The Higher and Lower Mind

The Higher and Lower Mind

2021 Gathering, Part Five

There’s no way to go through life just having everything be sunshine and roses. There are many outward events that we cannot change. But one thing we can change is how we look at them.

Two people can be approached and insulted, and one may react strongly and attack back, and produce negativity, and maybe create other attacks, and create a chain reaction – like two neighbors arguing over where a fence needs to be. Like Rand Paul was recently attacked by his neighbor who didn’t like him. Different things like this happen.

There are many ways we may be attacked, but we can avoid how we interpret it, or we can change how we interpret it. So if two people get attacked, one can look at the attack and react and create a chain reaction. The other can look at the attack and think it’s not worth bothering with, and let it go through him.

It’s not that he’s in denial of anything and that’s the key. Put yourself in a state to where you can just say this just doesn’t matter. You don’t have to deny it. You may feel some feelings within you, and you acknowledge those feelings, and mentally you tell yourself that there’s a different way of looking at this. Suppose my neighbor had a bunch of his leaves blow on my yard. That’s kind of irritating. Now I have to clean up his leaves, but it’s not a big deal. It’s not worth making a fuss over.

So changing your attitude about how you look at a situation or an attack or something that can be emotional, is something that’s within the realm of our decision making.

The third thing that we are not is our minds. There’s something that we can call the higher mind and the lower mind. What is the difference? Lower mind is what is often called the ego. It is that which sees us as being a separate self. Our emotions are separate. Our body is separate, and we communicate in separateness.

Asaph lives in Israel. He had to come thousands of miles to associate with the rest of us because he is living as a separate individual a long way away. So to associate with us he had to actually come here in the physical. And we’re really glad he made that effort.

But it’s interesting that this is all a part of the lower mind, and the lower mind has to function as a separate entity. The higher mind is connected with what I call the spiritual internet. Think of our communication now compared to fifty years ago. Fifty years ago there was no internet, and if you wanted to communicate with somebody, you had to make an individual phone call. If you wanted to get some information you had to go to the library or look at an Encyclopedia Britannica or check out a book.

But now, all you have to do is Google something and ask a question and you can get an answer to almost anything that you want. It’s not always accurate (laughter) but can get an answer to almost anything. If you want to know, for instance, when the next full moon is . . . if you want to know how far it is from Boise, Idaho to here, and how long the driving time is, just Google it and you can have that readily available.

So our evolution is to evolve more toward the higher mind and away from the lower mind. And the higher mind doesn’t see everything as being separate. It sees us all linked together. And there’s only one mind. Think of the mind itself, the mind of God as a flowing ocean. And we are in that ocean. And we are a part of this mind. We are partaking of the mind of God.

Now, if you just see yourself as a fish in the ocean, then you are separate from the ocean. But even if you’re separate from the ocean, you have that water flowing around you, giving you life. And so, the mind of God . . . there’s one mind in the Universe, and this is like a flowing stream that flows through all of us. And we can connect to that mind. And when we connect to that mind, it’s like a spiritual internet, and all things become available to us.

When using the lower mind, we rely on our brain. With the higher mind, our attention goes to the pure spirit of the mind of God, so to speak. With the lower mind, our attention focuses on what the brain can do for us. Those are the two distinctions. When we focus on the brain, we see ourselves as lone individuals, not really connected to anything else. But when we focus on the higher mind, then we have a sense of unity with all living things.

Now when you look at all living things, for instance when we were outside looking at those cute little chickens . . . weren’t those cut little chickens . . . when you look at them, if you look at them correctly, it’s like even those chickens out there or the grass or the trees, if you have a sense of the higher mind, you’ll have a sense of the connectedness with all life in the Universe. Because all life in the Universe is connected. There’s really only One Life in the Universe – which is the life of that which we call God.

All Masters, whether they be people who have overcome death and are gods as far as we’re concerned, the gods, the Elohim, they are people that are one with the One Mind of God. And so, they can identify with being Gods. That’s why in the Bible the word Gods or Elohim is plural. It really says, “In the beginning, Gods created the heavens and the earth.” It’s actually written this way, “In the beginning, the Gods create the heavens and the earth.” It’s used with a singular verb, which is interesting.

So a word which is fitting of “the Gods,” which is plural, yet used with a singular verb would be a council or a group. A group of Gods created the heavens and the earth, so to speak. That’s kind of an interesting thought.

We’re a combination, all of us, of our lower and higher minds. Everyone has a sense of the higher mind, but we don’t use it that much. Everyone has a sense of the lower mind, and we use this quite a bit, but the lower mind is not you. Neither mind is you, but we use mind. Mind is a vehicle, a vehicle that we use to accomplish things.

Similarly, if you’re going to descend below the ocean, you can descend a few feet and be okay, but if you get too far down for too long, you’ll suffocate because you can only stay down there so long. So, you take a breathing apparatus with you, but you still can only go so far before the pressure becomes too great. So, you can put on an armored suit, and you can go much deeper. But you can only go so deep.

James Cameron a while back, made a vehicle and went about five or ten miles down . . . I can’t remember exactly, but it broke a record. But he went down in a vehicle and was able to go very deep into the ocean and was able to endure that great pressure.

Now in the beginning, we decided, being beings of pure spirit, we decided to jump into matter. And to jump into matter, it’s almost like jumping in the ocean and going deeper and deeper. The deeper you go, the more vehicles you need to endure the pressure.

And so, we jumped into matter, and we gathered around ourselves a lower mind. And then we gathered around ourselves the emotional/astral body. And then finally the physical body, and it enabled us to jump into this pressurized system of the material universe, and to be able to be in this material universe and go through experiences, we had to have all these vehicles to protect us, so to speak, so we could go through the experience of physical reality.

Unfortunately, having all these vehicles that we work with, also put distance between us and our true reality. And so this distance between us and our true selves, needs to be bridged. And we need to be able to become masters of our vehicles to the extent that they do not keep us trapped in the lower realms.

So the key to finding out what we are is to first find out what we are not. We are not our bodies. We tend to identify too much with our bodies. This creates all kinds of problems for us.

When we realize we are not our bodies, then we pay less attention to them. When we pay the wrong kind of attention to our bodies, we interfere with the flow of energy going through them creating perfect health.

We want to maintain good health, so we don’t want to interfere with the flow of energies. If you’ve got to perform, and you place a whole bunch of attention on it, you may really blow your performance because you were just too nervous. And this happens with our bodies because if we pay too much attention to it in the wrong way, it interferes with the flow.

The best way to deal with your body is to view it as if it doesn’t exist. And then all the energies in the body will circulate correctly. They’ll take care of themselves. But we interfere with the circulation of energy in our body by our wrong thinking, and much of our thinking is wrong.

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