The Bigger Picture

2001-7-21 04:46:00

Larry brought up some interesting points I thought I would comment on. He made some comments on the fact that not everything goes perfect, even in the plans of the Masters and that as a whole we may be off schedule time-wise as far as where humanity is supposed to be in its evolution and progress toward the light.

He brought up the Biblical prophecy of the woman (which is the living church) being in the wilderness for 1260 days and this could be interpreted as 1260 years. If we add 1260 years to the time of the early Christian Church then it would appear that the Church of Christ should have come out of the wilderness in the thirteenth century.

Actually, the true and living church did not go completely into the wilderness with the death of the apostles. The main body of the church lost the vision of the spiritual power of the Molecular Order, but there was for centuries, small groups who did have some understanding and kept a portion of the true church of Christ alive for several centuries until it again manifested in power in the days of Merlin and King Author. The first trip in the wilderness where there was no true extension of the body of Christ on the earth began with the symbolic loss of Excalibur.

I talk about this in my book "The Gathering of Lights" and also interpret a second disappearance of the church, so even today we yet live in a time that the Body of Christ is in a symbolic wilderness.

But the time is approaching that The Molecular Relationship will be established again and the invisible Church of Christ will again physically manifest upon the earth.

But the main question is this.

Are the plans of God and the higher lives which guide us truly frustrated now and then just as the plans of us mortals are?

The answer is yes and no.

Let us use the Law of Correspondences and examine how control over situations occurs with us and extend it to the kingdoms above.

Ron takes his child Ricky to the park and places him in the playground and tells him he can play there for two hours but must not leave the play area.

Now, as Ricky happily plays on the slides, swings and other equipment placed there for him he feels free as a bird. It seems that he has complete freedom as he proceeds from one playful experience to another. Then in the distance he spots an ice cream truck giving away free samples. He immediately drops all his play and runs toward the truck leaving the playground.

His father spots him, runs and grabs him and takes him back to the playground with a scolding for breaking the rules. Ricky cries and says he wants some ice cream, but Ron tells him that he cannot have any because he disobeyed his instructions.

Ricky is upset for a while but then settles down in a sandbox with a goal to make a castle. His father tells him he only has an hour left so he needs to make the best of it.

Ricky wants to make a nice castle and he thinks he can finish it in time, but soon the hour is past and the castle remains unfinished. The father says it is time to go. Ricky pleads with his father to let him stay fifteen more minutes so he can finish.

Ron tells him that he would be happy to but his boss has demanded that he meet him in the office, and he has to be there in a few minutes.

"Tell your boss to take a hike," says Ricky.

But Ron explains that he must go or he could lose his job.

As they leave Ricky turns around and sadly looks at his unfinished castle already disintegrating in the breeze.

Ron drops his boy off at home ands heads to the office to help his boss, Rodney. After finishing up he says:

"You know, I come in on weekends when you need me and often stay late without pay on regular work days. Now I have a favor to ask of you. We would like to buy a new house but to make the payments I need an increase in pay. What's the possibility of getting a ten percent increase?"

"I'd be happy to oblige you," said Rodney, "but I do not have authority to give a raise that big. I'll have to talk to Roger, my boss, about it."

This gives us the general idea. Now let us correspond it to humanity as a whole and the higher kingdoms.

Humanity is like the child playing in the playground. We make our goals and achieve some and miss some. It often appears that we have the free will to proceed with any plan we desire, but now and then we break the rules and nature or some fatherly force puts us in our place.

The kingdom above us, the hierarchy of Masters, is like the father. They give us guidance and make us aware of the existing rules. But like the father they also have their own goals and the success of many of these is contingent on their boss which is the next kingdom up, or Shamballa. Then, of course, there are lives of higher authority still that must be considered by even by the highest earthly authority.

As we look at the sphere of influence of the bosses and the father and the child in our parable, we can see that each has their sphere of influence where they can make definite decisions that can be carried out, but others that may be questionable. The child has definite power to decide and play on the swings, but it is questionable as to whether he would have time to finish his sand castle.

The father has definite power to take his child to the park for two hours, but as to whether he will have power to buy the house will be dependent to some extent on authority higher than himself.

Even so, a Master may give a mortal an assignment within his sphere of power and if we do our part the end will be sure.

Then there are other times that a Master may be carrying out purpose from his own higher authority and power within his own hands has to operate within as the perimeters of a higher decision.

Let us suppose that The Planetary Logos makes a decision that war must cease and there must be a rest on earth from pain and destruction within a hundred years from now.

The Masters become aware of this decision and see that one of two things will happen. (1) Humanity will learn to live in peace and bring this about or (2) Humanity will not learn the lesson so there will be great destruction which will force humanity to allow the earth to rest.

The Masters like alternative number one much better so they work with humanity in this direction in the hope of bringing peace and negating alternative number two. It is not a sure thing that humanity can be successfully guided in the right direction, but it is a sure thing that the decision for the earth to rest will be carried out one way or another.

Certain advances in the evolution of humanity have been decreed and if we get lazy and do not do our part then painful experience will befall the earth forcing us to move ahead.

Let us assume that Pope John Paul I was expected to play a major role in preparing for the return of Christ, but this part of the plan was frustrated because he was killed after only 33 days in office. Does this mean that all is lost? No. This is only a part of a larger plan which will be definitely executed. In between the beginning and the end it will sometimes appear that there is a lot of random happenings and no guiding hand seems to be in charge, but as the end time of a great Decision is approached the intelligence in the manifestation of the Divine Architect is seen and the purpose begins to manifest.

Djwahl Khul gives a good example of the failure turned into success by the Hierarchy in the person of H.P. Blavatsky.

She was incarnated in a previous life as Count Alessandro Cagliostro, the famous charlatan of the eighteenth century who claimed to have the elixir of immortal youth and lived his life defrauding men of high stature. She (a he in that life) was expected to do much to introduce the ancient wisdom to the world. She completely failed in this mission which was a huge setback for the plan of the Masters.

But she returned in the person of Blavatsky and this time she exceeded expectations and made up for lost time. Even so, the plan the Higher Lives have for the Catholic and other churches will be executed in one way or another, but seldom as we expect.

If each of us would just tune into the soul and play our small role then humanity would progress toward the Kingdom of God fairly painlessly and many of the troubles that loom before us could be avoided.

"I have noticed two things that appear to be in very short supply in the Vatican. Honesty and a good cup of coffee." John Paul I