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1  It may seem that honor and personal integrity is a thing of the past, but in reality it never is.

2  First and foremost, I expect honesty.

3  You do not have to reveal all you know, but what you do reveal should be literally true as you portray it.

4  Argue with what I do say and not with what I do not say.

5  The difficult thing is telling the truth ourselves. We want the truth told to us, but many find it difficult to practice honesty as we want it given to us.

6  It is most important that when we make a commitment and we are aware of such commitment that we do all in our power to be true to our word. If we do this consistently then our vibration moves in harmony with the vibration of Spirit, which is truth, and the door to soul contact opens wide.

7  When a Master, or a member of the God kingdom, speaks to you, you will know it is not a lie, but the truth because such a person has made the external and internal corrections to insure the word is God, and is true.

8  I like a little conflict, but when in conflict I like an adversary who will at least admit he is an adversary.

9  Outside of some politicians, most people know what a lie is and what a promise is.

10  Never give your word without first projecting your consciousness into the future seeing every possible situation that may come up.

11  It is important that we be tolerant of completely honest communication so all can accurately portray their observations whatever they are.

12  The disciple is only corrected if he honestly seeks further instruction and correction.

13  Let us continue to be honest about our disagreements, but be heartfelt in our acceptance of each other as manifestations of Christ.

14  Any time we feel (rather than think) we need to conform at the risk of suppressed feelings or the development of grievances, then is the time to be honest and share your feelings or one may be supplying the Beast with a foothold for control.

15  If the disciple can look over his past ten years and see that he has been more honest than in the pervious ten then he can take this as a sign he is progressing toward liberation from material forces on the path to life eternal.

16  Keeping our word, telling the truth and the honor of trust and reliability behind a name must have a place among us if true discipleship and a service to the Great Ones is to be achieved.

17  Ministers, teachers and gurus are constantly demanding money time and energy from their followers and only giving illusion in return.

18  One of the things we have asked for is that if you do make a criticism to not make an accusation for accusation’s sake but please do it with sincerity and get the facts straight.

19  If you feel somewhat guilty about lies you have told or promises that you have broken and wish you could just make a new start there is an interesting way for you to do it. Make a commitment to yourself to tread the path of complete honesty and then find a friend to baptize you by immersion. Notice I say find a friend, not a minister or priest. It would be best if this friend is not particularly religious, but just a good person.

20  The way to achievement in honesty and the keeping of our word among us human beings, as it is done in the kingdom of heaven, is an important key and the path is not as you may have been taught.

21  Silence is neither a lie or the truth. It is just silence.

22  When all the words we speak are words of truth and promises which come true then the barrier between man and God evaporates and soul contact is established followed by the Oneness that the Master talked about.

23  Honest emotional communication is a grand key that leads us to a recovery of man’s lost estate.

24  When you learn to be true to your word, the Word within you will be known and it will be found to be made flesh in you. God will then be known as 100 percent trustworthy.

25  It is true that to attain honesty a certain amount of discipline is necessary, but to tread the path, wisdom is more important than discipline or will.

26  It’s very difficult to have pure intent. Matter of fact to have pure intent you have to examine yourself every day and look at all the motives that we’ve done during the day. Look at what you did when you woke up in the morning, what you did at noon, what you did in the evening, what you did with your closest relationships.

27  The lie usually causes more damage than the act that caused the lie.

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