Conscious Creation


Conscious Creation

Lorraine asks:

“Basically my question (concerning the Molecular Relationship) is about the non-romantic partners. If I chose a non-romantic partner then aren’t I short changing myself. I can’t get the full benefits of a full union on all levels, can I? Just how much energy is shared between those two? And if I do settle for this then a possibility of a full union comes do I leave my non-romantic partner for the new one leaving him alone and unstable? I see the possibility for a lot of connection and some de-connecting that would really hurt. I wonder if this is accurate.”

Your working partner will often be one with whom you do not share romantic energy, even though in some cases the couple may go in that direction. It will be similar to a couple working together in the workplace which is a common occurrence. Many males and females work together as friends and never get interested in a romantic level, but then there are those who do.

This will be a similar correspondence in the working partner relationship. Just as in the workplace you can usually shift to a new partner without hurt romantic feelings even so this can happen in the Molecular Relationship.

There is one main advantage in the Molecular Relationship of the working partner over the workplace and that is you make the choice as to who your partner will be. Therefore, you should have a lot in common.

Also you will not be stuck with your working partner for any long length of time. You are free to change at any time a more suitable replacement is available.

The first molecules must always have twelve male/female units in it. In addition to this, as the numbers expand, there will also be associate members who are linked to the growing molecule. Some of these people will have working partners and some will not. Then when 12 more male/female units become available another molecule will be created.

Looks like we need to clarify several things.

I did not say that we humans on this earth will be the first to begin the Molecular Relationship. This relationship is currently practiced by all the higher lives of Masters and beyond.

This relationship is very ancient, but it will be relatively new to humanity. Even though it has been attempted in past ages it has never been firmly established in the human kingdom on this earth.

The statement that probably threw some off most is that man is the only conscious creator in the universe.

Note that I did not say that he is the only creator in the universe, not did I say that he is the highest or most important life form.

Many lower forms create also. For instance atoms arrange themselves into crystalline order. The seed grows into a flower. The beaver builds a damn. But these are not conscious creations. Ages and ages ago these creative expressions were perfected through conscious creation, but when conscious creation perfects a thing then creation proceeds without the involvement of self consciousness. The atoms arrange themselves through a program they adhere to as does the seed when it grows to the flower. Even so, does the beaver follow a program when he builds the damn. He does not sit back and think to himself: Now let’s see. How do I go about building this dam? If he did then each beaver would build a dam with much more differences from the other beavers than is now the case.

As we move up the evolutionary ladder we find that true conscious creation does proceed from human form and intelligence. When the human builds a dam he consciously decides and plans how to go about it. Then when dam making is perfected he follows the plans developed in the past by other humans, or a program similar to the beaver.

The beaver is limited to plans programmed within him, but the human can go where “no one has gone before” and send a man to the moon and beyond through conscious creation.

Humans constitute the fourth kingdom in nature. The fifth kingdom is loosely called the Kingdom of God and is occupied by Masters of Wisdom, but even these high individuals are in human form when they consciously create in this physical universe.

The Angel Kingdom is on a different path of evolution than is man and progresses through following the will of God without consciously questioning anything. This is why certain deva lives, even though used by the Masters for good, can bring disaster if prematurely contacted by a human. Their marching orders are given to them through sounds, mantras and symbols and thus they can become as a beneficial wind or a destroying hurricane to the ignorant.

All lives pass through the human kingdom at one time or another and consciously create until fullness of joy is achieved. Then we move on and leave normal consciousness behind and identify more fully with the Life principle and BECOME through a principle of Identification rather than Consciousness. Once this is achieved we lose interest in being a direct participator in the construction of physical form and work from a point of initiating and directing ideas that are the basis of conscious creation for us lowly humans.

To verify what I say just take a look through the known universe. Do you see any other conscious creators? If you think you do then what have they created in the world of form?

This concept is an interesting thought, one hinted at by the masters but never fully explained. Man (or those in physical humanoid forms) as the point of conscious attention for God, does bear a great responsibility. Even though humans have been around in the universe for many ages we are just teenagers as a race relative to the life of the universe itself and we shall indeed go where no human, or any other life has gone before.

Isn’t this a much loftier thought than just blindly repeating what others have done? We shall emulate God and “do all things new.” The thrill of newness beats the hell out of repetition in my book any day. By the way, mindless repetition for the human kingdom is hell.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Foundation Note


The Foundation Note

John makes the following observation:

“Instead, all chords in music are built from the “root” and continue through the most logical chord tones, then, if desired, reaching what are called the chord extensions. The reason for this is that if a chord is built from the higher to the lower, there is no base/bass note for which to identify the chord desired. In fact, the entire chord, built from the higher to the lower, can become “altered” simply by altering it’s bass note. So if a musical reference were to be applied to this lesson it might be more readily understood if it went in this direction; The higher entity, (or even one of us lowly ones 🙂 when building the desired resonance of their energies, or chord structure, understands completely the basis/bass of the chord. Then with understanding, can apply as many chord tones as desired until the full range of harmony is attained. All of this being done before ever sounding the chord, or from the perspective of relationship, “acting” on the impulse. This seems to be much more congruent to the rest of the lessons on the molecular relationship. That is, that the building of the structure must first be accomplished by an understanding of it’s foundation, as well as the desired direction or resonance that is sought. Thus the intelligent composer builds the whole chord at once, because they have already understood the full resonance of the desired chord, before they ever “pen” it’s structure.”

Thank you John for seeking clarification. My knowledge of musical notation is very elementary, but if I understand you right, in music the lowest note in a chord is the foundation note from which all other notes spring and are dependent for harmony.

It may seem then that the building of a relationship from the top down is not a correspondence.

Actually, it is, but a correspondence in reverse, for correspondences reverse from plane to plane. For example all correspondences in the astral plane are often reversed from the mental plane. This is why a mental person arguing with an emotional person becomes very frustrated.

Whereas the lowest note in a chord is the foundation from which all other notes are placed, even so the spiritual vibration is the source of creation for all the lower worlds. Without the physical the spiritual would still exist, but without the spiritual there could be no physical. Therefore the root of creation is the spiritual just as the root of the creation of a chord is the base note.

In the ideal relationship there are two sequences of evolution before complete harmony is reached. In relationship, attraction does begin with the physical. When we first meet another person we see the body before we see anything else (including non romantic) and some inner opinion is instantly registered. If we are attracted because of the body then more relationship is sought. Next as we talk and interplay with the person we see their personality and sense how he or she feels about things. Finally as you become friends you share deeper thoughts on a mental and finally a spiritual level.

Then after this is accomplished (building from the bottom up in association) the creation of an intimate relationship can begin from the top down as given in my examples.

The reason I can say this is accurate is because it works, just as it works to build a chord from the bottom up.

I received another question off line which may be of interest:

“I’m thinking here of you and Artie and your telling us that Cupid struck and you asked her to marry you soon afterwards.

“Or to put it another way, I assume that consciously going through the steps you’ve described can be missed if you receive clear and unequivocal confirmation from your soul that the person who has just appeared in your life is your soul mate.”

Actually, none of the steps were missed in our relationship. Unfortunately, I have only been able to give you the readers digest version of the details. Here are a few more.

I had known Artie about a year, as a student, before the lightening struck, but we just had a casual relationship up to that time.

The first time I met Artie I was attracted to her physically, but that was not a big deal for I have found many females to be physically attractive. Then when I had my first conversation with her I found her personality and astral side to be very attractive. As she got involved in my classes and I also analyzed her handwriting I discovered that she was also very intelligent. This was another attractive feature.

Finally, when opportunity came to present spiritual teachings I discovered that she had soul contact and was capable of understanding higher principles. This made her a candidate for a companion of high sharing for me, but I did not act upon it on any level because both she and I were involved with someone else at the time. The time I described earlier where we instantly fell in love was just several days after her relationship ended and she was “available.”

As I mentioned earlier the whole relationship progressed to the marriage proposal within a few days. But what I did not tell you was that all hell broke loose and our whole relationship would have been destroyed if the romantic part had not been built from the top down.

Artie’s daughter was happy that she broke off her previous relationship and was looking forward to some time alone with her mom. When I came into the picture so abruptly she came unglued. She called everyone she knew and painted a picture of me that would scare off the bravest of souls. She called her biological dad, Artie’s mom, friends, everyone who might talk Artie out of this madness. Here is basically what she told all who would listen.

“My mom has fallen in love with this freaky weirdo guy who is a dangerous Jim Jones type character. They haven’t even dated yet but he’s hypnotized her into getting married. I think he wants to totally control her life. This guy gives me the creeps. Please help – we’ve got to talk Mom out of making a big mistake.”

This may not be the exact wording, but let me assure you it was that bad or worse for everyone she talked to became extremely alarmed and seemed to think that Artie was getting involved with the devil himself.

Her daughter’s father was very alarmed and decided to do what he could to get his daughter away from Artie, out of harm’s way. Her daughter, her only child, threatened to cooperate and live with her dad in California.

Her mother, who lived in California at the time, was terrified beyond measure and got on a plane the next day to Boise to save her daughter from this monster. Others came forward telling Artie she was out of her mind. The least she could do was to give the relationship some time.

All this went on within a space of about a day and in the midst of all this pressure she was receiving I called her. When I heard her voice I sensed great stress as she related the distress of her daughter and all the pressure she was under from the phone calls she was receiving from her daughter’s contacts.

Then she said something that made my heart sink.

“I think maybe we are going too fast here and it’s creating too many problems. I think we should back off a little here and go slower. Let’s lay low for a while until things calm down, then we can start the relationship going again.”

When she said this I had the feeling that if she gave into this pressure that our relationship would be destroyed and that I would loose her so I said a prayer within myself asking for the help of the Spirit. Next I tried to direct her attention away from her distress and started talking of spiritual things and of the night we fell in love. As I was talking to her I felt the Spirit descend on me and knew it was on her at the same time. Then in the midst of this feeling that I knew we were both experiencing, I made perhaps the wisest move I have made in my life.

I said to her: “What are you feeling at this very moment?”

“Good,” she said

“Would you say you are experiencing the Peace of the Spirit of God?”

After a moment of reflection she admitted, “Yes, I guess I would have to say that.”

“And do you think that Spirit is here because our relationship is supposed to be?”

“Well yes, I feel that may be true, but it wouldn’t hurt to slow down.”

“Be still and ask yourself. Shall we go ahead as planned or shall we slow down or stop? What do you feel inside?”

She signed and replied softly, “All I can say is that I feel a wonderful peace from the Spirit when you talk about going ahead.”

“And what kind of feeling did you have when everyone has told you to slow down or to end the relationship?”

“I felt terrible,” she said.

“So, do you want to go where the terrible feeling takes you or do you want to go where the peace of the Spirit takes you?” I asked.

“I want the peace of the Spirit.”

“So the choice is yours,” I said. “Which do you chose?”

She paused a moment and said: “I want the peace to stay with me.”

“So is this your choice?”


“Let me warn you that you will suffer every possible temptation to take you away from this choice, but I promise you that if you stick with it that no matter what turmoil is going on around you that the peace will stay with you and in the end you will know your decision is correct. But you must now make up your mind with great resolve that no matter what happens, even if your daughter leaves and your mom disowns you, that you will still follow the inner peace.”

To her credit Artie was divinely careless and followed this advice and we got married a couple of weeks later. Her daughter did not leave home but was so upset she did not attend the wedding and it took about a year to make friends with her. It took a couple years for me to smooth over the relationship with both the daughter and mother, but now her daughter respects me more than her biological dad and her mother and I have a good relationship. But most importantly, my wife and I have laid the foundation for a relationship that can continue to unfold spiritually without end and this could not be taking place if I had started the romance from the bottom up; for if I had I would not have had power to call down the Spirit to influence Artie of the correctness of our choice.

Whenever an opportunity for spiritual advancement comes for an individual, couple or group, there will come some type of test to tempt you to hold back. This temptation must always be surmounted in order to move ahead.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Questions on the Molecular Relationship


Questions on the Molecular Relationship

My friends,

I received some interesting questions that I feel that may also be in the minds of others in the group, so I received their permission to post them here.

First, let me say that it is commendable that group members are putting what their soul says to them above me as a teacher. All souls are one and when we all speak the language of the soul together we will see as one body. But even those who do their best to retain soul contact can question and disagree because of incomplete communications.

I love the Rick’s attitude in his questioning. He is not challenging me or trying to show any superior intelligence, but just shows a sincere desire to find the truth and to serve. What more could a teacher ask for?

Now I’ll quote from his letter:

“… I’m hoping you will provide more information, on the subject. My soul tells me that I can still be complete by being a bride of Christ. It also suggests that it may be possible to link up with one’s “soul mate” without actually being together physically.”

I’m sure your soul is guiding you correctly here. Sometimes when our soul points a direction, we cannot see all the ingredients in the upcoming path. But when that direction is followed we always discover that the soul pushed us gently in the right way.

It is possible to have various types of non physical contact with a potential mate. A soul mate is, however, created rather than some special split off of yourself at creation. From a higher point of view we are all soul mates. When you find a person that you can be one with then you will have a mate that you can communicate with soul to soul, which is a true soul mate.

Let us suppose you met a potential soul mate on the net or some other way. There would come a time that you would want to complete the relationship on a physical level.

Completeness in relationship comes through interplay of all levels. Nevertheless, it is possible to go quite a distance through non physical interplay.

Rick responds, “There is so much here that I wish I could have known about when I was younger. I forwarded a copy to a friend and plan to give copies to my daughters. I have to admit that the information has truly left me in a spin. If creating this “perfect” marriage bond is a prerequisite to getting into heaven, then I fear I have thrown this life away and have little hope of salvaging it, at my age. At 49 years old, 3 times divorced, a single parent and all the other stuff I’ve already told about, I seem to have little hope of ever connecting with Ms. Right.”


All of us go through many lifetimes without finding Mr. or Mrs. Right. Although it is indeed a heavenly experience to find a soul to soul mate there are many spiritual experiences along the path to this union. If you follow the highest you know at all times you will build a heaven for yourself right here on the earth and beyond, even though you have not found the person of your dreams.

All of us have a hope of becoming Masters and overcoming all things, even death, but because we have not arrived there yet should not become a point of discouragement. We must smell the roses along the way and enjoy special moments of progress as we proceed toward the goal.

Rick continues:

“And just how did all my heroes manage to get to such heights without the benefit of a good woman beside them? Was there a Mrs. Moses or a Mrs. Christ? Ben Franklin was a womanizer. Thomas Jefferson slept with the help. Edison had a rocky marriage. Einstein married his cousin, because she was a good cook. If all these great men had such a hard time of it, what chance have I?’


Moses was married twice. His first wife was an Egyptian lady he married and quickly dropped in order to conquer her city when he was in the Pharaoh’s army. Later when he was on his spiritual quest he married Jethro’s daughter Zipporah who was his faithful wife.

Christ had several women in his life who inspired him.

But you are right. There are numerous fairly great men who were womanizers, John Kennedy for one. Nevertheless, all these men who dissipated their energies will eventually have to learn to intelligently direct sexual energies toward union to achieve their full potential.

Lincoln is an interesting study. He had a relationship that was much worse than no relationship. His wife Mary Todd was the worst first lady in history. It is said that the reason he entered politics was so he could be away from his wife for greater periods of time, so perhaps history would be greatly changed if not for his bad marriage.

She had a terrible temper and was always embarrassing him. For example, when he was President and they were having an important dinner for dignitaries she threw a plate of food in his face because he did some small thing that offended her.

She saw herself as co-president and asked to be called Misses President. She was also a spendthrift and always kept the family in debt. She eventually went insane after he was killed and was put in an asylum.

Even though Abe had good reason to get something going on the side he was a faithful husband through all his days. If he lived in this age he would have probably got a divorce, but a divorce in that time would have ruined him politically and he knew it was important to fulfill his destiny as president.

Even though he was a faithful husband he did have several female friends that gave him access to female energy which inspired him.

If I remember right Einstein’s first wife was a mathematician who was a strong motivator for him in coming up with the Theory of Relativity. Some believe that she actually came up with some of the ideas. I believe she drew them out of him.

Rick continues:

“The latest chapter of the molecular relationship is both the best and worst news I’ve read in some time. We’ve just rebounded from one downswing in membership and now I wonder what will happen to us, when even I question if I belong here. I hope we will pause and discuss this, before getting any more, so that we can all have time to digest such a large mouthful. It usually takes a lot to rattle my cage, but this one has left me dazed. Rick”

I’m not sure what all you are referring to here. For those of you who have specific questions I would hope that you ask them.

One thing I want to clarify is that the Molecular Relationship does not require that you have an ideal mate. We will go into more detail in this later on as we explain how it works.

A single person or one with a spiritually disinterested mate will pick a working non romantic partner to create male female units in the soul for the creation of human molecules. In many cases these couples will work together in the soul better than the married ones for they will not be carrying around the baggage from a bad relationship that so many have.

I would suppose that the idea of commitment in sex is disturbing to some. Many have left the old time religions because of the restrictions there. There is a big difference though. The religions say: “do what we say because God says so.”

I am not doing this. Instead I am attempting to teach the true principle governing the ultimate positive use of sex, money and power. These energies should be directed to fulfill Purpose, or be in alignment with Purpose so the higher energies of the soul can become manifest.

No one wants to judge the purity of your sex life. Instead what the teachers look for is your purity as a vessel for the higher spiritual energies. If one is governing his life with soul guidance then there will be endowments and manifestations of the Spirit of God through the soul. That which comes through you and out of you is evidence of your correct use of higher principles.

Glenys also had some questions. She asks:

“If I have to develop more masculine energies to serve in a proactive, ‘sending’ way, then the chances of finding someone to balance me become even more remote. As it is, I’ve always known that one of the reasons I’ve never married is that I haven’t been able to find someone who is my spiritual superior (and I don’t regard myself as a 10 by any means). Is that the price women have to pay for being spiritually aware?”

Answer: I know I’m going to have to give some more clarification on this for the female tends to think she is at a disadvantage in many ways, but she is not. The objective is to deliver teachings. For the male it is easiest just to throw them out to the audience, but on the female side, her energy is to pull out the teachings from the souls of the students. One is not more powerful than the other, but the male has an easier time in his energy as well as the female in hers. The trouble is that the female is often deceived into thinking the male energy is the better way. The female should only use male energies that feel natural to her and not try to force them.

It is not only difficult for the advanced female to find a mate in suitable evolution, but also the male. Notice Rick’s previous comments about his difficulty in finding a companion.

Glenys continues:

“Various other comments relating to the two energies I was interested to read that a woman with strong male energies needs a man with strong female energies to give balance. In my experience, strong women seek a strong male and find men with female energies good friends but bad partners. I find such men boring as they don’t challenge me at all.”


Keep in mind that a strong woman is not necessarily one with a lot of male energies. The strongest of all women are those who successfully use their female energies.

If the female dominates with male energies then her male companion turns female as far as energy is concerned.

On the other hand, she can also dominate with female energy. When she does this the male energy in her mate is amplified. Even so this dominating male will be a willing servant for the female in her energy.

Glenys also asks:

“I was also interested in your comments about teachers choosing a male body. I have had a teaching urge for most of my adult life so wonder why I chose a female body this time round. Does it mean that if I teach and it becomes a focal point of my life that the most I can expect is to communicate others’ teachings like Bailey did with the Tibetan? Does it mean that I will probably never have any original teachings of my own in this lifetime because it would require more ‘sending’ masculine energies? If that’s not right, then why didn’t I choose a male body? I can only assume from what you’ve written that I chose it because the emphasis this time round was to be on learning, receptivity etc.”

Choosing a female body is a sign from your soul that you came here with the intention to learn, especially for the first half of your life. That does not mean that during this period you will not teach but it does indicate that you, in connection with your soul, saw that there were important lessons to learn that required that you be in the receptive female energy.

Now if you learn the needed lessons that you set before yourself before you were born, then in the second half of your life you can be an effective teacher of those lessons as well as applying the female energy to learn new ones.

As for the rest of your questions just remember the first key. You are Decision and you can become whatever it is you decide to Become. Tune into the male and female energies within you and use their forces to best serve the direction you wish to take.

We’ll be talking more about male and female energies as time goes on as the correct understanding of them is a key to the successful creative path.

Susi asks:

“On the subject of male/female energies and the facts being presented as to the separateness of these two energies: I have a question. Many things in nature currently possess both male and female energies I think you wrote that JJ, and eventually all things will go back to possessing both of these energies just like Source (The One God). Do I have this theory correct so far?”


Let me clarify. All things living and existing in the worlds of form not only possess these two energies but are created by their interplay.

After the division of the Purpose energy into male and female and the amplification thereof, all lives have sought to balance these two energies. Form is basically energy slightly out of balance and the fact that we are still in a world that has form tells us that we have not achieved perfect (or relatively perfect) balance.

If you could achieve a balance of the two energies and “be still and know God,” then your body would disappear until you let the energies slip out of balance again.

This is one of the reasons that the Masters can transport their bodies instantly. They do not increase their vibration as many teach. Instead they still their vibration through the balancing of energies and can move through a door or wall as easily as an imaginary point of thought.

Susi continues:

“My main question is that I feel we all as humans posses both of these qualities and ultimately do not need to have a mate if we are able to utilize both of these energies and maintain a balance within ourselves separate from a mate, just as Source (The One God) is able too. Am I way off on this? I have this on a soul level and so far am unable to accept that it is just not possible to obtain this state in the human form.”


It is interesting you received a soul confirmation on this and it would be a good time to say a few words on this subject.

A soul confirmation always points you in the right direction to enhance your spiritual evolution, but it does not reveal to you all the knowledge and principles around the subject you may be contemplating.

Let me give an example:

Jim has been struggling to make something of his life and makes a decision to seek God believing this to be his next step. He has never been active in a church and checks out a few. Something about the Catholic Church stirs his soul and he senses the inner voice telling him to join the church.

Does this mean that the Catholic Church is the ultimate truth?


Does this mean that all the Catholic doctrines and teachings are true?


It is interesting that because of the confirmation of the inner voice Jim may be self-deceived into thinking that the above two items are true, but the real question is what is the true confirmation coming from the soul?

Answer: His soul is leading him into the Catholic Church because this organization has an important lesson to teach him. The church will be a stepping stone for him that may last a year, ten years or a life, but as imperfect as it is, the Church is a necessary step before he can catch a glimpse of his next vision quest.

The soul often gives us an inch of truth and we make it into a mile of truth. It is important that we take these inner messages and narrow them down to the core of what the message is rather than what we want it to be. I’m not picking of Susi here. But merely giving out a general teaching for the benefit of all.

Now getting to Susi’s question.

Yes, we can balance the two energies of male/female within us and establish a peaceful and contented state, but this is just a step in our evolution and far from any ultimate.

When reasonable inner balance is obtained then one can go through life as a single person without a great sense of loss or missing out. Some single people receive guidance from their souls about balancing the energies within so they can free up their attention and focus on the spiritual path for a life or two.

Nevertheless, we do not get out of relationships that easy, for relationship and the establishment of new and greater relationship is an eternal principle.

Balancing the male/female within is merely practice for the greater balance that comes with another person of opposite polarity to yourself.

If you want to learn to fly a plane the first step may be to study all about the art of flying. But you can read every book in existence and still not be prepared to actually fly. There comes a time when you have to step into the plane and physically fly it. In between flying practice you might want to do more studies on the ground and quiz your instructor. But then to master the art you have to fly again.

So it is with male/female relationships. We can seek inner balance of the energies and this is comparable to studying flight when you are on the ground. But then you need to test yourself to see how balanced you really are and that test comes through relationship with your polar opposite. By yourself you may think you have mastered the energies just as one who has studied flight may think he can fly a plane, but when you put your knowledge into practice through real relationship you then discover rough corners within yourself that you never knew existed.

Believe me my wife reveals many rough edges I need to work on that I would have never discovered without her.

I did not mean to imply that anyone is at a disadvantage for being single. You still have interplay with your polar opposite through friendships and family. It is possible that your soul wants you to take a rest from the intense relationship of marriage and better prepare yourself for your next one. And I guarantee that you will have a next one.

Many have been married three or more times and are too frustrated or discouraged to try again, but let me assure you that each of us learns a lot about ourselves from each failed marriage. Sometimes a failed marriage will teach us more than a smooth one.

Let me also assure all: if you are single, you will seek a mate again, if not in this life, the next.

The reason the drive to mate always returns is because it is a necessary relationship to establish to create higher evolution. Go back to the Molecular Relationship book and look at the diagrams of the atoms combining into molecules. This foreshadows the next great step for mankind. Each person will eventually unite with a mate or a non romantic working partner and create a finished atom (ADAM). Then these Adams will unite with other couples and create human molecules with properties more than human. This is our destiny and nothing can prevent it from coming to pass.

When human Adams establish relationship with other male/female couples there will be more balancing to do on a yet higher level. Next human molecules will establish relationship with polar opposite human molecules and more balance still will be required. This evolution continues without limit.

Susi asks one more question:

“Do you believe that some people here on earth currently had already achieved the mastery of both energies and all other prerequisites which enabled them the choice of not reincarnating yet they are here now to help with the current awakening and volunteered to reincarnate?”

“This sounds like you are asking if some of the Masters who have overcome death have chosen to incarnate as regular humans at this time in order to serve.”

Yes. A small number have. But when a master incarnates as a regular human he has to start again from point zero and regain all his ability and knowledge. He will not automatically have the energies balanced within him and he has to pass through all the lower initiations again. Thus it is not only a great sacrifice for a master to do this, but it also is quite a risk. He could get caught up in illusion and it could take several lifetimes to climb out of the mire he has found himself in.

When such a Master, or disciple becoming a Master, does achieve relative balance then death will not even be able to hold him or her.

Now I know that there are many false teachers and new agers out there who believe they are masters come to earth, but if they proclaim themselves as such it is a sure sign that they are far from being a master, but an ordinary human.

An advanced disciple or master incarnate will never reveal his point in evolution publicly. He will never say something like : “Hey! I was Moses in a past life so listen to me.” Such an attempt only gives more power to the beast of authority.

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The Mystery of the Female

JJ: If we could just understand the female energy we would understand a great mystery. What is interesting is gravity, which is a female energy, was completely a mystery until Newton came along and is still pretty much a mystery but Newton was the first one to really pay attention to gravity and study it. Up until that time many people did not even question what makes us fall. They did not even think to ask that question in those days. It was like the female energy was invisible and they did not even ask any questions about it. But as soon as Newton came along and started asking questions about it in the 1700’s, from then on people have been paying attention and asking questions about the female energy, female rights and starting to understand women and their own power.

The female energy since Newton has been aroused to the possibility that they have within them a lot of potential that has not been released. But unfortunately, like I said, they have been deceived into thinking that the way to release it is through the male approach but at least they have the idea in their minds that they have unlimited potential within them just like men do. Now what they have to understand is that they have to have increased understanding of their power and how it works. It will probably take another 100 to 200 years in this Aquarian age to get this roughly in the consciousness of humanity and when it is achieved, there will be something even better than equality and that is what the equality of male and female will bring about, and that is a lot more creative energy.

This is one thing that DK teaches – is one of the glory’s in the Aquarian age is we will see this tremendous creativity. We will see creativity like we have never imagined before. Much of this will take place because the females will begin to understand where their power comes from.

Audience Dee: You mentioned Margret Thatcher as a woman whose dominant energy was male, I remember when Bill Clinton was elected president and it was the strangest thing that I felt such a masculine feeling from Hillary Clinton, very forceful and I thought, gee is this just me that is getting this vibration? Then later on I heard a story of a physic that would blindfold them selves and was able to tell the difference in the male and female energies by what they were saying. The physic had gotten them all right and he went to Hillary and said this is really strange I am getting a masculine energy from her.

JJ: Yes, that is the interesting thing about Hillary Clinton is that a lot of people don’t like her and they do not know why they don’t like her. Others don’t like her and they know why they do not like her. Much of it is that she is trying to work with the male energy and it goes against the grain of some people.

Dee: She worked as an attorney and I got the feeling that is partly where it came from. She is a smart lady and I got the feeling that she wanted her opinion to matter as much as her husbands did. She knew that this would not be possible so I think she stepped back a bit.

JJ: And you notice that she always wears these pants suits and I heard on the news the other day that Hillary was showing cleavage and they were making a big deal about and when they showed this it was such a small amount of cleavage that I said, “that’s cleavage?” The reason they probably made this a big deal is because Hillary really does not try to use her female energy at all. I think she was thinking that she would let the female side of herself show a little and it really created a stir in the news and the fact that it did create a stir by letting just a thimble full of her female side out. What could she do if she let a lot of it out and concentrate on her female side.

I notice a lot of female politicians are very masculine in their approach and I also notice that a lot of people just do not like them. There is something about them that just rubs people the wrong way. What creates this feeling is the masculine approach that they are taking. But, when the female takes the female approach then the males are not rubbed the wrong way. Females are not rubbed the wrong way as much as the males are. The males can really sense the masculinity coming out in the female and many of the females believe they have to think and act like the male and cheer each other on in being male.

Guys, do not cheer them on because we want the females to be females and it is in our nature to want that. And it is in the nature of the females to want the men to be in the masculine energy as well. It is very interesting how females will really grumble about men being in the masculine energy, but then you give them a really wimpy feminine guy and they will not be attracted to him at all. They would rather go with a guy that has strong male energy that they are grumbling about. The reason they grumble about us is because the energy is different from their own, but they are still attracted to that energy.

For instance, Artie is really neat and clean and I am more disorganized. A lot of us males are more disorganized than the females. That is one thing that the females complain about. There are some males that are organized and it is not necessarily a 100% male trait because we are into scattering and throwing things out and it is much more difficult for us to be tidy and organized and neat like the females. This is one thing that Artie complains about me a lot but still she would not trade me for the guy who has a really neat desk that is a wimp, I do not think she would trade me off for that guy. (Laughter) I guess I better not give her any ideas. (More laughter.)

The interesting thing about relationships, as a whole, is that they are so simple yet so difficult at the same time. Why is it simple? To have a good relationship with anybody you basically follow the golden rule: Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. There are ways to interpret that in a weird direction so that one can get out of it, but everyone understands that basic principle. I like to receive love and praise and so I give out love and praise to others.

If all of us just obeyed that basic principle with everyone that we had a relationship with and if every country obeyed that basic principle with other countries the world would be a great place. There would hardly be any divorce or a nasty fight going on. That is basically it and it is extremely simple.

Why do we have such a problem with relationships? Anything else that simple we can do very easy on the plane of the mind. If I ask Larry what is 2+2? He will tell me 4. This is very simple right? The golden rule is like 2+2=4 and this is very simple, so why can’t we add it up and always do it? Let me throw this out to the group, why do we have a difficult time in just obeying this one simple principle in all of our relationships?

Audience: I think following a simple rule involves just using the logical part of our brain but in day to day living our emotions get all tangled up in that and that is why it becomes so difficult to follow that golden rule because we let our emotional nature take over and color that.

JJ: Why do you think we do this? Why do we even allow that when it creates so much of a problem? Pass the mike to someone else and let’s hear another answer.

Audience: I remember when I was young and reading the Bible and I thought if I am going to read this then I am going to follow the teachings. I found that it seemed to be that I was the only one that was doing anything good and it got to a point to where I had to modify it a little bit and that is the only thing I can think of.

JJ: Here is a basic problem then, you may obey the golden rule but the other person is not obeying it. Does any one else have a comment?

Audience: JJ you are competing with the chipmunk. Can you hear him?

JJ: Yes, maybe it is a love song he is singing and is trying to attract the attention of his female.

Audience: I think it is a lot to do with application of this principle. You could take it and apply it to some situation like, I am hungry give me food and then you give food to someone who is hungry. You have to have an understanding of the situation and if you run into a situation that you do not understand you have go into it and experience it and then you can apply the principle when you have a feel for it.

JJ: Okay, Susan has something she wants to say.

Audience (Susan): I think it goes back to what John Gray teaches in the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus. Women are giving to men what women want but men do not want this, and they want something different. So you kind of have to modify the golden rule and you have give unto others as they would desire and not as you would want for your self.

JJ: Yes, you have to take that into consideration. It is funny with gifts for instance; a lot of gifts I receive are gifts that people think I need. I do not really want them but give thanks, and then re-gift it to someone else. In giving a gift you need to find out what the person wants and the hardest part about giving a gift is this: Suppose a person wants a gift that you think they should not really have. Should you give it to them? I would say yes unless it is something really harmful like drugs or something. When I try to give a gift I try to get them what they really want because I think that if I were in the same situation then I would want them to get me what I really wanted.

Audience: I think that it comes down to perception because everybody sees thing from their own point of view so there never is a true leveling of that perception from person to person.

Audience: As I think about why some of the reasons why this principle is so difficult to follow. I think at the very fundamental root of it men and women typically follow the path of least resistance. To do unto another as you would have them do unto you often times requires great effort and energy, So for me to love my wife the way I would want her to love me would require me to do the laundry and to do the dishes, to do everything that is not easy. And for the natural man being selfish, I know what I want for them to do for me, it is much harder to put that effort out there for others.

JJ: Question, you try to obey the golden rule and no one else is doing this back to you. Everybody else is doing to you what they think you deserve to get and they seem to think that you do not deserve very much, what should you do? Should you just say well, this person is not obeying the golden rule so I am going to let them have what they so richly deserve. Should we have this attitude or should we continue to try and live it and what will this accomplish? Who wants to comment on that?

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 19

This entry is part 19 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

Higher Feelings

When we switch to the higher vibrations on the higher level there are so many layers of spiritual feeling up there and they all can lead us accurately to our next great steps. That is what I was attempting to lead us toward in the meditation. We did lift up to a significant degree. I would like to tell everyone here that there are many degrees above where we went in meditation. If you ascend to the next degree and the next up and be encompassed by the Spiritual Fire, you would feel something that is totally and absolutely astounding. You would essentially become the Burning Bush. It is quite possible that the Burning Bush that Moses saw was in fact himself. That he was burning with the Fire of God Himself when he received his great revelation. Often times the extension of visions are things that are going on within our nature.

Audience: Female member: is this a similar feeling to hot flashes?

JJ: It is several octaves above the hot flashes. What I would like to put before you is the idea that there are realms of vibration and feeling to ascend to that will completely blow your mind when you reach them.

The feeling nature has many different realms that is, possible to ascend to. The first major step is contacting the still small voice. The still small voice does not produce much of a burning because it is so still and so small that you hardly know that it is there. On the first few of times it is contacted you will think that is just your imagination talking because you think if this was God then it would be more pronounced or something like that. It is so elusive, a little bit like the doe in the labors of Hercules, that Hercules pursued and a very hard time before capturing it. The Still Small voice is very elusive at first but eventually we are able to increase the volume so to speak, so that eventually the disciple, the Soul and the Spirit become One and he is able to be in tune with the Oneness principle at all times.

Audience: you may have the soul and the desire but doesn’t it have to become real in your mind before you can progress?

JJ: Yes, you have to accept this as a reality. If a person does not believe he can make these contacts then he generally will not make them. But, I say generally because there acceptations to all things. Like Paul for instance, he was very disbelieving in the church and on the way to Damascus he encountered a great light, which gave him a tremendous revelation. But I think internally he was contemplating his actions thinking, am I doing the right thing confronting these Christians or that probably would not have happened the way it did. Suffice it to say though this caught him by surprise and he was so unprepared for it that it actually blinded him for a period of time.

His vibration was fairly negative because he was persecuting the Christians, yet probably the revelation had something to do with his past lives and all his service as a whole that his soul was able to see that he was ready for this revelation even though he was in a bad place at the time internally. So there are exceptions to all things. But, generally a person has to be open to the possibility that something will happen in order for that something to happen.

Then sometimes you are given more than you expected and things you did not expect. But the great part about all the feelings through the spirit and soul is this: when they come there will be a familiarity about them. Do you notice that with your feelings? How about you Susan? I know you have felt different things, right? Maybe some never felt them before but when you do feel them, they seem familiar.

Susan: Right, like a déjà vu.

JJ: Right now somewhere in your ancient past you have felt that before. No matter where you go in your ascension to the realms of the spirit, even though you may not have felt it in this life it will feel familiar when you get there. A little bit like déjà vu and also not like déjà vu. In the fact that it will feel more familiar than déjà vu. Déjà vu seems like it happened before but I am not sure. When the Spirit touches you then you think, you know I am sure. This is definitely familiar to me and I feel with certainty that I belong to this source and there is a connection between the source of this spiritual energy and myself.

So, I want to encourage everyone to contemplate because the more you contemplate the greater chance you have of going to where you are thinking because energy follows thought and that is a divine principle that always applies. Energy follows thought and as you think about the higher things, the higher things will eventually come to you. The more you think about them the faster they will eventually come.

I think I have told you this story before but one of the reasons I think that I have discovered a lot of the things that I have in spiritual knowledge is that I heard the story of King Solomon when I was around 16 in Sunday school one day and the teacher was describing how God came to Solomon and was told that He would give him anything that he wanted. The teacher was saying that most people would want wealth, love and all these things that normal people want. But what Solomon wanted was wisdom, and I thought to myself, if God came to me and asked me that I would say the same thing. I cannot think of anything more valuable than wisdom.

The interesting thing about Solomon was that when he was given wisdom he also became the richest man on the Earth. He had all kinds of gold and jewels, a fabulous temple, and he was known throughout the world for his tremendous wealth so got wisdom but also everything else the carnal heart could desire as well.

The realms on the male polarity is first the physical world, then the mind and finally the higher self. Then on the female side we have the emotional nature, the intuition and then the higher realms. The feeling nature is associated with female energy the mind is more associated with male energy. Both of these have all kinds of gifts for us, and in their higher natures on both sides there are many wonderful things to discover.

The interesting part about the female side of ourselves is that female is represented by the magnetism that holds the entire universe together. The forces of gravity and magnetism are completely invisible – we cannot see them at work. The male energy in the universe is represented by the radiance of the Sun. We can look at the Sun and see it and see it’s effects and it is much easier to believe on the male side of things. On the female side of things the source is invisible, we cannot see it at work but only the effects.

This is esoterically why females have been ignored so much in our past history because all because of all of the things that females have contributed to humanity has been behind the scenes and invisible, yet the female force in the universe is that which holds everything together. There can be no planet or any physical form with out the female force holding it together. The radiant energy of the male energy spreads energy and the female energy pulls it together. So the males have the advantage of being visible. You go in a room where there are males and females and the males will always being showing off and being more visible and trying to impress the females with their cleverness and things like that. So whenever you are in a room with males and females the males are always more visible and the females are looking back at the males thinking well, try a little bit harder to impress me.

In your dating situation it is amplified even more. You go to a singles bar or something like that and the males are actively going around searching out the females. The physically attractive female with lots of magnetic energy, what does she have to do? She goes to a bar and sits at a table and orders herself a drink and that is all she has to do, just sit there. Her toughest work is getting rid of all the riff raff that she does not want.

Audience female member: I disagree, what a woman does is not just sit there, she is sending out a lot of energy.

Yes, that is true but from the point of view from the male she does not have put much work into this. From her point of view she has put a lot of preparation into this endeavour.

Female member: She is making eye contact and she is using certain body language to invite him in. The signs are very subtle but a man picks up on them.

JJ: Yes, that is true.

Female member: There was a single’s dance that I was at and there was a woman that was 350lbs and there were 10 men around her. The most magnetic female I have ever seen.

JJ: The magnetic energy in a female I find very fascinating, and like Susan says just a very slight glance with a twinkle in her eye can get a guy’s heart beating twice as fast, make him nervous, and start sweating or whatever. It is amazing that power that females have over us males. Women do not realize how much power they have over a guy. Women are deceived into thinking that the men have all the power and that is just entirely not the case. Both men and women are deceived in thinking that the way to get ahead is to be like a man.

So women think that they are going to go into business and run a business like a man and when they do that then they are rejected by everyone including the females but when the woman taps into her energy then she has a power that is fantastic. She has power to motivate the man to do pretty much anything she wants them to do, if she uses her energy. Not too many women really understand how to use the female energy. The physically attractive looking female in the bar that we were talking about is somebody that understands and is using the energy in that spot. Now, unfortunately for her she may go to work the next day and try to use male energy to get ahead and it just does not work like it did back in the bar, because in the bar it is understood that is where we let the women use the female energy. The truth is that she needs to use it more often and more effectively.

Audience female member: Most men, not all, but most do not listen to women. Women on the other hand listen to men. Women watch them, they see them and some women even worship them. Women make the soul contact with men first then the men think about them but men really do not listen to women.

JJ: Sending is a male energy, and this is the reason for this because we are in the male energy and it is easier for us to send out words that are accepted. So what women have to do is be in their female energy and bring out the words from the men. In other words let’s say that she is in a supervisor capacity which kind of a male energy in it self. She has to make the best of it and the way to make the best of it is with the female energy. Instead of bringing a guy over and saying I want to you do A, B, and C, and this is what I want you do. He is not really listening and is thinking I am not going to have some woman tell me what to do.

Instead of that approach, if she says, what do you think we need to do to get this job done? She is using the female energy to draw it out of him and he says well, I think we need to this and that. Now when he points out something that she agrees with then she says, that is a good idea that you came up with. He thinks, she is recognizing my intelligence and that is good, she says why don’t you work on that and we will take a second look tomorrow. He says okay that sounds good. He listened to her because she used her female energy to get him to listen. This is what the female has to and that is to use her female energy to get what she wants.

In this world because the male energy is visible and the female energy is invisible the male energy is about 75% dominant because everyone thinks that is where the power is. But for the females that is not where the power is. Where have you ever seen the female and the male energy working together in one person and being successful? It is very rare, about the only one I can think of is Margret Thatcher and she looked masculine and she was just about a man in a women’s body. I would also suspect that she used her female energy to get things done because she got a lot of cooperation from those around her and that she knew of this principle that we are discussing. Yes Larry.

Larry: being in business myself I have women that were in positions of some authority and I knew a woman when I worked at Tandem who sold $9 million to sprint. She had lots of people who worked for her and I have worked with other women who had programmers and people like this report to them. It seemed to me that the ones who did very well had one thing in common and that is that they were really good listeners and let a lot of people talk so they would listen more than they would talk and when they finally decided what to do then they would pick the person that advocated that and choose them so there was a lot of listening to get people to bring out their ideas. They used that part of their female energy a lot.

JJ: That is a good point Larry. Consider the fertilization of the female egg you have one female egg and how many sperm are competing to impregnate that one egg? Millions right. So the female has a choice of millions of sperm. It is like people say all news is fair and balanced, well not all news is fair and balanced even it is accurate because the newsperson may have dozens of stories to choose from to report on and if he or she is biased then he can pick the one that best fits the biased point of view. And maybe only one of them supports their view and the others do not, so by picking the news items that supports their point of view than they can actually preach their message to the public and get their message out there by just claiming that well, I am just giving the news and I am completely unbiased.

By the power of selection a newsperson can control how many people think about a story by not allowing certain sides of the story to be told and only allowing the side that he or she agrees with and feels good about. The female has this same power, she has that power of selection and it is all exemplified in the selection of the sperm. The male sperm is sent, again the male energy sending and the female receives and she does not receive just anything but is extremely picky how about what she will accept. Have you noticed Larry that women are bit picky about what they choose to receive?

Larry: Silence

JJ: Let’s ask somebody whose wife is not here! Laughter. James how about you, that way we will not get Larry in trouble. James wife is not here although she may listen to this later. Are they a little fussy – what do you think James?

James: Yes

JJ: Yes they are, they are little bit more, fussy about what they wear and what they put on, much more than we men are. This is just the nature of the female energy and it all goes back to nature. They have millions of sperm to choose from and they accept just one. But what is really amazing is how many they have to pick from and the female selects only one. The same thing with us is that there is nothing that stimulates the male more than when the female really listens intently to us. When they listen to us intently we think, this is great and we feel so enlivened when we have a female actually listen to us. This is really a choice, maybe more of a choice that we listen to the female from their point of view. People are not inclined to listen that much but when a female listens to a male we are stimulated and then what do we do? We think, well they really liked it so we give them more and if they continue to listen we think that we are really impressing this girl and I am going to give her even more to listen to.

Now unknown to him, what she is doing is sifting through all the males. She is thinking, this is all just useless chatter but maybe there might be something useful in what he is saying. Once in a while what she will eventually do is maybe one out of a million words that she really accepts and is impregnated with, within her soul. When she gets impregnated with one of the male ideas then all of a sudden she will say, hey, you have to do that.

Audience male member: When women listen to men it is called, give them enough rope to hang themselves. Laughter

JJ: That is what they do. (Laughter) The great example of this if you are in a marriage relationship you may be running all kinds of things by your wife and she’ll be saying, yea, yea, yea. Then you just casually mention that maybe we should go to Hawaii or Paris someday and she will think, yes I will accept that. Then the next day she will say, have you done more thinking about saving up for that trip to Hawaii or Paris? He says, No I do not even remember saying anything about it. (Laughter) She says, Well yes you did we talked about it yesterday. He says, Really, oh, okay well I will think about it. You see she reminds him because he impregnated that idea in her and she accepted. She did not accept going to the Star Trek convention or bowling. A lot of stuff she just ruled out completely but the trip she accepted completely so now once that is accepted by her and stuck in her, you are just going to wind up going to Hawaii or Paris and there will no way around it. (Laughter)

Audience: Laughter female members: When are we leaving? More laughter.

JJ:  Laughter. Oh no Larry look what I did, I got the idea stuck in her already.

Larry: Yes. (Not sounding too happy) Wait that may probably a good idea because isn’t that where that boulevard is where some of the most beautiful women walk around in those little string bikinis.

Female member: That is over the beach side.

JJ: That is the way to get an abortion on that idea Larry – to say oh yea, I want to go to Hawaii, there is lots of beautiful women running around in string bikinis.

Female member: And when he is busy looking then she can go shopping and get what she really wants. Laughter

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McCall Gathering, 2007, Part 18

This entry is part 18 of 54 in the series McCall Gathering 2007

The Magic of Relationships

JJ: Today my friends we are going to talk about the magic of relationships. We just finished an interesting meditation and what we tried to do in the meditation is to bring us up higher because there is not only knowledge but many feelings in the spiritual world. There are two parts of our nature. One is associated with mind and the other associated with feeling. Often people on the esoteric path downgrade their feeling nature. The lower feeling nature does create a lot of problems for us and gets us in all kinds of dire situations – it gets us into the wrong relationships, married to the wrong people, working at the wrong job – just because we are following our passions and feelings which are often very wrong.

The Bible itself says that the heart is the most deceptive of all things. When the heart is mentioned it is implied that the heart is the lower feeling nature rather than the higher spiritual nature of the heart center. But then there are several levels of the higher feelings and the lower feelings are like a reverse reflection of the higher. When you look in a mirror, you do not see your real face. You do not see you as you look to other people. You see yourself being reversed. So you do not see your true self whenever you are shaving in the morning or doing whatever women do in the morning, I do not know what that is but I do know it takes a long time.  I have often been tempted to burst into the bathroom when Artie is in there for more than 15 minutes just to see what was taking so long.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: Who knows what goes on there, this is one of the greatest mysteries for us men. I think all women know but they do not tell us. Now where was I? That distracted me.

Audience: Higher and lower emotions.

JJ: So the emotions are often down played and rightly so because emotions are very misleading. It is like looking at a reflection in a mirror and everything is in reverse. This is why this world is caught up in illusion and therefore screwed up. We are lead by emotions and emotional people.

You will notice all the politicians appeal to the emotions rather than to reason. Every once in awhile you hear an appeal to reason but not very much, it is usually an appeal to selfishness that goes something like this: We are going to do this for you, we are going to pay for this and that for you and bring you free this and free that and so on. It is all appeal to our lower nature of feeling and selfishness. They say we are going to make you feel good about yourself. The emotional nature is reversed and everyone that teaches and governs by the emotional nature gets a lot of stuff backwards and this is why many things do not work, especially bureaucracies. Have you ever found a bureaucracy that is efficient?

No, this is because all bureaucracies are governed by the emotional nature. None of them are governed by the mind or the power of the intuitive level, but above the emotions we have the mind and the mind is able to see things with much more accuracy than the feeling nature does. But then we are told that the mind is the slayer of the real. And the reason it is the slayer of the Real is because the mind takes us so far and then the mind hits a dead end.

Larry said he was once an atheist. The atheists are some of the more intelligent people on the planet. Born again Christians look upon being an atheist as being the lowest of the lowest because they think that they are going to hell. What they do not realize is that on the spiritual scale of evolution people that often pass through atheism are often times quite evolved people because they are centered on the mind and they are trying to look at everything logically and logically they cannot prove to themselves that there is a God.

Eventually this leads to a dead end – the mind slays the real but pretty soon the atheist seems to miss the real that he has slain. So when he was born again he sensed that there was something there. It made him feel good that there was a connection and when he became an atheist he lost the real because the mind slays the real.

After the mind slays the real the person reaches a dead end and he begins to want the real to return but logically he cannot prove there is a God. Then he shifts to the higher feelings; the higher feelings are extremely accurate on the intuitive level. We have a number of levels and of great importance is pure spiritual love, which is a step above selfish love. What most people consider as love is communicated when they say “I love you,” but what they are really saying is that I can use you for my needs. That is basically what a lot of people are saying when they say, I love you. You can fill my needs and when you no longer fill my needs then my love is out the window.

How many people do we know when they first get married they are crazy in love and then a few years later they hate each other because they are no longer fulfilling their lower needs. But, when we switch to the higher level the love is still there, even if the personality level of love does not work out, the love does not change. On the higher level of love, love is always there even if the other person does not fulfill your needs you will still love him or her from one day to the next.

One thing I admire about Artie is that she is one of the few people I know who still has respect for her ex husband. He was here to visit a while back and she treated him well and she did not tell me how bad of a guy he was behind his back. Not very many people are able to do that, you can tell that she has a spiritual love for the guy and as long as it is spiritual love it does not bother me at all.

Audience: Laughter

JJ: And that is good because spiritual love does not have negative emotions connected with it, like jealousy and the desire to possess. The lower type of love does though. Now this does not mean that we discard the lower completely? What we do with the lower when we switch to the higher is we put the lower nature under our control so they are used in a constructive way. When we allow the lower to control itself, it goes into chaos and everything gets bungled and jumbled up with negativity being released causing all kinds of destructive energies to dominate. When you have two people in a relationship that are governed by the lower energies, they are going to have a very tempestuous relationship. It would be like Madonna and Sean Penn – remember that relationship? I think they were maybe soul mates on a higher level because they were so much like each other but when they got together they really clashed – because both of them, in my opinion are of the mind set of, “What can you do for me?” Both of them wanted the other one to do everything for them – both of them wanted the world to revolve around themselves and so it just did not work. Maybe another dozen lifetimes down the road they might have the ideal relationship but for now that is not the case and they just cannot really stand each other. But I felt like there was a soul connection between those two.

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The Molecular Relationship, Chapter 3

The Marriage of Atoms

For this treatise, it is important that we look upon ourselves not only as male and female in the physical sense, but also as male and female in the sense that we are two aspects of the divine energy of Purpose. We should see ourselves as separated energies that are working toward union.

Marriage, too, is much more than the joining of two physical persons; marriage is a universal order, a bonding relationship. It unites the male and female energies into a united whole. All male and female energies seek this marriage.

It is interesting to study the marriage of atoms. In observing them, we must realize that every form, whether it be an atom or planet, possesses a consciousness and life peculiar to itself and is either positively or negatively charged. In other words, it is either male or female. The chemist calls the male atom a positive particle and the female atom a negative one. Within the atom we also have the positive or male nucleus, and the negative or female electron shells which are married to the nucleus to produce something greater than themselves – a whole atom. In the case of the marriage of the female electrons to the male protons in the nucleus, the ratio is always one to one. If there are seven protons, for example, as in the case of nitrogen, they are balanced off with the energies of seven orbiting female electrons. These sub-atomic particles, which are the building blocks of all form, never deviate from seeking this one-to-one ratio.

As we study the atomic and molecular world, we do so with purpose, for we seek truth in the ancient truism “as above, so below; as below, so above”. In other words, by studying the atomic worlds (the microcosmic) and the higher worlds of planets, stars, etc. (the macrocosmic) and corresponding their relationships with humanity, we can ascertain correct principles whereby stability may be produced. At present, social scientists tell us that three out four of our marriages are unhappy, or unstable. If we can find the secret of how tiny atoms achieve stability, we can then take those principles and apply them to humanity.

In addition to the electrons and protons, the atoms are also made of a third major particle called the neutron. This particle is relatively neutral and there is usually one or more neutrons for each proton in the atom. There seems to be no set rule governing the number of neutrons in each atom – just what is necessary to create stability. Most of the lower elements have an approximate ratio of one neutron for each proton, but some of the heavier elements have a ratio of approximately 1.5 neutrons for each proton. In each atom there is always a certain number of neutrons that produces the most stable atom. In carbon, for instance, there are usually six protons, six electrons, and six neutrons. This is commonly called carbon 12. This the most stable carbon atom. In nature there are also trace amounts of carbon with seven and eight neutrons. Carbon, with eight neutrons, is called carbon 14 and is unstable and is radioactive, and tends to break down to a more stable element.

To create balance, the protons (male energy) and the electrons (female) then has a marriage relationship with two particles: their opposite charge and the neutral neutron. In these three particles, we again have represented the energies of the Trinity. The neutron represents the Father (Purpose), the proton is the Son (Love), and the electron is the Holy Ghost (Light).

Protons and neutrons are composed of electrons and positrons, and have a mass more than 1800 times as large as either of them. A positron is the same as an electron, but has a positive charge. It is the general carrier of the male energy in the universe, just as the electron is the carrier of all the female energy. Within the proton itself is many layers of positrons and electrons of various energy levels, but the outer layer has a surplus of one positron, making it a male particle. The neutrons have a balance of positive and negative particles, making it neutral. However, this is only a relative neutrality, for even though all life forms are seeking balance, or neutrality, none of them are exactly neutral. Anything that has form is either male or female, but sometimes the energy difference is very slight. The neutrons are very slightly female. This evidenced in nuclear physics by the fact that neutrons will tend to throw off an electron (female energy) before they will emit a positron (male energy).

See the diagram of helium – figure 1 below:

Then as we go smaller we find that the nucleus of the atom is made of up and down quarks. The up quarks have a charge of +2/3 and the down quarks have a negative charge of -1/3. They are always found in triangles which combine to either neutralize or a charge of positive one (except in anti matter where the charge would be -1).

Notice how the foundation block of creation is represented by Star of David. This microcosm is built on the number six as mentioned in the Immortal.

Protons and electrons are normally seen as having a uniform charge but some are slightly more charged than others. In our diagram of the helium atom, we have two electrons circling roughly like planets. Even though they are both female, or negative, one is more negative than the other; no two particles are exactly alike even if the difference is not yet measurable by us. Thus, there will be a secondary marriage relationship between the two electrons. The electron with the lowest negative charge assumes the role of the male and the other the female. The protons play upon each other’s energies in the same way and the electrons have some interplay with the neutrons. Thus, each particle has a Trinity of marriage relationships: one major and two minor. This Trinity of relationships produces the stable atom.

An interesting principle to contemplate is that all male and female energies in the universe are seeking stability, or neutrality. In other words, they seek to return to the energy of Purpose. The prodigal son of form is seeking to return to his father. This stability, or return, is always reached through marriage. Thus, marriage is a universal principle used to unite all male and female energies.

We have been talking about atoms in the microcosm, but there are also greater atoms in the macrocosm. Our Earth, with one moon, is like a great hydrogen atom, but the next true atomic correspondence is the Sun, with the planets circling it. On an even greater scale, the galaxies, which are composed of billions of stars, correspond to great positive and negative charges. Even the universe itself is a great ball of galaxies that will form a positive charge that will eventually become much more than an atom.

Man, who finds himself between the great and small atoms, is an atom on his own level and has the great destiny to create building blocks that will evolve into higher life forms through marriage, just as the marriage of atoms produced Molecules that eventually created life which finally evolved into man. So too must man create life greater than himself through marriage. This will lead us to the evolution of life consciousness hitherto undreamed of, and powers we cannot at present fathom, until man attains all the powers of godliness and creates in his own image a grand heavenly man.

The correspondence of man to an atom is most interesting to make. The physical body corresponds to the nucleus of protons and neutrons and the normally unseen aura that circles around him corresponds to the orbiting electrons. The nucleus of an atom has a mass of up to 4,000 times that of its electrons. So too does man’s dense physical body account for almost all his mass. The female energy circling man/woman has almost negligible mass and is invisible to him unless he trains himself to see it. When the aura is seen, the seer will discover beautiful changing colors, geometric shapes and an aura that actually revolves around the physical nucleus just as electrons dance within the atom. The true shape of man is then circular and he is in a constant state of rotation and movement as the atoms are.

The size of the human aura will vary greatly according to the point of evolution, just as will the size of the orbiting fields of the atoms vary according to their atomic weight, or point of evolution.

Within man’s physical body and extending about a millimeter or two from it is his etheric body. This is the energy field that holds the physical body together and gives it its shape and vitality similar to the job of gluons within the atom.

Within man is also seven chakras, or force centers and concerning these much has been written. The first five are aligned up the spine and the final two are in the head. The first is the center at the base of the spine. This center enflames and supports the energy of all the other centers. The second is the sacral center and controls sex energy. The third is the solar plexus; it creates the desire nature and the emotions. The fourth is the heart center and from it issues love and wisdom. The fifth is the throat center and from it emanates the high creative energies of the artist and creator. The sixth is the Ajna center between the eyes, called the Third Eye; the energy that creates ideas springs from it. The seventh center is at the top of the head and it manipulates the energy of Will-Power-Purpose.

As a person progresses through numerous lifetimes as a human being, these centers of energy open and begin their circulation, and a corresponding negative or female energy circulates in the aura. A lowly evolved person may have only the bottom center or two opened, while a highly evolved initiate will have energy circulating unimpeded through all seven centers.

Correspondingly, the atoms have seven energy centers which open into circulation as the atom evolves from hydrogen to radium. These seven centers found in the orbit of the atom are called electron shells. The chemist designates them by the letters K, L, M, N, O, P, and Q It is interesting to note that radium is the first element to have all centers opened and it naturally glows in the dark. In the same way, a human with his centers opened will sometimes have such a strong aura that he will glow and have a visible radiance, like the Christ on the Mount of Transfiguration.

The energy centers of the atom are divided into numerous subshells and orbitals, and correspondingly the seven chakras are subdivided into numerous energy petals.

The most interesting correspondence for the sake of this treatise is that each atom is polarized in either positive or negative (male or female) energy and they marry each other.

The secret behind the marriage of atoms and the production of a stable Molecule is the master secret to the building blocks of the universe. This universal marriage, which we shall name Molecular Marriage, or The Molecular Relationship, creates for us a pattern that man must follow or remain forever separate and single, damned of his evolutionary progression. After eons and eons of time, humanity has finally reached a point where he must take his next giant leap into the evolution of life.
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A Witness and Signs

This entry is part 19 of 34 in the series 2010B

Posted June 7 & 8, 2010
Alex asks:
Now my question. Can the following scenario happen?

Imagine a man receives a witness and joins the LDS Church. He becomes a priesthood quorum leader. He enjoys sitting in the Presidium. He enjoys his “authority”. He enjoys his “importance” and “importance” of the meetings through which “important” and “inspired” decisions are made. He enjoys that he is special in the eyes of God and a leader of his family. And he is the condition of salvation of his wife and children. He is puffed up with the thought that he is saving people by converting (recruiting) them to LDS. He is proud that he is able to quote BoM easily during the meetings and the audience is impressed…

In short can it be that that hypothetical individuum received the witness just to place him in a niche matching his personality, which will make him feel fulfilled?

I appreciate John and Harry’s comments on this. Here is my two cents.

Higher intelligence that guides seeking humanity is concerned with one thing when giving a witness, or nudge in any direction. The question is this:

Will the supported choice move the entity forward in his spiritual evolution and thus be a benefit to his group and hopefully the whole of the children of men?

The question concerns not his perfection on the personality level. Most people seeking a witness have many flaws that will continue for lifetimes to come. The important thing is that once a person begins to aspire to the spiritual path that he should not stand still or go backwards but move onward.

Alex Replies:
I might rephrase my question(s) then.

1. Can an “ordinary” person see or know a difference between a sign and a witness? Here is an example (true story): A girl, who has never heard about the LDS, had a dream in which she saw a peculiar church with a spire and an angel figurine on top. Some time later she met missionaries who invited her to their local church (and she never before passed by it). To her greatest surprise the church looked exactly the same as in her dream! As a result she joined the church. Was it a sign or a witness? And who or what could create such a sign?

Signs like this are usually attributed to God but can come from a number of sources.

First, it could just be a coincidence that she dreamed of a Mormon church just before she saw one in real life.

Secondly it is quite possible she had an inner yearning to belong to something like the church and her inner self gave her the dream in an effort to lead her to the church, which would satisfy her needs.

Thirdly it is possible she has karma connected with the church due to a past life and she is given a sign to lead her to it.

Fourthly it is possible that her soul has determined that the church will teach her lessons on giving herself in service in preparations for future service.

Finally, there is a powerful thoughtform connected with the church created by the accumulation of all the thoughts of all the believers from the beginning. If a person taps into this quite a few apparent signs can manifest.

There are many reasons behind signs people receive. Some signs may lead in the right direction and some do not. Because signs often lead people astray Jesus said: “A wicked and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign.”

Some people see a sign and a witness as the same thing. A sign is an outward occurrence and is not a witness. A witness is an inner experience caused by the Spirit through the door of the soul.

Many people have never received a true witness of anything but have received a number of strong emotional feelings that they believe is a witness sent from God. A person cannot tell the difference until he receives a true witness. When this happens the difference will be clear.

The closest non witness experience one can have is the feeling of falling intensely in love and many have not had this. This falling in love experience has to be from both sides of the relationship. A one sided attraction creates a lower emotional feeling.

The falling in love experience opens the door of the soul so the two can look upon the perfect spirit within. This is different than a spiritual witness but is the most common experience that is close to the Spirit.

Any true higher witness is for the purpose of pushing you toward progressing along the path and making you more capable at service to our fellowmen. This often has a group effect but the main design is the expansion of your power to serve.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Posted June 7
Martha asks:

What can a single woman do to increase her chances of being with someone? for without that, there is no chance she can be in a molecule.

You do not have to be married, or with someone to be in a molecule. The male/female partnerships in a molecule are working relationships designed to balance male female energies. If you do not have a good working relationship with a spouse or romantic partner then it would be best to work with someone else. It is essential; that the partners in the molecule have no grievances toward each other.

On the other hand, if a married couple have a good relationship then a molecular partnership is possible.

As to the best way to find a romantic partner there are many good books written on this subject. My advice for a seeker of wisdom is to go places where you may find other seekers. Join study groups and organizations where you will find like-minded souls.

On another issue Dan quoted a post I had written ten years ago about global warming. (see: It did not sound like many of my recent comments about the subject where I criticize environmentalists for wrong headedness in this area.

It may seem like there is a contradiction between what I said then and what I say now. This is not the case. There has been a shift of emphasis, but not a contradiction.

I have studied up a lot on the subject since I wrote the quoted article and found a lot of deception and dangerous support for legislation that will not only hurt the economy and reduce freedom and hurt even the environment itself and lead to more pollution, not less.

Another point is that ten years ago I was seeking to teach without ruffling feathers on either side of the political spectrum whereas now I am much less concerned about this.

Here is a quote that set the tone for the article:

“The basic problem with this issue is that one side presents evidence that there is global warming but then promotes draconian measures limiting the economy and freedom to prevent it.

“The other side states that the evidence is non-conclusive but then promotes the belief that there is nothing to be concerned about and that we should do nothing unless there is concrete proof.

“In my view neither of these approaches touches on the middle point of truth.”

I haven’t said much on the other side of the global warming equation, but they do have several valid points on their side.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas and it is possible that if enough of it is released that it could produce too much warming or other possible unknown and unforeseen effects.

Where the left has gone wrong is in seeing present time as one in which reducing the burning of fossil fuels is so crucial to the health of the earth that even destroying the economy may be necessary.

Burning fossil fuels will not bring a warming apocalypse in the next couple decades but what is often overlooked by the conservatives is that it does have some warming effect and if we continue burning fossil fuels as a prime source then sooner or later we may get a dangerous amount in the atmosphere. It mat not happen in the next couple decades but a century or two could make a big difference.

It is therefore in our best interests for this and other reasons to find more harmless energy sources. If we do not destroy our economies through bone headed feel good tactics then we should be well on our way to replacing fossil fuels in the next couple decades.

But, if we destroy the economic systems of the free world then we may not develop the needed technology and may wind up relying on fossil fuels for centuries rather than decades.

Thanks for the video on the oil spill solution Blayne. That’s too logical for government bureaucrats. The government is always to slow and ignorant that conspiracy theories always have plenty of room to grow.

It is quite possible though that there are many who do not want an easy solution to this problem, especially if it comes from either Republicans or private enterprise.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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Energy and the Molecule

This entry is part 13 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted July 26, 2010

John C wrote:
Thanks for your thoughtful reply, Susan. — In, Susan Carter wrote: >Let’s say Thom is 2 and you are 4. Then you would need a female to create that balance of energy.

What I don’t understand is how somebody could just arbitrarily teach that somebody’s energy is out of balance when they haven’t met them, let alone seen them as a couple and seen how they interact as a couple.

She wasn’t making a statement of what your energy is or that it is out of balance but stating a hypothetical to make her point.

I’ll make several other points that I hope aids with clarification of molecular principles.

There are three things to consider as far as energy goes in creating a successful molecule.

First is the natural energy flow between two people in relationship because of the differing electrical charge on their physical bodies. The male bodies will have some type of positive charge and the female bodies a negative charge. This charge varies with individuals.

The second is the sending and receiving energies that flow because of the difference in evolution between the two. The one who is higher in evolution and spiritual vibration will generally send more than he/she receives thus becoming the spiritual male whether the person is a physical male or female.

If the male turns out to be the lesser evolved he will receive more than he sends, but because he is in a male body will desire to be the sender and may experience some frustration.

Every relationship, gay or straight, that is experienced by two people of the same sex will have one polarized as male and the other as female in the relationship.

In some couples the polarization will be obvious and in others it will not be so obvious and they will say something to the effect: “We are equal and sometimes he sends and sometimes I do.”

There is no such thing as two separate creations being exactly equal just as there are no two snowflakes being exactly the same. What happens in cases like this is that the equality is close enough that the polarized sender is not obvious. But if the couple pays attention it will be. Most just have never even thought about these things let alone attempt to discern polarization.

In cases where the polarized sender is not acknowledged he is often revealed when the couple has to make a difficult decision and the couple are not in agreement. The one who gets his way is usually the one who is polarized male in the relationship. This is not always the case, but often is.

It is generally the case when the one gets his way because he makes a powerful argument. It is not the case when a person gets his way because he has an emotional tantrum or demand.

The third consideration is soul contact. Balancing the energy flow alone will not make a molecule work. The final and most difficult thing is that all individuals involved must be capable of achieving soul contact and overlooking the faults of others so group soul contact can be maintained.

Now John motioned that when he was married his wife was the receiver and he was the definite sender, but the relationship did not work for it was too boring. My guess is that it was boring because of a gap in spiritual evolution. You were interested in deep concepts and she was not so she couldn’t receive the really important things you had to share.

A molecular couple should be as close as possible in spiritual evolution.

Another point is that in a working molecule the working partner could shift with each meeting and the molecule could remain stable so long as the energy stays balanced. There is too strong of a conception that the molecular partners must work together like they are in a marriage and this is not the case. You could have a partner you have never met before and the molecule could work if all have soul contact and the energy is at a reasonable balance.

This feeling that you have to have your one and only romantic partner by your side at all times in the molecule is a misconception.

The purpose of the molecule has nothing to do with enhancing desire relationships, but everything to do with raising group consciousness.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey