A Glorious Future

Jan 5, 2016

A Glorious Future

I have previously stated that the destiny of humans is to be the soul of the universe. Soul energy to the body is that which builds it and gives it shape and life. Humans will do the same for the solar system, the galaxy and eventually the universe itself. We will move moons, planets, stars and more to more desirable locations.

I found it interesting the other day that I stumbled across an article that reveals that some scientists are also thinking in this direction. Here is an interesting article about how it would be possible to move our entire solar system to a new location.


Long before we attempt to move suns we will terraform planets, moons asteroids as well as move some of then to more desirable locations.

We will also do some fantastic things on earth. Rather than destroy the planet, as many who lack vision see us headed, humanity will be salvation of planetary renewal. We will eventually transform the planet into a Garden of Eden.

Yes, we are currently making a number of mistakes, but we will learn from them, correct ourselves and move forward. We will develop new and safe methods of sustainable food production that will be able to feed the populace despite any climate changes that may occur. Eventually, we will even be able to control the climate of the planet.

We will build cities on the seas, under the seas and in the air as well as space. We will even develop the technology to go under the earth and in mountains to build giant underground facilities such as we have not yet imagined.

We will build cities on the moon, Mars and various moons of the Solar System. We will capture asteroids, hollow them out for the minerals and create a paradise inside of them. We will be able to create an earth like gravity within using centripetal force spinning them at the right speed. We will use some of them as giant space ships and head off to other star systems.

The question is, how will we accomplish such great feats of engineering under such adverse circumstances?

The answer is closer than you may think. We are on the verge of technology that will make superhuman feats of engineering possible. If we do not disrupt progress with some insane world war we will soon assume creative powers the ancients reserved for the gods.

There are several advancements that are taking us where we have not gone before.

(1) The development of computers which will culminate in artificial intelligence under the control of their creators.

(2) The artificial intelligence will eventually be able to duplicate itself.

(3) 3-D Printing. Presently, this enables us to create parts and items in minutes that would have taken days by hand in a machine shop. This is just the beginning of a new method of creation that will allow us to create great structures quickly. Using offshoots of this technology we will be able to create a house in less than a day, maybe an hour’s time.

(4) Nanotechnology. We are on the verge of mastering the engineering of the small clear down to atoms and molecules. We will learn to direct our creative efforts from the small to the massive. Many new materials having tremendous strength and durability will be developed though this technology.

(5) New energy systems. One of these will be fusion, the same source that powers the sun. When this and other systems get in place humanity will have unlimited resources to create in ways that defy the imagination.

Let us say that after we have made some of these advances that we want to build a city on Mars. All we have to do is send a sufficient number of AI’s (artificial intelligence) along with necessary resources. Using advanced 3D printing and nanotechnology they extract all the raw materials they need and build a huge domed city. They also find sources of water that will support life. In the center of the city they will build a great fusion reactor which will supply unlimited energy. Finally, after all this is accomplished humans from earth will move to Mars and occupy the city and direct additional development which will include terraforming the whole planet.

Before we do a lot on Mars we will use this technology to build cities on the sea and under the sea. This technology will eventually bring much freedom to lights who want to gather and experiment on better systems of government.

This and the next generation has a great responsibility to stabilize the planet so humanity does not shoot itself in the foot. If we do not sabotage ourselves we have a wonderful adventurous future waiting for us.

Copyright 2016 By J J Dewey

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