Divine Thoughts

2004-10-12 05:31:00

The Question:
What, in relation to the tree, is the plane of the Divine? Stretch your minds and contemplate what is the manner of truth to be discovered there.

It is difficult for the highest initiate to comprehend this plane. It is called the "plane of the Logos" because one has to be a Planetary Logos or higher to obtain mastery in this plane and function freely upon it.

Even so, by using the Law of Correspondences we can gather a few pieces of knowledge about it to prepare us for things to come.

A while back Juste asked:
How does such a question get one any closer to God? Isn't that the purpose of this life?

The question basically boils down to this. What good does it to us to obtain knowledge and Mastery? We must realize that this is what must be done to move our consciousness up the planes. We must obtain knowledge and then use that knowledge to master the new energies we encounter.

Getting closer to God is of course, desirable, but we must start where we are and progress toward the Presence. We start at the leaves and come closer to God as we move to the branches. Then we get closer still until we get to the trunk. We share in the life of God when we link with the life-giving fluid and understand creation when we delve into the root system and eventually discover all originated from a monad seed which still exists through the DNA of the tree itself.

The answer to the question is that this knowledge that is being imparted can assist the seeker in raising his consciousness and understanding and becoming closer to his source - God.

So what is it that represents the Divine plane that feeds the seed and that which grows from it?

Our mystic, Catherine, again has the answer. She says: "Earth succors and provides nourishment."

This is more profound than is realized and helps us to understand how God is one, yet many.

There is one earth and one surface of the earth, yet there are billions of seeds that are planted in its surface. Each seed grows into a separate plant entity, yet is still a part of the One Life which is Mother Earth.

It is interesting to now correspond ourselves in our progression to a tree and we see that we have discovered the true tree of life. The discovery of this tree starts in the physical plane. Here we learn data and true facts and use them to master this plane. Then we move on to the emotional where we obtain knowledge of feelings which eventually lead to right human relations. Next we progress to the mental plane where we obtain truth through reason and logic. Finally, we progress through the higher planes until we arrive at our point of origin, the seed, the monad.

Through the portal of the Monad we arrive at the Divine Plane which is represented by the earth which gives birth to innumerable Monad seeds.

If the Divine plane in relation to a tree on the physical plane is represented by the one earth, what represents the divine plane in relation to a human being?

It is space.

Yes, space. Look up at the sky at night and you see the one space representing unified life. Just like there is one earth for all trees there is one space for all human and self conscious lives.

The stars which are points in the sky correspond to monads. Not only do stars have monads which are points, or seeds growing out of space, but so are we humans. The source of our creation, the monad, is a point growing out of the all-encompassing space of the Divine Plane.

Thinking on this principle will shed much light.

What is the manner of knowledge to be obtained on the Divine Plane?

It is something greater than a knowledge of being one with God, but a knowledge and comprehension of the unity of all life - not just on a theoretical basis, but from a point of knowing.

The pilgrim also understands the principle that creates a Logos of a system as well as his purpose and motivation in serving a planet or a solar system.

There is one more part to the tree that we have not yet explored which is the fruit which either contains new seeds or is the seed itself.

In this analogy we are discussing what is the meaning behind the fruit of the tree?

Do you suppose the Divine plane is the highest attainment? What could be higher?

Behind every great fortune there is a crime. Honore de Balzac (1799 - 1850)