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Oct 23, 2015

DK Quotes

Today I thought I would do something different and give you some DK quotes that I like.

Even Christ Himself struggled with the problem of the divine will, and addressed Himself to the Monad at the moment when He first realised the extent and the complexity of His mission as World Saviour. He then cried aloud: “Father, not My will but Thine be done.” Those words marked the relinquishing of the vehicles through which He had been attempting to salvage humanity; it indicated to Him what might at that time have appeared to be an apparent failure and that His mission was not accomplished. For nearly two thousand years He has waited to bring that mission to fruition; it has marked also for Him the entrance into a new cycle of activity; this cycle will culminate during the next three hundred years in success if this Invocation—as used by all of you and by the Hierarchy—proves its effectiveness. He cannot proceed with His assigned mission without reciprocal action by humanity.

Discipleship In the New Age, Vol 2, Page 173

Evil lies in the refusal to leave behind when conquered; it consists in remaining immersed in matter that is dominated and hath no more to teach; it is the clinging to forms that should not hold the evolving spirit, in vibrating to a rhythm too heavy for the point reached; it is the holding on to things behind instead of stretching up to those ahead and before; it is a desecrating of knowledge gained and a prostituting of it to what is realised to be a retrograde and unworthy step; it is choosing to talk in the dark or twilight when just ahead the light can be seen; it is the choosing of a life of ease and no struggle, a going with the tide, when the inner voice points the way along a rocky and difficult path to a goal acknowledged to be desirable; it is acquiescence instead of aspiration, a standing still instead of going forward, a closing of the eyes instead of straining them to see a wide horizon; it is knowing and not using knowledge. The initiate James knew this when wisely he said, “To him that knows to do good and does it not, to him is sin.”

A Learning Experience; Mary Bailey, Pg 60

The curse of many groups has been the whispered word that “Those who know wish….” “The Master says….” “The Great Ones command…” and the group of silly sheep feebly and blindly tumble over themselves to obey. They think thereby, through their misplaced devotion, to contact certain authoritative personages, and to get into heaven by some short cut.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 4

It is useful also to bear in mind that light and matter are synonymous terms, thus echoing the teaching of the East, it becomes apparent that through the interplay of the poles, and through the friction of the pairs of opposites light flashes forth. The goal of evolution is found to be a gradual series of light demonstrations. Veiled and hidden by every form lies light. As evolution proceeds, matter becomes increasingly a better conductor of the light, thus demonstrating the accuracy of the statement of the Christ “I am the Light of the World”.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pgs 9-10

People have sought to adjust the truth to the hour instead of adjusting the hour to the truth.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 137

True service is the spontaneous outflow of a loving heart and an intelligent mind; it is the result of being in the right place and staying there; it is produced by the inevitable inflow of spiritual force and not by strenuous physical plane activity; it is the effect of a man’s being what he truly is, a divine Son of God, and not by the studied effect of his words or deeds. A true server gathers around him those whom it is his duty to serve and aid by the force of his life and his spiritualised personality, and not by his claims or loud speaking.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 188-9

These three—idealism, group service and sacrifice—are characteristics of those personalities who are becoming increasingly sensitive to the soul aspect, the qualities of that soul being knowledge, love and sacrifice.

A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 396

we must remember that each of us is recognised by the brilliance of his light. This is an occult fact. The finer the grade of matter built into our bodies, the more brilliantly will shine forth the indwelling light. Light is vibration, and through the measurement of vibration is fixed the grading of the scholars. Hence nothing can prevent a man’s progress forward if he but attends to the purification of his vehicles. The light within will shine forth with ever greater clarity, as the refining process goes on, until—when atomic matter predominates—great will be the glory of that inner man. We are all graded, therefore, if it may be so expressed, according to the magnitude of the light, according to the rate of vibration, according to the purity of the tone and the clarity of the colour.

Initiation Human and Solar, Pg 68

Nothing in heaven or hell, on earth or elsewhere can prevent the progress of the man who has awakened to the illusion, who has glimpsed the reality beyond the glamour of the astral plane, and who has heard, even if only once, the clarion call of his own soul.     A Treatise on White Magic, Pg 223

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