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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The test as to whether something works, is that it works.

2  Some may argue that a certain amount of deceptive communication is necessary because “the truth hurts,” but what is not realized is that the truth only hurts when it follows a deceptive communication.

3  Every dollar invested in the first moon landing returned more money than spent because of the innovations that were discovered.

4  One of the most important lessons I have learned in my life is to keep my focus on the good and the desired goal without wavering if I wish to achieve.

5  When we ask and seek without ceasing, energy follows our thought until that which is sought is found and that which is asked for is received.

6  When a person learns to be the observer he can enjoy the ride through life no matter what is going on around him.

7  Those caught up in materialism are also caught up in mystery. The female nature is a mystery and the right use of female energy is feared and suppressed. God and creation is a mystery, money is a mystery, their lot in life is a mystery and their belief system is often based upon mysteries to which they have no reasonable explanation. And, most of all, the part played by materialism and selfishness in creating the problems and suffering in the world is a mystery. Because of these mysteries they are motivated to eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die.

8  All questions can be answered through the soul, but our Brothers farther up the ladder of evolution than ourselves will only give us that which we cannot obtain for ourselves.

9  If we want to enter into the presence of God, receive revelation and knowledge of principles, or the laws of God in the Ark of the Covenant, that we need not look in beautiful churches or temples. Instead we can find God in the wilderness, in the desert, in a humble abode and can find Him as we move from place to place as did the ancient Israelites.

10  Rods of Power and Initiation are held by the Solar Logos and using his Rod of Power he charges the Rod held by the Ancient of Days, the Planetary Logos, or the Father God of this Earth. In turn our own Planetary Logos charges a lesser Rod held by the Christ.

11  It is in the imposition by force of an idea of good that negates the growth of the good and nourishes the exact opposite of the desired end.

12  When we stay focused on the good and keep moving forward, following the highest we know, we eventually see that there is ALWAYS a light at the end of the tunnel.

13  If you feel inwardly called to the service of light and follow the messages received through your soul you will receive the protection necessary so you will be able to carry out your mission.

14  Prayer opens the door of the soul to gain access to the world of Spirit, meditation takes you through that door so you can receive the Spirit, and contemplation brings the things of the Spirit down into the practical realm of the material world.

15  The focusing of attention draws elements toward a center producing creation. Attrition takes attention away from creation and causes the elements of a thing to dissipate and become unorganized.

16  It is in the nature of all conscious beings to dream on a regular basis. One who is deprived of the dream state becomes insane.

17  All in the universe are aided by another life of similar consciousness, but only a little further on the path. It is not in the plan for those a million miles ahead on the path to backtrack when there are plenty of helpers for all in each location.

18  The greatest fire is created by the tiniest most imperceptible spark.

19  I have not yet had God or some Master come down from his hiding place and do my work for me, nor will he do for mankind what mankind has to do for themselves.

20  In the total scheme of things evil is that which takes us toward dissolution and nothingness, and good is that which takes us toward creation and order. We thus have these two energies interplaying, one in the direction of disorder and dissolution, and the other toward order and creation.

21  Except for about one seventh of humanity on their Sabbath life, the rest of us have all the problems we can humanly handle.

22  Attention is merely focused thought and such focus becomes a magnetic center, which causes all things necessary for creation to gather.

23  If you wait around for God to do it you will be waiting forever in frustration.

24  The natural impulse behind all life is to create or have experience that is meaningful.

25  Relationship, marriage, or the union of male and female energies leads all life forms back to their Source.

26  Humanity always becomes attached to the system as it is and desires change without loss of form.

27  There are a few who underestimate themselves because of illusion and often wind up subjecting themselves to one of lower evolution than themselves.

28  When the creator pays attention to his creation an invisible magnetic power is generated that pulls together the elements necessary for success that goes beyond the power of individual action.

29  The seer will look for the trail that leads from the complex to the simple so his understanding can be complete. He sees the principles behind all things rather than all the details.

30  Most individuals who desire change usually require it of their neighbors and not themselves.

31  “He who endures to the end will be saved” means that one must work through the six periods of creation to be delivered from failure.

32  The Father/Mother God, or the Originating Decision, reflected Itself as the Son/Daughter. Thus we had the first atom, or Adam, which was the point in the center, the originating God circled about by the prime creation.

33  Remember that when you plant a seed and nourish it, nothing much happens at first. For a period of time it just sits there in silent darkness with no apparent results. But as long as the nutrition is sustained the time shortly comes that life springs forth and the seed sprouts forth its leafs through the barriers of dark and earth into the light of day.

34  We begin to win at the game of life when our ATTENTION is focused in one direction rather than scattered.

35  BEING is that state which in the East is called Pralaya. This is a state of rest between creations.

36  Even though there will always be hierarchy we will have an equality beyond which we can presently understand. Which cells in your body are the hierarchical leaders? You know not for all share an equality.

37  If you take two apples and add two additional apples you will get four apples. Let me challenge anyone to use the binary or any other system and cause any other sum to appear than four apples.

38  When it comes to details, taste and data two people in the soul can disagree, but if they are in the soul they will not be disagreeable.

39  There is no end to our learning.

40  If a thing works or if you can actually do a thing then IT IS.

41  When one looks for the good as a primary focus of discovery, he will in the process come across a number of items which stand out as obviously false. When a real falsehood is discovered then the seeker can use this fact as one of the items in his process of elimination.

42  Purpose is not an objective, goal or plan, but is that from which they all originate. It is not an energy but is that from which energy originates.

43  If a person thinks he is on the path but has no works then he only has passing interest and has not yet gotten serious about moving forward.

44  Sometimes you just have to look at what works. If you try to figure out the process first you will most likely come to the wrong conclusion.

45  The forces of evil rise to power by the force of a unified supportiveness; whereas the forces of good and liberty increase through the power of unified inclusiveness.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  I cannot put too much stress on recognizing and overcoming illusion. Until this occurs in the life of a disciple he or she is not trusted by the Brotherhood of Light for they realize an illusion may yet trip him up.

2  Once you have reached the point where you are totally dedicated to following the highest you know, then illusion must be dispelled or you will become dangerous.

3  The average person loves illusion. He wants to be tricked into believing what he wants to believe and not let the facts get in the way.

4  That’s part of the great plan. Give us all the illusion that we can handle until we’re ready to come out of the illusion.

5  To my knowledge the principle of illusion has never been explained so average seekers can understand it, yet it is the final block to full soul contact.

6  The problem is that any illusion we unravel will strike a nerve in about half the people so it is best to use an example that we all at least agree to be against.

7  To find an example of illusion that creates great harm to illustrate its dangers and identify its reality you have to pick on a person of fairly high evolution who furthered the cause of the left hand path and there are not many who are well known that we can choose from.

8  Illusion is logical to those caught in it and the only way to expose it is to understand it.

9  It takes the discriminating mind and intuition to separate the real from the illusion.

10  If we do not practice non-deception then inspired teachings designed to take us out of illusion can lead us further into illusion.

11  A person may have basically overcome Maya in one life and then slip back into its trap in another.

12  Illusion is not resolved by exclusion, but by the revelation of light.

13  The true seeker will never exchange truth for illusion no matter how disturbing.

14  Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

15  The ways of transforming good intentions into harm through illusion are without number.

16  Illusion is so powerful that it can take even good and decent people along the path of destruction.

17  Illusion cannot be dispelled by mind alone.

18  Often times several people together will see a similar illusion because of their similarity in vibration and expectant outcome.

19  Foundation illusions are very difficult to dispel because they are usually tied in with a mainstream thoughtform which is held by millions.

20  The Dragon itself has no power over man, but can only establish power through illusion.

21  The only way to dispel the foundation illusion is through the intuition and sincere inquiry.

22  The astral world is full of illusion, but also a heaven of sorts and to rise above this illusion one must see through illusion after illusion until the celestial devachan is reached and finally Nirvana as taught by the Buddha. When this is reached the seeker finally sees reality as it is.

23  The only thing which is truly beyond illusion is the third great energy of Purpose from whence Love and Light owe their origination. But even Purpose is not “that which is not,” but that which is not understood.

24  The trouble is that few people are able to look with vision upon the greater reality because their present illusion is comfortable, and they do not wish to have it destroyed.

25  Mental illusions cannot stand in the light of truth.

26  I admit that I often do defend myself when attacked and sometimes counterattack. I try and see myself attacking the illusion rather than the person however.

27  That which is not true can have the illusion of truth, but that is all.

28  There is a certain amount of illusion behind most fears, but there is also great illusion behind most proclamations of love.

29  I would be prone to believe that major illusion would be involved if someone does not believe he would react on a physical level in crisis situations.

30  Physical matter is created on an illusionary principle that must be unfolded rather than undergo fusion to remove the illusion.

31  Deluded or not, we must move ahead following the highest that we know. If we do this with a pure heart, our strength will be as the strength of ten and the fog of our illusions will be lifted; moreover, we will see reality as it is piece by piece.

32  I do not like victimhood because such an idea is illusion and escapism.

33  Celebrities, as a whole, operate in the world of illusion and glamour and act as a fog which hides the light rather than direct the hearts and minds of the masses toward the light.

34  The path out of the illusion is truth.

35  Sure there is a lot of illusion in this world and there are others worlds a lot more permanent and more real in higher realms. We must start here where we are.

36  This world is created on illusionary principles, but the power that created it is real and the experiences we have are real.

37  There are illusionary paradoxes and then there are true paradoxes.

38  One of the most enslaving illusions…is the illusion that God speaks to our authorities instead of the inward authority of the Holy Spirit. It is the illusion that we are to trust the outer authority more than the inward authority. It is the illusion that God is replaced by man and the outer man or woman is another human being just like yourself and no more speaks for God than you do.

39  What makes a terrorist or a dangerous enemy is not anger but illusion.

40  Illusion in a belief system will cause a person to kill his own loved ones, his friends, his countrymen, people who love him and even his own Master as was the case with Judas.

41  All illusion is created by deception.

42  While it is true that there is a time and place for all things, even accusations, it is my observation that those on the side of illusion make many more accusations, including many that are baseless, than the pure in heart. Many not only accuse, but do so with much hatred and vitriolic emotion.

43  If people believe a mistake is a lie then this illusion which is created can lead to separateness, hate and distrust.

44  The mind is captive to illusion and cannot free itself. It is at the mercy of Spirit to free it.

45  If we are dedicated to knowing the truth we will indeed eventually see through all illusion.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The true glory of accomplishment is in initiation, not imitation.

2  When a better way is initiated, the dumbest thing to do is not follow.

3  Look within. Feel the Christ Center in the core of being speak the words ever so softly:  “If you do not act who will? And if you do not participate in the role you feel gently pushed towards, perhaps the part will not be taken and the curtain will not raise on the grand play of the ages. Perhaps the responsibility of the future rests upon your shoulders…  Perhaps.”

4  The power of initiation is neither good nor evil but is a little like money and can be used for either.

5  An initiation is an area in your life that you will be a master over. In first initiation you prove that you’re a master over physical things. The second initiation shows you are a master over your emotions and glamour. In the third one you become a master over the world of the mind and illusion. There are seven altogether.

6  All who pass the milestones of initiation as taught by the Masters are initiates who initiate.

7  As one passes from a lower initiation to a higher his power to initiate becomes stronger with more wide ranging effects.

8  As one passes from the first to the second initiation the disciple will increase his power to initiate from the purely physical to the emotional, and gain the power to initiate the stirring of people’s hearts and ideals.

9  One of the principles that I am to stress in my writings and teachings is the concept of initiation and what it means to initiate.

10  The power of initiation brings the power of joy in service.

11  Would you like a calling to some great and glorious work? Then imagine a great and glorious work and call yourself to it, and God will honor that call if your heart is pure.

12  There is no need for so many aspirants to feel like they are being left out of some loop. If they want a great calling all he has to do is call himself and then do the work.

13  Not only does fasting help you physically, but it makes you more sensitive spiritually and aids in the control necessary to pass the first initiations.

14  If you think you have a higher truth than is presented here you need to prove your power as an initiate and start your own class and teach to your heart’s content. If you indeed have a higher vision and understanding you will attract many followers.

15  There would be nothing more embarrassing than to think of oneself as a great avatar only to learn that the first initiation has not yet been taken.

16  The paramount principle of the Molecular Relationship is that it encourages initiation.

17  There is more opportunity to go around than there are initiates to take advantage of them.

18  A giant step in advancing toward initiate status ourselves comes not through ignoring the polarities, but in discerning them.

19  To choose between the two paths one must first see the two paths, and one cannot see the two paths until he approaches the third initiation.

20  As one approaches the third initiation, the veil of illusion becomes lifted to the extent that the choice between the two paths becomes visible. Finally, the great choice becomes possible.

21  The truth is that the initiates of most major religions, organizations and groups are working for the cause of Light.

22  There will be many in the future age who will wish they could have been back here with us to help initiate a work with so great a cause and purpose.

23  The coming of Christ will be prepared by those who take unto themselves the power to decide, and then initiate that decision into the real world.

24  These ideas may seem simple to student of metaphysics, but it takes a powerful initiate to introduce them in an acceptable way to common humanity.

25  The initiation of the dominating good had to take place beyond time, space and form, and it is useless for us to even try to speculate about it.

26  Most who are disruptive are not initiates and most disruption has nothing to do with initiation.

27  Because of the astral level of most supposed spiritual organizations, most true initiates avoid them.

28  The majority of initiates will be found working in what is generally considered non-spiritual endeavors ranging from politics, to science, to business, to education, to creative endeavors.

29  It is much easier to look at dead initiates and honor them. It is much more difficult to comprehend living initiates.

30  When we speak of initiates in a generic way we often see them as saintly, but when we meet a real live one we are likely to become infuriated by them.

31  Only by being humble and realizing one is on the first step can the seeker take the first step.

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In The Name Of God

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  What I present here is only a seed thought in the direction of understanding the name of God, but if one allows the seed to be planted, nurtured and grown to fruition then such a one will go forward and do “even greater works” than did Jesus as he predicted.

2  You cannot pronounce the name of God by merely being taught the letters or normal sounds that you commit to memory and repeat.

3  The name of God must be spoken on four levels. These levels are the physical, emotional, mental and the soul, or spiritual. If there is interplay on all four levels then nothing can prevent the BECOMING of the seed and the manifestation of healing and wholeness.

4  The essence of the name [of God] is realized when the speaker understands that he is to BECOME as he decides to become when that decision is in harmony with the will of God.

5  The name of God includes more than your own becoming for in the end all souls are one.

6  We should not let our bias toward the Bible, because of its association with wild-eyed TV preachers, prevent us from learning its great truths.

7  The name of God must go forward with understanding.

8  Unjust authority is the mark of the beast that prevents the Name of God from manifesting in the heart and mind.

9  It is quite easy to control a person who thinks that God speaks to an authority, but not directly to himself. This authority that speaks for God becomes then the God without.

10  It takes humility to admit we are not the greatest. Mankind has the same problem with its gods. The God we worship always has to be the head man of the universe and if Jesus is our God then we want him to be right up there at the top of the heap.

11  Only a small number escape the power of the unjust authority of the Beast and find the Father’s name inside their own minds and hearts.

12  If God is within us then His Name is also within us even if we do not consciously perceive it.

13  When people curse the truth they are in reality cursing God because God is the foundation of all true principles.

14  What is in the forehead of those who sing The Song of the 144,000?  Answer:  The name of God.

15  When you see a brother in need and you see him as becoming perfect with you, you are speaking the name.

16  Instead of making covenants with a living God the spiritual guides of the people make covenants with groups, organizations and governments with a priority above their commitment to God and the people they serve.


18  There are many ministers who have never had a true spiritual experience or have never found God yet are telling others with the voice of authority how to lead the spiritual life.

19  We must accept responsibility for our own actions, and not wait for God to save us or to set things right, but to get off our butt and put some action behind our words and correct the mess the world is in.

20  Many make their assumption that because a situation exists as it is that this is the Will of God being manifest.

21  The Bible is the Word of God in the same way that Tom Sawyer, Aesop’s Fables and the Farmer’s Almanac is the Word of God.

22  Revelation, the soul, and the Spirit of God are available to all who seek. It’s too bad the authorities in the churches do not accept this.

23  No change which fulfills the purpose of God will hurt the world at large and the people as a whole will always benefit.

24  There is another way to physically sound the name of God. In the midst of healing you will be given a mystic phrase corresponding to the BECOMING that is to transpire. This phrase is usually spoken and communicated by the healer to the mind and soul of the person for whom it is intended.

25  Faith brings decision into being and through faith we manifest the name of God becoming in us.

26  The most important function of the churches of the world is to teach infant seekers the discipline to control their physical impulses so they are directed toward an intelligent end.

27  Most religions are a cop-out designed to put all responsibility on God.

28  For the seeker the old name of God was a God without. He was in Heaven “up there.”  He was the voice of the priest, the prophets or the words of the physical Bible. The new name of God is within and the inner voice may tell him things that he has never heard from the Bible or any physical teacher. From the new within he learns the good, the beautiful and the true and links with the “innumerable company” that creates the New Jerusalem.

29  If we take upon ourselves the name of Christ as commanded in the scriptures, it merely means that we have committed ourselves to unselfish service to the benefit of the world.

30  The Holy Trinity has the same name on three different levels. The highest level is the one creative Word that created all there is in the Spiritual worlds. The second level Word, which roughly means BECOMING, created all there is in the worlds of form and the third name is the highest manifestation of a specific name of God on the physical plane. That name is Jesus Christ.

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In Other Words

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  It is not a coincidence that we have many hidden messages within the words we use, more than the enlightened realize.

2  Words just spoken into the air, with no thought, only have the effect of sending forth dissipating sound waves.

3  Words and other forms of earthly communication veil truth, even if they come from God.

4  What matters more than the word you use to describe God is the thought that arises in your mind and the feeling in your heart.

5  Words themselves veil true meanings and to have true communication, one must “read between the lines” or learn to look beyond the literal meanings of words.

6  It is written that energy follows thought – not energy follows words. If all we needed was the right words, we could put our favorite mantras and prayers on a tape recorder and play them over and over.

7  When one is mentally or spiritually polarized, then the thought behind the words has a much greater effect than the words themselves.

8  I take responsibility for my words which are put together in unique fashion as are yours.

9  That which warms my heart is comments that my words have stirred your souls and have caused a chord of recognition to ring within yourself. Tell me that my words have set love aflame within your breast and your spirit has soared as the eagle. If you tell me this then we are equal for your words and love have done this for me.

10  If we had to avoid words that could be construed as negative we could hardly use any words.

11  The interesting thing about an exchange through the written word is that when one person disagrees he cannot start shouting and drown the other voices out. Here where the word is just the word all voices have the same strength. This forces us to look at the reasoning behind the words.

12  Each scripture must be examined in its context as well as in relation to other scriptures and, most of all, with the spirit within through the soul for no written word is infallible.

13  If you open the dictionary you will find that many words have six or more meanings and when you teach you have to define the meaning you are using, if the meaning may not be obvious from the context.

14  Within the human psyche is an inner connection with the science of sound and because of this connection there appear many words in the English and other languages which have meaning which lies beyond the power of coincidence.

15  It is not a coincidence that Atom and Adam sound so much the same. Neither is it a coincidence that wholeness and holiness sound the same. The sacred word of the East AUM and the Christian Amen is another – so are Christ and Krishna as well as Son and Sun. These harmonies and others are worthy of much contemplation.

16  The principle of speech will, in the far future, be used more as a means of creation than communication, as communication by other means will precede speech.

17  I have received a lot of material through the Oneness Principle and when received the understanding is extremely clear. But then when it is placed in words a distortion occurs that can only be corrected by the reader interpreting through that same Oneness Principle.

18  There is no master, no teacher or wise man who is capable of uttering words that cannot be attacked. It is the easiest thing in the world to take any words, even the words of the greatest of us all, and declare them to be wrong by the use of sophistic logic. It is another matter still to look for the truth behind those words and add additional light.

19  Many mantras which are written are merely composed of fancy words which have no power to create change or action.

20  All things which are true can be expressed in words.

21  If a person wanted to, he could take any prayer, affirmation, or song of good intent, and find fault with the wording.

22  I was led to metaphysics, not because of a rebellion, but because of light I received in reading the words of the prophets.

23  Scientists use very exact definitions which allow them to communicate professionally with minimal distortion. Now we, who are becoming spiritual scientists, need to follow this same principle.

24  We have no control over other people’s words, but we do have control over our own.

25  Keep in mind that many of the Biblical Hebrew words differ in meaning from Modern Hebrew so finding the original intent of the writer is not an exact science.

26  There are many words in the dictionary which have a half dozen different uses and when this is the case the teacher must define his terms and make the students aware of the definition he is using and clearly represent how the word is to be used.

27  If someone accuses me of being a fool then the least they can do is to point out what it is that makes me a fool. Otherwise the words are nothing more than innuendo and emotional garbage.

28  When creation descends into form it does so through the power of a word.

29  Those who are triggered [negatively] by certain words need to work on rising above the astral nature.

30  We learn truth through experience, but for each experience there are words to communicate the truth of that experience to a like-minded soul.

31  Do not overlook the scriptures of the world, especially the Bible. Many hidden truths lie in those pages which are often overlooked in the world of metaphysics.

32  Perhaps the greatest earned authority, as far as printed words are concerned, are the words of Jesus.

33  The whole of the book of Isaiah has an overall style peculiar to itself much different than any other book in the Bible.

34  Quantity of words does not wisdom make.

35  Christ told his disciples to be “as wise as serpents” and Moses lifted up a serpent which saved the lives of those who looked upon it, so this word is not always used in a negative light. In esoteric writings the serpent is often used in connection with wisdom.

36  One of the future Keys is the discovery of God in all words.

37  Words can actually create events.

38  Consider words such as Sin, Repent, Salvation, Born Again and others. Rarely do you see a truly intelligent person seriously use them.

39  By using careful wording one can avoid that one time out of twenty that someone you are dependent on screws up forcing you to break a promise.

40  Much can be written about the Divine Will, but it is not understood until it is touched.

41  Words blur perception.

42  The words you speak will have no power unless that word is within you.

43  The word “resurrection” comes from the Greek ANASTASIS which literally means “to stand up again” or “to come to life again.” The word does not imply that the new life will always be an immortal one.

44  The word Amen is a corruption of the sacred word AUM. AUMAN is a much better closing word than Amen. The AUM and OM, the two sacred words from the East have much significance.

45  What my words do lack is solar plexus vibration which turns the heart energies upside down and deceives the whole world.

46  Anything that can be understood in the physical body can be expressed in words.

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It’s A Sin

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  Today the average person sees a sinner as “a person who will let his hair down” and have a good time. Thus if you are not a sinner you’re pretty much an introverted geek. If you don’t sin a little you’re just not cool. But in the days of Jesus it was not cool to sin because the word sin had quite a different meaning from today.

2  The word “sin” comes from the Greek HAMARTANO which literally means “to miss the mark.”  “Out of harmony” or “error” would be other ways to put it.

3  Sin is merely error and there will always be error of some kind in the worlds of form, but every error that we have will eventually be dispelled by light and the application of that which is revealed.

4  Fables have indeed been built around many of the teachings of Christ, including the sacraments.

5  Sin among humanity is corrected when light is manifest and a link with the will of God is established to enable the disciple to stand in the light.

6  We cannot justify our harmful actions, our errors, and our laziness by merely throwing up our hands and saying:  “I screwed up and drank some Drano. I guess this is part of the perfect Will of God.”

7  If I were to demand or declare that certain teachings be accepted as truth beyond dispute, and others of little worth because they are just mindless opinion, then I would be directing you away from your own self discovery.

8  The ancient wisdom teaches there is only one sin in the real sense and that is the sin of separateness.

9  The heresy of separateness must be dealt with by all groups and individuals whether scattered or gathered, and the danger is especially perilous when successful physical results are manifest.

10  The icon that is worshipped is not the Christ, but a dim astral reflection with no intelligence.

11  Individuals who believe they are in the most subjective groups on earth can be as guilty of this feeling of specialness as the close knit religious extremists.

12  Separateness is the “root sin.” From it springs every physical evil that confronts mankind. It lays the foundation to the great illusion that we are all isolated entities and therefore breeds individual and group selfishness.

13  Separateness is settled in with humanity whether we are working individually or collectively and will not go away by ignoring it. It must be prepared for, faced, and dealt with. The strongest weapons against it are enlightenment and inclusive love blended with power.

14  If we then, being imperfect, know how to treat our children with reasonable helpfulness, would not God who is perfect be even more loving, more giving and give us better and more exciting creative gifts than any of us can give to our children? Who could be afraid of a God like this? Jesus was teaching that it is silly to think that God, who is our Father, is sitting on some throne ruling in anger, waiting to destroy us at the first sign of rebellion. If your own child makes a few mistakes would you send him to some fiery hell to burn forever? No. A thousand times no! If we would not do that to our children, then why in the hell do people think that God would take some type of fiendish delight in seeing his own children suffer so?

15  Is one normally criticized for moving from one city to another to better himself, or for building a new home to improve his condition? It is no greater sin to desire to gather with like minds and participate in building the kingdom of God. In fact it is not a sin at all and we should not have to defend ourselves to rational people on this point.

16  Responsibility only enhances freedom and prosperity when it is reasonably free from illusion and motivated with pure intent. It is a virtue but virtues can be misplaced.

17  To live in the body and enjoy a higher state of life because of the body, yet reject the body because it has nothing to offer, is a contradiction in terms.

18  Abortion is an error, but not as bad a murder of one who has an investment in life; nevertheless, the freedom to commit this error should not be infringed when the pregnancy is young.

19  Good statistics can only defend a falsehood when some of the truth is left out or the margin of error is high.

20  There are those who think it is blasphemy to consider that God can be anywhere except sitting on a throne in heaven being worshipped by his hosts.

21  Obviously, we are better off avoiding really bad mistakes if some are so bad it would be better if we had not been born in order to avoid them.

22  To recognize sin is to merely recognize error and then seek to correct it, not through guilt but through practice and by common sense.

23  The negative effect of error is guilt.

24  You seek for justice not for revenge but to assist, by the aid of law, in rendering the abuser harmless, to protect society from harm and to guide, by justice, the offending person away from his error.

25  Sacrificing everything for nothing is a sin against all that is holy if there ever was one.

26  Much of my family, who are mostly Mormons (several have broken away), see me as so far astray that it would be a sin to read my book.

27  Some may not give a rat’s behind as to whether the Master plants his feet among us or not, claiming instead that they have the Christ Consciousness and that is good enough.

28  The true antichrist not only denies the coming of Christ in the past, but the coming of Christ in us in the present and the future.

29  Jehovah commanded Moses to “let me alone,” but Moses ignored him and argued for his people, yet it was not accounted a sin because Moses was manifesting the same Spirit of the One God as was Jehovah and because they both listened to that One Spirit they reached agreement.

30  The sin against the Holy Ghost is really a sin against the soul where the soul contact is denied after having received it. This happens when you feel it but say you didn’t feel it.

31  Everything that we consider a sin that really produces harmfulness in this world comes from being separative.

32  Each of us is responsible for our own actions and each of us can be influenced positively or negatively by either a saint or a sinner.

33  Rape is a sin of violence rather than one of sexual pleasure.

34  Doubting the word of God is not a sin. How can one even know if a statement is from God unless he doubts it first and examines it logically and through the Spirit?

35  Attachment is a very misunderstood concept and is often mistaken for virtue.

36  The principle of atonement releases us from the negative effects of sin or error.

37  We are being indoctrinated with the idea that the basic nature of human kind is evil and the only way around it is to force men and women to do good. And, that we must pass laws to force us to wear seat belts, helmets, obey speed limits, and to abstain from harmless and harmful drugs. Taxes are forced from us to spend on hundreds of give-away projects for our own good whether we agree with them or not.

38  That which creates bondage is sin and freedom is obtained when the truth releases us from sin.

39  If you want to fight then come out in the open and fight; and do not hide behind the words of love, peace and oneness.

40  Have you noticed that most of the true successful people don’t really say much about their success but just go forward and demonstrate it? Yet time and time again people hire financial advisors who have done nothing in their lives but advise and success motivators who have only succeeded at convincing others that they are successful.

41  I personally think that the various holidays are one of the most positive aspects of our world-wide culture. There is always more goodwill during them and people as a whole are more cheerful and reflective of positive things in life. It saddens me when I see a large percentage of them condemned by those with fanatical beliefs calling Halloween evil, Christmas anti-God or Thanksgiving as hypocritical.

42  How can dwelling on Thanksgiving–or the spirit of peace and love at Christmas ever be a bad thing?

43  If you or anyone you know still has even the slightest desire to help your brother or sister then you have not committed the unpardonable sin.

44  When it is written that Jesus saved the world from its sins, the meaning is simply that He left the teachings and example necessary to correct the world from its error in belief and thinking. Most people did not believe a man could rise from the dead. Jesus corrected this error by demonstrating power over death, thus he saved the world from sin in this matter.

45  When we err and discover the error, we, through the Will of God, seek to correct the error.

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  In the New Testament the only ones that Jesus really got angry at were the true hypocrites. Read Matthew, Chapter 23, and you see a very gutsy Jesus attacking leaders who had power to take his life.

2  Show me in the Bible where it calls Jesus a personal savior.

3  Jesus was very conscientious about giving power to the beast as illustrated in the book of Matthew.  [See Matt 19:16-17]

4  Jesus did not even want to take the chance of looking too “good” to his followers, but now the mindless followers think it is blasphemy to call Him anything less than the most good, most perfect creator God of the universe.

5  We might note here that Jesus was crucified because he was thought to be a blasphemer. Few of us today think He was a blasphemer, but the fact that He was so accused illustrates that one man’s good works is another man’s blasphemy. Of course the reverse is true. True blasphemy may at times be praised as a wonderful thing by many.

6  Jesus said that men are Gods (John 10:34), but he was speaking of God in all of us with equality, great and small.

7  Isn’t it interesting how clearly Jesus tried to teach the principle of not using a name or title that exalts one person above another because “ye are all brethren,” yet the churches using His name have not heard?

8  The authority of the Beast crucified Jesus.

9  Nowhere in the Bible is Jesus called perfect. All mentions of His perfection are a mistranslation.

10  (See Deut 21:23) Paul explains that if righteousness comes by the law then Jesus was cursed because He was crucified on a cross made from a tree. Why do you suppose it was in the plan of God that Jesus violated the law of perfection (AKRIBELA) to the extent that he was to be “accursed of God” by his very death?

11  One of the main reasons that Jesus was rejected by the Jews is because he was not perfect or exacting enough for them in keeping the laws of God given through Moses.

12  Jesus was the most perfect expression of love that ever walked the earth.

13  It is not just the man Jesus but all who reach the Christ consciousness can be Sons of God.

14  Jesus was a representative on this earth (not the originator) for the power of the Word of God, or the Son energy.

15  To put Jesus, Buddha and other religious icons in their right place and perspective is not blasphemous as truth is the highest form of religion and is never blasphemous.

16  To put Jesus in his right place in the universe is a good thing. Only by putting all things in their right place can the truth be seen.

17  If one puts Jesus on even a higher pedestal than He belongs then all perception of Him and His words will be seen through a fog and high illusion will be the result.

18  To believe that Jesus the entity created the trillions of inhabited worlds out there and then picked this little planet to visit with His presence would make this little planet pretty much the most important place in the universe. This type of thinking is very similar to ancient man who thought that the earth was the center of the universe and even the Sun moved around it.

19  Many wise teachers correctly see that there is an entity who most correctly or most perfectly (not ultimate perfection by any measure) demonstrates the Christ energy and consciousness that exists in all of us. For this little planet the entity who has best demonstrated this consciousness was Jesus.

20  Jesus is a current native to this planet Earth and has little to do with any other star systems in this galaxy let alone the billions of other galaxies of billions of stars in this little universe. All these other systems with inhabited worlds have their own teachers who represent the Son of God and teach as Sons of God.

21  The standard view of Jesus and other religious icons takes the joy out of religion. You are just never good enough.

22  Jehovah who appeared to Moses was not the same being who was Jesus (as some think) nor was He the Ancient of Days even though the book indicates he could have been.

23  Even Jesus has been a tool of the Beast as many times in our history the agents of the Beast have insisted that others accept their version of Jesus or die as, for instance, Cortes and his men did.

24  The Seventh-Day Adventists, Jehovah’s Witnesses and many others have set dates for His appearance and they have all failed.

25  Suppose that Jesus had made His Second Coming and was standing right here in front of us. What would you ask Him?

26  Jesus presented to the world an ideal life that humanity can devote itself to attaining. We as humans must have an ideal before us to give us incentive to BECOME. Without an ideal there would be little incentive for any of us to move forward.

27  Djwahl Khul  [DK] told us that around the year 1980, if plans were to materialize, that the Master who was Jesus would be the Pope in Rome and create tremendous reform. He came again in the person of Pope John Paul I.

28  If Jesus had condemned himself for breaking all the silly little rules of the Pharisees, the world would not have a witness to the resurrection of the Son of God.

29  Almost all of the teachings of Jesus hit a chord of understanding in the hearts of those who listened to Him or have read His words.

30  Ancient man had difficulty putting the earth in its proper prospective. Modern fundamentalists have the same problem with Jesus. Accepting him as the first to manifest the Christ is not enough. We want to shove him up there as the head of the universe.

31  The words of Jesus in the Gospels are the most powerful words ever written and are quoted and duplicated more than any other in history.

32  If there is an historical Jesus then is it logical to assume that what is written about him in the gospels is basically true. It is also logical to assume there are errors in what is written, but he had to have been quite a remarkable person to have had such an impact on the world.

33  The wonderful truth is that Jesus came as a man like ourselves to set before us a practical ideal of what we can and must become.

34  When Jesus was crucified He only had 120 followers.

35  Another attempt [to return] may be made by the Master Jesus around 2020 or thereabouts. We will recognize Him when He comes for one of His first acts as Pope will be to exhume the body of Albino Luciani and have it tested for poisoning, thus exposing the works of darkness during His past incarnation.

36  Why was it that John the Baptist and Jesus were cousins, yet John said of Jesus “I knew him not?”  You would think that if anyone knew that Jesus was the Christ that it would have been John for he was preparing the way for his own cousin!

37  Before Jesus was baptized by John in Jordan, the Son of God was not on the earth in fullness, but John was aware of how He was to come and he was awaiting verification of this from God.

38  Jesus was the reincarnation of Joshua from the days of Moses.

39  Who then was the Son of God? It was the Spirit that John saw descending on Jesus.

40  There are numerous other scriptures that bear witness to the dual occupancy of the body of Jesus.

41  What happened in the dual possession of the body of Jesus will also happen with a number of others before the Christ walks among us again in the flesh, except this time He will come in greater glory.

42  Jesus or the Christ does not channel by direct voice.

43  Fundamentalists see only one way this [the scriptural account of Jesus’ return] can be fulfilled and that is to have Jesus come floating down in the air from the clouds. What could be another way this prediction could be fulfilled?

44  There have been a number of interpretations of the words of Jesus on the cross about the Father forsaking him. But, as it is written in the Greek, the translation is accurate and we even have this rendering in the Gospel of the Nazarenes, thought to be translated from the oldest texts available.

45  How can a Master rightfully teach us that we shall never die if He does not demonstrate the principle himself? Contrary to popular belief, Jesus did demonstrate exactly what He taught.

46  Can we still partake of the manna from heaven and never taste physical death as Jesus taught?

47  Most of us are many lifetimes away from reaching the perfection of Jesus, or the Christ, but within our soul there is a knowing that the day will come when we, the students, will become as our Master. When this day of attainment comes, we will not leave our physical bodies behind as many teach, for leaving them behind would cause us to suffer a great limitation.

48  I know of no one who has done greater works than Jesus, but when the time comes that some of us are living our last life to “attain” the resurrection of life, then will the world see these greater works.

49  Camelot went a step beyond that which Jesus did in his lifetime and that was the establishment of a physical kingdom.

50  One of the greatest predictions of the Internet was a parable of Jesus.

51  Jesus compared the Molecular Order linking to the greater life as a branch connected to the vine.

52  The main emphasis of the one [The Molecule] Jesus made was what the people considered miracles, but there are many other points of emphasis that we have not seen yet.

53  Jesus referred to Christ in the third person because the title of Christ did not belong to Him alone but to all members of the body that partake of the Spirit of God.

54  Jesus was not meant to be a personal savior. The words “personal savior” are not found in the scriptures.

55  Jesus was not the first to attain the resurrection of KRISIS, but He was the first to gain the resurrection of life.

56  At his trial Jesus was not condemned for any of his actions, for his actions were all loving service. Instead he was condemned for his words.

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Judgment And Discernment

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “Jesus condemned the religious leaders of his day, not for judging, but for NOT using judgment.”

2.  “The person using judgement will often take the least safe position.”

3.  “Judgments are not wrong. Only wrong judgments are wrong.”

4.  “Judge with clarity, wisdom and love and when you are then judged, as you have judged, all will be well with you, but if you do not judge righteously then the law of karma will bring painful judgments to your door.”

5.  “Instead of pointing a finger at a certain organization or group and saying:  ‘You are in league with the devil because you befriend ‘XYZ group’.’ What should we do? What we should do is examine their individual works or teachings and philosophy and judge then by what they do and say in the present.”

6.  “To suggest that in the midst of negativity that one should be timid about making a judgment and perhaps thereby allow much suffering or even death is an amazing thing to behold.”

7.  “It doesn’t matter to me if a man claims to be Peter, God, or a turkey who has become ‘Joe Blow.’ Even if I believed his claim I would still look at his words and sense whether or not the Holy Spirit lives in those words.”

8.  “Unfortunately, there are many lazy people out there who watch others who are motivated to earn money or to improve their lives and call them greedy.”

9.  “In Babylon the average person is always confused because good is called evil and evil good, faith is called blasphemy and blasphemy faith, desire is called love and love is accused of being selfishness.”

10.  “It is not for us to judge the karma of another, unless a revelation is given in the matter. There is no sure way of knowing if we are correct or not without such a revelation.”

11.  “An offshoot of the principle of differentiation is discernment.”

12.  “The beauty of a flower can only be fully appreciated when one discerns all the differing colors and shapes that join together as one creation. If one tried to see only one color where there were hundreds or one shape where there are many, the beauty and oneness of the life in the flower would be bypassed.”

13.  “Discernment is seen by many to be separative whereas the truth is that a lack of discernment produces separateness as illusion always does.”

14.  “True discernment sees the many and allows one to find the true unity in the many.”

15.  “Discernment allows the seeker to move away from a black and white world to one with thousands of shades. The shades are a part of the life of God as well as the stark contrasts.”

16.  “Discernment or ‘wise discrimination’ can separate the false from the true and illusion from reality.”

17.  “Unfortunately many who would follow have not learned to recognize the true voice and are led by the ego of a false shepherd which will indeed lead them of on to strange paths.”

18.  “I have judged what is good and evil all my life and where my point of focus is, is what has been drawn to me.”

19.  “It is important to judge each person by what he is at the moment rather than what we may perceive through the normal understanding of what is whole or not whole.”

20.  “Discerning thinking is put completely in check when the emotional ideal is brought into the equation.”

21.  “If we judge good and evil merely because some authority proclaims it so, we will be lead astray time and time again.”

22.  “Discerning the proper place upon the path and acting accordingly is an invaluable part of discernment and a characteristic of true humility.”

23.  “Without discernment there can be no reliable higher contacts.”

24.  “If there is some evidence of rottenness to the core, one must always be on guard because we often wind up misjudging good and evil if we do not make an honest examination of the wholeness of an organization.”

25.  “One of the main problems created though a lack of discernment is deception from false teachers.”

26.  “Your attention on what is good does not take away your discernment in sorting out the bad.”

27.  “All wise acts of discernment and exclusion must be balanced with an inclusive attitude that is essential in the attitude of the working disciple.”

28.  “The challenge for the workers of light is to learn to discern between the higher and lower energies and not confuse the two for if they do they will be inclined to think that God, the Higher Self, or whatever, is directing them toward the path of carnal activity.”

29.  “Some standard Bible believers are prejudiced against Eastern terms just as some New Agers equate the Bible with television preachers.”

30.  “There are times to use force and times to refrain from force.”

31.  “There are things that an aspirant cannot understand about a disciple and things that a disciple cannot understand about a Master and so on up the line, but discernment of truth or true principles is not one of them.”

32.  “The true power of judgment as taught by the Christ contains a power of higher vision that allows one to see the path more clearly and to take needed steps in alignment with the Purpose of God.”

33.  “How do we tell the difference then between an impression from our lower selves and the voice of the soul? There is a distinct difference. At first that difference is difficult to sense. Then the realization comes that this inner voice is different from your own thoughts and feelings. You begin to pay attention to it and you gain a sense of its origin. As you pay attention the communications become more frequent, and your inner hearing becomes more acute and reliable. Then the realization comes that you are receiving higher impressions from God, the Spirit, the Higher Self — definitely a higher intelligence than you are on your own.”

34.  “Unknown to many seekers there are many voices out there calling for your inner attention and those who draw our attention on the line of least resistance are never entities of the higher planes.”

35.  “To focus on good does not mean that you deny the bad. To focus on a bulls-eye does not mean that you are denying that there is earth under your feet as you are shooting the good arrow.”

36.  “Judging by the highest we know, and being true to our highest light, leads to discovering the judgment of God and being one with God.”

37.  “The seekers of the world must learn the Lost Key of the Buddha to discern and judge which of two approaches registers more beneficial with the soul, or the inner God.”

38.  “True judgment can only come to the individual when he realizes that it is he who is moving away from truth, and, until he perceives this motion and adjusts for it, the truth can never be found or even approximated.”

39.  “Making judgments is not the problem, but using the negative aspect of judgment can be.”

40.  “The mass judgment of a nation is merely an extension of the principles by which we judge individuals, so it is only logical that the nations who best represent expressions of love and helpfulness will also be subject to intense criticism whether they do wrong or not.”

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Karma — or Cause and Effect

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1.  “True karma is true cause and effect, not perceived cause and effect.”

2.  “The only way karma is altered by belief is when belief initiates a new cause and produces a new effect. It does not negate a past effect, but joins in with it.”

3.  “All lives, even Masters, have negative as well as positive karma.”

4.  “Cause and effect reaches into all kingdoms in all spheres. Even a plant operates under this law but the dynamics of the law as it affects the lower kingdoms are much more subtle as far as karma goes.”

5.  “We have all been under the authority of the Beast at one time or another — either in this life or in past lives, and have accumulated much negative karma because of it.”

6.  “Because decision originates cause does not mean that it is the same as cause. Cause is an aspect of Decision.”

7.  “It is not for us to judge the karma of another, unless a revelation is given in the matter. There is no sure way of knowing if we are correct or not without such a revelation.”

8.  “Baptism and confession are designed to remove guilt, not karma. Of course when guilt is removed the person is free to take more productive moves to pay off karma.”

9.  “The dead and the living have a karma that is intertwined, and they must work together in the flesh again to correct the problems of the planet.”

10.  “Karma is not negated, for cause and effect is an eternal interplay, but the one who knows can pay off karma much more quickly than one with no understanding.”

11.  “When we thus increase our power to serve, we increase our power to pay off karma.”

12.  “You can make your future more positive by changing your feelings, but karma has to do with causes from the past and you cannot change that.”

13.  “To say a thing is not good or bad at any level is to say a spoken word or action has no effect. Every spoken word and action has an effect.”

14.  “Forgiveness releases yourself from guilt and grievances but does not negate karma.”

15.  “To say there is no bad karma is the same as saying that when you drive over a cliff that only good things will happen.”

16.  “The time will indeed come when all karma will be played out and we will enter into a peaceful rest to contemplate the experience. But then we will plunge again into the rippling world of cause and effect and play the game one more time, but a little wiser than before.”

17.  “When the initiating cause is love in the direction of another human being, we then have the effect (karma) of love coming back to us from an opposite direction.”

18.  “Misapplied teachings of karma have indeed been used to enslave the minds of many.”

19.  “I exist, therefore there is cause. I DECIDE therefore there is effect. To go where there is no cause and effect is to go to a place where you do not exist or have power to decide.”

20.  “It does not matter how important the work one has to do — the basic rule of karma for the planet prevents the Great Lives from assisting us on a physical level, beyond that which we have earned.”

21.  “In Newton’s law, as well as cause and effect which is basically Newton’s law, like creates like. The Law states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Note that it DOES NOT say that the opposite reaction is a different type of force than that created by the action but an ‘equal’ one. The word ‘opposite’ refers to the direction of the force, not the force itself.”

22.  “There has not been any negation of cause and effect since the beginning of the universe. Not one example can be cited.”

23.  “Change is the cause. Time is the effect. Change and time are as different as cause and effect.”

24.  “Cause and effect was initiated through the principle of Decision within the life of God. All cause and effect, or all action, is motivated by some decision which has been made.”

25.  “Cause and effect has always been here and always will.”

26.  “Existence can only be if there is cause and effect and cause and effect produces.”

27.  “If there is debt to be paid off here the Lords of Karma will take care of it.”

28.  “The commandments focus our lives so the law of cause and effect (karma) works for our good so our free will is eventually expanded. They also direct our minds toward the soul.”

29.  “He, who is not attached to outcome or the time frame involved, changes the causes as necessary until the plan (or picture) is manifest.”

30.  “As more advanced entities pay off their karma, they can choose the sex where they can accomplish their work.”

31.  “If the dead are judged according to their works and their works follow them, then the doctrine of karma coincides perfectly with the Bible.”

32.  “Even if a person is in a state of complete forgiveness, or complete peace of mind, he is still subject to the laws of karma or cause and effect.”

33.  “Feelings, thought, preprogramming and other influences cause action. The best we can do with energy set in motion (effect), is to direct it wisely.”

34.  “Karma is like this: If we set causes in motion the effects come back to us.”

35.  “When I have sacrificed to help others I had love in mind rather than karma.”

36.  “You cannot give or receive without eventually giving or receiving in return.”

37.  “Since disciples were supposed to have absorbed the lessons of sacrifice during the past 2000 plus years the emphasis will also shift. The emphasis on service will revolve around cause and effect or karma. Instant or more immediate karma becomes the ideal.”

38.  “If you therefore claim to live in a world where there is no effect that is good or evil, pleasant or unpleasant, blissful or painful, hot or cold, light or dark, I would say you are in a place that is different than that occupied by anyone I have ever met or could meet.”

39.  “I see that when I create cause, like effect is at the door. I do not seek to gather to myself more than the effects that I create.”

40.  “The true Aquarian seeks no more in reward than that which is the just effect of his service (cause).”

41.  “You created certain causes in past lives and the effects are working out in this one.”

42.  “Both separation AND oneness are effects initiated by some cause.”

43.  “If you misstep and fall down some stairs, this is a result of your not playing along wisely with cause and effect created by gravity. No matter how much forgiveness you have been given you still have to watch out for this law because cause and effect and forgiveness have little to do with each other.”

44.  “I spend a lot of time inside myself and have to remind myself regularly that there is a world out there of cause and effects so I can avoid accidents.”

45.  “He who is attached to the result is also attached to the cause; therefore, he refuses to change them.”

46.  “Cause and effect (or karma) applies to the universe, galaxies, suns, planets, humans and even atoms — there is no escape as long as we are experiencing the life principle.”

47.  “Look in the mirror. Do you see yourself? If you do then you have not left the world of cause and effect. Are you conscious of time and space? If so then you are subject to the law of cause and effect. Do you use money? Then you are in the world of cause and effect.”

48.  “Any time we see an effect produced here; there is a cause that is linked to ‘here.’ If we were totally operating in some other reality the effects would show up in that reality and would completely bypass this one.”

49.  “Seen from the reality of cause and effect there is nothing to forgive and even if we think there is, nothing changes.”

50.  “The first cause was the DECISION of the One Life to reflect Itself to infinity and the first effect was the infinite reflections, you and me.”

51.  “Karma is effects that are waiting to materialize because a cause has placed energy into motion.”

52.  “The meaning behind cause and decision are different. A decision by itself does not make cause, but the execution of it by intelligent will does.”

53.  “Purpose, duality and Decision are always in existence and had no cause, but originate cause.”

54.  “Love and forgiveness are causes which produce the effects of joy and peace and thus the law of Dominating Good works through cause and effect for the long term benefit of all.”

55.  “That which is responsible for all creation is either a cause causing itself to do things or a causeless cause. Which is it?

56.  “Even a dream has a cause and then within the dream itself there are causes and effects. When I have a good dream with good causes and effects (karma) I often reflect upon it during the next day or so and feel that it adds to my quality of life. Thus even if it turns out that this life is like a dream we will still take the experience with us to a greater reality and this life will be a cause to ongoing effects in higher realms.”

57.  “The true Law of Karma illustrates that all punishment is not eternal but has a beginning and an end.”

58.  “Karma exists whether you are one with love or separated from love.”

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Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  The Keys of Knowledge are centered around revealing principles.

2  When Christ is “in you,” then the Revelation of John will present a Key that will make the path understandable.

3  As far as the first key goes keep in mind that DECISION is the key word but not the key itself.

4  The key note to be repeated more than any other is, “Peace on earth goodwill toward men”.

5  The Christ Consciousness is a key to becoming a knower in the worlds of form as well as the formless worlds.

6  The key for all of us is to follow the “highest that we know,” not the highest that we do not know.

7  The key to true oneness is two people obtaining soul contact. When two look through the eyes of the soul, they see as one.

8  The key word for harmony is ‘acceptance.’ Accept the differences and see the divine at play in each other’s roles.

9  The principle of freedom is a key that must be understood before we can make a conscious decision for the path of light.

10  An important key to staying in harmony with your soul is to make sure that every word you speak is true to the best of your knowledge.

11  There is one earth and one surface of the earth, yet there are billions of seeds that are planted on its surface. Each seed grows into a separate plant entity, yet is still a part of the One Life which is Mother Earth. This is a key to understanding the One and the Many.

12  The circle in spiral motion is the grand key to the universe.

13  The key to telling the truth at all times and fulfilling your promises at all times is the principle of conscious projection.

14  The key to soul contact is to remember that there is a perfect God that is omnipresent and is therefore in our neighbor as well as ourselves.

15  One of the key ingredients to effective person-to-person communication is that those attempting to so communicate use the same definition of words.

16  Another key in unlocking the soul is the demonstration of love to others through service.

17  The key to spiritual healing is to find the center that controls the affected area and send energy to move the blockage if there is congestion or to quiet the energy if there is inflammation.

18  The key element of BECOMING is action based on either radiant (male) or magnetic (female) energy. Movement toward the greatest possible perfection is BECOMING, which is an eternal process. BECOMING has never not been nor shall it ever cease “to be.”

19  The key to recognizing the Beast in action will be this:  You are expected to believe a thing merely because it is proclaimed and the proclamation so made is lacking some facts, twisting others so that it appeals to an emotional sense of what is right.

20  Maximum allowance and tolerance for freedom must become the keynote of both religious and political organizations.

21  The keyword for light is “revelation”:  for light is that which reveals.

22  The key is to keep ourselves grounded in the real world by mentally acknowledging the reality of evil, negativity, the Dark Brothers, etc., yet at the same time focusing thought on the desired energy and outcome.

23  We are given the key number for the cities of Zion:  144,000. Each completed city of Zion will have approximately this many heads of households and at least one city has to be underway before Christ will return.

24  One of the keys to overcoming the fear of God is to read the scriptures rather than listening to hellfire preachers, for indeed the Christ, the Master of us all, did present a God that is to be loved and embraced and seeks for the true good will of his/her children.

25  The key to a correct direction of self is to seek the good of the group to which you are a part.

26  Many believe that just being a good loving person and living a good life is the key to being noticed by the Great Ones, but such is not the case. The real quantum leap forward comes when you start asking the why of things.

27  Most of us are stuck with seeing only in this world, but soul contact is the key that opens the door to all higher vision.

28  The key word for the intuition is revelation because the development of this ability opens the door to formless worlds.

29  The New Jerusalem is the key that unlocks the prison bars of matter, and the prison gates are unfolded releasing the central light of the One Living God within.

30  The basic keynote of the middle way is “use minimum force and allow maximum freedom.”

31  “Never say never” is one of the keynotes of the mid-way point.

32  The third most important key in treading the middle path is to use and share that which is revealed in the midway point.

33  We are entering an age where initiation will be a keynote and those who will be seen as worthy servants will be those who call themselves and initiate beneficial work of some kind through their own free will.

34  The key to the correct use of thoughtforms is non-attachment.

35  From a higher point of vision there is no loss, but that is often of little consolation when we focus on this world we are in. Again, acceptance is key to facing loss.

36  If we were trying to establish the one true religion, or the best of all possible political worlds, or the greatest country in the universe – if these were our keywords, then the perils of separatism would be too great.

37  The key to common sense is to avoid extremism and seek a happy logical place in the Middle.

38  The Trinity of key words representative of the New Age will be Service, Responsibility and Freedom. These three principles can only operate on maximum efficiency through the plane of the mind.

39  A hint to the key to understanding evil and why death is associated with it lies in these two key words:  (1) Reversal;   and (2) Attention.

40  Remember we are talking about truth as points in time and space. Contemplate what this important phrase means. This is a key to harmonizing all of our thought as a group.

41  One of the later Keys of Knowledge has to do with the principle behind the science of sound which humanity has picked up to an amazing degree in their selection of sounds in portraying certain meanings on the physical plane.

42  The key is to seek with an honest heart to communicate truth as experienced rather than concentrating on the words themselves.

43  The key now is to work together and blend your light.

44  The key is to remember that Israelites are working with the brilliant fire of God that can penetrate all things, and they must become skilled in its use.

45  The key to keeping your marriage vows is not to become so self-sacrificing that you dedicate yourself to a miserable life just so you can keep your word. Instead, the key is to write your own marriage vows in such a way that you can keep them even if your spouse goes off the deep end.

46  The last twelve keys called The Keys of Eternal Life are not to be taught in writing but must be taught in the student-teacher relationship using the intuitive principle. All keys before that time are just preparation for the final keys.

47  As with all principles the second key of judgment must be used to apply them in life.

48  It is only when the seeker releases himself from blind trust and uses the key of judgment that he can choose correctly.

49  The inward voice is the key to peace.

50  If you want to go through a locked door and have the key in your pocket, but do not know you have the key, then you do not effectively have the power to go through the door. There is a way to do anything, but if one does not know the way he does not have the power.

51  Remember that “authority” is the key word or principle behind the power the beast has over humankind not the beast itself.

52  The key to emotional fulfillment is to avoid suppression.

53  The key to mastery is to learn the laws that govern light and dark and use them to make your decisions and dreams come true.

54  If you learn all the keys of knowledge and all the mysteries of the universe, but have no power to decide or to become, what other fate than frustration and disintegration into death can await you?

55  There are three basic keys to happiness in any relationship; they are communication, giving, and trust.

56  The solving of illusion holds the key to placing Maya and Glamour in their right place and not the other way around.

57  The way words sound is not by accident. Here we go to a great mystery. “In the beginning was the Word” and we’re touching on one of the keys of eternal life.

58  The key for the teachers of this age is to present truth in such a way that it gently works its way into the consciousness of the students.

59  The key to not holding a grievance is what we might call the Lion Principle. People and lions are what they are and we should not hate them for being so. We can accept them for what they are but deal with them wisely so no harm will come.

60  The principle of freedom is a mystery just as most principles are. Why? Because it takes a certain degree of consciousness to apply the second key of judgment to understand and apply it.

61  The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

62  Make the words of life themselves your meat and drink. How this is done is one of the keys of eternal life leading to the overcoming of death.

63  Eternal words, or words that do not pass away, are the key to communion.

64  The keys I teach are not just keys for me. They are universal keys that will benefit all who receive them. Just like the answer of 2+2=4 is an answer that all can use in their life.

65  There is a revelation behind a full understanding of each of the keys [of knowledge].

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