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Sept 29, 2015

Foolish Virgins


I did argue with exactly what you said You said


I pointed out several areas where you argued with what I did not say and you have not commented or corrected the error.

As far as quoting the foolish and wise virgins all you have done is quote a line from the scripture and distort my meaning but did not argue with my points on it which were.

The principle is that if we are limited in what we have and need a certain amount to accomplish a goal then it is not wise to share so much (either voluntarily or involuntarily) that the goal cannot be reached. In this case neither the one with the oil or the one receiving will have enough, as pointed out by Jesus.

I used this to point out the need to control immigration. With completely open borders and no controls a wealthy country can be overrun to the point where all are diminished. Where we share our abundance wisely through controlled immigration then all will have enough.

I used the same principle talking about social programs, of which helping the down and out is just a small part of such spending. If we throw money at everything social that sounds good then pretty soon our oil will be depleted…


That has just about happened as we are over 18 trillion in debt with no way to pay it back. We have to borrow the money to pay the interest.

If we do not control our social spending we are in danger of running too low on oil and going bust to the point where we all become poor.

Not a good thing.

I never said that all the poor are in that condition because they are foolish. The word foolish to those who were have-nots was a choice of words by Jesus, nit me, though I think most of us have lost money and have been in bad financial circumstances because of foolish decisions. It seems like you related to us some foolish financial losses you have experienced.

If you want to argue with me about why people are poor then you need to argue with what I say which is.

People are poor for a number of different reasons.

Some are born into very difficult circumstances.

Some are poor by choice because they want to do a minimal amount of work to get by.

Some have experienced temporary losses through poor choice or bad judgment, but will soon be back on their feet.

Some just make foolish decisions, contrary to good judgment and will not get ahead until they change their ways.

There are a number of reasons various people are rich and poor and to read into my writings that either is just due to one thing is to read my writings with no desire to understand.

Oct 1, 2015



Just tell me what made you spiritual




and define what you mean by that word?


That which IS – when emotional interference and illusion are stripped away.

When we discuss politics it is always around the very spiritual Principle of Freedom. The quest for TRUE maximum freedom and liberation is the most spiritual of endeavors.


So JJ when you say that the science of global warming is not truth, as I recall that you have, you think that is spiritual?


Which science are you talking about? There are all kinds of different conclusions reached by scientists about global warming. Actual science in any department has to rely on truth.. How the science is interpreted is subject to a lot of illusion and a political agenda. Any interpretation I have of global warming or any other area of interest based based on true facts as far as they are available. You cannot find one thing I have said about global warming that uses any false data.

Truth is spiritual wherever it is found. There is no such thing as spirituality without truth.

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