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1. “Emotion does not discriminate. It merely wants yes or no, right or wrong, not shades of gray.”

2. “Those who have never contacted the Soul will be unaware of the voice of the Soul and will often make the mistake of believing that their emotional impressions are from their Soul.”

3. “The only way to consistently recognize negativity imposed from outside is to learn to not identify with your own emotion.”

4. “If the disciple finds the seeds of offense being planted in his emotional body he must move the energy immediately before it interferes with his effectiveness.”

5. “Feelings cannot be freed from the emotions because without emotion there is no feeling.”

6. “Emotions are a part of our complete self and without completeness there is not fullness of love.”

7. “The advanced person can choose those things that will effect his emotional state – or he can choose to not be effected. It all depends on the purpose he is pursuing.”

8. “Forgiveness always involves feelings.”

9. “We are not our bodies, or our emotions, and we are not even our minds. These are all vehicles for our use. Just as a car we drive is not us, but a vehicle for our use, so are our feelings. Depression is thus possible because we identify too strongly with our vehicles, in particular our emotional selves.”

10. “We do not consciously create our own dreams. They are like a computer generated program to entertain our emotional nature which is still linked during sleep.”

11. “Many feel that emotion (misnamed heart by many) is higher than mind.”

12. “All of us feel emotion, but for most this feeling comes through the solar plexus center which is a reflection of heart energy.”

13. “There are those who suppress emotion, but the emotion is still there.”

14. “There are those who have prayed regularly all their lives, and made sure others did too, yet the closest they have reached to the soul was the solar plexus emotion.”

15. “The guiding point of all communication, even when we are communicating on an emotional level, should be the highest we can perceive. Remember, our feelings are a vehicle, not our real selves.”

16. “If you are trying to reason through a subject that another feels very emotional about, that we must not use reason alone in communicating with the person. We must show the person we understand by responding with some feeling ourselves. In this case I am talking about guiding feelings with the mind which hopefully is guided by Spirit. In such a case there is communication and resolution.”

17. “Pisces was dominated by water which is a symbol of emotion and the Sixth Ray which produces idealism which sometimes leads to fanaticism. A casual reading of the history of the past two thousand years does indeed reveal a very highly emotional era.”

18. “When there is a negative emotion, the emotional body will not correct itself. The negativity must be corrected with the assistance of another who helps the emotion work through or by the mind of the individual.”

19. “I have never–NEVER, NEVER said that the emotions should be disregarded, suppressed, eliminated or not be allowed to express themselves.”

20. “Many who have not fully developed the mind and are yet centered in the emotions are very good people who are seeking the highest they know and the way of deliverance for them through the maze ahead is to have ‘good shepherds’ to follow who commune through the One Spirit. By this means can one who is yet centered in the emotions make true progress upon the path.”

21. “Controlling the emotions is very important for the Dark Ones because most people are emotionally polarized and can be easily manipulated through unchecked feeling.”

22. “When another can change our emotional state it is because we have allowed them to have this power. Yes, we are the ones responsible for how we feel. The trouble is that few can control this power.”

23. “Astral psychics always try and relate facts to the customer. All of this type of material comes through the astral body and is filtered through an upside down illusionary principle and is rarely to be trusted.”

24. “In the astral world there are no concrete facts for that which you feel is that which will be true.”

25. “If facts belong to the physical plane then where are the truths on the astral plane?”

26. “The true counterfeit to the soul is the astral body which turns everything upside down. Its purpose is to teach us all that is not true so eventually our attention will have to focus on that which remains and is true.”

27. “Anger and animosity toward other people will carry over to the astral world so that another person would actually be able to see these feelings emanating from this individual in the astral world. It would be embarrassing for many of us to have our feelings totally exposed for others to see.”

28. “The astral world is based solely on illusion and one day we will not be affected by it at all but for now in our state of evolution, the astral world is very powerful.”

29. “The bottomless pit is the emotional world of people on this earth as well as the next world. The bottomless pit for negative entities would be the lower astral (emotional) world after death where there is no bottom (earth or physical bodies) for them to find rest.”

30. “What awaits us before and after death is the discovery of the truths behind the feeling nature. In the physical world we learn facts about the elements, nations, people, events, culture, etc. In the astral world we learn about what we feel about them.”

31. “Some astral entities can tap into the receiver’s own astral body and pick up his memories and subconscious thoughts. This enables the deceptive entity to give a very acceptable and impressive revelation to the seeker.”

32. “You can obtain many facts from the astral world, but not principles.”

33. “Standard astral group energy can be mistaken for soul energy but is far removed from it.”

34. “Lower psychism gets its power through the illusionary astral body which turns truth upside down and makes the truth seem false and the false seem true.”

35. “The ‘go with the flow’ appeals very strongly to solar plexus people for this lower emotional energy does not have any checks and balances with it.”

36. “Individual desires are not individual rights.”

37. “Oneness on the emotional level does indeed have a positive and negative to it. It is positive when a team camaraderie is developed around a positive goal. It is negative of course, when some type of mob mentality is developed and participants in oneness are unable to check themselves while headed toward the edge of a cliff.”

38. “The person grounded in this higher solar plexus love and feeling will say yes to all teachings of Christ Consciousness, love and sharing, but in real life his decisions will reflect the persistent dedication to self.”

39. “The average person who is polarized in the astral body is not overlooked by the soul, for soul energy is reflected down into that body. Unfortunately it is a reflection and as such everything is reversed and the direction he receives leads him into learning experiences rather than in the direction of real truth.”

40. “The astral plane is created through an interplay of the mental and etheric planes.”

41. “Those who have risen above the astral focus, and are centered in the love-wisdom pedals of the heart, dwell on the plane of the mind and not the emotional polarization.”

42. “The astral light is a mirror reflection of soul light so it gets everything backwards.”

43. “The astral feelings have seven levels and the highest will seem very spiritual to many and the seeker will often assume he has found the final heart of God, Jesus or Krishna when he has tuned in to them.”

44. “Strong emotion such as love or hate, desire or repulsion, fear or protectiveness creates not karma, as we understand the term, but an energy link that will bring you into repeated contact with the person with whom you share such emotion.”

45. “Over 90 percent of what people call soul communications, contacting the Holy Spirit, God, receiving revelations, Jesus, the Spirit, etc., are merely contacts made with the emotional self.”

46. “An emotional contact disguised as a divine communication brings information that is peculiar to the person’s own thinking and feeling nature which is different than any other person.”

47. “An emotional revelation will not be in harmony with either reality or other people’s emotional revelations – unless they are tapping into the same mass thoughtform.”

48. “When feelings amplify our sense of importance we develop a problem.”

49. “People are hypnotized by emotional essence.”

50. “Suppressed emotions cannot free themselves. The mind must free them.”

51. “I am completely supportive for expressing whatever feelings we have no mater how negative. The only way to deal with them at times is to get them out on the table. But when they are on the table one must not run, but face up to whatever results they lead towards.”


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  1. 8. Just imagine I read it twice. While I am not as accomplished on this topic, I concur with your closings because they make sense. Thanks and good luck to you.

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