Vegetarian Nazis

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Nov 5, 2015

Vegetarian Nazis

Many vegetarians present themselves as the peaceful loving ones and meat eaters as vicious killers and warmongers.

Vegetarian blogger Jordan Younger found out that many of her fellow vegetarians were more like the vegetarian Hitler than Gandhi.

For health reasons she announced on her blog that she was starting to eat a little meat and eggs. Here was the response:

That’s when all hell broke loose. Her site crashed within two minutes and 1,000 followers instantly ditched her. Worse, she received anonymous death threats from hard-core vegans claiming she condoned the slaughter of animals and that neither she nor her family had the right to live.

“It was shocking,” recalls Younger, who moved from New York back to Los Angeles around the time of the fallout. “It made me realize how elitist some of the people within that [vegan] world could be.”


Of course, like every other group, there are both good and bad vegetarians, but it seems that an uncomfortable percentage of them are not that peaceful and quite militant.

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