1. “We always want the easy way and just want to be told the answer by some authority instead of being forced back upon our own souls.”

2. “In the true student-teacher relationship authority is only recognized because it is earned.”

3. “One who reveals true principles that register with soul should score many points toward becoming an earned authority because true principles and true facts are intertwined.”

4. “One should never use a vow or promise that is written by an outward authority unless it is fully understood and endorsed through considerable reflection.”

5. “Many people actually have no earned authority for they have not taken the time to test any data. If the authority is declared valid by other authorities then no questioning usually occurs.”

6. “The voice of God speaking through the Soul is the ultimate authority for the disciple.”

7. “The highest authority in the human kingdom should be one who has taught us a principle which has been confirmed by our own Souls.”

8. “We should never give any man, woman, disembodied entity or even Master the same authority as our Souls, for we should always do our best to check the truth of all teachings with the Spirit of God which dwells in us.”

9. I do not need any authority to say anything I want. The reader can use the authority of the soul to discover the truth or error of anything I say.”

10. “If you and Jesus were born as twin brothers or sisters, your words and actions would have as much authority as His until He proved himself anew.”

11. “Confronting and slaying your first dragon of authority is the first major step for when the Spirit of God through your soul sees that you will listen to It more than the multitude of voices without then the lines of communication swing open wide.”

12. “Perhaps the greatest earned authority, as far as printed words are concerned, are the words of Jesus.”

13. “The Mormons, Jews, and others who depend on the covenant of strong authority still find the results poor.”

14. “If you center not yourself in the words of the soul then the mind of God is not manifest within you. You therefore err and become a servant to something else that is not the mind of God within you. Your position is therefore not secure for the outward authority can dismiss you at any given moment.”

15. “Earned and unearned authority applies to many areas of life.”

16. “Examine the teachings of the potential earned authority over a period of time and range of material.”

17. “Fortunately, there have been numerous times in my life that an earned authority has proven right over my protests and preconceived notions.”

18. “As one advances down the evolutionary path he eventually drops his reliance on authority without and relies on the authority within.”

19. “Would it not be sad to find ourselves in the position of the ancient Jews who rejected their Christed One because of misplaced authority?”

20. “Fear of change is closely linked to the challenge of authority.”

21. “I am an authority on myself more than anyone else.”

22. “To escape the power of authority the mind must become involved for if it is attempted through emotion alone there will only be a rebellion from one authority which will be replaced by another.”

23. “It is extremely difficult to make that first decision to trust the spirit within over a previously trusted authority without.”

24. “I believe most of us will see eye-to-eye not because I am your authority, but because your souls are your authority and all souls are one.”

25. “It is quite easy to control a person who thinks that God speaks to an authority, but not directly to himself. This authority that speaks for God becomes then the God without.”

26. “Those who rely upon the outer authority reject the idea of going within to verify that which they have received from without. This causes a blanket of darkness to fall upon the blind follower.”

27. “Positive authority is that which has been earned. Such an authority is ready, willing and able to prove his or her credibility at any given moment. They do not fear a challenge because they are secure in their ability.”

28. “When your soul does give you confirmation you will have received from an earned authority which puts you under an obligation to accept, or that soul force could withdraw.”

29. “There is such a thing as a reliable authority that can be a useful guide in stimulating soul contact and guiding us toward the truth.”

30. “We never want to discourage that search by some proclamation of ‘what is’ by some outward authority: God, the Brotherhood or whatever.”

31. “When people recognize you have authority they will immediately give you power, but if they see that you have power only, they will sometimes run away to avoid the wrong use of that power.”

32. “Go to any church or even a new age movement and try and teach them something contrary to that which their authorities tell them and see what happens.”

33. “You will find, however, that wherever unjust authority rears its ugly head, the person exercising it will revel in the chance to be called by some title that belongs to God alone.”

34. “Most churches still apply maximum punishment to all who defy tradition.”

35. “It is good that we help the poor, but if we submit to an authority that takes all of our money and gives it to the poor, then we will be poor, too.”

36. “You take back your power by turning to the Holy Spirit within and letting this be your only final authority. When this happens, the chains that hold you bound come undone and you will enter into the joy of the Lord and in this state depression is impossible.”

37. “Revelation, the soul, and the Spirit of God are available to all who seek. It’s too bad the authorities in the churches do not accept this.”

38. “An outward authority who claims his voice is as the voice of God can form a barrier to peace and stir the pilgrim’s conscience putting him in a state of perpetual disturbance so he knows no peace.”

39. “The false authority is he who cannot demonstrate the truth of that which he claims to teach or practice.”

40. “One of the main causes of false authority is the use of the power of appointment by another false authority.”

41. “The power of election (decision) is given to us so we can find our true authorities and place them where they can be useful dispensers of their wisdom and talents.”

42. “I find that I do not fit in groups where they rely on an authority other than the soul or the kingdom within.”

43. “You must check with your souls (the final authority) and verify any answer that I or any other teacher should give.”

44. “What is more evil than crime, immorality, corruption, bickering, etc. is the controlling use of subtle authority that removes our power of Decision so we do not even recognize the enemy and no longer ‘know good and evil.'”

45. “Remember, it just takes one person to stand up and say, “Now, what in the hell did that mean?!” And, before you know it, you have an epidemic of people questioning authority.”

46. “When your soul does give you confirmation you will have received from an earned authority which puts you under an obligation to accept, or that soul force could withdraw.”

47. “We must open our own eyes to the one authority – the Spirit of God within us.”

48. “We must be constantly asking ourselves concerning controversial issues if we are accepting information because of some authoritative decree or are we willing to look at real facts and evidence.”

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