White Magic -- Lesson One, Part 8

2001-6-28 11:21:00


The next word is Monad. I had to read about two or three of Djwhal Khul's (DK's) books before I found out what that word meant. I wish I would have had an occult glossary when I first started reading the books -- it would have made my understanding much easier. Now we can find the glossary free on the Internet. If you just start reading his books without anyone telling you what these words mean, you have a hard time figuring them out.


"Is that book just used for his teachings?"


The Occult Glossary is put out by the Theosophical Society but DK uses many of the Theosophical and ancient Hindu words.

The monad is the pure spirit energy or an originating point of life or consciousness. The soul is your higher self, but the higher self of the soul is the monad. So when you've achieved soul contact, the next contact to achieve is the consciousness of the monad.


"So you could say that is like the parent of your soul energy?"


The monad is like the first or originating ray energy, even though monads are found on the first three creative rays.

Below this we have the soul (or solar angel) representative of the love-wisdom Ray or Ray Two.

Finally we have the personality. This is representative of the Third Ray of Active Intelligence.

All together we have a reflection of the Trinity of God in the Spirit (monad), soul and personality (or matter).

Now we've already talked about soul. Soul is the contact of the monadic energy with matter.

Now the next item to define is the word "personality." This is an important word for us to understand as we study his works, because DK uses it a lot. By personality he means the expressions of your physical self, of your emotional self, and your mental self, your mind. By expressions of these three -- and DK calls these three the three worlds of world endeavors -- the mind, the emotions and the physical self -- all your mental make-up, your emotional make-up and your physical make-up create what DK calls the personality. We generally think of the personality as an act of exhibiting a sense of humor or emotional characteristics, but here the personality is a synthesis of the mind, the emotions and the physical -- the three worlds.


"The three what? The three worlds?"


The mind, the emotions, and the physical are called the three worlds of human endeavor. That might be another good term to make note of for we will encounter it numerous times.


"You're not talking about the lower self, are you?"


Yes, personality is the lower self.

The lower self is composed of the three worlds of human endeavor:  the mind, the emotions, and the physical self.

Okay, the next word that's important is mind. Maybe we ought to differentiate between the mind and brain because they're different but what most people call the mind what the Tibetan calls the brain. The average person doesn't have a concept yet of what the Tibetan calls mind. I look at it like the brain is a computer and the mind is like the computer operator. The brain is like a computer in the fact that it can calculate. You put information into it and ask it a question and it comes up with an answer, a calculated answer based on the stored data. But the computer operator can go beyond the data that's in the computer and come up with a new way of looking at things by running the software. This is done by mind. The person has to go so far along the ladder of evolution before he even uses mind. Most people in the world have never used their real minds.


"Did Einstein use his mind?"


Oh, definitely he did. He changed the program of the way people think. He was an intelligent operator. But most people, over 90% of the population have never used their minds, but they will. They have to reach a certain amount of progression before this is possible. What they call their minds, is really working out of their heart, or their solar plexus in connection with the computer brain. They will call this their mind because that is the common vernacular, so everybody thinks they have one. But the truth is that most people have never used the energy of mind.


"So how do we do it?"


To use the energy of mind you have to realize that you're the operator and not the machine and then are able to go against the way of thinking that you have been taught. If you have, for instance, been taught one way but figured out a different way to do something than the orthodox way, then you have used your mind. If you have been able to make something very creative, put together some structure that is contrary to anything you have ever learned through memory training, you have used your mind because you have gone beyond the program. You didn't act the way you were programmed to act.

When the Tibetan talks about mind he's talking about that quality. When he's talking about brain, he's talking about what the average person thinks of as mind. So he always differentiates them as brain and mind. I would advise you not to go tell the average person out there that they're mindless though. Might get you in a little trouble.


"Mindlessness just might explain many of the problems we have in the world or my weird next door neighbor."


Yea, I guess mindless is our own word. We all have minds; we just don't use the energy. You have to reach a certain degree of evolution before that mind, that mental matter -- the actual refined matter that surrounds our auras, becomes active. When it's finally stimulated then we can finally have it available to use.

The last word that it's important for us to know right now is the Hierarchy. This is a word that many New Age people rebel against because they don't like the idea of a spiritual government. They have left the religions of the world and the religions all had a hierarchy and they were repelled by it. They didn't like being told what to do so they rebelled from the hierarchies of the world. So now we have people who when you try to teach them about the Spiritual Hierarchy, they say they've left all that behind, that's Piscean age stuff. But the truth is that there is a Hierarchy.


What is the Spiritual Hierarchy and why is Hierarchy essential in the scheme of things?


"Now the greater light of the soul becomes focused like a radiant sun and it reveals in its turn a still more stupendous vision--that of the Presence, of which the Angel is the guarantee and promise. As the light of the Moon is the guarantee that the light of the Sun exists, so the light of the Sun is the guarantee, did you but know it, of a still greater light."
  --Djwhal Khul (DK)


-- End Of Lesson One, Part 8 --


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