2005-2-10 04:19:00

Joshua writes:

DK seems to indicate that the astral plane is not really real, that it is just a construct of people's emotions or something. I remember reading something you said about the astral plane being a projection of the mental and that the physical is a projection of the etheric, but that the etheric and physical both are included in the material plane. This does not seem to correspond and line up to me. The mental creates an entire plane below it but the etheric dose not, it creates an illusion within its plane?

The astral plane is created through an interplay of the mental and etheric planes. When humankind began to generate desire, the matter of the astral plane began to accumulate and has been developing for millions of years. The etheric does create a plane below it (in connection with the higher planes) and this is the dense physical which we are now in.


We have 7 major chakras that correspond and line up with the seven planes of existence. If the astral is just a construct that will eventually fade away does that mean the second energy center by our navel will fade away or does this center correspond with something else?

The main correspondence between the seven chakras and the seven planes is the fact of the reoccurrence of seven divisions. Remember, correspondences are rarely exact. The first chakra does not correspond to the first plane and the second to the second and so on.

The first chakra (counting from the lower, upwards) is an originating source of power usually associated with the fourth ray, but sometimes the seventh or even the first depending on the situation and the evolution of the person. If I had to link this with a plane I would associate it with the Monad, our originating point.

The second chakra is the Sacral Center is usually associated with the seventh ray and is most closely linked with the physical plane.

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus is always on the sixth ray. This is most closely linked to the astral plane. When the astral plane dissipates the solar plexus will remain for the registration of true feelings.

The fourth is the Heart Center and is linked with the higher mind and the Buddhic plane. The Masters compose the Heart Center of the Earth.

The fifth plane is the Throat Center, is on Ray Three and is linked to the lower mind. Humanity represents the throat center of the planet.

The sixth enter is the Ajna, the center between the eyes and is associated with the Buddhic plane and for the evolved disciple can see into the Atmic plane and sometimes higher.

The seventh chakra is at the top of the head which is linked with what is called the upper Triad of Atma-Buddhi-Mannas, or the upper mental, intuitional and the Atma/Spiritual plane.


DK also talks about being light and love being manifest more today. I have some questions about light and love. In the molecular relationship you said light and love and purpose are eternal, but in another place you said light and love are created and destroyed. Which is true?

I do not recall exactly what I said here, but perhaps this will help.

Purpose is always eternally in existence because it does not depend on time and space for its perpetuation. Light and Love are only in existence about half the time. When creation folds up in the great pralaya, light and love no longer exist. But then when a new universe is born they incarnate again.

Light and Love are eternal in the fact that they keep reoccurring forever. They are not eternal (as is Purpose) in the fact that they are out of existence when the universe dies and goes out of incarnation, but Purpose remains.

The idea in the mind of God of light and love are eternal, but in manifestation they have beginnings and endings.


You also said that love is a male energy and light is a female energy, but light being radiant, visible and sending seems masculine. While love is unseen and attractive like gravity which you said is a female energy. What is what and why?

Here is the quote from the Molecular Relationship you must be referring to: "Male and female bodies are only symbols of male and female energies. The male energy is a correspondence to the energy of Love, or the Son aspect. The female energy corresponds to Light, the Holy Ghost, or Mother aspect. These correspondences can be reversed if other vantage points are used."

What is male and female is relative to their position and how a particular energy is applied.

From our plane Love is generally female/magnetic and Light is male/radiant. But from other planes and situations the roles may be reversed. In the ancient writings the Holy Spirit, which is associated with Light, is called female. This is because it represents a magnetic light rather than a radiant light. It is a light that brings understanding through reflection.

Love has an active, initiating side which can manifest as male energy.

For general purposes it is best to think of Love as female and Light as male unless otherwise noted.

In this plane we have the three aspects manifest as the numbers 1, 2 and 3. 1 and 3 are male and 2 is female. But on other planes the polarity is reversed and the female dominates. In the etheric plane the female energy dominates in the deva kingdom.


You also said the molecular relationship should read that God and its reflections are unlimited instead of infinite. On the new age site the molecular relationship still says infinite.

When I wrote the Molecular Relationship I did not have the understanding of the difference between unlimited and infinite. Now I do and see that I was not exactly correct in my past wording.

Jason writes:

I'm open to whatever is next for me. Isn't there a way to begin to and consistently learn through joy rather than pain? Is there a key to this? Or is it no pain no gain? Sounds like choosing hard, can't we choose easy? If so what's the key?

Most pain is caused by resistance to the soul or spirit. The key to making things easy for is to tune into the soul and follow the direction which is given. When it is not followed pain will always follow. Before the seeker is able to do this, however, he will suffer many times for either not tuning in correctly, or ignoring the inner voice.

When he is one with the soul that which is painful to others is not painful to him, but will have a continued sense of inner peace.

You will note that the only pain expressed by Jesus was when he temporarily resisted his Father's will just before the crucifixion. The more evolved the entity the stronger will be the pain of resistance to his Source.

Use soft words and hard arguments. English Proverb