Re: Light

2007-1-17 05:53:00

Stephen writes:

May I ask, what is the difference between the 'Light of the Soul/Spirit' and ordinary 'Light' we experience in this physical universe?

JJ: Thanks to the group for tackling this with some creative thoughts.

All light has one thing in common. It reveals truth of some kind. That truth may be of a lower or higher level, but it reveals nonetheless.

A flashlight reveals the truth of nearby forms and their colors.

The light from the soul striking your mind reveals understanding of principles.

The direct light of Spirit reveals the Will of God and ideas in the mind of God.

The basic difference between light in the lower and higher worlds is its universality.

In this world, light originates in a certain spot and then reveals in a certain spot. This is true of a flashlight or a sun. The sun emits light from a single point and only reveals on several little points (like earth) in this solar system. 99.9999 percent of its light goes into space beyond our system revealing almost nothing.

As we move to the higher worlds the light becomes more pervasive along with the revelations available. The light increases until we get to pure spirit. In this pure spirit is universal light. There is not form there (as we understand form) on which the light can shine, but from Spirit comes the creation of form through ideas. Ideas manifest in Spirit just as forms manifest here and the light of Spirit shines completely on creative ideas revealing all there is to know about them.

As the ideas from Spirit filter down to the physical plane they are clothed in darkness and shadows and this causes great difficulty in manifesting enough light to see all the principles involved in the idea. Eventually, the light does penetrate the lower worlds and they are pulled back into Spirit and during the great pralaya that follows the light becomes one.

Quoting myself from a previous post:

The hidden manna is the Christ and it is given to us through the giving up of the flesh. What does this mean?

Kevin responded with:

By giving up flesh or mastering flesh? By giving up matter or mastering and consciously evolving it?

JJ: We master the flesh, not by giving it up in the sense of throwing it away, but by giving up our attachments to flesh, desire and form. The disciple must do this to realize that he is not his body or feelings.

Similarly we give up matter by focusing our attention on the Spirit. This does not mean we do not use matter while we are here but it does mean that we master it and detach ourselves from its pull and yield to the pull of the spirit instead.


Is the flesh a physical manifestation of spirit energy?

JJ: Matter is created out of Spirit vibrating to a more condensed and intertwined wavelength. To unravel its complexity we must focus attention on Spirit.


If so, does spirit energy manifest matter and soul energy animate matter?

JJ: Yes, and yes.

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