1999-9-3 10:01:00

Today I will comment on a few of your questions and comments.

CW seems to be inviting my comment on his words so I will say a few things. A common theme in his writings seems to be a study of the control many have to deal with because of painful experiences and imbedded thoughts and feelings of others.

The Scientologists deal a lot with this concept. L. Ron Hubbard taught that many painful experiences are recorded in the reactive mind (non thinking mind) as engrams. These engrams are like powerful hypnotic suggestions that can exercise great control over the average individual.

The great part is that for a zillion dollars they can remove all your engrams and take you to a super human state they call "clear." After reading his book on Dianetics you would think a clear could walk on water as well as be as flawlessly logical as Spock from Star Trek.

Some famous people like John Travolta and Kirsty Alley are Scientologists, but I first became suspicious of their claims when I met my first clear when I was visiting one of their centers. As we were talking I noticed that the guy was smoking a cigarette so I asked him why someone who is clear would smoke since it does not seem to be a logical thing to do. He then told me with a straight face that a clear can smoke and not be hurt by it for the bad stuff will just pass through his system.

"I'll check with you in another thirty years," I thought to myself.

Even though this guy was obviously living under an illusion, the removal of engrams can have some benefit for the astrally polarized person, but what the Scientologists do not realize is that soul consciousness can eliminate most of the problems created by engrams, and the financial cost is zero.

He who has firm soul contact can resister the effects of engrams, prayers, influences and then let them pass through him and dissipate into the ethers.

Any time you do not feel free it is because some knowledge is lacking for "you shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free," as the Master said.

If we 'seek first the kingdom of God," as Jesus also said, "then all things will be added." This includes a release from engrams and all unwanted influences from painful childhood experiences through soul contact.

There seems to be a lot of concern about finding the ideal romantic partner. Travis expressed a healthy attitude about this: "At the moment I'm approaching it such that I will accept it if it happens, but if it doesn't, oh well I'll do it later, no rush."

It seems that many people with this relaxed attitude find what they want faster than he who aggressively seeks it. I would like to emphasize the benefit of this attitude for you do not need a romantic partner to be a full participant in the molecule. In the Kingdom of God no person is denied any participation because of circumstances beyond his control. He can only deny himself because of unwillingness to take needed steps.

It is better to wait and find the right romantic partner than to rush and get the wrong one. If perchance you marry a person of standard interests the chances are that he will fight you tooth and nail to frustrate your participation on this list or the Molecular Order.

When the time is right a good romantic partner will come into your life. In the meantime a working non romantic partner will work much better than a spouse who does not support you.

Even though we are not ready to form a working molecule here yet list members without a suitable partner who are interested should be keeping an eye out for a working partner on the list. When a working partner is chosen he or she can be exchanged for another at any time so you are not making any long term commitment here. In fact the only commitment you make is to follow the soul together which is basically the commitment of all disciples.

Some working partnerships will turn romantic, others will just stay on a friendship level and still others will not be that harmonious and some rearrangements will be made.

Jean asks:

"J.J, I too have a question for you...what do you think of the "visitations of Mary" as in Medjgorie, Fatima, and Lourdes? How does all of that fit in all this?"

Almost all of the visits of famous spiritual people from the past are illusions created by thoughtforms.

Let us take Mary and Jesus for example. Millions of people at any given moment around the globe are pouring astral energy toward these two entities and these thoughts and feelings sent forth create real images of these two that wander the earth speaking platitudes to whoever catches a glimpse of them.

These thoughtforms which can seem real to the beginner do not have the consciousness of the original and will never teach new principles as the real Christ would.

I have met quite a few people who claim to have seen Jesus and I always ask what Jesus said to them. This astral Jesus always speaks in nice sounding phrases that we have heard before like: "be kind to everyone you meet." "You have a great mission in life." "The meek will inherit the earth," or something like that which brings no additional light over what is already in the Bible.

A true master will generally appear in a physical body that you can touch or feel if you are meeting on the physical plane. To meet on higher planes you must go to that plane with him.

We as a group will create thoughtforms of masters, but not be deceived by them for the intentional creation of a thought form of a Master can actually draw the consciousness of the Master into the thoughtform if the group is ready for revelation. Even if the group is not ready group soul energy can vitalize the thoughtform and bring forth some higher knowledge and energy.