Higher Lives

2000-8-22 11:31:00

The Triangle Of Revelation

The current discussion is designed to lead to a further understanding of the Intuition as a means for the discovery of truth. To fully understand it we need to know what it is not. Additionally we need an understanding of the following triangle of revelation. Even though all are sources of revelation, they all have differing key words.

  1. Revelation -- The Intuition.
  2. Direction -- The Still Small Voice.
  3. Instruction -- Contact with Higher Lives.

The key word for the Intuition is revelation because the development of this ability opens the door to formless worlds. The first soul contact comes long before development of the Intuition. Soul Contact opens the door to all higher contacts, and the Intuition opens still another door to even higher levels. Intuition could, therefore, be called the revelation of that which lies behind knowledge or the revelation of principles.

The Still Small Voice is the revelation of "Direction." It is fortunate for humanity that the use of this requires no great spiritual evolution. The only real requirement is that a seeker seeks that which he understands as the guidance of God. He must do so with sincerity of heart and pure intent.

Even this has several degrees of contact. The voice of the soul has to penetrate through numerous layers of resistance and darkness before it registers on the brain. For the average person it may work out as a gut instinct as to the direction he must take, but to one who has firm soul contact it will be definitely recognized as a voice -- a still soundless voice that is eventually heard with clarity making his direction sure.

Number three -- contact with Higher Lives, has a different purpose:  the Revelation of instruction. Notice that we say "higher lives" here? Not all invisible contacts are higher lives. The biggest mistake of the beginner is to assume that all communications from the unseen world is from higher intelligence.

More than 90% of proclaimed higher contacts are either astral entities with very limited knowledge, or from the person's imagination and subconscious, or both. What do I mean by both? This means that some astral entities can tap into the receiver's own astral body and pick up his memories and subconscious thoughts. This enables the deceptive entity to give a very acceptable and impressive revelation to the seeker.

Most channeled messages come either from the subconscious or from astral entities using the receivers' own thoughts and feelings as a basis for what will be received. If a person with invisible contacts always seems to be receiving what he wants to hear, you may take this as a sign that the source is not a higher life or a Master.

The Higher Lives contact us for instruction, and such instruction concern what is needed rather than what is desired. Outside of our higher self, which Higher Lives work with humanity? There are two main divisions.

First, there are highly evolved entities that have passed beyond physical existence and seek to help us in our evolution. The Bible calls these beings "the spirits of just men made perfect." In the East they are called Nirmanakayas.

These Nirmanakayas are generally teachers to the Masters, but will on occasion assist and instruct some of the teachers of the race. The Buddha is currently in this position.

Second, there are The Masters, also sometimes called the Spiritual Hierarchy. These beings usually live in physical bodies here on the earth and have overcome some of the limitations of death. From our angle of vision they have it made, but from theirs, the adventure is just beginning. They see unlimited vistas of progress and "becoming" ahead for them.

Contact with the Masters occurs in numerous ways, but falls into two general categories -- the visible, and the invisible:

The Visible

The most impressive of this type of contact is a visitation in a physical body where you meet face-to-face and can shake hands if you wish. The main reason behind this type of contact lies with the type of mission the disciple has. If he needs to be energized by what seems to be the ultimate conviction, then he may be visited. This may turn one who might otherwise drag his feet into a zealot for the mission at stake. On the other hand, there is a danger of acquiring too much spiritual pride that may lead to his downfall.

In the past, many disciples who have been visited lost some of their reverence for their teacher because of familiarity. They may nurture a belief that they have outgrown the Master, fallen into the illusion that they were beyond instruction, and thus failed in their missions.

Other ways that visible contact can be made:

  1. The projection of a thoughtform made of refined substance is created and the Master appears in a vision to the student and gives instruction.
  2. The Master contacts the student in dreams or in the astral while asleep.

The Invisible

As the human race becomes increasingly mental and relies more on inner knowing and less on signs and phenomenon, the invisible contacts are increasingly used.

For instance, in this age, Helen P. Blavatsky used many signs and miracles to convince her followers. Still, some were not convinced until they met a Master, and some of them did have this experience in the flesh. Blavatsky spent a good deal of time in direct physical contact with the Masters.

On the other hand, Alice A Bailey, who had a higher revelation, only physically saw her master once or twice, and none of her followers had this experience. The only sign or miracle that seemed to follow her around were the words she transmitted, and as it turns out, this may be the greatest evidence of all that the Masters exist.

This is to be continued.

In the meantime here is a question:

It is written that "when the student is ready, the teacher (or Master) will appear."

What are the three signs that tell us that the student is ready?