The Avatar

2003-6-28 05:52:00

Glenys writes:
JJ, is there any special reason for your focus is on the Avatar of Synthesis rather than the entire triangle of which he forms a part? If so, would you please elaborate. It seems we who couldn't attend the gathering have missed out on some wonderful and inspirational teaching from you. Well, there's always next time, I guess :-)

Actually, this avatar (as well as others) work through several triangles of which they form a part. You mention that the Avatar of Synthesis forms a triangle with Buddha and the Spirit of Peace to aid the Christ. Here is another triangle mentioned by DK: "The Christ is working, therefore, in very close cooperation with the Master Morya, and also with the Manu (one of the three Heads of the Hierarchy), and these three-the Christ, the Manu and the Master Morya-create a triangle of energies into which (and through which) the energy of the Avatar of Synthesis can pour, finding right direction under Their combined efforts."

Another triangle would be the Avatar of Synthesis, the Planetary Logos and the unnamed logos from his originating system.

As far as triangles go, the main entities who work directly with them are the entities involved and the hierarchy above them. For instance, if three disciples form a triangle it is of use to themselves, their teacher and the hierarchy above, but little understood or participated in by friends, family and regular humanity.

DK's descriptions of the various triangles are useful to us as we use the Law of Correspondences and seek to understand the energies and entities at play in the scheme of things. This gives us some seed understanding in applying various forces and combinations in our own work.

My mentioning of the Avatar of Synthesis at the gathering was in connection with the principle of invocation. I pointed out that the Great Ones can be invoked by the power of focused attention, especially the focused attention of a group. I added that an important entity for the group to capture the attention of would be this specific avatar.

DK pointed out (while he was working through Alice A. Bailey), that this Avatar was making an approach to the earth and expressed the hope he would work through groups and a specific avatar in incarnation. While he did indicate the Avatar has made an approach he hints at the fact that his real work yet awaits a more complete cooperation of humanity. This seemed to be the situation at the end of his work with Alice A. Bailey.

I personally believe that a final decision was made by the Avatar to assist the Christ and humanity somewhere around 1978 and since then he has been working from the plane of the mind through certain disciples to affect synthetic change upon the earth. The workers sensitive to his vibration are fewer than was hoped.

On the other hand, this means there is a day of opportunity for a group of sincere seekers to invoke his attention. I mentioned at the gathering that if the group would spend the next year seeking to invoke the Avatar of Synthesis then we have a good chance to draw down his presence so the whole of the gathered group can sense his energy and purpose. Some may even feel him before the next gathering.

Joel has a sense of purpose about doing this and this is partially due to vibrations he has already picked up.

Invocation does not infringe on free will any more than calling someone on the phone does. The Avatar has complete free will as to whether he will accept or reject the call. But the fact that an invocation is made greatly increases the chances of obtaining contact for it demonstrates a willingness to cooperate with the Greater Lives. After the Avatar's attention is gained he will then look at the individuals and the group as to their usefulness in deciding how to respond.

If certain individuals or the group contact the Avatar there will be certain signs and indications of a powerful nature that we will hear about.

He who laughs, lasts. --Dr. Robert Anthony