and oneness with all life.

969. As noted by Aristotle, “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” Be therefore not attached to the part, but to the whole of a project, a group, a nation, all life on earth or even all there is.

970. How do those who cannot find satisfaction in life expect to find it in death?

971. If words say “I love you” but actions say otherwise – trust what you see above that which you hear.

972. Our state of consciousness manifests in physical appearance, our surroundings, health, as well as our emotional and mental states. Since we create our reality it is wise to take control of our thoughts.

973. Two forces are behind the cycles of creation. Light, or radiation, which separates the one into the many, and love which draws the many back to the one.

974. It is much easier to be a critic than a creator, to destroy than to build and to discourage than inspire. Pick the constructive path to satisfy the soul.

975. Expectation is an aspect of faith. It creates a powerful impulse to manifest for all who feel its influence.

976. God is the one and the many, but the many who become one see God.

977. If you want to see the second coming of Christ you must experience the first within your own heart.

978. The seeker must make sure his own words are true, else truth will appear to be false and the false will seem to be true.

979. One who looks will see Higher Intelligence playing out in life. Reflect now and then and see the hand of God.

980. The many accept as truth all that appears on the surface. Then there are the few who look below the surface and find sparkling gems of lighted truth missed by those who do not seek.

981. I ask because the answer awaits me.

982. If there seems to be no great work to do, the initiating thinker will create one and press forward with great attention even if he is ignored by friends, God, angels and social media.

983. The higher feelings within the heart reveal a path of love and light that takes us to our true home.

984. To find out what IS, you must first discover what is not.

985. As I seek the Life Divine, It will also seek me. We will meet in the place of peace.

986. Use truth to find more truth; for truth is in harmony with truth, whereas, error makes a discordant sound.

987. The main difference between one who achieves and one who does not is the achiever has intelligently focused consciousness in the desired direction.

988. Love opens the windows of heaven that reveals more good gifts than we have power to receive.

989. Remembering the meaning of a thing has much more value than merely remembering the black and white details.

990. If we had a society of reasonable people with a spirit of harmlessness and goodwill we would need no written laws, for each person would have just law written in his own heart.

991. Anger is diffused by understanding, hate is neutralized by love and pride is set in its true place by humility.

992. No misfortune is so bad that good cannot be salvaged, and no times are so good that the careless cannot turn them into disaster.

993. People tend to make big problems out of the insignificant while the real issues of life go over their heads.

994. He who works for money may do an acceptable job, but excellence demands a love of one’s labor.

995. Praise of self brings disdain, but to honestly praise another will increase your worth as well as the one praised.

996. Many see themselves as being where or who they are not, and waste time going nowhere. To “know thyself” is crucial knowledge all must seek.

997. Silencing audible noise allows normal hearing. By stilling the emotions we can perceive thought and reason. Silence our thoughts and we can hear the voice of God.

998. Many things that are mediocre, which are extolled in the present, are forgotten in a generation. Only creations of quality stand the test of time.

999. Difficult things become easy when the challenge is accepted and you apply yourself with all the energies of your heart & soul.

1000. Fulfillment comes when the seeker realizes that there is a plan, catches a glimpse, and decides to play a part in its manifestation.

1001. Many a thing enthusiastically embraced by seekers will later be discarded and seen as a mere stepping-stone to a greater reality.

1002. To support those who break the law is to punish them who obey it.

1003. Even a bad decision can be lead to a good end for the one who is willing to examine his errors and make corrections.

1004. Filter what goes into your mind as you would food and pure water into your body. Good mental nourishment makes for a strong focus, positive feelings and a healthy life.

1005. To live to please others often pleases no one, but if you please yourself at least one person is happy.

1006. To be consistent, peaceful and steady in good times or bad, in turbulence or calm is a rare but great virtue.

1007. Mastering relationships is the key to fulfillment in love, to happiness, peace, contentment, satisfying work, and to heaven itself.

1008. There is a language of mind and one of emotion. If another is centered on feeling then you must speak to him in that language or there will be minimal communication.

1009. Thought must lead to understanding; else it will weave an illusion.

1010. When life nears its end it is the acts of love that one remembers most.

1011. Plant a good seed that will grow and light the way to full realization of love, for unless this happens, you are in danger of substituting true love you do understand with illusionary love you do not understand.

1012. Loving thoughts must be followed by loving actions, else love is not complete.

1013. When the discerning mind is developed the seeker sees beyond answers in emotional black and white and discovers many layers of truth.

1014. The wise person accepts or rejects those things that will affect feelings, and thus, the state of mind will be under control.

1015. An emotion suppressed is like a dangerous wounded animal, hiding in the dark, waiting to attack.

1016. The greatest of souls are open to being the least, but most of those who think they are the greatest will be sadly disappointed.

1017. When there is a negative emotion, the emotional body cannot correct itself. The negativity must be neutralized with the assistance of the one who caused it or by the higher consciousness of the individual.

1018. Reality is reflected by feelings to be what we want it to be rather than what it is. Let us therefore raise our vision above the emotions to the plane where reason and wisdom may be found.

1019. When I see Christ in you, I feel Him in me.

1020. In the beginning were you and I in the mind of God. We moved and there was light. We perceived the light and there was life. Creation followed and we had purpose.

1021. Go to any spiritual, religious, political or even scientific group and tell them something contrary to that decreed by their authorities and see what happens.

1022. If we do not see the Christ in people then we are going to see something else, and before long we will see the devil in them.

1023. A minute’s worth of common sense can be more valuable than a month’s study of facts.

1024. One person standing up and questioning, when all others are blindly following, can light a candle that leads the whole group to the light of truth.

1025. The final test of the validity of a belief is whether or not it can be demonstrated.

1026. If we have a false belief at the foundation of our thinking, then even the finest logic and true facts will produce illusion.

1027. Illusion is so powerful that the one deceived could kill the Lord of Love and feel virtuous, and even if that Lord should come back from the dead he still would feel justified in the illusion.

1028. Many dogmas and illusions, accepted by the unthinking, take them into belief systems with no appeal to common sense or logic of any kind.

1029. Whoever commits an error and does not correct that error incorporates it into his belief system and becomes a servant of that erroneous belief.

1030. The test for the true seeker is when he discovers evidence that a cherished belief is not true. Does he dismiss or investigate?

1031.The senses will take a snapshot of reality, but unchecked feeling and desire can alter the memory so current belief will be based on what is imagined rather than true perception.

1032. The swinging of the pendulum manifests among humanity by their swing to the left and right in their belief systems. As the pendulum swings among us, the masses swing with it, not realizing that they are following the energy much more than they are doing any independent thinking.

1033. Many are deceived by the concept of relative truth. When truth is seen as a moving target then the real truth at the center cannot be discovered.

1034. If you make a promise believing you can carry it out, but then find that you are unable to fulfill it, the promise was broken because you were self deceived about what you could or could not do.

1035. A comfort zone should be seen as a temporary rest, not a permanent place of residence.

1036. We are warned against “familiar spirits.” Perhaps then, for maximum progression, we need to detour from the familiar and tread the path that is not so familiar.

1037. As the seeker travels the path he reaches a point where he feels powerless and gives his power of decision to outside forces. He must take it back to continue.

1038. You know you understand a teaching when you can explain it to another using your own words and the person clearly understands what has been said.

1039. If the inner voice is ignored there is likely to come a painful event, teaching the same thing, that cannot be ignored.

1040. When the seeker looks for spiritual food within rather than without he will discover that we left the Tree of Life — the Tree of Life did not leave us.

1041.  Not all invisible contacts are Higher Lives, and a big mistake of the beginner is to assume that all communications from the unseen world are to be trusted.

1042. All illusion is created by deception. It makes sense then that practicing non-deception and always communicating the truth to the best of one’s ability is the key to dispelling illusion.

1043. The decision between the two paths is not between blissful love and demonic madness. Darkness portrays itself as light and only the sincere seeker will discern correctly.

1044. Find that point where you feel powerless, discover the self-deception, face it and power will manifest.

1045. That which is seen as a paradox is merely an illusion caused by missing pieces to a puzzle.

1046. Personal advice is often limited because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.

1047. You can only have freedom where consciousness is active and our consciousness still sleeps on many levels.

1048. The division of the world is as much along the lines of consciousness as strictly on boundaries.

1049. When the power of Attention is in harmony with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

1050. There are new things under the sun. You, in this life, are new and unique, different from any other life in the universe, an essential part in making the universe whole.

1051. Shine the light of truth to one who is not ready, and it will be as if he is struck by a blinding intrusive light that must be rejected.

1052. A Sabbath is a period of rest and reflection after a cycle of labor. This time is essential for the individual to receive the full joy from labor and recharge for the next cycle.

1053. Those who are looking for a heaven composed of lush estates are in error, for true heaven is a state of consciousness that is available at any time.

1054. Those who come into our lives are like musical notes, which, if properly placed, will add to the beauty of the music of which we are a part.

1055. The skillful mariner of life will adjust the sails so even the fierce winds of change will blow in his favor.

1056. Evil is the reverse reflection of good, or abundant life, corresponding to the fact that “evil” is “live” spelled in reverse.

1057. The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight. Even so, do we go through life unaware of the intelligent activity in our organs, cells and atoms of our bodies.

1058. In a state of eternal change you just have to be at home with change or you’ll never feel at home.

1059. To have goals is positive as long as they are achievable. If not, then they can sabotage the prospect of a happy life.

1060. Those who speak of “my truth” and “your truth” are not speaking of truth, but relative perception, or belief.

1061. The seven steps of enlightenment: question, seek, discern, understand, realize, apply, repeat.

1062. Do not be fooled by simplicity. Sometimes there is no more depth to a problem than what is starkly before our eyes.

1063. Experience is such a strong need that even God seeks it by dreaming all creation and in turn we have experience when awake as well as in our dreams.

1064. Some parts of life are rock and roll; others are classical, rap or jazz. You might as well enjoy the music as you journey through life.

1065. We came here as a point in our eternal progression, not to restore that which is lost, but to gain that which is new and beautiful.

1066. For maximum free will, make a decision to decide.

1067. Will cannot exist without decision for will is a motivating force to bring that which has been decided into existence.

1068. If we believe we have no control, we acquiesce our real power, become subject to the decisions of others, and become like a leaf floating helplessly down a current of other people’s decisions.

1069. Is there any cause without decision? No. Decision is cause – BE-CAUSE.

1070. There are decisions made from beyond our consciousness that affect our reality over which we have no control, but there are many within our comprehension that we can make.

1071. Contemplation is the highest form of meditation.

1072. How does your name get in the Book Of Life? It gets there because your works are living and stimulate love and beauty rather than hate and destruction.

1073. There are times when you are faced with a choice between the real and the unreal, or that which is true and is false. Make that choice if you want to find the truth.

1074. There is no state or place where there is nothing. Something is always going on in the life of God.

1075. Focus on ideas that inflame those who tell others what to think and reflect upon them. Chances are they will reveal provocative, but valuable truths.

1076. CHOOSE to be a sun rather than a black hole,
To walk in the day rather than the night,
The warmth of love rather than the chill of hate,
To have hope and faith instead of discouragement,
To see with true vision rather than distortions in a fog.

1077. There is no fear that can stand in the way of a powerful decision enhanced by a strong will.

1078. The only thing that can be unchanging is nothing, and even nothing is something.

1079. A scripture, or any writing, is only the word of God if it is understood and verified by the mind of God within, otherwise they are just words.

1080. All creation is composed of waves in motion, and if we were to stop time and see the real present all would be still and we would perceive no thing, yet from this nothing comes everything.

1081. No form is eternal. It is only the life essence behind the form that continues.

1082. Truth is disturbing and causes anger when it confronts a false mindset; whereas, one who is on a foundation of truth can calmly handle any challenge.

1083. Fear is caused by too much focus on a negative outcome. Shift that focus to a positive outcome and faith replaces fear.

1084. To speak of fearful things without fear is to overcome the fear of fear.

1085. A lot of causes that restrict freedom sound very benevolent but the hidden result is often a good intention turned into a more negative result than if things were just left to educating the people of the ideal good and letting them make up their own minds.

1086. Only by creating a sense of personal responsibility and a consciousness of freedom can we insure that our world will not slip back into slavery.

1087. If the good and freedom loving people of the earth stand by and wait for God to change things, then God will stand by and allow the selfish people of the planet to set up rule until the lazy ones see the error of their ways and forge their own destiny.

1088. Fear or hurt, which is denied or suppressed, does not go away. Instead it foments and grows and when it resurfaces it will loom greater than it was at the moment of burial.

1089. Many proclaim freedom and walk into slavery. Others, a very few, proclaim and live the principle of freedom and walk into the very heart of God, drawing the willing behind them.

1090. After deciding on a path and pursuing it, one must see through the illusions that will trick him into taking freedom from others or freely giving up his own.

1091. The sad fact is that many who see themselves as representing light are deceived into accepting and even promoting diminished freedom, and thus become unwilling pawns for darkness, until the truth makes them free.

1092. Where freedom is enhanced, life is magnified and grows in power and purpose.

1093. Everything new is not good and everything old is not bad, but there is a mixture of quality in the new and the old that is seen by the wise.

1094. To consider using a bad means to reach a good end is illusion, for in the ultimate end, like produces like.

1095. The workers of light have a tolerance for the freedom of others to express their thoughts in areas where they have no interest – or perhaps even distaste.

1096. A good ideal can become a great evil when implemented by force.

1097. We all support self-interest. The difference lies in the fact that some seek only the interest of the little self and ego, while the wise seek for the benefit of the whole, from whence cometh life.

1098. If you see evil as something only manifesting as a demon destroying everything in its path you are likely to be led to the pangs of hell by the pious salvation salesman.

1099. Good eventually dominates because intelligence gravitates to good more than evil.

1100. Good eventually dominates because intelligence gravitates to good more than evil.

1101. The higher can understand the lower, but the lower does not understand the higher, for one does not have knowledge of a path not yet taken.

1102. Messengers of light are often first seen as messengers of evil until the darkness in which they worked is turned to light and true works are revealed.

1103. How many have cursed God for not helping them when they did not help others when the need was there?

1104. Good intentions are not enough to be assured one is on the right path, for, lacking discernment, many in the past have been deceived into supporting tyranny.

1105. To obtain skill on any level one must exercise the muscles involved, whether they be physical, emotional, mental or spiritual.

1106. The current creative life, the human, is the soul of the universe, the mediator between God and matter.

1107. There is always a point of truth that is seen by the eyes of the soul that will bring oneness to all those who rise above the fog of the ego and look.

1108. A greater light can seem as darkness if a lesser light has our attention.

1109. The magical power of the soul is manifest when the focus is centered on the good of the whole above that of the self.

1110. The Soul which communes with Spirit lies within each one of us, and anyone who seeks with a sincere heart and focused attention can contact the chords of truth that ring within us all.

1111. Many problems in life are not caused by some tricky devil or unseen hand, but merely happen because of lack of focus or attention.

1112. All disease and pain has a cause and a solution. Sometimes the benefits of the solution are found more in the wisdom gained than the healing.

1113. Good sense, which is rare, is erroneously called common sense, for that which is common is often nonsense.

1114. A major key of good health is the free flow of energy. Vital energy can be blocked on physical, emotional and mental levels. Good health is wholeness.

1115. Many people, overly fussy about health and diet, have serious health problems because excessive attention draws too much energy toward the body that is not properly assimilated.

1116. Failure is merely a signpost letting us know of a needed lesson to be learned.

1117. The honest person may not reveal all he knows, but what he does say will be true to the best of his ability.

1118. When all the words you speak are true and all your promises can be trusted you have taken a major step in joining ranks with the Great Ones in this world and the next.

1119. Focused attention has the magical power to draw the elements necessary to create the desired outcome.

1120. Neither God, angels or some master will come down from a lofty place to do for you what you can do for yourself.

1121. Ever notice that about six out of seven people have all the problems they can handle in life, and about a seventh (a Sabbath) of them have a restful easy life?

1122. The natural impulse behind all life is to create or have experience that is meaningful.

1123. The wise teacher will make the complex simple; yet see the great complexity behind all creation.

1124. Relationship of positive and negative, male and female energies, taking us toward balance leads all life forms back to their Source.

1125. How many people have tried to correct you when they are in the dark concerning their own flaws? Probably too many.

1126.You do not have to place yourself at great risk to feel alive, but neither do you want to avoid all risk if you desire the joys life has to offer.

1127. Who would have thought, back in 1972, after Apollo 17, that over 46 years would pass and we would not have returned to the moon?

1128. If love takes a stand, as well as truth and justice, the new age of peace and goodwill is imminent.

1129. When a seed is planted in the dark and nourished, nothing seems to happen, but then, suddenly explodes with life. Let this give you hope as you nourish your own ideas.

1130. Many people love illusion. They are content to be tricked into believing what they want to believe and not let the facts get in the way.

1131. Illusion, when discovered, is normally replaced with another illusion. Only one diligently seeking will find truth instead.

1132. Shine a light to reveal an illusion to a believer, and, if he is not ready to see what the light reveals, he will see you as an enemy.

1133. Attack the illusion and not the person, though most thus attacked cannot tell the difference.

1134. The positive effect given to the seeker through the outreach of love is more forceful than a thousand armies attempting to move him from one place to another.

1135. There is a certain amount of illusion behind most fears, but there is also great illusion behind many proclamations of love.

1136. The mind on its own is subject to illusion, placing it in bondage. It needs the intelligence of Spirit to break free.

1137. Look within. Feel the Christ Center in the core of being speak the words ever so softly: “If you do not act who will? And if you do not participate in the role you feel gently pushed towards, perhaps the part will not be taken and the curtain will not rise on the grand play of the ages. Perhaps the responsibility of the future rests upon your shoulders… Perhaps.”

1138. Would you like a calling to some great and glorious work? Then imagine a great and glorious work and call yourself to it.

1139. To choose between two paths one must first see the two paths, and if one is not aware of the decision he will find himself wandering in darkness in a direction not chosen.

1140. Humanity praises the lives of dead initiates while fighting against those living.

1141. We should not let our bias toward the Bible, because of its association with wild-eyed TV preachers, prevent us from learning its great truths.

1142. The Bible is the Word of God in the same way that Tom Sawyer, Aesop’s Fables and Shakespeare are the Word of God. The true Word is that which speaks to the soul.

1143. The principle is energy follows thought – not energy follows words. If all we needed were the right words, we could put them on a recorder and play them over and over.

1144. It is not a coincidence that Atom and Adam sound so much the same; neither that wholeness and holiness are similar. The sacred word of the East, AUM, and the Christian, Amen, is another – so are Christ and Krishna as well as Son and Sun. These harmonies and others are worthy of much contemplation.

1145. All things which are true or real can be expressed in words, but a full understanding often demands the listener see beyond the words.

1146. Quantity of words does not wisdom make. One wise statement has more light than 1000 rambling pages.

1147. Words spoken from the heart have much more power than mere printed or spoken words.

1148. Separateness is said to be the only sin, for if you see yourself as not connected to others there would be no reason to love or feel compassion.

1149. To recognize sin is to merely realize an error, and then seek to correct it, not through punishing yourself with guilt but correcting the problem with common sense.

1150. To possess less need not make you less happy.

1151. Sacrificing your all for some illusion that does nothing to benefit God or man is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

1152. There is nothing wrong with doubting anything, even a scripture or an entity from the unseen world. It’s the first step to finding the truth.

1153. If the things that bring you happiness are condemned by your religion, then perhaps you ought to change religions.

1154. To Judge or discern is not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong. “Judge righteous judgment.” John 7:24

1155. There is a big difference between judging to see correctly and judgment which seeks to condemn.

“For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged.” Matt 7:2

1156. Baptism and confession are designed to remove guilt, not karma. But when guilt is removed the person is free to take more efficient moves to pay off karma.

1157. There has not been any negation of cause and effect since the beginning of the universe. Not one example can be cited.

1158. Look in the mirror. Do you see yourself? If you do then you have not left the world of cause and effect. Are you conscious of time and space? If so then you are subject to the law of cause and effect. Do you use money? Then you are in the world of cause and effect.

1159. There are two energies behind all creation. Some of the names of this duality are, male/female, sending/receiving, radiant/magnetic, etc. All creation is formed and held together by their interplay.

1160. “Never say never,” they say, but, on the other hand, do not always say yes.

1161. Acceptance is the key to facing that which is beyond your control, but hope is born anew with the realization that your day of opportunity will come.

1162. The beginning seeker is as one who wants to go through a locked door, but unaware that he has the key in his pocket.

1163. There is always an answer and joyful is the one who finds it.

1164. The vegetable kingdom is composed of vegetables. The animal kingdom is composed of animals and the human kingdom is composed of humans. Therefore, what kind of residents abide in the Kingdom of God? Yes, they can only be those who manifest the image of God.

1165. Freedom obtained by gifts and permissions from others is illusion. True freedom comes from giving yourself permission and not allowing outside forces to obstruct your path.

1166. A reasonable and logical degree of risk is accepted by the disciple in a quest for the expansion of freedom.

1167. When we focus on the faults of the lower personality in place of the perfection of the Higher Self, the Kingdom of God goes out of focus and the two remain two.

1168. Great accomplishments come from deep contemplation not seen which transforms to great acts which are seen.

1169. To love and not embrace is to live but not be alive.

1170. Always choose action over inaction as action reveals your next step and inaction, nothing.

1171. Have you ever been depressed when laughing, or applying yourself to a good cause or just enjoying good friends? Probably not. Perhaps there is a message here.

1172. Superior knowledge is only of high value when combined with superior wisdom.

1173. If your life is a play, what kind are you? Are you a melodrama, a comedy, a farce, a tragedy … does the good guy win in the end? It’s your choice.

1174. You fall in love because you see something wonderful in that person, but that is not enough. You must fall in love again and again by looking deeper.

1175. Think of the person who made the greatest positive difference in your life. Was he or she some person adored by the masses or a virtual unknown? Even though you may not be famous, you may be the most important person in the universe of some.

1176. He who has the easy life knows not himself or his true friends. Indeed, problems we would have shunned, will sharpen our vision.

1177. The darker the night the more visible are the stars; even so, the dark night of the soul reveals points of truth previously unseen.

1178. We all admit that problems are good for us and make us grow. The funny thing is that no one is asking for more of them.

1179. We have cycles of adversity and peace. Use your cycle of peace wisely so you will have greater strength in your next cycle of struggle.

1180. If you take steps toward a goal latent abilities will manifest to assist you, but if you stand still you may lose what little you have.

1181. Always make important decisions and judgments in a state of peaceful reflection, as any type of irritation will cloud your thinking.

1182. A genius is merely an average person who works much more diligently and focused than average.

1183. Silence is sound, darkness is light and nothingness is form. This statement veils great mystery.

1184. Live to be trusted rather than loved and you will be trusted and loved.

1185. Give advice that is wanted and it will seem agreeable, but useless. Give advice that solves the problem and it will generally be rejected and you may be seen as a rude intruder.

1186. A rare source of good advice comes from one who has intensely suffered through costly error and wants to set things right.

1187. That which we imagine in the dark corners of our minds terrifies us much more than that which occurs in the outer world.

1188. The creative powers of the universe tend to manifest that which we think we deserve above that which we want.

1189. Seek harmlessness in word and deed, for a small harmful action now is like a seed that can grow into a tempest of destruction.

1190. Angels smile when looking upon a loving heart, a pure intent, a helping hand, a child at play, or a light turned on in the mind of a seeker.

1191. Happiness is a temporary illusion. Enjoy it while it lasts. Joy settles within the heart and is always waiting to be discovered and shared.

1192. There is outer music that you have heard before, and the inner, which is new and beautiful. Stay tuned.

1193. Great passion, if harnessed and directed, can produce great results, if not, it may become a force of destruction.

1194. Problems, stress and affliction are tests that are needed to determine how large will be your part in the game of life.

1195. Though there be many issues on the table, the real battleground is always centered on the Principle of Freedom.

1196. For a man to be called a “real man” and a woman to be a “real woman” has been a badge of honor in the past and should be so now.

1197. You do not defeat an enemy of truth by accommodating him, but by destroying the illusion that supports him.

1198. Facts are easy to find, but it takes the light of the soul to reveal a true principle and understand its applications.

1199. A person very rigid in his blind beliefs will eventually encounter truth that will shatter them with one blow. Then he can rebuild on a new and better foundation.

1200. Without a link to Higher Intelligence the seeker is as a small child with no tools to learn to read.

1201. That which causes great distress and pain to one may only be viewed as a temporary hindrance to another who keeps an eye on the goal.

1202. To accept that which cannot be changed brings a peace unknown to one who fights the inevitable.

1203. When we find our next step, however small, and take it, we will be most fulfilled, much more than an illusionary giant leap.

1204. Soul contact begins with such a “small voice” that you think it is your imagination. But each time you trust in it, the flame is fanned and it grows until the light is bright, the heat is sure, and your faith is replaced by knowledge.

1205. Knowledge with soul contact has two main advantages. First, one has guidance leading in the right direction. Secondly, one can know that he knows.

1206. They say a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. So is incomplete knowledge.

1207. Any time you do not feel free it is because some knowledge is lacking.

1208. There is a difference between knowing and knowing that you know.

1209. The successful seeker will embrace that which makes sense, yet seek mysteries beyond accepted conclusions and be open to all possibilities.

1210. There is a certain comfort to dwelling in darkness, and there must be something one wants to see before a greater light can be embraced.

1211. Two keys of knowledge beyond orthodoxy are soul contact and the application of the Law of Correspondences.

1212. Too many or too few laws and regulations have a negative effect. The right amount, embraced by the majority, will bring peace among the people.

1213. If one follows the law of love, he may wind up breaking the letter of the law and being condemned by the orthodox, but approved by the Spirit.

1214. No successful game can be played without rules of order. Even so, must the seeker find the rules of life and abide by them for maximum fulfillment.

1215. On the Great Seal is written, “E pluribus unum,” or “out of many, one.” Some use this for an argument that people need to be diverse, but the meaning is that the diverse are to unite and become as one. This needs to be emphasized anew.

1216. Just and sensible rules of society do not take away freedom any more than do the rules of football.

1217. There is no point at which, having arrived, we can remain.

1218. Overcoming negativity comes not by pretending it does not exist, but by discovering principles that allow you to replace them with positivity.

1219. Tears of sorrow as well as joy are necessary ingredients for a lens to see true heaven.

1220. There are lost loves, lost opportunities, lost joys, lost victories and lost hope – so it seems, but all is never lost; instead, merely delayed until the divine moment comes when your enjoyment can be the most exquisite.

1221. Plant good seeds in your mind when you are young, for they will sprout and manifest in your features and character as you age.

1222. Some are old in their thinking and pine over opportunities lost. Then there are those transcendent souls who live in the present and are forever young, forever flexible and have their next goal in mind, even to the taking of their last mortal breath.

1223. May your progression through life be as one counting steps toward wisdom rather than years toward old age.

1224. You fall in love because you see a unique spark of the divine in that person that you never want to lose.

1225. Young children are like bolts of energy that recharge our circuits.

1226. Many of the old are young souls and the young, old souls. One with wisdom can discern them.

1227. To enjoy a fullness, make love with your mind as well as your heart.

1228. The most sinister of lies is a willful distortion of truth.

1229. The human spirit, a spark of divinity, can only be temporarily suppressed, but never defeated.

1230. A lie told again and again becomes as the truth to the deceiver, causing the originator of the lie to be the greatest victim.

1231. He who is not in search of meaning is not fully human.

1232. If you think the whole world has gone mad except you, then take a second look at your thoughts.

1233. The greatest fire is created by the tiniest most imperceptible spark; so it is with ideas that change the world.

1234. One who has little but needs nothing is richer than a billionaire who needs another billion.

1235. Most healings that are credited to various treatments should be given to nature, as the recovery would have transpired if nothing had been done.

1236. Those things that are feared, hated or despised create the most difficult of thoughts to clear but the most important.

1237. Wisdom is knowing when to be silent, when to speak and when to turn your attention in a different direction.

1238. The evils of the world such as money, passion and power are like wild horses that must be tamed and mastered to become our useful servants.

1239. The left and the right will disagree on most anything these days, except both will equally grumble about a bad cell phone connection.

1240. Free will is more than lack of restriction, for it involves a decision to decide and take responsibility for your life.

1241. There is a sight that goes beyond forms to see the formless, the principles and the inner meaning of appearances.

1242. Those who focus on the personality will find flaws in the best of us and will never find a soul mate. Instead, look for the Christ in others and you will find the love of your life as well as many faithful friends.

1243. To say that no higher intelligence created the universe is to say that zero intelligence is smarter by far than the atheist making that statement, for the unbeliever cannot come close to duplicating the complexity of the engineering that went into creating a single flower.

1244. Today we are indulged with more information than ever, but with the effect of scattering our thoughts, creating a need for focused attention on that which is important.

1245. A false belief in the mindset of the masses can be so powerful that only the rising generation can make a change.

1246. No amount of consensus justifies the elimination of dissenting free speech of any individual.

1247. When faced with the lesser of two evils, look for the third and harmless choice.

1248. That which is new is usually that which is old, but expressed differently.

1249. Yes, the present is all there is, but if one ignores the wisdom of the past and the warnings from the future then all there is will be chaos and confusion.

1250. Anything you believe is possible – if you are willing to find the steps to manifest that belief. Then, after the correct steps are found, you must be willing to take those steps; else your belief will become a fading dream.

1251. Today is the flower of the past, the seed of tomorrow.

1252. If you want a different result do not join the insane and do the same thing over and over, but ask yourself: Is my plan feasible and what do I need to change?

1253. Action without thought and thought without action are two aberrations that plague the present generation.

1254. Music and truth have a common thread in that one must see the harmony in both to fully appreciate them, and a distorted truth is like a song played out of tune.

1255. It is sad if one is poor or infirm, but sadder still if the individual does nothing to attempt to improve the situation.

1256. A union of minds is as a union of fire that removes all obstacles in its path.

1257. Beware of the individual who has crazy beliefs, for he is capable of doing crazy stuff, corresponding to his thinking.

1258. If that which makes you happy depends on others’ suffering, or making unwilling sacrifice, then happiness will be fleeting indeed.

1259. An ounce of appreciation is of more value than a ton of criticism.

1260. One who can perform with great skill and continue to joyfully serve, though no praise is received, is rich indeed.

1261. Promoting illusion because of self-deception is problematic, but one who deceives, knowing exactly what he is doing, achieves much greater harm.

1262. That belief or policy which is founded on that which is false can only be maintained by suppression and ridicule of those who seek to reveal the truth.

1263. An illogical belief cannot be dispelled by logic, but the stubborn soul’s mind must be changed by the painful experience of reality.

1264. We love those who have our virtues but tend to despise those who mirror our flaws.

1265. Do not stand on principle with such rigidity that the ultimate good is defeated. Focus on wisdom instead.

1266. No questions are a sign of few thoughts. Questions are an indication the person is thinking; good questions imply deep thoughts.

1267. To drift and go with the flow is hell, to learn and duplicate success is satisfying, but manifesting original ideas opens the gates of paradise.

1268. We all know the guy who despises wickedness in all but himself. We are happy to let him be isolated and miserable with others of like minds.

1269. Reason is like holy water on a vampire for those governed by emotion and groupthink.

1270. The greatest of the gifts of God to humanity: Laughter, reason, faith, consciousness, free will and the capacity to love and feel. Let no one take these from you.

1271. The effective seeker is willing to follow truth wherever it leads, yet tolerate, rather than attack, others in perceived illusions.

1272. We must value time as we value life for, as they say, it is the stuff life is made of.

1273. He who is corrupt will see his own distorted motives in the sincere while trusting others worse than himself.

1274. Beware of one seeking power whose hidden motive is to enslave you while promising to fulfill your desires. The wise seek always to discern the true motive of those in power.

1275. After a generation has passed most prophesies of doom not only did not happen, but are forgotten.

1276. The cure for loneliness is just one other person who understands you.

1277. God sang a new song and the universe appeared. Look within, feel the music and fulfill your destiny.

1278. Yes, be thankful for the good times when the sun is shining, for you can see and enjoy the world, but also the night that reveals the greater universe of stars and galaxies.

1279. Productive thought takes effort and is avoided by the lazy more than physical labor.

1280. What is most difficult to believe: (1) In the beginning there was a point much smaller than a grain of sand that for some unknown reason exploded in a Big Bang to make the universe or (2) A great intelligence made heaven and earth?

1281. Unless your beliefs are challenged, any truth behind them will never be fully realized.

1282. A person of average brainpower who is honest in heart and without bias will be much better at sorting out truth from error than one with a high IQ who has preconceived notions.

1283. Truth and justice may triumph in the end, but if good people relax in the present, they will get overwhelmed by deception and corruption.

1284. Take note of problems endured by your friends, not to criticize, but to avoid them in your own life.

1285. You can easily share information, but for many, common sense is only gained through painful experience.

1286. Many do not write or create for fear of lack of talent, yet there was a time that neither Shakespeare, Beethoven nor Einstein could produce anything of substance.

1287. If life is to have great meaning find something that rouses great passion.

1288. To be content with those on your level or lower is to be satisfied with the status quo. Those who want to excel will seek out others with more skill than themselves.

1289. The foolish are insulted and angry when proven wrong. The wise are happy they are now more enlightened than before.

1290. Some think we should believe their view is the truth merely because they declare it, not realizing the discerning mind needs a logical reason to accept.

1291. You work like crazy just so you can relax. Then when you take it easy, things unravel, and back to work you go.

1292. The most despicable of characters is the one who projects the image of purity yet will stab you in the back at the first convenience.

1293. One is in illusion who expects equality of outcome, illustrated by the fact that no two snowflakes are the same.

1294. It is better to have attempted a failed endeavor that demands noble thought and skill than to succeed at mediocrity.

1295. Some analogies reveal truth, but others are flawed. The sincere seeker can tell the difference.

1296. Reach your goal and set another, and then another and learn the joy that achievement brings.

1297. One who challenges the gods is more respected by them than the doting sycophant.

1298. Most can be pleasant and friendly during the good times. The real test is to be equally positive during times of rejection and misfortune. Fortunately, the inner attitude can quickly change the outer circumstances.

1299. He who has passion toward one goal will excel above the one with many.

1300. Thanks to Murphy’s Law, even if you do all in your power to cover your bases to make things work you will still have plenty of problems surface. Makes you wonder how so many careless souls out there even survive.

1301. Remember that kid in class who cracked the joke that got him in trouble? On reflection, he was the teacher and the rest were students.

1302. Praise means little to truly great souls for their prime desire is to see others inspired by them to do great works.

1303. It is much safer to deal with one who is open and angry than the quiet guy suppressing feelings, seething with offense.

1304. Never make an important decision in a disturbed emotional state, but wait until you feel at peace and your decision will be much wiser.

1305. There are two voices calling for you. The material side is shouting for attention while the spiritual whispers gently, but is the one that delivers with power.

1306. The most important question for the person with spiritual aspiration to ask is, “Can I be trusted to be good to my word?”

1307. In the best of times we tend to relax and little gets done. In the worst of times we feel the pressure and miracles often happen.

1308. Though you conquer all foes and rejoice in victory, if you relax in your pride, a David will appear and humble you with a small stone.

1309. A moment of exquisite oneness with another soul has more value than a whole lifetime lived for self.

1310. Perfection is basically the result of a process where many mistakes are made and corrected. It is always an end result, not a beginning.

1311. There is a price to pay for the doer of good deeds, as if nature has a charge for admission through the gates of service.

1312. Our expectations both reward or punish us, often more than the actual result.

1313. In the deepest pitch of the night where nothing from the world is visible, the seer will discover the light that never fails and reveals All There Is.

1314. All things old are not bad nor are all new things improvements. The wise must discern and choose well.

1315. No one is strong enough to take on the worries of the world, or even their own potential problems of tomorrow, but all of us can handle what is right here in front of us at this moment. That is what counts.

1316. To say much in a few simple words requires more thought than the complex in many words.

1317. If as much effort were put into presenting the truth as promoting the false, then the people would not have to endure such division as is in our midst.

1318. If you love inspiring words and deeds of great souls, you are nourishing seeds of greatness within yourself.

1319. Show appreciation today. It could be the only spark of goodness that a depressed soul has received for some time, perhaps even salvaging a life.

1320. Unless humanity produces those who can perceive and understand works of light, it will be as if the servants of light do not exist.

1321. Those who reveal the light and see the light constitute a greater light with hidden revelation.

1322. For each person in need of love there has to be one to send it. You can choose to be that one.

1323. Doubting yourself weakens the soul. Therefore, search for this prime ingredient of failure and cast it out.

1324. Only those who embrace the light can see and appreciate that which the light reveals.

1325. Reason only has effect on the reasonable, but will only aggravate those attached to illusion.

1326. For many, an insult arouses the greatest of passions for retribution when it should be the least. Instead, passionately respond in kind to loving souls.

1327. Beauty, as registered by human eyes, is merely a reminder of the exquisite perfection that awaits us in the higher realms.

1328. Let us go the next step beyond wireless and communicate mind to mind, heart to heart and soul to soul.

1329. There are those who seek the meaning of life, others who want to improve upon it and then the many who just want to live it without thinking about it.

1330. Find a great soul in our history and chances are he or she will have been focused on understanding and applying higher will and intelligence.

1331. Never be overly satisfied with where you are, for life will be without meaning if you have no place to go.

1332. It is better to be alone than risk picking up the disease of negativity from infected souls.

1333. Human beings overestimate their ability to use power and authority correctly than any other thing.

1334. Exquisite enjoyments are rare because the mood, the focus and the timing must be right. If the extraordinary became ordinary, then where would we find the special moments of life?

1335. If you come across two teachers and not sure which is best to engage – go with the one from whom you feel the most spiritual love.

1336. The many are impressed with big words and complex explanations. The few recognize the genius of making the complex so simple a child can understand.

1337. The most important knowledge to be gained in life comes not from books or teachers, but from insights through inner reflection.

1338. Some days are full of sunshine and joy yet you still embrace the cloudy days that hide the sun and bring nourishing raindrops which cause flowers to bloom.

1339. What’s the next big thing? Make it a new and improved version of yourself.

1340. Gold mixes with common dirt until someone sees its value. Even so, there is a golden spirit in you waiting to be recognized.

1341. Bad timing can make an intelligent person seem like a caveman; whereas good timing projects the image of a sharp mind.

1342. The few who proclaim and live the principle of freedom walk into the very heart of God, drawing many behind them.

1343. A good friend is one with whom you can share crazy ideas and this person will not think you are crazy.

1344. Many people stand on principle with such rigidity that the ideal is shattered and the principle is lost.

1345. Managing your physical needs with wisdom is an essential step to gaining spiritual mastery. Worry over health, safety or finances are great distractions.

1346. Indecision occurs when the power of decision falls asleep or is shut down by fear.

1347. Little children remind us of the innocence and purity we should have as adults.

1348. Compromise is where both sides, not just the other guy, yield for the good of the whole. A simple point, but beyond the understanding of most politicians.

1349. Why do some see beauty and perfection when others see ugliness in the same thing? In the answer lies the mystery behind human conflict.

1350. The greatest adventures and experiences in life are usually the result of bad planning or a terrible misjudgment. The funny thing is after it is all over we wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.

1351. No life is so difficult that you cannot make it worse by following the easy path.

1352. Someday everything will make perfect sense, and when it does, nothing that troubles you now will matter much.

1353. Though you are on in years, do not consider yourself old; though you have nothing, do not be poor; though you have troubles, dwell in peace rather than sorrow.

1354. You can only recall the past but physically move into the future. Thus the past is a guide, but the future should be the focus of attention.

1355. It would be foolish to follow one who proclaims to be of great works and wisdom and from a past life but has nothing to show in this one.

1356. When the seeker can see error with accepted authorities, yet recognize truth spoken by the despised, he has arrived at the threshold of true knowledge.

1357. Care not for honors, degrees, titles, accolades, progenitors or the praise of the world in accessing the value of a person’s works and words. Only value them by the weight with which they register upon your soul.

1358. Do you desire to open the gates and rule a kingdom? Then control your speech, rule over your words in good times and bad. Then watch the kingdom come to you.

1359. Those who come into our lives are like pieces of a puzzle, and if we look carefully we will eventually see the whole picture.

1360. Always consider relativity. The situations you complain about may seem like heaven compared to others less fortunate.

1361. To obtain a thing of value you have to give up something else. When selecting what you want to acquire, also select that which can be sacrificed.

1362. If each person were reduced to a song some would be sad songs, others happy, some hits, others not. Pick what you want to be and play it well.

1363. A locked mindset is a terrible prison that can force the inmate to willingly give up life and liberty for an insane belief.

1364. Sound arguments only have an effect on sound minds.

1365. Cures for Depression

  1. Make someone smile.
  2. Tell someone they are loved and appreciated.
  3. Do something helpful to others.
  4. Learn something new.
  5. Find something to enjoy at the end of each day.

1266. What we want to be true is the greatest roadblock to finding what is really true.

1367. We must cease hating others because we think we see hate in them, but extend love and goodwill to all who are willing to receive.

1368. High points of ecstasy, joy or attainment are great because they are difficult and rare. The seeker must descend into the valley so he can assess the next mountain to climb.

1369. If bliss was our consistent state then this high would seem normal. This gives us a hint as to why we were born in this world of trials. When we finish here and return to spirit we shall have joy in reclaiming our inheritance.

1370. Some focus on finding truth as it is and others as it fits their illusions. Both find what they are looking for.

1371. Only in the light can seekers adjust their values so they are in alignment with the will of heaven, for what is valued separates the light from the dark.

1372. Many are frustrated because they wish they had a great work to do that will be praised by millions, while ignoring a great effect that can be had on a distressed individual here and there.

1373. Those who insist that you conform to their idea of what is worthy of love are the unloving ones.

1374. Darkness takes us into many a peril and tries to save itself with more darkness when only a candle of light is needed for deliverance.

1375. Many who have slaved for great possessions use and enjoy them less than poor people who make full use of what they have.

1376. Beauty is visible evidence of an intelligent creator whether manifesting as a piece of human art or a flower.

1377. Neglect deprives dreams of their life. Feed them well that they may live and multiply.

1378. That which brings love, joyousness and peace is Divine Reality. That which brings fear, pain and sorrow comes from illusion.

1379. If a little is good, how much more is better? That is the question.

1380. Some individuals have souls so potent that they would be attractive in any body, yet others would be dull if they switched places with the latest heartthrob.

1381. Genius is loved and appreciated by many, but hated by the big egos who despise anyone who excels them.

1382. Outward beauty comes and goes, but inward beauty remains if nurtured.

1383. One piece out of order can change perfection to disaster. Hence the importance of finding your place in the scheme of things.

1384. The good, the beautiful and the true inspire love. Hate springs from a distorted perception of these things.

1385. One who stands on the foundation of truth fears not a close inspection of thoughts and motives. But one who stands on deception becomes angry when questioned and examined.

1386. The unenlightened feel that it is fine to force their vision of good on the other guy because the other guy’s vision is seen as evil. Instead, the true evil is the force, not the vision.

1387. Since energy follows thought it only makes sense to place your thought on beauty, love and peace rather than worries, fear and doom.

1388. God’s handwriting is in the stars; His love in a child’s eyes; His light in all life reaching toward the sun.

1389. Some believe a truth because they understand it. Others believe because it was told to them. The first sees at day the second feels at night.

1390. Only the truth can bring true glory.

1391. The test of the open mind is to encounter a truth that runs contrary to an established belief.

1392. Delay of action and relying on study to master a skill is the path to mediocrity.

1393. Happiness is directly linked to making other lives better. Disgruntled ones need to reflect on this.

1394. The source of liberation is not all within or without, but a balance of the two.

1395. The tighter we hold to material possessions the slippery they become. True abundance comes to one who gives that he may receive again.

1396. All life needs purpose, whether it be a blade of grass or the greatest among us. The greater the purpose you discover and fill the greater will be your fulfillment.

1397. A pleasure shared doubles the enjoyment.

1398. Use ordinary circumstances to regularly do small but beneficial deeds, and the time will come that the wholeness of your labor will be seen as a work of greatness.

1399. From acts of love spring more love until there is fullness. From selfishness springs misery until the loving path of service is found.

1400. Wisdom and love are interdependent. You cannot be wise without love and love is not complete without wisdom.

1401. The simplicity of the point, the circle, the square and triangle lay the foundation for the great complexity of creation.

1402. We live in a world saturated by overwhelming knowledge that would be envied by Socrates, yet are governed by simple sound bites that would embarrass the sages of the past.

1403. You can be counted successful in life if others feel richer for knowing you and look forward to your presence.

1404. Those who say there is no hell must not know those presently living in the chains of tyranny, want or affliction. Those who say there is no heaven have missed out on the greater joys of life.

1405. The power in our thoughts, words and intent is far greater than realized by the many, but the few use them to change the world.

1406. Which would be more like heaven in the hereafter? Living with interesting, but flawed people, or the pious who never even said a cuss word or watched an R rated movie?

1407. Some say you cannot talk about or understand a thing unless you have experienced it. Well, I do not have to drive over a cliff or experience many other negatives to know they are something I want to avoid.

1408. It is an honor if you were born into illusion and moved to higher truth, but if you were given a foundation of truth by your parents and you rejected it then that is a shame indeed.

1409. Ever notice that those who focus on the good seem to have a life of good fortune while those who dwell on the negative complain of continual misfortune?

1410. Poverty and wealth are states of consciousness that have little to do with material possessions.

1411. Forget about just being good enough to do your job. Improve in something every day for maximum satisfaction in life.

1412. When science discovers a rough but ancient tool they say this is proof of the presence of intelligent human creation, but when they discovered DNA, which is more complex than any computer, they discounted the creative power of Higher Intelligence. Does not compute.

1413. The scripture says that “the love of money is the root of all evil.” Money itself is a neutral force that can be used for either good or evil. Corrupt desire is the problem.

1414. Reality does not ridicule, but reality can make one feel ridiculous.

1415. I would rather be where there is thriving light and life in the midst of a few than conform to the unthinking many.

1416. All have a blind spot where they cannot see the truth about themselves. Listen to your friends as they will tell you what it is.

1417. So far, the fear of the Coronavirus has created much more damage than the virus itself.

1418. Isn’t it strange how the negative has such impact? For instance, it seems that losing an hour through Daylight Savings happens twice as often as gaining one even though they are equal.

1419. Panic is generally worse than that which the masses are panicking over.

1420. In good circumstances 90% of the people are friendly and reliable, but when a situation becomes stressful, or threatening, the opposite occurs and you are lucky if you can trust 10%.

1421. There are those who speak to be heard and others to be understood. The first is to be avoided and the latter warrants consideration.

1422. When examined honestly, truth reveals itself to be true and that which is false is seen for what it is.

1423. If your thoughts are loving, love will manifest, If your thoughts are happy, you’ll be happy. The recipe is so simple it is not accepted and overlooked.

1424. The critical mind often sees flaws that do not exist and their criticisms are destructive. On the other hand, a rare correction from a loving heart can save the day.

1425. If we had no eyes and an individual created one it would be hailed as the greatest act of genius of all time, yet many with darkened minds see the creation of the entire body as an accident of blind forces.

1426. To be a skeptic while seeking the truth is a positive thing, even if it goes against accepted authorities, the media and the little old lady next door.

1427. People either move out of the way or assist one who makes a bold decision and moves forward with purpose.

1428. Great leaps forward occur when the seeker takes the wrong path, honestly analyzes the results, realizes the error and chooses again.

1429. Written words are frozen thoughts and if a new insight is conveyed they will not pass away.

1430. Even though I am open to all things, I will question all things.

1431. I have taken many steps that have led me toward the truth. Now I will take one more.

1432. Instead of fear, which is more contagious than any virus, focus on the Divine Power within that will renew and sustain you.

1433. There is a spiritual message behind any significant event. There are lessons humanity is supposed to learn from the happenings of the day. Let us press on to a positive outcome.

1434. To be yourself you have to be one of the few who understand what that self is.

1435. It takes many noble thoughts to manifest even one noble action, for such an action is the incarnation of many thoughts.

1436. Perhaps, if humanity reimagines God as a loving parent instead of a cruel punishing dictator, reality itself will change for the better.

1437. You will not find love without until you first find it within.

1438. In the beginning was the point vibrating in divine space, creating the wavelength, creating sound, creating the word, creating all there is.

1439. One who sees wealth in possessions will never have enough, but the person who finds wealth in the realms of Spirit will have an overwhelming supply.

1440. If your life were a book, would it be an interesting read, and, if made into a movie, who would play you?

1441. Some events are signposts with messages, while others are just events. Your internal sense can tell the difference.

1442. Would you trade a clear conscience for a million dollars? If not, you have taken a step toward true wealth.

1443. If you do not know a thing with reasonable certainty do not offer a guess as if it is the truth, or, nine times out of ten, you will regret it.

1444. A great poem, a song, a story, talent or work of art are all held in the hands of your inner soul, waiting to be discovered.

1445. If our consciousness is merely created by a computer brain, as many scientists claim, does this mean that your computer also dreams at night when you turn it off and daydreams in the day when it is on?

1446.I am a point of fire within a greater fire,
In the group of which I am a part.
Together we are one flame,
Focused in the fire of the Holy One,
Which burns away all that which veils pure Spirit.

1447. The understanding of truth through inner contact represents the greatest advance in learning since the written word was discovered.

1448. Many take pride with the quantity of knowledge in their heads, but the quality is the important thing. The wise carefully select their sources of knowledge.

1449. If we were as concerned about what goes into our minds as food for our bodies we’d all be geniuses.

1450. Truth is its own authority. When seen it cannot be unseen. Revealing it is the great quest.

1451. Ineffective believers are everywhere, but there is strength in knowing, and even greater in knowing that you know.

1452. In times of stress hope is often the only light to be seen. Never be the one to take that away but seek to make it manifest.

1453. When an event is presented through conflicting reports we can either go with the version that fits our bias or search out the real truth.

1454. To gain knowledge is good. To reflect upon it is even better, but to apply it is a game changer.

1455. A book, a thought or an idea can live forever if it speaks to the soul.

1456. People get excited about new things when there is often more value and quality in the old.

1457. Those overly stressed out because of fear of the Coronavirus do not know what real stress is.

1458. The foolish give highest value to money and possessions and the wise to time. Unlike money, all have the same amount of time, and how it is spent will determine the quality of life.

1459. If the goal is to avoid risk at all costs then the final cost will be worse than the risk which was to be avoided.

1460. Courage is relative. Some who will put their lives on the line in the battlefield will cower to the weak who make an emotional attack.

1461. Speak only that which people are willing to hear and not longer than they enjoy hearing it.

1462. Shakespeare was able to say more in a sentence than a blowhard politician says in his entire life.

1463. People confuse quality and quantity. The wise always prefer a little of something exquisitely good over large quantities of mediocrity.

1464. Does it make sense to destroy many lives by economic starvation to save a few lives from the virus?

1465. Many seek in vain to see the second coming of Christ when they have not experienced a first coming by searching their own hearts.

1466. Brevity is appreciated, even from one who is wise, but considered a real godsend from the guy who normally rambles on and says nothing.

1467. The media is the Pied Piper of humanity sounding notes that those grounded in raw emotion feel they must follow to the exclusion of doing their own thinking.

1468. Many seem to think that the 54,000 deaths from the Coronavirus are a much bigger loss than the 2,800,000 other deaths that happen each year in the U. S., many of which are preventable.

1469. It is too bad that the word “brotherhood” is considered sexist by some today, for it describes a camaraderie that transcends sex, something we do not want to lose.

1470. Seek not for perfection, but to take your next step forward, imperfect though it may be.

1471. There are beginnings to all creations, but no beginning to beginnings.

1472. That which is seen as good in one age can be viewed as evil in another.

1473. If knowledge alone were power then anyone with internet access would be supremely powerful. Only applied knowledge has power.

1474. The best humor highlights obvious truth in a unique way. Then there is distorted humor of attack that only appeals to a biased few.

1475. It is far easier to excel when you are working on something you love.

1476. Always be working on something for which you feel passion and love, even if it is only a few minutes a day.

1477. Training your mind to handle two or more things at once is equivalent to adding many years to your life.

1478. Those who do not feel a passion about living and achieving have not looked in the right direction.

1479. We all receive payment for our labors. Some receive it in cash and but others gladly accept love and appreciation.

1480. Some work harder to escape work than that which is needed to achieve success.

1481. There are standard criminals who wind up in jail, and then there are the clever ones in positions of power who do much more damage with seeming impunity.

1482. Imagination, perseverance and common sense are more powerful ingredients to success than the high I.Q.

1483. Be selective of those you help, for some require much more payment than your voluntary gift.

1484. Perfection is achieved not only by finding the true and workable, but by finding that which is not true and does not work and not repeating the same mistakes indefinitely.

1485. If you do not look you will not see, even if the thing is easily visible.

1486. If you do not focus on understanding what you know, then adding more of what you do not know will have little effect.

1487. Thinking originates from emotion as well as mind, and they both use the brain. Emotional thinking is more popular, but the mind is much more accurate.

1488. The guy who is most rigidly sure he is right is usually subject to the greatest error.

1489. Beware of the guy who seems overly helpful for there is often a hidden motive.

1490. When you sense a “but” coming in a conversation you can pretty much ignore all that has been said.

1491. A belief that there is a higher purpose behind the disturbing events of the day brings a peace not shared by the pessimist.

1492. Fear without judgment often causes one to avoid a lesser calamity in exchange for a greater one.

1493. A person can make great errors yet maintain a clear conscience if the heart is pure.

1494. The unthinking fight change, and it matters not whether it is change for the better or the worse.

1495. There is no such thing as sacrifice. There is only payment, or exchange of energy, for that which is desired.

1496. Irreverence, correctly applied, is as much of a divine quality as is reverence.

1497. If you hear excessive hate expressed toward a person or idea then investigate, as there is something of value to be discovered.

1498. You cannot control the evil spoken by malicious minds, but you can ignore it.

1499. We are all asleep to different degrees. Listen to that inner voice which calls you to awaken to the real world.

1500, Some teachers see themselves as authorities not to be questioned while the good ones see themselves as guides, merely pointing you the right direction on the path.

1501. To see reality as it is rather than as you want it to be is to take a great step from darkness into the light.

1502. Humans ignorantly create undesirable things with their careless thoughts. Be therefore aware of what goes in and out of your mind.

1503. As long as you believe that what you see with your physical eyes as all there is, that will be all there is.

1504. If a teaching does not make sense you either do not understand or it is just plain wrong. You must discover which it is.

1505. Truth is not what seems true, or desired to be true but simply what is, nothing more or less.

1506. One focused on reason, having a few facts, can reach a more accurate conclusion than many an expert with countless facts in his head.

1507. Give no one power to press emotional buttons to produce guilt, fear or shame. Rely on your own intelligence to make corrections in life.

1508. Being a loving, helpful and harmless person does not insulate one from hateful attacks. A light shining in the eyes of those in darkness can inflame rage.

1509. Words alone convey only data. Words generated by emotion stir emotion. Words generated by thought and emotion create reality.

1510. When you hear that a person, a book or a work is evil, consider that the opposite may be true.

1511. For a taste of heaven surround yourself with good friends.

1512. Truth is true whether spoken by an angel or devil, a friend or an enemy.

1513. The enemy of freedom hides his true intention and his presence, and uses disposable pawns to wrest power from the innocent.

1514. Your past worries are now gone, as shall be your present ones with the passage of time.

1515. Little realized is the desire to be heard and understood exceeds the desire for change. People know what they want to say, but do not know the solutions.

1516. A warm and understanding heart can heal the afflicted far beyond any medical prescription.

1517. It takes a great soul to wish happiness on the person who has broken one’s heart.

1518. If you error, error on the path of inclusiveness rather than exclusiveness.

1519. Contemplating the unknowable makes the mysteries more knowable.

1520. Any struggle to find truth will reveal some truth; therefore, struggle on.

1521. Humor that has to be explained is no longer humor. The best communication is found in the space between the words.

1522. If another deceives you, blame yourself not them, for it was you who missed the truth.

1523. It is a big mistake to be neutral when taking a stand can stop evil in its tracks.

1524. Non duality is like one seed, but when planted in the soil of universal mind becomes many.

1525. Flashlight analogy. The Will of God is the power source, truth is the light bulb. Our power of decision turns the light on and reason points the light in the needed direction.

1526. Are those who preach salvation the type of characters with whom you want to spend eternity? Maybe not.

1527. Don’t wait for inspiration, but proceed as if you already have it, for the kingdom of heaven is within.

1528. Beware of that person who tells you what God thinks, for this merely supports the worship of an idol of the false god without, instead of discovering the true God within.

1529. The holograph and your physical body are both compose of the same thing – wavelengths. The only difference is density.

1530. A thought, planted in the mind, accepted by the heart and confirmed by the soul has to manifest on some level.

1531. There are victims of circumstances and then there are victims of one’s own thinking, but wait! Our thinking creates circumstances.

1532. The flimsiest paper becomes strong when folded several times; even so, the uniting of many minds creates great power.

1533. Be aware of the sufferings in the world but not consumed by them else the joys of life will be suppressed.

1534. Seek the path of joy for it negates pain and suffering, not only for you, but for others.

1535. The mind has unlimited power, but we have used this to limit ourselves. Find those limiting thoughts, change your mind and set yourself free.

1536. That which doesn’t love you is not from God, nor even the devil, but is merely a mistaken notion.

1537. We must comprehend the principle and meaning of truth else be deceived by illusion after illusion.

1538. Anger and hate are the result of self deception and illusion. Love and peace come from clearly seeing the truth.

1539. There are two types of people. Those who favor illusion over truth and those who love truth wherever it leads.

1540. Unlimited love, peace and power, which is your birthright, does not seem possible because your unlimited mind believes otherwise.

1541. Most can appreciate the intelligence of those near their own level, but, unless the mind is open, those on a higher level will often be seen as an enemy to truth. 

1542. Think in your heart, feel in your mind, breathe from the spirit, and touch with your soul.

1543. Incorrect predictions of false prophets are often overlooked by their followers while true teachers are attacked for telling the truth.

1544. That which is a consuming worry to one is but a trifle to another. The difference is not in the threat but the attitude.

1545. We communicate with words, emotion, thought and finally soul to soul where real truth is exchanged.

1546. If you seek a life that has meaning and fulfillment engage your power to create something that others will appreciate.

1547. Civilization is at risk when mob action and rioting has more influence than the will and common sense of the people.

1548. Never betray a trust. Getting it back again is a Herculean task.

1549. A keen observation of the mistakes of others can save a lifetime of pain.

1550. People fight against new and beneficial changes, not because of reason, but because they fear change.

1551. Cowards will attack the innocent who will do them no harm, but praise and embrace the tyrant.

1552. The foolish will provoke an enemy into action against them when they would have normally been ignored.

1553. We are looking for differences in each other when we should be looking for similarities. We look for something to hate rather than to embrace with love. To heal humanity we must see each other as equal human beings from the same source.

1554. If you want a true answer only ask God for that which will benefit others besides yourself.

1555. Many who do not like what is, create an inferior fantasy world for themselves of what is not.

1556. To be sane in an insane world is counted as madness.

1557. Criticism hurts, but can be useful; whereas praise may hide a flaw that needs correction.

1558. Free speech slogan in the modern era: I will defend to the death your right to speak if I agree, but your life is at risk if I do not.

1559. The truly educated are those who never cease to learn from their own initiative.

1560. A true sage is one who can see themself as others see them, yet can see others as they see themselves.

1561. There are two types of people. Those who go through life asleep and unquestioning, as if in a dream, and those who are at least trying to wake up.

1562. Taking action can be good, bad or just busy work. Choose wisely, but at least let posterity know you were once alive.

1563. Experience is the one thing that we know is real and not illusion, as even experience in a dream is an actual event for our consciousness.

1564. We see with our eyes and hear with our ears yet we only know through the sense of our inner Spirit.

1565. There are all kinds of flaws in everything that God has created because that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Perfection is a journey rather than a final adjustment.

1566. If a teacher or guru insists you call him Father, Brother, Mother, His Holiness, Reverend or some other title, then, run.

1567. Until one spends more energy on finding knowledge and wisdom than toward personal comfort, he is not a true seeker.

1568. If you are prepared to not allow anyone to hold you hostage because of attachment to a person, place or thing, then you are free.

1569.True salvation is to be relieved of guilt, not your flaws, which are often in the eye of the beholder.

1570. We have before us the American Dream and the American Nightmare. It is up to us what the end will be.

1571. In America we pay for our own mistakes, our kids mistakes, our ancestors mistakes and those who are not our ancestors.

1572. Many falsely hope that when the rioters take over that they will be spared because they cheered them on.

1573. When it is 100 degrees outside hotter is bad and colder is good. When it is below zero then colder is bad and warmer is good thus demonstrating the relativity of good and evil.

1574. To feel insulted when the other person means no harm is a much bigger problem on your end than theirs.

1575. We may resist to the death logical reasoning of an adversary yet yield in an instant to an inner realization.

1576. There are those who disagree merely to be disagreeable, others who hate the other guy and do not want him to be right and then a few who see a legitimate problem.

1577. Even a lie can be a tool to discover truth. The sincere seeker will see the lie and seek to discover the truth it is hiding.

1578. Perfection is a journey that reaches its destination, even though imperfect obstacles and detours were encountered along the way.

1579. Love creates bias for and hate produces bias against. Only by rising above emotion can the truth be seen.

1580. Search for truth today
You will find a way
Though the skies are gray
The sun will send its rays.

1581. If you are willing to submit to any outer authority over the inner then the time will come that the outer will order you to do the unthinkable.

1582. If you think you’ll use something “someday”, and put it away, there is a 99% chance that someday never comes.

1583. First you learn and “know about,”
Then you do and “know how,”
Finally, you experience and you “know.”

1584. Question for orthodox believer: How could one enjoy heaven if even one child or friend is burning in hell forever? Are we more merciful than God?

1585. Sleep is but a near death experience. In real death we sleep deeply to this world, but awaken in another.

1586. Air is the most essential substance for our existence, yet no one hoards it, but all take what they need. One day, this will be the case with other human needs.

1587. What is difficult to believe is what people do believe.

1588. Seeing was believing until Photoshop came along.

1589. Those who question scientific, but unproven consensus, are labeled as heretics, even though, after a passage of time, the majority of such consensus is proven incorrect.

1590. It is true that many laws are flawed, but imperfect law is much better than no law and anarchy.

1591. To deny or suppress your feelings does not make them go away; instead, they hide and later return with a vengeance.

1592. Essential food for the healthy mind: good books, good friends, good teachers, good thoughts with some light-hearted humor to aid in digestion.

1593. If the truth we know is stranger than fiction just imagine how strange the truth we do not know may be.

1594. To know the character of another look at:
The books he reads
The friends he attracts
How he spends his free time
How he treats those who cannot help him.

1595. Never has there been such a difference between the vast information available and the usable knowledge absorbed.

1596. Good humor that is seen by all can expose the distortion of evil; whereas mean spirited sarcasm merely strengthens prison walls of illusion around those who relish it.

1597. Seeing is believing in what you see, which may not be what is actually there.

1598. A press that is free to only give one point of view is not free.

1599. Quantum leaps forward that are positive are rare and take effort, but falling into the abyss is effortless. It is difficult to build a thing of beauty, but easy to destroy.

1600. Sometimes peace can only be acquired by fighting back and exposing the true enemies of real peace.

1601. Many who accomplish great things were seen as ordinary when young, yet many who seemed extraordinary in youth never excelled as adults.

1602. To attempt to force others to conform to your version of correct speech is to join the mindset of fanatics in the past who burned heretics at the stake.

1603. The only way darkness can prevail is to control those who seek to turn on the lights.

1604. To blame the result of bad judgment on the will of God is an insult to Deity.

1605. What is seen as random chance is merely an event composed of numerous unrecognized causes.

1606. What is the greater sin? To appear polished and controlled but bore people to death, or to ruffle feathers and stir up some excitement?

1607. We fear that which we imagine much more than reality itself.

1608. Sometimes a truth must be exaggerated to humorous proportions, else the point will not be grasped.

1609. Every event has a cause, but many mistakenly see minor events in their life as something major, demanding the full attention of God.

1610. Live your life so others will yearn for your presence after you are gone.

1611. Devils and angels are real and are within us. We choose which one to manifest.

1612. The betrayal of trust may be forgiven, but not forgotten.

1613. Tune out irritating people as if they do not exist; then they are left to just irritate themselves.

1614. There are two difficult steps in a great accomplishment. The first is to begin, the second is to finish.

1615. You create your own reality whether you believe it or not. Understanding this is a key to power.

1616. If you love someone do not let them go, but fight for them. Let annoying people go.

1617. Forgiveness can be obtained from any benevolent soul but the restoration of a broken trust must be earned and proven to be real.

1618. The highest sign of good character is found in one who values his or her word and seeks to make it true.

1619. To be trusted for your word without the need to sign strict legal documents is among the highest of honors.

1620. One who achieves greatness enters a dangerous land where the many who expect success with no effort will fire darts of jealously, greed and anger in an attempt to destroy.

1621. Those who are waiting on Congress to pass laws to make them happy and prosperous will never be happy or prosperous.

1622. The Founders pledged their lives, their fortunes and their “sacred honor.” This generation understands the value of life and fortune but who speaks of the value of sacred honor? This quality which was seen as equal with life itself must be reclaimed.

1623. Ever notice that those who are fussy about healthy habits are often sickly; whereas, many who seem careless live healthy lives?

1624. If you can mix with the high and the low, the carnal and the spiritual, the sane and the insane yet remain under the stable guidance from your own soul, you have achieved an important mastery.

1625. It matters little what others think of me so long as my conscience is clear and I follow the highest I know.

1626. It is an honor to be attacked by mean-spirited, ill-informed and delusionary characters.

1627. One who chooses happiness over integrity will, in the end, have neither. But one who chooses the path of honor will have all good things in the end.

1628. A glass of wine with good friends is like a medicine; whereas, a large soda is an assault on the health of the body.

1629. Concern not yourself with judging insulting words directed at you, for the real test is how much power you allow them to have.

1630. Choose your path wisely, for improving character one per cent may take a lifetime, yet it can be destroyed in five minutes.

1631. Praise coming from one with impure motive has no value, but sincere appreciation is priceless.

1632. Reflect on that by which you will be remembered after you die while you yet live.

1633. The weakness of people in a free society is that they support those who would destroy them and frustrate those who want to help.

1634. Two plus two equals four and nothing else, though corrupt thinking says otherwise.

1635. Great minds disturb mediocre minds.

1636. One with courage and daring, who takes initiative, can overwhelm a legion of fearful souls.

1637. The impulse is toward faster everything; to go faster, read faster, think faster, etc., but those who do not slow down at times and contemplate the pieces will miss the greater vision.

1638. Think of the person you despise the most and describe him or her. Next, look in the mirror and see how close the description fits.

1639. Rules for a happy life.
(1) Set goal
(2) Work to achieve goal.
(3) Set new goal.

1640. When humanity awakens it will discover that its destiny is to save the planet, not destroy it.

1641. To be seen as a benevolent and decent character, though boring, has little value. But to be seen as exciting as well as a good guy is priceless.

1642. Keep alive the child in you that wants to play, to laugh, to explore, to question and to hug.

1643. The quality of one’s questions reveals the quality of the mind, and to have none is a sorry state.

1644. The power of words is obvious when you feel the difference through hearing words like faith, hope and love contrasted to fear, hate and loathing.

1645. A leader not willing to do the menial and unrecognized work when required is not a true leader.

1646. Light shining in darkness is darkness. Light shining ON darkness reveals.

1647. Many are deceived in thinking the time of great opportunity was in generations passed, but the truth is the greatest time to make a difference is always here and now.

1648. There are no monuments honoring bureaucracies. It is the individual taking initiative who stands out in history.

1649. If you do not know where you are going, the chances are you will not like where you wind up.

1650. If what a person does runs contrary to his words, then trust what you see above what you hear.

1651. If the average person took as much interest in wisdom as gossip, then he would not be average.

1652. If “they” has traction in replacing the single “he” or “she”, confusion will be the result. Readers will not only be in the dark as to gender, but the number of people involved.

1653. If a plan is good then determination can make it a reality. If it is flawed it will eventually collapse forcing a reformulation.

1654. The problem with giving money or material goods is that soon more hands are out in need than one can possibly help. This would not be the case if all did their share.

1655. Those with absolute certainty their dogma is right are like a balloon approaching the point of a pin.

1656. Those who support common beliefs endorsed by authorities are honored in life. Those who question and replace the false with the true are honored in death.

1657. There is little difference between the named god of a religion or the designated ideal of the atheist. Both are outside of self; whereas the Kingdom of God is within.

1658. Time first destroys the bad ideas and lets the good ones live a little longer, but they too will fall to be ever replaced by something better.

1659. There’s gotta be a message in the fact that it is so much easier to adjust to having an extra hour, compared to losing an hour, when we switch to standard time.

1660. There are rebels who are against tyranny and other rebels who are deceived to support tyranny over freedom. One must clear away the fog of illusion before he rebels.

1661. If emotionally based people do not agree with the message they attack the messenger; whereas, thinking people refute the message.

1662. When the individual becomes a light unto others he then becomes a light unto himself. He buries not his light under a bushel but lets it shine upon a hill until all partake equally of the glowing flame.

1663. Enlightened people can only be gathered by shining forth a homing beacon of light in words of light. Light cleaves to light and recognizes itself in others who are prepared.

1664. Love is manifested as we move toward union. Hate grows in separative thinking.

1665. The Big Bang is a symbol of all creation, from the universe, to the explosive multiplication of cells after human conception to an idea whose time has come.

1666. Do not yield to fear and speak around the truth, but present it as it is with clarity

1667. Truth is like an arrow that will pierce the heart of those who resist, yet hit the target of joy for the true seeker.

1668. Practice may not always bring complete perfection, but no practice never works.

1669. The non thinker accepts consensus thought.
The thinker is skeptical.
The genius reveals its flaws and is hated.

1670. The false conscience tells you to not have fun when you should have fun.
The true conscience protects you from harming others.

1671. Fortunately, it is a rare thing when the future turns into the gloom and doom expected by the many.

1672. The rising generation always looks for a cause to set them apart. They feel they have found it when their elders are alarmed.

1673. Evil prevails when good people do nothing is the old maxim. How do you get good people to do nothing? Deceive them to place their attention where the problem is not so the real evil can continue to grow.

1674. Things change and stay the same, as they say, but there are times when real change is made through a focused will.

1675. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but there are times that saying “I love you” is worth a thousand pictures.

1676. Action may speak louder than words but inaction also sends a strong message.

1677. All good things come to an end but, fortunately, there is always a new beginning.

1678. They say that all is fair in love and war, but the trouble is that some are always in love or at war so everything seems justified.

1679. If all the world is a stage then what is your part and how well are you playing it?

1680. God has raised my vision from the dread of earth to the joy of heaven. I see heaven and feel unspeakable joy.

1681. We create our reality and then blame our own creation for what it seems to do to us.

1682. A lot of what comes to one who merely waits is not what he waited for or wanted.

1683. You may not be able to make a difference in the world but there are at least a couple people in your life whose world you can change.

1684. The greatest dangers are faced by those who fear risk and go to great lengths to avoid it.

1685. Every truth, no matter how insignificant or mundane, is an important piece of the great puzzle, just as every soul is an important part of the Life of God.

1686. If you are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, then you might as well do it.

1687. Those who side with the truth have many forces against them, but their single most powerful weapon is the truth itself.

1688. What you love about others reflects the best within you whereas that which is hated in others will reveal your own flaws.

1689. Desperate times may require desperate measures but if you just kick back and relax during good times they will soon turn desperate.

1690. There is no dark night of the soul, for the inner light is always there, but there are times when we focus where the light of the soul is not.

1691. Not only does a cloud have a silver lining but above it is a golden sun and an unlimited universe.

1692. Your 15 minutes of fame should be enough to convince you that is not where the greatest joys of life are found.

1693. The eyes may be the window to the soul, but the heart is the door to releasing its love.

1694. Better late than never if the event is interesting, but, if not, better never at all.

1695. Better safe than sorry is for the timid; whereas tis better to take a risk than suffer a life of regret.

1696. A gathering of lights occurs when the ruling powers reach a point of corruption that is beyond reform.

1697. Common stones have such little value that people pay to have them hauled away. But if a master builder uses such a stone in the creation of a masterpiece it becomes priceless. You are a stone in the hands of a master builder, the God within.

1698. Instead of fighting fire with fire take away the oxygen of hate and still the flames with the Spirit of Peace.

1699. Many mysteries are revealed to one who looks, sees and accepts.

1700. Guilt is the most destructive emotion God never created.

1701. One way or another I have power to decide to be or not to be.

1702. All thought is a creative force, but thought energized by belief penetrates all barriers.

1703. We may disagree on politics and religion, but it is difficult to disagree on a shared experience. Let us therefore share love and goodwill to all and heal the world.

1704. Stories of fiction are rejected if they sound like they cannot be true, but there are many truths, stranger than fiction, that one must believe or reject reality.

1705. A feeling of contentment and inner peace about your life is a sign you are headed the right direction.

1706. If you want to find the truth, you must be the truth – your word must always be true.

1707. Maybe today is the day that you will perform a simple act of kindness that will change a life.

1708. Give the benefit of the doubt, but when there is no doubt act decisively.

1709. Discovering those things that do not work are essential steps to perfecting that which does work.

1710. It is good to not only think before you speak, but before you marry, before you choose a vocation, before you eat or most any action of consequence.

1711. If life is a dream then it is certainly a long and elaborate one.

1712. Seeing yourself as a victim is a choice, the wrong choice.

1713. If leaders would first seek to control themselves, rather than everyone else, most of the world’s problems would be solved.

1714. He who hesitates is sometimes lost but other times a great calamity may be avoided.

1715. Every day is a note in the symphony of eternity. Sound the right notes day by day and hear the music of the spheres.

1716. We either believe in something or nothing, but even nothing is something.

1717. Emotion adds to complex illusion while pure reason leads to simplicity and understanding.

1718. If you feel depressed then lift another’s spirits. If you are lonely visit those in need.. If you need love, give love to all and learn the secret of happiness.

1719. Can you find light where there is only darkness or truth where there is only error? The seeker must find the source of light and truth for the prodigal to find the way home.

1720. Ignorance is caused more by an unwillingness to seek rather than any lack of access to knowledge.

1721. To accept a gift can be more difficult than giving, yet the joy of giving cannot take place unless there is one who receives in appreciation.

1722. During times of prosperity 90% of the people are pleasant and generous, 9% are difficult and 1% you want to avoid completely. Then, during times of fear and scarcity, 90% will be out for themselves 9% try to be helpful and 1% will totally give of themselves.

1723. It is the nature of the emotional self to find witnesses to false beliefs it wants to be true, but pure reason eventually reveals the deception.

1724. Shining the light of truth on an unbelieving mind often causes fear and repulsion rather than acceptance.

1725. Seek the peace that passes all understanding, for when it is found you will understand.

1726. Hell hath no fury like one whose core beliefs are challenged.

1727. He who needs the fewest toys (or possessions) is the true winner.

1728. Making a half-hearted effort can be worse than no effort.

1729. I am adjusting my vision to see with the true light of the soul.

1730. Those who say that a thing is beyond our power to understand are placing limits on the consciousness of God within us.

1731. Truth is what it is, not what we want it to be.

1732. When that which you feared has come and gone you will usually realize there was nothing there.

1733. Our judgment of the present is based on our flawed vision and interpretation of the past, causing us to see beyond reality to a prison of illusion from which we must escape.

1734. Why is it that the bad parts of history seem to repeat more than the good?

1735. To attain peace of mind is a greater achievement than all the wealth and fame offered by the world.

1736. Courage is speaking your mind to those who have none.

1737. We all have the power of speech. We just wish that more used that power to say things that made sense.

1738. Those who focus on the negative, corruption and illusion see positive and intelligent people as enemies deserving of attack.

1739. Some deception is so obvious that it seems that many actually choose to be deceived, even when the truth is readily accessible.

1740. Home may be where the heart is, but my heart is in a faraway place.

1741. The wise individual can initiate a more concise and intelligent plan in a day than a dozen committees working for six months.

1742. Entertain me, educate me, enlighten me or humor me but please do not bore me.

1743. If it doesn’t kill me, it should be afraid, very afraid.

1744. Hope springs eternal, for defeat is merely a sign of better things to come.

1745. If all the meaningless thoughts were dropped out of our conversations the human race would indeed be a quiet bunch.

1746. Courage is so universally respected that even an opponent or bitter enemy is admired for it.

1747. Imagine that you had amnesia and could only see the present. What would you fear? Nothing.

1748. True peace comes not by suppression of conflict but by focusing on Divine stillness at the core of your being. Then you will have peace, even in the midst of outer conflict.

1749. A thousand people may have received the same good idea but the one who manifests it is the one making a real achievement.

1750. When attacked unjustly, get revenge by cheerfully showing that you are not affected.

1751. There is the creativity resulting from mixing together memories and then there is that special occasion when lightening strikes. The latter is a special gift to be treasured.

1752. Seek out the guy that the masses are pointing fingers at and calling crazy. There is a 50/50 chance that he will be tomorrow’s genius.

1753. If you find yourself consistently agreeing with what the media tells you, then perhaps this is a good time for self examination and some critical thinking.

1754. The successful person always factors in Murphy’s Law: “If something can go wrong, it will.”

1755.  If you can’t beat them, and they are disgusting, don’t join them, but slow them down.

1756. The wise may learn what many have learned before, but then see what others have not seen.

1757. Honesty is the best policy unless your mate asks if you think she looks too fat.

1758. It takes two to make an argument, but one to make the peace.

1759. Those of few words are often deemed wise and reflective; whereas, the incessant talker reveals his shallow thinking.

1760. The Master said: “You love me because I loved you first.” We must consistently be like Him and love, first, last and always.

1761. Many who think they have escaped the illusion are just seeing another illusion.

1762. People ask for your honest opinion, but don’t be too honest or they will hate you.

1763. Those in power have no fear of violating the laws they make to control the common folk.

1764. It is interesting to note the difference in tone between a funeral home director and a used car salesman. It illustrates how people tend to adjust their personalities to the occasion.

1765. What we receive corresponds to that which has been given. If you wish for more, give more, love more and serve more.

1766. The value of a gift is not determined by its worth in gold, but by the value given by the receiver. A kind word may be priceless.

1767. The victim is often deluded into thinking that someone or something out there causes his misery when the true source lies within himself.

1768. Many value their toys more than their freedom to use them, until it is too late.

1769. A difficult truth can be related harmlessly or as a cutting blow, depending on the delivery.

1770. A slick politician can win the vote of the ignorant while promising to stab them in the back.

1771. I’m looking for the fat lady to sing so the constraints of this virus will be over.

1772. Seek not to change your annoying brother, but to change your mind about him, and see the good below the surface.

1773. I think, therefore I am, and if I did not think I would not be.

1774. Congress recently had an approval rating of 15% yet voters often give high marks to and re-elect their local representative who is part of the problem. Does not compute.

1775. Most people are fine with government excess if they benefit from it even though it may be revolting to the majority of citizens.

1776. We often play the victim with a bad turn of events, but are happy to take full responsibility when things go right.

1777. The bad guys obtain power because they immediately run with an opportunity, while the good guys endlessly discuss how it should be fairly implemented.

1778. Many abhor a dictatorship in theory until one comes along promising to implement their views.

1779. There are magicians who please you with magic tricks, and then there are gurus and leaders who captivate with illusions that are accepted as reality.

1780. Repeating a foolish idea often and loudly, as happens in the media today, only repulses intelligent people, but has a hypnotic effect on the unthinking.

1781. The magic of falling in love occurs when you see the reality of the person’s soul.

1782. When you look and see that which is wonderful in the soul of another you then feel wonderful.

1783. Many say they want something but never received it. This happens because a desire for something in the opposite direction prevented the manifestation.

1784. Instead of turning the other cheek, sometimes it is wise to remove your cheek from the situation.

1785. Truth is where you find it, and when you find it, if you are sensitive to the inner voice, it will be confirmed from within.

1786. You can fall in love with anyone if the barriers to seeing their soul are removed.

1787. What caused the greater distress in your life: That which you feared or the fear itself?

1788. Many would risk everything for 15 minutes of fame, yet unwilling to give 15 minutes to change a whole lifetime.

1789. Nothing’s sure except death, taxes and offending people if you speak your mind.

1790. A great error, once seen, can be corrected by the mind as easily as a small one. However, we are very reluctant to examine our big illusions that control our lives.

1791. Those who do not believe you when you are telling the truth are not to be trusted to tell the truth.

1792. If the whole country proclaims that which is false as true, it is still false, and can be exposed by a few brave souls.

1793. A smile, a loving look, a helping hand and laughter are understood in any language.

1794. Those who get a free lunch will soon insist on free breakfast and dinner as well.

1795. Those who drift aimlessly make their decisions based on their immediate desires, while those who achieve fulfillment make decisions based on what is best.

1796. Even a poison in the right amount can be a medicine and a common food a poison.

1797. Many feel smug in harshly judging those of generations past without realizing that future generations may look back on our illusions with disgust.

1798. True friends last forever. Romances come and go, but if you have a romantic love who is also a true friend you have treasure indeed.

1799. Question those things that others blindly accept. Question authority, political promises, spiritual doctrines, the used car salesman and even reality itself.

1800. The earnest seeker is open to the possibility that everything he believes is false and everything he doubts is true.

1801. In this age so many are called racists, bigots and supremacists that insults have lost their meaning.

1802. Real education shouldn’t end, instead, it begins when you leave school.

1803. Nothing succeeds like success, but having a pile of cash on hand doesn’t hurt.

1804. Opposites attract… sometimes. Other times they hate each other.

1805. Your greatest enemy is not out there, but in there. It is called self.

1806. Many would rather choose to be right in their own minds, yet be miserable in results, than to embrace the truth which leads to happiness and peace.

1807. We lead ourselves into temptation and then have to deliver ourselves from evil.

1808. The success of some public figures proves that there is such a thing as luck.

1809. If Congress were a vegetable it would be a noxious weed.

1810. To fully live is to see beyond the vision of the eyes, to hear beyond hearing, and watch love unfold day by day.

1811. History repeats itself, but with subtle changes making exact predictions near impossible.

1812. The average student memorizes the required information. The above average will learn to apply it. But the superior student will learn, apply and discover new vistas of knowledge.

1813. He who deceives others will be deceived, and he who enlighten others with light and truth will receive the same.

1814. The measure of intelligence is not based on degrees or on data recorded in the brain, but on how constructively knowledge is applied.

1815. Many seek power over others when they should be seeking it over themselves.

1816. The ability to pick your friends wisely may be the most valuable skill you will acquire in life.

1817. Those most eager to take from those with more abundance than themselves are the least willing to give to those less fortunate.

1818. Many are as mad as hell today and will be madder than hell tomorrow.

1819. The future is not what we imagine, but more than we can imagine.

1820. Saying “it could be worse” to one in a painful situation is not helpful.

1821. You are going to make mistakes in life. The important thing is to avoid the dumb ones.

1822. If you want the truth question the way you think, the way you perceive, the way you interpret what you perceive and perception itself.

1823. What if this life is a dream and we wake up but are still dreaming?

1824. Love is never out of sight or out of mind.

1825. Correction of inequalities comes not through force of decree, but through understanding.

1826.Speaking truth is controversial in peaceful times, but of extreme danger when the world goes insane.

1827. Many trust in science today with about as much actual knowledge as an ancient Greek had of Apollo.

1828. It may be considered a virtue to support what is popular today, but in 100 years the heroes of this age will be those who stood for truth in the face of fierce criticism.

1829. It may be risky to play with fire, but without it there would be no civilization.

1830. It would be difficult to accept your own sanity if you were surrounded by the insane.

1831. What is good or evil is a matter of perspective. In past ages even slavery was considered good by those who were not slaves.

1832. Two things convince me there is Divine Intelligence: The heavens above and the heaven within.

1833. What the masses of the world see as essential good is often the butt of jokes generations later.

1834. World leaders must hate history as they ignore the obvious lessons contained therein.

1835. Don’t just smell the roses, see the sunsets, hear the music and feel the love.

1836. There are certain individuals of courage and nobility who will be remembered when many current idols will be forgotten.

1837. Cause and effect is eternal just as God is.

1838. We create our own reality, so the question to be asked when a painful situation occurs is this: Why did I call this to myself and what is the lesson to be learned?

1839. Those who experience both joy and pain feel an impulse to share what they feel. Therefore, seek the path of joy to benefit not just yourself, but many.

1840. In life if you help another to win you will win, but if you cause him to lose you will lose. It therefore makes sense to apply the Golden Rule.

1841. Facts can paint a picture of the truth, but can also be presented to distort reality.

1842. If you’ve worked hard, achieved and still unsatisfied, then you’ve achieved the wrong thing.

1843. If you are forced with the choice of pleasing others or yourself, you may as well please yourself. If you are not happy you cannot make others happy.

1844. Spiritual power depends on three things: Placing focus on spirit over matter, correctly interpreting the light received and a willingness to act upon it.

1845. You do not have to be a noted expert in a field to come up with the most intelligent conclusions concerning its controversies. Einstein was a patent clerk when he first presented his famous theories.

1846. The new normal is often an old rejection.

1847. There is no last chance with God, or any loving parent toward a child. The moment the child seeks to embrace the father or mother there is a loving accepting response.

1848. Some accept teachings because of an emotional and powerful presentation, but the wise seeker only accepts those things that ring true to the Still Small Voice within.

1849. Less is more works with words, but not with works.

1850. Consciousness expands in proportion to the quantity and quality of truth fed into the mind.

1851. Time is of no concern when you are enjoying yourself.

1852. Some of the best things in life are free, but the really great stuff has a hefty cost.

1853. Will receiving a dose of your own medicine heal or hurt? It’s wise to reflect on what we give out.

1854. Happiness consists in accepting and adapting to the things you cannot presently change, yet proceeding with a firm belief that you can mold your own destiny.

1855. One who presents that which is false as true by mixing truth and error is much more dangerous than the obvious liar.

1856. Live your life so when you die you will be missed by many.

1857. The worst of people have a few good ideas and the best of us have some bad ones.

1858. Light the candle of truth and see revealed the lovers of darkness come forth trying to blow it out.

1859. Good friends are a greater treasure than material wealth.

1860. The end can justify the means if the good at the end outweighs the problems of the means.

1861. Insanity is when a man speaks at all when asked by a female: “Are my thighs too big?”

1862. Fear is most quickly overcome by doing that which is feared. If you are afraid of the water go swimming regularly and soon the fear will pass.

1863. The eyes are the mirror of the soul and the soul is the mirror of God.

1864. If everyone on the planet merely had goodwill toward all, fear would become extinct.

1865. They who cannot feed, clothe and house themselves and loved ones are not free.

1866. Since the choice is to either eat, drink and be merry, or eat, drink and not be merry we might as well be merry.

1867. Unfortunately, if the majority of those who wish to help mankind were able to implement their beliefs they would do more harm than good.

1868. Many spiritual students maintain that the world is not real and just an illusion until they remember you owe them $50. Then that $50 seems pretty real.

1869. It’s a good thing fools rush in so angels and the rest of us know what not to do.

1870. People are mirrors of our own thinking. How they seem to judge us reflects how we judge ourselves.

1871. Visit any group clinging to insane beliefs and you’ll find a significant number who are surprisingly intelligent when discussing conventional topics.

1872. The old must not be blindly rejected and the new not blindly accepted. The wise make use of the best of the old and the new.

1873. If the good die young then Betty White must be some type of evil genius.

1874. Human nature takes a curious delight in the misfortune of those who are out of favor.

1875. So many speak of freedom but support actions that enslave.

1876. If hell is a state of mind, then there’s a good chance that’s where many people presently reside.

1877. And in that day when you drop an anvil on your toe, take no heed what ye shall speak, for the words will be freely given unto you.

1878. If you do nothing, nothing happens, but if you do something, something happens. So simple is this directive, but over the heads of so many.

1879. If you get lost in a forest and no one ever finds you were you really ever there?

1880. Hell is when a truck load of live ducks collides with a bus full of rock musicians.

1881. Seeing yourself as you truly are opens the door to heaven.

1882. Doing things for people’s own good, that they do not want done for their own good, is not appreciated and a waste of time.

1883. Circumstances forced us to learn new things as children but as adults we have to force ourselves toward new learning if we want to progress.

1884. If you get what you want at the cost of others not getting what they want you have both lost.

1885. True friends allow you to make a fool of yourself as if nothing happened.

1886. Even harmful decisions are motivated by love, but it is love misunderstood and misplaced.

1887. A person of high intelligence does not accept a thing to be true just because it is in print or stated by an authority.

1888. To become as a little child is to remove limitations to make all things possible.

1889. Love your enemies but do not neglect your trusted friends.

1890. Genius is revealed not through complex explanations but simple ones leading to an understanding of the complex.

1891. It is easy to come up with bad questions that go nowhere, but it takes thought to ask the right question and pursue the right answer.

1892. The need to feel special is the source of many problems in relationships.

1893. True humility opens the door for great things to happen at your hand.

1894. Average people connect the dots. The great minds will move the dots around to create that which is new and beautiful.

1895. It makes sense to believe in a Divine Intelligence, but to believe in some versions of God that are out there seem to require a disconnect from reality.

1896. Beware of the man who claims to know what God’s will is concerning yourself for the end result will be in you giving him money.

1897. The gods seem to destroy the interesting and preserve the boring.

1898. Be like the butterfly: spread your wings and add to the world of beauty.

1899. When I see Christ in you I also find Him in myself.

1900. As I seek for greater knowledge my soul will seek for me.

1901. If you do not ask questions you will not find the answers.

1902. Even though I am open to all things, I will question all things.

1903. The fact that you need a real bad guy in a story to make it interesting may offer a clue as to why God has allowed evil to be in this world.

1904. Evil prevails when good men do nothing, next to nothing or just do not pay attention.

1905. I ask a question and another forms.

1906. I see a purpose and am seeking more.

1907. I am linked to a source of light and love and power.

1908. I look and thus I see. I listen and I hear. I am open and I receive.

1909. I create that which I imagine.

1910. We revere icons like Lincoln who are dead, but if he were alive and in politics today half the country would despise him.

1911. Success in politics today is determined by how much of other people’s money they can spend.

1912. Free Speech Today: You can say anything you want as long as it agrees with the Powers-That-Be.

1913. I eliminate the false and the truth is seen.

1914. I will give trust to those who have proven themselves.

1915. Instead of just having a “like” and positive buttons these should be the additional choices: Dislike, Outrageous, Loath, Mad Dog Crazy.

1916. A good false prophet is one who can capture the attention of his followers with fantastic predictions, and when they do not materialize is able to convince believers they just did not understand the mind of God.

1917. The seeker who cannot tell the difference between opinion and truth will never find the truth.

1918. To impress the unthinking the clever guru says nothing, but in a way that it seems like something.

1919. Move from believer to knower.

1920. Look at those things that orthodoxy tries to suppress being said and you will find that which is in most need of being said.

1921. Truth leads to more truth, reason to enlightenment and discernment to knowing.

1922. When the kingdom of God is found within, it is then projected without and is seen everywhere.

1923. Powerful are they who can balance the dual forces within themselves.

1924. The most spiritual among us have not generally been the most religious and the most religious have not been that spiritual.

1925. Some take what they need; others earn what they need, but the truly rich supply the needs of others.

1926. Do not neglect the child that is within you who still wants to play.

1927. Listen to the messages from your soul, your body and the outside world. They are clues to make sense of life.

1928. There is a picture forming and you are a part. See the whole and wonder.

1929. I will look in a new direction today to see what is there.

1930. Focusing on error reveals error but focusing on truth reveals both truth and error.

1931. There are those who avoid the truth, others who wait for the truth and those who seek the truth. Then there are the few who are the truth.

1932. I decide what I am becoming and become what IAM.

1933. To be upset at others for gaining wealth, success or happiness is to deny them to yourself.

1934. To restore your soul reflect regularly on the highest moments of your life.

1935. There are many who are happy while ignorant of what’s happening, but only a few who are happy while knowing what is actually happening.

1936. Happy are those who enjoy the sun while it shines as well as the cool breeze on a cloudy day.

1937. The more the talk the less the thought.

1938. We are born with an understanding of love, but have to learn what hate is.

1939. I like my idea of heaven but your idea may quite possibly be hell for me.

1940. It often takes more effort to be miserable than to be happy.

1941. Any emotional pain from your past is no longer real, but only in your mind. Your mind has full power to let it go as if it never existed.

1942. If the church had only presented the idea of heaven as a fun and more interesting place than the habitations of the wicked it might have produced more people aspiring to go there.

1943. If you brag of your good works people will despise you, but if others mention them you will be honored.

1944. The successful person may not apply himself with as much intelligence as the unsuccessful, but he applies it longer.

1945. To read an accurate account of our time you’ll have to wait for those currently unborn to write it. Those scholars now living are too emotionally involved and biased to write reliable history.

1946. If a friend expresses hope in any form do not discourage him for it may be his medicine to survive another day.

1947. If you have traveled the wrong direction correct yourself immediately. This choice should be obvious but many do not take it until forced to do so.

1948. Ignorance can be bliss for truth can be somewhat disturbing.

1949. When a dream is realized a new dream must be sought to give purpose to life.

1950. A healthy mind keeps the emotions at peace and the body free of problems.

1951. The person of the most enticing words will often produce the bitterest of results.

1952. A new but good idea is seen as dangerous by the many, but inspiring to the few.

1953. Share your views, realizing that you are not likely to say anything new, but you may say that which is needed at the moment.

1954. New ideas are rare. More rare still are those who can manifest them.

1955. You will not know unless you seek to know.

1956. Truth can be troubling until the whole picture is seen. After this, you would never desire anything else.

1957. In this day of unlimited information, the many know a little about everything, but lack depth of knowledge about anything.

1958. It is better to be ignorant and aware you do not know than to feel assured you know when you do not.

1959. An increase of knowledge should lead to an increase of wisdom, but this is rarely the case.

1960. The hypocrisy of those in authority is overlooked whereas the guy who is struggling is often condemned.

1961. It is better to be honest and make angry than to suppress and delay reaction.

1962. What you don’t know is usually what you do not want to know.

1963. Life has a way of rewarding those who move forward expecting positive results.

1964. The less evidence there is to sustain an authoritative policy the greater is the demand for compliance.

1965. Many dream of immortality while oblivious as to what to do with their few remaining years in this life.

1966. Like life itself, errors with computers generally have nothing to do with the computer, but the guy using it.

1967. Many people want to change things to show they matter more than a desire to make things better.

1968. The circumstances producing heaven for one would be hell for another with different priorities.

1969. Focusing on what you do not want increases fear and draws the negative. To focus on what you do want engenders hope and success.

1970. Those who become ill in these times must ask whether the cause is some virus or perhaps the political poison in the air that is breathed.

1971. Truth leads to more truth, light to increased light and love to the heart of God.

1972. It took us thousands of years to achieve the fragile civilization we now have, but all that could be lost in a day by the pressing of the wrong button.

1973. Two men were given the same insult. The first reacted strongly and sought revenge. The second ignored it as if it never happened. The power of thought alone made the first a major problem, but to the second it was nothing.

1974. Many get upset over nothing and give something a pass until that something causes pain that cannot be ignored.

1975. If we all just did the good that we know we wouldn’t have to die and go to heaven, for heaven would be here.

1976. The curiosity that drives you to find the truth of one thing often leads to another.

1977. To be able to discern the difference between those who seem to know and those who do is a virtue.

1978. To know you don’t know is a form of knowledge.

1979. The truth can lead to bliss or madness depending on how it is processed.

1980. Find one skill and excel at it and you will double the quality of your life.

1981. Words are basically symbols and an imperfect mode of communication, yet for those who cannot read minds they are all we have.

1982. Control of the language equates to control of the minds of the unthinking.

1983.  I will take seventy times seven steps toward the Kingdom of God.

1984. In a serious atmosphere a show of humor is seen as irreverent by the pious, but enlightened relief by others.

1985. If you can take nothing and make it sound like something, or something and make it sound like nothing, you would make a good lawyer or preacher.

1986. Consensus thinking lacks originality and brilliance which, when manifest, destroys its conclusions.

1987. Laws can only endure if the people support them.

1988.There are no amount of laws that can force people to do the right thing.

1989. If you do not understand a wordy explanation take heart in the fact that others also do not understand, including the one who wrote it.

1990. Finding truth will reveal error but focusing on error often leads to more error.

1991. When you can listen to any story, no matter how painful to the characters, yet remain in perfect peace yourself, you are healed

1992. In the hippie era the popular slogan with the youth was: “Question Authority.” Now they have become the authorities they do not want to be questioned.

1993. You can win an argument in two ways. You can be smarter than the other guy or bore him into retreat with nonsense.

1994. Good leaders let others take responsibility when willing, and, if not, they will take command.

1995. A good idea will outlive the nations of the world.

1996. In the past corrupt authorities burned books that challenged their mindset. Now that is not necessary as they do not allow controversial ideas to be published or distributed.

1997. If a little knowledge is dangerous then total ignorance has to be devastating.

1998. The harsh critique often says, “But I am just telling the truth.” But if I honestly say “You are as fat as a pig,” that is more mean than honest. All truth needs to be presented as harmlessly as possible.

1999. Free time has more value than wealth for those who know how to use it.

2000. There is a point within your being that, when accessed, reveals your true home which awaits your arrival.

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 23


Day 286

Unnatural Results

The Seed Thought:

Eat too much unnatural processed food and get unnatural manmade problems and disease.

I came across a teaching many years ago that registered as truth to my soul. It goes like this.

Nature is a far superior chemist compared to humans as it has spent billions of years perfecting its processes. The closer we get to consuming fresh natural ingredients the healthier we will be.

Somewhere in nature is a cure for any disease.

Most every attempt science has made to duplicate, synthesize or improve nature has resulted in a cheaper, but inferior product.

In the end, you do not save money when using synthetics or processed food for you pay a lot extra with future medical bills accompanied by pain and suffering.

When I first became interested in natural products way back in the Sixties the only place you could find health related natural foods was in a health food store and most of what they had were supplements. It was difficult to even find whole wheat bread and there was no such thing as purified drinking water.

You couldn’t get a good salad anywhere. There was nothing in fast food restaurants and even fine restaurants served you a salad with only iceberg lettuce with a bunch of processed ham and dressing thrown on top.

Outside of making one myself I couldn’t find a good salad anywhere until about 1972. Fifty miles from my residence a health food store opened up a decent salad bar. I visited it whenever I could and I seemed to be a great success. It always had a big line and they had lots of good ingredients.

At the time I thought that within 30-40 years the whole country should be converted to healthy natural foods and we should be a much healthier nation.

Reality turned out to be somewhat different than I expected. The knowledge available about natural foods and cures has indeed expanded, but in this process the health of the nation has deteriorated.

How could this be?

The answer is that some have paid attention and incorporated natural foods, but the majority eat more junk than ever and, thus, overall health health has gone downhill.

There are a lot of people who give lip service to healthy eating, but in reality consume many processed foods. Sometimes friends will insist they eat healthy, but then when watching what they order I see they order soft drinks with artificial sweeteners (terrible for your health), processed bakery goods and sweet items with lots of sugar.

One of the first things a seeker needs to do is read the labels of any packaged item they buy. If the ingredients include names that you do not recognize then it is probably full of chemicals that would make you instantly sick in large individual quantities. A rule of thumb is to be suspicious of anything with more than three or four ingredients.

Because humans are far inferior to nature as chemists the seeker needs to stay as close to natural foods as possible, else his body will be greatly weakened over a period of time.

Some say that they cannot afford natural foods, but the healthiest food you can eat is actually very cheap. Sprouts are top of the line as far as healthy foods go and if you buy your own seeds and sprout them yourself the cost is very low. They will be some of the cheapest foods than you can eat.

Many books have been written on natural foods and health. The true seeker should seek some of them out and keep up on the latest thinking.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is no such thing as infinity. If there were the universe could not be expanding. There is a number to everything.

Orthodox thinking accepts the idea of infinity as a given – but is it?


Day 287

A Number to Everything

The Seed Thought:

There is no such thing as infinity. If there were the universe could not be expanding. There is a number to everything.

The common thinking is that the universe is infinite, but the truth is that nothing has been proven to be infinite. Many things seem to be infinite but when examined they are always composed of a specific number.

Just consider the number of human beings on the planet as an example. If you met a new person every second you could only get through a third of the current population by the age of 80. If you greeted new baby every second you would only be able to see 20% of them. To such a person it would seem that there are an infinite number of humans, just on this planet.

This number pales in comparison to the number of cells in the average human body, which number around 30 trillion. In other words, there are 4000 times more cells in one human body than there are humans on the earth.

Now if we take just one cell and count the atoms which make it up we will come up with an even larger number of about 100 trillion. If a person were shrunk down to where he could see the cells and started counting it would indeed seem that the human body had an infinite supply of cells. The same goes with atoms in a cell. They would seem infinite to anyone who started counting them.

The components of most creations seem infinite to those lives within them. Many ancient people thought there was no end to the earth. Some thought the few thousand stars were all that existed. Now we have discovered that we live in a galaxy with over 200 billion stars and in the universe we can observe there are as many as 2 trillion galaxies.

What we have discovered in what we know is that the components of creation are so numerous that they can seem infinite, but are not and still have a finite number to them.

The bottom line is there is a definite number to everything.

Another conundrum is found in the idea that the universe is expanding. The only thing that can expand is something that is finite. If the universe were indeed infinite it could not expand. If the universe were to expand to twice its size would you then have two infinities? There is no such thing. The truth is that if we could expand out vision enough we would see that the universe has an end and has within it a specific number of galaxies, stars and atoms.

A more correct wording would be to say that God and the universe, or the universe of universes are unlimited.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Who says there is no intelligent design? Billions of intelligent humans over thousands of years have been trying to duplicate the human body, and cannot match the intelligence in its design, or even a single organ as the eye, or a single cell within the eye, or a single atom within the cell. They cannot even reverse engineer these creations.

Some good food for thought for the atheist.


Day 288

Divine Complexity

The Seed Thought:

Who says there is no intelligent design? Billions of intelligent humans over thousands of years have been trying to duplicate the human body, and cannot match the intelligence in its design, or even a single organ as the eye, or a single cell within the eye, or a single atom within the cell. They cannot even reverse engineer these creations.

Isaac Newton, who is considered the greatest scientist of all time, marveled at the technology that went into the creation of the human body and noted that the eye alone was so complex that some greater or Divine Intelligence had to be involved in its creation

‘Imagine walking through a forest and stumbling across an iPhone lying at your feet. You pick it up and wonder how it got there. A friend walks by and tells you that all the elements of the forest just came together at the right moments and created it.

This may sound hard to believe, but at the other end of the scale we have scientists digging among ancient ruins and finding ancient tools so deteriorated that it looks like natural forces could have created something so elementary.

“Absolutely not,” they say. “These elementary tools are solid evidence that ancient intelligent man was here and they are intelligent human creations.”

Now consider the difference in the intelligence involved in the creation of a rough-looking hammer and an iPhone. If the hammer is proof of intelligent design then the iPhone is a million times the proof.

On the other hand, the human eye is many times more complicated than the iPhone and the body as a whole many times more complex than that. You would think that the existence of an Intelligent Designer would be so obvious that no one would question it.

Is it possible that the complexity is so overwhelming that the point is just ignored?

The truism, “You can’t see the forest for the trees” comes to mind.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The greatest gift that one person can give to another is to stimulate that love which is in the soul to light the soul of another, like the passing of a candle.

The implications of this thought are great.

For an interesting story that illustrates the blindness of those who do not see Intelligent Design click on this link.


Day 289

The Greatest Gift

The Seed Thought:

The greatest gift that one person can give to another is to stimulate that love which is in the soul to light the soul of another, like the passing of a candle.

That part of us which is eternal is that originating point of light in Divine Space called the monad, or originating intelligence. This monad is born in the world of souls, or spirits, into a body (called the egoic or causal body) composed of a high grade of mental matter.

This soul is focused on divine attributes and is most centered on love; especially love of the whole rather than just the part.

When the seeker obtains soul contact his consciousness moves beyond love of self and those who only bring obvious benefit to self. Instead, he develops love of humanity as a whole and realizes that within each person, even those who are annoying to the personality, dwells the soul which is enflamed with the love of God.

The problem is that this great love has not penetrated the veil of separation between God and humanity. We as true seekers who have a realization of soul love can assist in the following ways:

(1) Realize that this divine love is not only within you but all others and is seeking to manifest.

(2) Realize that the love of the soul dwells even in the most irritating people. See that side of them that is on the inside more than the personality flaws on the outside.

(3) Show love to all no matter how they treat you.

(4) Realize that energy follows thought and look for love to be lighted in unexpected places.

Forgiveness is a key to making this happen as the seeker must purge himself of all grievances toward his fellow men and women. Advice on accomplishing this was discussed earlier and these teachings are always good to review.

May the Force (of love) be with you.

Seed Thought of the Day:

If you hear a report you do not like, do not shoot or attack the messenger, but investigate the message. Your preconceived notions could be wrong.


Day 290

Don’t Shoot the Messenger

The Seed Thought:

If you hear a report you do not like, do not shoot or attack the messenger, but investigate the message. Your preconceived notions could be wrong.

When the average person hears a message he does not like or that runs contrary to his mindset his first reaction is not to sincerely examine the message for truth, but to attack the messenger. And how does he do that?

First he will figure that since the guy is on the other side (usually assumed to be the side of evil or the devil himself) that this person must evil or at best some reckless, unreliable reprobate.

Next he will assume that the guy has many flaws that signal a red flag.

Finally, he will look for and find those flaws, even if the guy is as innocent as Mother Teresa.

Then, when he is satisfied that the guy is in league with the devil he will assume it is safe to reject everything that comes out of his mouth with no need at all to examine the veracity of the arguments presented.

The true seeker will not only reject this approach but be personally abhorred by it. The sincere seeker after truth realizes that no earthly teacher is flawless and all people have a mixture of truth, error and distortion in their belief systems. He will not reject anyone because they are a flawed character and will not accept any because of claims of infallibility. Instead, he will look at the actual words and works of the person and run them by his own soul to test them for approval. If they register well with his soul he will incorporate them and, if not, he will either put them on the shelf or reject them depending on the clarity of the inner voice.

Many true messengers have been rejected, persecuted, imprisoned and put to death because their message was not honestly examined for they were identified as being in league with evil. The day of enlightened messages and true messengers is not over. Let us be among the few who can embrace them when they surface.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Insanity is when you disagree with reality
Justice is when realty bites.
Happiness is when reality is embraced.


Day 291

Facing Reality

The Seed Thought:

Insanity is when you disagree with reality
Justice is when realty bites.
Happiness is when reality is embraced.

Why would anyone disagree with reality? Well, it happens more than one may think. You’ve probably done it yourself since over 90% of the human race is polarized in a reality distortion field.

And what is that?

It is human emotion, which emanates from our emotional body, often called the astral body.

Communication with the soul, which is the one reliable registrar of truth, occurs when the higher part of the mind receives from this higher part of our selves. To get that truth impressed upon our consciousness it has to go through the emotional self and then to the lower mind centered in the physical brain.

Unfortunately, the emotional self acts like a mirror and creates a reverse image of truth. Consider this. When you look in a mirror it seems that you are seeing yourself and surroundings as they are, but you are not. If in doubt just hold up a newspaper headline and try to read it. Difficult isn’t it? Everything in the mirror seems normal, but there is a subtle reversal that distorts reality.

This is what the emotional self does. Instead of allowing you to see things as they are it represents to you a version of truth that seems real, but is not. It tends to believe what it wants to believe rather than what is.

This is a form of insanity forced upon us all until the time comes that we are forced by others or circumstances to look at the true reality. This is like holding up a newspaper headline in a mirror and actually seeing the reversal. When this happens the distortion can no longer be denied.

At first this reality bites because you liked believing what you wanted to believe, even though it was false, but you can only stare at the reversal so long without admitting to yourself that it is a distortion of reality.

When the reversal is finally accepted the seeker begins to access and trust the higher part of his mind that can see without distortion. After a period of time in doing this, he finds that the truth brings much more satisfaction and happiness than did his previous desire to embrace illusion.

When the seeker looks back on his youth and sees what he desired and embraced then compared to what he desires and embraces now he can often see how he has moved toward the truth and that move has always brought him to a greater degree of well being and happiness.

If we expect truth to verify all our desires, we develop a mindset that becomes an enemy to truth. Let all true seekers become friends with reality.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The language of the soul is the communion of true principles.

Contemplate on what is meant by the language of the soul.


Day 292

The Language of the Soul

The Seed Thought:

The language of the soul is the communion of true principles.

Many people who seek for soul contact think that the Higher Self will give them answers in literal English, or their native language. They also think the soul cares about personality details in their life such as finding a parking space.

First, let me clarify that your soul is only interested in helping you with issues that you cannot solve on your own or that will have significant impact beyond that which you personally desire. It is particularly interested in things that have impact on the group of souls with which you are associated.

Secondly, the seeker should not expect answers to come in complete sentences. If words do come to the speaker from the soul they will usually be impressions that are interpreted by the mind.

Overall, the Higher Self understands, absorbs and sends knowledge much faster than we do because it deals with principles and knowledge is received and sent as impressions that convey much more than words, but understanding of how things work or why things are the way they are.

Specific details are sometimes accessed through the soul by retrieving the Akashic records, the Book of Life containing a complete record of earth history and the lives thereon. The problem is that few are able to accurately access them through the soul and many get pieces of information with numerous gaps and when put together by their physical brain much distortion is the result.

This is why we hear many teachers giving conflicting accounts of what they have received.

Dealing with principles in connection with the soul is much more reliable than data for the seeker has an inward sense that tells him when a principle revealed is true whereas details are much harder to discern.

If I were to say that aliens have a hidden base on the moon, then how many could confirm this through the soul?

Very few.

But if I were to say that a great purpose behind all creation is the evolution of life from matter in the direction of Spirit then this idea may register as correct.

Because principles are the language of the soul I have focused on the principles behind reality in most of my writings.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The desire for the truth must be the only desire in the consciousness, as the truth is sought.


Day 293

The Eye Single

The Seed Thought:

The desire for the truth must be the only desire in the consciousness, as the truth is sought.

Jesus threw some light on this idea:

“The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be full of light. But if thine eye be evil, thy whole body shall be full of darkness. If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!” Matt 6:22-23

The Master gives us some expansion on this thought since light and truth are often synonymously written together. If we focus 100% on the side of light and truth, then we will be filled with light and always be able to distinguish truth from error. On the other hand, if we take our focus away from light and truth the opposite will happen. The person will be full of darkness.

What does this mean?

In light you can see clearly and in darkness you cannot. Therefore, the one in darkness will not see reality as it is no matter where he looks – unless he makes a firm decision to look within to the Source of light and develop a love for what is revealed.

Again, we go back to that basic principle which tells us that, “energy follows thought.” If the seeker’s thoughts are directed toward light and truth then he will draw them to his consciousness, but if his thoughts are only on verifying what his lower desires want to be true he will draw darkness and error into his life.

As one contemplates this seed thought he may be inclined to ask: “Does not everyone desire truth? After all, who desires to be wrong?

It may help if we break down the approach of the two sides.

On the side of light and truth, as mentioned in the seed thought, “the truth must be the only desire in the consciousness.”

If this is so, then what is different that is in the mind of the one who is in darkness and illusion? Surely all people think they desire the truth.

Yes, even the ones in great darkness think they desire the truth as much as the next guy, but there is one difference. Above the desire for truth the one in darkness desires to be right and only to have his preconceived notions verified. He thinks his desire to be right is the same as another’s desire for truth. Such thinking is a grievous error.

A desire to be right is linked to satisfying the lower emotions and, as discussed earlier, the lower emotions always distort and reflect in reverse the true reality.

A pure desire for truth is linked to the higher mind, the soul and God who is the Source of all things. The lower self fights tooth and nail to hold on to desired beliefs, however wrong. The seeker reaches a great milestone when he finally lets this go and focuses on soul contact rather than favoring the lower emotions.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs the darkness of a shadow to be seen.


Day 294

Good Needs Evil

The Seed Thought:

Good must co-exist with evil to have meaning, just as light needs the darkness of a shadow to be seen.

We often think that we see light but we do not. What we see are merely the effects of light.

In the depths of space above the earth there is a massive streaming forth of light from the sun, but if you were up there in a spacesuit you would see nothing but the blackness of space no matter how much you tried to see it. You would see something though when you looked at your spacesuit where the rays of light strike and cast differentiation, contrast and shadows. You need the shadow land of physical form to see the effects of the light of the sun. Otherwise, the rays of light would move on forever undetected through space.

Light and darkness are just one of the many manifestations of duality, but they all have one thing in common. They need each other to be revealed and understood.

Like a light shining in darkness, if only good existed then this quality could not be seen, but would be invisible to all. God had to create the universe with contrast and the duality of good and evil so that which is good could be seen, understood and appreciated. Before creation we could not have appreciated God as being good because there was no evil to reveal what was good.

We may not appreciate the manifestation of evil, but without it we wouldn’t have a clue as to any path that would lead to the beautiful, the good and the true.

I guess we could say that evil is a necessary evil.

The path of the seeker, therefore, must be to see manifestations of good and evil as points from which to navigate toward a good and desired end

Seed Thought of the Day:

Unquestioned, unproven or unearned authority is always a destroying energy.

Why would this be true?



Day 295

Following Authority

The Seed Thought:

Unquestioned, unproven or unearned authority is always a destroying energy.

The first question that may come to the mind of the seeker is this: What if the material from such authority is correct and the person follows it and benefits? In that case would it not be destructive?

We can answer that with this scenario.

Let us suppose you came across Bernie Madoff before he was caught and he gave you an investment tip that paid off. You followed it merely because he was an established authority on Wall Street. After this he advises you to invest with him and make over 15% interest. You think to yourself that he is an authority and was right last time so you will trust him even though the 15% seems unrealistic in most cases.

In this case your unearned authority being right just set you up for a great disaster.

The problem with unearned authorities that are not thoroughly tested is that it is only a matter of time before they give you information or direction that is wrong and will lead to negative results.

There are a handful of seekers who question and test their authorities to the best of their ability. When this rare authority passes all their tests then should they accept without question?

Even here the answer is no.


Because no human being is infallible. We all are subject to error.

So what is the difference in the way the seeker should handle the earned and unearned authority?

With the unearned authority the seeker needs to be skeptical of everything he says and check out the truthfulness to the best of his ability. When he says something that doesn’t seem to make sense you figure the chances are that there is error or distortion involved.

Concerning the more reliable earned authority the seeker gives additional weight and accepts most things that sound reasonable and registers well with the soul. If he says something that seems odd or unreasonable you do not automatically reject it, because he or she has been correct numerous times in the past. Instead, you seriously consider it and check out all the details possible. If you cannot prove the information true or false you put it on the shelf thinking that additional knowledge will bring further light in the future.

The wise seeker will not follow any authority if he cannot make sense of his words, except the soul itself, for a true communication from the Higher Self can be trusted as long as the seeker interprets correctly.

There are those who see me as having no earned authority in their minds and these should only go by the authority of the words themselves in connection with their minds and souls.

Some see me as an earned authority as they have tested my teachings numerous times. These still question me if I say something that does not seem reasonable to them. This is what they should do as I am not infallible and the language itself often does not depict real truth as it is.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Answers to prayers can be very disturbing if one is not thoughtful about what is asked.

Have you ever gotten what you asked for and then been disappointed or upset with the results?


Day 296

The Gold Principle

The Seed Thought:

Answers to prayers can be very disturbing if one is not thoughtful about what is asked.

Everyone wants love, right? Let us suppose you pray for it with enough faith to cause God to deliver. How would this come about?

The greatest manifestations of love come through painful circumstances that reveal who our real friends are. Here are some possible circumstances.

(1) Jack suffers a financial disaster and can’t even afford Christmas presents for his kids. A friend gives him $500 to help him out. Both Jack and the friend share an experience of love they had not realized before,.

(2) Jimmy is confronted by bullies in a park and they start slapping him around. Just as it looks like the worst is yet to come a stranger comes along, puts his own safety at risk causes the invasive kids to flee. Jimmy now feels a love toward this stranger that he will never forget.

(3) Jane as just escaped from a terrible and abusive husband. In a down and out situation she meets Lyle who protects her and helps her out. They wind up getting married and Jane realizes that her love and appreciation for him is much greater than it would have been if she hadn’t passed through her bad first marriage.

Love is just one quality that is enhanced through difficulties. Patience is developed by dealing with obnoxious people. Dealing with terrible circumstances creates wisdom. Tolerance is to be acquired by handling intolerant people.

The bottom line is that quality attributes are formed through the Gold Principle. And what is that?

To achieve the quality of pure gold requires a refining of the material through great heat, allowing the impure elements to be removed so just the pure material remains.

This principle also applies to us humans. The idea of no pain no gain applies. To develop good qualities will often demand that we go through some fires of adversity.

In the first half of my life I often asked God to bless me with various good qualities. I can now see that it is no coincidence that this part of my life was extremely difficult for me. Now, in the latter part of my life, I do not ask for such things for I figure I could use a little rest and am happy to savor the positive results of the troubles I have passed through. Life seems to present enough trials without praying for virtues that will bring on more difficulties.

Don’t let this discourage you from seeking to improve yourself. It will take courage to do what it takes to progress, but courage is one of the finer virtues.

“And he shall sit as a refiner and purifier of silver: and he shall purify the sons of Levi, and purge them as gold and silver, that they may offer unto the LORD an offering in righteousness.” Mal 3:3

Seed Thought of the Day:

When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path.

Why does love give the seeker power to persevere?


Day 297

The Motivation of Love

The Seed Thought:

When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path.

There are three categories of seekers who pursue the Path to the soul.

The first are those who focus on the mind, almost to the exclusion of the heart.

The second are those who focus on the heart, almost to the exclusion of the mind.

The third are those who balance the two energies and exercise an interplay of mind and heart in their decisions as they move forward.

The first person may absorb considerable knowledge but without being tempered by the love energies of the heart he is in danger of being diverted toward the dark path of selfish desire.

The second is highly focused on the love energies of the soul and is not likely to pursue the path of selfishness, but without the aid of the mind he is likely to make numerous detours into the land of illusion. The love of the soul will eventually guide him out of the illusion toward the balance of mind and heart.

The third is the rarest, but with a balance of the two energies he will avoid the path of selfishness as well as the fog of illusion and proceed until the goal is reached.

So, how is it that love motivates the seeker to not give up until liberation is achieved?

The key to successful and continuous soul contact for the seeker is to be involved in unselfish service. This requires him or her to feel a genuine love toward his fellow men and women and follow the Christ Principle, previously mentioned. To follow this principle the seeker will, through the impetus of love, stretch forth his hand, to lift up others to where he is and in turn someone higher will lift him up. All connected to this principle form a chain linked to the one God, bound together by the power of love.

As long as the seeker recognizes the love of God which is in him he will not cease in his motivation to stay on the path and maintain his place in this great chain of Christ.

The words of Paul express this well:

“But all these worketh that one and the selfsame Spirit, dividing to every man severally as he will. For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ. For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit. For the body is not one member, but many.” I Cor 12:11-14

Love manifesting through consciousness produces the dominating good in the universe and gives impulse to all spiritual evolution.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Since we all have the knowledge of God available within us, the only reason we need a teacher is to remind us to ask questions and search for the truth – not to be the truth for us.


Day 298

The Key to Knowledge

The Seed Thought:

Since we all have the knowledge of God available within us, the main reason we need a teacher is to remind us to ask questions and search for the truth – not to be the truth for us.

Socrates had the idea that all of us, whether we be high or low have access within us to all truth. An acquaintance disagreed with him on this so to demonstrate he called in a lowly uneducated servant and proceeded to ask him a series of questions. This caused the servant to think and reflect until he came up with answers as intelligent as most philosophers of the day. The friend was impressed and most readers had to admit that Socrates had a point.

This approach verifies the idea that the Kingdom of God is indeed within, as was said by Jesus, and that the key of all knowledge is also there as taught by many wise individuals of the past.

This thought is in harmony with a previous seed though which says:

It takes as much intelligence to come up with the right questions as it does to recognize the right answers.

The first major step toward true enlightenment for the seeker is when he begins to ask himself questions. In saying this I’m not talking about questions from a teacher, a quiz or some outside source, but self-generated questions.

This is where a good teacher, book or video comes in handy. They can present some questions and answers that may generate more questions until the seeker begins to formulate his own questions and initiate his own search for answers.

If a teacher does not stimulate the student to ask questions beyond that which he teaches then his value is minimal compared to another who does provide such stimulation.

In the end though, the responsibility is on the seeker to ask questions and look within and without for the answers.

Here is a stimulating parting thought:

The Ark of the Covenant represents that secret place within you where the Spirit of God, and Christ consciousness is found. Within all human beings is available all knowledge written by the finger of God.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned.

Does the mentioning of love sometimes occur when it is better to be silent?


Day 299

Show Instead of Tell

The Seed Thought:

When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned.

Have you noticed that many of those who claim to be loving are often not that loveable; whereas, others who never promote themselves as loving are much easier to love?

This relates a principle that manifests though numerous concepts.

For instance, those who present themselves as masters or spiritual giants are often quite ordinary.

Those who claim a high IQ often lack common sense.

Those who tell you how to live your life often have a life which itself is in shambles.

It comes down to this. If you want to be known as a person with positive characteristics, the way to achieve this is not by broadcasting that which you see as your virtues.

Instead, that is the worst way, generally backfires and creates reverse the intended effect.

The seeker should not worry about what others think of his virtues. He needs to merely proceed as a servant of humanity and spread love and helpfulness where he can without thinking of praise or reward. In doing this, whether he realizes it or not, the reward is built in and will manifest in some way.

True, some people you help may not appreciate it, but the next guy will appreciate enough to make up for it.

Those with a good heart will recognize the one who acts in a spirit of love and he will never have to remind the receiver of his good deeds.

The stable servant will realize that the reward for good deeds is a sure thing. He can keep this principle in the back of his mind and then place the idea of praise out of his mind as he goes forward in service with the realization he is on the right path.

All of us know what love is when we feel it, and when we feel it we do not need anyone to explain it to us.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Every creation and life in the universe is a center from which all things in its periphery must be discovered.


Day 300

The Universe of You

The Seed Thought:

Every creation and life in the universe is a center from which all things in its periphery must be discovered.

The more you think about it the more each of us are like an entire universe.

We marvel at the vastness of our Milky Way galaxy, which is called an island universe, having over 250 billion solar systems within it, of which our sun is only about average in size.

On the other hand, our bodies contain over 30 trillion living cells within them and each cell is composed of around 100 trillion atoms. Remember that a trillion is a thousand times as much as a billion so the vastness of that which is within us is great indeed.

You, as a conscious self-aware entity, are only one out of billions living on this small planet. Even so, we begin our awareness centered on one thing, ourselves. From there we explore the universe within and without. At first we seem to be of ultimate importance in the scheme of things, but the more we explore the universe the smaller we become. The seeker slowly discovers he is a mere drop in a great ocean of life.

Does this mean that we are insignificant?

No. As consciousness expands the seeker discovers that there is one life, or one great ocean, of which he is both the part and the whole.

The universe needs each one of us to be complete and we need all the other parts to experience the wholeness, or holiness.

Seed Thought of the Day:

When the world around you seems to fall apart after you have given your all, what should you do?

Give some more.


Day 301

The Extra Mile

The Seed Thought:

When the world around you seems to fall apart after you have given your all, what should you do?

Give some more.

The Master said, “he who endures to the end shall be saved.” (Matt 10:22)

This is more literally translated as “he who endures to the end shall be delivered.”

Most people associate this with some type of spiritual salvation in the next world but when you look at the expanded meaning one can see that a universal principle is at play as covered somewhat on day 218.

We are delivered from failure when we just keep plugging away at a project until it is successfully completed. The problem many seekers have is they give up when the going gets tough. This problem occurs to those seeking to accomplish goals on the material plane as well as salvation in the spiritual.

As the seeker begins to tread the path he finds that much seems to be required from him. It seems that he has to just give and give and give and often gets very little in return. Not only does he have to sacrifice material pleasures, but that sacrifice is generally not appreciated. In fact he often has to endure the opposite which is criticism and attack when all he is trying to do is perform a service that will be a benefit for others.

Many a disciple has fallen short after giving and serving for a season and then becoming frustrated because of lack of success or lack of appreciation and support from others. Often his greatest disappointments come from those closest to him.

Many thus reach a point where they throw up their hands and say, “That’s it! I can’t take it any more. Not even God is helping me so why should I continue? It is time for me to resume the normal life.”

Such people do not endure to the end and thus do not achieve the prize. They may return to an easier life, but a feeling of dissatisfaction with themselves will linger.

Then there are other seekers who feel discouragement and do not consciously quit, but linger on with one foot planted on the goal and the other foot in limbo. This may be the worst situation of all and such a disciple is reported to be even disgusting to God for the scripture says:

“I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.” Rev 3:15-16

Of course, to have this principle work the seeker must have a goal that is feasible and worthwhile. If there is something wrong with the idea pursued then the flaws will be revealed to the sincere seeker and can be corrected.

As the disciple works on the goal he needs to realize that all who have succeeded in the past have reached points of discouragement and thought of quitting, but they continued anyway. Their motivation was not their own success, but the need that is out there.

The world needs the light and love that true disciples can give.

Let all true seekers hear the call and be one of them.

Seed Thought of the Day:

To unlearn is to learn and before we do we must often undo, else our efforts are in vain.


Day 302

To Unlearn

The Seed Thought:

To unlearn is to learn and before we do we must often undo, else our efforts are in vain.

There are times when the pilgrim reaches an important crossroad where he encounters evidence that his beliefs and labors are based on illusion rather than reality. At that point he has to make a choice, which is this.

“Do I stop and examine this evidence and risk finding out that all my labors have been mislead and possibly of no value or even negative – or should I just ignore and dismiss them, and move forward and hope for a positive outcome?”

Most go with the second alternative and either ignores or dismisses the evidence that the current labors are a waste of time. Why would a person do this and go contrary to the highest he knows?

The main reason is this. When a person has invested years, or maybe even a lifetime of effort in a certain direction it is devastating to discover that one has wasted so much time. Who wants to face the fact that his life’s work was in vain? The natural inclination is to take a second look and see if all the labors can be justified, built upon and continued.

The second problem deals with the ego. If the person has been wrong all these years when others have been correct then this signals that he has been dense at best and utterly stupid at the worst. It is very difficult for the seeker to accept the fact that he has been wrong when the truth should have been obvious all along.

The natural inclination here is to look for the good in the ideals he has espoused and use them to justify his continuing onward in the illusion.

If this then goes against the highest he knows something strange happens that drives him even deeper into illusion. He then consciously justifies himself to the degree that the truth deep in his consciousness is suppressed. After the suppression is complete the pilgrim’s lower self becomes convinced that he has been right all along and that his current path is the highest and the best.

It then seems to him he is following the highest he knows because he has no conscious recollection of rejecting he highest he once knew. This is a sad situation indeed, but one that all seekers go through for numerous lifetimes until the repercussions of the mistakes become so pronounced and so painful that he is finally forced to unlearn all the mistakes that were the result of his previous learning.

As painful as this turning around is and as frustrating as it may be to realize how much time and effort has been wasted, from the vantage of the soul this is a great day, the beginning of real learning. In the end all the illusion was not a waste of time, but a school designed to teach the student how to enter the path of real learning.

Thus, the seeker must backtrack on the wrong path to enter the right one, to acknowledge error to see truth and to unlearn to learn.

Seed Thought of the Day:

One of the main causes of depression is in the avoiding of difficult decisions that must be faced.

This presents good food for thought to expand on the last quote.


Day 303

Facing Reality

The Seed Thought:

One of the main causes of depression is in the avoiding of difficult decisions that must be faced.

Medical authorities examine the causes of depression on a physical level, as if all that composes our makeup is physical mater and interactions thereof. They tell us that because of bad luck many just randomly suffer from chemical interactions in the brain that cause depression. Yes, they acknowledge that certain experiences such as a lost love, lost job or just pure boredom can contribute, but all people undergo difficult situations, but not all people suffer from depression. The difference they say is in the brain chemistry of the depressed.

So, does random brain chemistry cause depression or does the thought process of the person cause the problematic brain chemistry?

A few researchers are discovering evidence that thought is indeed a powerful factor. This is something that spiritual students have known for thousands of years.

The question for the spiritual student is this: What is the difference between the thinking of the one who suffers from depression and the one who does not?

Before we get to the core answer we must acknowledge that there are seemingly physical behaviors that affect our moods. A bad diet, particularly the overuse of refined sugar, has an effect as well as physical activity or the lack thereof. But even here one has to admit that these things are the result of choices made by the mind of the person. Mind thus makes decisions and decisions affect moods.

Many problems that filter down to the creations of negative brain chemistry are psychological in origin and the result of thought, or wrong direction of thought.

Each individual has some degree of connection with the Higher Self and has a sense of the right thing he should do in various circumstances. When the right choice is difficult then it is often avoided or replaced with an easier decision that merely exacerbates the problem.

When the right decision is avoided the person will take one of several alternatives.

(1) He will feel bad that he took the easy route and reflect with distress about what he should be doing.

(2) He will ignore or dismiss the effects of his wrong choice.

(3) He will suppress disturbing memories so it will seem to his current consciousness that no wrong decision has ever been made.

In each of these situations the internal psyche knows the true reality and the effects of the wrong decision continue to stand in need of attention.

The person in the first situation keeps the problem in his consciousness and is most likely to face the problem and solve it.

In the second it is shoved to the back of his mind making the solution more difficult.

The third is most problematic for the guy lives as if the problem does not exist – except it does and only sincere internal reflection will bring the solution back to his consciousness.

The seeker must always remember that energy follows thought and make sure the thought is headed the right direction. When this is the case the flow of vital force will be unimpeded and the seeker will have a positive feeling about life.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Seeker’s Guide to Soul Contact, Part 22

Day 277


The Seed Thought:

When negative emotions are dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and resulting disease will no longer consume us.

It has dawned upon the consciousness of humanity that a polluted physical environment, such as toxins in air, water and food, are detrimental to our health and well-being. Less realized is the effect of the toxins that invade our emotional thinking and feeling nature. These toxins often do more damage than the physical ones.

For instance, you will often see two family members who breath the same air, eat the same food and drink the same water, but one is healthy and the other is not.

Why is this?

Yes, it is true that there may be some other factors besides those affecting the emotional nature, but negative emotional implants are often a significant factor in the difference.

The problem with clearing the emotional self is that the most destructive negative emotions are often disguised as something positive. The most harmful emotions are grievances unexpressed, or not communicated, that fester in the victim until a disease will manifest. The victim often sees the suppression as a virtue because he is avoiding upsetting the sender of the offense.

Unfortunately, the grievance does not go away when suppressed but acts like boiling water in a teapot. The inward pressure keeps increasing until something gives. The victim either explodes and strongly expresses emotion or continues to hold it in and is sapped of vital energy leading to disease.

While those who suppress are in danger of congestive disease such as cancer, those who over react and strongly express emotion are in danger of inflammatory disease.

The seeker must reach a balance and find ways to express himself so a grievance is not held, yet maintain a degree of self control so he does not overreact,

He who holds his emotions in a state of balance and peace takes a major step toward good health. If he also avoids other pollutants and gets reasonable exercise and sunshine the chances of having good health for life are high.

Seed Thought for the Day:

Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality from shadow, there is only blackness.

Much enlightenment can be found by reflecting on light itself.


Day 278

Revealing Light

The Seed Thought:

Light can only reveal when a shadow is cast. If you are in space and look through millions of miles of the sun’s rays shining through the void, but with no duality from shadow, there is only blackness.

If you look up at the sky you will see many stars, but consider this. The light you see from a star has traveled trillions of miles through space without being seen until it hits your eyes. Between you and the star, the photons making up the light still existed, but did not reveal themselves until they lit on your eyes.

If you look up at the sky again, but between the stars, you will see only blackness. Yet a few miles above the atmosphere in that blackness there is a full spectrum of the sun’s rays with enough light to blind the eyes.

Why then do we see blackness instead of light?

Because light is that which reveals in this world of form and its effects cannot be seen unless form interacts with light. Form has contrast and contrast revealed by light create shadows, which makes our 3-D vision possible.

Now there are various types of shadows. A shadow on the moon which has no atmosphere is completely black having no light at all. A typical shadow on the earth only blocks out part of the light because of light refraction in the atmosphere. One could also say the light spectrum which can manifest any color from white light are shades or shadows of a complete light.

When we consider that light is that which reveals then we realize that light goes beyond the physical. Light is also that which reveals to the mind, or our understanding. Teachings that reveal are called enLIGHTened.

We realize our sense of physical sight is precious indeed. Perhaps we should place even more value on our more spiritual sense that perceives greater light and truth. The result of this higher light follows us after death and the results are more permanent.

The words of Solomon come to mind here:

“Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.” Proverbs 4:7

Today’s Seed Thought:

All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives them power.


Day 279


The Seed Thought:

All symbols are neutral until someone interprets them and that interpretation gives them power.

If you were to attend a party and come across someone displaying a swastika on his shirt, what do you suppose the reaction of the guests would be?

They would be horrified and avoid the guy like the plague. If anyone did approach him it would most likely be to ask him to leave.

On the other hand, if you were able to go back in time, before World War II and attend such a function you would be in an era where the swastika was seen as a spiritual symbol, even used by the United States military and embraced in the artwork of American Indians as a positive symbol.

It was also in use representing good fortune by numerous European nations such as Denmark, Ireland, Finland and Poland.

Numerous ancient religions used the symbol, often representing divine activity of some sort. The word “swastika” itself comes from the Sanskrit and denotes “conducive to well being or auspicious”.

It is unfortunate that Hitler was able to take a symbol of positive meaning for millennia and alter its meaning in public consciousness to something repulsive, that may never be seen again in a positive light.

The pentagram is another symbol used for good and evil. Many place the five pointed s tar on top of their Christmas tree having nothing but positive feelings about this while others see the five pointed star, the pentagram as a satanic symbol.

Early Christians used it as a symbol of the five wounds of Christ while now they shun it and fundamentalists associate its use with Satanism.

It is difficult for a company or national movement to create a logo without someone accusing them of being in league with the devil because of some perceived hidden meaning.

Despite the fact that the meaning of symbols can be distorted to mean something good or evil – this does not distract from the fact that they can be intelligently deciphered and used as an extremely effective way of communicating.

For instance the Triangle represents the three aspects of the Trinity and the square represents the foundation of the New Jerusalem that links heaven and earth.

All shapes, like all letters of the alphabet, can be placed together to represent the good or evil in the mind of the one creating the message. The seeker must see the symbols in the context of their use and interpret them with judgment rather than in black and white.

Seed Thought of the Day

There is no first cause for cause and effect are eternal. There is only a first cause of a cycle of creation.

There is a lot of food for thought in this statement.


Day 280

First Cause

The Seed Thought:

There is no first cause, for cause and effect are eternal. There is only a first cause of a cycle of creation.

We have often heard philosophers and spiritual leaders speak of a “First Cause.” But when you think about it this cannot be a real event.

Consider this reasoning: If there was such a thing as a “first cause” then before this event there could have been no such thing as cause and effect. If there were no cause and effect then there would have been nothing in existence, not even God. If indeed God or any life exists then cause must also exist because all life creates cause and God would be no exception.

If cause and effect did not exist then there could be no first cause, for cause cannot come from no cause, and effect cannot exist unless there is first a cause.

There is no such thing as a first cause from an eternal perspective for cause and effect is eternal just as the One Great Life we call God is eternal. Lives, great and small, eternally create cause and effect and the natural law of cause and effect expand and enhance the life experience.

All things that have a beginning, including this temporary universe, had a first cause, and hence an ending effect, but before any first cause of the cycle of a planet, a galaxy or universe, there were previous causes.

Cause and effect is the prime law of the universe used by intelligence to create ends to the various cycles in which the good dominates over the evil.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed them.

This is a simple statement that seems to point out the obvious, but there is more truth here than meets the eye.



Day 281

Good and Bad Shepherds

The Seed Thought:

The false teacher will seek to be fed by the sheep. The true teacher will seek to feed them.

This problem of teachers, gurus, pastors, or, as the Bible calls them, “shepherds”, feeding themselves above assisting the followers is an ancient one. Here is an instance from Old Testament days:

“Woe be to the shepherds of Israel that do feed themselves! should not the shepherds feed the flocks? Ye eat the fat, and ye clothe you with the wool, ye kill them that are fed: but ye feed not the flock. … I am against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them.” Ezekiel 34:4&10

Jesus also complained about this to the Jewish authorities:

“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye devour widows’ houses, and for a pretence make long prayer.” Matt 23:13

Unfortunately, there is a built in temptation facing all those teachers in authority to feed themselves rather than the flock. After all, it is the tendency of the natural man to think of his own comforts above those others. There is also a tendency to see oneself as superior in intelligence and spirituality over the rank and file and thus more entitled to benefits.

If the teacher follows these natural tendencies (which many do) then he will wind up feeding himself above the flock. To pacify the flock he will promote himself as a great benefactor far beyond that which he deserves.

We have all encountered stories of preachers and gurus who have milked their followers of cash and used millions for their own luxury. Among Christians, Jim and Tammy Bakker were a prime example. Among gurus was the Bhagwan of the Rajneesh sect who boasted of owning 93 Rolls Royces while demanding sacrifice from followers.

Payment for the shepherds goes beyond material possessions. Some value prestige and praise above material possessions and seek to nourish their own ego above all else. Many develop a messiah complex and let their followers know in no uncertain terms that they are right up there with Jesus or Moses in importance.

Fortunately, there are a few teachers who have resisted the natural tendency, made soul contact, and have used the power of spiritual will to negate the natural inclination to inflate ego or pocketbook at the followers expense.

These see themselves as fellow travelers with their students and realize that helping them also helps themselves move forward and thus can sustain the moving forward of the group seeing oneself as being one in a chain linked together.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Because of wrong focus, the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. He who suffers great distress must ask what Higher Intelligence is attempting to teach him.

Have you suffered great distress before? What did you learn from the experience?


Day 282

Right Focus

The Seed Thought:

Because of wrong focus, the only way the soul can get our attention is through pain. He who suffers great distress must ask what Higher Intelligence is attempting to teach him.

The key phrase in this thought is, “Because of wrong focus.” If our focus is where it should be and our attention is directed to listening to the inner voice then the soul will not have to use extraordinary measures to get our attention.

Unfortunately, it is the nature of us flawed human beings, even seekers of enlightenment, to take the easy path and listen to the outer voices over the inner.

Just imagine the choice the seeker has when his doctor tells him to take a certain drug or treatment that the Higher Self sees as destructive. Which voice is easier to register and speaks louder to his consciousness? If the doctor places great fear of health or even death in his mind then that creates a voice that calls the seeker to attention much more than the soul. To obey the voice of the soul in such a circumstance requires three things:

(1) The seeker must have heard the voice enough times to be aware when it is speaking.

(2) The seeker must have tested the voice in the past so he knows it is reliable.

(3) He must be willing to follow the voice.

If the soul attempts to communicate with the individual and he refuses to tune in and listen then the soul will withdraw and let him learn of his bad decision through the pain which will naturally occur because of his chosen path.

Then there are other times that the pilgrim reaches a point where a certain direction needs to be taken for him to learn his next lesson. The guy just is not paying attention and continues in his old familiar paths. Because this next step is necessary if he is to move forward in his progression the soul will speak as loudly as it can through the inner voice, through dreams and though signs appearing in his life.

Unfortunately, at one time or another, most of us go through a period where we just ignore all these attempts of the soul to communicate. When such a dead end is reached the soul then decides to apply more drastic measures. It may create an accident, a disease or painful personal situation that the seeker just cannot ignore. Even here many an individual does not get the point and continues in his old ways.

If this ignorance continues then the soul will tighten the screws even more until the pain increases to be almost unbearable. Finally the seeker will look up to the skies and exclaim in anguish, “Why, God!!!”

At this point the soul will see an opening and do its best to send a message.

If the seeker listens and responds he can then change direction (repent) and follow a path that will lead him away from the pain to the peace that passes all understanding.

If he continues to ignore the voice he is in danger of increased suffering while blaming God and rejecting all things spiritual and following a dark path.

Thus let the seeker be aware, listen and follow the voice that leads to progress and peaceful pastures.

Seed Thought of the Day:

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

Is it wrong to give with the thought of getting something back?


Day 283

The Karma Bank

The Seed Thought:

There is no such thing as giving and getting nothing in return. There is always a return, but not always in kind.

In the past when I have taught this principle some have replied that we shouldn’t even be thinking about such a thing. They criticize me for even bringing up this principle, as if it is wrong to think about it.

The truth is that it is never wrong to reflect on true principles, even though that truth may be offensive to some. Truth is never offensive when it is understood and placed in its right perspective in relation to the whole.

Should we only give because we will get some material benefit?

Of course not. If all only gave when a physical return is immediate or obvious then no one would give blood, we wouldn’t give to charities and no one would help the homeless and the hungry.

Do we need a selfish motive in order to give?


Do we need a motive?

Of course. We do nothing without first being motivated.

So what is the motive for those who sacrifice time or money to help others?

Basically it is because it is the right thing to do.

And why are we motivated to do the right thing?

Even when we examine this answer we come back to self interest. Here are some answers to that question.

(1) The God of my religion demands generosity and if I do not assist others I may go to hell or at best offend God.

(2) I feel guilty if I do not help others in need. Giving makes me feel better.

(3) Being a big giver increases my status with associates.

(4) Giving makes everything better for everyone including myself.

There is some interest in every decision we make, even if it is merely expressed in the good feeling we receive, vs. a bad feeling if we turn away a plea for help.

So, if we give – is all we can expect back is a good feeling about it?

No. There is a universal law of cause and effect. The good feeling you get from giving is a bonus. In addition to this your giving creates ripples in the waters of karma that builds up momentum and brings back to you benefits in life when you need them. If you give $100 you may not receive back exactly that amount, but someone may stop and help you when your car breaks down and the help will be worth more than $100 in your mind.

It is a scientific fact that a cause must produce effect. It helps the seeker to understand that his good works are like putting money in the bank of karma. If he understands this he can lose himself in giving, not worry about the payback, but realizing that he is laying the foundation of a happy existence for himself and others.

Seed Thought of the Day:

The most common misuse of authority lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

Have you been, or are you currently being manipulated?


Day 284


The Seed Thought:

The most common misuse of authority lies in making you think you are not being manipulated when you are totally manipulated.

How can one be controlled and manipulated yet be totally oblivious to what is occurring? It happens much more often than you may think.

The mob mentality is the most obvious example. If a mob gathers that starts fires, breaks windows and overturns cars it will gather many people gleefully joining with the bedlam who are otherwise peaceful. On their own they would not consider breaking the window of a struggling business, but when identifying with the mob this suddenly seems like a good idea.

This mob mentality extends on a number of levels to everyday humans and even influences us toward benevolent activity as well a malevolent. For instance, an individual may have no inclination to give to a certain charity, but when he finds out that all his friends are giving to it he decides to join the crowd and also give.

This mob mentality expressing itself through acceptable channels is often called “groupthink.” Overseeing groupthink are always a handful of decision makers at the top who decide that which is acceptable for the group to embrace. This is handled in such a way that the individual believes he is thinking his own thoughts when he is really following implanted instructions. If the implants were something different his thinking would also be different, but to this he is oblivious.

For instance. a member of a church or political party may think he independently embraces all their ideology when he is actually responding to implants that tell him what to think.

This reminds me of a time a friend asked a true blue Mormon what he thought of a concept not covered by standard Mormon doctrine. The guy appeared somewhat confused and finally responded:

“I’m not sure, Let me check with my Bishop to find out what I think.”

Now that is an honesty that you do not get everyday, but this subtle attitude occurs in all groupthink. This is illustrated in amusing interviews circling around where the subject is asked what he thinks of (a politician he likes) statement on a subject. He is then given a quote from the guy he hates, but totally accepts and defends it. This also works in reverse.

Instead of thinking for himself the unwitting subject is just a foot soldier for the acceptable guy, right or wrong.

The seeker must continually check with his thinking process to make sure he arrives at conclusions through his own reasoning rather than an implant from someone else.

Today’s Seed Thought:

You are intelligence in matter, which is your body. It is logical then that the body we call Earth correspondingly has great intelligence manifesting through its elements.

Use the Law of Correspondences discussed earlier to see where it takes you here.


Day 285

Intelligence In Matter

The Seed Thought:

You are intelligence in matter, which is your body. It is logical then that the body we call Earth correspondingly has great intelligence manifesting through its elements.

The most common view of God is that He/She/It is a living Spirit that exists everywhere in the universe. In other words, God is omnipresent. Some type of omnipresence is taught by most any religion that can be found.

The seeker needs to follow this idea of omnipresence to its ultimate conclusion, which is this.

If God is omnipresent then Its life dwells within the form of a galaxy, a sun, a planet, a human, a cell or an atom.

Yet many scientists disagree and tell us that there are just two types of matter – organic and inorganic. The earth is mostly inorganic and the other planets seem to be 100% inorganic so the idea that they an house any type of inherent life is not scientific. They say that matter itself does not have consciousness.

You don’t say.

Are you not in a physical body made of all types of matter?

Do you have consciousness?

Then, are you not an example of consciousness in matter?

Therefore, if consciousness can exist at one place in matter then is there any reason that it cannot exist in other places, like a planet or sun or instance?

Then among organic life forms we see that life operates in different time frames. When photographing plants using time lapsed photography we see that plants move in various directions depending on outside stimuli, similar to a way that a human might, but at a different reckoning of time.

Is it not possible then that the life and consciousness of a planet, or the universe itself, is centered in a different rate of time? For instance, some esoteric thinkers tell us that a heartbeat for earth takes about 25,000 years. If we could do super time-lapse photography for the earth or solar system we may be surprised at the conscious life that would be revealed.

I submit that the life of God is indeed omnipresent and life is everywhere, even in what is called inorganic matter.

Seed Thought of the Day:

Eat too much unnatural processed food and get unnatural manmade problems and disease.

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