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What We Are
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Your Solar Angel

103 Favorite Quotes

Affairs Of The Heart

1.  Few have felt the full power of the heart energies.

2.  When spiritual love is developed seekers can sense the wonderful higher love flowing through the heart center.

3.  If you start on the path and continue with a pure heart you will discover your errors and correct them.

4.  Zion is the pure in heart in a gathered condition.

5.  The pure in heart are those who honestly search the Spirit speaking within their own heart and follow that inner voice with the highest purity of which they are capable.

6.  The pure in heart are those with pure motive with no guile. They may make mistakes, but they are honest in communication, harmless in action and examples of love in their lives.

7. The pure in heart follow the highest they know to the best of their ability. Zion is a higher group consciousness created by a gathering of those who show such pure intent.

8. When most people talk about following your heart they are really talking about following the solar plexus or the lower feelings.

9. There is a large portion of humanity that have no idea as to what the true heart energies feel like and this is a fact that the Dark Ones use to full advantage.

10. When the Love-Wisdom energies of the heart are made available the feeling nature is then tempered with wisdom, or wise thought, that will often lead the seeker to go against the flow in the line of most resistance where the greatest becoming can be found.

11. There are a number of variations of love energy released through the heart center as it unfolds. Therefore, those who send love send it out in a variety of levels.

12. Do not be afraid, it is I, grab my hand. The soul responds, Love takes a stand.

13. The heart center has a golden glow, but etheric matter does seem to have a somewhat smoky gray look depending on the eye of the beholder.

14. The nourishment of hope within our hearts is the beginning of the manifestation of ‘Christ in us.’

15. The mission of the solar plexus is to point us toward the heart center in a positive way. One way it does this is to present an ideal before our consciousness.

16. When one, who has the energies of the heart in an unfolded condition, can see that love is multi-layered and when he hears another speak of love he seeks to discern the level of love that is resting in his consciousness so communication can be complete.

17. It is much more an act of love to seek understanding than it is to seek the correction of another.

18. Just talking about love, defining love, proclaiming love, mystifying love, magnifying love, writing of love, romancing love, idealizing love, etc., does not hold a candle to one real act of love.

19. In the end, love is One, but in its discovery it is many.

20. The souls divine, not seen by the blind, Are found by love, leaving no one behind.

21. Pain and pleasure must exist for there to be a full development of the Love aspect in our consciousness.

22. Saying you love others is not enough. Love must be demonstrated by you and felt by those you serve.

23. When one is filled with love and is receiving love he will never give up his journey on the path.

24. From our point of view the God of this earth (the Planetary Logos) and the God of the Solar System (the Solar Logos) is Love or as the Bible says, God is Love.

25. All blessings are pure to the pure of heart, Who are willing to share in whole or in part.

26. Wherever there are two or more creations of God there will exist a magnetic force (or essential Love) which draws them together toward unity. Hence the attraction of the Sun to the Earth is an aspect of Love as is the Earth toward the Moon.

27. Love exists in all spheres and in all kingdoms, but manifests differently in the human because as a self-conscious unit the human experiences an interplay between love and consciousness which creates feelings of peace and joy.

28. Love manifesting through consciousness produces the dominating good in the universe and gives impulse to all evolution.

29. The beast does not work through the Heart Center for he cannot comprehend spiritual love.

30. Love is a magnetic force that is nullified in a singularity but is manifest in duality. There must be more than one for an attractive force to attract anything.

31. The seeker cries for help, not seen by the blind, But is helped by love so real, so kind.

32. Our salvation through love is a collaborative venture, or dependant on the participation of others.

33. If a person sincerely seeks to see love manifest in others who are agitated, and then to take loving action of some type, you will rarely have someone turn on you – and if they do they will come back because they will remember your love when they have forgotten all else.

34. Plant a seed that will grow and light the way to full realization of love for unless this happens you are in danger of substituting the love you do understand with illusionary love you do not understand.

35. Give love and acceptance to all and you will have all the love and acceptance that you can handle.

36. When love is truly demonstrated, it does not have to be mentioned.

37. All of us know what love is when we feel it and when we feel it we do not need anyone to explain to us what it is.

38. I witness to you that this principle of loving all people as our neighbors has worked in my life and the rewards I have received are more than I have capacity to receive.

39. Love is the opposite of radiation which sends forth.

40. Love is magnetism which pulls together. When you love someone you are magnetically drawn to them.

41. You can dispel hate with love, but you cannot eliminate love through hate.

42. Only by descending into the darkest depths can the fullness of love become known.

43. An act of love is registered as a similar feeling among all those who are willing to feel it.

44. Pure love energy is much more universally recognized in a receiving state than it is wielded in a sending state.

45. True love always involves a desire to serve and to help or enhance, not just a desire to hold on because of a desire to possess.

46. The second stanza of the Song [of the 144,000] protects from attacks on the Spirit by filling us with the ‘fires of Love.’

47. When the person centered in the solar plexus speaks of love he sees it in only one dimension. Love is just love.

48. One act of helping another in true need creates more love than all the metaphysical proclaiming in the world.

49. An attachment of one person toward another is often called love, and this is the only version of love that many people understand. But it is not love; it is attachment, a desire to hold on to a thing or person.

50. When one divorces frivolously, on a whim, or because of betrayal with another person, definite harm can come. It is generally recognized that a committed couple, especially with children should do everything in their power to rekindle their love and live together in peace.

51. We must ever remember that the heart center is composed of two cooperating energies: Love and Wisdom.

52. The heart center is composed of twelve energy petals that slowly unfold as we evolve toward Spirit. Six are different types of love energy and six are differing types of wisdom energies.

53. For a full registration of love there must be a giving and receiving from both ends.

54. In some ways, prayer from the heart is the highest meditation, because in kneeling before God, we formally recognize that there is a higher power present that is greater than our lower self.

55. True heart energy is a spiritual love and wisdom.

56. That which moves us forward in the manifestation of love, goodwill, peace on earth, friendship, unity, acceptance, inclusiveness and other aspects of love is within God’s will. That which moves us away from love runs contrary to His will.

57. The servant who has a true understanding of love will extend his love beyond those who are easy to love (those who love him). Instead he will love those also who do not love him.

58. Many there are who are seeking love who believe that they have found spiritual love when in reality all they did was find someone who loves them because they are adored in return.

60. Higher animals respond to love and may have an elementary sense of it, but do not seek to understand it. This is one reason they are so endearing to us.

61. People desire the Power to love, the Power to attract love and the Power to be loved. Even Love would only exist in theory if there was no Power to manifest its presence.

62. Love without experience is love without wisdom for wisdom comes by doing — by going through trying experiences.

63. Proclaiming love and demonstrating love are two different things.

64. If love cannot be defined then talking about any illusion connected with it is an exercise in futility.

65. The committed love relationship is the highest form of schooling on the earth in that it teaches communication and givingness.

66. The feeling of love is not related to another person by merely speaking and theorizing about it. Nor is love entirely emotional. You have heard of ‘loving thoughts’ have you not? How about loving actions? Some of the people who talk most about love communicate it the least.

67. Using the heart alone to find truth is like one hand clapping. It doesn’t happen.

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All Things Astral

1. “Emotion does not discriminate. It merely wants yes or no, right or wrong, not shades of gray.”

2. “Those who have never contacted the Soul will be unaware of the voice of the Soul and will often make the mistake of believing that their emotional impressions are from their Soul.”

3. “The only way to consistently recognize negativity imposed from outside is to learn to not identify with your own emotion.”

4. “If the disciple finds the seeds of offense being planted in his emotional body he must move the energy immediately before it interferes with his effectiveness.”

5. “Feelings cannot be freed from the emotions because without emotion there is no feeling.”

6. “Emotions are a part of our complete self and without completeness there is not fullness of love.”

7. “The advanced person can choose those things that will effect his emotional state – or he can choose to not be effected. It all depends on the purpose he is pursuing.”

8. “Forgiveness always involves feelings.”

9. “We are not our bodies, or our emotions, and we are not even our minds. These are all vehicles for our use. Just as a car we drive is not us, but a vehicle for our use, so are our feelings. Depression is thus possible because we identify too strongly with our vehicles, in particular our emotional selves.”

10. “We do not consciously create our own dreams. They are like a computer generated program to entertain our emotional nature which is still linked during sleep.”

11. “Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind.”

12. “All of us feel emotion, but for most this feeling comes through the solar plexus center which is a reflection of heart energy.”

13. “There are those who suppress emotion, but the emotion is still there.”

14. “There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.”

15. “The guiding point of all communication, even when we are communicating on an emotional level, should be the highest we can perceive. Remember, our feelings are a vehicle, not our real selves.”

16. “If you are trying to reason through a subject that another feels very emotional about, that we must not use reason alone in communicating with the person. We must show the person we understand by responding with some feeling ourselves. In this case I am talking about guiding feelings with the mind which hopefully is guided by Spirit. In such a case there is communication and resolution.”

17. “Pisces was dominated by water which is a symbol of emotion and the Sixth Ray which produces idealism which sometimes leads to fanaticism. A casual reading of the history of the past two thousand years does indeed reveal a very highly emotional era.”

18. “When there is a negative emotion, the emotional body will not correct itself. The negativity must be corrected with the assistance of another who helps the emotion work through or by the mind of the individual.”

19. “I have never–NEVER, NEVER said that the emotions should be disregarded, suppressed, eliminated or not be allowed to express themselves.”

20. “Many who have not fully developed the mind and are yet centered in the emotions are very good people who are seeking the highest they know and the way of deliverance for them through the maze ahead is to have ‘good shepherds’ to follow who commune through the One Spirit. By this means can one who is yet centered in the emotions make true progress upon the path.”

21. “Controlling the emotions is very important for the Dark Ones because most people are emotionally polarized and can be easily manipulated through unchecked feeling.”

22. “When another can change our emotional state it is because we have allowed them to have this power. Yes, we are the ones responsible for how we feel. The trouble is that few can control this power.”

23. “Astral psychics always try and relate facts to the customer. All of this type of material comes through the astral body and is filtered through an upside down illusionary principle and is rarely to be trusted.”

24. “In the astral world there are no concrete facts for that which you feel is that which will be true.”

25. “If facts belong to the physical plane then where are the truths on the astral plane?”

26. “The true counterfeit to the soul is the astral body which turns everything upside down. Its purpose is to teach us all that is not true so eventually our attention will have to focus on that which remains and is true.”

27. “Anger and animosity toward other people will carry over to the astral world so that another person would actually be able to see these feelings emanating from this individual in the astral world. It would be embarrassing for many of us to have our feelings totally exposed for others to see.”

28. “The astral world is based solely on illusion and one day we will not be affected by it at all but for now in our state of evolution, the astral world is very powerful.”

29. “The bottomless pit is the emotional world of people on this earth as well as the next world. The bottomless pit for negative entities would be the lower astral (emotional) world after death where there is no bottom (earth or physical bodies) for them to find rest.”

30. “What awaits us before and after death is the discovery of the truths behind the feeling nature. In the physical world we learn facts about the elements, nations, people, events, culture, etc. In the astral world we learn about what we feel about them.”

31. “Some astral entities can tap into the receiver’s own astral body and pick up his memories and subconscious thoughts. This enables the deceptive entity to give a very acceptable and impressive revelation to the seeker.”

32. “You can obtain many facts from the astral world, but not principles.”

33. “Standard astral group energy can be mistaken for soul energy but is far removed from it.”

34. “Lower psychism gets its power through the illusionary astral body which turns truth upside down and makes the truth seem false and the false seem true.”

35. “The ‘go with the flow’ appeals very strongly to solar plexus people for this lower emotional energy does not have any checks and balances with it.”

36. “Individual desires are not individual rights.”

37. “Oneness on the emotional level does indeed have a positive and negative to it. It is positive when a team camaraderie is developed around a positive goal. It is negative of course, when some type of mob mentality is developed and participants in oneness are unable to check themselves while headed toward the edge of a cliff.”

38. “The person grounded in this higher solar plexus love and feeling will say yes to all teachings of Christ Consciousness, love and sharing, but in real life his decisions will reflect the persistent dedication to self.”

39. “The average person who is polarized in the astral body is not overlooked by the soul, for soul energy is reflected down into that body. Unfortunately it is a reflection and as such everything is reversed and the direction he receives leads him into learning experiences rather than in the direction of real truth.”

40. “The astral plane is created through an interplay of the mental and etheric planes.”

41. “Those who have risen above the astral focus, and are centered in the love-wisdom pedals of the heart, dwell on the plane of the mind and not the emotional polarization.”

42. “The astral light is a mirror reflection of soul light so it gets everything backwards.”

43. “The astral feelings have seven levels and the highest will seem very spiritual to many and the seeker will often assume he has found the final heart of God, Jesus or Krishna when he has tuned in to them.”

44. “Strong emotion such as love or hate, desire or repulsion, fear or protectiveness creates not karma, as we understand the term, but an energy link that will bring you into repeated contact with the person with whom you share such emotion.”

45. “Over 90 percent of what people call soul communications, contacting the Holy Spirit, God, receiving revelations, Jesus, the Spirit, etc., are merely contacts made with the emotional self.”

46. “An emotional contact disguised as a divine communication brings information that is peculiar to the person’s own thinking and feeling nature which is different than any other person.”

47. “An emotional revelation will not be in harmony with either reality or other people’s emotional revelations – unless they are tapping into the same mass thoughtform.”

48. “When feelings amplify our sense of importance we develop a problem.”

49. “People are hypnotized by emotional essence.”

50. “Suppressed emotions cannot free themselves. The mind must free them.”

51. “I am completely supportive for expressing whatever feelings we have no mater how negative. The only way to deal with them at times is to get them out on the table. But when they are on the table one must not run, but face up to whatever results they lead towards.”


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1. “We always want the easy way and just want to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon our own souls.”

2. “In the true student-teacher relationship authority is only recognized because it is earned.”

3. “One who reveals true principles that register with soul should score many points toward becoming an earned authority because true principles and true facts are intertwined.”

4. “One should never use a vow or promise that is written by an outward authority unless it is fully understood and endorsed through considerable reflection.”

5. “Many people actually have no earned authority for they have not taken the time to test any data. If the authority is declared valid by other authorities then no questioning usually occurs.”

6. “The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.”

7. “The highest authority in the human kingdom should be one who has taught us a principle which has been confirmed by our own Souls.”

8. “We should never give any man, woman, disembodied entity or even Master the same authority as our Souls, for we should always do our best to check the truth of all teachings with the Spirit of God which dwells in us.”

9. I do not need any authority to say anything I want. The reader can use the authority of the soul to discover the truth or error of anything I say.”

10. “If you and Jesus were born as twin brothers or sisters, your words and actions would have as much authority as His until He proved himself anew.”

11. “Confronting and slaying your first dragon of authority is the first major step for when the Spirit of God through your soul sees that you will listen to It more than the multitude of voices without then the lines of communication swing open wide.”

12. “Perhaps the greatest earned authority, as far as printed words are concerned, are the words of Jesus.”

13. “The Mormons, Jews, and others who depend on the covenant of strong authority still find the results poor.”

14. “If you center not yourself in the words of the soul then the mind of God is not manifest within you. You therefore err and become a servant to something else that is not the mind of God within you. Your position is therefore not secure for the outward authority can dismiss you at any given moment.”

15. “Earned and unearned authority applies to many areas of life.”

16. “Examine the teachings of the potential earned authority over a period of time and range of material.”

17. “Fortunately, there have been numerous times in my life that an earned authority has proven right over my protests and preconceived notions.”

18. “As one advances down the evolutionary path he eventually drops his reliance on authority without and relies on the authority within.”

19. “Would it not be sad to find ourselves in the position of the ancient Jews who rejected their Christed One because of misplaced authority?”

20. “Fear of change is closely linked to the challenge of authority.”

21. “I am an authority on myself more than anyone else.”

22. “To escape the power of authority the mind must become involved for if it is attempted through emotion alone there will only be a rebellion from one authority which will be replaced by another.”

23. “It is extremely difficult to make that first decision to trust the spirit within over a previously trusted authority without.”

24. “I believe most of us will see eye-to-eye not because I am your authority, but because your souls are your authority and all souls are one.”

25. “It is quite easy to control a person who thinks that God speaks to an authority, but not directly to himself. This authority that speaks for God becomes then the God without.”

26. “Those who rely upon the outer authority reject the idea of going within to verify that which they have received from without. This causes a blanket of darkness to fall upon the blind follower.”

27. “Positive authority is that which has been earned. Such an authority is ready, willing and able to prove his or her credibility at any given moment. They do not fear a challenge because they are secure in their ability.”

28. “When your soul does give you confirmation you will have received from an earned authority which puts you under an obligation to accept, or that soul force could withdraw.”

29. “There is such a thing as a reliable authority that can be a useful guide in stimulating soul contact and guiding us toward the truth.”

30. “We never want to discourage that search by some proclamation of ‘what is’ by some outward authority: God, the Brotherhood or whatever.”

31. “When people recognize you have authority they will immediately give you power, but if they see that you have power only, they will sometimes run away to avoid the wrong use of that power.”

32. “Go to any church or even a new age movement and try and teach them something contrary to that which their authorities tell them and see what happens.”

33. “You will find, however, that wherever unjust authority rears its ugly head, the person exercising it will revel in the chance to be called by some title that belongs to God alone.”

34. “Most churches still apply maximum punishment to all who defy tradition.”

35. “It is good that we help the poor, but if we submit to an authority that takes all of our money and gives it to the poor, then we will be poor, too.”

36. “You take back your power by turning to the Holy Spirit within and letting this be your only final authority. When this happens, the chains that hold you bound come undone and you will enter into the joy of the Lord and in this state depression is impossible.”

37. “Revelation, the soul, and the Spirit of God are available to all who seek. It’s too bad the authorities in the churches do not accept this.”

38. “An outward authority who claims his voice is as the voice of God can form a barrier to peace and stir the pilgrim’s conscience putting him in a state of perpetual disturbance so he knows no peace.”

39. “The false authority is he who cannot demonstrate the truth of that which he claims to teach or practice.”

40. “One of the main causes of false authority is the use of the power of appointment by another false authority.”

41. “The power of election (decision) is given to us so we can find our true authorities and place them where they can be useful dispensers of their wisdom and talents.”

42. “I find that I do not fit in groups where they rely on an authority other than the soul or the kingdom within.”

43. “You must check with your souls (the final authority) and verify any answer that I or any other teacher should give.”

44. “What is more evil than crime, immorality, corruption, bickering, etc. is the controlling use of subtle authority that removes our power of Decision so we do not even recognize the enemy and no longer ‘know good and evil.'”

45. “Remember, it just takes one person to stand up and say, “Now, what in the hell did that mean?!” And, before you know it, you have an epidemic of people questioning authority.”

46. “When your soul does give you confirmation you will have received from an earned authority which puts you under an obligation to accept, or that soul force could withdraw.”

47. “We must open our own eyes to the one authority – the Spirit of God within us.”

48. “We must be constantly asking ourselves concerning controversial issues if we are accepting information because of some authoritative decree or are we willing to look at real facts and evidence.”

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1. “Anything you believe is possible if you are willing to find the steps to manifest that belief. Then after the correct steps are found, you must be willing to take those steps, or else your belief will become a fading dream.”

2. “The final test of the validity of a belief is whether or not the belief can be demonstrated.”

3. “If a person has the simple belief that all he has to do to get any information in the universe is to go within, then, if this belief is strong enough, it creates a thoughtform that hovers around the seeker almost as a separate living entity that has a life of its own. This quasi entity also picks up information from questionable sources and feeds the seeker.”

4. “Those who create a sure foundation for a belief system based on truth will proceed slowly and ask questions as they enter into new territory. This causes the symbolic seed to take strong root so it cannot be moved at a later date.”

5. “If we happen to have a false foundation belief as a part of our mental calculations then even the finest logic will be flawed and destroy that which is real, or true.”

6. “Many dogmas and illusions force us toward belief systems with no appeal to common sense or logic of any kind.”

7. “Without the testing of a belief that belief cannot be turned into a real experience, and without a real experience the truth cannot be fully known and the seeker cannot be truly free.”

8. “Proclaiming a belief does not make it true.”

9. “The controversy over guns is largely caused, not by the damage they do, but from the fact that the freedom to bear arms runs contrary to the belief system of many.”

10. “No matter what your belief system there will come trials in harmonizing the Principle of Freedom with personal feelings.”

11. “One of the things I look for in formulating my own beliefs is how they play out in the real world.”

12. “Illusions are caused by wrong core beliefs in a person’s thinking.”

13. “Emotionally charged people can never trace their beliefs back beyond the point of where their mind currently has its attention.”

14. “Whosoever commits an error and does not correct the error incorporates that error in his belief system and becomes a servant of that erroneous belief.”

15. “Illusion in [a, and/or] the belief system will cause a person to kill his own loved ones, his friends, his countrymen, people who love him and even his own Master as was the case with Judas.”

16. “There is always a fence in this reality and if we cannot see the point in the middle that creates the fence, our beliefs are likely to be fuzzy.”

17. “The true student desires to acquire true knowledge, not a belief system.”

18. “To attain a position of a true teacher has to do with the acquisition of knowledge, not belief.”

19. “The disciple will receive knowledge that may contradict things he has believed all his life. If he is attached to his old beliefs then he may not be usable as a student or teacher.”

20. “Many religious people believe that the earth and universe is only 6-10,000 years old. They continue to believe this even though there are mountains of evidence against it, including the fact that we have spotted galaxies whose light has taken sixteen billion years to reach us.”

21. “We usually find evidence to prove that of which we have a preconceived notion to believe.”

22. “A misconception or illusionary perception of a past event will cause a current belief system based on illusion that seems as real as one based on truth.”

23. “Take that belief which is embraced by the world and look in the opposite direction. In this opposite direction much truth lies hidden.”

24. “The only way karma is altered by belief is when belief initiates a new cause and produces a new effect. It does not negate a past effect, but joins in with it.”

25. “What many today call ancient paganism was really most of the populated world which was composed of a large variety of peoples of varying belief systems.”

26. “The teaching of doctrine in the churches has been very rigid in the past and it has been demanded that members in good standing conform in belief and not consider looking into the value of alternative beliefs.”

27. “The swinging of the pendulum manifests among humanity by their swing to the left and right in their belief systems. As the pendulum swings among us, the masses swing with it, not realizing that they are following the energy much more than they are doing any independent thinking.”

28. “The funny thing about freedom is that if you ask anyone if they believe in it they will emphatically answer yes. But unfortunately, for the majority, freedom to them means freedom for the tiny individual self, even if it comes at the expense of the loss of freedom of others or damage to the whole of a group with a different belief system.”

29. “Many seekers have areas of their belief system that is blocked by illusion or glamour of some kind and then have other areas where they are open. In the areas where they are open they can receive soul contact, but then in areas where they are closed no such contact will be forthcoming. Instead, contact will be made with a thoughtform which will substitute for the soul.”

30. “I believe that the heated emotional feelings of the anti gun people comes more from the disturbance of their belief system than it does from concern over the damage guns may create.”

31. “Read this chapter [Matthew, Chapter 23] and you find that Jesus felt very strongly about people who do not abide by their belief system. They were the only ones He ever condemned. No sin He ever witnessed was ever condemned by Him except this one.”

32. “When a person looks for evidence of his belief with a desire to find it then he will find what he is looking for. Even if the evidence supports a falsehood the seeker will believe it until he drops his preconceived notions and looks with fresh eyes.”

33. “I do not see the grace of God as an exclusive favor to those who have their mind right, but as an inclusive favor to all those who are open as a little child.”

34. “I realize that most people believe in infinity, but now that I have thought about it, it makes no sense to me. It cannot be demonstrated or experienced.”

35. “I notice that those who attempt to avoid the negative by erasing it from their belief system have as much or more negativity in their life as anyone else. I have noticed that those who have this belief system will downplay smaller negative occurrences for a period of time, but then the suppression often builds and when something big comes along there is difficulty in facing it.”

36. “Anyone who believes in Christ and that he does not work alone believes in the Brotherhood. They may call this group by different names, but a rose is a rose by any other name.”

37. “Every man, no matter how blinded, believes in his own way that he is reasonable.”

38. “When has blind belief or blind faith ever brought more benefit to humanity than the reasonable course of action? Never. There is not one example in history.”

39. “No where in the Bible does it tell us to have Jesus in our hearts, but it does clearly tell us to have Lucifer there. If Lucifer refers to the devil himself maybe the Christian world should burn their Bibles.”

40. “The word “faith” is not really a belief but it is a state of mind that is aligned with Purpose that can override all the influences on the physical world even to the production of great miracles including the overcoming of death.”

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Be Ye Not Deceived

1. “It’s always a good test to ask someone who considers himself a super being to present us with a new principle or even an expansion of a revealed one. So far not a single person I have met who has claimed to be a great one has been able to reveal even one.”

2. “One pointed visualization of the suffering of Christ accompanied by a desire for approval from God can indeed manifest some interesting phenomenon.”

3. “Many in the New Age community are deceived by the concept of relative truth. The deception that comes with this type of belief in relative truth is that the incentive to find the real truth is removed.”

4. “If one is deceived into supporting a belief system which will limit overall freedom he will come back in a situation where that which is important in his life is kept from him because he has diminished freedom to pursue.”

5. “A great life which once lived in Shamballa who has reversed himself, and yet has the knowing of a master, will have the power to deceive all but the very elect for he can duplicate all the wisdom, the power and even the concern for humanity a Master may appear to have.”

6. “Because some greater reversed lives can appear good, throws emphasis on our maintaining soul contact for it is only through bypassing authority with all life but the soul and spirit can we safely travel the path forward and not be deceived.”

7. “Deception to avoid hurt only becomes necessary when a foundation has been laid by previous deception.”

8. “If you make a promise believing you can carry it out, but then find that you are unable to fulfill it, the promise was broken because you were self deceived about what you could or could not do.”

9. “The main thing that causes the seeker to be deceived, as he seeks an answer to his question, is his refusal to drop that which is “familiar” to him. To find the truth then we must let go of the “familiar spirit” and become open to accepting that which is not familiar.”

10. “The moment we let the magnetic power of the lower personality pull at our attention (as we seek) we become susceptible to deception and will take an internal emotional desire as an answer from God.”

11. “Even though the full power of decision is available to us, if we had the consciousness to use it, we are swindled out of this power through ignorance or deception. All us, of to some degree, are deceived into thinking that we cannot use it in certain areas.”

12. “Jesus or the Christ does not channel by direct voice.”

13. “The three deceptions are not that complicated. It is important, however, that you understand them well enough so you can explain them in your own words without quoting some other teaching.”

14. “Lies deal with an attempt to deceive others and broken promises are caused by self deceit.”

15. “Those who have had no soul contact will find that every communication they give or receive will have some deception in it.”

16. “In the days of each antichrist God sends great deception.”

17. “Visualize yourself on a path that divides. The left hand path leads to deception and the right hand leads to truth. Where are you likely to find the most truth? Taking the left hand path and discovering everything that is false, or taking the right hand path and discovering truth after truth. Which path leads to the greater progress?”

18. “The trouble with the great deception here is that by the time it is unraveled the person is so attached to his selfish interest that the turning around is very difficult.”

19. “Whenever you hear any news report warning of the dangers of freedom, start looking into the hidden facts and details and you will be amazed at the deception you will find.”

20. “If your thoughts are true they will be followed by action. If they are not then there is deception in your thinking.”

21. “The deception to accept his [the beast’s] authority comes from our own self deception and has little to do with the beast itself. “To thine own self be true” is not something one can do until he reaches a certain degree of evolution; therefore, the beast does not even have to lie.”

22. “The methods used by the Masters of Wisdom on up always involve full consciousness on the part of the receiver whenever possible, whereas astral entities are happy to send the medium out of his or her own awareness and take over consciousness.”

23. “As soon as we see through the deception fostered by the beast, the Tree of Life again becomes available to us. We will discover that we left the Tree of Life — the Tree of Life did not leave us.”

24. “Forget about some infinite consciousness that has the warped interest in deciding when you are going to squash your next ant and concentrate on where you are in the now and mold that great future ahead of you to your own satisfaction.”

25. “The preacher may say “Jesus wants you to give me your money.” This blasphemes the name of Jesus. The preacher has no idea what Jesus wants.”

26. “Not all invisible contacts are Higher Lives, and the biggest mistake of the beginner is to assume that all communications from the unseen world is from higher intelligence.”

27. “More than ninety percent of proclaimed higher contacts are either astral entities with very limited knowledge, or from the person’s imagination and subconscious, or both.”

28. “If a person with invisible contacts always seems to be receiving what he wants to hear, you may take this as a sign that the source is not a Higher Life or a Master.”

29. “Once we see in advance the temptations to deceive, we can just about always figure a way around them so we can be true to ourselves and others, yet at the same time follow the path of harmlessness.”

30. “You must not trust me or anyone else until you and prove to yourself that a teacher or teaching is leading you the right direction.”

31. “There are many who claim to be advocates of freedom who are merely deceived. If their own benefits are enhanced at the expense of the many, they are deceived into thinking that freedom is enhanced.”

32. “Beware of anyone who claims to be going within and only brings forth facts and data, but no principles.”

33. “And what is the correct approach to progress toward the true reality? The answer is simple. All illusion is created by deception. Therefore, we find reality by practicing non-deception.”

34. “The problem with pinpointing any current activities of emotional deception perpetrated by Beast energy is that controversy will always be involved.”

35. “If, therefore, one suspects I am motivated by ego and decides to look for evidence of that conclusion he will find his evidence. The evidence may be a reflection of his own ego, but he will find it nevertheless.”

36. “If an entity claims to be a Master and cannot or does not manifest in the flesh, then he is deceiving you and is not to be trusted. Such an entity will seek to use the body of an unconscious channel and gather disciples around him for his own glory.”

37. “There are many astral entities, which are far from being Masters, who think themselves wise and seek to have influence on the physical plane. Such entities cannot manifest in the flesh. Some have power to project an astral image, but if you try to touch them, your hand will pass through. If you touch a true Master you will feel his or her body.”

38. “Many are deceived into supporting the Robin Hood idea of stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.”

39. “If I said I received a revelation from some great entity I could be lying, just as are ninety-nine percent of those out there who make the claim do.”

40. “Guilt is not the result of a violation of conscience, but the offending of a false ego which seeks to deceive in the darkness of an unilluminated mind.”

41. “The most deceptive of all of the energies is the solar plexus.”

42. “The decision between the two paths is not a decision between blissful love and demonic madness. If that were all it is, then all would choose the path of light. Instead, many are deceived into a dangerous heading toward the dark path because they believe they are choosing love.”

43. “Maya is the pull of matter, which matter has a magnetic pull on us in a direction away from the Christ consciousness.”

44. “Almost all of the visits of famous spiritual people from the past are illusions created by thoughtforms.”

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By The Way

1. “I am a big supporter of the works of Alice A. Bailey, but am not connected with Lucis Trust in any way.”

2. “I participated in the Harmonic Convergence. Here is my report. It was a good experience and raised some good feelings and vibes, but was not world changing nor did any transformation of the earth occur.”

3. “Not all escapism is bad.”

4. “I do have a handicap from an explosion as a youth and it was the cause of me being fired numerous times when I was young. This is one of the reasons I have wound up in business for myself. My handicap has also been the source of much more discrimination in my life than any minority or woman I know experiences. The thing that irritates me most about my handicap is when some show pity, feel sorry for me or expect any lower performance out of me than anyone else. Being fired or discriminated against did not diminish by a micron my desire to allow people to do whatever they want within their own domain. If someone owns a business and they have doubts about my ability and want someone else in what could be a dangerous job that is their right. I would be wrong to infringe on that freedom. Instead of whining about the problem, suing or seeking affirmative action I sought to solve the problem which is what I did to the advantage that I experienced considerable growth over the ordeal.”

5. “George Washington and most founding fathers were Masons.”

6. “I am from the same bloodline as [The Mormon Prophet] Joseph Smith.”

7. “The most correct Bible from my studies is the Concordant version.”

8. “Baptism is not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can perform this ceremony when ever you feel like you want a new lease on life.”

9. “If we want to enter into the presence of God, receive revelation and knowledge of principles, or the laws of God in the Ark of the Covenant, that we need not look in beautiful churches or temples. Instead we can find God in the wilderness, in the desert, in a humble abode and can find Him as we move from place to place as did the ancient Israelites.”

10. “Just because I do not agree with you does not mean I do not understand.”

11. “There are no true paradoxes in my teachings of which I am aware.”

12. “I have been shown enough and allowed to participate in a higher molecule to the extent that I teach from knowledge, not guesswork with many aspects of it.”

13. “The degree of violence starvation breeds is dependant on the suddenness and the degree of the shut off of the supply. Never in recent history has there been a shutdown of high degree with suddenness in an advanced nation. It is difficult for those living without want to imagine the consequences.”

14. “Every organization that has ever been created goes through a process of corruption.”

15. “Some see a conclusion and a decision as the same thing. They are not.”

16. “There are no shape-shifters among our leaders as some teach.”

17. “If we are waiting for others to improve before we cease being offended, we will be waiting forever.”

18. “If you are sitting around doing nothing then you are not creating and you are producing no good or evil.”

19. “God’s intelligence in you is making a lot of mistakes. Get used to it or your life will be frustrating.”

20. “There is no such thing as a true paradox, but only that which has the appearance of a paradox.”

21. “If a people have money, abundance and scientific advancement this does not mean they are materialistic.”

22. “There have been many mistakes made by believers in Christ and Buddha, but the major ones occurred after the first generation of followers died off and much of the vision was lost.”

23. “Are we on a witch hunt? No one is seeking out any witches here. Instead we do not want to be forced to learn the ways of the witch when we have a class on the gardening for the soul. You are not hunting the witch – the witch is hunting you.”

24. “A channel is basically the same as, is or has been called a medium.”

25. “Most involved in Wicca are very harmless folks far removed from Satanism.”

26. “The Hierarchy of the Mormons have their faults but they do not participate in human sacrifice.”

27. “All founders of all organizations make mistakes, but this does not make them Satanists.”

28. “As far as Scientology goes I have read a number of their books and I think the best material is in L. Ron Hubbard’s “Science of Mental Health.” He presented some great material in this and I think some of it was inspired, but then I believe Hubbard became interested in making money as a prime objective and the soul contact went down from there.”

29. “There is a huge difference between putting all your attention on the positive during the good times, and keeping it there during times of great distress.” – The Lost Key of the Buddha, The Immortal Series, Book III

30. “Different opinions are welcome here.”

31. “I continue, and will continue to make, no claims about myself as a person.”

32. “By the way, you do not have full power of decision in your dreams because your mental link is detached.”

33. “Self improvement may be an off-shoot of the teachings presented here, but such is far from the prime purpose. The main purpose is the Gathering of Lights and the creation of the Molecular Relationship.”

34. “I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but would be willing to do so if I thought the profits were being used wisely.”

35. “There is no reason why God cannot expand and contract.”

36. “Unfortunately advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.”

37. “To say a thing is evidence is not evidence at all.”

38. “The truth is, Babylon never died, but is still with us.”

39. “There are many things in the human world that man is more capable of performing well than is the Highest of Masters.”

40. “It’s fine to disagree and that is not rude.”

41. “The people I know who act outwardly happy the highest percentage of the time are the manic depressives who also suffer severe depression.”

42. “I personally can’t stand to be around others who are trying to be someone else.”

43. “The wholeness of the work needs to be seen. The work not only includes religion and spirituality, but all the good endeavors of humanity in education, science, the arts, politics, philosophy and others.”

44. “Every good ideology from the past has always been supported by people who examine all things in the clear, cold light of reason.”

45. “From my study in using Strongs Concordance and comparing various translations I have found the Concordant version to be most accurate. This is the only Bible I know that was translated entirely with the idea of accuracy rather than dogma or readability.”

46. “Any teaching about hope needs to be accompanied by what it is that I’m supposed to be hoping for.”

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“Consciousness” quotes

1. “It is difficult for us to clarify with our consciousness that which is outside our consciousness.

2. “Notice that the word for God is Elohym which really means “Gods,” plural. This is because you cannot be a god by yourself, but it must be accomplished by a group consciousness.

3. “What is called the subconscious is composed billions of tiny lives, each with an individual consciousness of their own.

4. “If therefore we could exist in the Eternal Now where there is no time, space, consciousness or form, what have we? Answer: We have the higher octave of consciousness.

5. “The higher correspondent of consciousness, the root of the tree beyond time and space from which all consciousness, time and space springs forth, is the Life Principle itself.

6. “A unit of human consciousness is approximately one heartbeat. If you do not believe this try and think three or more separate and distinct thoughts in one second. It cannot be done.

7. “Most of us have no memories of before the age of four because there is no self awareness. Our consciousness goes through, for about four years, one similar to the animal kingdom where individualization has not taken place.

8. “There is no such thing as unconscious thought. Thought only springs from consciousness.

9. “All organization we see before us – such as the human cell or DNA is the result of conscious thought on some level, but now operates automatically below the threshold of consciousness.

10. “The Eternal Now is not timelessness as many teach, but a consciousness that allows time selection.

11. “As we advance in consciousness, our bodies advance in refinement. Consciousness is the activating factor of any unused DNA or other ingredients that alters our form and physical abilities.

12. “The stone tablets of Moses that were supposed to be written by the finger of God were really written by Moses himself. The reason the word was passed down that they were written by God is because Moses was in a translated, or God State of consciousness, when he wrote them. You will remember that when he came down from the mount that his face glowed like the sun.

13. “All beings who have reached the God consciousness identify with the One God and share a oneness of consciousness. Millions of beings in the universe share this consciousness.

14. “The Logoi above the Solar is to our consciousness, much higher than we are to a slug.

15. “In reality the word “subconscious” is an oxymoron. To be conscious of a thing is to be actively aware of that thing. If a thing is subconscious or below the level of our consciousness, then we are not aware of that thing and it has no part in our consciousness even though it may have an influence.

16. “Consciousness is created by experience and if you do not have the necessary experience all the seeking in the world will add little.

17. “What you perceive with your consciousness is as good as you are going to get.

18. “A tree does fall in a forest even though no one sees or hears it, but until this information is communicated to your consciousness, it has not fallen for you.

19. “The tiny lives in your body are providing a vehicle of consciousness for us and eventually become one with the greater lives of which they are a part. We will do the same thing and eventually see through the consciousness of Christ, the Planetary Logos, the planet itself and beyond.

20. “Consciousness passes through time in packages, or quantums of awareness, and as we pass through – say a dozen of these quantums – it may seem like we have operated on several levels at once; but in reality the person has passed through a dozen quantums one at a time so quickly that it may seem like he is experiencing more than one level.

21. “Now within the main quantum, or one second of human consciousness, there lies an eternity of time where billions of tiny lives are in motion and events are transpiring that would astound us if we could but observe all that is going on around and within us.

22. “How long is a quantum (or package) of human consciousness?

23. “The higher parts of ourselves are indeed always in heaven, but that consciousness which includes the whole self cannot go there until the proper lessons are learned and karma is worked out.

24. “We live at “one point of consciousness” at a time–and also one level at a time.

25. “It takes about a second of time to pass for us to be able to consciously register that any event has occurred. We can perceive things more quickly than a second, but registering them is another thing.

26. “The [Planetary] Logos is capable of blending his consciousness with the entire planet so it is as if he and the life of the earth are one. He can tune in to any one of us at will. He, as a master of group consciousness, teaches it to disciples who again pass it on to those who are ready.

27. “Consciousness is best described as circular because it is divided into seven general areas, corresponding to the Seven Rays.

28. “It takes about a 64th of a second to pass for us to be able to perceive that any event has occurred and within this quantum of time lies an eternity.

29. “Consciousness advances in human form but continues to progress in realms beyond human.

30. “All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness.

31. “We do not manifest through the consciousness of the Ancient of Days any more than the Chinese manifest through you.

32. “The state where Adam was in the garden of Eden and knew not that he was naked is a description of the consciousness of the animal-human before he passed completely out of the animal kingdom.

33. “You, your Solar Angel and all lives beyond have always existed as a reflected point in the fabric of universal consciousness.

34. “The consciousness of the free world demands freedom on the job as well as off. That demand is to be met by the Molecular Business.

35. “A dream within a dream would contain information that normal waking consciousness is attempting to ignore, hide from or insulate oneself from.

36. “If consciousness tries to function in a reality that only exists in theory to itself – and has not the means to even realize such reality – then consciousness will not expand, but suffer stagnation and go backwards.

37. “Meditation techniques are useful if wisely applied, but by themselves will do little to raise consciousness. Consciousness must be raised through the understanding and application of principles, taking them from spirit and applying them in the real world of matter.

38. “There are many things we can do that we do not do. Either the idea has not even entered our consciousness or we are just mesmerized into believing that we are powerless. Our freedoms are within our “ring pass not” and it does not even enter into our heads to look beyond the ring.

39. “That which lies beyond our “Ring Pass Not” is a freedom or a door to greater freedom that is beyond the ability of our consciousness and intelligence to grasp and incorporate into our reality.

40. “Even the sincere seeker goes through numerous layers of contact until he attains a consciousness where his perception is accurate.

41. “You are a reflection of the One God, but it takes many experiences to know ourselves in our consciousness.

42. “The division of the world is more along the lines of consciousness than strictly on boundaries.

43. “We all have to take one step at a time to add to our experience, thus adding to our consciousness, making higher awareness possible.

44. “Dreams, especially message dreams are sent to us to give us information that we have not fully registered correctly in our waking consciousness.

45. “The life of the inner Christ descends from the higher worlds of Spirit down to our physical consciousness.

46. “If two people are unable to come to an agreement on a principle, then one or both of them do not have the Christ Consciousness. Two people in such consciousness will always reach agreement when the truth is pursued.

47. “Creation takes place because of consciousness but its existence is not related to outside consciousness.

48. “When people attempt to take a larger step than their consciousness will allow then they are in danger of being deceived by the Dark Brotherhood.

49. “We must expand our ring pass not where we are, not where we are not.

50. “The inner voice is always there awaiting us right on the other side of normal consciousness. When the seeker uses the key of attention and shifts focus from the lower self to the higher the consciousness expands into the world of spirit.

51. “Awareness uses consciousness, but consciousness creates awareness.

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Consider The Possibility

“Consider The Possibility” quotes

1. “While it is a true principle that there is a possibility of a positive for every negative, there is one ingredient in this universe that prevents us from being mindlessly ruled by these two forces or the lack thereof. That ingredient is our basic intelligence and the power of decision that resides within the reflections of God.

2. “What I consider an opinion could be true and what I consider as true could be illusion.

3. “Future historians will make a footnote that the great expected Antichrist just did not materialize.

4. “Should we be open to the possibility that a great teacher or even the Christ may show up among us incognito? The answer to the latter is yes.

5. “When the power of Attention is one with the Purpose of God all things are possible and the magical power of the soul is manifest.

6. “It is important to realize though that there are many who are happy with the level of truth they have attained. If someone presents to them a greater light than they are ready for, it will be a painful experience for them and they will often fight against it.

7. “The term Lightworkers should apply to a broader spectrum than new agers. They are found in every religion, political group and major organization.

8. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience can be lived.

9. “All God needs to do to be unknowable is out imagine us.

10. “The current world wide concern over guns is like the guy who goes to the hospital bleeding with an arrow through his shoulder, but wants the doctor to take care of the pimple on his nose. By squeezing this issue of gun control we only make things worse whereas our negligence in other areas can cause humanity great loss of blood or life force.

11. “The reward of the just is not some palatial heaven with golden streets, but a true communion and oneness with God and for that we do not have to wait for a second coming, flying saucers or death.

12. “The most peaceful of lakes is disturbed when a large stone is thrown into its clear waters.

13. “The true shape of man is circular and he is in a constant state of rotation and movement as the atoms are.

14. “All things are possible for us to achieve and if the free world were to cooperate, then we could eliminate the threat from fanatical dictators who will shortly get nuclear weapons and missiles.

15. “The spiritual house of God is never out of order and the kingdom of God within is always available to all who are pure in heart.

16. “The reason that so many are accused of being dark conspirators is that the true conspiracy is a moving target and has worked to some degree through almost every organization and people in our history.

17. “There will be no rapture as believers define rapture.

18. “There are female prophets on the earth, but they are not recognized by the churches as a whole.

19. “Contemplation and tuning into the Oneness Principle can often lead to greater light than the reading of books.

20. “People who kill themselves are ignorant of the effects making it a mistake because of unforeseen consequences.

21. “Each of us must find our programming and neutralize it. When we realize how we are programmed we then have power over the programming and can respond as we consciously see fit rather than as some computer program.

22. “If you were more aware there would be no boredom.

23. “Under our present construct of math and physical reality PI exists as an ever illusive point that cannot be identified with an exact number, at least not a number that can be written using current mathematical principles.

24. “If it turns out to be true that the Book of Isaiah was written in two time periods, I would still be inclined to think that the whole of the book was written by the same entity, but in two or more lifetimes.

25. “As long as we use money as a medium of exchange there will never be pure cashlessness for people will always be able to trade with barter, IOU’s and commodities.

26. “Is it possible to neutralize the handicap of past success in the present life? Yes, but only if one “becomes as a little child” and is willing to let all attachments go and learn ‘all things new.’

27. “Life is a gathering of forms or forces around a point of decision wherein we have the power of attention focused.

28. “All people come into our lives because their consciousness shares a certain note with our own consciousness. If you apply the principle of attrition and do not play the shared note with the irritating person then they will fade out of your life and not show up again.

29. “In my mind it is much better to concentrate on moving toward something (synthesis – glass half full) rather than away from something (duality, fear, glass half empty).

30. “Be open to all possibilities, but remember this. When your foundation truths are challenged the chances are that the challenger is presenting illusion and you should question accordingly.

31. “A nuclear missile hurled at New York by a rogue nation would certainly diminish the prospects of a free society. Having millions of people evaporated with a nuclear weapon would be a painful way for us to learn a lesson. It’s also bad for the environment. Very bad.

32. “Let us give each other the benefit of the doubt and realize that we are all in this together. Let us assume the best in one another. No one here seeks fear or wants to kill anyone – most do not even want to step on a fly. All seek for love and peace to the best of their understanding. All desire harmony and oneness with their fellow human beings.

33. “Once you can communicate with your dream world, then you can control your dreams.

34. “If you stop acting like you have a chip on your shoulder and something to prove you might find that you are among friends and who knows? You might learn something.

35. “Wrong use of money causes people to prostitute their true nature and female energy.

36. “You are now the dream world of the soul.

37. “We must start from point zero with all people and include them within the realm of all possibilities.

38. “Every possibility is manifest somewhere and every possible experience that can be lived is being played out somewhere.

39. “For a true retrieval of ancient memories one would have to tune into the permanent physical atom which is composed of etheric matter.

40. “God, or Decision, existed in a point beyond and before time and space. Before this point were two possibilities. They were the possibility of Something, and Nothing, or the possibility of Creation or No Creation.

41. “The inner peace is always there waiting for us to accept it.

42. “The greatest hell is to have nothing new to create. Hell is creating that which has been over and over until boredom becomes so great that the life force flatlines.

43. “If the life of the Sun which covers more billions of years than recognized by current science were speeded up to an even greater degree so that this greater period was seen as seventy-two years then we would witness the personality of the Sun. We would see that it darts about the constellations and deviates from its projected course according to its free will.

44. “In our solar system there is a sun circled by twelve planets. Nine have been discovered and three are as of yet unknown to man.

45. “There is no great master plan — at least, not in the way people perceive it. In reality the only true master plan is the union of souls.

46. “If changes for the worse can be made then changes for the better can be also. That which is done can be undone and dreams which have never been, can be.

47. “Creation is impossible unless there is a creator and creators come forth for the joy of seeing their work through to the finish and being appreciated by other living beings.

48. “In my journey through time I am playing one symphony for the ears of the One Great Life and in your journey you are playing another and altogether there are endless pieces of music being played for the enjoyment of our Creator. This is the true meaning of the term ‘Music of the Spheres.’

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“Correspondences” quotes

1. “The splitting of the atom and the releasing of the pure energy of Spirit is a perfect correspondence to the resurrection of Christ. The life force of the atom was released to enter the way of higher evolution just as the tomb of the Christ burst opened and released the Son of God.

2. “Wherever there is two there is one that corresponds to male and the other to female.

3. “One of the best illustrations of the One and the Many is the guitar string. When it is stationary there is before you only one string, but as soon as you pluck it, there is immediately produced the illusion of three strings. There appears to be three strings until the vibration ends. Then we see one string again. So also is God.

4. “The human atom (Adam) corresponds in many ways to the physical atom.

5. “The most interesting correspondence {for the sake of this treatise} is that each atom is polarized in either positive or negative (male or female) energy and they bond with (marry) each other.

6. “If you want to know how reliable the writings of a person are then check out what you know and correspond them to what you do not know.

7. “Being aware that there is a correspondence between the higher and lower and then discovering how that correspondence plays out are two different items.

8. “The higher correspondence of conflict is cooperation.

9. “The human correspondence of an atom is represented by a male and female coming together and balancing their energies. As these two become “one flesh” they are looked upon as one human atomic unit or a human Adam.

10. “Male and, or female entities as individuals form human atoms, not molecules and this requires a one-to-one relationship, just as there is always one proton for each electron in nature.

11. “Just as the tiny lives called cells work together in unity to produce the greater life which is man, even so do the Gods (or Masters) cooperate with the will of the One Great Life.

12. “I see the future as malleable yet the end of our evolution is pretty much set – like the end product of a blueprint is a house. In the building process though, many unexpected events occur.

13. “The fact that we lose all our memories of experiences when we incarnate in a new life is representative of what happens on a vaster scale in the universe.

14. “Each life you go through is like a different arrangement of the song that is you, but even though the arrangement is different, the basic melody running through each arrangement is the same.

15. “When you mention one eye, the thought of the “all seeing eye” of God comes to my mind. This rests on the top of the New Jerusalem.

16. “The higher correspondence of an atomic molecule is represented by specific numbers of male/female units uniting in purpose and linked spiritually to the Kingdom of God.

17. “The reason we came here was to make the watch, so to speak. We are not recreating some past watch, but making a new and different kind of watch which has never exactly appeared before. The Solar Angel is a perfected watch, you are a watch in construction and The Dweller is Gilligan trying to distract you by getting you to take a ride on a boat. Eventually the three will be three watches, not one watch. How does oneness come in? They will all harmonize and give the same time and fill a similar purpose while being unique in their creation.

18. “Today, the foundation of the Internet is comparable to the foundation of the Alexandrian Library, but a higher octave thereof. The Internet provides means for the sharing of knowledge on a scale that was hitherto unknown, and few can see where it is leading us.

19. “The number seven creates the building blocks to the universe. The earth itself has seven centers. There are seven notes in sound and seven colors in a rainbow of light. It is only fitting that we humans are somehow also built on seven differing vibrations. Even before the throne of God there are seven creative Spirits. There are seven centers within the human kingdom. Beyond this the number seven shows up in many other corresponding areas including: The seven rays or hierarchies. The seven planes of manifestation. The seven Kumaras. The seven principles of man. The seven chains. The seven globes. The seven rounds. The seven root-races and subraces. The seven initiations. The seven major centers of the solar system.

20. “Just as you cannot play a melody with one note, neither can life be lived in fullness by searching for and finding that one be-all or end-all to religion or philosophy.” – The Lost Key of the Buddha, The Immortal Series, Book III

21. “The Song [of the 144,000] is like the sails of a ship. Maneuvering sails can guide your ship safely to its next destination, but it will not insure there will be no storms ahead. If the sails are used with intelligence you can guide your ship either through or around the various obstacles.

22. “Just like various rays will merge into one ray it is logical that the third eye and the two physical eyes could synthesize into one.

23. “Evil is the reverse reflection of good, corresponding to the fact that “evil” is “live” reflected in reverse.

24. “The bird flies making use of true principles, yet does not understand the principle of flight or realizes it exists. So it is with us.

25. “Creation on a higher level will have some similarities to the lower, but will be far from exactly the same. For instance a solar system is a bit like an atom, but with many differences.

26. “In a state of eternal change you just have to be at home with change or you’ll never feel at home. Just because you are home does not mean you cannot improve that home.

27. “Visualize yourself going to bed in a cold room to take a rest. Your bed is so short that your feet hang over the edge. The covers are so short that they only cover half your body. Would this not be an uncomfortable situation you would want to rectify at the first possible moment? Yet the foundation teachings, the good the beautiful and the true, of most religions have been in large part shorted or removed making the bed of religion too short and a very uncomfortable resting place. Foundation teachings and new revelation have been suppressed so members do not have sufficient light as a covering and shiver inside stone buildings lacking warmth.

28. “The seen, the radiant, that which is in motion, the out breath corresponds to male. The invisible, the magnetic, the involution, the in breath corresponds to female.

29. “The Eternal Now is like a great mural with infinite pictures composed of infinite pixels and that each pixel is a point in time and space.

30. “I maintain that the Pendulum is an accurate correspondence to the swinging moods of humanity as it goes from error to error passing over truth. This analogy is arrived at, not by taking the pendulum and comparing it to humanity, but by observing humanity and seeing the elements of a pendulum.

31. “Atoms evolve similar to humans in that as they progress they add seven chakras or electron layers. When the seventh becomes active, the atom becomes radioactive and may even glow in the dark as does radium. The radioactive human will also shine like the sun during certain initiations as Jesus did on the Mount of Transfiguration.

32. “The ark of God (or the Ark of the Covenant) was a physical storehouse for the laws of God written on stone in ancient Israel. But in the coming age the laws of God will not be written on stone but in the hearts of men and women as foretold by Jeremiah.

33. “Even though there are layers and levels of interpretation, to be accurate they must fit in with the Law of Correspondences and the whole of the interpretive work must be consistent and without major contradictions. It also must be consistently logical and appeal to the intuition as well as reason.

34. “If you realized you were a player in a story line and could see a ways into the future, boredom would flee out the window. The script will provide many points of tension making sure the player will be anything but bored.

35. “The picture, or story, is just the plan. We are actors in the picture making it materialize and in the process have a unique experience. Experience is the key motivator that keeps the life within us coming back for more, worlds without end.

36. “Correspondences reverse from plane to plane.

37. “A harp must be tuned and when it is, beautiful music is played for the Master. We not only receive from god but give to him. The playing of the harp signifies that when we attain the Christ consciousness we become finely tuned in both our lower and higher natures and are likened to a musical instrument joining in the “music of the spheres” to play in the great symphony of God.

38. “Remember there are always similarities in a higher correspondences, but differences too.

39. “You will notice that there are certain numbers which are associated with divinity in the scriptures and other inspired writings: 1, 3, 7, 12, and multiples thereof.

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