Astral Illusion

2002-6-12 12:00:00

May 25, 2002 Gathering
Text for Saturday morning audio

JJ: Thank you Artie. It's nice to relax and enjoy other people handling everything. We don't have very much time left before lunch so I'll introduce the next topic and get going on it and we'll continue after lunch. The next topic we're going to talk about is telepathy. It's a subject a lot of people are interested in. It's also a subject that's very misunderstood.

Many claim to have supernatural abilities but in reality very few do. There's a guy who has a million dollar (not positive of the amount, but it is substantial) reward out for anyone who can prove he's got any type of psychic ability at all. So far no one has collected the reward which is fascinating because I think all of us in this room understand and have had supernatural experiences of one type or another. We all realize there is such a thing as extra-sensory perception and it is reality.

So, the question is why hasn't anyone collected this million dollar reward from this guy? One gal just about collected it. She claimed to be able to see colors with her eyes blindfolded. They blindfolded her and she seemed to be identifying colors without regular vision. Then they found a way where the colors were coming in through a little crack or something. They sealed that off and she couldn't see colors anymore. So she didn't collect the million dollars. She almost fooled the guy for awhile. He thought he was going to have to give out the million bucks.

So it's an interesting fact that a lot of the psychism out there is not real psychism. A lot of the claim to extra-sensory perception is not really extra-sensory perception. Yet, I know in my personal life I have had it happen to me quite a number of times and I know it exists. I also think there's something about performance on demand. If someone were to come to me and say, "Ok, I'm going to sit you down and I want you to do some extra-sensory perception" I would probably not be able to collect the million dollar reward.

The question is how does it really work and what are the principles behind something like telepathy? How can you have real telepathy, real extra-sensory communication? Before I talk about that I'll talk about why regular extra-sensory perception seems to be somewhat unreliable. A lot of this has to do with the astral world.

We have the seven worlds in our reality right now. One is the physical/etheric - the physical world is the world we see about us right now. It's called the dense physical. The dense physical is actually two worlds. We have the dense physical, which is what we see. Then we have the etheric double which is, in esoteric teachings, the actual physical world. It's called the true physical because the etheric matter actually works on creative principles whereas the dense physical has no power of creation itself. All physical creation and extension comes from the etheric double of this world. You have an etheric double of your physical body. When you die that etheric double survives for a short period of time then it dissipates. It's what holds your physical body together and gives it shape. It's composed of energy that circulates all over your body and has the shape of your body.

You can actually see it. In past seminars I've shown people how. I'll show you again right now. It's pretty easy. Put your two thumbs together and hold them against a white background. After you put your thumbs together then pull them apart slowly and look at the space right in between your thumbs as you pull them apart. Pull them apart about a quarter inch and look at the space right in between your thumbs and you'll see a film about a millimeter away from you body. That film about a millimeter away from your body is your etheric body. It stretches and takes the same shape of your body but is slightly bigger.

Can everybody see that film? We'll do one more thing to show the etheric. I will stand right here. Everybody look at me. Look right at the center of my forehead. Stare at me for about one minute. I'll stand perfectly still. Pretend like you're meditating on your navel but concentrate on my forehead for about one minute. Keep your attention focused very strongly. Now I'm going to move away but pretend that I'm still there. Don't move your fixation away at all. When I move keep your attention focused on that same spot still.

Audience: Look at that! Wow!

JJ: Keep your attention focused. How many could see the etheric light that I left behind? Is there anybody who didn't see it? You're at a bad angle. Continue to look at it. Is the light even or do you see some variation in the light? Any particular colors you see? You saw some yellow in there. Any other colors? Blue? Okay. A little of that is the after-image of the regular physical light but beyond that is also the after-image of the etheric light. One time, when I used to be in the Mormon Church many years ago, I was teaching a seminary class and I asked if they wanted to see their spirit. The kids expressed interest so I showed them. They went home and told their parents and I was released from teaching a short period of time after that.

So this is the first world, the physical/etheric. The second world is the astral world and that is called the desire world. It's composed of a finer, more refined matter and this matter is controlled by our desire nature. The next world up is called the world of the mind. In Mormon language it's called the celestial world and it's controlled by thought. It's the highest of the worlds of form, where form is important. But that's not the highest. There are four formless worlds after that where ideas are formulated, computed and then prepared to manifest in the lower worlds of form.

The thing about the astral world is that it is really created by illusion. The astral world is created by an interplay between the world of mind and the physical form world. The interplay of these two worlds creates the world of desire. In the world of desire everything is upside down and there is tremendous illusion there. Nothing in it has a permanent reality because it's a temporary creation composed of the interplay of the third world and the first world, so to speak. This interplay creates a mirror image of reality. This is why when we live our life based on desire only without the understanding from the mind or the higher worlds of the spirit we get everything upside down.

If you want to see how upside down it is, watch two people argue politics or religion. You'll find some very heated arguments developing and oftentimes you'll see both of them are wrong or one of them will be in tremendous illusion and the other guy might make a little bit of sense. But maybe the one guy just doesn't make any sense at all and you wonder how he can believe his words when they are so illogical. The guy is making absolutely no sense at all yet he really believes this. When you come across somebody this way it's because he's fixed very strongly on the astral world. His consciousness is astral and when his consciousness is astral he believes what he wants to believe.

Abraham Lincoln said that people believe pretty much what they want to believe. That's true but by believing what we want to believe does not take us into the truth. It takes us into an artificial world of our own creation where we see what we want to see. Almost 90% of the population of the world is almost 100% astral conscious or lower. Because of this, the vast majority of the world sees a lot of things in an upside down manner. The only parts they see that are truth are concepts implanted from a teacher who taught them something that was a correct principle and because they have memorized this teaching they get several things correct that are right side up.

When the astral grounded person thinks for himself he will often turn everything upside down because it's like looking in a mirror. When you look in a mirror everything is reflected. It looks real. When you look at your face in the mirror you think that's you but what we don't realize when we're looking in a mirror is that everything is reflected backwards. It doesn't really look that way to us because that's how we always see ourselves. We hardly ever see ourselves where we're not reflected in a mirror. So every time we look in a mirror we say, "That's how I look." But it's not how you look. You're looking at yourself reversed every time you look in a mirror. We very seldom actually ever see ourselves as we really are, unless we look at a photograph. In a mirror we see ourselves reversed.

This is the way the astral world is and this is why so many different teachings surface that seem to be somewhat true but there are a couple of things kind of screwy about them. This teaching seems true and this teaching seems pretty good but this one doesn't agree with that one. They claimed to have gotten it from the same source but do not agree. That's because it comes from the astral world and many teachings from the astral world sound pretty good. It's like looking in a mirror. It looks good but it's not quite the real thing. Then another teaching will look good but it's not quite the real thing either.

How do we get to the real thing? How do we get beyond the astral world? Probably at least 95% of the teachings out there that come from extra-sensory sources are from the astral world and are from an order that is reversed from the true reality. They have certain things in them that can lead us to truth but we have to filter through. We have to wade through them and find the truth.

The astral world serves a purpose. It's a good learning world for us because we have to learn to focus and find the truth. In order to do that we have to go through this maze and find out what is not true. Oftentimes to find the truth, you have to find out what is not true. Like in the book, you have to find out what you are not before you can find out what you are. We went through a lot of things in there that we are not. When you eliminate everything you're not the only thing that's left is what you are.

That's one of the purposes of the astral world. We come down into these spheres and we find out everything that's not true. First of all we think it's true then after some trial and error we think it wasn't true at all and move on to the next thing. Then we go through much more trial and error and find more things that are not true. This we discover time after time, life after life. When we find out everything that is not true, then finally we reach a point where we say, "Okay, I'm willing to go beyond my desires." Because it's called the desire world that means to find the truth we have to relinquish ourselves from our desires, from our attachments to desires because what leads us to formulate philosophies that are not true is our desires.

We want a certain thing to be true, therefore we formulate everything around what we desire to be true. If we see a teaching that fits in with our desire we tend to incorporate that one because it's what we want. We discard teachings also because it's not what we want.

Remember last night I told you that Jesus put the 5000 He fed to the test? He gave them something that they didn't desire to hear to see how many had progressed beyond desire. "Except a man eat my flesh and drink my blood he has no part with me." They thought, that's not what we want. He went beyond what they desired and after he spoke there were only twelve left that stood before Him that saw beyond desire world and asked the question, "What is real? We know this man has something. He might have some truth here even though they're not the words that I desired to hear."

The true teacher doesn't work and teach what the audience desires to hear. Many politicians, when they get up and speak, they look the audience over and wonder what does this audience want me to say. What do they want to hear? These farmers, do they want to hear about price supports and things like this. These doctors here want to hear about Medicare and things like this. So they figure what they want to hear. Not, what is truth. Not what is good for the whole. People don't always want to hear that.

To bypass the astral world we have to go beyond desire. This was one of the main teachings of the Buddha; to go beyond desire to go to the higher worlds. You had to, not so much destroy desire, but to become detached from desire. So if that which is true is not what you want you can still accept it because that which is true is often not what we want - at least not at first. And often times if you desire communication from the higher worlds, from the masters, or from the higher lives, that which they have to say to you will often not be what you will want to hear. And oftentimes almost everyone you talk to who claims to be in some communication with the spirit world, it seems like they always get what they want to hear. And, so that's a good sign that they're just in communication with the astral world and getting many upside down teachings that are not really the truth but based on the desire energy.

The desire energy creates various thought-forms. For instance, there is a Jesus roaming about the earth, a number of Jesus' actually-roaming about the earth in desire energy bodies. But these are not the real Jesus. This astral Jesus is roaming around the earth, and he's like a computer-Jesus based on desire. Instead of a computer like we have in our home, or whatever, it's a body with computer programs in it. The computer programs that are in it are peoples' thoughts of what they think and want Jesus to say if he were to show up.

And all the scriptures in the Bible are in this computer program. But the thing about it is there's nothing new in there. It's what humanity already knows about him is in this computer program. This causes many people to see astral visions. I've talked to a lot of people who have had Christ appear at their bed or something like this, and when this astral Jesus shows up, what do you suppose he says to these people?

Audience: "Exactly what they want to hear.

JJ: Right. He says what they want to hear. He'll say what they're comfortable with. He'll say things like, "I have come to reveal love to you. You are to love your neighbor," and he'll say words that we're already familiar with.

Now what would be different if the real Christ were to show up? What would be the difference between the real Christ showing up and the astral Christ?

Audience: "The teachings."

JJ: The teachings?

Audience: "New teachings."

JJ: New teachings. He would say something that has never been said before, because the masters and the higher lives don't like to waste energy. They've got a lot to do in the other kingdoms beyond the human--like we talked about yesterday--and in dealing with humanity they're governed by the laws of time to a degree. And so, they do not have a lot of time to mess around just repeating themselves all the time.

So if Christ were to come and talk to us right now, if he were to talk about love, he would put a different twist on it, a different way of presenting it, or maybe talk about an entirely new principle. If an astral Christ were to come he would probably give the Sermon on the Mount or something like that over, because that's in his program. Or he may put a couple combinations together of what has already been said or recorded by him. Or he may pick up thoughts of people in this group and give some advice: "You are supposed to love your neighbor." Or, "You are supposed to sell everything you have and give it to the poor." Well, probably not that one because we don't really want to do that, do we?

So the astral Christ isn't likely to tell us to do that unless that's what we want to do. But if the real master were to come here, he may say something like, "I've got a job for you to do that is going to be very difficult. And it's not something that you will enjoy doing that much but it's something that needs done. We need this job done. And it's going to be tough." Maybe something like that. But it's not going to be just repeating what has already been done and said before.

Every new revelation given to mankind contains new principles that have never been expounded fully before. Some old principles always are repeated to some degree in giving the new principles, but the intent of any new presentation is always to reveal newness.

One of my favorite scriptures in the Bible is from the book of Revelations and also Isaiah, God says, "Behold, I do all things new." But what do the religions believe about God? They believe he does the same old things over and over and over. That's what they all believe about God. And when we get to heaven we're just going to be doing the same thing over and over and over, whatever that is when we get there-we're not sure-but we're going to be doing it over and over because it will be perfect. We won't have to do anything new because when we're in a state of perfection, as the world sees perfection, no newness will be necessary. Because if we do anything new it means the old way of doing things wasn't perfect. So there'll be no new goals. No new worlds to conquer, because we will be in perfection.

Remember that Twilight Zone years ago where this guy died? He knew he was a pretty bad guy, but he was surprised he was met by this being that would give him everything he wanted. He thought to himself, "Boy I'm surprised I got to heaven because I was kind of a bad dude. The angel gave him all the women he wanted, and he could gamble, and he did all the stuff he wanted. And he was just having a great time for about a week. And then after a period of time he got really frustrated. He didn't want anymore women. He didn't want to gamble anymore. He was getting really bored. And he says, "Here I thought I was in heaven. This isn't heaven. This is like hell." The being says, "Well, nobody told you, 'You were in heaven.'" He says, "This is hell." So I thought that was a cute little Twilight Zone. Anyone remember seeing that one?

Audience: "Yeah."

JJ: So, we live in a world that is upside down so that we can learn to see, with power, that which is right-side up. And to have true telepathy we have to progress out of the desire world into the true reality. What's the first step to progress toward true spiritual communication?

Audience: "Letting go of the outcome; "Recognizing soul-contact"; "A sincere desire in your heart or in your mind."

JJ: Okay, he's got it right; sincere desire in your mind or in your heart. Now, that sounds almost contradictory because we're talking about the desire world as very deceptive. But we still have to start with desire. Desire is always the starting point. But we have to have desire based on true intent. Not so much a desire to have our desires fulfilled--this is where the illusion is created--but the desire to move ahead no matter what happens, no matter what is received, but a desire for the truth. A desire for the truth leads us away from illusion whereas a desire to have our needs fulfilled takes us to illusion. But the ironical thing is, in the end, the truth does fulfill all of our needs. But because we don't have faith in reality, we tend to select the truth according to our needs and when we do that it turns everything upside down for us. So we have to proceed on the basis that as truth is discovered, and the layers of illusion are removed, it may not be what we initially want. But when everything is said and done, it will be what we want; just not what we wanted initially.

Like, let's say, you desired certain things in a mate. And then you meet a certain person who isn't like half of the things you had in your mind. But maybe this person turns out a lot better than what you'd conjured up to begin with. For instance, when I was a young man looking for a mate I didn't really envision a person like my current wife. But now the differences are a lot better for me now than what I had conjured up earlier. So what will really fulfill you is not often what we thought would fulfill us.

The lower worlds, the lower energies, cannot fulfill themselves. The higher energies can fulfill the lower, but the lower does not know how to fulfill itself. Therefore, if we go by our desires, what we feel will make us happy - will not make us happy, because the lower does not know how to fulfill itself. The emotional world does not know how to bring itself happiness.

The next world up is the world of the mind. The mind knows how to make the emotions happy and fulfilled. So the mind can work with the emotional self and bring it fulfillment. But on the other hand, the mind doesn't know how to make itself happy. It has to depend on the world higher than that, which is the world of the intuition. It's called the Buddhic sphere, and it's where the intuition comes from. It's the higher feelings. So, the higher feelings where inspiration and intuition come from come down to the mind and lead the mind to fulfillment.

The mind by itself is called "the slayer of the real" because the mind reaches so far, and then it reaches a dead end where nothing seems to make sense. For instance, a scientist, investigating psychic powers, like this guy offering a million dollars; he goes so far and he reaches a dead end. He can't go any further. He can't prove there are psychic powers to himself. But eventually he'll come to the point where a higher part of himself will give him flashes of inspiration. And he'll say, "Ah-ha! Now everything makes sense. Now I can see that there are really psychic powers, but I just could not find them earlier." And so, the higher knows how to fulfill the lower, but the lower does not know how to fulfill itself.

So, the key to developing true extra sensory perception, and the ability to-let's call it higher communion-to do this; first of all a person has to have a pure desire and pure intent. What's the next thing?

Inaudible comments from the audience

JJ: Yeah. That's one of the ingredients. But the second major step is to listen. First of all your desire to move ahead, to higher communion, and then you've got to listen and pay attention to what's out there. And pay attention with a dispassion that Rick is talking about. In other words, to accept what is given to us. Now if we're connected to the desire world and we're astral consciousness, we aren't listening to just what comes. We're listening for what we want to hear. And this is always dangerous because when we're listening to what we want to hear we send out energy that brings in the artificial thought-form that tells us what we want.

Let's say, I want to hear from Jesus. I want a vision of Jesus, or whatever. Ok. And if you want Jesus to come tell you what you want to hear, then you're going to send out an energy that will go on the spiritual internet and contact the astral Jesus and bring him to you. And he will then speak to you according to your desires.

So, when you listen, don't listen for what you want to hear, listen to what's there just like we do in this room. You're listening to what I'm actually saying, not what you want me to say. However, even in physical reality, have you ever noticed when three people hear another person speak - especially an authority figure - even though he'll speak fairly clearly, there is little agreement on meaning? When you ask all three what the guy said, one will say, "Well, he agreed with me pretty much," and the other guy will say, "No, he agreed with me," and the other guy will say, "No, he agreed with me." They will all hear what they want to hear from the guy, especially if he's an authority figure.

Three or four people read the same scripture. They'll say, "Well, this scripture agrees with me." Another guy will say, "No, this scripture agrees with me." And the other guy will say, "No, this scripture says something else. It agrees with me." Well, the scripture just says one thing. But, because the people are looking for what they want rather than what's there, they all see the interpretation differently.

If we pray, or if we meditate, or if we seek, and we seek only what we desire, we will pull to us illusion. We may pull to us revelations, but they could be revelations from the desire world. If they are, they're merely telling us what we want to hear. And when we hear these things, a lot of it may be truth. We may have the astral world come tell us to "love our brother, love our neighbor as ourselves," and these statements are true. But they're statements that have been around, that are recorded in the desire world, and we get the recording played back to us. But, we aren't taking the next step in revelation. We aren't taken to the new revelation.

We've got a number of Mormons here. I've studied a number of the offshoots of the Mormon Church. There are a lot of them getting revelations. There are a number of them seeing Joseph Smith, obviously, an astral Joseph Smith. There are a number of them seeing visions. There's a prophecy in the Mormon church of one mighty and strong coming to set the Mormon Church in order. And there are about a hundred of these mighty and strong guys coming to the church proclaiming that they're the one to come and set the church in order. Have you heard about these guys?

Almost every offshoot from the Mormon Church gets a revelation that he's the one mighty and strong. And why is this? Because he thinks, "Boy, I'd like to be the one mighty and strong," and because he wants to be, and he prays about it, he gets a revelation that he is the one because it's from the astral world. It gives him what he wants to hear. And he's really sure he's the one.

In the Christian world there are a lot of false messiahs. There are a lot of people out there who would like to be the second coming of Christ-like, say David Koresh or people like that. They get a revelation from the astral world, according to their desire, "Yeah, I guess I'm him. I want to be him, so I must be him."

So, it's interesting the illusion out there we have to work through to get to the true reality. But there is true higher communion, and it is real, and there is a way to reach it. We will expand on this thought in the next session.