The Coming of Christ

2006-7-7 05:38:00

Ruth asks:

I have a question or two, and I'm not sure if it was ever fully explained in the Bible or in JJ's teachings or other teachings:

Why did the Christ overshadow/consciously channel through Jesus, instead of taking up form in His own vehicle or body?

Was the Christ not able to work through a body of His own 2,000 years ago? If not, why?

DK tells us that one of the main reasons is the time factor. If an avatar incarnates he wastes 20-30 years in the relearning process. If he lets a disciple prepare the body with the necessary learning recorded in the brain he can save several decades of time that he can apply to other necessary work.

I believe there are other reasons also. A direct incarnation of an avatar would require a certain quality of karma as well as consciousness from the people he will encounter.


Why will the Christ be able to manifest into form or a body of His own when He reappears in the future, when He didn't or couldn't do it over 2,000 years ago?

We do not know for sure if he will come in a body of his own. This is not given. Disciples hope this will be the case but it is entirely possible that we are not ready for this yet. It will probably happen at some time during the next thousand years in which Christ will work with humanity. There will definitely be an overshadowing of certain disciples in preparation for this.

In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice; In practice, there is.
Chuck Reid