The Mysteries of A Course in Miracles, Chapter 23

The Mysterious Path to Health

A Course in Miracles says quite a bit about the health of our bodies and minds, and some of it is quite controversial, even among believing students. However, if one sees the Voice that spoke to Helen Schucman as coming from Jesus, or a divine source exceeding the intelligence of our earthly authorities, one must take the information seriously, even if it goes against orthodox thinking.

Here is just one of many statements that some find difficult to accept:

“Sickness is a decision. It is not a thing that happens to you, quite unsought, which makes you weak and brings you suffering. It is a choice you make, a plan you lay,” W-pI.136.7

Just about all of us have been quite ill one time or another, and in the midst of great discomfort, who among us have had this thought: “This illness is just what I planned and have chosen for myself. This is working out great!”

I doubt if anyone reading this actually thinks this way, but obviously the author of the Course knows this and is trying to instill a truth in us that is beyond our normal consciousness.

It also says some controversial things about how illness and pain can be eliminated such as:

“Healing is accomplished the instant the sufferer no longer sees any value in pain.” M-5.I.1

Most who are suffering pain would not agree with this and respond something like this: “Are you kidding? This pain has no value to me and I sure did not choose to have it.”

What we frail mortals fail to realize is that while we may not consciously choose to have pain and disease, they are still the result of our choices. For instance, many choose to eat or drink things that are not good for them that causes discomfort they did not consciously choose. Then, as the quote says, many receive some type of value from the pain itself, such as sympathy, others waiting on them, or an excuse to avoid unwanted work.

We’ll delve more into causes and cures as we go along, but first let us see exactly what the Course means when it speaks of sickness:

“Healing is the opposite of all the world’s ideas which dwell on sickness and on separate states. Sickness is a retreat from others, and a shutting off of joining. It becomes a door that closes on a separate self, and keeps it isolated and alone. Sickness is isolation. For it seems to keep one self apart from all the rest, to suffer what the others do not feel. It gives the body final power to make the separation real, and keep the mind in solitary prison, split apart and held in pieces by a solid wall of sickened flesh, which it can not surmount.” W-pI.137.1-2

The teaching is then that the core cause of illness and pain can be traced to our original separation from God. Before the separation there was equality, and what one felt, all felt which was unbounded joy and love. No one wanted to share anything painful, so all sharing was the desirable feelings of love, joy, peace etc.

Then, after the separation, we found ourselves in the illusion of being isolated in bodies. Whatever you felt was not shared, but kept to yourself. In our current situation one person can feel intense pain and a loved one next to him will not feel the pain at all. He may have empathy for the pain, but will not actually feel it.

According to ACIM, then, the core cause of pain and illness is this illusion of separateness and isolation. The Course speaks of a number of things that will help with removing illness, but the foundation of all healing is found in removing the separation between the Sons of God trapped in the illusion of their own making.

Think of it this way. You may have a friend who is very ill and undergoing intense suffering. You feel bad for him but are suffering no actual pain yourself. You go about your business during the day and maybe give him a passing thought of sympathy a couple times, but outside of that your life proceeds as normal.

But let us suppose you actually felt his pain. What would change then?

There would be an instant change in thinking. Immediately you would want to eliminate the pain and bring healing. Think of it. If we all felt this way now and shared our brother’s pain, it would not last for long because decisions would be made to do something about it and replace it with positive feelings.

Look at it another way. You see a homeless guy on a corner with a sign asking for money. You may feel sorry for him and give him a few dollars. But let us say you completely shared his mind and were no longer separate. Suddenly, you would want him to have as much as you, or at least enough to have some comfort. You may wind up withdrawing some money from your bank account so he can get some relief. If we all had the barriers of separation dissolved, then poverty would greatly diminish as your brother’s poverty would be your own.

Few, if any of us, have the barriers of separation completely removed in our consciousness, and when we suffer pain or illness we suffer alone as does our brother.

“The idea of separation produced the body and remains connected to it, making it sick because of the mind’s identification with it.” T-19.I.7

However, reversing this separation is a major key to healing:

“All sickness comes from separation. When the separation is denied, it goes. For it is gone as soon as the idea that brought it has been healed, and been replaced by sanity.” T-26.VII.2

That is interesting. As soon as the idea of separation goes, so does the illness associated with it for “No mind is sick until another mind agrees that they are separate. And thus it is their joint decision to be sick.” Then it tells us the cure is that “Uniting with a brother’s mind prevents the cause of sickness and perceived effects. Healing is the effect of minds that join, as sickness comes from minds that separate.” T-28.III.2

Then it makes this interesting statement:

“No one is sick if someone else accepts his union with him. His desire to be a sick and separated mind can not remain without a witness or a cause. And both are gone if someone wills to be united with him.” T-28.IV.7

This makes the key statement that an individual cannot remain sick without a “witness.” In other words, a separation that produces sickness cannot be maintained unless one has others to witness that it is real, or happening to him.

And what do we naturally do when a loved one is ill or in pain? We witness to him that it is real by showing sympathy and helping him get the medical care he seems to need.

According to ACIM this is the wrong approach, for it just reinforces the belief in the separation and the illness.

What then should we do? Should we be like a Vulcan from Star Trek, show no empathy and merely declare that all their suffering is an illusion, and that he needs to just acknowledge this and get over it?

No. That will not work either. In addition to suffering pain, the patient will become angry at you for your lack of sensitivity.

So, if you believe in the advice of the Course, how will you help your brother in distress?

For starters, you do not blatantly declare to him that his whole problem is an illusion in his mind. Even though this is technically true, saying such things may just increase the separation between you.

Ask him to describe his problems and listen to him with a caring attitude, but not saying anything to reinforce the belief. Then after you have established a rapport, seek the Holy Spirit with him in a way that is acceptable to his belief system. The Holy Spirit is essential here because it is our only means of healing separation while we seem to be in physical bodies here on earth.

If the use of the term “Holy Spirit” goes against his belief system, then you can use soul, higher self or just Spirit or God. The important thing is to join with your brother and seek union through the contacting of Higher Intelligence. This can be accomplished through mutual prayer or meditation.

Healing with the Mind

So, the ultimate key to good health for you and your loved ones is to remove barriers and share consciousness as if you were one. Unfortunately, the Course tells us that there are a number of problems that create barriers between individuals, and these barriers must be surmounted before success can be obtained.

The first and perhaps the greatest barrier is wrong thinking. Our thoughts are potent forces that can lead to health or disease:

“Are thoughts, then, dangerous? To bodies, yes! The thoughts that seem to kill are those that teach the thinker that he can be killed. And so he “dies” because of what he learned.” T-21.VIII.1

“The sick are healed as you let go all thoughts of sickness, and the dead arise when you let thoughts of life replace all thoughts you ever held of death.” W-pI.132.8

“Healing is a thought by which two minds perceive their oneness and become glad.” T-5.I.1

One common wrong thought concerning health is that the body and not the mind is the source of all or at least some disease. When the average person becomes ill, he rarely will attribute the problem to his mind or thinking, and instead see it as a problem produced by the body. To the contrary, the Course gives this view:

“The body cannot heal, because it cannot make itself sick. It needs no healing. Its health or sickness depends entirely on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose that the mind would use it for.” T-19.I.3

“Thus is the body healed by miracles because they show the mind made sickness, and employed the body to be victim, or effect, of what it made.” T-28.II.11

So, the first correction of thinking needed is the realization that illness comes not from the body, genes, inheritance, etc., but from our wrong-minded thoughts.

“These patients do not realize they have chosen sickness. On the contrary, they believe that sickness has chosen them.” M-5.III.1

The Course does not differentiate much between physical and mental illness. Instead, it seems to categorize illness or pain of any kind as coming from the mind. It is written:

“all sickness is mental illness,” P-2.IV.8

The problem is that “What you made has imprisoned your will, and given you a sick mind that must be healed.” T-6.V.C.9

Indeed, it tells us that all discomfort, pain and illness come from a mind that has chosen illusion over truth, which is said to be insane:

“As you look with open eyes upon your world, it must occur to you that you have withdrawn into insanity. You see what is not there, and you hear what makes no sound.” T-13.V.6

“the content of individual illusions differs greatly. Yet they have one thing in common; they are all insane. “ T-13.V.1

The world itself is sick and insane:

“This is an insane world, and do not underestimate the extent of its insanity.” T-14.I.2

The mental illness of general insanity seems widespread as indicated in this quote:

“The insane protect their thought systems, but they do so insanely. And all their defenses are as insane as what they are supposed to protect. The separation has nothing in it, no part, no “reason,” and no attribute that is not insane. And its “protection” is part of it, as insane as the whole. The special relationship, which is its chief defense, must therefore be insane.” T-17.IV.5

Again, it is pointed out that the “separation” is the cause of all insanity as well as any mental or physical health problems originating from it. Here is the basic problem that needs solved:

“For you have taught yourself how to imprison the Son of God, a lesson so unthinkable that only the insane, in deepest sleep, could even dream of it.” T-14.XI.2

And here is the cure: “When a brother behaves insanely, you can heal him only by perceiving the sanity in him. If you perceive his errors and accept them, you are accepting yours.” T-9.III.5.

So, according to ACIM, we have the situation where our wrong thinking creates an insane world where lots of pain and illness becomes the norm. Unfortunately, just accepting that we need to get our mind right and thinking straightened out is not enough. That only indicates the general direction we need to proceed. Fortunately, the Course gives us a number of problems we must circumvent in order to achieve healing. Let’s examine several of them.

Obstacles to Master

  1. FEAR

The Course tells us that fear is a great obstacle to right-mindedness and hence to good health. It gives the controversial thought that many are actually afraid to be healed.

“An individual may ask for physical healing because he is fearful of bodily harm. At the same time, if he were healed physically, the threat to his thought system might be considerably more fearful to him than its physical expression. In this case he is not really asking for release from fear, but for the removal of a symptom that he himself selected. This request is, therefore, not for healing at all.

“The Bible emphasizes that all prayer is answered, and this is indeed true. The very fact that the Holy Spirit has been asked for anything will ensure a response. Yet it is equally certain that no response given by Him will ever be one that would increase fear. It is possible that His answer will not be heard.” T-9.II.2-3

This tells us that we consciously say we want healing because of fear of bodily harm, but there is something else of which we are even more afraid. We are more afraid of a change to our thought system required by the healing.

Then it tells us that we may pray and ask for healing and the answer will be given, but we may not hear that answer because of our fears.

The bottom line is we fear changing from wrong-minded to right-minded thinking more than we fear pain, illness and even death.

“If your miracle working inclinations are not functioning properly, it is always because fear has intruded on your right-mindedness and has turned it upside down.” T-2.V.4

“All healing is essentially the release from fear. To undertake this you cannot be fearful yourself. You do not understand healing because of your own fear.” T-2.IV.1

We are promised that the overcoming of fear can lead to healing:

“If you are afraid of healing, then it cannot come through you. The only thing that is required for a healing is a lack of fear. The fearful are not healed, and cannot heal.” T-27.V.1

  1. GUILT

We do not need a revelation from on high to convince us that guilt has a negative effect on both physical and mental health. It is obvious that guilt can cause great emotional pain and stress to the nervous system. Most also realize that the stress it produces can have physical effects and weaken the body, making it more susceptible to illness. But according to the Course, its physical effects and relationship to fear are more powerful and pervasive than realized by most.

“Under fear’s orders the body will pursue guilt, serving its master whose attraction to guilt maintains the whole illusion of its existence. “ T-19.IV.B.13

“Guilt, too, is feared and fearful. Yet it could have no hold at all except on those who are attracted to it and seek it out.” T-19.IV.C.1

Guilt is also related to wrong-mindedness or insane thinking:

“It is guilt that has driven you insane.”

“For you must learn that guilt is always totally insane, and has no reason.” T-13.X.6

Sickness itself is a sign that guilt is present:

“For sickness is the witness to his guilt.” T-27.I.4

And finally, it tells us that overcoming guilt is a key to eliminating sickness:

“The guiltless mind cannot suffer.” T-5.V.5

“Sickness where guilt is absent cannot come, for it is but another form of guilt. Atonement does not heal the sick, for that is not a cure. It takes away the guilt that makes the sickness possible. And that is cure indeed. For sickness now is gone, with nothing left to which it can return. W-pI.140.4.

Guilt not only aggravates illness, but it robs those with it of their peace of mind. Such a lack of peace can be a greater disturbance than many physical problems.

Earlier in this book we discussed guilt and how to eliminate it completely. It is advisable for those having problems with this negative emotion to review those teachings and take them to heart. After all, peace of mind of the guiltless is priceless.


True forgiveness is essential to healing according to ACIM. It says that “To forgive is to heal” M-22.1, and “that forgiveness is healing needs to be understood.” M-22.3 It is essential to the miracle of healing for, “Only forgiveness offers miracles.” T-25.IX.8 “Forgiveness recognized as merited will heal. It gives the miracle its strength to overlook illusions.” T-30.VI.5

These quotes make a lot of sense when you think of it, for if one holds a grievance toward another, he is holding in a lot of negative emotional energy which has no constructive effect on any level. Much ill health is caused by a blockage of the free flow of life and emotional energy, and grievance caused by unforgiveness certainly contributes to this problem. Letting go of a grievance toward a brother can open the door to a miraculous healing on both physical and emotional levels.

Forgiveness not only heals the one doing the forgiving but also the one forgiven:

“Therefore, those who have been forgiven must devote themselves first to healing because, having received the idea of healing, they must give it to hold it.” T-5.IV.7

So, the one forgiven can also be healed if he seeks to heal others. He “must give it to hold it” for “Forgiveness is not real unless it brings a healing to your brother and yourself.” T-27.II.4

The forgiven and the forgiver must ask this question: “And who is there whom his forgiveness can fail to heal?” M-18.4

The power and extent to which healing can affect us is profound, for it says: “no one in whom true forgiveness rests can suffer.” T-27.II.3

That is quite a statement that would be difficult for many to accept who are suffering. If it is literally true then this would tell us that there are dimensions of forgiveness that is beyond the current consciousness of many, and we need to examine ourselves to see where the principle of forgiveness yet needs to be applied.

Indeed, the Course asks: “Does pain seem real in the perception? If it does, be sure the lesson is not learned. And there remains an unforgiveness hiding in the mind that sees the pain through eyes the mind directs.” W-pI.193.7

The fact that it speaks of “unforgiveness hiding” tells us that some are deceived into thinking that they have forgiven all when they have not for “there can be no form of suffering that fails to hide an unforgiving thought. Nor can there be a form of pain forgiveness cannot heal.” W-pI.198.9

The important thing that is healed through forgiveness is our “sight” or the way we look at things, especially separation:

Rejoice in the power of forgiveness to heal your sight completely. W-pI.75.9

“Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation. Correct perception of your brother is necessary, because minds have chosen to see themselves as separate.” T-3.V.9

This healing of the perception of separation coincides with the healing of the mind:

“So does your healing show your mind is healed, and has forgiven what he did not do. And so is he (your brother) convinced his innocence was never lost, and healed along with you.” T-27.II.6

We are given this advice:

“From knowledge, where He has been placed by God, the Holy Spirit calls to you, to let forgiveness rest upon your dreams, and be restored to sanity and peace of mind. Without forgiveness will your dreams remain to terrify you.” W-pII.7.4

Finally, we are given this as a goal:

“My forgiveness is the means by which the world is healed, together with myself.” W-pI.82.1

  1. LOVE

We have just noted the importance of forgiveness in relation to healing. This is important, but healing cannot be complete without the foundation emotion leading to completeness.

“It (forgiveness) is the source of healing, but it is the messenger of love and not its Source.” T-18.IX.10

When we return to our Source, forgiveness will no longer be needed, but there will still be love which is a basic aspect that God shares with all creation. When true healing occurs, love is always there manifesting in some way.

The other two barriers to healing of fear and guilt are also neutralized by love.

“all healing involves replacing fear with love.” T-8.IX.5

“Be not afraid of love. For it alone can heal all sorrow, wipe away all tears, and gently waken from his dream of pain the Son whom God acknowledges as His.” W-pII.10.4

“The attraction of guilt produces fear of love, for love would never look on guilt at all. It is the nature of love to look upon only the truth, for there it sees itself, with which it would unite in holy union and completion.” T-19.IV.A.10

Many spiritual healers recognize the importance of love in producing positive results. Even experiments with growing plants verifies this. Plants. that are sent loving thoughts become much healthier than those sent negative thoughts.

A Course in Miracles reveals that love has more power than is generally realized:

“Love cannot suffer, because it cannot attack. The remembrance of love therefore brings invulnerability with it.” T-10.III.3


That is quite a statement telling us that love cannot suffer and brings “invulnerability with it.” Many may wonder at this statement as we have all seen many decent and loving people endure suffering. The Course does give us this clue:

“by not offering total love you will not be healed completely.” T-13.III.9

So, for a real miracle of complete healing to occur, love must be given with no reservations

“Miracles occur naturally as expressions of love. The real miracle is the love that inspires them. In this sense everything that comes from love is a miracle.” T-1.I.3

The full expression of love is the greatest miracle. Even so, many who suffer seek the miracle of physical healing and seek to achieve it. But even though the suffering places great attention on the body, one must force his focus on love instead so miracles can take place, for “If a mind perceives without love, it perceives an empty shell and is unaware of the spirit within.” T-1.IV.2

The miracle of healing requires us to not let the discomfort of the body distract from awareness “of the spirit within.”

The one who is ill must take responsibility for his health and fulfill his own needs for love because, “When you do not value yourself you become sick, but my value of you can heal you, because the value of God’s Son is one.” T-10.III.6

We are all valuable to God and to be whole we must value ourselves.

“Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth. If to love oneself is to heal oneself, those who are sick do not love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are denying to themselves. If they knew the truth about themselves they could not be sick.” T-12.II.1

And what is the truth about ourselves that heals? It is that we were created through the love of God and we are agents of love. To see ourselves as otherwise causes ill health.

To love yourself is to heal yourself, and you cannot perceive part of you as sick and achieve your goal.” T-11.VIII.11

However, one cannot have completeness of healing without assisting and sharing love with others:

“Perceive in sickness but another call for love, and offer your brother what he believes he cannot offer himself. Whatever the sickness, there is but one remedy. You will be made whole as you make whole, for to perceive in sickness the appeal for health is to recognize in hatred the call for love.” T-12.II.3

“You will be made whole as you make whole” is reinforced in this statement:

“A miracle is a reversal of the physical order because it brings more love to the giver AND the receiver.” UR T 1 B 10

The goal of love in healing is summarized in this passage:

“There is no sadness where a miracle has come to heal. And nothing more than just one instant of your love without attack is necessary that all this occur. In that one instant you are healed, and in that single instant is all healing done.” T-27.V.4

  1. MIND

God extended His mind in us, giving us power to create anything which we imagine and make it real. This worked out fine as long as the Sons of God were in harmony with Divine Will and saw truth as it is. But then the Sons got this “mad idea” and wondered what it would be like to live in a world of time and space where even separation from God would be possible. This could not happen in eternity, but the power of the mind was so powerful that the Sons went to sleep, and in their dreams “miscreated” many strange things that led to nightmares and produced the possibility of pain and disease.

you have used your own mind, which He created in the likeness of His Own, to miscreate.” T-3.II.4

The Course tells us that in this dream where fear prevails, we still have all powers of creation, but often misuse it when we choose fear instead of love:

“The fearful must miscreate, because they misperceive creation. When you miscreate you are in pain.” T-2.VII.3

“The very fact that you are afraid makes your mind vulnerable to miscreation. You are therefore likely to misunderstand any healing that might occur, and because egocentricity and fear usually occur together, you may be unable to accept the real Source of the healing.” T-2.V.2

Even though we are in a dream of separation, we are still linked to our Creator:

“you cannot depart entirely from your Creator, Who set the limits on your ability to miscreate. An imprisoned will engenders a situation which, in the extreme, becomes altogether intolerable. Tolerance for pain may be high, but it is not without limit. Eventually everyone begins to recognize, however dimly, that there must be a better way.” T-2.III.3

The “better way” is to remember who we are and use the mind for perfect creation instead of imperfect miscreation.

“The lesson (of healing) is the mind was sick that thought the body could be sick.” T-28.II.11

The ego takes advantage of this power to miscreate:

“The ego regards the body as its home, and tries to satisfy itself through the body. But the idea that this is possible is a decision of the mind, which has become completely confused about what is really possible.” T-4.II.7

We must realize our true situation as prisoners of the ego and the body so we can use the mind to eliminate pain and ill health:

“It (the body) holds in prison but the willing mind that would abide in it. It sickens at the bidding of the mind that would become its prisoner. And it grows old and dies, because that mind is sick within itself… Let us be glad that you will see what you believe, and that it has been given you to change what you believe. The body will but follow. T-31.III.4&6

The solution then is simple. We change what we believe and creation will follow:

“The mind is very powerful, and never loses its creative force. It never sleeps. Every instant it is creating. It is hard to recognize that thought and belief combine into a power surge that can literally move mountains.” T-2.VI.9

There is no miracle you cannot have when you desire healing. But there is no miracle that can be given you unless you want it. T-30.VIII.4

That sounds pretty simple. We just need to desire the miracle of healing to make it happen. But, one must realize that wholeness is required for miracles:

“All forms of sickness are signs that the mind is split, and does not accept a unified purpose.” T-8.IX.8

“Wholeness heals because it is of the mind.” T-8.IX.3

In other words, all the ingredients of the healing must be desired to produce results.

For instance, if one has diabetes because of a bad diet with lots of refined sugar he, of course, would like to be healed of the disease, but is he willing to cease eating the processed foods that caused it? We are like little children who do not want to go to the dentist but also do not want to brush regularly and cut down on sugar.

A split mind cannot be healed. To be healed, the mind has to be directed to wholeness physically, emotionally and mentally. When all the ingredients of health are embraced by the mind, then there will be wholeness in thought and the miracle can happen.

The Course gives this solid advice in connection with the mind and healing:

“All mind is whole, and the belief that part of it is physical, or not mind, is a fragmented or sick interpretation. Mind cannot be made physical, but it can be made manifest through the physical if it uses the body to go beyond itself. By reaching out, the mind extends itself. It does not stop at the body, for if it does it is blocked in its purpose. A mind that has been blocked has allowed itself to be vulnerable to attack, because it has turned against itself.

“The removal of blocks, then, is the only way to guarantee help and healing. Help and healing are the normal expressions of a mind that is working through the body, but not in it.” T-8.VII.10-11

  1. FAITH

In discussing factors that lead to healing, the subject of faith must indeed be included. In the New Testament, faith was credited by Jesus more than anything else as being responsible for the healing miracles. He often gave credit to people’s faith for their healings. Here are just several statements:

“thy faith hath made thee whole.” Matt 9:22

“Then touched he their eyes, saying, According to your faith be it unto you.” Matt 9:29

“great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt.” Matt 15:28

This is perhaps his most famous statement concerning faith:

“If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you.” Matt 17:20

Moving a mountain would indeed be an impressive feat, on par with the resurrection itself. It was His way of saying that “all things are possible to him that believeth.” Mark 9:23

The Course mentions this great power of faith as if it should be a common thing:

“Why is it strange to you that faith can move mountains? This is indeed a little feat for such a power. For faith can keep the Son of God in chains as long as he believes he is in chains. And when he is released from them it will be simply because he no longer believes in them, withdrawing faith that they can hold him, and placing it in his freedom instead.” T-21.III.3

The passage goes on to tell us why we do not see more acts of significant faith saying: “It is impossible to place equal faith in opposite directions.”

It tells us that we can place our faith in illusion and falsehood as well as truth: “Faith and belief are strong in madness, guiding perception toward what the mind has valued.” T-21.V.8

Thus, we cannot move mountains because we have faith in our own limitations rather than the real source of power which is within us.

It is interesting that we see that the people who gathered in the home synagogue of Jesus had misplaced faith that Jesus could not perform miracles. He found the people had little positive faith in Him because they knew His family. The people figured that one of their own with whom they were familiar could not be the source of such miracles. Concerning them it is written:

“And he did not many mighty works there because of their unbelief.” Matt 13:58

Even Jesus could not assist in healing those who thought it was not possible.

We are told that, “Faith goes to what you want, and you instruct your mind accordingly. Your will remains your teacher, and your will has all the strength to do what it desires” W-pI.91.5

To have the faith that produces miracles, we must merely “instruct” our minds so we can accept the fact that “will has all the strength to do what it desires.”

Sounds pretty simple, but few fully incorporate such instruction because we have more faith in sickness than in health:

“Because the miracle worker has heard God’s Voice, he strengthens It in a sick brother by weakening his belief in sickness, which he does not share.” T-10.IV.7

It is certainly obvious that many have much more faith in illness than health. The miracle worker must therefore work to weaken that negative faith and redirect the mind to positive faith for “faith can be rewarded only in terms of the belief in which the faith was placed.” T-13.IX.2

 We are told that our basic problem is that our “lack of faith in the power that heals all pain arises from your wish to retain some aspects of reality for fantasy.” T-17.I.3

The problem always goes back to the divided mind, which is especially true concerning health. We desire good health, but we also desire things that are not good for our health. We desire to have positive faith, but we tend to focus on a belief in negativity.

A united mind can indeed manifest miracles through faith, and nothing unites the mind more than truth: “Where the goal of truth is set, there faith must be. The Holy Spirit sees the situation as a whole.” T-17.VI.6

Faith is increased by the sharing of truth and right-mindedness. Jesus taught this when he was here:

“Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matt 18:19-20

Just two or three uniting in faith can make anything happen. The Course expands on this idea:

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal the Son of God. And he is healed because you offered faith to him, giving him to the Holy Spirit and releasing him from every demand your ego would make of him. Thus do you see him free, and in this vision does the Holy Spirit share. And since He shares it He has given it, and so He heals through you. It is this joining Him in a united purpose that makes this purpose real, because you make it whole. And this is healing. The body is healed because you came without it, and joined the Mind in which all healing rests.” T-19.I.2

Faith, healing, the Atonement, forgiveness and sharing all work together:

“To have faith is to heal. It is the sign that you have accepted the Atonement for yourself, and would therefore share it. By faith, you offer the gift of freedom from the past, which you received. You do not use anything your brother has done before to condemn him now.” T-19.I.9

Finally, before the fulness of miracles can manifest, we all must work on ourselves and our own healing:

“There have been many healers who did not heal themselves. They have not moved mountains by their faith because their faith was not whole. Some of them have healed the sick at times, but they have not raised the dead. Unless the healer heals himself, he cannot believe that there is no order of difficulty in miracles. He has not learned that every mind God created is equally worthy of being healed because God created it whole. You are merely asked to return to God the mind as He created it. He asks you only for what He gave, knowing that this giving will heal you. Sanity is wholeness, and the sanity of your brothers is yours.” T-5.VII.2

  1. PEACE

Peace is an important ingredient in the healing process, as none of the six categories we have covered so far would be effective without it.

The attainment of peace is essential to overcoming fear and guilt. Peace is a sign that true forgiveness has taken place. Love and peace go hand in hand. We cannot be in a positive state of mind if we are not at peace, and without it we cannot center ourselves on our inner core to exercise true faith.

The state of peace is a sign that the miracle worker has all the ingredients together to proceed with his or her work of love, service and healing.

You would think that all students would greatly desire this quality, but the Course indicates this is not the case.

Lesson 185 encourages students to embrace this statement:

“I want the peace of God.”

 Then it makes these remarks:

To say these words is nothing. But to mean these words is everything. If you could but mean them for just an instant, there would be no further sorrow possible for you in any form; in any place or time… No one can mean these words and not be healed.” W-pI.185.1-2

Obviously, there are a lot of people dealing with sorrow and ill health who would tell us that they desire peace, but according to the Course there must be something lacking in such desires, else their suffering would end. What is it that could be missing? Here is a clue:

“When a brother is sick it is because he is not asking for peace, and therefore does not know he has it. The acceptance of peace is the denial of illusion, and sickness is an illusion. Yet every Son of God has the power to deny illusions anywhere in the Kingdom, merely by denying them completely in himself.” T-10.III.7.

This points out several helpful things to aid in the attainment of peace and healing. First, we already have peace in our core, but one “does not know he has it.”

Secondly, one has to ask for it so the barriers can be removed. How many are there who are not at peace and in ill health, but have not made the simple gesture of asking their Source for peace and healing?

Third is “the acceptance of peace.” True peace comes from focusing on the Christ at the core of our being, for this state of mind has to be accepted to be retained. This is easier said than done as many distractions of life force us to look upon the world without more than the world within.

The fourth key to peace is “the denial of illusion” for “sickness is an illusion.”

Denial is often seen as a negative motion but the Course tells us that it can be put to positive use. We can use it to deny those things that are not true, not real or illusion. Since sickness of any kind is a part of the illusion, then a denial of it may be in order.

The question is, how do we go about denying pain and ill health? The key is to see that which is true rather than that which is not true. We are told that sickness is an illusion. An illusion is something that seems to be there but is not. This tells us how to deny sickness. One must attain the state of mind that sees and accepts it as something that does not exist in reality. I like to call this a state of “not seeing” rather than denial. When you do not see the imperfection, that which remains is perfection.

There is a spiritual maxim that says “energy follows thought.” The Course says something similar: “every thought you have brings either peace or war; either love or fear.” W-pI.16.3

Wrong-mindedness and miscreation guides energy in directions that produce disease. Taking thought away from the illusion removes the energy that feeds the illness and thus it has to disappear.

To accomplish this one has to honestly examine his thoughts and desires to see if he is really willing to let the destructive ones go and be replaced by the right-mindedness of the Holy Spirit which includes forgiveness. “The Holy Spirit calls to you, to let forgiveness rest upon your dreams, and be restored to sanity and peace of mind. Without forgiveness will your dreams remain to terrify you.” W-pII.7.4

As stated earlier, peace is strongly connected with the previous six factors needed for healing. The first, which is fear, is huge. We are asked this:

“Can pain be part of peace, or grief of joy? Can fear and sickness enter in a mind where love and perfect holiness abide?” W-pI.152.2

Unwise thinking creates the problem:

“You have chosen to create unlike Him, and have therefore made fear for yourself. You are not at peace because you are not fulfilling your function.” T-4.I.9

But it offers solutions:

“For the instant of peace is eternal because it is without fear.” T-15.II.2

“You have escaped from fear to peace, asking no questions of reality, but merely accepting it.” T-18.VI.11

The second problem, which is guilt, is on the opposite side of peace:

“Peace and guilt are antithetical, and the Father can be remembered only in peace.” T-13.I.1

“Peace and guilt are both conditions of the mind, to be attained. And these conditions are the home of the emotion that calls them forth, and therefore is compatible with them.” T-19.IV.B.10

We are called “to lay all guilt aside. Reflect the peace of Heaven here, and bring this world to Heaven.” T-14.X.1

The Course stresses several times the importance of forgiveness in the attainment of the peace that heals:

“When peace is not with you entirely, and when you suffer pain of any kind, you have beheld some sin within your brother, and have rejoiced at what you thought was there.” T-24.IV.5.

“How willing are you to forgive your brother? How much do you desire peace instead of endless strife and misery and pain? These questions are the same, in different form.” T-29.VI.1

The fourth point is love, which goes hand in hand with peace:

“Love has now returned to our awareness. And we are at peace again, for fear has gone and only love remains.” W-pII.323.2

“Peace be to you to whom is healing offered…What occurred within the instant that love entered in without attack will stay with you forever. Your healing will be one of its effects, as will your brother’s.” T-27.V.11

A whole mind is essential to peace:

The Wholeness of God, which is His peace, cannot be appreciated except by a whole mind” T-6.II.1

Peace is closely associated with mind, as evidenced by the fact that the phrase “peace of mind” is used 34 times in ACIM. Here is just one example:

“There are no small upsets. They are all equally disturbing to my peace of mind.” W-pI.5.4

Finally, we see that peace is essential in the use of faith:

“Your faith must grow to meet the goal that has been set. The goal’s reality will call this forth, for you will see that peace and faith will not come separately. What situation can you be in without faith, and remain faithful to your brother?” T-17.VII.4

“Then follow Him in joy, with faith that He will lead you safely through all dangers to your peace of mind this world may set before you.” T-13.VII.15

Peace is indeed an essential ingredient for healing and it is a journey without distance to find it:

“There is a place in you where there is perfect peace. There is a place in you where nothing is impossible. There is a place in you where the strength of God abides.” W-pI.47.7

Find that peace within and “nothing is impossible,” anything can be healed.

That said, we cannot end this section on peace without including the most famous quote of all from ACIM:

“Nothing real can be threatened.

Nothing unreal exists.

Herein lies the peace of God.” T-in.2


In addition to the seven factors we have covered, ACIMs tells us of others to which we need to pay attention.


The miracle of healing cannot take place without the Holy Spirit:

“Every situation, properly perceived, becomes an opportunity to heal the Son of God. And he is healed because you offered faith to him, giving him to the Holy Spirit and releasing him from every demand your ego would make of him. Thus do you see him free, and in this vision does the Holy Spirit share. And since He shares it He has given it, and so He heals through you. It is this joining Him in a united purpose that makes this purpose real, because you make it whole. And this is healing. The body is healed because you came without it, and joined the Mind in which all healing rests.” T-19.I.2

The Holy Spirit is the link for us between the worlds of heaven and earth. If we are to bypass the laws of this world and use the laws of the higher, we need His assistance. When a miraculous healing is attempted and met with failure, it is because the Holy Spirit was not fully involved and His messages of healing not entirely heard and followed. We must always include him for “the Holy Spirit is the only Healer.” T-13.VIII.1 In addition: “The Holy Spirit will direct you only so as to avoid pain.” T-7.X.3.

That which we seek must be in harmony with the Spirit, for even the scriptures tell us that “Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss.” James 4:3 We must ask for that which is in harmony with the will of heaven which takes us from pain to joy, from incompleteness to wholeness.


Ego judgments interfere with healing:

“peace must come to those who choose to heal and not to judge.” T-21.VIII.2

“It must be true the miracle can heal all forms of sickness, or it cannot heal. Its purpose cannot be to judge which forms are real, and which appearances are true.” T-30.VI.7

“Instead of judging, we need but be still and let all things be healed.”


We live in a world of time and space where we learn through what is perceived. The trouble is that we perceive many things incorrectly, as well as wrongly interpret that which is perceived. This leads to many problems including ill health.

Correct perception is a miracle itself and is essential for healing:

The level-adjustment power of the miracle induces the right perception for healing. Until this has occurred healing cannot be understood. Forgiveness is an empty gesture unless it entails correction. Without this it is essentially judgmental, rather than healing.” T-2.V.A.15

Healing involves perceiving our brother accurately:

“To heal, then, is to correct perception in your brother and yourself by sharing the Holy Spirit with him. This places you both within the Kingdom, and restores its wholeness in your mind.” T-7.II.2

And how do you tell if your perception is off?

“How can you tell when you are seeing wrong, or someone else is failing to perceive the lesson he should learn? Does pain seem real in the perception? If it does, be sure the lesson is not learned.” W-pI.193.7

The wrong perception of separation is the main correction needed:

“Forgiveness is the healing of the perception of separation. Correct perception of your brother is necessary, because minds have chosen to see themselves as separate.” T-3.V.9


To be a true miracle worker we are told that we must remember our origins. When we recall who we are, get a sense of heaven and a difference between laws that govern reality and illusion, then the presence of the Holy Spirit is fully invited in and miracles can occur.

Here we are told that if we could remember the truth about ourselves, we “could not be sick.”

“Miracles are merely the translation of denial into truth. If to love oneself is to heal oneself, those who are sick do not love themselves. Therefore, they are asking for the love that would heal them, but which they are denying to themselves. If they knew the truth about themselves they could not be sick. The task of the miracle worker thus becomes to deny the denial of truth. The sick must heal themselves, for the truth is in them…”

We must remember “that all power is of God. You can remember this for all the Sonship. Do not allow your brother not to remember, for his forgetfulness is yours. But your remembering is his, for God cannot be remembered alone. This is what you have forgotten. To perceive the healing of your brother as the healing of yourself is thus the way to remember God. For you forgot your brothers with Him, and God’s Answer to your forgetting is but the way to remember.” T-12.II.1-2

The very power to manifest miracles is inherent of what we are:

“Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself. It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any of the rituals you have devised. It is inherent in the truth of what you are.” W-pI.77.2

what you are you must learn to remember.” T-6.V.C.5

The path to true remembering is through the Holy Spirit:

“He (the Holy Spirit) is perfectly aware that you do not know yourself, and perfectly aware of how to teach you to remember what you are.” T-12.VI.2

Yes, He will teach us but we must first “Listen, and you will learn how to remember what you are.” T-10.V.11

When remembrance comes, “You are entitled to miracles because of what you are. You will receive miracles because of what God is. And you will offer miracles because you are one with God.

“Your claim to miracles does not lie in your illusions about yourself. It does not depend on any magical powers you have ascribed to yourself, nor on any of the rituals you have devised. It is inherent in the truth of what you are. W-pI.77.1-2

This understanding leads to unlimited power:

“The Oneness of the Creator and the creation is your wholeness, your sanity and your limitless power. This limitless power is God’s gift to you, because it is what you are.” T-7.VI.10

 This remembrance will bring “perfect healing.”

“Into this empty space, from which the goal of sin has been removed, is Heaven free to be remembered. Here its peace can come, and perfect healing take the place of death.” T-27.I.10.

Discovering this remembrance of our true identity is the purpose of the Course itself:

“This course will teach you how to remember what you are, restoring to you your Identity. We have already learned that this Identity is shared. The miracle becomes the means of sharing It.” T-14.X.12


The Course stresses many times that we must assist and join with our brothers to obtain heaven. Here it tells is the effect on our health by going it alone:

“For healing is the opposite of all the world’s ideas which dwell on sickness and on separate states. Sickness is a retreat from others, and a shutting off of joining. It becomes a door that closes on a separate self, and keeps it isolated and alone. Sickness is isolation. For it seems to keep one self apart from all the rest, to suffer what the others do not feel.” W-pI.137.1-2

True miracles happen through sharing:

“You have done miracles, but it is quite apparent that you have not done them alone. You have succeeded whenever you have reached another mind and joined with it. When two minds join as one and share one idea equally, the first link in the awareness of the Sonship as One has been made.” T-16.II.4

Those who are centered on themselves alone will not be able to manifest miracles for “God cannot be remembered alone” T-12.II.2, for we, along with our brothers, must tune into where we were in creation to become miracle workers.

We are told that “The cause of pain is separation, not the body, which is only its effect” T-28.III.5

If the cause of pain and illness is separation, then the cure is again to be united:

“No one is sick if someone else accepts his union with him. His desire to be a sick and separated mind can not remain without a witness or a cause. And both are gone if someone wills to be united with him.” T-28.IV.7

Not only must healing be shared but it is also essential to enter back into the kingdom of heaven:

“The Kingdom cannot be found alone, and you who are the Kingdom cannot find yourself alone.” T-8.III.6.

On the other hand, we do not want to share in the illusions or sickness of our brothers:

We should not “give support to someone’s dream of sickness and of death. It means that you share not his wish to separate, and let him turn illusions on himself.” T-28.IV.1


The Course stresses that we are all in this together and healing is a shared experience:

“Do not accept your brother’s variable perception of himself for his split mind is yours, and you will not accept your healing without his. For you share the real world as you share Heaven, and his healing is yours. To love yourself is to heal yourself, and you cannot perceive part of you as sick and achieve your goal. Brother, we heal together as we live together and love together.” T-11.VIII.11

We find that union and sharing are the ultimate healing solution:

“Healing is shared. And by this attribute it proves that laws unlike the ones which hold that sickness is inevitable are more potent than their sickly opposites. Healing is strength. For by its gentle hand is weakness overcome, and minds that were walled off within a body free to join with other minds, to be forever strong.” W-pI.137.8

ACIM and Orthodox Medicine

Many students read along in the Course about the principles of healing and think it is wonderful how a healed mind in tune with heaven can have perfect health, but then when the moment comes that illness threatens, what do they do?

Do they review the Course’s teachings that “illness is a form of magic” T-5.V.5 and seek to apply the non-magical instructions of the Course in healing?

Often the answer is no. Instead of using ACIM principles, they seek orthodox healing techniques which the Course says “are restatements of magic principles.” T-2.IV.4

I am reminded of a good friend I had a few years back who was an avid student of spiritual philosophy and alternative medicine. Seemingly, out of the blue she developed cancer, and after the doctors scared the dickens out of her with a diagnosis and needed treatment, she seemed to throw all her previous beliefs out the window and placed all her faith in orthodox medicine. She lived a few months more in great pain and distress before a painful death took her.

I see this happening with ACIM students. They study the Course and think it is great, but then when they get a few sniffles they run to their doctor, take antibiotics, and whatever else the establishment advises.

The Course uses the word “magic” quite a lot in describing illness as well as the orthodox methods of treating it. Concerning physical illness, it says:

“Only the mind is capable of error. The body can act wrongly only when it is responding to misthought. The body cannot create, and the belief that it can, a fundamental error, produces all physical symptoms. Physical illness represents a belief in magic. The whole distortion that made magic rests on the belief that there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control.” T-2.IV.2

So, the health problems caused by magic comes from the belief “that there is a creative ability in matter which the mind cannot control.”

Then it tells us that it is wrong minded to attempt to cure magically-induced disease with magical treatments on the body.

“All material means that you accept as remedies for bodily ills are restatements of magic principles. This is the first step in believing that the body makes its own illness. It is a second misstep to attempt to heal it through non-creative agents.” T-2.IV.4

“Magic is the mindless or the miscreative use of mind. Physical medications are forms of “spells,” T-2.V.2

So, if we do not use orthodox healing techniques, what should we do?

First of all, the Course tells us that if we follow its precepts, we will never be ill in the first place. We’ve already covered numerous statements to this effect that if we follow the teachings on love, forgiveness, correct use of mind, etc., the health of the body will take care of itself.

Unfortunately, none of us are perfect and just about all of us have physical challenges now and then. So, when this happens what should we do?

The problem is that any illness we have is generated through a misuse of the mind and has nothing to do with the body itself according to ACIM. Since the illness is caused by belief in magic outside the mind, the tendency is to seek for a cure in the same place. We thus seek for outside doctors and medicines that treat the body when in reality the mind has the problem that needs correction. We are told that:

“The body cannot heal, because it cannot make itself sick. It needs no healing. Its health or sickness depends entirely on how the mind perceives it, and the purpose that the mind would use it for.” T-19.I.3

The creative power of the mind is all powerful and if we use it correctly, we are told we will never be ill in any way and even death will be overcome. Some Course students are overwhelmed by the ideals the Course presents to us and are dismayed by their inability to reach them. Some feel uneasy seeking orthodox means of healing because of the statements ACIM made about them. It is stressed that using the laws of God is associated with the mind and the laws of the ego with the body:

“When you heal, you are remembering the laws of God and forgetting the laws of the ego.” T-7.IV.2

Orthodox medicine is thus ego centered, and the Course gives some controversial statements about certain practices. As of this writing, vaccination is a hot topic among Course students. It says this:

“Think of the freedom in the recognition that you are not bound by all the strange and twisted laws you have set up to save you…You really think a small round pellet or some fluid pushed into your veins through a sharpened needle will ward off disease and death.” W-pI.76.3

So right here it dismisses the need for prescription drugs as well as natural supplements in pill form. The “sharpened needle” would refer to vaccinations and other medical injections.

In that same section these thoughts are reinforced. It speaks of “‘laws’ we have believed we must obey. These would include, for example, the ‘laws’ of nutrition, of immunization, of medication, and of the body’s protection in innumerable ways… Dismiss all foolish magical beliefs today.” W-pI.76.

The Course even dismisses the use of glasses to improve vision:

“Thus you believe that you can change what you see by putting little bits of glass before your eyes. This is among the many magical beliefs that come from the conviction you are a body, and the body’s eyes can see.” W-pI.92.1

One may wonder how the scribe Helen Schucman felt about this since she wore glasses. Not only that, but both she and Kenneth Wapnick died after a painful bout with cancer. Helen, though, told us that she was far from the perfect student of the Course. There were parts of the Course that even she had difficulty in accepting.

In speaking of magical or orthodox dealings with pain it says:

“All belief in magic is maintained by just one simple-minded illusion;–that it works. All through their training, every day and every hour, and even every minute and second, must God’s teachers learn to recognize the forms of magic and perceive their meaninglessness.” M-16.11

So, the Course acknowledges that orthodox treatments work, but if true teachers see correctly, they will “perceive their meaninglessness.”

Then Jesus is quoted as saying this:

“I am repeating here a Biblical injunction of my own, already mentioned elsewhere, that if my followers eat any deadly thing it shall not hurt them. This is what Cayce could NOT believe, because he could not see that, as a Son of God, he WAS invulnerable.” UR T 3 C 39

Here Jesus was referring to this scripture concerning believers:

“They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them; they shall lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” Mark 16:18

So, if miracle workers accept the laws of God above the laws of the ego, they will be “invulnerable” and can even “eat any deadly thing it shall not hurt them.”

The question is – how many are awake enough to be invulnerable and not be subject to the laws of the ego? Even Socrates, as evolved as he was, died when he ate the poison hemlock. How many students do we know that are of the caliber of Socrates, let alone Jesus?

Apparently, just proclaiming that you believe is not enough. There are Christian groups that take this scripture seriously and handle deadly snakes to demonstrate their faith and some get bitten and die. While the Corona Virus has been raging, some Christian ministers have publicly declared they are invulnerable to it because of their faith, yet have caught it and died. The media loves to publish stories of such people and make light of their faith.

Yes, there have been many who fell short in their faith, but there have been a few who have not and many students of the Course have reported witnessing miracles in their lives. The problem, even for a strong believer who has witnessed some miracles, is this. Under the law of God there is no order of difficulty in miracles, but under the ego there definitely is. It is very difficult for the mind of even the most fervent believer of ACIM to fully accept that there is no order of difficulty.

He can therefore accept the idea that a certain disease may be cured by a miracle, but raising the dead or moving a mountain is another matter. How many can fully accept something like these that seems utterly impossible to the ego? None that I know of to the point where they can accomplish them. Or how about restoring the sight to one blind from birth as did Jesus?

For the rank-and-file students, letting go of this order of difficulty by the mind is a great obstacle, and though there may be some who make such claims, rare are the actual demonstrations of such power and invulnerability.

Fortunately, for those of us who have not yet reached invulnerability, the Course recognizes that most have need for some of the ego’s magic. Many who seem spiritually evolved and shun orthodox treatments still wear glasses, take food supplements, and are selective about their diet. For those lacking in full-fledged faith in invulnerability, the Course indicates it is because we have a fear of using the mind to heal above applying medicines to the body. It says:

“If you are afraid to use the mind to heal, you should not attempt to do so. The very fact that you are afraid makes your mind vulnerable to miscreation. You are therefore likely to misunderstand any healing that might occur, and because egocentricity and fear usually occur together, you may be unable to accept the real Source of the healing. Under these conditions, it is safer for you to rely temporarily on physical healing devices, because you cannot misperceive them as your own creations. As long as your sense of vulnerability persists, you should not attempt to perform miracles.” T-2.V.2


So, if we perceive ourselves vulnerable enough to need medicine, vaccinations or medical assistance to heal the body, an attempt at miracles may lead to “miscreation.” If nothing is impossible for the mind, then indeed, we must be careful what we create with our thoughts.

The Course adds this about orthodox treatments:

“All material means that you accept as remedies for bodily ills are restatements of magic principles. This is the first step in believing that the body makes its own illness. It is a second misstep to attempt to heal it through non-creative agents. It does not follow, however, that the use of such agents for corrective purposes is evil. Sometimes the illness has a sufficiently strong hold over the mind to render a person temporarily inaccessible to the Atonement. In this case it may be wise to utilize a compromise approach to mind and body, in which something from the outside is temporarily given healing belief. This is because the last thing that can help the non-right-minded, or the sick, is an increase in fear.” T-2.IV.4

Again, it associates the problem of vulnerability with fear. The problem is that fear is a very subtle thing, and many think they have no fear when they merely have fear that is suppressed that still makes them vulnerable. When the student still has vulnerabilities, we are told that the use of regular medicines is not evil, but may be the right thing to do because the “healing belief” is in the orthodox medicine. If that is where our belief is, then that is where we must go for treatment. If we believe in the medicine, the doctor or the vaccine, that is where the benefit may be until the student is able to place more faith in mind/spirit than directly treating the body.

“So do we lay aside our amulets, our charms and medicines, our chants and bits of magic in whatever form they take. We will be still and listen for the Voice of healing, which will cure all ills as one, restoring saneness to the Son of God. No voice but this can cure.” W-pI.140.10

The Course does give us an interesting hint as to how wrong thinking can cause physical problems. In speaking of Helen’s vision problems, it says:

The result is a kind of “double vision,” which would have produced an actual diplopia, if she had not settled for nearsightedness. This was an attempt to see the concrete more clearly through the ego’s eyes, without the “interference” of the longer range. Her virtual lack of astigmatism is due to her real efforts at objectivity and fairness. She has not attained them, or she would not be nearsighted. But she HAS tried to be fair with what she permitted herself to see. … B., you were more capable of a longrange view, and that is why your eyesight is good. UR T 4 C 6&9

Notice how it tells us that physical vision problems corresponds to wrong thinking. Helen’s nearsightedness was caused by “an attempt to see the concrete more clearly through the ego’s eyes, without the “interference” of the longer range.”

In addition, “Her virtual lack of astigmatism is due to her real efforts at objectivity and fairness.”

Bill had good eyesight because he was “capable of a longrange view.”

This concept that physical problems correspond to misdirected thinking has been picked up by a number alternative healers and authors. It is said, for instance, that if we allow someone to bother us too much, we may develop a headache or pain in the neck, for we see them as a pain in the neck. If one doesn’t have the backbone to stand up for himself, he may develop back problems. If we let others get under our skin, we may develop skin problems. If another does not give love when needed, he could develop problems with the heart and so on. Fear is said to greatly lower our defenses against contagious diseases.

Numerous writers who have contemplated the mind/body connection have come up with corresponding wrong thinking behind every physical problem. It is an interesting subject that a student of ACIM might want to investigate.


The Course presents a number of ideals concerning health and healing. Sometimes it makes it sound like students should have perfect health if they just grasp its basic elements. Other times it seems to tell us that healing others who are ill is a simple matter of following the teachings. These ideals cause some students to get a little frustrated with themselves.

Let me encourage all readers to forge ahead no matter how small or great your results have been so far. Very few have mastered the teachings to be able to perform miracles as did Jesus in the Bible, but it is essential to keep in mind that he set the example of what all of us can and will eventually accomplish. The important thing is to honestly examine ourselves to see where we are now, and then to take the next step.

Copyright by J J Dewey

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The Birth of the Christ Within, Part 2

This entry is part 29 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

It is interesting how Jesus healed people and how the churches of today try to heal people. As we said Curtis and I grew up in the Mormon Church. We laid our hands on people’s heads, gave them healing blessings and went through a ceremony to bless them in the name of Jesus Christ. We went through these different motions and asked God to heal them and so on. Then you have healers like Oral Roberts who says in a loud voice, I command you in the name of Jesus Christ to be healed.

They shout it out really loud and it startles the audience and makes them think that something should be happening.

Audience: (Laughing) Scares the devil right out of them!

JJ: The way Jesus healed is quite a bit different than healing in the churches today by the fact that He had the healing within Him. He had the complete spiritual contact within Him and because of this He could look at the same thing within everybody else because the Christ that was within Him is also within us. What did He say after He healed somebody? Did He ever say God has healed you? No, did He say I have healed you? No, he said in a nutshell, “well congratulations your faith has made you whole.”

He did not say the name of Christ made you whole, or God made you whole or I made you whole He said your faith has made you whole. What was it that stimulated that faith? For some reason that faith did not come along until Jesus arrived on the scene so what did He do that stimulated that faith? When He looked at that other person He saw within them the same thing that was within Him. In other words, the manifestation of the Christ was more than just one man.

There was a great man that lived in Jerusalem 2000 years ago and he purely put forth what the Christ was supposed to be, but the Bible states that He was the first of many brethren. The first of many it says and we are supposed to be like Him and what He did was kind of advanced people along and made them like Him by looking at them and seeing Himself projected in them. He looked at them and He saw the Christ within them and then He spoke to Christ His brother and He said be healed.

In a way it was their faith that healed them because they had the Christ manifesting within them and had a belief and they accepted that manifestation and by this power they were healed. Now this type of healing can appear on many different levels – it can appear in relationships. Many relationships are sick and they are not getting along well and they can only see the worst in each other. This is also kind of a cause of physical disease and one of the things that makes us sick is when we start seeing less than the Christ and less than perfection in ourselves and then see less than perfection in ourselves so we don’t see the Christ anymore.

When Jesus looked at someone and saw the Christ within him or her he projected that image to their minds. They saw what He was seeing in them and they were healed. This can happen time and time again. We can project the image of Christ to the other person. If we have someone in our life that is really irritating us we can project the image of the Christ to him or her and they will be affected unless they are like completely on the dark path. We do not meet very many people that are completely on the dark path for such a person has severed himself or herself from the Christ consciousness. Fortunately, there are only a handful of these people. Those that many assume are on the dark path are usually just mislead. The real dark ones are very slick, often are thought to be benefactors and many of them are in positions of power. The normal guy in your life, like the neighbor that you cannot stand, still has the Christ in him somewhere.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: The guy at that borrowed your lawnmower and did not return it or the guy that is always flirting with your wife or your girlfriend – he still has the Christ within him and can yet be stimulated. Everybody can still be stimulated toward the good except for this handful that we call the dark brothers or the dark brother’s acolytes that are here upon the earth. It is best to consider everybody you meet having the Christ within because the true dark brotherhood are very small in number. Their influence is great but the actually number that are manipulating things is very small.

These people are completely severed from the Christ consciousness. They do the severing themselves. They rejected it so much that are completely numb to it and so they are incapable of responding to love, light and truth. Usually they are not who you think they are, and like I say the people that you meet in your life that are the most irritating probably still have the light of the Christ consciousness within them. Almost everybody you meet will be irritating if you get close enough to them.

Audience: Laughing.

JJ: Even my friend Curtis over here is capable of irritating me once a year. But you pick the most pleasant person that you can imagine – or a celebrity that you think is a nice person like Tom Cruise. He just seems like such a nice guy and if you were to spend a month in a relationship with Tom Cruise in close quarters you would probably think he was the worst character that you ever met in your life and probably would not be able stand him after a while.

That is one thing I learned from going on a mission for the Mormon Church. Curtis went on a mission and can you believe Wayne was once a missionary? When we were young we all went on these missions and on a mission you are in close quarters with a companion 24/7 for two years. You got a new companion about every two months and when this happened you were so happy because the old companion was like the devil incarnate after spending about two months with him 24/7. You get a new guy and you think well this is a really nice guy and then after about a week you think well he is a nice guy except for this one thing. Two weeks later you think he is still pretty nice but now he has these three things that irritate you and then after about a month you think, man I can’t wait to get rid of this guy! What made me think he was such a nice guy, he is worse than the last guy. After two months you are so glad to get rid of the guy.

I was on my mission in 1964-1966 and was a big Beatles fan. Shortly after I was assigned to my second companion I discovered that they were playing a concert 10 miles away. I nicely asked the guy if we could go and see them. I told him I would do anything! He was my senior companion, which meant that he was the boss of the relationship and he says, “Beatles! Why they are straight from hell and they just belch forth music right from the devil himself!

Audience: Roaring with Laughter!

JJ: I said please just for me I really want to go and this is my only chance to see them. He says, “No, we can’t go to see the devil’s servants!”

I had about six companions on my mission and the nicest guy I met on my mission only had one fault and that was that he sang all day. This seemed okay at first but after a couple weeks it about drove me crazy.

He sang these old Rogers and Hammerstein songs, (JJ singing) “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love.” He would sing these songs all day long and after two weeks it started to drive me crazy. It took me that long to build up the gumption to say something, so I said to him, you are a great singer and you have a terrific voice but your singing is driving me crazy. Could you please stop? You know what he said? He said, this is just me; sorry. Then he kept singing, “some enchanted evening when you meet your true love,”

Audience: Laughing!

JJ: So we would be walking door-to-door preaching our message and in between all the doors I had to listen to this guy sing, “some enchanted evening” and the rest of Rogers & Hammerstein songs. He also really loved the sound of music songs. I was so happy to get rid of him and he was the nicest guy I had for a companion but he had one main fault – his incessant singing.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Braco & the Blue Dot

This entry is part 38 of 50 in the series 2011A

It is interesting that we have not heard Braco speak a word yet he has caused a great plethora of words to burst forth here on the Keys.

In reading comments on Braco sites I have noticed two typos misspelling his name – both seem to be done by accident. They were “Draco” and “Bravo.”

Draco the dragon could be associated with the dark side and “Bravo,” representing courage, could be the light. So even with subconscious Freudian slips we have the contrasting light and dark surfacing on the guy.’

A number of you are wishing I would give more specific comments on Braco and some were a little frustrated when I said I hadn’t received anything on him. This is not unusual. There are billions of people that I do not receive anything on and neither do I particularly care to.

However, Braco has aroused our curiosity so I decided to have a talk with my soul. I said, “What gives? You haven’t given me anything on Braco yet?”

The soul responds, “Do your homework and find out a few things for yourself.”

A few days pass and I say, “I’ve done my homework and still the guy is like a non entity. Surely there’s some morsel you can give me?”

The soul gave me a look. It was a Braco type of look that irritated me. I grabbed my soul and threw it against the wall and was close to slapping it around. Then I said, “Look, I’m tired of playing games. Give me something to go on here!”

My soul brushed itself off looking a little impatient with me, “Okay, okay, just relax. If you insist I will give you something. I’ll give you two words and from that you should be able to use your intuition and put everything together.”

“Two words, doesn’t seem like much, but I’ll take it,” I said.

Here it is… Now listen carefully and reflect. The Soul spoke:

“Blue dot.”

“Blue dot?” I questioned. What kind of hint is that?

“Exactly what you need.” The soul grinned with a hint of superiority and was gone.”

Okay, that wasn’t exactly how it happened and I used a little creative license but that gives you the idea that I do not use the orthodox approach to meditation. But it works. I did finally get a hint from my soul – The Blue Dot.

What is the blue dot?

Here’s the story. Back in June 1990 The National Enquirer published an article about a psychic named Judy Hevenly who claimed to be able to energize a blue dot. All someone had to do was to look at the blue dot that had been personally energized by her and make a wish. Her energy would then go through the blue dot and activate the person’s desires. If the individual concentrated enough on this dot (see below) then their dreams of money, health marriage etc would come true.

They published the blue dot with the story and invited readers to make a wish and stare at it and then write in and tell them what happened.

I remember reading this article and then wondering what kind of results they would receive. After a couple weeks the response was published and the National Enquirer editors were quite pleased. Thousands of letters poured in claiming all kinds of miraculous results. Some gained wealth, others love and still others had miraculous healings. Since being published lottery winners claiming the blue dot gave them luck have won over $170 million.

Many thousands believed in the magic of the blue dot and that psychic Judy Hevenly had truly energized it. Many people cut out the blue dot and put it in their purse or wallet and looked at it several times a day.

The response was so positive that Judy could have probably started a church based on the dot except the idea of “Church of the Blue Dot” might be hard to sell as a serious religion. Anyway the Enquirer found the blue dot to be so successful that they have republished it a number of times and even given free blue dots to new subscribers.

Now let us step back, look at this logically and ask a few questions.

Was Judy Hevenly some special being who was so full of psychic power that she could energize millions of blue dots in all the issues of the National Enquirer?

Probably not.

Was the blue dot published in the Enquirer energized any more than a blue dot I could print up on my HP printer?

Probably not.

Yet miracles happened. If the cause was not Judy’s energy or something magical in the dot then what did cause them?

Well, it may have not been Judy’s energy that did the trick but Judy was responsible. Even though she did not have any inner power that was special she did act as a director of energy and directed the scattered thoughts of the many into one location. Since energy follows thought then a lot of energy was stirred up by millions of readers and for some, who were good receivers, miracles did come.

I think the reader can see the connection here with Braco. Braco is the blue dot. The people who sponsor, introduce and support him play the director’s role, as did Judy Hevenly.

There are two reasons why even sensitive people have difficulty picking up anything either positive or negative on Braco.

The first is obvious. He says nothing and this makes it difficult to make any composite judgment on the guy.

The second is not so obvious and it is this. Braco sees himself as a channel of divine energy and just as he feels his words get in the way even so does he feel his thoughts get in the way. Thus when he goes on stage he stares at nothingness. Rarely does he look at any individual unless one happens to draw his attention for some inner or outer reason. Often he does not see the crowd itself but places himself in as complete neutral state as possible. Just like the blue dot, then he becomes a point of focus and the energy created comes from the powers of the inner God in the audience themselves with of course Braco’s added in.

Wherever Jesus healed anyone he never said “I have healed you,” but “YOUR FAITH has made you whole.” Jesus was merely a director of energy to open the door to the souls of the people who were healed so their own powers of godliness could heal them.

Is Braco a Master? I don’t think so. A Master has to demonstrate mastery of “the Word” by showing forth wisdom. Thus they are called Masters of wisdom.

Some think he is a master because of the positive feeling they have during sessions and are drawn back again and again to get an extra dose.

These people are looking for happiness on the outside and will have to keep returning until they find it on the inside. When it is found on the inside then it will just be there all the time and they will not have to depend on any one person to possess it.

Would I be any happier if Jesus moved in with me for a month – would just having him physically present make a difference in my well being?

Not really. In fact I may find that he gets in my way.

On the other hand, if he went beyond just gracing me with his presence and teaching me something would that help?

Yes, it would. This would increase my happiness.

If he went a step further and came up with a project that we could work on together to fulfill divine purpose would that increase my joy?

Yes, that would be a fun thing to do with such a master.

But as far as just having his presence… well I already have that through the Oneness Principle so having his physical body nearby wouldn’t bring that much enhancement.

There must be something about Braco’s peaceful look and the infectious expectation of the audience that brings out peace and positive feelings in people that are already readily available.
Is Braco evil? An evil person does evil things and we have no proof of any wrong doing on his part.

What I pick up is that he is following the highest he knows and sincerely wants to help and heal people.

Does this mean he is without error? No of course not. Most likely some ego may affect him and he is subject to some illusion.

One very positive and unusual sign though is that he built his healing center with his own money and does much of his work for free. When he does charge it is a reasonable $8 which is in the range of all. Of course, when he travels and has to rent facilities he should charge at least enough to cover expenses.

Does this mean we can trust Braco to never deviate from the light?

No. I see no evidence that he has progressed beyond the second initiation and as such is still subject to illusions and if this assessment is correct then he could still be mentally tricked into making wrong decisions and doing quite a bit of harm while thinking he is doing the right thing.

This is why the seeker must – with Braco and every other servant – check and recheck with his soul on a regular basis or in the end he will be disappointed and wind up as the blind following the blind.

Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

Discerning Light and Dark

This entry is part 37 of 50 in the series 2011A

This discussion on Braco causes an interesting question to surface – one of the few that I have not commented on to some degree.

Does it matter whether or not Braco is an angel or demon as long as people are healed with his technique?

Should we just accept the fact that some miracles happen and not even contemplate or question his motive or whether he represents the light or the dark?

Let us present two scenarios

Scenario One:
Braco is as much or more than his supporters believe. He is pure in heart – his main goal is service; he loves his fellow men and women and is a high initiate.

Obviously no one need have any concern about making the most of his healing powers.

Scenario Two:
Braco was on a quest for power and glory and he saw the teacher Ivica Prokic as a way to attain this. If he could learn his secrets then he could dazzle the crowds.

He studies with him for around a year and a half and feels he has progressed beyond his master but cannot demonstrate this because everyone looks toward Prokic and ignores him. He solves this problem by drowning him in the sea and telling everyone that a rogue wave came along and killed him.

This captures the attention of the Dark Brothers who now decide to use him to further their own ends. They create a goal to make him appear to be a messianic figure and when the time comes that he is loved and trusted by millions they will use him to make their move.

Now very few of us would have any problem receiving a healing by Braco number one, but how about Braco number two? If you knew the guy was on the dark side but also knew he could heal you would you accept?
Before I answer this perhaps we should deal with another important question. Can a person who is not in the light even perform a healing or other miracles?

Let us check the scriptures on this.

Acts 8:9 But there was a certain man, called Simon, which beforetime in the same city used sorcery, and bewitched the people of Samaria, giving out that himself was some great one:
Acts 8:10 To whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, This man is the great power of God.
Acts 8:11 And to him they had regard, because that of long time he had bewitched them with sorceries.

So here we see that Simon deceived “all’ from the least to the greatest into thinking he “was some great one.”

Here is another account of Simon:
Dositheus, when he perceived that Simon was depreciating him, fearing lest his reputation among men might be obscured (for he himself was supposed to be the Standing One), moved with rage, when they met as usual at the school, seized a rod, and began to beat Simon; but suddenly the rod seemed to pass through his body, as if it had been smoke. On which Dositheus, being astonished, says to him, ‘Tell me if thou art the Standing One, that I may adore thee.’ And when Simon answered that he was, then Dositheus, perceiving that he himself was not the Standing One, fell down and worshipped him, and gave up his own place as chief to Simon, ordering all the rank of thirty men to obey him; himself taking the inferior place which Simon formerly occupied. Clementine Recognitions, ii. 11

Then after Simon surpassed his teacher, Dositheus, he was said to be able to levitate and even fly.
Then when the apostles visited him he discovered there was one miracle he could not perform and that was the giving of the Holy Spirit. That is one thing the wayward soul cannot manifest.

He can however manifest intense emotional feelings that may be mistaken for the Holy Spirit by those not familiar with it.

In addition Jesus said this:

Matt 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Matt 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
Matt 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Matt 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.

This tells us that workers of darkness can perform “many wonderful works” and yet be out of alignment with the will and purpose of God.

Concerning those who serve the beast we are told:
Rev 13:14 And deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast;

Then we have this:
Rev 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.
Rev 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, which go forth unto the kings of the earth and of the whole world, to gather them to the battle of that great day of God Almighty.

Rev 19:20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast, and them that worshipped his image.

Thus the scriptures seem to tell us that many who work miracles are not on the side of the light. The only sure sign of a true servant is the manifestation of the Holy Spirit which is revealed to our souls.

Until one has enough soul contact to perceive the Holy Spirit he has to use his best judgment when he meets someone who is acclaimed as a great or chosen one to do miracles.

Now the natural question to arise is this: If these guys mentioned in the scriptures are not in the light then how do they perform miracles? How was Simon able to convince “all” in his community that he was some great one?

Obviously people saw some real miracles and most people when witnessing such a thing automatically think that the person who seems to be performing the miracle is from God.

But, if the false servant is not from God then by what power is the miracle performed?

The answer may surprise some.

All miracles are performed by the power of God.

BUT… that does not mean that the person performing the miracle is approved of God or on the right hand path. Let me explain.

The miracle of life is through the power of God yet this does not mean that all who are alive are servants of God.

All of us are reflections of God and as such have all the powers of God within us and can manifest them if we just understood how to go about it.

The key to understanding miracles is the principle that “energy follows thought” and the more thoughts involved and directed to one purpose the greater the power.

One who works in either the dark or the light can gather a crowd and direct their thoughts and thus channel their energy to create an atmosphere where miracles an take place.

Once the miracle worker has the people’s thoughts directed according to his will miracles can manifest but their manifestation often has nothing to do with the guy performing, but comes from the energy generated by the people themselves.

This is why in our gatherings, during the healing sessions I try and get as many involved as possible because the more thoughts directed as one the greater the power and we have seen miracles as a result. After the gatherings I have had numerous communications of miracles that manifest because of the group healings that were not apparent at the gathering itself including some proxy healings we have done.

So it seems that healing energy is a little like money. It is available to all who are willing to work for it and can be directed toward selfless service or for the support of the ego or even some dark purpose.

Is it important to know whether a healer or miracle worker is on the right or left hand path?

Yes and the reason is this.

The only really free gifts come directly from God with no other human taking credit. There is no such thing as a free gift when given or seen to be given by another human being.

Like Simon who presented himself as a Great One, the healer who is seen as a special being will seek some type of payment. Maybe he just wants to get rich and will charge a lot of money. Maybe he wants power and wants your allegiance and loyalty. Maybe he wants to increase his power and will use your God energy and claim it as his own.

The true servant will be like Jesus and make no claims of specialness.

The Son can do nothing of himself…the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.” John 5:19 & 14:10

The god that dwells in us all performs all the miracles that manifest and the true servants take no credit for any power apart from this.

Sharón spoke correctly when she said that the healer in the ego would create an energy link with the one being healed. If such a link is established with one who is not in the light then the individual may wind up rejecting the servants and teachings that are in the light – especially if they seem to not be in alignment with the healer.

My approach when being introduced to a new healer, teacher or servant is not to pronounce them good or evil, dark or light, but to examine their two witnesses – their words and works – in the light of day and then let the group decide for themselves.
Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

Examining Braco

This entry is part 36 of 50 in the series 2011A

It seems that periodically we deal with a situation where one or more members of the group feel strongly about a person, organization or subject. Then when that item is discussed we have to be quite careful or feelings will be hurt.

The last thing I want to do is hurt feelings of friends, especially old friends, but I seem to have a talent for this even when I try and go out of my way to avoid offense.

Here is what seems to happen. Someone has an experience or finds a teaching or organization, or topic that seems to ring correct with their souls and they share this with us. Since it seemed obvious to them that the thing was beneficial they often expect a positive reaction from the Keys members and especially myself.

What usually happens is some members will be very supportive, some see both good and bad and others will voice strong suspicion and concern. Then I will join in and say ABC looks good but XYZ looks questionable or maybe harmful. Now sometimes I may give mostly positive affirmation as with The Morya Federation or Sterling’s quest for free energy and others I may be mostly negative as with the Crème group, but usually myself and some others will critically examine both sides.

When this happens feelings often get hurt. It is not because anyone had an agenda to hurt feelings but generally everyone involved followed the highest they knew and were working at finding the truth of the matter.

Often the truth is not obvious. In one of the Principles of Discovery I stated that if you see everyone going or thinking in one direction one will often find truth by looking in the other direction that goes against the current.

I have a lot of respect for Sterling and Cheri. They are both outstanding individuals and apologize for any bull-in-a-China shop approach I have taken with their feelings but I did not and still do not know the full truth on Braco so I have to analyze him from the highest points of truth that I know.

The fact that miracles happen around him or people see a light around him does not necessarily mean all is well.

The fact that people get positive feelings does not mean all is well. I have seen people say they get positive feelings from God from outright scoundrels. As far as soul feelings go I only trust my own, as should everyone here.

As far as my feelings go Braco is an oddity for me. Usually when a new teacher or Guru comes on the scene I get an immediate impression that turns out to be correct. In Braco’s case I get little impression. It’s as if my soul is telling me to figure this one out on my own.

I haven’t tried to be either positive or negative on Braso but to merely examine him dispassionately

That said let me cover one more point. Ruth asked if supernatural healing could interfere with Karma.

The answer is that nothing can interfere with Karma. It can be delayed, but not interfered with or negated until a full payment is made.

Jesus healed many people. There may have been a few who had their full payment delayed but generally the soul will not allow a permanent healing unless the person has learned his lesson from the disease or can pay off more karma through assisting in raising faith in other people.

Braco Comments

This entry is part 35 of 50 in the series 2011A

After quite a lively exchange on Braco I guess I’ll weigh in with a few comments.

First, I’ll answer my own questions.

(1) Are real miracles produced?

There are some participants who have no healing and feel nothing. Others feel a good feeling but are not healed. Still others receive partial or temporary healing. Then there are some who receive healing that will last for a year or more. One could say this latter category has received a true miracle as we normally define the term.

(2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else? (3) What is the something else???

People can heal because of specialized knowledge more than the fact that they are special beings. There are, however, personal attributes that help. If the healer is healthy and has a strong vital energy, this can help. One would think that being a spiritual person would help, but when dealing with the masses a carnal person or one motivated by power or illusion can perform short term healings as well as the spiritual person. The main advantage held by the spiritual person is he can heal other people who are spiritually evolved. A wrongly motivated healer cannot do much for someone of a higher vibration than himself.

An initiate should not seek spiritual healing from a non initiate.

Okay – so wouldn’t one have to call Braco special since he does get some miraculous results?

Not necessarily for you hear similar testimony around many other healers.

Those who attended the last gathering may recall the teaching I gave out about ceremony. I said that this was one of the secrets of healing and that if we used our imagination we could create a new ceremony that could be given to the public and produce miraculous results.

Well Braco has come up with a new ceremony that works.

Why does it work?

Because it produces a point of tension in some. A good ceremony will guide the people’s thoughts toward a point of tension. Remember that energy follows thought and if a large group have their thoughts properly directed then miraculous things can happen.

Several things must happen before a healer can have success with a group.

First he must establish a reputation of one who can heal. Braco gained this gradually after he became a disciple of Ivica Prokic. He studied under him and worked with him for a couple years and then took his place when he died. At his death many began to look upon him to heal as did Ivica.

Braco then experimented with additional techniques and gained a reputation as a healer with special powers.

Secondly, the healer must create high expectation.

Once the healer gets a reputation expectation is not hard to accomplish and is where the ceremony and staging comes in.

The staging is set by the warm up people and the audience itself. Those on stage testify to the miraculous healing powers that will be witnessed and many believers are in the audience rubbing shoulders with neutral and negative people often turning them positive before the healer makes an appearance.

This rising of the expectation is a huge step in approaching the point of tension necessary to draw forth healing powers.

Even Jesus realized this and discovered that reputation and ceremony did not work when expectation was low. When he went home no one expected any results from him and nothing happened. Even the great Master could not heal in his hometown where he was seen as nothing special.

These preliminary proceedings are the first part of the ceremony, but the final most profound part occurs when the healer himself appears to fulfill expectations.

This is where Braco has come up with a very powerful ceremony, one that can only work where the healer has a positive reputation and has created high expectation. As Howard Stern says – most people would be laughed off the stage for trying to do the gazing thing, but this guy pulls it off.

Yes, the audience becomes convinced that this unconventional method works and this makes it all the more potent for believers.

He looks at the people in silence and the silence causes them to see his soul and reflect his soul energies back to themselves and if a point of tension is reached then some healing occurs.

The group has been debating as to whether Braco is on the dark or light side or maybe in between.

Let us take a look at the guy. He looks almost like the stereotype of Jesus with his long hair and sweet face. He looks harmless and benevolent. This look he has is good for the ceremony he uses. Clint Eastwood could never get away with this type of work, nor could a lot of others with regular looking appearances.

If I had to pick a guy from the Keys that could create a similar look I’d have to pick Dan. There is a warm and fuzzy aspect to Dan that could pull something like this off and garner trust. (I mean that in a good way, Dan)

Unfortunately, you can’t always tell by looks for, as Jesus said, there are wolves in sheep’s clothing.

The main thing to examine to find the truth of any spiritual messenger are their words and their works. These are the two witnessesq.

Unfortunately, there are no words, so this part of the witness seems to be missing. The lady closest to him in the United States who wrote the only English book about him did say this:

“It is no coincidence that after the November election and Barack Obama’s entry into office, the way was cleared for Braco’s first visit to America. Everyone is now facing the opportunity to open in perspective and action to more balanced possibilities as our ill begotten economic, social, educational and political structures are challenged and crumble. Braco represents a new level of healing reality to consider in the very left-brain West with a greater underlying potential in each of us.”
Angelika Whitecliff

So is Braco going to replace our “ill begotten” constitutional system with something else? And what would that be?

That’s a little unsettling to contemplate.

He does have works so we can look at them.

He desires to heal people are works tirelessly at it. That by itself is a good sign. Yes, there may be glamour involved but that’s for him and his followers to work out.

He either works for free or charges $8 to cover expenses. This tells us that making large sums of money is not his goal at this time. Even if he may at times make a profit $8 is a reasonable fee. That’s a real bargain compared to anything a doctor may charge in attempting to heal you.

He apparently sells miscellaneous items for a profit. Nothing wrong there with doing some free marketing. What he does with the profits is his business.

His work gives a lot of people more purpose and makes them feel better. Nothing wrong with that, in fact that is commendable.

There is one problem I see coming from his works and that is he is receiving the adoration of a messiah figure from many. Instead of looking on the inward God many seem to feel that they cannot receive the spiritual high without him as they can with him. In other words, they are focusing attention on the god without rather than the God within.

I’m reminded of the guy in the Braco film that had the toothache and the pain went away when he gazed at Braco. Did it go away for good? I don’t know, but I know I had a toothache a few days back that went on for a couple days and I was quite upset because I cannot afford to lose another major tooth. I had a good talk with my soul reminding it that it’s important that I not lose the tooth.

Well, the good old inner voice responded and said, “put some colloidal silver on the tooth.” I immediately did this and the pain went away in 15 minutes and has never came back. Hopefully I can keep the tooth and I didn’t need an outside person to help me to manifest that healing.

Yes, sometimes we do need outside help but this should never overshadow the power of a person’s own soul.

One thing that bothered me were the number of people who think they have to be in Braco’s presence to get a spiritual high. I’m inclined to think that this high they are getting is from an astral energy, for receiving the higher spiritual energies does not depend on another human being.

But there’s nothing wrong with getting a good emotional high as long as one realizes there is much more available.

Then there is an important thing that Jesus did that Braco is not doing. He duplicated himself. He told his followers, “Greater things than I have dome shall you do.” He then taught his disciples and soon they were doing great works just as their master did.

I do not see Braco training others to do what he does and the problem is amplified by the fact that many think he is special way beyond what they could achieve themselves.

I surfed through dozens of sites studying Braco and was amazed that I could not find one negative comment. Finally I did find one guy who did not see Braco as a god incarnate – none other than Howard Stern. As usual there is nothing sacred for this guy. Take a listen. It’s entertaining.
Howard Stern Comments

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Braco, The Healer

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Braco Discussion

Cheri writes:

I wanted to let you all know about an amazing healer, Braco. He’s from Croatia, and I first found out about him in Jan. 2010 in Hawaii, on his first trip to the US. He does gazing sessions, which is basically just standing in front of the audience and gazing, with music in the background. He doesn’t speak or touch anyone. The gazing’s last about 10 min. I’ve never felt such energy come from anyone before. It’s an amazing experience and left me speechless. He says that he has learned to pull down powerful energy from God and project it out to up 1000 people at a time. He doesn’t claim to be a healer but 1,000’s of people do (including myself). I had scoliosis (12 % curve) and my back was really painful everyday. After some gazing’s I noticed I had zero back pain! I also felt on an extreme spiritual high for about one month after! I’ve been craving feeling that again and now we all have the opportunity because he’s doing an online gazing tomorrow, Feb. 11. Sign up here .html

You can look up video’s about him on the same website or youtube. Sterling and I are even in a couple of them!


I saw an interesting piece on this guy on TV the other day and people swear that looking at his gaze produces miracles. As I think of it this would be a good discussion point for the group. Google this guy and go to Cheri’s link and then answer this:

(1) Are real miracles produced? (2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else? (3) What is the something else???

Matthew Responds

I saw an interesting piece on this guy on TV the other day and people swear that looking at his gaze produces miracles. As I think of it this would be a good discussion point for the group. Google this guy and go to Cheri’s link and then answer this:

(1) Are real miracles produced? (2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else? (3) What is the something else???

Larry W

My first impression about this gazing healer says placebo. I’ll let you know if I get anything else. Oh, speaking of JJ’s anything else question, placebo defines the mechanism.

Rush Limbaugh did a similar thing about 15 years ago on his show. First he read an article about some Russian who passed out orgasms to his audience by blowing a kiss to them. After musing about this a few minutes Rush decided to do the same. He said, after all, he had a deserving audience. He then proceeded to ask if everyone was ready and then gave a very emotional kiss, smacking his lips and blowing into the mic. Then he asked how was that. Women spent the next hour calling in thanking Rush for their orgasm and hoping their husbands would not find out.

I believe preachers used the placebo effect since day one. Sometimes they even “seed” their congregation to get the ball rolling. For example, my Uncle, Norman Peterson (one of my mother’s brothers), could throw his hip out of joint and then return it at any time. I have no idea HOW he did this but it was a freak of his body. Back when he was a cynical young man, a preacher hired him to do this and then to throw it back into place when the preacher healed him. He later repented from communism and from deceiving congregations when he joined the Mormon Church. He went on to be a member of a Stake Presidency. He also converted a couple hundred people into the Church as a local (live at home) missionary. He was a true believer and it was infectious. We called him Norman the Mormon. Norman was a good man and continued to ask hard questions on into his old age. He even asked questions normally forbidden in the Church. Just a few months before he died I talked with him about the Oahspe book. I like Norman a lot. I would not be surprised to find that his life experiences prepared him well to learn of the BOL in his very next life.

I wonder if placebo orgasms are as good…


(1) Yes Miracles are real

(2) Braco doesn’t claim to be a healer. He says he’s learned how to tap into powerful energy that he’s able to project out to others. He is also able to use everyone’s energy in the room and amplify it.

(3) It’s the energy that heals people not Braco.

I would just invite you to experience the gazing’s before making judgments. Honestly I thought it sounded a little weird but went in with an open mind. After experiencing a gazing most people can’t claim that nothing is going on. It’s very powerful stuff. I have seen auras a few times in my life but it has never been so easy as when I was able to see Braco’s aura. It was pure white and gold and went out from his body about 10 feet sometimes more. Another interesting thing was during all the gazing’s I went to Braco’s face would morph into one face after another. I’ve never had that happen to me and I still don’t know what that means. Afterwards I found out that it’s not uncommon for people to see his face morphing. Also I felt an incredible vibration and buzzing inside my body. Almost to the point I couldn’t take it.

Something from Braco’s website: Braco has never wished your worship or mine, nor has never claimed to be higher than, better than, purer than, worthier of this energy. He has shared that he is merely awakening or encouraging us, somehow, to fire up our own pilot lights – to blast the furnace of joy and share the Energy is there anyone who wishes it, for the enjoying, nurturing, and empowering.


I think I looked this guy up quite a while ago.

> > (1) Are real miracles produced?

Miracles can happen every day.

> (2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else?

Mind over Matter. What you think you create. Belief.

> (3) What is the something else???

Mass Hypnosis. Mass Faith. Mass Thought form.

These types of “healings” happen in some Churches also. When someone believes something enough and puts all their attention or focus on that point, then they can manifest that belief in their own body etc.

If Braco was a great healer and could heal everyone and anyone, then logically he would put all the medical profession out of business and all the drug companies would be able to close down, and people could just see him and get healed and the World would be a happier place. Hey?

Braco would also need to know the “Word” that Jesus used to heal people via the devic kingdom’s response to that word or symbol. Jesus also told the Disciples that same healing word. To know that Word to heal en masse, then that would place Braco as a Master.

What else did Jesus always say, when He healed people? “By your true faith ye are healed.”

Personally, I feel that if Braco was like Jesus and could heal by simply staring out into the crowd, then unless he was Jesus, he would most probably use this power to his advantage to generate millions of dollars for himself, because people do like to make money off of their special talents and gifts sometimes. Plus if he was like Jesus or any of the other Masters then he would use this power to probably gain enough money and support to help those who live in poverty etc.

One must also remember that these types of talents are Atlantean in their nature, practice and abilities within the lower psychic realms and that the Dark Side know a lot about magic also at the lower levels on Earth, because the Dark Lucifer once was a Light Lucifer.

If Braco heals en masse, then how does that work within the law of Karma? Many people do not get healed because of negative karma that they have incurred and the pain is a needed lesson, so if Braco heals all these people, then all these people must have had permission from their souls and the Lords of Karma to be healed.

Plus I do not remember reading anywhere that the Masters will appear and just heal hundreds of people whenever they want, but I have read that many people will be attracted to false prophets because of their “abilities” to be Christ like in their appearances and words etc.

So to properly judge Braco, one would have to take into consideration his words and works etc, but considering he does not speak and only sends out vibrational energy shows me that he could be using a type of hypnosis.

However, I will have another look at the guy again.


The energy coming from Braco is so powerful that people bring photos of their loved ones and hold them up during the gazing’s. Some pretty amazing healings have happened to the people in these photos. People are being healed and cured (right after the gazing’s) and they didn’t even know who Braco was. They had no idea that their loved one had a photo of them held up during a gazing. How can it be the placebo effect when they didn’t even know about it?

Ruth Quoting Cheri

(2) Braco doesn’t claim to be a healer. He says he’s learned how to tap into powerful energy that he’s able to project out to others. He is also able to use everyone’s energy in the room and amplify it.


Then there is your answer Cheri. If Braco is using everyones energy in the room to amplify that energy, then the effect will be a mass thought form and belief in them all being healed.

People wonder why it is the female who believes etc in this type of thing. Probably because the female is closest to the “matter” or “form” energy, because female energy “receives” and male energy “sends”.

Now if Braco was a woman “sending” to all these “receiving” females, would the effects be the same?

If we are here with JJ learning to gain soul contact and soul infusion so we can become white magicians and work with “form” in a positive Light, then the question to ask is how come Braco can just seemingly tap into some energy? For him to heal that miraculously he would need to tap into the Soul and then know how to use the sacred “Word”.

One must be careful when judging people who are like this, because if it is emotionally based, then it is not soul based and the Masters work via Soul and in a Molecular Relationship and would appeal to both the Heart and the Mind or just the Mind.

People follow blindly because they are not using their mind to logically answer the hard questions. People just want to either believe via their emotional responses, or not believe, and then there are the people who weigh up both sides of the equation rather than just follow animal instinct or their emotions.


Could it be hypnosis? Looking at anything including the eyes can put one in a trance. Some forms of healing’s are real such as reiki which I know 20 styles of. Can anyone give me a direct link to his glaze healing as I gone to his website and also search him on youtube only to find nothing but documentaries on him.


(1) Are real miracles produced? (2) Are the miracles created because Braco has special powers or something else? (3) What is the something else???

Depends on your definition of “real miracles”. If I can devote/believe myself into developing stigmata, I think that’s pretty miraculous. I would guess that many people have had the experience of being helped and as/if his fame continues to grow, many more are likely to be.

I think charisma or the ability to engender great belief/faith by your simple presence (or gaze) probably is a very special power.

Belief is very powerful as a focuser of thought and therefore energy.

If people feel helped I don’t much care. At best they feel better and at worst, unless he starts inciting violence/wrong-doing, their wallets are a little lighter and they end up a little wiser.

Ruth to Cheri

So do you believe that Braco is a Master?


I absolutely believe that Braco is a Master. The energy I felt coming from him felt like my soul remembering.


Thanks for sharing Cheri I had not heard of this guy before and will check him out.

Id also like to remind folks that Christ also said if they are not against is they are for us.

I would reserve judgement on this guy till we can feel his energy and run it by our own soul.

If it is a thought-form so what, If it is helping folks, healing them and helping them feel more spiritual and focus on that then great. We are certainly in need of some mass healings in many areas.

Everything is a vibration or frequency perhaps he has just tuned into a higher vibration and in so doing can help others tune into it. A good sign so far is he is not making any claims and not asking for any devotion etc.

There are new energies coming into the earth to stimulate us to progress into the new age perhaps we ought to keep an open mind and seek the inner voice.


Braco takes no money from the ticket sales. It’s used for the building rentals and production cost’s. He won’t even take donations. He’s from a wealthy family and he’s the only child. He’s not looking for people to worship him. He’s just sharing a gift he has.

They don’t have videos of gazing sessions on the web. I know they sell DVD’s on his website that has some gazing on it. Sterling did film about half of a session in HI when he didn’t know we weren’t suppose to. Maybe I can get him to post it here.


There are several videos about him on youtube and I say you and Sterling in one:

I went to the site and definitely feel a peaceful energy and stimulation of the heart and throat chakra. I like that he is not saying anything and just being a conduit to stimulate energy on others.

After thousands of years and billions of written words humanity still doesn’t get it, so perhaps he is on to something 😉

I’d definitely go see him if I had the chance to really examine his energy.

I wouldn’t care he took some of the money to pay expenses etc. people need to make a living.


Many people are receiving and seem to be helped by this gazing so if it helps them then that is a good thing. I see no harm in this at this point. However I do not believe he is a master for I believe a true Master would be teaching in a much different way than just gazing and then walking off a stage without a word. All in all it seems harmless and of course it always helps to come from a wealthy family and to be a young handsome man looking the part of a spiritual being as most perceive a spiritual being to look.


Here’s the video I posted. I was asked to remove it because it is not professional enough.

I’ve made it available temporarily for you so you can see it

I’ll change it back to private in about a week.

I’ve been reading “21 Days with Braco” lately, and have found it very uplifting.

He doesn’t do this for money. The only charge is to cover venue expenses.

he doesn’t have any “teachings” to follow. It’s just the gift of his gaze that draws thousands of people to come to each appearance.

I had no idea what the “gazing session” was about that was listed on the conference schedule. It sounded kind of hokey to me. But after breakfast on the first day, as Cheri and I were walking around, we saw Braco and the crowd, with the music playing, and my soul was immediately attracted to what was going on there. I wanted to go down and join in the group. He has amazing energy, and the crowd adds to it, with there respect and quiet reverence for the healing / transformational power present.

Here’s the article about why Cheri and I were there:\ or_Earth_Transformation_Conference


My definition of a miracle is a natural phenomena that we don’t have an explanation for yet.

I studied Braco at length last February through his websites, reading a book about him, tuning into him, and watching some youtubes as well as listening to Cheri’s experience. Meanwhile, I started studying Matrix Energetics about 3 months ago. The basis of that study is Physics. It is a well known fact that matter acts as a particle in one instance (something solid) and in the next can have properties like radio waves. It is called the observer effect. It is also known that at the quantum level time and space don’t exist. Matrix Energetics shows a possibility: if the observer “decides” to look at waves rather than particles and interact at the quantum level, differences may occur at the particle level. Energetics doesn’t claim to know or do or be anything other than a possibility.

I believe what the Matrix website states about itself is also true of Braco:

begin quote: There is nothing physical – Instant change is possible

We teach from the premise that we are spirit living in a physical body; that we can access a reality that is no longer limiting and instantaneous change at the speed of light is possible – We introduce time travel and other techniques. These techniques enable us to access the lattice of information in new ways to affect change. The process of conceptualizing an energetic interaction as needing manipulation of a muscle or bone, repeated therapy or the running of energy, etc. limits transformation’s speed, intensity, potential and depth of expression. Seeing change as something which entails a mechanical process slows down the observer’s reality. Something that potentially can be instantaneous slows to a process that conforms to your previous therapeutic expectations.

Matrix Energetics creates a state by which transformation can materialize. The more you trust, the greater your wave, the greater your experience of transformation — just remember though that the description of energy and matter as composed of waves describes and allows you through the power of focused intent to enter into a non-consensus reality in which the product of your imagined outcome can encode and imprint on consciousness in such a way that physical observable changes become the product. You’re creating an altered state, a different reality, which you energize and give life to with your active imagination. And it can all happen now.

end quote

I studied Cognitive Psychology in college and had I stayed in that field I was considering studying the placebo effect as I considered it the most important thing to occur in human psychology. If the mind can do miracles why not learn to repeat THAT without all the other stuff? So to say that something is the placebo effect as a way to discount it is shortsighted in my opinion. The exciting thing is that the mind is capable of so much!!

I believe Richard Bartlett and Braco are showing the rest of us what we are all capable of doing and are only considered miracles because we don’t fully understand how the quantum field works.

I will tell you a miracle I was involved in in January. A vet has a degenerative disease and had to have one leg removed just above the knee. He was due to have the other one amputated after a year of no pulse in his foot. A group of us did various Matrix Energetics therapies on him over a period of 2-3 weeks. He said he did not believe in woo woo stuff but it couldn’t hurt anything. He had his last therapy with a friend Emily before his doctor appt. It was the final appt before being admitted to the hospital the following day for the amputation. Emily asked if he noticed any differences. He said it was easier to stand up and sit down and then off he went to the doc. They found a pulse in his foot, and deep vein action. FIVE doctors came in and looked at him trying to figure out how his leg started regenerating. It started to feel warm to the touch instead of cold. They cancelled the operation. Was he deluded, did the placebo effect occur or was it a miracle? Who the heck cares. He has his leg.

I can vouch for Cheri’s back problems and the fact that she worked hard this year physically at Safe Haven with little to no back pain. She would not have been able to do anything close to that kind of physical labor before.

The proof is in the pudding. I am seeing people’s lives changing for the better. I believe that the more we play in the quantum field the better we will get at regenerating and healing. Braco is giving freely of himself to better the world. He is foregoing family time. He used to speak to crowds about what he was doing but it started to create controversy and hero worship so he quit talking. I have felt some very real energies during Matrix Energetics sessions. I have been there and watched as very interesting things emotionally and physically occurred. There is much to learn about the capacity of our minds. What a wonderful experiment we could have by watching to see if such an experience can be had through media rather than just in person in this Braco gazing.

Larry W

Ruth said, “If Braco is using everyone’s energy in the room to amplify that energy, then the effect will be a mass thought form and belief in them all being healed.”

Larry Woods asks,

We discuss the idea of group thoughtform here quite often. We ascribe great power to it (this in itself constitutes a group thoughtform among us). So if group thoughtforms are so powerful and if they get even more power when more people subscribe to it, then I say we are in trouble. For example, traditional Christians believe God will wipe out the wicked in order to begin the Millennium. They do not merely believe this passively but they pour a lot of emotional energy, hope, prayer, teaching time, and exultation into this thoughtform strengthening it all the more. They believe it so deep, it is a foregone conclusion to them. So will these traditionalist thoughts reach out and touch someone? Will they wind up psychically murdering 90% or more of earth inhabitants with their thoughts? This is certainly powerfully injected with emotion, persistent over many years, and consistent among a very wide group of people. So does this create an unstoppable force demanding fulfillment? And, if it does, then what about the Moslem thoughtform that says they will dominate the planet eventually pushing all others off or forcing them to conform to Islamic rules of worship and accept the leadership of their great Imam whom they believe will be reborn to lead all people of earth and to vanquish those who do not accept his inevitable leadership? I point out that this other thoughtform is backed by a great many more souls than the traditional Christian one. Who wins?

I could go on giving other examples of hardened thoughtforms supported by vast numbers of people who throw strong astral energy into it in the form of religious fervor but these samples suffice for my point. But I suppose I should also touch base on another category of thoughtforms widely held and crystallized. For example, science embodies many thoughtforms. One that is shared by traditional science as well as politics is the idea of licensure. The dominating thoughtform in our world right now, on this subject, is that all practice of medicine, or any other profession for that matter, must come under the strict control and permission of the state and cannot be trusted to individuals making their own decisions whenever their lives touch professional services in any way. This domineering thoughtform places all our formal services totally under the control of governing administrators, judges, and legislators. We face the whole idea of practicing without a license any time we step out of bounds and attempt to heal someone. The government strictly forbids us to get our hands on medicines without going through a licensed doctor. The same goes for engineering, accounting, atonement, and all other so-called professional services. This thoughtform defines a huge portion of all we think of as government.

Why place the population under the requirement of licenses? Are we not free to do as we please as long as we do it without coercion? Well, the benefit they get from forcing you to sign a license contract is this: All law in America must derive from self evident truth and not from arbitrary rules or requirements. We strictly required this in our contract which formed our state called, The Declaration of Independence. In that document we stated several requirements for government. Then we stated that if the state fails to deliver on these requirements we will kill them. Then we showed evidence that King George of England had failed to support our minimum standard and thus we justified killing him (his representatives). Our purpose, at the beginning of the Declaration of Independence, was to let the world know WHY we were killing King George.

Though we required that all law in America derive from self evident truth, today all America is totally controlled by a vast network of interacting and totally arbitrary rules called licenses. You see, there exists only two types of law,

1) Commercial law or contract law

2) Natural law or criminal law.

The first is totally arbitrary based upon arbitrary agreements made between two or more parties. These agreements include all manner of arbitrary arrangements such as, “this contract only valid on Wednesdays”. We see such arbitrary restrictions throughout contract law. These arbitrary requirement need not stem from self evident truth at all but only answer to totally arbitrary agreements. Many people complain, for example, that the language within their insurance policies makes them almost meaningless because the restrictions end up discounting nearly all of life so they basically NEVER pay off. We all deal with the arbitrariness and narrowness of commercial contracts in many different context in our lives, including licenses, which are commercial contracts. Many people do not realize that when they sign a license, such as a marriage license, driver license, social security card, or any other license, they are signing a commercial contract and thus placing all their actions within this field of action under the arbitrary control of the state, from which they would have naturally been free, except within the workings of criminal law or natural law based upon self evident truth. So, you see, licenses allows the state to get totally arbitrary despite our requirement which we stipulated in our founding contract to create the state. So now you see why the state can act so very arbitrary in matters such as family law (marriage licenses are commercial contracts which bring sex, children, and all possessions and actions within the marriage contract as arbitrarily defined by state legislatures under total state control which are not required to conform to “self-evident” eternal words), business law (business licenses are commercial contracts), medicine (a vast series of commercial contracts in the form of licenses for practice and further complicated by a myriad of private contracts – ALL arbitrary and bearing not requirement of self evident truth), and in every other field of human endeavor. In fact, I cannot think of even one area of action or of interaction which is not totally covered by license in America. The overall effect of this licensure blanket, sometimes called the “social contract”, is that ALL you do is now subject to totally arbitrary rules and requirements from government – through the cover of license, they absconded your natural rights!!

Conversely, natural law or criminal law totally depends upon self evident truth and cannot be arbitrary in any way. But before you start thinking at least your rights are safe in criminal court (as opposed to a commercial court), let me burst your bubble. The criminal courts are now completely run through license these days. Even murder trials nowadays ultimately come under jurisdiction and practice of commercial law. I won’t go into a whole bunch of technical and detailed examples but I will provide a few broad brush strokes to make my case.

First, judges nowadays overturn the verdicts of juries. In real criminal law they could not do this. I know you’ve seen reports of this from time to time. Second, juries are not allowed to decide upon the law but only the facts. In a lawful jury proceeding, as opposed to commercial jury (“lawful” refers to Constitutional requirements while “legal” refers to commercial law requirements), the jurists decide the law and the facts because they are the sovereign. But, instead, juries these days are cut off from exercising their rightful power by judges who narrowly confine their duties and who narrowly control their exposure to the facts.

Third (could be counted as part of the second point), judges presume to limit the information allowed to be shown to a jury. Obviously if they recognized the sovereignty of the jurists (juries came into existence based upon the theory that kings can only be judged by a jury of their peers – truly free people being kings and queens within their own households) they could not presume to limit their information. Then the judge carefully constructs a very narrow principle of law or tradition which he allows the jury to address in considering the case. Obviously, if the judge decides what information you are allowed to consider and also which very narrow principle or tradition you are allowed to use when judging those limited facts, then the judge is prescribing your conclusions. And then, if you disagree with the judge, he overturns your decision anyway. The original Constitution of America requires (not an Amendment but original language) that the verdict of a jury cannot be overturned. We did this based upon the successful model of the Magna Charta. The purpose of this provision was to made sure the state did not take back control of law from the people. The purpose of juries in the first place was to place ultimate control of law in the hands of the common people and to wrench it away from the king or state. Jefferson said, referring to the original intended power of juries and not to today’s watered-down and impotent juries, that the jury system was the greatest protection against the tyranny of government ever conceived by the mind of man. But now we’ve lost this greatest protection. I could go into how this came about but that is beyond my current purpose.

This licensure thoughtform, so ardently endorsed and supported by the state and by all their loyal adherents, controls and defines all our civic relationships today. This powerful thoughtform controls and strait jackets people all over the world too, not just in America. Remember when DK said one aspect of increased maturity was to upgrade the nature of evil? Quite a seed thought. Well, the evil of totalitarian arbitrary state control did not die, it merely grew way more sophisticated. Now we enjoy the appearance of freedom while being actually wholly subjugated. By “appearance of freedom” what I mean to say is that we do not operate as truly free people who only answer to self evident truth (eternal words) in any aspect of our lives any more. We, instead, are totally subjugated to the arbitrary requirements the state decides through their licensure procedures.

Wow, that was quite a digression into the ideas about licenses; back to the original discussion. Discussing this with my brother, Stu, he pointed out that the seemingly powerful thoughtforms of traditional Christianity and of Islam, although held by large groups and supported by ardent prayer and hope etc., suffer a fatal flaw which largely negates the mystical power of the thoughtform mechanism: they are based upon fear. Stu makes as good point. Perhaps fear, so real and so powerful here on the physical plane, does not motivate much on progressively higher planes. So this dynamic short circuits much of the power from these seemingly powerful thoughtforms. They succeed, but their success is temporary. This idea, in turn, implies that thoughtforms based upon truth (self evident eternal words), faith (JS said true faith can only be exercised upon true principles and cannot exist based upon error regardless of how much energy people throw at it), and love (higher Christ love) wield far more power and ring out loud not only in our physical world but also in the astral and mental realms and above, thus packing far more potent influence. One aspect of this is that the higher thoughtform of true freedom can only be entertained by more highly matured people, which already exponentially multiplies their power in the law of attraction.

I am already convinced that JJ, with eyes wide open, laid groundwork for many important thoughtforms of teaching, organization, and spiritual help using all the principles of the law of attraction. I believe he also incorporates and uses the male/female principles of creation in energizing these advanced thoughtforms. I believe part of the gathering of lights, which he has begun, purposes to teach us how to get on board and how to add our personal power of attraction to his. I believe the birthing process of this thoughtform of ultimate freedom will grow and grow as more and more people come to understand it and to energize it with their truth, belief, hope, and service. I believe Sanat, himself, supports this work as portrayed in JJ’s “fiction” series, The Immortal.

The power of fiction, especially fantasy and science fiction, is that it removes the reader to a new place of thought where they can open to wholly different ASSUMPTIONS. By this mechanism, fiction writers get many people to consider new ideas or old ideas from a new perspective in ways which people could not endure except in the “fiction” setting. And JJ is a very good fiction writer. I think music and art does this too – which is why I keep trying to write songs that glorify these ideas. I am very pleased to get on board as we fuel the Gathering thoughtform with enthusiasm, prayer, hope, work, concept explorations, right understanding of history, an attitude of accepting correction, friendships, and all the power we can muster using the purest of motives which we can attain on every existential plane.

Your brother, Larry Woods

PS on another subject, Cheri, forgive me for using such a coarse analogy about Rush Limbaugh. And let me say that, although I believe Braco’s power ultimately stems from the placebo effect, that does not necessarily mean it is bad. The placebo effect stimulates and opens us to healing powers within our own selves which can reach all the way up to our higher selves and, therefore, potentially taps all the power available to even the highest Master to heal. [Maybe I will eat those words someday when facing some great healing miracle done by a Master but do I believe that right now.]

Blayne said

, “I wouldn’t care he took some of the money to pay expenses etc. people need to make a living.”

Larry W

This has been a sticking point for me. In the Mormon Church, where I got much of my spiritual training, we would lay on hands and attempt to heal through faith. No Mormon would ever dream of charging for this service, even though I, and probably every Mormon, can point to instances where these healings brought real power and resulted in real healings. I still have total faith in this process and will gladly send healing power to any of you at any time without price.

However, as a carpenter, I also use power granted to me by God through may study, practice, and service. I charge for that service so I can, as Blayne mentioned, earn a living. What is the difference between these two? If I devoted full time to giving out healing blessing, which involves usually a personal visit and laying on of hands and pronouncing of a blessing etc. (includes time and effort and gas for car and more), then how would I afford gas and food and rent and etc? Why is it ok to charge money for carpentry but not for healing or for any other “spiritual” service? Is this an arbitrary and unrealistic standard? Is it perfectly ok for people to charge money for “readings” and “healings” and other such spiritual service? Somehow it still strikes me as wrong to charge for it but examining all the possibilities, perhaps that is merely my former religious commitment raring up in my thoughts.

This guy, Braco, charges for his sessions. I do not know how much it costs to see him but if you got healed by attending a $50 meeting, that sure beats paying a doctor bill! I have asked this before but never got a clear cut opinion out of any of you. What do you think? Can you provide new food for thought to help me reconcile this conundrum? Was it JJ who said charging money for spiritual service provides a powerful clue they are not connected to the BOL? Why do I feel like I instinctively distrust anyone who charges money for spiritual service?


Braco doesn’t charge anything. There are people who volunteer to put on events and they pay for the events. Braco shows up for free.

Larry W Let me talk about faith healing and other matters of spiritual power since we examine that in this thread. When I became a Mormon (forgive me for continually going back to that context but it defines 39.5 years of my thinking about spiritual stuff so it forms my earlier frame of reference and eventually it grew into my spiritual thinking of today) I studied the Book of Mormon. At first it seemed like a drag to read this heavy 500+ page book. But my belief and acceptance in JS drew me forward. I found that you could never plum its depths by merely reading it once. Just as I found with other books that recorded the distilled wisdom of the wisest men from many generations, there was a lot of depth that you probably miss the first time through and there was much you would discover the 20th time through. As I read I found many ideas to stir my thinking. Many of those things I did not understand. I still seek answers to many of those ideas and questions today.

For example, I questioned the idea of baptism. The Book of Mormon discusses baptism in many places. But I wondered why God would require such a thing and if it was a requirement on other worlds too. The Mormons, of course, believe it is just as much a natural law as gravity – but I questioned that. As I kept an open mind and searched for the ultimate answer to this question, I explored many related ideas. One idea is that baptism provides a psychological touch-stone, much like a signature on a contract, signifying acceptance of an authority relationship and of a rule set. This was and is sufficient reason to implement such a practice. But I still could not determine if it was an eternal law among all of God’s children at all times and in all places like gravity or like the principle of the lever. So far, it seems to me to be a tradition of the BOL. Yes, I believe the BOL can adopt traditions.

To get at my point here, let me explore one more conundrum I faced as a Mormon. Priesthood. What is Priesthood? Is it power? Is it administrative organization? Is it eternal? What is it? I finally concluded that the Priesthood as practiced by the Mormon Church is an investiture of power conveyed by the acceptance of those over whom it wields organizational power. In other words, it derives its power from the consent of the governed, just as any organizational power does. But does it also enjoy special support from God or from the BOL or from any lesser group? Well, it enjoys power as a thoughtform among Mormons. That coalesces some spiritual power right there. But does it also enjoy support from a higher group? I concluded, after nearly 40 years of researching, practicing, and pondering, that it does not.

But what about the very real healings which I witnessed and occasionally participated in? Well, such healings also occur among Baptists, Buddhists, and any others who, through their prayers, give permission to God and also among all who serve God whether in or out of any organization to help them and others to heal. I believe this permission then opens the door for a host of spirit beings to help you heal. They (non-mortals) cannot help you if you do not ask because they labor under a strict requirement not to interfere with free agency. Hence the famous axiom, “You receive not because you ask not.” I believe that any mortal can give permission for any other mortal to receive spiritual assistance from spiritual beings in the form of various devas and from other inhabitants of spiritual realms – some of which are more familiar to our conscious minds like our departed loved ones. I believe, on the other hand, that a purely spiritual being is restricted from giving such permission for mortals because of God’s unerring commitment to free agency. I believe that some of our mortal prayers, of a more general nature, can be also get use by these spirit workers to heal or to otherwise help someone who, for example, is unconscious or who is too hard headed so they do not pray for themselves. So our generalized prayers for the good of mankind do not languish unutilized and also accrue to an important service creating a reservoir of permission (good will); harder to use (being less specific it carries less power) but available if needed. I believe permission constitutes one of the strongest aspects of prayer. And, as you see here, I believe our heartfelt prayers for the good of mankind do not get lost in the eternal scheme of things.

So for Mormon Priesthood, I concluded that they heal and provide other spiritual help by the same means as any other group by applying the principles of faith and of permission. All other power enjoyed by Mormon Priesthood holders derives from and only pertains to their followers, just as any other organized religion or group. I was able to recognize, after 40 years of diligent study and practice, no other source of power within that Priesthood. I can say this even though I experienced communication with spiritual beings from time to time and witnessed and participated in various miracles from time to time. None of them were exclusive and all of those experiences could and do occur among other religions and even, occasionally, among the non-religious. Therefore there is nothing exclusive to any one group. God loves us all and answers the prayer of faith from ANY of His/Her children by mobilizing His/Her resources which includes all beings of good will on the other side of the mortal veil.

Which also implies the problem of spiritual ill-will. Some people dabble in ill-will and permissions pertaining to formalizing ill-will. We call this a curse rather than a blessing. These can be real and some of us suffer ill effects from this. We can counteract this quite simply by giving permission to God to heal us and to protect us from such curses. I believe some people can curse others even when they do not intend to do so, though there are idiots out there who intentionally do this. Have you cursed anyone? Knowingly or unknowingly? An unintentional curse comes about like this example: Someone gets mad at someone else and they then entertain thoughts of retribution and of punishment etc. For example, when I was younger, I often found myself imagining my supposed enemies coming to harm, driving over a cliff or getting injured or sick or me clobbering them with a fist in the face. Then I would feel emotionally satisfied that they have this coming and the universe will see to it. My physical body liked these visualizations and, I believe, they were largely testosterone driven. Probably such feelings and musings served primitive man quite well enabling him to role play the destruction of his enemies. This constitutes a thought form energized by powerful emotion. This evokes, therefore, the law of attraction. It’s a good thing I was not born already spiritually well endowed or many people would have driven over cliffs. I eventually caught on to this mind trap that keeps us thinking and feeling negative and I began to purposefully shunt my thoughts and feelings and visualizations to those of goodwill. My Dad provided a great example in this. He would correct me whenever I expressed hope that so and so would crash and burn. His example and training, though he remained non-religious all his life, greatly benefitted me in so very many ways. Thanks, Dad! Bottom line about curses, the surest way to deal with it is to enlist help from more powerful beings on the other side of the veil through prayer. I would say this (defense and help against curses) is one of the primary functions where you can expect good help from your assigned (you agreed to this assignment before you were born) spiritual support “team”, as Sharón calls them or guardian angels as some others call them.

At any rate the workings of faith and managing cause and effect through spiritual means seems to be a right that belongs to all sons and daughters of God and does not seem confined to any one group.

If Braco inspires more faith and healing and good will, then more power to him.

Your brother, Larry Woods

PS, I am happy to hear, Susan, that Broco apparently does not do this for money. I still would like someone to take a stab at answering my previous question about charging money for spiritual service.

Ruth quoting me:

“One of the goals of the New Jerusalem meditation is to create a healing center that can reach those on the list who are beyond our physical contact. This is far from perfected, yet in our infant state we can still send some healing energy by using the meditation given out so far.”


I have some more questions; If Braco is a Master, then why isn’t he working in co-ordination with JJ (who also works for the Christ), as well, and incorporating his healing skills and helping JJ and all of us here and all the Israelites around the World? Or why hasn’t JJ got Braco to appear at his gatherings so he can heal all the people at the gathering and all the others around the World? I could sure use some healing energy after being in constant daily pain for nearly 30 years.

Why do we have to wait for the New Jerusalem meditation to work, if healing can be done by Braco and is so easy to obtain? Is there lower healing and then higher healing?

How does this type of mass healing fit in with Karma?

Wouldn’t the Masters co-ordinate their plans with each other first within the Hierarchy before they reappear on Earth to work?

I would imagine that parents around the World would want to take their kids that had the worst disabilities along to Braco’s healing sessions to be healed? Have any of these types of healings been documented about kid’s walking again who have been in wheelchairs or those kids with cancer? Surely if he could heal these types of dis-eases then he would be on national television and people all over the World would be flocking to his healing sessions.

I am not trying to sound cynical, but this type of mass healing opens up a huge amount of questions within me which would need logical answers because if Braco has that type of energy and ability to heal, and heal anyone who comes to his healing session, and those who do not attend, then how does this all fit in with the Laws of Karma which are natural laws. Or is his healing restricted to only particular humans and not others?

Jesus could heal those that believed in him, but he also talked about what he was doing or why it took place etc.

I believe that soul recognition can be automatic, but still should be backed up with logic and common sense, because there is the inner small voice of the soul, and the higher mind connection and then there is a lower solar plexus and heart feeling that can feel like soul contact.

If you put Braco next to Chris Nemelka, the two kind of look the same, long blonde hair and an appealing, charming face. Would all the Masters appear like this? If so, then why bother gaining soul contact if they all just look the same in appearance and we could recognize them all just by their long, blonde hair and charming, appealing faces.

I just watched this video, and to be honest I didn’t feel anything from Braco, and all the people looked like they were under an emotional spell and one guy was amazed and said he saw him shape shift. That didn’t appeal to me because the dark side can shape shift and why would the Masters want to shape shift because they would show their true self, not change appearances all the time?

Maybe I am just not “spiritual” enough to recognize a master?

Does JJ shape shift in his appearance when he holds a healing session?

Here is a photo of Chris:

It is an important point to remember here guys, that the Dark Brotherhood can influence the lower mind and emotional body of humanity and can do healings on par with the Light Brotherhood through the use of influencing the elemental life forms and Devas, because the Lucifer that fell had all the ancient knowledge that the Light Lucifers had. Jesus told us to be wary of false prophets and the Dark side can look just as seemingly “Light” in their appearances when they want to lure humanity with their magic.

I looked at his Symbol and it is very intense, but it doesn’t feel good to me and it really affects right eye, so either he is way too high up for me or he is influenced by something that does not appeal to me.

Although I try to keep an open mind, I do not “feel” what Cheri feels about him.

JJ Quote

“Point 3. Natural Law, which was not created by God but by cause and effect, which creates the very life of God, does not negate free will but allows for the maximum free will possible. Free will, will always choose the good the beautiful and the true in the end.


Intelligence created the same hydrogen atoms at one end of the universe as the other for the foundation of matter. This is because intelligence everywhere discovered that this is the foundation that must exist if a universe such as ours is to be. This happened because of freewill, not because it does not exist.”

This is something I wanted to ask for a long time.

If atoms and matter is the foundation of the universe, relatively perfected in a previous solar system and/or universe or in other words a different incarnation of this system and/or universe, then how was matter perfected in the first place?

What I mean is that you want to build a good car but you have a problem, you do not have any tools to build the car with and the tools are made of matter and you do not have any tools to make the tools that make the car. No matter how far we go back in the progression of the universes this fundamental problem remains.

Matter must have had a beginning and if so how did it come into existence?


Looks like this guy has turned out to create some interest here.

You’ve given some good response to my questions. Now let us take it a step further.

Take a look at these videos

Now put all preconceptions aside and answer as if this is the first time you’ve seen Braco.

Do your best to tune into his soul and tell me what you pick up from his vibration. Contemplate such things as

His motive? Does he have any purpose other than healing? Is he sincere? What is his vibration like? Is he special or did he just hit on a unique healing technique or both? What kind of energies does he work with – astral, heart, mental…? Tell us any other impressions you received?

Did you notice that when people thought he was looking at them that he was not really looking at them? What was he really looking at?


DK says there are many disciples all over the world more so then any time in in history. Each will have thier area. JJ’s main mission is to give out teachings. It is interesting the Braco does not give out teachings don’t you think? I am not saying he is connected to the BOL or not, but maybe he is just following the highest he knows.

Why not give him the benefit of the doubt?

Here is a possibility to consider; in my experience I have been sharing JJ’s teachings for about 12 years and very few people have become interested as a result. JJ’s teachings appeal to people on a more mental level then most. But the masses seem to not care they want a quick fix if they are seeking spiritual things at all. A lot of people are hurting now and in their heart have been hoping for some sort of relief of many things going on. Perhaps Someone like Braco is sent to them to give them some comfort and hope that God has not forgotten them and to help prepare them for higher things.

> Why do we have to wait for the New Jerusalem meditation to work, if healing can be done by Braco and is so easy to obtain? Is there lower healing and then higher healing? >

Does it matter if it works? Even temporarily?

> How does this type of mass healing fit in with Karma? >

Why worry about it isn’t that the Lords of karmas job?

> Wouldn’t the Masters co-ordinate their plans with each other first within the Hierarchy before they reappear on Earth to work? >

How do you know they didn’t? DK and JJ say to run it by the soul so disciples can recognize each other. But that doesn’t mean they all will know each others mission etc.

I think that was the purpose of JJs questions also. So perhaps it is best to keep an open mind instead of trying to fit him into a preconceived box of our own making

> I would imagine that parents around the World would want to take their kids that had the worst disabilities along to Braco’s healing sessions to be healed? Have any of these types of healings been documented about kid’s walking again who have been in wheelchairs or those kids with cancer? Surely if he could heal these types of dis-eases then he would be on national television and people all over the World would be flocking to his healing sessions. >

Sounds like he is moving in that direction supposedly 200,000 a year see him and he is now trying to do it with electronic media to reach more. Some of the stories I heard on some of the youtubes were pretty miraculous. And Of course we have Cheri telling us right here how she was healed of a pretty debilitating condition she has had all her life. Also perhaps karma is at work as I am sure there are some who were not healed too.

One of the things about healing is that you have to be willing to accept it also. Also some of the seekers who have much pain and suffering in this life may be paying off karma so they can be free to serve in the next life.

> I am not trying to sound cynical, but this type of mass healing opens up a huge amount of questions within me which would need logical answers because if Braco has that type of energy and ability to heal, and heal anyone who comes to his healing session, and those who do not attend, then how does this all fit in with the Laws of Karma which are natural laws. Or is his healing restricted to only particular humans and not others? >

I haven’t heard any claims yet that everyone who attends is healed so I would assume there may be some that are not. I am sure as he gets more popular some will come forward to say they were not.

> Jesus could heal those that believed in him, but he also talked about what he was doing or why it took place etc. >

They said he used to speak at first but that it caused a lot of controversy so he stopped. I actually like that part. What a new concept. Guy comes along does not give out any teachings just stimulates energy in folks and they do what they will with it and many are healed, genius! LOL!

> I believe that soul recognition can be automatic, but still should be backed up with logic and common sense, because there is the inner small voice of the soul, and the higher mind connection and then there is a lower solar plexus and heart feeling that can feel like soul contact. > > If you put Braco next to Chris Nemelka, the two kind of look the same, long blonde hair and an appealing, charming face. Would all the Masters appear like this? If so, then why bother gaining soul contact if they all just look the same in appearance and we could recognize them all just by their long, blonde hair and charming, appealing faces. >

Your connecting him to nemelka seems to suggest you have already decided about him.

> I just watched this video, and to be honest I didn’t feel anything from Braco, and all the people looked like they were under an emotional spell and one guy was amazed and said he saw him shape shift. That didn’t appeal to me because the dark side can shape shift and why would the Masters want to shape shift because they would show their true self, not change appearances all the time? >

Well you have to be open to the possibility first, it sounds to me like he doesn’t fit your preconceived idea and so you are looking for excuses to dismiss him. Don’t take that the wrong way that is just how it appears to me looking in from the outside. I am sure there is more going on then just the appearance, so just my observation take it for what it’s worth.

> Maybe I am just not “spiritual” enough to recognize a master? >

I often wonder if I am or not myself.

> Does JJ shape shift in his appearance when he holds a healing session? >

That was just some guys opinion. People like to sensationalise things. I prefer to judge for myself.

> > It is an important point to remember here guys, that the Dark Brotherhood can influence the lower mind and emotional body of humanity and can do healings on par with the Light Brotherhood through the use of influencing the elemental life forms and Devas, because the Lucifer that fell had all the ancient knowledge that the Light Lucifers had. Jesus told us to be wary of false prophets and the Dark side can look just as seemingly “Light” in their appearances when they want to lure humanity with their magic. >

Which s why we need to seek the inner voice. In JJs first book he dreamed about being in a room with evil spirits and there was a door and he fled the room and there was a being all peaceful in there claiming to be John and the evil ones did not follow. But he realized the peace he felt was not the inner peace that surpasses all understanding therefore new it was a ruse to deceive him. I don’t think the dark brotherhood can emulate the light as well as the BOL. They can fool someone who has never heard the inner voice but not one who has if they listen to it.

> > Although I try to keep an open mind, I do not “feel” what Cheri feels about him. >

Well you haven’t had the chance to experience his energy yet like Cheri has so perhaps it is best to reserve judgement till then? I have not made any firm decisions on him myself either but so far I see no harm in what he is doing and would love to experience his energy so I can discern for myself.

Even if one decided he is a master then what? He doesn’t give out teachings and asks for no devotions. I find that a rather refreshing approach. Sure he could be setting people up for something down the road but until some actual evidence shows up to that effect he seems to actually be helping a lot of folks focus thier energies for healing and seeking.

As Christ said those that are for us are not against us…

My 3 cents


Do your best to tune into his soul and tell me what you pick up from his vibration. Contemplate such things as > > His motive?

He says he is not a healer, so what is his motive then? It says at his website that:

“He has dedicated his life to awaken all those positive and beautiful feelings and energies, which we all carry in ourselves and to help ill, sad and hopeless people….”

> Does he have any purpose other than healing?

Probably….doesn’t every one have a purpose or rather a desire motivated by self?

> Is he sincere?

Yes….he is sincere in what he is doing.

> What is his vibration like?

I am trying to put away my preconceptions, but he just reminds me of Chris N for some reason.

Oh, here is the reason apart from his face and hair:

“Braco did not realize that he was borne to be the one to carry on with Ivica´s work until the people of the community came to tell him again and again that they felt this power in him, and that he should try to help them.”

Hmmmm, I heard something similar to this from Chris Nemelka proclaiming that he was the chosen one to help humans.

> Is he special or did he just hit on a unique healing technique or both?

He has been trained.

> What kind of energies does he work with – astral, heart, mental…?

Astral and heart.

> Tell us any other impressions you received?

1st video:

He stands with his hands closed and to the sides of his body.

The people seemed affected by him astrally/emotionally.

I have a feeling that these people that they interviewed probably belong to the Agape Church, as they appeared to be Churchie influenced.

Many Churchie people always seem to me to have a big smile on their faces and look like they just won a million bucks.

> > Did you notice that when people thought he was looking at them that he was not really looking at them? What was he really looking at? >

Probably nothing or their solar plexus chakra.

I did not feel comfortable looking at this video and had to stop it midway. He is too intense, but not in a nice way. One of his eyes is pulled inwards towards his nose (I think the left eye). If this is a Master, then I have no soul contact it seems. He may be overshadowed or possessed by Ivica Prokic, his original teacher, and in two photos in the first video he seemed to look nearly Indian in his appearance or aura. He probably is being overshadowed by Ivica:

I believe that one would have to study Ivica in more detail to understand Braco, and that is what I shall do.

Ruth quoting Blayne

DK says there are many disciples all over the world more so then any time in in history. Each will have thier area. JJ’s main mission is to give out teachings. It is interesting the Braco does not give out teachings don’t you think? I am not saying he is connected to the BOL or not, but maybe he is just following the highest he knows. > > Why not give him the benefit of the doubt?

Ruth I had looked into this Draco man a few years ago and I still feel the same way about him now that I did then.

> > Does it matter if it works? Even temporarily?

Yes it does matter to me, and according to the quote from the Encyclopedic Theosophical Glossary I gave in my post.

This is how people become attracted to that which is from the not self.

Either the Theosophical Glossary is lying or Braco is a false prophet or he really is a Master etc.

> > > How does this type of mass healing fit in with Karma? > > > > Why worry about it isn’t that the Lords of karmas job?

Because when one learns the Truth, one also learns what to look for within the lower bodies and what illusions can stand out.

I do not accept anything without doing research into it and going via my higher self.

> > How do you know they didn’t? DK and JJ say to run it by the soul so disciples can recognize each other. But that doesn’t mean they all will know each others mission etc.

Disciples do not always recognize each other, however, the plan is the same plan regardless of what mission those Disciples are on and the plan has a blueprint or signature vibration to it.

> > > > Sounds like he is moving in that direction supposedly 200,000 a year see him and he is now trying to do it with electronic media to reach more. Some of the stories I heard on some of the youtubes were pretty miraculous. And Of course we have Cheri telling us right here how she was healed of a pretty debilitating condition she has had all her life. Also perhaps karma is at work as I am sure there are some >who were not healed too.

Well according to the Glossary, it is rather dangerous and does not help to have these types of healings done, and one will have to get that same karma back in the next lifetime.

> > > Your connecting him to nemelka seems to suggest you have already decided about him.

I am quite open to changing my mind about him, however, one must put all the pieces together to see how they fit. Why would Masters come back looking similar in appearance. Does this mean that Jesus and the Christ will look like Braco. This is where one must be really careful about what one taps into, such as that thought form, because it can be a trap and a wrong turn on the path.

> > > > > Well you have to be open to the possibility first, it sounds to me like he doesn’t fit your preconceived idea and so you are looking for excuses to dismiss him. Don’t take that the wrong way that is just how it appears to me looking in from the outside. I am sure there is more going on then just the appearance, so just my observation take it for >what it’s worth.

I have no pre conceived idea about what any Master would look like. I go on their vibration and words and works. The Two Witnesses. As Draco has no words and only works, then he has one witness, not two.

It seems that you have little faith in my judgement also. However, if I was wrong, I would be the first to accept that and look at other possibilities.

> > Which s why we need to seek the inner voice.

I know all about seeking the inner voice Blayne 🙂

> > > > > Although I try to keep an open mind, I do not “feel” what Cheri feels about him. > > > > Well you haven’t had the chance to experience his energy yet like Cheri has so perhaps it is best to reserve judgement till then? I have not made any firm decisions on him myself either but so far I see no harm in what he is doing and would love to experience his energy so I can discern for myself.

I don’t want to experience his energy. I saw him on You Tube. I wasn’t impressed.

Matthew I keep coming back to the fact that there is nothing being taught here. All of his gazing is based in the emotional/astral which is associated with the Piscean age which is now passing as we move into the Aquarian age, the age of the mental. His vibration is low and centered in the emotional astral. It is possible that this could be an experiment to see how many can still be gathered and influenced by the astral/emotional energies of the past. This information would benefit the powers that be because there are many who are still attached to the astral/emotional as we see in the videos. Whether or not he does not take money for these gazing’s is real not an issue for me but I have read there is still a charge for this so the money must go somewhere, the question is where and into whose pocket.It is interesting that he is not really looking at anybody but just seems to gazing just above the crowd. One last comment is that it would be interesting to see him go to say, ST. Judes hospital in Memphis and gaze at the terminally ill children and see what effect if any he would have on them. ST Judes is a non-profit hospital and works only by donations of free will.


Children and pregnant women in the third trimester aren’t allowed in gazing sessions. They say the energy is just too much. But people can take pictures of their kids or pregnant partner to hold up during the gazing. I have heard of child healings in some of the youtube videos I’ve watched. Also a paraplegic (adult) got up out of his wheelchair and walked out of a gazing. People have also had brain and other caner’s cured after gazing’s.


I have a feeling that these people that they interviewed probably belong to the Agape Church, as they appeared to be Churchie influenced.

Many Churchie people always seem to me to have a big smile on their faces and look like they just won a million bucks.


We’ll yes you do feel like you’ve won a million bucks after a gazing! It’s an incredibly peaceful, full of love feeling. Actually in the link JJ posted that video was filmed the first time he came to Hawaii (at The Earth Transformation conference). I talked to a lot of the people on that video (in fact I’m in that video). They are most defiantly not churchies! Most were extremely new age. A fun group of people!

Another short story of my experience with Braco:

After the conference was over the speakers and their wives or husbands were invited to go on a swimming with dolphins tour. We got into three boat’s and went out to find some dolphins in the ocean. The dolphins can choose to come around you or not. We pulled up to a spot right when Braco and the people on his boat were starting to get into their boat from the water. All of the people from his boat were gushing that they were just swimming with 60+ dolphins swimming and circling all around them. The captain of their boat was telling us he’s NEVER seen that before (he’s been doing it for 20+ years). You’re lucky if you get to see 20 dolphins at one time. It’s my opinion that the dolphins were drawn to Braco’s energy.


I sense Braco’s motive is to be of service and make a difference.

Healing is a sidelight, I believe the real purpose is to open people to “source.”

I feel like his vibration is one of love and wisdom, very second ray.

I think Braco is gifted and is likely a third degree initiate at least.

I have felt total heart energy with an overlay of mental. I have also felt some very definite Buddhic energy while contemplating or tuning into him.

You can watch live streaming television of him from 11-6 on the hour today (Pacific Time).

It seems he gazes just above people tuning into their crown chakra.

I will repeat this Matthew but it has been said twice before. I find it interesting that people are ignoring this as I think it is fairly significant: Braco takes no money. All monies go to paying for the event and to the person hosting the event. They are not allowed to charge more than $8 per session. That amount was set by Braco so it would be affordable for most anyone.


I keep coming back to the fact that there is nothing being taught here.


Who say’s the only way to learn is through words? I think he’s trying to connect us to the source, universe, God, and each other. To raise people’s vibrations and to show us that we can learn to tap into and project this intense energy too. I’ve talked to more than one person who says it takes them hours and hours of meditation to get to the place Braco takes them in seconds.


I think Braco is gifted and is likely a third degree initiate at least.

Johann A third degree initiate changes how things are thought about, felt about and done. When this guy dies what do we have? Prayer falls in two categories for me or with in the same prayer, phases, an active one and inactive one. For example, “God’s angels sitting over my bed” (A bedtime prayer) is an inactive one geared for one purpose and that is setting the energy or directing it towards the higher peace. In this guys case the inactive portion is the word healing and the angel is him. In both of these cases the angel(s) are something of the outside of one’s self and it would not work other wise for to love to manifest there has to be two of something at least. People do not want him to speak any words and therefor the active part is up to them and it gives them an empowering feeling as well. So he is changing how things are thought and felt about but not how things are done. I do not think that any special energy is coming from him, there are other factors as openness of the people and the combined group thought form or energy. There is a danger, that this “power” is exclusive to him and thus there is a possibility that it would trip him up at a later stage.

Mission Experiences, Chapters 5 & 6

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Chapter Five

Over the next couple days in the mission home I got worse instead of better. On the second evening I felt like I was going to die. This was discouraging for several reasons. First, in a blessing I received when I was set apart for my mission I was told I would have good health and I had the worst health in my life in the three months I was there.

Secondly, I had received two healing blessings from other elders and they had no effect whatsoever.

I decided that when the morning arrived I would ask for a healing blessing from the mission president. He seemed to be a man with considerable faith.

Before that happened I decided to have an intense talk with God. I spent all night in prayer and do not recall getting any sleep at all. Since I was feeling too ill to sleep then prayer was as good of use of time as any. My talk with God went something like this:

“Look God, you’ve sent me on a mission and promised me good health and look at me. I’m in terrible shape and have never felt worse as far as health goes. I’m willing to do whatever you want but I need a little help here. I’ll tell you what. If you heal me when President Payne gives me a blessing I’ll work like crazy in the mission work and make you proud.”

I said a lot more things I do not recall but it must have been a lot of words because I prayed throughout the night.

When morning came I sent a request to President Payne to give me a blessing. A short time later he came in my room with his assistant. He showed some concern, asked a few questions and we had a nice conversation. Then he laid his hands on my head and proceeded to give me a blessing.

Within an instant of him beginning to speak something happened that I have not experienced before or since. The feeling is difficult to describe, but I will do my best.

My body felt like it was on the verge of exploding or maybe imploding, as if my very life force were erupting and reorganizing. From my head to my toe I experienced great discomfort and sweat started pouring out of every pour in my body. I wasn’t sure if I was being healed or was going to die.

This process continued for about two or three minutes while the president had his hands on my head. It took all the self-control and composure I could muster to sit still and not get up and run off screaming.

Finally, the president ceased speaking and lifted his hands. Immediately all pain and discomfort left and was replaced by a sense of well-being. I stood up and looked at my pajamas. They were soaking wet as if they had just been retrieved from being thrown in a swimming pool.

President Payne left without ceremony and then I heard someone say it was time for breakfast. Breakfast, I thought. I had scarcely eaten in two days and had no appetite, but suddenly I realized I was starving. Not only was I starving, but it dawned on me as I walked around the room that I seemed to be completely well. This seemed too good to be true and I indeed hoped this was not just a moment or two of euphoria.

I cleaned up, changed into regular clothes and joined the missionaries for breakfast. As I was wolfing down bacon, eggs, three or four pancakes and lots of juice a missionary across he table said, “Hey, I thought you were supposed to be sick.”

“Not any more,” I said. “President Payne gave me a blessing and I’m all better.”

The missionary replied, “I’ve heard stories about his blessings. I’m not surprised.”

I enjoyed visiting the mission home for I always seemed to meet some very high caliber fellow missionaries there. It was amazing that almost all of them were between 19-21 years of age yet many seemed more mature and had greater leadership skills than I had seen anywhere before.

It is not often that another fellow human being inspires me to do better but it happened a couple times in the mission home. One evening a prominent elder who was about to go home announced that he was going to speak to whoever wanted to listen. I attended and found myself thoroughly enjoying his presentation. I cannot recall what he subject mater was but I do recall his impressive delivery. Every few minutes he injected into his speech a quotation from some famous sage. He rattled these off word for word flawlessly with no notes. It was obvious that he spent a good deal of time memorizing these quotes and it really paid off. He was one of the few speakers in the church that I could have listen to all night.

I determined right there that I was also going to memorize a wide assortment of quotes so I could have them at my disposal. This I did and they have often come in handy. I continued this process for a number of years but eventually let it slip because of so much attention needed to handle daily life in the real world. Even today though some of the quotes come back to me to inspire me.

I often wonder what happened to this elder as he seemed to be a natural leader.

Another piece of assistance I picked up was some advice I received from another leading elder. He gave me a key to memorizing. He told me that for effective memorization to go over the words you want to memorize on the following days: The first, the second, the seventh, the seventeenth and the thirty-second day. If one memorizes one new scripture or quote a day, then by using this method of repetition he will review five passages per day.

I took this to heart and found it really worked and by the end of my mission I had many quotes at my disposal.

Well, my rest in the mission home was complete and it was time to go back in the field with a new companion in a new town. I was hoping that president Payne would realize that I was ready to be a senior elder so I could take charge and convert a ton of those reluctant English.

Chapter Six
The Missionary Life

My next assignment was a sleepy little town named Consett in northern County Durham, a few miles away from Newcastle. About half of my arriving group had been made seniors and since I had proven myself a capable teacher I thought this would also happen to me. Instead, I was made a junior again. I was supposed to be happy though because I had a better sounding title, which was, “Companion to Branch President.” Consett was one of those towns that didn’t have enough members or leadership to govern itself so the missionaries provided it. My new companion, Elder Richardson, was not only my new boss but ran the entire church there and I had to help him. We ran the meetings, kept the records, taught Sunday School, handled problems – the whole ball of wax for about 20 active members.

This new assignment was the worst possible as far as my game plan was concerned. My goal was to just be a regular missionary, be the senior in charge and then convert a record number of those stubborn English. Now there were two things frustrating my plan. The first was that I was still a junior and the second was we didn’t have a lot of time for missionary work because we had to run the branch of the church.

One thing that was similar to my last assignment was my landlady. The one in Wakefield sang the song “Downtown” all day long and my new one sang “Were have all the Flowers Gone.” Neither of them knew all the words but just sang a couple lines over and over. Fortunately we didn’t spend a lot of time with our landladies, except at lunch and dinner, so the repetition was not enough to dive one crazy.

I do not remember anything negative about Elder Richardson except he didn’t like rock and roll. Then my next companion was Elder Moench and was the singer of the Rogers and Hammerstein songs I mentioned earlier. He made the annoyance of my landladies repetitious singing seem minor indeed. He was also appointed my senior so I had to tow the line again.

I don’t recall anything out of the ordinary as far as the work was concerned. It was pretty standard missionary work with the running of the local church thrown in. My memory of the three plus months there is somewhat of a blur.

One thing that may seem odd, that was required of the missionaries, was to fill out a daily report covering almost every minute of our lives. Every mission required reports, but each mission president individualized his own. President Payne must have been part control freak because our report at the beginning of my mission had 85 categories and at the end there were over 100. We had to fill out all the categories on a daily basis and it took quite a bit of time – time that could have been much better spend I thought.

I wish I had saved a copy of the form but here are a few of the things I recall we had to answer daily:

Rising time: (Supposed to be 6 AM. If many infractions of this occurred you got in trouble with the mission home. Many missionaries fudged on this section.)

Individual study time: (was supposed to begin at 6:30 AM and go to 7:30 AM after taking a half hour to dress and get ready. Most digs did not have a bath or shower and we had to go to the public baths maybe twice a week.)

Joint study: (this was from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM. Here the missionaries took turns reading aloud from study materials and then discussing them. I much preferred individual study as I learned much more on my own.)

We then were allowed a half-hour to eat breakfast and get ready to go to work.

The next item to fill out was the actual time we left the residence to do the work. The time of rising and the time we left for work were the two most crucial parts of the form. It was of extreme importance to the mission home that we not be over five minutes off on either of these. Since I have always been a big believer in honesty the only choice I had of staying I the good graces of the mission home was to arise on time and be prepared to leave for work at 9 AM.

Then we made an hourly account of our activities. Between 9 AM to Noon was usually spent in “tracting.” This was the name giving to knocking on doors in an attempt to find people to teach. For most missionaries this was the least favorite part of their day. The bitter cold weather didn’t help either. I didn’t mind doing it at all because this provided us with the best source of people to teach.

Next we accounted for the time spent at lunch. We were allowed an hour each for lunch and dinner, but if we could get lunch down to a half hour this was a bonus.

We usually returned to our digs for lunch and dinner unless some member invited us to eat with them.

Between 1 PM to 5 PM we were expected to either be tracting or visiting with members attempting to get referrals out of them. Members referring their friends for the missionaries to teach was considered to be the most important resource to find prospects.

Since most missionaries didn’t like tracting they opted to visit members whenever possible and tabulating this up to referral work on the report. Since we only were able to dig up a referral maybe once every couple weeks, this constant visiting of members was not a good use of time. Most missionaries would much rather visit with members and flirt with their teenage daughters than knock on unfriendly doors in the cold.

Another thing that made visiting members desirable was the natural friendliness of the members, for the people of Northern England had a reputation of being much more friendly and hospitable than the South where they were seen as being more stuffy and reserved.

One tradition they had wherever I worked was once you entered their home you couldn’t leave without something to eat or drink. Since Mormons were not allowed to drink coffee a substitute barely drink was used called Pero. This was very popular with the members and is sold as Caro in this country. Members always insisted they feed us cookies, sweets or more. Quite often by dinner I wasn’t that hungry.

Because I was the junior during my first seven months I had to follow the game plan of my companion which was basically the same for all my seniors which was: (1) Do the mandatory tracting for the three morning hours. (2) Spend all the rest of the free hours visiting the members, sipping Pero, eating cookies, flirting with daughters, talking sports, movies, life back home, etc. Sometimes we would even talk about church doctrine. Then at the end of the visit the question was always asked, “Oh, by the way, do you have any friends interested in being taught?”

The members understood that we always had to ask this question so we could count the visit as official business. Their answer was always no.

Why do I say always?

Because if they did have a friend interested in being taught they would tell us at the beginning of the visit, not the end.

Then between 5 PM to 6 PM we took off for dinner. Sometimes we even caught a little news on the television, or “telly” as they called it.

Then between 6PM to 10PM we were back to work. The mission theory was that our morning and afternoon work was to be productive enough to fill our evening hours with teaching. Since the average number of hours teaching in that mission was only about five hours a week we were left with over three hours to fill. Since most missionaries wanted to avoid tracting at night like the plague they again resorted to visiting more members, drinking more Pero and eating more cookies.

Since I came to the mission field to get some results I grew increasingly frustrated by what I considered a very ineffective use of time of just visiting members and exchanging small talk.

Fortunately, the members did not mind. Many would be happy to spend all day with the missionaries. They almost fell in love with them and many a teen age daughter or a single woman (and some married) had a crush on a missionary.

This was of great concern to the mission home for if a missionary had sex with anyone on his mission he was sent home in disgrace and excommunicated. They were very strict on this.

Unfortunately, this did happen from time to time. When it did it usually involved some sexy young girl, but on one occasion a missionary I knew, who seemed quite dedicated to his mission, had sex with his 54 year-old landlady and was sent home. That about blew me away and I really felt bad for the guy for he was a friend and I liked him.

We were then supposed to be back in the digs at 10 PM and to bed at 10:30 PM. Since the mission was not so strict on retiring hours as they were on rising we sometimes missed the goal by a half hour or more. Later, when I became a senior I missed this by a lot, often not getting home till around midnight. All this and more went on the report.

So, every day we had to fill out a humungous report but then at the end of the week we had to fill out an additional weekly report giving the weekly totals of all work related activities.

I do not have many memories of my work in Consett as nothing much significant happened work wise. The main thing I learned from my companions was more in the what-not-to-do category rather than the to do. I decided that when I was put in charge I was going to do things differently. I eagerly awaited the opportunity.
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Kalispell Gathering 2006, Part 22

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Healing session

JJ: We will cover a few areas of healing here, some of which we have not covered in the past. This will give us a little variety. Every year we have a section on healing and then I give a dissertation on healing.

JJ: What does it mean to be healed?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: That is part of the healing process. What other thoughts on healing?

Audience: I think it means to be restored to the original form because when I reading about sounding the original sound it occurred to me that if one knew how to do this that you could heal all areas and restore the body to it’s original form.

JJ: Okay, restore to the original form, this is a good answer as well. The question is this, what doe sit mean to be healed?

Audience: To made whole again.

JJ: What are the levels of healing – is there something more than just physical healing? If someone has a broken wrist or has a disease, when and if they eventually get better are they now whole or could there be other things wrong with them?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: So we have mental illness as well, emotional illness, what is the difference between an emotional illness and a mental illness? Do they discuss that in psychology?

Audience: Perception

JJ: There is a definite difference but I do not recall orthodox scientists talking about that but there is a definite difference. I think the world as a whole just lumps mind and emotion together and the do not really understand the difference or how that the two are actually separate.

Audience: For the most part psychology will say that you do not have emotional issues they say you have thought process issues. It is said by those in that field that your thoughts cause your emotions so they do not work on emotional issues they always work on mental issues.

JJ: Okay. What is the difference between an emotional problem and a mental problem?

Audience: 1st member: I think emotional problems are caused by childhood.

2nd member: A mental problem can be a dysfunction of the brain.

3rd member: I believe one is physiological which has to do with some kind of illness where is the other is just dealing with your own feelings.

4th member: (Wayne) I know! I know! (Laughter) Okay you can divide the senses that we all have into somewhat distinct lines. We have sensual response like say you bump your elbow or something like that and there is whole range of senses that cover that. Then you have emotional responses where you feel a surge of energy like getting angry or being unhappy with someone so then it depresses. Then there is exaltation and stuff and then we break things up mentally where it is an analytical process. We have more control over mental and the others in a progressing or descending order are more of knee jerk reaction. We can learn to control our emotions as we should but we have emotions and the senses whether we control them or not.

JJ: Both the mind and the emotions play tricks on us. They cause us to have many things to deal with that give us numerous problems. As a matter of the fact, if our minds and emotions were healthy, we would very seldom have physical diseases unless you are breathing some type of toxic fumes or something like that. However, even people that are around chemicals but have a good attitude may not get sick. It just seems to get filtered through their system very well.

There are some people that smoke all there life like George Burns, who smoked cigars and drank all of his life. He lived to be a couple months over 100 years old, and he had a great attitude – very positive, always upbeat and he is a very interesting example. Your state of mind and your emotions has a lot to do with your health as well as how you deal with your emotions along with exercise and diet. If we are master of all these things then we are going to be pretty healthy overall. I know many people that are really into health foods and very fussy and careful on their diet and will not deviate from it at all and they are always having health problems. Have you ever known anyone like this?

DK explains why this is so, He states some people are putting too much attention on the body, and energy follows thought, so when one is focusing too much on your physical health it puts energy on your health in a negative way and sometimes it will make you sick. He states that we need to balance out the energy and put a certain amount of energy outside of ourselves and a certain amount inside ourselves as well to balance out the energies.

Some of my family members, like my Mom over here, 95 years old and still in relatively good health, except she is not as exuberant as she used to be. When we grew up we ate the worst foods. I grew up on potatoes, gravy, cinnamon toast, margarine with trans fats, the worst type of margarine, Karo syrup, lots of sugar and Mom was not into health foods at all. She smoked and drank most of her life with my Dad and she divorced him and then quit smoking and drinking that probably helped out her health a little bit. But in her younger years for about 20 to 30 years she lived that lifestyle. She just recently switched to whole wheat bread. She is as far away from being a health food person as possible yet she is 95 years old and had cancer a few years ago with chemotherapy and survived it along with everything else. How long has it been since you had the chemo?

Mom: About 10 years.

She survived that and the only thing that it affected was her short-term memory. Before the chemo her memory was in good shape and after the treatment she has a hard time remember short term. That is why I thought it was great that she could recite that poem because her memory is not at the optimum level anymore. I think her memory would still be up to par if she had not had to have the chemo, which she had twice, for her original cancer came back. Chemo probably takes about 10 years off your life so she would probably live to be 130 had she not had that treatment process.

The fact of health is a mystery and there are a number of things bringing it all together. So let us examine the emotional and the mental, the simple emotional reactions that really hurt an individual’s health. Number one is guilt if a person carries guilt it really takes a toll on them and devitalizes of their vital energy and will cause them to be self-destructive. This is one of the main benefits in “The Course in Miracles” and it is really a course in how to resolve guilt. How many read this book?

Audience: Inaudible

JJ: It is a very interesting book and it claims to be given by Christ Himself. It is up to the person who reads and interprets it as to where it comes from. There are a couple things that I disagree with in the book but overall the principle of removing guilt is extremely important. What causes guilt?

Audience: Judgment of man.

JJ: The cause of guilt that we are going to present is not directly presented in the Course in Miracles, but this I find to be very effective.

Audience: Judgment of man outside of authority, if I am born without guilt than it has to be taught to you by someone.

JJ: Correct; guilt is not natural. As a little child you do not feel guilty about anything until someone teaches you to feel guilty. Lorraine says it is outside authority, what kind of authority?

Audience: (Lorraine) Unearned or unjust authority.

JJ: Yes, but what is different about this authority that produces guilt?

Audience: It is beastly.

JJ: And it is beastly why?

Audience: Because it is fear based.

JJ: And why is it fear based?

Audience: Critical

JJ: Yes it is critical. The authority it purports to come from where?

Audience: God

JJ: God, correct. In other words, the parent will say to the child, “God does not want you to do that.” Projecting to the child an outside God that has total authority to annihilate your body and soul and telling you that if you do this naughty thing that God and is going to be very displeased with you and He may punish you or whatever. You do not know what God is going to do and He has total authority and He is not a nice guy like me, he is a mean son of bitch!

Audience: (Laughter)

JJ: We say God is love but when we teach it, we teach that we have a really mean God, right. Is that not what people really project. God is love but he is going to wipe out these people and burn them to ashes because He loves them! Basically the message of many is this, God is really mean but He loves you.

JJ: We start with children when they are young and say, “God does not want you to do that.” A little kid will do things like steal a cookie out of the cookie jar or something like this and eats the cookie and then thinks, Oh, boy, God did not want me to do this. God can read my thoughts. God is watching me and He knows I am doing wrong and now I can’t even enjoy this cookie. What is he going to do? Oh my! Am I going to burn in hell!

And we start to implant guilt in children from the time they are young. Think back to a scripture where Jesus says, it is better to have a millstone hung around your neck and drown in the depths of the seas than to offend one of these little ones. Many of us offend these little ones not realizing what we are doing by planting these seeds of guilt in them. Now we can teach them right from wrong, but how should we teach them? Should we say, now this is wrong and God does not want you to do this. What should we say instead?

Audience: By setting and example.

JJ: Right by example, we can say that Mommy does not want you to do this. But, when we tell them that God does not them to do it then this plants the seeds of guilt. You do not know what God wants or does not want. Are you His spokesman? No, when we say God does not want you to do this then we are setting ourselves up as being in the place of God, sending a message from God to the child. This is the power of the beast in Revelations that is spoken everywhere. And it starts with Mom and Dad planting these seeds in the little children.

Audience: 1st member: (Annie) would you say that you have guilt because God is mad at you.

2nd member: I think you can have guilt from failed expectations and can do this to yourself or someone else.

JJ: Everybody in the universe has the God Within and if we are not going by a God Within then we are substituting it with a god without. Even if one is a hardened atheist he has  a God Within and part of his being recognizes this. Any atheist that is subject to guilt gives proof is proof that he gives allegiance to some type of god. Because offending the God without is what produces the guilt whether you are a believer or a non-believer. When the person looks inside no matter what their belief or non-belief he sees the same thing. A non-believer or a believer is going by a God Within or a god without.

If parent is a non-believer he will probably not say God does not want you to do this. He may use a different authority. In other words, Mommy and Daddy or the state become the outside god instead. The God in heaven is actually more potent to use for the young child because that god can seem to be everywhere, but the child of the atheist can think that mom and dad can’t see me and I can get away with this. The child that thinks “God can see me and I am stealing this cookie.” He then is bit more nervous.

Audience: (Wayne) Don’t most people atheist or not use a reward and punishment system for their children?

JJ: That has something to do with it, for the atheist there is there is going to be an outside authority and reward and punishment always enters in. How this is done is the key. For an atheist family they will substitute something for God in the child’s mind. If we raise our children right and let them exercise their free will as much as possible and do not bring in any outside authority in an overwhelming way then the child can grow up without this terrible guilt, and it will not matter whether his parents are atheist or believers.

But it does matter to both that if they have an outside god affecting the child’s mind. For an atheist the outside god could be the parent, an authority figure like a police officer or any state official or party leader does not want you to do this.

Many atheists are into philosophy and they may teach the kid that a philosopher really knows what is going on and build him up like a god. The state or the parents could be an outside god, even for the atheist’s child. His parents have taught him right from wrong and in a way it is important to teach that stealing is wrong but it needs the balance. If the child thinks that is the end of the world and they are going to be punished in a terrible way somehow for stealing a cookie then the kid will feel some guilt. I would imagine it is probably a little bit of a benefit for a child being raised in an atheist family in that the outside god thing does not come across as powerful. It is still there and there is either the god inside or outside, one or the other, and if the parents are not allowing the inside God to manifest then there is an outside god that is going to manifest guilt within the child.

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