McCall Gathering 2007, Part 36

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Mastering the Bull

The next lesson is the lesson of Taurus and the second lesson of Taurus is the capture the Cretan Bull. The gods said, well the last time you messed it up a bit and lets see if you do better this time Hercules. We want you to go capture this bull that is on the island of Crete and take it over to the mainland and give it to the one eyed Cyclops. The bull is to be dedicated to the gods so they need that bull in their possession. This time and labor and all that follow he has to perform alone. The first labor he has a sidekick with him. Remember that TV series he always had that sidekick with him that was like his lower self. In all the rest of the labors he has to perform them pretty much all alone.

And so he did a search and finally he found this bull which had a shining star on its head. He captured the bull and he managed to ride it through the ocean and took it to the mainland and gave it to the one eyed race that was there. Three leaders represented the one eyed race and they all had one eye. Can anyone guess what this symbolism is about?

Audience: Silence

JJ: Capturing the bull and taking it to the mainland, what would that mean? And what does it mean that we have a bull on an island?

Audience: Isolated

JJ: Right, the bull is symbolic of the lower self again and it is symbolic of our lower desires and also our sex urge. Lower psychism, lower desire and the sex urge – these are what the bull represents.

The star on the bull represents the light in the forehead which is a light from the soul that guides us through these energies so that they can be controlled accurately. Now we each see ourselves as an isolated unit and in making decisions about our lower nature we see ourselves as making decisions from a point of isolation. That is why the bull is isolated. We say that what I do only affects me but actually what we do has a ripple effect and affects many people.

So Hercules was told to take the bull to the mainland. In other words, take the lower part of our nature and realize that it is not isolated. The lower part of our nature affects the higher part of our nature and they are all intertwined.

This is continuation of the lesson when he worked with his friend Abduras. They were supposed to work together and they ended up working separately and the labor almost ended up getting bungled. So he is supposed to take the bull to the mainland, which symbolizes unity, the unity of the lower and the higher self. We say the lower self and the lower self does not mean bad self. The lower self is still part of the whole and the lower self needs directed in such a way that it is useful for it is a tool.

All of our bodies are merely vehicles. If you have a car, it is a vehicle to take you from one place to another. We have seven vehicles all together – three vehicles of form, which are most important from our point of view. The first form is the form of the mind, which is thought. The second, desire, and then the third, the physical form that we are in right now.

There are worlds that are composed of emotional matter that are just controlled by feeling and this is called the astral world. Then the next world up is the world of thought. All form is manipulated by what you think. Now thought and emotion or feeling and physical activity are all brought together at this lowest point that we are at. Our lower urges need to be ridden or mastered for riding the bull symbolizes taking control of our lower nature and directing it in a harmless way so that it becomes a sacrifice, so to speak, for the gods. These three one eyed men symbolize enlightened beings of the higher self and the three aspects of the Trinity – the Father, Son and Holy Ghost, or the aspects of power, love and will.

These three one eyed Cyclops symbolizes the higher aspect of the Holy Trinity that the lower nature must be delivered by riding the bull so to speak to the one God. So we can use the lower nature to full fill the purpose of God rather than against them.

Audience: You mentioned something about thought and desire and physical activity.

JJ: The three worlds of form are desire, and then mind and thought, and then the lowest world is the physical world. The physical world is really two because the physical world that we see is composed of what we call the dense physical which is really not built upon what is called a real principle. What really sustains form is we call the etheric body. Has anyone ever showed you how to see the etheric body?

Audience: No

JJ: Okay it is much easier to see than the aura and I will show you how to see it. We need a white or light background. Now put your thumbs together and touch them and then pull them apart so they are about a quarter inch from each other and look at that space in between them against this white background. Stare only at the empty space with the white wall in the background . You will see kind of a blue film around your thumbs stretching about a millimeter from the skin.

How many of you can see it? Okay just about everybody. It is pretty easy to see. When I was a younger kid I taught a class in the church to a bunch of young kids and I showed them how to see this and I said that is your spirit. (Chuckling) They went home and told their parents and boy I got in a lot of trouble.

Okay now I want everyone to stare at my third eye in my forehead. I guess I had better think good thoughts. (60 seconds later) Okay I am going to move away but I want you to keep your eyes fixed on that spot and imagine I am still there. (45 seconds later) Okay what do you see? Does anybody see any colors?

Audience: Blue

Audience: I saw yellow.

Audience: Blue and orange.

JJ: I am just recovering from a cold and there may be some interference there. Anyone see any dark spots?

Audience: Yes

JJ: If you are getting over a cold or something when you look at the whole body you can often see the areas where there is a congestion of energy.

Audience: Now when you were standing up there you just a few more seconds and then you decided to step away, how did you sense when it was the appropriate time for us to see that?

JJ: Any time around a minute it begins to work and there is nothing magical about an exact time. Next, to see your aura you have to concentrate on looking a little bit farther out. The etheric body is really easy to see and almost everybody can see that, but not too many can see the aura naturally. This is something that has to be learned by experimenting and continuing to practice and then when you first see it you will think it was your imagination because it is so fleeting. You will see it and then it will disappear and then look and it will disappear or go away.

The process of seeing the aura is the process I call “not seeing.” You have to be in mode to not see to be able to see. In other words it is a little bit like chasing your girlfriend when you are young. If she knew you were chasing her then she avoided you but if you act like you do not care then she thinks, “since he does not care then I am going to make him care.” So it is a little bit like that in the fact that when you begin to see the aura that you have to have the mindset that you do not care if you see it or not and you have to put yourself in a mindset where are not really trying to look but you are trying.

This is kind of an interesting mindset that you have to put yourself in and when you finally get in that mindset you cannot be enamored by it because as soon as you think, oh boy, its working, then it disappears. You have to keep your emotions at bay and then finally you will get to the point to where you can see it and look at it for a while.

Now out farther than the aura is the film that covers the aura. You are actually fairly egg shaped. If you notice that when you break an egg there is a film on the outer part of the egg. Well there is a film on the outer part of the aura and on this outer film part of the aura is projected your thoughts and they are projected in all kinds of geometric forms. A Master can look at these geometric forms you are projecting and tell what you are thinking.

When Christ approached the woman at well and read her mind he was merely looking at the projection of thought and He was very sensitive to that. These outer images are much harder to see than the aura, just like the aura is much harder to see than the etheric body. They are very elusive. I find sometimes they are easiest to see just when you are waking up in the morning when you are in between being awake and asleep and sometimes for a short period of time I will see them really easy.

I used to practice quite a bit in seeing the aura but I have not done it much in recent years. I find that by just using the intuitive nature that you can pick up what you need on other individuals but seeing the aura does have its use and sometimes an aura may just stand out, and out of the blue for some reason my soul wants me to see the aura and it will just be real easy to see. So if you tune into the soul when you are supposed to know something about somebody then you will get some kind of impression one way or another and you may pick up something about their aura also.

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The Last Life, Part 4

This entry is part 21 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

Wayne: I know where the separation between the animal mind and the human mind is. No animal thinks abstractly or symmetrically. They think objectively and every whole human thinks in abstract form and that is why we have spoken languages and why we think in languages. Animals don’t – they think in pictures or sense so I know that is where the break point is and if that is the same as becoming self-conscious…

JJ: That is not the same as becoming self-conscious. When humans first become self-conscious they are still very close to the animal instincts. They carry those animal instincts closely with them and develop them to the highest level possible. For instance, you hear stories about native in the jungles using their animal instincts in an almost supernatural way that baffles the regular civilized person.
Now moving ahead we eventually develop everything we can at the physical level. We are talking about identifying with the physical and this is what we first learn – everything connected with physical survival and using those instincts in a native element and then we progress to something else that many people think is not progression. Does anybody have an idea as to what that is?

Audience: It has something to do with the physical thinking mind.

JJ: Okay we have the physical, the thinking, or mind – and what is in between?

Audience: The emotional.

JJ: The emotional; we learn selfishness. Now what is interesting is that a lot people visit these native tribes and find out that they are very sharing. They go and hunt the wild animals and everybody shares them and many people think that they are more evolved than us since they have a natural sharing about them. That is the instinctive level that has a bit of a pack mentality, but then we begin to separate ourselves and begin to develop the desire nature and as we do this we see our selves as separate from everybody else. Then we want what is good for us and the heck with our neighbor. Many people see selfishness as evil but what is not realized is that this is a state we must all pass through to learn unselfishness. All of us know people that are going through this period of selfishness and it is something that we have to go through.

We go through many lives that are spent in this emotional development and in this development we learn emotional love and emotional love is different from spiritual love because when you fall in love emotionally you want the person for what they will do for you. So this is a selfish form of love and you want money for what it can do for you and you want the possessions for what they can do for you. As a person enters this emotional existence and he goes through hundreds of lifetime in this period of emotional existence his learning is a slow process. He becomes more and more selfish and he begins to get so selfish that finally he reaches a lifetime to of almost absolute selfishness, and he reaches a point where he is so selfish that he gets everything he wants and he steps on everybody’s toes and finally reaches a point where he realizes he is not satisfied. He has everything he wants and he has hurt a lot of people to get there and he does not do unto others as he would have them do unto him. He does unto others before they do unto him type of thing.

Finally he reaches the point where he gets everything he wants but it does not make him happy and he thinks, well there has to be something more. And as he begins to think about what works and what do not work in this process he develops the next step, which is his mind. Then he develops his mind and he gets excited again about life and he begins to study philosophy and how things work and he puts together a belief system. When he has developed a mind he decides for a period that there is no God at all because he cannot see any direct evidence at all and God has never come down and talked to him. So when he reaches this mental ability and he begins to develop this mental ability he becomes an atheist for a number of lifetimes and becomes a non-believer.

Now what is interesting about atheism is we see these atheists around us and many of them are more evolved than the religious folk and born again people who are very zealous about God and the after life and being saved. Many of the atheists are actually farther along in the whole scheme of things than are the religious zealous people. Now there are also religious people who are very high up spiritually and you cannot put them all in one category but many of the simple minded religious people are not as spiritually evolved as the atheist and this is just a period that the atheist goes through and each one of us sometime along the path will go through a period of where we will just give up on there being a God. So the person goes through a number of lifetimes where he does not believe it unless he can see it, unless he can prove it and what do you think turns this guy around?

Audience: Near death experience.

Audience: Chuckling

JJ: You never know!

Wayne: He starts to develop spiritually.

JJ: What turned the selfish man around? Lorraine what turned him around?

Lorraine: He did not find joy.

JJ: Yes, selfishness did not work for him. So the man develops his mind and becomes very wise, the equivalent of the college professor or a great scientist, an engineer, and great philosopher at one time and he explores all the elements of the mind lifetime after lifetime until he reaches a point where he mentally produces one thought: “I have gone through and used every piece of logic and reasoning to understand life and still I cannot get the answers.”

Audience: The person who is at the pinnacle of selfishness – would it not bring them joy for a little while before he came to this realization that this selfishness did not really bring him true joy and happiness?

JJ: Everything new brings you joy and when we went from the physical to the emotional and began to develop emotional love – it really stimulated us and felt great. Just like say you get a divorce from a bad marriage and you start doing the bar scene and you say, “oh man, this is really great to be free and you do it every night for say a year.

Then you think, man I am getting bored of this and I had better start thinking about settling down again. You eat the best candy you can find and when you eat it over and over again you get bored of it. So when you enter a new activity you get real excited and for a period of time and then you get bored again. The guy who enters the mind finds it very exciting to encounter these emotionally based people and counter them with an argument or to wrap them around his finger because he is a little bit smarter than they are. It is kind of a thrill to do that for these guys. And it is kind of a thrill to study different things that stimulate the mind but over a period of lifetimes he covers everything related to the mind and still he finds that he still does not have all the answers that he wants. The answers have to be there somewhere and where are they? Could it be possible that there is an answer somewhere? And that maybe they’re something higher up than just physical matter?

So his mind begins to open up because he has reached a dead end and he asks a lot of questions that he just can’t get answered. Logic cannot answer them and his mind cannot deduce it from available data. He just can’t get the answers for sure and internally he feels that there must be a way to get the answers so he looks within.

Then what spurs on his evolution is he opens up and becomes as a little child, “Except ye become as a little child you cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” So when he thought he knew it all he had no possibility of entering into the kingdom of God. But then he keeps knocking his head against the wall and not getting any answers and then finally concluding that maybe there is something there and asking, how do I find it? Then he becomes like a little child as if he knows nothing and he begins to get a flash of inspiration and then thinks, did I imagine that somewhere inside my mind or did that come from somewhere else? I am going to test this out. He begins to test this out logically and piece it together. He thinks, this piece of knowledge I have just came in a flash. It is logical but it is not logical how I got it. I wonder if something else will come.

He concentrates on it and pretty soon something else does come and then he learns to develop the intuitional part of himself, the spiritual part of himself, and he is excited again. He was banging his head against the wall for several lifetimes and now he has discovered that there is higher knowledge available, not through the mind but there is some type of higher life up there that is able to funnel down higher principles so that he can understand new things and he is all excited again.

With each round of discovery you get excited again and now he is real excited that he has found a new way to obtain knowledge by the intuition and by contacting something. So he goes through a number of lifetimes where experiences false contacts and true contacts until finally he begins to differentiate and learn what is the soul and what is not the soul and what is true and what is not true until finally he is able to solidify himself in the kingdom of God.

Then when he solidifies himself in the kingdom of God he makes contact with not only his intuition but he makes contact with the Brotherhood of Light and he finds out that there are high beings upon the earth that have gone through everything that he has gone through and have mastered everything that pertains to humanity. These people work with us through the soul energies and there is whole group of lives on the other side that can be contacted through what I call the oneness principle. Through the soul he finds that he has group contact and just before he contacts this group life he goes through what is called “The Dark Night Of The Soul”. Most people do not understand the dark night of the soul. They think that if they are depressed than they are under going the dark night of the soul but that is not what the dark night of the soul is. The dark night of the soul is a point of tension before you find and make a link with your group life – with The Brotherhood Of Light.

The Brotherhood of Light is like a Spiritual Internet. In other words, you turn on your computer and all of a sudden there are millions of lives there available. You punch a key and you can have the thoughts from among millions of human beings show up on your computer screen. The Spiritual Internet is like that. It is interesting to note that in esoteric teachings every one of our inventions is really something that is patterned after something on the unseen worlds. In other words, the regular Internet is patterned after the Spiritual Internet.

There is a Spiritual Internet and through the soul you can tap into this and you never know what you are going to get. It is a little bit like doing a Google search, when you put in a word for a Google search and you don’t know what you are going to get. If you put a key word in your mind and you are in contact through the soul through the intuition you are going to bring down some interesting material and you never know what it is going to be. If you put in a word on a Google search such as “Boise” you will get all kinds of generic information about the city, but if you put in Boise Broncos then that is going to really narrow it down so you are not going to get nearly as many hits but it will be more specific. The same is true with us with the Spiritual Internet – if we put out some specific words and key questions that are floating around in our mind then we are going pull more specific material that is going to download into our minds.


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The Intuition, Part 2

This entry is part 7 of 49 in the series JJ Lectures

In our far past we relied on instinct. At one time in our past lives we were tribal people and we learned to develop the instinct. We learned everything that the animals had and we took it with us and used it to the maximum and we developed it fully. Then we decided that we wanted to learn something else and to do this we dropped the instincts below the threshold of our consciousness. So where did it go?

You do not see Garrett over here taming mountain lions or anything like that. He is probably the wrong person to pick on because he is probably pretty close to nature. The thing is this, where did our instinctual powers go? And the answer is that they are still with us. And we can go back and tap into it, just like when you come across a complicated word, you can go back and tap into how to pronounce things and use that skill to sound it out. Now each of us has passed through the instinctive process so each of us has the ability to tap into the instinct as good as any native running around in the jungles, if we decide to tap into it. But the thing is a lot of us are not aware that we have passed through that and are not aware that we can go back in and tap into it.

I remember a while back, and I have not seen it lately, but there used to be these drumming clubs where men discover their manliness. Men get together and drum, apparently the people that do this say that it taps into some basic primal thing in them that they did not realize was there. We can tap into that instinct that is still there and we can still go back and retrieve it. The reason drumming brings it back is because in our past lives as natives in various places we probably did a lot of drumming and the drumming taps us into that memory and brings us back to instincts.

I remember one time I attended this meeting where this gal performed a Native American dance and as I was watching it I went into a dream state and went back into a past life where I was some type of Native myself. I thought, wow that was pretty powerful and she must have tapped into some ancient memory at the time. That was quite fascinating but all of that is below the threshold of our consciousness and we can tap into it whenever we want, but for what we are doing right now we do not need it very much.

We don’t need to rely on instinct very much to survive like some one living in the jungles or close to the earth and hunting everyday or being hunted. Instead, we need to use other resources and because of this we let the instinct pretty much go. It is not always completely gone and we feel a certain amount of instinct in things; like say we touch a hot stove and we react instinctively. Certain instincts are built into us like a computer program that we just continue to use when important. But if we do not use them frequently we just let them go. The important thing to realize is that we can let them go and bring them back whenever we want. All we have to do is pay attention to them and they can come back to us and we can use them as a tool should the need arise.

After the person develops these instincts and lets them go what is the next thing to concentrate on?

We move away from the physical instinct to the emotional self. Now as we move into the emotional realm we start using it with what we call our “gut feelings.” The gut feeling is close to being instinctual but it is kind of the bridge between instinct and psychism and so we get feelings about things and we begin to develop this side of ourselves.

Wayne from the audience: Was the choice of that shirt instinct?

JJ: Laughing, it was random! All my selections are random unless my wife picks them out for me, so you can talk to her.

So the next thing we develop is our psychic abilities and you will notice that a lot of people evolve into this as they break away from the instinct. A good example of people bridging the gap is in Haiti where they practice voodoo. So they have a lot of psychism and instinct there but as I said they are bridging the gap from the instinct to the lower psychic as they are moving from instinct to lower psychism. Next we move from the lower psychic to higher psychism and we spend a long time developing our feelings from being insensitive to the feeling world.

Now the feeling world is upside down from the real world. Have you ever looked at your self in a mirror and it really looks like you but in fact you are really reversed and it is not the way other people see you.

It is kind of funny when you see a picture of you that is not reversed you think that it looks kind of odd but when you look in a mirror you think, well that is the way I look but that is not the way other people are seeing you – your image in the mirror is reversed. The soul projects to the mind and then reflects to the emotional self as in a mirror where all is reversed.

This is why the purpose of the feeling world is not to lead us to truth but to lead us to experience. Haven’t you found that some of your greatest experiences have been when you have done something really crazy that was not logical and you look back on it and think it was a really stupid thing to do but it lead to a really interesting experience and you learned a lot. This is what the feeling world does. It takes everything and reverses it and you get a feeling about reality but you never find reality in the feeling world and this is another reason that as you develop through the feeling world you develop your psychic abilities. This is also the reason most psychics are not really very accurate.

They are interesting and they are fun to listen to and they tap into things but just like looking at yourself in the mirror if you were to describe yourself and say the mole is on the right side when it is really on the other side well that is why the psychic will say a thing is going to happen in 2001 and it will really happen in 2003. They will get a bunch of data and some of it is true. The information is just true enough that it keeps people going to psychics. Even though much is reversed, it is projected into the world or among their friends or their clients and it just rings true enough that you have got to think there is something to this.

But it is never 100% accurate and as a matter of fact whenever a major event happens like 911 you never hear a psychic saying it in advance that it is going to happen. Where they are best at is connecting to the feeling nature. Many psychics are actually quite good at picking up your feelings and describing them to you because regular psychism operates on the feeling nature. Now there is lower and higher psychism and there are different degrees. The lower psychic is actually sometimes the most accurate because he does not have a lot of ego attached to it but as a person progresses and increases his vibration; he also increases the power of ego.

So his ego gets more centralized, so he gets to the point where he begins to think that, “Oh I am a really great psychic and I am a great being because I have these powers.” When they start thinking this way it reverses and contorts their thinking all the more and so they have even more difficulty. But what they can do is they can read other people’s feelings and work with them. A psychic can also often pick up things from the other person’s aura and many psychics that claim to contact the dead are actually just picking up things in the clients aura about that dead person who is not even in the room with them or anything.

Every once in a while there will be a legitimate contact with the dead but most of the time they are tuning into the person they are with and sometimes a real psychic ability occurs where they really pick up something from the person’s memory or feeling nature. Both the psychic and the person will believe it is from the spirit world when in fact they are just picking it up from the person’s memory or the person’s aura.

Like I say there is no black and white on this because there are so many things that come into play. There are times when the veil between the two worlds is thin and people pick up things. Then there are other times when the psychic himself will pick up information from his own thoughtform, and other times he will pick it up from the person he is reading.

So we go through this psychic period and not all of us become like Jeane Dixon, a famous psychic. When you are going through this period you will find that many people you meet do have what they feel are psychic abilities and they are not a professional psychic. They are not out there reading tea leaves or anything like that but a lot of people do have psychic ability.

We go through this process and what we are supposed to perfect when we are going through this type of development is increasing emotional sensitivity and empathy. This is the most important thing to learn from developing our psychic abilities. As we develop them we tune into our emotional nature and other people’s emotional nature and we pick up their sufferings, their joys, their happiness and what brings them distress.

By picking up these sensitivities about other people it makes you more aware, more sensitive and more willing to do unto others, as you would have others do unto you. This is the important lesson from developing this ability because you never get 100% accuracy from what we call astral psychism. But you can get a really high degree of accuracy by developing empathy for your fellow man because as you develop your psychic ability you will develop an empathy for how other people are feeling. When you tune in to how they are feeling it will make you a lot better communicator and will make you a person that is much more sought out because people will feel that you understand them because you know how they feel and so on.


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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 13

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

Astral Details
JJ: From the bottom of the astral world to the top is a tremendous difference. At the top it is very close to the mental world. But the astral world, since half of you are Mormons is the really the terrestrial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what?

It is this earth right here and as a matter of fact when you go the Mormon temple they say right in it that, brothers and sisters this is a lonely world the telestial kingdom the world in which we now reside. So this world and all the stars up there are all a part of the telestial kingdom. The telestial kingdom is what ministered to by the Holy Spirit, and that is how the spirit ministers us to in this world. If we are true seeker then we will feel an inward spirit come to us and that is how we are ministered to in this telestial world.

The next step up is terrestrial world and that is the astral world and most of us go there after we die. The upper parts of the astral world would be the terrestrial world and the lower parts would be what the Bible calls the spirits in prison for want of a better word. But the upper parts of the astral world are what are called heaven. The upper parts of the astral world in esoteric writings are called the Devachan. They teach that the Devachan is like a dream. In other words, everybody is having their own dreams and they are pleasant dreams and it seems real but it is a little bit like a dream world in the fact that everything is governed by the power of feeling and thought.

When you are there it seems just as real as anything. The lower part will be filled with Mormons, Methodists and so on and they will all have their individual groups and they will maintain their teaching and most of them will not believe in reincarnation. It is interesting when they did a survey among people with near death experience that about sixty percent were told there was reincarnation and about forty percent were told there was not reincarnation and that is because they went to different places. Where the regular religious people go they will be preaching the standard gospel waiting for Jesus to show up. As a matter of fact sometimes when a person dies he is really into religious teachings and there is really no place for him in the astral world then they will arrange a greeting group for them and they will also arrange kind of a play situation where he will come and meet Jesus and they will have an environment like he is expecting to have after he dies until he kind of gets used to it and then they will start explaining to him that is really not real and they will say okay we are now going to take you to the real astral world.

There are different grades of etheric matter where other different life forms live like on some planets like Venus. There are actually beings that live on Venus in higher etheric matter, not on the astral world but on higher etheric matter. But on the actual lower physical that we are in there is no life on the surface at least but there might be something in the interior.

What is different about the mental world is when you want something you create it with your mind and when you want something in the astral world you create it with your feelings. Like lets say you want an apple you feel a desire for an apple and an apple will materialize but when you are in the mental world if you want an apple then you just think an apple and an apple will materialize. They say that you do not have to eat in the spirit world but you can eat for your own enjoyment because we are so used to eating here that you can eat there also. Now another question that the book that Larry mentioned did not answer is, do they have sex there and the answer is that they do have sex but it is different than it is here and what happens is they create like a charge of energy and exchange the energy so it is not like having actual physical sex with a physical body but there is an intense feeling of sharing.

Audience: And which one is that the mental world?

That is in the astral worlds – in the higher worlds they share a consistent feeling of union without the need of sex – though a correspondence to it can be had if desired.

Audience: Yes they did this in the movie Cocoon.

JJ: Another question that many people have is what happens when a person commits suicide or gets blown up instantly or the body does catastrophically.

If a person commits suicide the general teaching is that they will sleep until they would have normally died. For instance if a person commits suicide when they are 20 and they would have normally died when they were 50, they would normally sleep in the spirit world for up to thirty years. Now I do not believe that this is a hard and fast rule but I feel that there is truth behind and they will sleep for a period of time and they will eventually be given another chance but suicide always creates karma because the person was in a terrible situation in his life or at least he thought he was and he decided to escape it. There was a lesson to learn there by facing it and he will eventually have to come back and face it again until he is finally willing to work through it rather than taking his life.

Audience: Why would they sleep during this time between taking their own life and dying a normal death?

JJ: Because energy follows thought you see and he was trying to extinguish his life, not his eternal life but the life that he would have led on the earth. I do not believe this is a hard and fast exact rule but it is a general rule with exceptions. I think many wake up earlier than their original time of death.

Also if a person dies suddenly his actually spirit body or astral body will be in a state of shock and he is actually met there by the spirit doctors who assist him in recovery. It is impossible to destroy the astral or spirit body with an explosion or car crash or something like that but the sudden death is somewhat of a shock to the system that they need a bit of rest in the spirit world before they are able to function. Now some people wonder what would happen if you had a direct hit by an atomic bomb – would that hurt your astral body? I think it would be a shock to your system but I don’t think it would destroy your astral body or do any permanent damage to it. Some people theorize that it would but I haven’t seen a teaching on it by anyone I would trust one way or another but my gut feeling is that nothing we could do here could create any permanent harm to our astral body, unless we do it ourselves through our own negligence.

Audience: What about if a physic vampire wants to pull your energy from you?

JJ: Well that drains your physical and then you recover in the astral world and you would completely recover.

Audience: What if you astral project your energy in your physical body?

JJ: If you astral project to the lowest levels of the astral you might find little devils trying to zap you of all your energy but if you go to the mid astral you would not have to worry about such entities because they will have no such power to latch on to you. But if you go to the lowest realms of the astral world then these vampire types of very selfish people can make life a hell for you after death. But all of these are temporary residences – all except for the people that are dedicated to the path of darkness and these people don’t even go to the astral world, they go to what is written in esoteric writings as the eighth sphere. This is actually a lower vibration than the actual physical. The eighth sphere in Mormon language is where the sons of perdition will go to where their being, everything that composes them begins to break down and then they are recycled in the recycling pit of God so to speak. And their soul eventually puts out a new personality and tries again to create a successful creation from the monad of the person, so that is interesting.

Audience: What is an ashram and more specifically if the Masters are incarnated in bodies on the earth right now, they have ashrams or schools that are teaching right?

JJ: An ashram is just a gathering of students around a teacher. We could call this an ashram right here – I am the teacher and you are the ashram so to speak and that is all an ashram means in the east. Now it is a risk for a Master to incarnate because he loses his memory and has to start and re-do his initiations in miniature. Sometimes he will get caught and does not quite get up to the third initiation. He gets trapped and will have to incarnate a number of times to where he has to get back to where he was before. And this is one of the reasons that the Masters are hesitant to come and work with us because it is a little bit risky. Maybe is that is why The Christ has not taken a body for over 2000 years.

Audience: But you said that He has one.

JJ: Right He has one now but He has not taken a fresh incarnation to work among us. The physical body that He is with now is probably thousands of years old. He could leave that physical body at any time and be born as a child if He decided to. He could recreate that discarded physical body again if he decided to because He is in the middle of His seventh degree initiation.

Audience: Now is this Jesus or Christ?

JJ: The Christ, Jesus is a fifth degree initiate right now and Christ is half way through His seventh. The Tibetan says an interesting thing about this and I never really thought of it until I read DK who says, “What people really don’t think about is what is going through the mind of Christ as He is contemplating His second coming.” And when he said that I thought, put yourself in His situation, people are expecting me to come in a blaze of glory and wipe out all the wicked and bring peace on earth and goodwill to all men. Don’t people realize how difficult this would be!

Don’t they realize how difficult it is to move things around so there is peace on earth or how ridiculous it would be to just wipe out everybody just because I think they are wicked? How am I going to manifest on the world so I can convince a substantial number of people that I have something to offer this time. Remember He only had about 120 followers last time when He was crucified.

Audience: In the Aquarian Gospel it says that Jesus, before his actual Jerusalem ministry was mingling amongst other adepts and he was contemplating that very thing.

JJ: Yes that was the interesting part of it where they all had that conference and they all gave their advice to Jesus and they said well we think if you did this it would be good. That was very interesting and He is probably doing that right now, talking amongst the other Masters thinking how He is going to pull off his Second Coming.


Copyright 2011 by J J Dewey

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Boise Gathering 2008, Part 11

This entry is part 11 of 15 in the series Boise Gathering 2008

The Astral World

JJ: Now the next world is composed of atoms but a different type of atom. The atoms there are even more ephemeral and have more empty space than the physical and can thus pass through the physical. There might be an astral being right here, as a matter of fact, Sean has been seeing guides around people tonight and I am sure if there was a guide right here my hand would pass right through him. Do you see guides around anyone now? What do you see Sean?

Sean: I can see some next to you just off your left shoulder.

JJ passes his hand and asks if his hand passed right through this guide.

Sean: He backed off but the others are still standing there next to him.

JJ: I am not going to feel them because they are made of more refined matter than the matter we have here on our physical plane and this matter is refined enough when you think about how much of it is empty space. This just boggles the mind. So they are made of more refined matter but wherever there is physical form, when the form touches form there is an actual sensation of touch.

Now it is interesting that whenever there is communication in the lower part of the astral world they will talk just like we do. As you move up in the astral world in the intermediate spheres then they can talk just like we do or they can send different types of messages in like packages.

Audience: Like computer downloads.

JJ: Yes, and then as you move up further they do not talk at all, they just send messages by mental telepathy and sometimes they will get a flash of color and then the message will just be understood by them after they see that light flash of color. And vision is not interfered with as it is here. Like say if Sean was four times farther away I would not be able to tell if it was Sean but in the astral world if he is apparently a thousand miles away you could still see him up close and you could think about him being here and he would be here. In the lower worlds communication and travel is similar to what you have here but the higher you get the faster everything gets. Eventually when you get into the higher parts of the astral world you can crisscross if you want to see a friend a thousand miles away you just think it and you will be there instantaneously.

Time is different there than it is here in the fact that there is really no time to reckon. So some people say that there is no time in the other worlds but there is time everywhere but time is just is not measured everywhere. In our world here we have to go to work and time ourselves by the rising and setting of the Sun but in a world where there is eternal light and no change that causes you to not measure time and you do not think about it. And that is why some people have said there is no time in the astral world. It is in a state of timelessness and it seems that way but when you are in the astral world, time still passes. It still takes time to learn things, absorb things, take things in, but because you have all the time in the world it seems like time does not exist. Now the interesting thing about time is that it always exists but there are many places that we can go to in the higher spheres where it does not seem to exist because we are not reckoning by it.

Now in the astral world you have teachers that go from a higher sphere to a lower and assist and help the people down there. A person can move from one sphere to another when he learns his lessons and the teachers will often come down and they will be bathed in light and they will come down to the lower worlds and they will teach the people there the lessons they need to learn to go to the next sphere up. When they are ready accept their lessons and once they learn them then they can go to the next sphere up and they can better prepare for the next life to come.

Another interesting thing about the astral world is people will say, “Well it will be interesting once I die because then I will find out all the mysteries.” We do not really find out all the mysteries after we die. We just find that we have more questions after death because normally you don’t meet God or Jesus who sits there and explains everything to you. Perhaps you read the book “Embraced by the Light” where she immediately met Jesus and He explained a whole bunch of stuff to her. So what goes on here?

The thing is, The Christ Himself is on the earth right now in a physical body and He is not even in the astral world, now he can visit there if He wants to because He has power to visit any of the worlds that He wants. He is actually in a physical body right now and He lives on the earth. He said, “ Behold I am with you even until the end of the age.” He told this to His disciples.

What He meant by this is that He would be upon the earth until the end of the age living here with us. According to DK The Christ lives on the borders of Tibet in a physical body, DK also lives in a physical body and they are neighbors to each other.

Audience: Do all the Masters have physical bodies?

JJ: Yes, all the Masters have physical or etheric bodies.

Audience: What about the Buddha does He have a physical body?

JJ: Yes but He was supposed to leave the earth.

Audience: But He chose not to.

JJ: Yes He chose not to, you read that, very good, and because He chose not He works in what is called a Nirmanakaya which is a different office than a Master. Nirmanakaya is a go between the fifth kingdom of the Masters and Shamballa so the Nirmanakaya is actually in the sixth kingdom so that is what the Buddha is right now a go between Shamballa and the Masters. I do not believe He is in a physical body but He could be if He has taken on another life since the Buddha but we do not have any information on that.

Audience: So usually the Masters just keep a physical body to hang around in?

JJ: They have not really transcended the physical body yet; they have learned to extend the life of the physical body. It is not until the seventh initiation that you can you can completely transcend the physical.

Audience: So they couldn’t continuously exist on the mental plane or something like that?

JJ: They could if They wanted but the Masters that work with humanity live in physical bodies but they are not quite immortal but they have the ability to revitalize their physical body for an extended period of time but they will not be in their bodies forever and then once they pass the seventh initiation they will be able to live in their body or out of their body, they will be able to live in their etheric body or manifest a physical body if they want.

The Christ underwent the beginning seventh initiation on the cross followed by the resurrection. Those of you who have read my writings will understand that the Christ and Jesus are two separate entities that at the baptism of Jesus, John saw the spirit of God come down and descend upon Jesus and it says that the Spirit of God went into Jesus. Now just before this John asked how he was supposed to recognize the Christ even though Jesus was his cousin. His answer was that he baptized all these people and saw the Spirit of God descend and then leave them but when you see the Spirit of God descend and enter in and stay there then you will recognize this to be the Christ. So who was the Christ? Was it the one who was baptized or was it the one who entered into the body of the one being baptized?

The one that entered into the body, that was the Christ and Jesus was the disciple that prepared the way for The Christ.

Audience: So Jesus lives in Tibet?

JJ: Not Jesus but the actual Christ lives in Tibet in a physical body. The Tibetan predicted that Jesus would make an attempt to take over the Catholic Church around 1980 or so. This came to pass when Pope John Paul I became head of the church. He was firing people and making changes like crazy and all of a sudden after 33 days; this is an interesting number because it corresponds to the 33 years of Jesus life, he was poisoned and killed. There is a book about this that gives a tremendous amount of evidence that he was poisoned.

Audience: Do we know where He is now?

JJ: He is buried, oh you mean Jesus!

Audience: Laughter!

JJ: I do not know if it was Jesus actually in the body or if Jesus was overshadowing the Pope. I felt really sad when he died and I did not know why because I was really not into the Catholic Church that much but on reflection it dawned on me that was probably the fulfillment of the prophecy. Then I read the book that gave all this evidence that he was poisoned and then when I saw all the changes he was starting to make, he was cleaning up all the corruption and firing everybody that was doing all the illegal stuff and taking advantage of people. The trouble was that he moved too fast and he should have moved slower but he moved too fast and he scared the dickens out of everybody. I am convinced he was poisoned because after all He was in good health.

Audience: Besides this timing for the individual unfoldment, to what is it going to take for The Christ to come forth and do what He has to do to move us forward?

JJ: The Tibetan says that several things have to happen before The Christ can manifest again. First of all a period of relative stability has to occur, and one of the places it needs to occur is the Middle East. This is why the war in Iraq is so important. If the war in Iraq can end with democracy and some stability that creates a little bit of a domino effect. Then it will make it possible for The Christ to come and walk in ancient lands where He was once before. This is one of the things that He wants to do is to be able to go there in that areas in the world where He wants to teach.

Audience: That is where President George W. Bush comes in.

JJ: Remember what Jesus says, “He who follows me will be hated by all the world.” And who is hated by all of the people of the world?

Audience: Bush,

JJ: Bush, the whole world hates him and what is Bush doing? He is trying to prepare a place of safety for the Messiah to walk upon the earth once more.

Audience: Bush does not realize what he is doing does he?

JJ: He does realize it because he got an answer. When I saw him on TV and he announced that he was sending troops into Iraq I received a revelation on that, I saw him and he was before the Lord kneeling in prayer and he did not know what to do. He did not know whether to send in troops or not and he got a powerful witness, a tremendous fire descended upon him and he received a witness that he was supposed to do it and this is why he has not backed down – this is why all of a sudden the whole world was against him and said hey you have got to withdraw and what did he do? He sent in a surge and everybody thought well this is a slap in the face when everybody else is telling us to withdraw and everybody was beside themselves when he created this surge. But the only reason he did this is because of the answer he received and he knows that he got an answer from God that he was supposed to take that course. The evidence of this is that the entire world hates him.

The entire world hates him. Ninety percent of the people in France want him out of office and ninety percent of the people in almost all Europe want him out of office except the old Soviet Union countries that remember what a tyranny was, they love him. The people in the country of Georgia had put up statues for Bush up and what did the Russia destroy first when they invaded?

The statues of Bush. They hit those statues with missiles. The airport in Georgia where there was a big statue up for Bush, they blasted that first. They hate Bush and it is a very delicate thing to talk about Bush because so many people hate him. If you are in a group even, Republicans will say, “Oh that son of a bitch, murdering bastard.” They have nothing good to say about the poor guy, but you have to admire him for getting an answer and standing up to it, even though the whole world hates him. If you want to be a disciple of Christ then this is what you will have to go through. Can you be hated by the whole world and still hold yourself together? That what will happen if we build a city on the ocean. Then the whole world will hate us. You think Bush is hated wait until we build a city on the ocean.

By the time the press is done with us we will look like a bunch of Jim Jones’s ready sink in the ocean. The environmentalists will say we are destroying the ocean and so on, everybody will think it is a bad idea and will hate us.


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More on Divine Possession

This entry is part 20 of 62 in the series 2010

Posted Aug 5, 2010

Concerning the divine possession John C writes;

I know we have been over and over this before, but your explanation has never satisfied me. From your explanations, I keep getting this picture of a Russian doll with two or more dolls nested inside.

The Russian dolls are all made of physical mater. What I have presented involves several grades of matter.

Consider this. You are presently composed of four bodies of form now and even more if we consider the formless worlds.

(1) You have a physical body

(2) Next within this is the etheric double.

(3) Occupying this same space is your astral body.

(4) Still in this same space is your mental body.

These are not like Russian dolls for such dolls occupy different space.

Matter, which is higher than the physical is not nearly as dense. Thus two mental bodies in one physical one does not cause any crowding at all.

John quotes me:

“Also Jesus tells us that his Father was actually in him:

“John 14:10 Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of myself: but the Father that dwelleth in me, he doeth the works.”

John C
I ran across this scripture in Matthew the other day.

Matt 10:20 For it is not ye that speak, but the Spirit of your Father which speaketh in you.

Then, we have this one in John:

John 6:56 He that eateth my flesh, and drinketh my blood, dwelleth in me, and I in him.

The scriptures you quote do not deal with divine possession but a sharing of consciousness as happened through the Oneness Principle. This is illustrated in the scripture Dan quoted:

I Cor 12:12 For as the body is one, and hath many members, and all the members of that one body, being many, are one body: so also is Christ.
I Cor 12:13 For by one Spirit are we all baptized into one body, whether we be Jews or Gentiles, whether we be bond or free; and have been all made to drink into one Spirit.

When you stub your toe and suffer pain all parts of the body feel it together. There is a sharing because not only is the toe in the body, but also the hand, the brain, the feet, etc.

The Spiritual internet is like the soul of humanity and all who are tuned in are part of the body.

This oneness and sharing can be experienced by an unlimited number of entities. When the Oneness Principle is accessed each life is a part of the whole and is tuned into a greater life. One could say they are in and through and with each other.

A divine possession is a totally different matter. They also have a sharing but this sharing is brought down to the physical body of the disciple in that two entities share the same physical body for the purpose of creating a connecting link between heaven and earth, between the kingdom of humanity and the kingdom ruled over by Christ and his Father.

Let me give an imperfect analogy to paint a picture.

The Oneness Principle works like the Internet. Even though we are all in different locations we are like one great life where the parts you and me can share anything we want. I am in Ruth and Dan and John and they are in me as far as sharing is concerned.

A divine possession is more like two processors occupying one computer. These processors not only have access to the internet but also to each other and working together they decide on various courses of action that the computer as a whole will take.

Jesus illustrated the difference between the mere sharing of consciousness and the actual presence of two entities when he answered his critics.

John 8:16 And yet if I judge, my judgment is true: for I am not alone, but I and the Father that sent me.
John 8:17 It is also written in your law, that the testimony of two men is true.
John 8:18 I am one that bear witness of myself, and the Father that sent me beareth witness of me.
John 8:19 Then said they unto him, Where is thy Father? Jesus answered, Ye neither know me, nor my Father: if ye had known me, ye should have known my Father also.

He had already said his Father was in him. Now he said he is not alone, but that if they understood they would realize that not one, gut two men were bearing witness.

Now through the Oneness Principle he could have said he had many witnesses, but he was not referring to that. Instead he was referring to one other entity that actually dwelt within him.

These two witnesses were the two entities within the body of Jesus.

John writes:

I’m not questioning the experience. I want to know HOW.

Let me add this. There is a link between the mental bodies of the disciple and the Master. The astral body of the disciple is affected but not directly involved. This links the consciousness of the two and the disciple shares the higher vibration of the Master which is overwhelming at first but, after adjusted to, the higher sense of purpose and direction is then shared.

As for the technical details of how two mental bodies occupy one physical all I can say is that mental matter is more refined and the higher up the scale you go the more matter can occupy a certain amount of space.
Copyright 2010 by J J Dewey

All Things Astral

1. “Emotion does not discriminate. It merely wants yes or no, right or wrong, not shades of gray.”

2. “Those who have never contacted the Soul will be unaware of the voice of the Soul and will often make the mistake of believing that their emotional impressions are from their Soul.”

3. “The only way to consistently recognize negativity imposed from outside is to learn to not identify with your own emotion.”

4. “If the disciple finds the seeds of offense being planted in his emotional body he must move the energy immediately before it interferes with his effectiveness.”

5. “Feelings cannot be freed from the emotions because without emotion there is no feeling.”

6. “Emotions are a part of our complete self and without completeness there is not fullness of love.”

7. “The advanced person can choose those things that will effect his emotional state – or he can choose to not be effected. It all depends on the purpose he is pursuing.”

8. “Forgiveness always involves feelings.”

9. “We are not our bodies, or our emotions, and we are not even our minds. These are all vehicles for our use. Just as a car we drive is not us, but a vehicle for our use, so are our feelings. Depression is thus possible because we identify too strongly with our vehicles, in particular our emotional selves.”

10. “We do not consciously create our own dreams. They are like a computer generated program to entertain our emotional nature which is still linked during sleep.”

11. “Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind.”

12. “All of us feel emotion, but for most this feeling comes through the solar plexus center which is a reflection of heart energy.”

13. “There are those who suppress emotion, but the emotion is still there.”

14. “There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.”

15. “The guiding point of all communication, even when we are communicating on an emotional level, should be the highest we can perceive. Remember, our feelings are a vehicle, not our real selves.”

16. “If you are trying to reason through a subject that another feels very emotional about, that we must not use reason alone in communicating with the person. We must show the person we understand by responding with some feeling ourselves. In this case I am talking about guiding feelings with the mind which hopefully is guided by Spirit. In such a case there is communication and resolution.”

17. “Pisces was dominated by water which is a symbol of emotion and the Sixth Ray which produces idealism which sometimes leads to fanaticism. A casual reading of the history of the past two thousand years does indeed reveal a very highly emotional era.”

18. “When there is a negative emotion, the emotional body will not correct itself. The negativity must be corrected with the assistance of another who helps the emotion work through or by the mind of the individual.”

19. “I have never–NEVER, NEVER said that the emotions should be disregarded, suppressed, eliminated or not be allowed to express themselves.”

20. “Many who have not fully developed the mind and are yet centered in the emotions are very good people who are seeking the highest they know and the way of deliverance for them through the maze ahead is to have ‘good shepherds’ to follow who commune through the One Spirit. By this means can one who is yet centered in the emotions make true progress upon the path.”

21. “Controlling the emotions is very important for the Dark Ones because most people are emotionally polarized and can be easily manipulated through unchecked feeling.”

22. “When another can change our emotional state it is because we have allowed them to have this power. Yes, we are the ones responsible for how we feel. The trouble is that few can control this power.”

23. “Astral psychics always try and relate facts to the customer. All of this type of material comes through the astral body and is filtered through an upside down illusionary principle and is rarely to be trusted.”

24. “In the astral world there are no concrete facts for that which you feel is that which will be true.”

25. “If facts belong to the physical plane then where are the truths on the astral plane?”

26. “The true counterfeit to the soul is the astral body which turns everything upside down. Its purpose is to teach us all that is not true so eventually our attention will have to focus on that which remains and is true.”

27. “Anger and animosity toward other people will carry over to the astral world so that another person would actually be able to see these feelings emanating from this individual in the astral world. It would be embarrassing for many of us to have our feelings totally exposed for others to see.”

28. “The astral world is based solely on illusion and one day we will not be affected by it at all but for now in our state of evolution, the astral world is very powerful.”

29. “The bottomless pit is the emotional world of people on this earth as well as the next world. The bottomless pit for negative entities would be the lower astral (emotional) world after death where there is no bottom (earth or physical bodies) for them to find rest.”

30. “What awaits us before and after death is the discovery of the truths behind the feeling nature. In the physical world we learn facts about the elements, nations, people, events, culture, etc. In the astral world we learn about what we feel about them.”

31. “Some astral entities can tap into the receiver’s own astral body and pick up his memories and subconscious thoughts. This enables the deceptive entity to give a very acceptable and impressive revelation to the seeker.”

32. “You can obtain many facts from the astral world, but not principles.”

33. “Standard astral group energy can be mistaken for soul energy but is far removed from it.”

34. “Lower psychism gets its power through the illusionary astral body which turns truth upside down and makes the truth seem false and the false seem true.”

35. “The ‘go with the flow’ appeals very strongly to solar plexus people for this lower emotional energy does not have any checks and balances with it.”

36. “Individual desires are not individual rights.”

37. “Oneness on the emotional level does indeed have a positive and negative to it. It is positive when a team camaraderie is developed around a positive goal. It is negative of course, when some type of mob mentality is developed and participants in oneness are unable to check themselves while headed toward the edge of a cliff.”

38. “The person grounded in this higher solar plexus love and feeling will say yes to all teachings of Christ Consciousness, love and sharing, but in real life his decisions will reflect the persistent dedication to self.”

39. “The average person who is polarized in the astral body is not overlooked by the soul, for soul energy is reflected down into that body. Unfortunately it is a reflection and as such everything is reversed and the direction he receives leads him into learning experiences rather than in the direction of real truth.”

40. “The astral plane is created through an interplay of the mental and etheric planes.”

41. “Those who have risen above the astral focus, and are centered in the love-wisdom pedals of the heart, dwell on the plane of the mind and not the emotional polarization.”

42. “The astral light is a mirror reflection of soul light so it gets everything backwards.”

43. “The astral feelings have seven levels and the highest will seem very spiritual to many and the seeker will often assume he has found the final heart of God, Jesus or Krishna when he has tuned in to them.”

44. “Strong emotion such as love or hate, desire or repulsion, fear or protectiveness creates not karma, as we understand the term, but an energy link that will bring you into repeated contact with the person with whom you share such emotion.”

45. “Over 90 percent of what people call soul communications, contacting the Holy Spirit, God, receiving revelations, Jesus, the Spirit, etc., are merely contacts made with the emotional self.”

46. “An emotional contact disguised as a divine communication brings information that is peculiar to the person’s own thinking and feeling nature which is different than any other person.”

47. “An emotional revelation will not be in harmony with either reality or other people’s emotional revelations – unless they are tapping into the same mass thoughtform.”

48. “When feelings amplify our sense of importance we develop a problem.”

49. “People are hypnotized by emotional essence.”

50. “Suppressed emotions cannot free themselves. The mind must free them.”

51. “I am completely supportive for expressing whatever feelings we have no mater how negative. The only way to deal with them at times is to get them out on the table. But when they are on the table one must not run, but face up to whatever results they lead towards.”


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Predictions, Prognostications and Prophecy

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  This world as we understand it is not coming to an end, but many ways of thinking are.

2  We are now living in the time that all prophets and holy men had visions and dreams of, but were not able to taste for themselves.

3  Now it is true that anything is possible, but there are always conditions that have to be met before the unmanifest becomes manifest.

4  Any mortal man or woman claiming to be Mighty and Strong is really “nothing” from a higher point of view for only the one true Spirit of God manifesting in us is Mighty and Strong.

5  There are certain great events which are predetermined and which will take place despite the decisions of mankind, but there are other events which are predicated on the cooperation and decision of the workers of light.

6  Prophesies can be fulfilled either physically or on a higher level. The course is determined by those who have stewardship over the captive students and political realms of the earth. The events to come are more related to the natural law of cause and effect than it is the decision of an angry God.

7  It is interesting to note that there are probably over a hundred people of Mormon belief who have proclaimed themselves to be this one Mighty and Strong and hundreds more of other faiths who make similar claims to be a mighty prophet or messiah, or even God himself. It is also interesting to note that none of them are mighty and none of them have more than normal strength.

8  Prophesy does not have to end with calamity on the physical plane. The judgment of God could be a correction from God as the voice of the Spirit is allowed into the heart to speak to the souls of men and change them so the consumption will be a consumption of old outworn teachings and not a consumption of physical calamity.

9  People on one hand expect great destruction or expect to be swooped up into heaven to be saved, or they expect life to be preserved as it is with no effort on their part. Both views are reckless.

10  Ancient prophets always spoke with dual meaning. On one hand, their prophecies applied to the people in the day they were living, and on the other it applied to a future corresponding generation.

11  If a future holocaust is prevented it will not void the scriptures as everyone thinks, for a correspondence to most of the prophecies of doom have occurred several times.

12  One thing to look for in fulfillment of prophecy is the principle behind the prediction.

13  Mental and astral correspondences always precede the physical, and the physical correspondence to an inspired prophecy does not always materialize.

14  Let us work toward the fulfillment of prophesies on the mental and astral levels and not the physical, for physical externalization does not have to occur in this cycle if those with vision do their part.

15  No prophet in history has ever made clearly understandable predictions of the future that came one hundred percent literally true. Not even Jesus.

16  The greatest prophecy in the scriptures concerning the kingdom of God was given by the ancient prophet Daniel. Unfortunately, this is one of the most widely used but least understood scriptures on the planet.

17  The old orders of controlling the souls of mankind through glamour, illusion and force will be destroyed as Daniel predicted, and will be replaced by higher orders that link heaven and earth bringing greater freedom to the children of men.

18  I have found that every single prediction that the “conspiracy under every rock” person has had has been wrong.

19  The truth is that there are circles of conspiracy, but no one I have seen has put their finger on how it works or what the plan really is. If anti-conspirators had the truth then they should be able to predict with some degree of accuracy.

20  I personally have found great value in contemplating the predictions in the Revelation of John and find the accuracy of his words amazing. It is truly helpful to understand the meaning of the beast and its unjust authority which has an effect on every man woman and child on the planet.

21  A Master can make some amazing predictions, but still cannot see all things.

22  The prediction [concerning a mortal man or woman] could still be valid if this one whom the Mighty and Strong Spirit of God will work through was born in the days of the seventh President [of The Mormon Church].

23  Not one person [out] of 6 billion has [ever] been able to give a detailed account of even one day in advance, let alone a thousand years. This gives proof with about 99.999 percent surety that the future is not set.

24  To think that all events and decisions in the universe can be predicted when scientists cannot even predict the path of a rat through a maze is an amazing thought.

25  The unpredictability of many future events is not caused by randomness, but it’s opposite. It is caused by intelligent intervention to create that which is not random.

26  Intelligence, free will and purpose are not predictable in detail because they exist outside the illusion of time and space yet create all the causes in time and space.

27  I cannot even predict what I will do in all circumstances in the future let alone what you will do. What data could I possibly put in my computer to know how you would react to a naked saleslady?

28  The principle of cycles is this:  Cycles are repetitions in time. The principle of cycles is what makes prophecy possible.

29  Many things are set and can be predicted, but not all.

30  Exactly how close the [a] prophecy comes to a literal fulfillment depends on the freewill of men and circumstances that freewill will bring about.

31  I know the time is close for Excalibur to be released from the stone once again, but I will not predict the exact date.

32  The biggest surprises over the next two hundred years are not predicted by anyone with any degree of accuracy in the present.

33  The prophecy of Jonah was meant to teach that freewill can always control events.

34  One or two mild predictions that are wrong does not necessarily mean that the teacher has no light to offer, but a number of outlandish predictions that are far removed from reality is a sure sign that you should take your losses and run.

35  It is interesting that all have heard of the great last battle at Armageddon. Therefore it is of interest to note that the scripture just ends here. No battle is described. What then really happens at Armageddon?

36  History proves that a prophecy based on common sense is usually the most accurate.

37  The reason so many predictions, even from a spiritual source, do not materialize, is that the divine purpose is fulfilled on higher levels and a physical materialization becomes unnecessary.

38  It’s obvious that anyone who is stockpiling weapons, for instance, preparing for doomsday and the final battle of Armageddon is going to make a lot of authorities nervous – no matter what their message is. If a person or group looks like a loose cannon, they will indeed be watched very closely.

37  The world is no more wicked than it has ever been before.

38  The astounding prophecies of doom and a great Antichrist is just a smokescreen used by the Dark Brotherhood to cast an illusion over the real beast, antichrist and meaning of 666 so the masses will continue to bear the mark.

39  A prophecy can be made to be fulfilled. If it was not uttered in the first place, a corresponding event would not have been produced.

40  If we are successful in establishing a democracy in Iraq and other Moslem nations follow its example then the conspiracy will move on. If democracy fails then the conspiracy will stay there for some time and attempt to destroy the free world.

41  The scripture says what the scripture says and may or may not have reference to things we will be involved in.

42  The chances are now that another Antichrist after the manner of Hitler will not gain power and that the prophecies concerning him will not be literally fulfilled, just as the prophecy of Jonah was not fulfilled. It all depends on the amount of light and love generated by the people.

43  The fulfillment of an inspired prophesy should correspond to all parts of that prophesy.

44  Believe me, no one who read anything about conspiracy theory in the sixties and seventies expected us to move into a new century without a major depression.

45  I know the economy is fragile and we always have a danger facing us in it, but the problem is that there is little that we as individuals can do about it except in preparing the best we can for emergencies. Let us hope things hold together until the time of the gathering.

46  Religion several hundred years from now will be much different than it is today.

47  Diverse groups will demonstrate that there are many ways to worship God which bring similar results, and they will gain an appreciation of each others ceremonies and beneficial teachings.

48  There will be many people making a break from their mother religion in ideology while still remaining membership in name.

49  Churches are now approaching a point of tension where there will shortly be a revolutionary war of rebellion within the world of religion. This war will be fought on both the emotional and mental planes.

50  Eventually, the invisible God will be seen as the head of all spiritual movements and the various groups of seekers will be diverse as were the original thirteen states, yet united in purpose. These break offs will be seen in all religions including the non Christian.

51  Even though future cities and communities of Light may not follow an exact pyramid formation many correspondences of the pyramid will be seen. Eventually there will even be a cities in outerspace symbolizing the top of the pyramid.

52  The heavens and the earth will come together and eventually produce the Great Transfiguration of the Earth, but the total event will occur over a long period of time. It will begin with a periodic and occasional transfiguration of individuals, then small groups of individuals, then larger groups, and later entire cities of Zion. Finally the transfiguration will spread over the entire earth and the “whole earth will be filled with the glory of God”.

53  If the world does not prepare the hearts to accept the coming of the entity who is Christ and learn to live in peace with one another, then all we will receive is the physical externalization of the Sign of the Son of Man. As we all know, a full scale nuclear war could bring the “utter destruction” that was prophesied.

54  The holocaust under Hitler was for this cycle, and we do not need another one, but if it comes it will be the grand daddy of them all.

55  Seeking to change the hearts of man is fine, but if that is all we do then the doomsayers wishes will come true, and the world as we know it will be erased through weapons of mass destruction.

56  The only wild card in the immediate future is not natural destruction, but weapons of mass destruction that can be set off by the free will of humanity.

57  Remember to always look for at least two interpretations to every prophecy of destruction and let your mind contemplate the spiritual side, for there is a great thoughtform of doom hovering over mankind composed of strong emotional energy and this in itself is the strongest threat to world peace. One must be careful not to add to this energy, but to work toward the shifting of the attention of mankind to spiritual deliverance so the thoughtform of destruction will die from lack of attention.

58  Any honest observer will admit that mankind is making progress toward the injunction of Jesus to “do unto others as you would have others do unto you,” but have we done enough? Do we still need seriously consider the prophecies of destruction? Perhaps.

59  Using logic and principles one can predict possibilities, but in the demonstration of an idea you have free will and unforeseen circumstances entering in making it impossible to predict all the details.

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True Seeing

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual & Metaphysical Quotes From

The Discourses Of JJ Dewey

1  The process of seeing is accomplished through the discernment of differences or contrast and this principle of seeing operates on all levels.

2  Seeing the present would be the same thing as making time stand still.

3  To see beyond the world of form we must suspend the seeing of form and go to the universe of infinite ideas by not seeing, not thinking and not feeling.

4  Our attention is placed on the personality when we focus on the faults and imperfections of others. Energy is then centered on the illusion of imperfection and we cannot see the perfected One God in others or ourselves.

5  Just because someone claims to see with some supernormal vision does not mean that he either sees accurately or interprets accurately.

6  To see into the aura or etheric matter of another you must first look through your own.

7  To understand the higher one must see both the lower and the higher and let light be shed through the principle of contrasts which is the principle behind vision.

8  When a Master looks up in the sky that instead of seeing twinkling stars that he sees a sky full of brilliant light of which most of us are oblivious.

9  Actually it is easier to see a dark cloud over a depressed person, or one who has rejected light than it is to see the light of one who is in high vibration. Use yourself as a subject by looking at yourself in the mirror for the mirror does reflect the astral light.

10  Unfortunately when something higher than a person’s ideal is presented, the individual cannot recognize it unless he elevates his thoughts, and unless he does this, the person will stand in absolute blindness when faced with the greater reality–blindness so great that nothing from without can penetrate it.

11  Seeing the unity and oneness of all life and forms is good and true, but seeing sameness where there is no sameness is illusion and the source of many problems we experience in our society today.

12  Light is only realized where contrast casts a shadow. Without the shadow there is no vision. Even higher vision is created with the contrast of the greater light against the lesser light.

13  If you look through my eyes, as I look through the Christ in the Oneness Principle, you would embrace each other and cry tears of joy and the memory of your differences would flee your minds.

14  All the worlds you see in the sky at night are of a telestial order. The higher worlds are in a light beyond normal vision.

15  Light can become darkness and that which was darkness can become light and the interplay of the two produces vision.

16  The true Seer can by a shifting of his attention have the power to see in the higher as well as the lower worlds.

17  The disciple should seek the power to discern beyond physical seeing so he can see the difference in effects from the astral and, or emotional world and the world of the soul.

18  If our attention is on one piece of doctrine or dogma then we will not see the whole picture and without seeing the whole we will never correctly decipher the part.

19  The blind man may take hold of the elephant’s trunk and think the animal is like a great hose, but he cannot appreciate the total majesty of the animal until he can see the whole of it.

20  If we are one with God then all decisions will align automatically with that Will for our vision of the perfected future will be seen through eyes of higher understanding.

21  Only one in thousands among the followers of an initiate sees the true original vision and follows the true spirit of the founding words and works.

22  If two people keep their consciousness in the present (as a little child) and refuse to let the past distort their vision they will see as one. They will both see the truth as it is happening now.

23  The same principle of contrast applies to the light of understanding as it does to regular visible light.

24  Seeing a falsehood as being false, is true seeing. Seeing a falsehood as being true is untrue or false vision.

25  What we call regular communication is subject to the Principle of Corruption, similar to what happens in the game of Chinese Whispers. This corruption can only be overcome through the seeing of principles through the eyes of the soul.

26  If two or more see the same principle through the eyes of the soul their oneness is assured.

27  The physical blind spot is merely a witness to a higher blind spot that obscures our vision.

28  In addition to seeing auras through the process of “not seeing” you can see the etheric body, the energy field that circulate around your body and the most difficult of all, the auric film which is egg shaped and circulates about an arm’s length from your body. On this film is projected various thoughts represented in geometric forms.

29  There must be contrast between light and dark for vision to manifest. Illusion must be confronted head on and the contrast between illusion and reality must interplay in order to see the two for what they are.

30  Vulcan is most probably one of those planets with no physical light as we know it, but exists in etheric matter invisible to normal seeing.

31  As the moon reflects the light of the sun it becomes visible and comes into view of the seer. Correspondingly, when we allow our soul to reflect the light of the Spirit toward our inner eyes then we see truth.

32  We find what we are looking for we must look in the right direction, the direction of soul contact, the direction of pure Spirit, not of the familiar spirit.

33  We must open our own eyes to the one authority – the Spirit of God within us.

34  Differences must be seen as they really are and then we must proceed toward unity.

35  One of the first steps to seeing on the higher levels is to go to the plane of the mind and register the contrasts and discern the truth within the contrasts by the use of the mind or good old common sense.

36  The astral zone is a testing ground to prepare you for true seeing which begins on the plane of the mind and then goes on to higher spiritual levels including higher levels of feeling.

37  The second cause of arguments is that of seeing from different levels of vision.

38  You see Christ in a person by overlooking the personality.

39  Before one can see he must first realize that his vision is impaired.

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Your Solar Angel

Book Of Quotes

Inspirational, Spiritual and Metaphysical Quotes

From The Writings Of JJ Dewey

1  A common name for the Solar Angel is the Higher Self. Eventually your perfected self will fuse with your Higher Self and evolve through all the higher spheres together as this solar system dies. In that far future age your new and improved Higher Self will reflect again and nurture its new born baby – a new and improved version of you.

2  Each one of us has a higher self sometimes called the Solar Angel.

3  When your Solar Angel becomes aware that you are offering others assistance on the Path through service, it will seek to open the door to Spirit for you so your power to serve can be enhanced.

4  Your monad is a seed that has become you. The Solar Angel is like the Farmer that nourishes the seed. Without the Solar Angel you may not have sprouted up in this system of things.

5  Monads do not have consciousness as we do but they do have a consciousness. It is sometimes referred to as a higher consciousness–higher than the Solar Angels because the monad is closer to the Source.

6  Without the help of our Solar Angels we would still be at a very primitive level of consciousness.

7  Your Solar Angel who works through your soul and higher entities up to the Masters will not do for you what you can do for yourself.

8  Our Solar Angel which communes with us through the soul has lived on other planets so far in the distant past that its native solar system no longer is in existence in physical form.

9  We see the reflection of our Solar Angel before we meet the Solar Angel itself because the average person isn’t ready to meet his true Solar Angel.

10  The Solar Angel reflects Itself down into the astral world but the reflection of the Solar Angel will often teach some things that are upside down but they’ll be things that are encouraging to the person to live a good life so they can eventually face their illusions.

11  The Solar Angel represents the Christ Consciousness.

12  The Solar Angel, often called our Higher Self is an actual entity which is a master on its own plane.

13  Your Solar Angel was once a standard human being such as yourself, but that was a long time ago in a star system far away, billions of years in the past. He/She achieved relative perfection and through the Molecular Relationship achieved a oneness of life with all other perfected souls within their planetary and solar groups.

14  The Solar Angels are “exalted beings” who seek an eternal increase through reflecting, or multiplying themselves, just as the One God did in the beginning (or beginning/end as it could be called).

15  Whereas earthly parents often have unrealistic expectations that the child will be just like them, the Solar Angel does realize that through a series of hundreds of lifetimes the reflection will attain all the attributes of the reflector, yet keep its individual will and purpose.

16  The Solar Angel has developed a high degree of consciousness and is able to use the potentialities of God much more than an unrealized monad.

17  There was a time when there were no Solar Angels, but there was never a time when there were no monads.

18  The first Solar Angels developed through trial and error in an earlier era of this developing universe somewhere around 60 trillion years ago. Without the help of assisting Solar Angels the unfoldment of a monad takes much longer.

19  The Solar Angel, your higher self, is distinct and separate from you, yet it is you.

20  The Solar Angel continues to enjoy life in its own plane while also enjoying the life and experience, which is you. He has thus increased his capacity for joy.

21  Not all planets have Solar Angels assisting and this is one of the reasons we have not picked up intelligent radio signals from any neighboring star system yet.

22  Because of positive karma we have the good fortune to have the assistance of Solar Angels in this solar system.

23  Our Solar Angels are linked to higher angels that have risen to an even higher state of being and these are linked to higher still until you get to the originating Solar Angels in this creation.

24  Our Solar Logos was once a Solar Angel.

25  There are many Solar Angels in this Solar System, but the ones for this earth, in connection with human life, are from one basic family and share a oneness of life.

26  The Christ and the Logos have merged with their Solar Angels ages ago and are one with their own monads.

27  The job of soul energies and the Solar Angel is to work with the lower man until the monad and the lower reflection is linked and directed toward oneness.

28  Your experiences are on a different order and flavor than your Solar Angel experienced as a human. Were it not so, there would be no impetus for us or God to extend ourselves.

29  Since animals do not have Solar Angels this could explain why the earth is more accepting of their waste.

30  The Solar Angel is the soul. It’s a name for the soul. He’s called the Solar Angel because He works with solar energy from the Solar Logos.

31  The Solar Angels which commune with us when soul contact is achieved are indeed emanations from the Solar Logos.

32  If we can attain a true realization that we are truly a reflection of the Solar Angel, and one life with it, then we can become as Christ and have power over physical reality and even death.

33  Your Solar Angel is a Lord of Compassion and sacrificed itself through compassion so you could be born as an entity.

34  Your Solar Angel is more like your Divine Mother who has nourished you from an embryo, or your monad.

35  As reflections we are one with our Solar Angels in the higher spheres, but in this one we are the same Song, but played in a different key. Eventually the two keys must come together and play as one.

36  It is not the job of the Masters to work with average humanity. This is the work of the Solar Angel and its reflections in the astral world.

37  Our Solar Angels operate on several planes to communicate with human entities according to the highest they [humans] can perceive.

38  The Solar Angel doesn’t have a physical body.

39  This planet is different because we’ve had assistance. The Sons of Mind were sent to us to assist us in our evolution. These are basically our Solar Angels. We have Solar Angels assisting us in our evolution. Not all planets have this as the case. Because of this we’re one of the more progressed planets.

40  When people receive instruction from their Solar Angel, people think they’re getting a revelation from God.

41  When we develop soul contact we open the door to contacting our Solar Angels as well as the Masters and Christ and up and beyond; the doors open to all these communications.

42  DK [Djwahl Khul] says the Solar Angel casts a shadow and this shadow becomes our lower nature which the beginning human identifies with and falsely believes himself to be. Instead he is the monadic life which is occupying the shadow of the Solar Angel.

43  Before this earth scheme and this solar system there was a previous solar system where we (or our Solar Angels) passed through 49 other globes. This was our first estate.

44  The Solar Angels are in a Molecular Order of their own. Even though they are many they operate with such unity, and as one life, that the masters often just call them “the soul.”

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