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1. “I am a big supporter of the works of Alice A. Bailey, but am not connected with Lucis Trust in any way.”

2. “I participated in the Harmonic Convergence. Here is my report. It was a good experience and raised some good feelings and vibes, but was not world changing nor did any transformation of the earth occur.”

3. “Not all escapism is bad.”

4. “I do have a handicap from an explosion as a youth and it was the cause of me being fired numerous times when I was young. This is one of the reasons I have wound up in business for myself. My handicap has also been the source of much more discrimination in my life than any minority or woman I know experiences. The thing that irritates me most about my handicap is when some show pity, feel sorry for me or expect any lower performance out of me than anyone else. Being fired or discriminated against did not diminish by a micron my desire to allow people to do whatever they want within their own domain. If someone owns a business and they have doubts about my ability and want someone else in what could be a dangerous job that is their right. I would be wrong to infringe on that freedom. Instead of whining about the problem, suing or seeking affirmative action I sought to solve the problem which is what I did to the advantage that I experienced considerable growth over the ordeal.”

5. “George Washington and most founding fathers were Masons.”

6. “I am from the same bloodline as [The Mormon Prophet] Joseph Smith.”

7. “The most correct Bible from my studies is the Concordant version.”

8. “Baptism is not just a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can perform this ceremony when ever you feel like you want a new lease on life.”

9. “If we want to enter into the presence of God, receive revelation and knowledge of principles, or the laws of God in the Ark of the Covenant, that we need not look in beautiful churches or temples. Instead we can find God in the wilderness, in the desert, in a humble abode and can find Him as we move from place to place as did the ancient Israelites.”

10. “Just because I do not agree with you does not mean I do not understand.”

11. “There are no true paradoxes in my teachings of which I am aware.”

12. “I have been shown enough and allowed to participate in a higher molecule to the extent that I teach from knowledge, not guesswork with many aspects of it.”

13. “The degree of violence starvation breeds is dependant on the suddenness and the degree of the shut off of the supply. Never in recent history has there been a shutdown of high degree with suddenness in an advanced nation. It is difficult for those living without want to imagine the consequences.”

14. “Every organization that has ever been created goes through a process of corruption.”

15. “Some see a conclusion and a decision as the same thing. They are not.”

16. “There are no shape-shifters among our leaders as some teach.”

17. “If we are waiting for others to improve before we cease being offended, we will be waiting forever.”

18. “If you are sitting around doing nothing then you are not creating and you are producing no good or evil.”

19. “God’s intelligence in you is making a lot of mistakes. Get used to it or your life will be frustrating.”

20. “There is no such thing as a true paradox, but only that which has the appearance of a paradox.”

21. “If a people have money, abundance and scientific advancement this does not mean they are materialistic.”

22. “There have been many mistakes made by believers in Christ and Buddha, but the major ones occurred after the first generation of followers died off and much of the vision was lost.”

23. “Are we on a witch hunt? No one is seeking out any witches here. Instead we do not want to be forced to learn the ways of the witch when we have a class on the gardening for the soul. You are not hunting the witch – the witch is hunting you.”

24. “A channel is basically the same as, is or has been called a medium.”

25. “Most involved in Wicca are very harmless folks far removed from Satanism.”

26. “The Hierarchy of the Mormons have their faults but they do not participate in human sacrifice.”

27. “All founders of all organizations make mistakes, but this does not make them Satanists.”

28. “As far as Scientology goes I have read a number of their books and I think the best material is in L. Ron Hubbard’s “Science of Mental Health.” He presented some great material in this and I think some of it was inspired, but then I believe Hubbard became interested in making money as a prime objective and the soul contact went down from there.”

29. “There is a huge difference between putting all your attention on the positive during the good times, and keeping it there during times of great distress.” – The Lost Key of the Buddha, The Immortal Series, Book III

30. “Different opinions are welcome here.”

31. “I continue, and will continue to make, no claims about myself as a person.”

32. “By the way, you do not have full power of decision in your dreams because your mental link is detached.”

33. “Self improvement may be an off-shoot of the teachings presented here, but such is far from the prime purpose. The main purpose is the Gathering of Lights and the creation of the Molecular Relationship.”

34. “I’ve never bought a lottery ticket in my life, but would be willing to do so if I thought the profits were being used wisely.”

35. “There is no reason why God cannot expand and contract.”

36. “Unfortunately advice can only go so far in personal situations because our own souls often have lessons in mind for us to learn from which there is no escape.”

37. “To say a thing is evidence is not evidence at all.”

38. “The truth is, Babylon never died, but is still with us.”

39. “There are many things in the human world that man is more capable of performing well than is the Highest of Masters.”

40. “It’s fine to disagree and that is not rude.”

41. “The people I know who act outwardly happy the highest percentage of the time are the manic depressives who also suffer severe depression.”

42. “I personally can’t stand to be around others who are trying to be someone else.”

43. “The wholeness of the work needs to be seen. The work not only includes religion and spirituality, but all the good endeavors of humanity in education, science, the arts, politics, philosophy and others.”

44. “Every good ideology from the past has always been supported by people who examine all things in the clear, cold light of reason.”

45. “From my study in using Strongs Concordance and comparing various translations I have found the Concordant version to be most accurate. This is the only Bible I know that was translated entirely with the idea of accuracy rather than dogma or readability.”

46. “Any teaching about hope needs to be accompanied by what it is that I’m supposed to be hoping for.”

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