Healing 109

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Nov 13, 2015

Healing 109

The second rule of healing:

The healer must achieve magnetic purity, through purity of life. He must attain that dispelling radiance which shows itself in every man when he has linked the centres in the head. When this magnetic field is established, the radiation then goes forth.

Johann was right in that Ruth did make a great post commenting on this. She was right in stating that an essential part of obtaining magnetic purity lies with the astral/emotional body.

DK gives an interesting take on the “sea of glass” mentioned in the Book of Revelation. He says this is a symbol of the astral body in its purified condition. The colors in the astral bodies of most people are somewhat muddy and off color because of their negative and stormy feelings. The goal of the disciple is to control the astral body by stilling the negative emotions. Then, when the astral body is clear it becomes a reflector of the higher purified feelings and thought.

As it is now in the masses, the astral bodies are so murky that the higher thoughts and feelings become greatly distorted after they filter through it. Because of this the average person sees many things in reverse of what they should be. The poor condition of the astral bodies of the people is one of he reasons that Isaiah complained that almost all were calling evil good, and good evil.

This is still the case today and few are able to discern good from evil on subtle matters. Robert spoke truly when he said, “So truth heals, it sets us free.” We can only receive that truth when the astral body doesn’t get in the way with negative static.

Purity of life applies to all three planes, the physical, astral and mental. Even though many seekers find it difficult to stay in good physical health, the astral health is even more difficult and more crucial for the emotions have a huge effect on the physical. If your emotions are peaceful and balanced then a great hurdle toward physical health is achieved.

When the physical body is healthy, the emotions are balanced and the mind is focused on loving service then the two centers in the head come in alignment and the disciple will increase in power to radiate spiritual energy and thus increase his or her power to assist others with healing.

All the rules and laws of healing covered by DK are very enlightening, but some would take a lot of time to cover so we’ll skip over to one more rule before we move on from his topic. Those interested in greater depth can read DKs major treatise on it called Esoteric Healing which is free online.

Rule Six

The healer or the healing group must keep the will in leash. It is not will that must be used, but love.

Many see great healers as using a powerful spiritual will, but here he says the will must be kept in leash. Why do you suppose that is? And why is it that love must be the focus?

What can the healer do to bring more love into the equation?

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