The question:

There are still several other popular foods not yet mentioned that are not farmed in the regular sense that are high in natural minerals and that are also readily available. An you name them?

Sharon’s supplement she mentioned sounds like a good one. Is it a multi-level? We buy a similar one formulated by Richard Schulze called Superfood.

Someone mentioned that nuts would be a good source of minerals, especially pine nuts.

Yes, pine nuts would be great, especially if they are harvested from the forests. All pine trees have deep roots. The nuts are expensive, but very tasty and a good source of minerals in the most natural state.

Another great source is wild rice. Now many products that have wild rice on the label only have a small amount of the real thing in them. Real wild rice is completely black. It is very rich in minerals and nutrients and takes an amazingly small amount to fill you up.

Another source is honey. A wild honey is best. In other words, look for a honey where the bees get their nectar from non farm areas such as wild flowers or deserts. If the honey is dark it is a sign that it has a good supply of minerals. Good taste is another indication.

I have heard it said that more beekeepers live to advanced age than any other profession. Perhaps minerals have something to do with this.

Another great product from bees that is full of nutrients and minerals is bee pollen Many people believe that one could live on this product alone. If you try this for the first time take only a small amount for some are allergic to it. This can be overcome by gradually increasing the dose.

Another source are wild animals and birds. As far as meat goes a wild elk or deer is much healthier than a domestic animal.

The third consideration as mentioned earlier was:

“Select foods in their most natural and purest state possible.”

Comment: “Overall, I’m pleasantly surprised that we all are health activists here! “

JJ: Actually, it is to be expected. The first initiation requires an ability to control physical appetites, passions and a general ability to maintain the physical body in good health, with some exceptions due to karma. Almost all people who are initiates of any degree, or are approaching initiation, have a marked interest in maintaining health through harmony with nature.

There are exceptions like Winston Churchill, for instance, who was so dedicated to his mission that he did not put obvious attention on health for he drank alcohol in considerable quantities, smoked and was overweight. Nevertheless, he still had good health throughout his long life. Good health and a reasonably long life is a general characteristic of advanced initiates, but there are exceptions to all things. Even the great Buddha had a period of illness according to the record.

A reader mentioned maple syrup. I would be inclined to believe that maple syrup is fairly consistent in mineral content, but honey will vary much more because of the great variety of circumstances from which it is harvested.

There are two groups of people that are supposed to be proven to live long life spans.

First those who eat plants grown in highly mineralized soil and secondly beekeepers. For this reason I pay particular attention to honey, bee pollen and food grown in highly mineralized soil with trace elements.

Another good source of minerals that someone mentioned earlier are wild herbs. Some of the best and richest herbs in minerals and healing properties come from the rain forests. These jungle areas have had very few of the nutrients removed from the soil and have many healing properties.

We had a guy come in our office a few weeks ago and told us about a tea he had been drinking. He had Candida for 35 years and after ten days of taking Shipibo tea all the symptoms seemed to be gone. My wife and I thought we would try it out with several other products as a general health measure and signed up as MLM members. I sent some of the tea to my daughter who has been having similar problems as our client and she happily reported a great improvement in her condition from the first day.

The questions: What is a big health problem created by most apples?

No one mentioned the worst problem, even bigger than the pesticides and that is the wax put on most supermarket apples. This wax is extremely difficult for the body to eliminate and is a major cause of gallstones and other health problems.

The problem is that sometimes all supermarket apples have this wax. You can circumvent this by going directly to the farmer. Also many fruit stands carry unwaxed apples as well as some health food stores.

What are the problems with most meats?

In addition to hormones and antibiotics given to the animals there are several other problems. First, even though they are given better food with more minerals than most humans they still dine on plants grown in mineral depleted soil.

Another problem with beef is that in a rush to get the meat to the market they do not age the beef the way they used to which allows the enzymes to treat the meat making it much tastier and healthier to digest.

If you eat meat and want to buy a good product you will generally have to pay more for it. You might check with a local meat shop who buys direct from nearby ranchers.

Boise is the headquarters of Albertsons Markets and they about own the grocery market here, (In 2000) but there is a little store down the road from me that is struggling to survive that still sells home grown aged beef at a reasonable price and the flavor is great. I also shop at a local health food coop, and their meat is quite high priced and not all are hormone free.

E Coli is a big worry for many and I’ve heard that the reason the risk is increasing for this and other problems is that much of the food we feed cattle and chickens contains meat from their own kind. This is like Soylent Green for animals and is somewhat revolting to think about. E Coli dwells on the surface of the meat and will be destroyed with mild cooking unless the meat is ground up and in this case the bacteria can dwell within the meat. It is thus more important to cook hamburger well than the cut meats.

Cooking meat well done alters the molecular structure and if you eat beef you are much better off to eat cut meats as rare as possible. Most people who eat well-done meat develop many health problems because of it. Overcooking meat will aggravate arthritis and diseases caused by lack of elimination.

My dad grew up on well-done beef and developed poisons related to his blood. His wise doctor ordered him to switch to medium rare beef. At first he hated it but after a while he grew to love fairly rare beef much more than the well done and his health greatly improved.

Question: Where can you get healthy eggs?

It is difficult to get healthy eggs these days. The chickens are cooped up in inhumane conditions and are fed unhealthy meat by-products. Some grocery stores do have eggs available at double the normal price where the chickens were raised on a vegetarian diet, but even these eggs are not that good. Evidence of a quality egg is the yoke. If the chickens are allowed to run free and eat from the wild they will have darker almost orange yokes and the flavor will be about twice as good as commercial eggs.

If you buy eggs that are advertised as free range and the yoke is pale you’re not really getting what you pay for. About the only place to get really good eggs is from a small farmer who raises the chickens as a labor of love. When you find such a place that sells eggs with dark yokes then you will have made a great find.

Our local health co-op does buys eggs from local small farmers and they go like hotcakes when they come in.

Question: Where can you buy a fairly nutritious chicken?

Not only are quality eggs difficult to find, but so is good chicken. One of the best ways to test the various brands is to note when you cut them up the hardness of the bones. I notice a difference in the bones of the various brands of chickens and by far the strongest bones are in the free range chickens at my health food co-op. In the regular grocery store I also notice a difference in the bones of the various brands and it seems to be that the more expensive is the chicken per pound the stronger are the bones. I guess there is a reason for the higher cost.

Question: How large of a problem is bacteria and what is the solution?

Bacteria and parasites are indeed a great problem and often the most nutritious foods pose the greatest threat from germs.

It is ironical that sometimes a person can go out of his way year after year to eat carefully to enjoy good health and then suddenly have many of the benefits wiped out through contamination.

When I was younger I used to go out of my way to visit a local company that made apple juice and buy some from them before it was pasteurized so all the enzymes would not be destroyed. Unknown to me the company added contaminated water to the juice to make it go father and I caught a bug from it that gave me problems for years to come. In that case I would have been better off buying regular commercial juice from the store. In fact I would have been better off drinking Coke or Pepsi.

Later, as you know my wife and I developed another problem with contaminated colloidal minerals.

Going organic is not always enough. We must make sure we get our foods from an uncontaminated source and wash all our fruits and vegetables before use. Many do not realize that sprouts develop much more bacteria than something like lettuce and these should definitely be washed before use, especially commercial sprouts. It is wise to keep your refrigerator on as low a temperature as possible without freezing your foods.

Question: What is the main cancer causing ingredient in most shampoos and cosmetics?

The list is long and somewhat disturbing. Here is a link on this if you want to check it out. LINK


Free Energy?

A couple months ago one of our customers invited us to a seminar where a guy was to present to us new discoveries in Tesla technology that would lead to free energy. They were excited about the company and were investing some money which they believed would make them a bundle.

I have always been interested in Tesla so I invited my friend Wayne to go with me and we attended the seminar.

The founder of the company, Dennis Lee, did most of the talking and showed us technology, which if valid could revolutionize the world. He started out by showing us a modified engine that would run on water. His guys started it and it sputtered for a few moments and the backfired. He then complained that it usually worked fine, but that the engine must have been sabotaged by one of his enemies.

Then he showed us other discoveries he made, but what made me a little uneasy is that he would pause about every ten minutes and tell us how he had given his life to Jesus. Now I have no problem with anyone dedicating their life to God, but I have found through experience that when this aspect of a person’s life seems to be over emphasized in a non religious situation that it is often done for effect to promote some hidden agenda.

He went through some interesting technology but his master plan revolved around a system of generating free electricity. He presented a scheme that called for some to invest now so the company could have enough money to go into production. After things got going the first investors would wind up getting free energy for life whereas those who came along later would pay considerable money.

My instinct here was that I would lose my shirt if I invested with this guy and Wayne felt the same way. We were both skeptical about the inventions. I felt like the guy was on to a few things, but did not have them perfected yet.

Anyway I hadn’t heard anything about this company since until a few days ago the people who invited us to the meeting came in our office again. They were very angry and disappointed at the company and were suing in an attempt to get their money back.

Now I see that the company is selling a number of avant guard sounding products on the web and I’m still suspicious. If anyone has any history of dealing with them I would like to hear it.

March 14, 2000

Copyright by J J Dewey

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 4

This entry is part 4 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius

JJ: So what we have is one force pulling us back into the Piscean age and another pushing us forward into the Aquarian age with these two forces struggling against each other. The epitome of the struggle was World War II which was the true Armageddon of our age. We had Hitler trying to take us back into the past where we had a very strong powerful dictator, king like authority telling everyone what to do and making all the rules. On the other side, we had a democracy where we had free elections in the nations and we had a step forward in freedom. We had free nations against the kingly nations in the past.

During the Piscean age we were ruled by the kings, what you might call the age of the kingdoms. An age where great authority ruled, great authority ruled politically, religiously, and in all the organizations. And we see this conflict of the two ages play out. We saw the political conflict in World War II and it has not ended for it is still there. Now we have the Taliban who want to take us back to where one man makes all the rules including the primitive rules for women where a woman cannot go out without a man, cannot be educated, women have to wear veils over there faces and heads along with many rules about what men can and cannot do.

So with a lot of the forces that we are dealing with right now we have there primitive dictators and tyrants not only with the Muslim nations but also with North Korea, Cuba, Venezuela and others. The forces want to slowly creep in and take away our freedom internally also. The dark forces are working every possible angle to take us back into the Piscean age where we have a strong authority telling everyone what to do and when that authority speaks the thinking has been done and the authority must be followed without thinking. That force is doing everything possible to take us back there.

The other forces for progress are in the political arena, freedom, brotherhood, science, manufacturing, representing abundance for all and progress in every way. The force of progress is moving us forward where we have greater freedom, greater abundance, and greater opportunity. The other force is pulling us in the other direction. Both forces are found among all groups of individuals to some extent. In the Republican and Democratic party both forces are at play in both parties. Both parties are condemning each other and often when they condemn each other they are both guilty about the same amount each time.

Both of the parties on the political spectrum have forces for good and evil in them. There are forces in both for going forward and going backward. We have to examine the ways of thinking in each area whether it be, politics, science, religion or whatever and find where the people are that are trying to pull us forward and those who are trying to pull us backward. Who are the ones who are trying to take away our freedoms and bring less freedom and give more power to the central government more power to the potential king who rules over us.

This is the dividing line and we are close to the midway point right now and that is why there is such a struggle in the world today and it is in a fairly unstable condition like a powder keg where anything could go off at any moment. Let’s say a nuclear bomb went off in Washington DC tomorrow. It would completely change everything and who knows what would develop from it.

We are at a very dangerous point right now and the disciples of the world must learn to see that which is good and that which is evil. Good is not only that which brings us more freedom but also, it takes us forward in our spiritual evolution. To move forward in our spiritual evolution we must have freedom within ourselves, maximum freedom to decide. One of the problems with humanity is we are like pendulums, we swing one direction or the other.

So if we teach and preach freedom too much then the seeker will get the idea that he must be a completely free spirit and have no rules. We need a certain amount rules and regulations for certain things. We need to keep the burglar from entering our home; we need to keep the murderer from killing people; you need a certain amount of structure.

We just cannot go all one direction or the other and what we look for as we move into the Aquarian age is maximum freedom. You want to at the most practical freedom as possible and work towards that as a goal. None of us will ever have total freedom to whatever any part of our nature wants to do. We will always have freedom to do what our soul wants to do because what our soul wants to do can be done. But what our lower self wants to do can often times not be done because it does not understand the true nature of freedom.

What the soul wants to do can be done. What the higher parts of ourselves plant in our mind can be done and there will be enough freedom to do this, individually or collectively if we apply ourselves.

So we are living in a world where the disciples must learn to recognize what is good and what is evil. It is very interesting to think that poor Isaiah was not able to find one single person that was able to recognize the difference between good and evil because everyone in his day called that which was evil good and good evil. It would be interesting to go back and talk to Isaiah and ask him what they were calling good and evil in his day. For one thing, they called him evil. (Chuckle) And they called many of the prophet’s evil and as the prophets appeared throughout history, generally those who heard their message (because it was a message that they did not want to hear) called them evil.

He was telling them what they had to do to change and people do want to change. It is very hard to change. I think of the things that I have changed in my life and usually when I have actually come down to making changes it was because I went through a period of great stress and great pain. Much of which forced me to make the change was to avoid future pain. Then several times I got a little wiser and thought why do I only change when I am going through tremendous pain? What if I change before the pain comes and maybe I can avoid the pain? This is what we need to work toward – see the changes that must take place so that we can make them before the pain comes.

Let’s take diet for instance. I was raised on a really bad diet and both of my parents were out drinking every night and me and my little sister had to fend for ourselves. The main thing I would like to eat was cinnamon toast and to make that I would use white bread bleached to death with hardly any nutrients in it, Oleo margarine which was bad for you, and a lot worse than butter, refined sugar and cinnamon probably the only good thing in this mixture. I had making these down to a science.

I used to go to Albertsons grocery store during my lunch hour and eat about 5 or 6 maple bars that were very thick with frosting on them. For lunch I would eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I really did not have a good diet at all. All through high school I was always feeling kind of weird. People would say that I needed to eat better and I would think, well, I do not want to eat that awful tasting stuff.

Finally, in my first year of college I came across this very elementary book on health and it taught the advantage of eating whole wheat bread, not eating refined sugar, and several other things, but I just did those two things, I switched over to whole wheat bread and quit eating refined sugar and it took about two weeks and that feeling of weirdness which was probably just my blood sugar, started going away. So that weird feeling that I was going through finally made me pick up a book thinking, well I will check this out. The discomfort that I was always feeling caused me to check out this book and when it dawned on me to check it out, it lead me to make changes. When I saw that it worked I thought well, why don’t I make some other changes before the pain comes so I started reading more books on health and experimented with different foods.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 25

This entry is part 10 of 24 in the series Kalispell Gathering 2006

We are always having a new energy unfolding and if you have a life where you have good health and vitality it normally means that you are having a rest between the major unfolding of energies. Your soul will realize when you need a rest. After the rest you will go through an unfolding of energy where you will have a hard time adapting and you will have some disease because you are resisting and then you will finally accept and handle the energy and afterwards you are given another period of rest where you have a great health for a while. Then a new energy starts to unfold and you find a new problem somewhere else because you are resisting again.

We have all been through many lifetimes and it is human nature that when something new comes into our life we resist. We resist because we want to just get to a certain stage and then relax in our comfort zone and we do not wish to leave that state. It is like when you go through college, you work real hard and when you are done you just want to get a job and settle into things and relax and not learn so much.

Many people after college never learn anything usable the rest of their lives because they just get lazy and relax. After a time in that state their soul is not going to let them relax, the soul says, you are not done yet and you are going to learn some more and if you are not willing to learn than I am going to put the squeeze to you. So the soul puts a squeeze to you and you still resist and then the soul puts a tighter squeeze and then you get more and more pain and more and more disease and more and more discomfort until you look up and say, “Why God?”

Have you ever said that? People will often look up into the skies and say, “Why God, what have done I wrong and why is all this coming into my life?” Then when they ask that question, they begin the journey of finding the answer. When they find the answer they will adapt and move on to the next cycle.

Audience: Sometimes I ponder that question, I was thinking about those hot flashes that women get and I ask why and what is the cause of that and I got the answer, and it was, it is because you are getting a new and higher frequency. Higher frequency produces heat so you feel your body burning and what is going on is that you are getting a higher frequency because you are that age that you are mature enough to accept certain things and you are running around like when you were young and acting all crazy.

JJ: We have energies unfolding all the time and we have to adapt to them. If we accept and adapt to them then we will maintain our health. The difference between a Master and one of us is that whatever energy unfolds they do not resist but adapt. They are always able to maintain their health and vitality where as us mere mortals, when we have a new energy unfold we think, what is this? The energy pushes us a certain direction.

Maybe you have some energy in throat center unfold and it is time to play a musical instrument. Well, you do not want to play a musical instrument, you want to be a carpenter, or go fishing or something else. Well, your soul is saying that it is time for you to be creative in a musical way. All of us go through a period where it is time to be musically creative and now it is time for you and you are resisting saying, I am not good at that and could never learn to play the piano. When you resist because of new energy coming from your throat center then you tend to get illness that affect your throat center, colds, sinus infections, throat infections, and so on.

The soul sends you general reminders that the center is getting clogged up and you need to unclog them because it is sending these energies to you and you are congesting the energies but you need to go with the energies. And the pain and discomfort will get worse and worse until finally the person leans to follow his creative impulse. Now he will be receiving these messages through the soul in subtle ways and will have a sense that he is supposed to be doing this. The sense will turn into a desire but what often frustrates us is pure laziness.

All of us have certain goals that we have within us that we feel we should be doing, and what stops us is pure ordinary everyday laziness. So we are sluggish as we go along and our soul puts stronger and stronger pressure and puts us through more pain until finally the pain becomes so great that it has to be resolved one way or another and we wind up yielding to it.

Now, for me in this life my soul wanted me to learn common sense business principles and I resisted this until I married my wife and I finally decided to do these things. I wanted to be creative, learn all kinds of metaphysical things. I like to spend more time studying, teaching, writing, and in my life every time I have switched over to doing these things instead of learning common sense business I have really suffered. Finally, I made a commitment to get our business going so I could at least pay the bills and not have to worry all the time. I finally succumbed to my soul.

When I made a definite decision to do this then I was able to achieve success to the point where my soul was happy not that I would be rich or anything, but that I would not just be a wild dreamer throughout my entire life. The problem with many people who are visionary is they are so bad with business and every day living that they never have any power to take care of their life and become dreamers for their entire lives.

My soul told me, “you do not want to be a dreamer throughout your life with no power. You need to learn some common sense things so that you can attain the power that you need. I really resisted for this was not the path that I wanted but when I finally accepted I felt a tremendous relief and an enormous amount of energy pushing me in that direction. When I yielded I wondered why this did not dawn on me earlier. I had all kinds of signs and clues that I did not follow and I would have been so much farther ahead if I had yielded to this when I was 20 rather than resisting and waiting until I was about 40 to yield to it.

Audience: Did you have negative physical effects from not yielding?

JJ: Not too many physical effects but a very strong spiritual energy that I felt, I would often feel that I am going the wrong direction and I think that if I had not corrected myself when I did then the soul would have put heavier pressure on me causing physical effects.

Audience: So what does the sinus related to?

JJ: Sinus is connected with ideas.

Audience: You said that when there are a lot of sinus problems that this is connected to the third eye?

JJ: Yes, if you have a problem with your sinus’s then it means this is problem with your ideas because ideas come from the third eye. So what that means is your unfolding energies that help with ideas are awakening and you are not going along with them. Your ideas are not manifesting the way they are supposed to and you have to figure out how to take the correct energy and manifest your ideas. I know Lorraine has lots of ideas, she is always coming to me with many ideas and a lot of them have not manifested yet, right Lorraine. She has sinus problems so she has to figure out how manifest her ideas and when she does that her sinus gets a lot better.

Audience: Another is thing is that I have noticed in me that when you are getting some new knowledge like this that you begin to feel sleepy. Do you know what causes this; is it a resistance of your programs?

JJ: It is funny, the book of Mormon does that to people. Have you ever noticed that when you start to read it that you begin to fall asleep and feel very sleepy. It is a funny book. Some think because it is boring and some think that there is something about the energy in it. But this is true if you are connecting up to an unusual frequency; it can make you sleepy because it is a little bit draining since your body has to adjust to that frequency. So if we are putting out a frequency here that is different than you are used to, either higher or lower, especially higher it can make you a little sleeper than normal.

Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

Health and Healing

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The first job of the spiritual healer is to discern whether or not a healing is permissible.

2  All true spiritual healers (with rare exceptions) start with an accurate diagnosis.

3  If karma dictates that a person suffer through disease or other means there will be nothing the disciple can do to heal the person.

4  All illness is created through cause and effect of which karma is an aspect, but not all illness or accidents have their root in karma (or cause) from an error from a past life.

5  A physical accident or disease can produce problems (and be created by problems) beyond the physical. But such things can be overcome and neutralized thus making the pilgrim stronger and more whole than he would have been had he not had the problem.

6  He who follows The Middle Way discovers the path which will bring health at the earliest possible moment.

7  Djwahl Khul [DK] tells us that disease is a distorted reflection of divine possibility. Even so it is with disease among humanity itself. People see an idea they consider good and seek to implement this idea of good through the restriction of the freedom of others.

8  Even though much energy comes into play in the cause of illness, they all fall within two categories. Category One:  Diseases of congestion. Category Two:  Diseases of inflammation.

9  We often think of disease as being of a physical nature, but there is also social and spiritual disease.

10  Sometimes the cause of an illness is as simple as eating the wrong foods, and the cause of an accident can be as simple as not watching what you are doing. On the other hand, some illnesses and accidents are arranged by the soul to teach us lessons as well as pay a debt from past karma. In this case is a healing impossible? Sometimes yes and sometimes no.

11  Disciples will have bodies of refined atomic substance whose molecules are in a state of high evolution and advanced disciples will usually have good health.

12  None of us want disease and pain, but disease and pain are often caused by what we want.

13  When negative emotion is dissipated our physical vehicles will vibrate in much greater harmony with nature and much disease will no longer consume man.

14  There are times that the person is not prepared for a spiritual healing, but there is always a way. One must find it and tread the path.

15  When spiritual healing is not permitted, then medicine, herbs and other physical methods are in order.

16  If you contemplate the lesser lives within your own body, you can sense their desire to know you, and in a sense you are a god to them and they seek to be one with their god. Their god also should seek to be one with them. This is one of the secrets of perfect health.

17  I found that there were certain people who could not be healed by faith – that to learn a lesson of some kind they had to endure certain maladies.

18  The true unselfish servant often will experience miraculous healing which will give him more power to serve and thus pay off his debt to humanity quite quickly.

19  We need to stay emotionally and mentally healthy if we are to be good servants for humanity.

20  Whenever I have a physical problem the first thing I do is go on a fast.

21  We need to allow people to do whatever damage they wish to do to themselves, as long as they are aware of what they are doing.

22  What are the attributes of the throat center and what about this center could be misused or frustrated to cause a problem with the hearing?

23  Beginning disciples (and some advanced ones) will often have great health struggles as they have not yet learned to overcome the dark attacks.

24  Those who have the mark of the Beast will suffer ill health, will labor in drudgery as if they were a slave and work to support organizations and stone buildings rather than the living spirit.

25  Health conscious people with health problems have those problems not because good health practices do not work. But because of a wrong direction of a flow of energy.

26  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

27  If you are serious about it and want to do something for both your health and spirit go on a fast. The first time I saw an aura clearly was after a ten day fast on lemon juice and honey.

28  By adding fasting to any healing technique your spiritual power will be amplified.

29  Concerning the name of Jesus, in The Immortal Book I we are told that the entity Jesus does not even like the modern name Jesus and only uses it when He has to for identity purposes. Nevertheless, because of the thoughtform behind the name it does have a powerful healing energy that can be harnessed in connection with the power of faith.

30  An inclusive attitude was one reason that Jesus had such ability to heal. When He looked at a poor ragged cripple He did not allow himself to see a person excluded from the gifts of God. Instead He saw one who was equal to himself, deserving of all the fruits of the Spirit. When that vision that Jesus saw was glimpsed by the cripple, he became a Son of God himself for an instant, and was healed.

31  When the eyes of the downtrodden meet the eyes of the soul, healing begins and vision is restored.

32   There are two methods of healing. One is called magnetic healing and the other is healing by radiation. With magnetic healing you actually touch the physical body. With radiation you don’t touch the physical body.

33  The mind must see the name BECOMING perfectly manifest. If a healing is being performed then the vision of wholeness (holiness) must be seen.

34  I submit that at least half of those who die at the hands of mistakes caused by doctors could have been returned to health with only a minimum of education in the true science of healing available to all.

35  Is the American Medical Association avant guard in promoting a cure for cancer or do they resist the real cures?

36  Zion will have the healthiest people on the planet, not only because of good physical environment and minimal pollution, but the emotional and mental conditions will prove to be as great of a boon to health as good nutrition and clean air.

37  Often times a search for a cure or improvement in health will wind up leading a seeker toward embracing the Light and following the highest he knows.

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