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Living Masters


If you know more then all Living Masters, then you must be one?


You need to argue with what I say, not with what I do not say. I did not say that I know more than all living masters. I said I know more than the self proclaimed living Eck master. That doesn’t mean that I am a master but it would indicate that he is not one.

All real living masters know lots of things I do not. Among them are DK, KH, Jesus, Rakoczi and Morya.

Who is the living master you recommend?


I have never bowed down to any one. But I have my Eyes Wide Open to receive all Spiritual Teachings I can use to assist me to advance closer towards the Spirit Who liberates souls from further Reincarnations.

No one I know “bows down” to Living Masters of the time. You must keep in mind that many of the Quotes come from what Teachers hundreds of years ago taught illiterate seekers.


From the book you suggested it sounds like you are supposed to bow down or completely submit without question. If this isn’t true why recommend the book? Tell me if these quotes represent your thinking.

The seekers who submit themselves to the Guru and associate with him, are initiated into the Sound by the Guru, and He also directs inwardly their meditation and other spiritual practices. He who follows the Guru’s directions and succeeds in his inner discipline, is released from the cycle of birth and rebirth.

Let it be known to all, ascetics, holy men and others, and let it be proclaimed by drum-beat, that Bliss can be achieved only by the grace of a Perfect Master, for it is He who helps you to rend the veil so that you hear the Sound. A single word from the Master, held firmly in the heart, suffices.

And hold thou just to Guru’s Nam, This wealth alone shalt thou retain. … Steadfast in surrender to Satguru (the guru) be, Tirelessly in this task engage.

Developing love for the Master and listening to His discourses constitutes your own work. As you rise above worldly temptations and lie in complete surrender at His feet, you become free from all sins and weaknesses that impair. Spiritual wealth may be accumulated in two ways. First: by toiling hard at meditation; second: by a complete and unconditional surrender to the Master.


Why do you see any Teacher out side of Alice Bailey and D.K. teachings as spiritual competitors, JJ?


That does not represent my thinking at all. Where do you get such an idea? You recommended a 1000 page book by John Davidson and I read the whole thing and found some good things in it. How much of the Bailey Material have you read?


All Spiritual Teachers have both good and bad points in their Teachings. If a seeker is certain that his/her own Inner Master is connected to his Consciousness, then they don’t need any Masters, living or dead.

If any Teaching does not get a hook in you, then, by all means, reject it. That’s what I do.


We agree on these points. Despite some disagreements I respect your thinking and enjoy most of your posts. I’m sure you know many things I do not, but as far as what is needed for my spiritual progression and the work I need to do, I am the world’s greatest expert.



How do you really KNOW you know more then Harold Klemp, the Eck Master?


As far as useful spiritual information goes I haven’t seen anything useful come from the various living Eck Masters. Paul Twitchell, who started the movement, was the smartest of the bunch, probably had some spiritual experiences when he was younger but seemed to be overcome with glamour as he moved ahead to form a movement.


All real living masters know lots of things I do not. Among them are DK, KH, Jesus, Rakoczi and Morya.


Aren’t those Masters all dead, or not present in physical bodies?


You say you own all the Alice A. Bailey books, but must have never been a student or you would know that most the Masters of Wisdom live in current physical bodies. DK is about 300 years old and he is one of the younger masters. Both HPB and Alice A. Bailey tell of experiences where they met the Masters in the flesh.


I have already said who initiated me and who accepted me as their Disciple. But they both have passed on. So, as far as I know, I might as well recommend you ask Allan Chronshaw to be your living Master…


It sounds like you have nothing for us since your living master is dead. Since you believe we need a living one and have none to recommend I guess we are out of luck, from your vantage point.


…With stipulations that the unconditional surrender is to the Master within, at least, is what my Master, Charan Singh implied. Since the Inner Master leads, then we are always below Him, or at his feet, not above him, at his head. Its just a word play, JJ. Some type of words must be used to try and describe the technique. Plus, the words have to be in an understandable language to the Disciple.


From what I read it sounds like you are just supposed to mindlessly trust the master without and then you will be lead to bliss and become free from the wheel of rebirth and led to the kingdom within. The opposite is true. You must verify from within first and if what is without agrees with the spirit within then you can trust. If you just trust a proclaimed master without just because he claims to be a master you are likely to wind up seeking the mother ship for a ride on the Hale Bopp comet.


But, the Sant Mat Eastern Teachings hooked me as soon as I read my first Sant Most Book, “the Path if The Masters” by Dr. Julian Johnson. That Book has been mentioned here a few times, and has been read by a few other Keysters, I believe? Why don’t you invite those who have read that Book to offer their critique of it, and if it had ant effect on their consciousness after they read it?


Fine with me. I’m always open to new teachings and additional light. I just downloaded a copy and will take a look.

Most of the group are happy to examine any new teachings or ideas. Some have come here and tried to force feed us the same thing over and over and that generates complaints.

What I see lacking so far in the teachings you recommend is the seeking of confirmation within of what is taught by a teacher without. If that which is without is trusted first, before inner confirmation is received the student will be subject to illusion through the allure of the many false teachers and masters that are out there seeking recognition.

Teachers, living or dead can be useful, but the weight of responsibility of moving ahead is upon us who are in physical incarnation. Escaping the wheel of rebirth is meaningless if one has not mastered what is here for us. We never escape rebirth completely as we move onward to eternal lives on eternal worlds, worlds and universes without end.

There is a linkage which I call the Molecular Order, to which all true Masters and Higher Lives are associated, through which the spiritual life of God in the universe flows, but the inner voice leads to finding it,



You are encouraging the members of your forum to come to the Nazirene Disciple forums to argue with us. There is no point in this, because we have absolutely nothing in common.


You take things too literally. I was just talking with allegorical humor. Look for the allegory in things and lighten up. I doubt if anyone here wants to challenge your group.


To the people who frequent your forum, I am an idiot.


I do not think that anyone here thinks you are an idiot. I think that most of us see you as a fairly brainsmart guy who has taken a wrong turn, kind of like the Brown Brothers.


Question from Reader

Masturbation is not the big sin that the Mormon church makes it out to

  1. Unfortunately,it is used as a source of guilt and control which

is much worse than masturbation itself.

Sexual sharing in a loving relationship blends energies and is very

spiritual, but done alone there is a vacancy of that complimenting

energy and that produces that feeling that something is missing or

wrong. If you want to focus on the spiritual then it is best to keep

masturbation to a minimum, but if the need drives one to distraction

then doing it in moderation would not be a problem if one does not

feel guilt.



Allan stated you were among those Founders of America who helped form our Government. Is he correct, and if so, how does he know? Were you and he there working together then, as you work together now?


It was revealed to me that I was there and I would guess that Allan was there also. I couldn’t vouch for him being Thomas Paine though as there is no evidence of Paine receiving his idea of soul birth as he ate meat and drank wine. His wife Flo says she was there with him as a witness to his accomplishments, but his first wife, Mary Lambert, who died after two years of marriage in 1761, was said to have been the love of his life. If this was Flo then she couldn’t have been a living witness his writing of the Declaration of Independence as Allan claims was written by himself as Paine.

Now his second wife was Elizabeth, but he separated from her in June of 1774 so she obviously wasn’t a witness to Paine writing the 1776 Declaration and besides he and Flo are supposed to be soul-birthed soul mates not subject to divorce in recent lifetimes.

When Flo said she was there as a witness to Paine writing the Declaration of Independence I asked her who she was and she did not answer.

Now Jefferson took credit and was given credit for writing the Declaration. He was so sure he wrote it he requested this to be written on his tombstone:







Sounds to me that Jefferson thought he penned the great document.



Nowhere is there any claim that Thomas Paine achieved soul-birth. Neither was Mary Lambert the last woman in Paine’s life. When the British was hunting him down, do you think his associations were made public so they could get at him through these associations?


This is the first time I’ve heard you say that you have had lives since James that didn’t achieve soul birth. So that means that Thomas Paine was a failed soul image. Poor guy.

Historians say that Elizabeth Olive (his second wife), who he parted company with in 1774, was his last known romantic relationship. If he had another who witnessed him write the Declaration of Independence then he completely ignored her and sent what little extra funds he had to Elizabeth and not to her. After the Declaration was proclaimed he traveled and lived in England and France for about 20 years with no female at his side. Since there is no historical evidence that Paine had a soulmate like Flo then it would be interesting to hear past life recollections from either you or her about who this mysterious female is.



Interesting, JJ! When you were revealed that you were there, was it as an Observer, or did you recognize specifically who you were at that time?


I was shown who I was but I make it a policy that I do not talk about my past lives. First, I could be one of the many who give out incorrect past lives and second it opens a door that can lead to glamour and illusion.


And why do you accept Allan was there, if he was not Thomas Paine? If not Paine, who? (if he was there at all, which I doubt. Unless you have a specific verification? )


I do not have an undeniable revelation on this but do have several impressions – which I usually find to be reliable.

I think that Allan’s attention focused on Thomas Paine after he read some theory that he wrote the Declaration of Independence. Those were such powerful and praiseworthy words that Jefferson wanted credit for writing them on his tombstone. If Allan as the brother of Jesus wrote the original Jesus story, the most powerful writing of all time then why not take credit for the second most powerful – the Declaration?

Here is what does not compute. If he wrote the two greatest documents of all time in two separate lifetimes then why has he written nothing that is widely quoted today? Even his own inner circle of readers do not quote him that much.

He would be more believable if he just said he was the brother of Jesus and wrote the book of James. He is intelligent enough to have written that. I’m not saying he did write it but he is capable of writing of that quality.

Allan is big on personal freedom, one of the few things we do agree on, and he feels he was there and respects the Founding Fathers. I sense he did live in that era. The information we do know for sure does not verify that he was Thomas Paine.


Does your years and age match up, JJ, from deaths to births to present that would verify you could have been there with Allan?


If I understand you correctly the answer would be yes.


Also, you mentioned wanting to compare Graphology from Allan and Payne’s Hand Writing. Where you ever able to get samples and do so? This is interesting, important stuff! If You have NOT done it yet, than hopefully, Allan will voluntarily submit a current sample of his hand writing, and we then could search for a sample of Thomas Payne’s hand writing., if it matches, then Flo would be the Loose Cannon false witness.


I believe that I did volunteer to analyze his handwriting but did not get a reply or sample. It would be interesting to compare the two for I do have samples of Paine’s handwriting. Handwriting often changes with character from life to life and within a single life, but some things remain the same. The key ingredient is intelligence, for it rarely diminishes from life to life unless there is some brain damage. By comparing samples of handwriting I can often rule out the possibility that the two are not the same person. If they are close I can give probabilities that they are the same.

Sometimes I find correspondences that give significant proof. Here is an interesting one I found between HPB and JFK. I’d give it around an 85% probability that JFK was a reincarnation of HPB.




June 7, 2015

Tough Love

You will now serve for the sake of selfless love alone because the need is out there and you sense the need.” JJ


If one’s family or siblings just take advantage of you, and use you for your money and expect you to do everything for them, is this still selfless love and service to be treated as a Bank and a Slave?


First of all it was great to see Jim give you heartfelt advice. I thought his words were well worth considering.

There are two types of service as well as two types of love. I have written quite a bit about spiritual love from the heart and the lower aspect from the solar plexus. The lower energy seeks to attach because the other fulfills desire or need. The question is not what you can do for them, but what they can do for you.

The higher aspect, or spiritual love, asks the question, “What can I do for others that will generate higher quality of life?” True unselfish service is involved in spiritual love.

There are also two aspects of service. The lower form serves because the entity feels forced to serve or perform because of force or circumstances. The service may not even be bringing about a good end, but the person feels impelled to work tirelessly in a lone and dreary world with few if any rewards.

This service often does more harm than good and enables the one served to continue on in his flawed environment without progressing or moving onward. Both the servant and the one served are slaves.

The word “service” in the quote you mention refers to the higher aspect. This higher form of service fulfills true and real need and helps the other person move forward in his progression and happiness. The true servant sees a real need and then seeks to fill it.


Eg. I have done everything for my kids, given them everything, they take and take and treat me like crap.

So am I being loving and selfless in service by letting them treat me like this for so long, with no respect and no thanks etc,? I find it hard to distinguish between Love and selfless service, and just being used up as a Mum.


Overall, parents generally wind up doing much more for the kids than the kids do for the parents. That is the contract we take on as parents when we take the responsibility of bringing them into this world. It is an act of true service to nurture a child and provide the necessities into adulthood and self reliance.

On the other hand, if you do too much of what they can do for themselves you may be performing an act of disservice. Remember the story of the guy who assisted the butterfly in escaping from the cocoon and wound up killing it because it needed the strength of the struggle to obtain the means to survive.

Children are not the only ones who may demand service that is enabling but friends and associates can also and these must sometimes be treated like children.

I do not know all your circumstances and have not sat down and heard both sides of your problems so I’ll just give several circumstances and tell you how I would deal with them.

Your 21 year old daughter separates from her husband and wants to crash with you a while till she figures out what to do. She has no job.

Now almost all parents would let their kid stay for them for a period of time with no demands made. Maybe after a couple weeks she’ll either get a job or go back to her husband. Let us call this period of settling the “grace period.”

Then after the grace period is over problems often occur. After a while the kid settles in as if that is her new home and she is the boss of it. She starts complaining about the quality of food, toilet paper, cable, and specifics that should meet her needs.

Now what do you do? You love her and don’t want to throw her out on the streets.

When it dawns on you that this is just not a short term crash situation, action needs to be taken. You sit her down for a serious talk that should go something like this.

“Look, you know I love you and want what is best for you, but you are a grown woman now and if you are going to stay here you are going to be treated like an adult.

First, this is my house and I make the rules. You can make suggestions but I am the decision maker here and if you are going to stay here you will need to abide by the rules I make. Is that clear?

Secondly, since you do not have a job and cannot pay rent then you have to work off your share of the rent. Here is a list of what I expect to be done on a regular basis. Does this sound fair to you?

Thirdly she must look for a job.

So, what if she does not agree?

Then tough love is required. You must respond with something like this.

“I’m willing to help you out in the time of need, but you must return that help. If not then I must ask you to leave. So, you have a decision to make. Stay here with a roof over your head and do a few chores or go live in a homeless center. Which will it be?

Normally, she will agree to do the chores.

On top of this there are numerous impositions caused by friends or family staying with you “for a few days.”

(1) They may get into your stash of adult beverages without permission.

(2) They may eat more than their share of food.

(3) They may bring a lover to stay a while.

(4) They may run up your utility bills.

(5) They may expect you to take them out to dinner and pay.

(6) They may not only not help you but create messes which demand more work on your part.

The prime solution for all these is to be extremely careful as to who you allow to say with you to begin with. A few hurt feelings in the beginning is a lot better than seething resentment later on.

But if problems persist you must put your foot down and demand they abide by your rules and if they do not then they cannot stay. Mean what you say and be prepared to kick them out if necessary. When they know you are serious they will generally improve their behavior.


I know that your wife turned your kids against you in the past, therefore did you try to be loving and selfless towards them for the rest of your life?


The main thing with relationships is to harbor no grievance and I do harbor none toward my ex wife or my kids. I love all my kids and will always do what I can to help them on their path, but if they were to make unreasonable demands or impositions I would do my best to not be an enabler.



Although the Great Renunciation is probably a lot more than just being attached to people and things etc.?

If you were going through the fourth initiation, would you have to give up the molecule and your teachings?


When it is accomplished the sacrifice will be seen as one that makes sense although it may not at the time. When the sacrifice comes you will be given instructions by a Higher Life and there will be no doubt as to what you need to do or what you are going through. This is not a part of the dark night as the disciple clearly sees what has to be done. The loneliness factor has already been surmounted as well as illusion, glamour and wrong emotional reaction.


June 8, 2015

The Handwriting Factor


Why don’t you (Allan) privately email JJ a sample of your hand writing, so he can do the Graphology Analysis of you and Payne’s hand writing?


Allan says he doesn’t think this is a valid way to check past lives, but it can give some strong circumstantial evidence. You can’t prove a past life with absolute certainty by comparing the writing from the two lives, but in many cases one can rule out that they are the same person.

Unless an entity is suffering some brain damage his intelligence will generally advance forward from one life to another so the intelligence factor is the first thing I look at. If there is a wide gap in intelligence and thinking process then that pretty much rules out the two are the same entity.

It is tricky to try and prove two are the same because character and handwriting not only changes from life to life, but within a life. My handwriting has made significant changes from my younger years for example.

Yet if one were to find two handwritings that are the same it would be evidence like finding two fingerprints that are the same. Because people change from life to life we cannot expect an exact match, even if the two are from the same soul, but if we find significant similarities then this can provide strong evidence.

It takes a trained eye to spot all the evidence in two samples as many who are not familiar with handwriting analysis will say something like, “You can’t analyze me because my handwriting changes from time to time.”

I may then ask then for samples that illustrate this change. After looking at it I will usually respond that only about 1% of the handwriting has changed and that is generally elements of the slant. Other times it is the speed or the size of the overall letters.

If your mood changes your hand writing will reflect that mood, but even with a changed mood you are still you and there is very little overall change in the handwriting.

In college one time I received a card with a nice note and it was signed, “by a secret admirer.” The writer did everything possible to disguise her handwriting. She wrote very slowly and above a ruler and then filled in he lower zone. This gave the handwriting the effect of being precisionly straight from left to right. I didn’t have a clue as to who it was as I didn’t know any of the coeds admired me at the time. Furthermore, The University of Idaho in the Sixties had about 3-4 guys to one female so males generally had to get in line to ask any female out on a date.

Anyway I was extremely curious as to who this was. I guessed there was a good chance she was LDS since I was a member at that time. A friend of mine was in charge of the records of the college kids and had signatures of just about all the college members, which were several hundred. I asked him if I could take a look at them and he agreed.

Now a signature isn’t a lot to go on because it is often quite different from the rest of the writing. Fortunately, it was enough. I found enough elements that corresponded to the note that made me 99% sure that I had found a match.

Now what is interesting is that I had never dated this girl or had any significant interaction with her so she wasn’t someone I would have suspected if I didn’t have the handwriting match.

Anyway, a couple days later I met her at a church dance and asked to dance. There were slow dances in those days where you could talk and I looked at her and said, “By the way, thanks for he nice note you sent.”

She turned white and just about passed out. She was a cute blond girl and I do not recall why I did not follow up on that enticing beginning.

Anyway, back to Allan. Even if he doesn’t want his writing to be compared to Thomas Paine I have to give him credit for being an interesting character and it would be fun to see what makes him tick. If he is willing to send me a sample of his writing I would certainly make some comments – and I would go by the handwriting analysis, not my bias. I always try and emphasize the good and go easy on the negative.

Again, here is the link to my analysis linking HPB to JFK.

If you haven’t looked it over yet be sure and click on the link below..



Past Lives and History

I can tell that it is fun sport for you to throw some unwanted light and questions on Allan’s proclamations. I think you must be an agent of karma for him. I have to admit the interplay is amusing to watch.

As far as Thomas Paine goes, unlike James the Brother of Jesus, we have a lot of detailed history, actual handwriting, many known historical writings and know what he looked like.

Since Allan claims to remember past lives in detail this would be his chance to offer the world real proof of reincarnation.

The trouble is that the few supposedly historical events he has offered about Paine does not square with the actual history.

He maintains that he as Paine wrote the Declaration of Independence.

The problem with the Declaration is this. The wording is so eloquent and profound that numerous skeptics in history have sought to take Jefferson down a notch by either claiming he did not write it or plagiarized it. As they have analyzed it line by line, surprise, they have found that all of the lines in it have been stated before by someone somewhere, just worded differently. Not only has Paine been portrayed as the real author, but others have also.

George Mason’s draft of the Virginia Declaration of Rights is one source cited which reads:

That all men are born equally free and independant, and have certain inherent natural rights, of which they cannot, by any compact, deprive or divest their posterity, among which are the enjoyment of life and liberty, with the means of acquiring and possessing property, and pursuing and obtaining happiness and safety.

Yes, this is a similar thought to the beginning of the Declaration, but far less eloquent than Jefferson. Few writings in history present entirely new ideas. Originality of ideas is not what makes the Declaration so unique. What makes it special is how Jefferson took the thinking of the gathered enlightened souls and put the words together in such an inspiring manner.

Jefferson said this:

Neither aiming at originality of principle or sentiment, nor yet copied from any particular and previous writing, it was intended to be an expression of the American mind, and to give to that expression the proper tone and spirit called for by the occasion. All its authority rests then on the harmonizing sentiments of the day, whether expressed in conversation, letters, printed essays, or in the elementary books of public right, as Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney, etc.

Letter to Henry Lee, May 8, 1825

So it is indeed provable that Jefferson had many of the words of Paine, Mason, Aristotle, Cicero, Locke, Sidney and others in his memory banks. Nothing unexpected here and this does not take away from the credit that is due him. Any one of the Founders could have written something that would have presented the basic ideas of the group. That wasn’t what was needed. What was needed was a document with the words put together in such a way as to rouse the spirit of man to greater heights. This was why Jefferson was selected for the task, and he indeed performed up to expectations.

Now if Allan thinks that he, as Paine, really wrote the document, he should give us details as to how Jefferson got his hands on this secret writing and took credit for it. And if Jefferson did steal the document from Paine then why did Paine never complain? Why did he not want credit for the writing on his deathbed?

You would think that as a noble soul, such as Jefferson, was nearing death and preparing to meet his Maker that he would shun taking credit for a plagiarized document. The fact that he wanted to take credit for it on his tombstone adds great credibility that he was telling the truth about writing it.

The second problem with what Allan and Flo have stated about Paine was that they were together in that life and Flo was a witness at that time to Paine writing the Declaration.

This problem with this, as I have stated, is his first wife, Mary Lambert, died after after two years of marriage in 1761, was said to have been the love of his life. If this was Flo then she couldn’t have been a living witness his writing of the Declaration of Independence 15 years later as Allan claims was written by himself as Paine.

Now his second wife was Elizabeth, but he separated from her in June of 1774 so she obviously wasn’t a witness to Paine writing the 1776 Declaration. There is no historical evidence of any close romantic relationship had by Pain from 1774 to his death.

If Allan really was Paine then you would think he would gladly tell us who Flo was in that life and supply us with some details that do not run contrary to verified history.

The third problem with Allan’s claims is that he puts himself forth as not only the writer of the Declaration and Paine’s writings, but the original Gospel which is a piece if allegorical fiction written with such greatness that it has fooled the world for thousands of years.

Where is the evidence that he has the talent to write such timeless and profound documents in his current life?

If one is going to proclaim himself as living great past lives it is much safer to claim to be someone whose verified record has been lost to history, such as Enoch, Hercules or Moses.



Because both JJ and his lawyer Clay claim that there is nothing new and unique in my writings, and that I merely copy and plagiarize other authors and put my name on their thinking.


If you represent your soul with the same accuracy as the rest of us then that alone would indicate a lot of error in your teachings.

I never said there was nothing new in your teachings. I have said that your view on reincarnation where some do and some don’t is fairly unique.

I never said you copy and plagiarize. I think just about everything you write represents your own thoughts and wording. Most of it has been said before in different wording but that does not mean you have plagiarized. It is hard to find any teaching out there that is totally new. When the seeker finds some new things he should pay attention and seek to verify them through his soul, just as he should with the old ones.


June 9, 2015

Where is the Depth?

I have been hesitant to respond to Allan’s repetitive posts because if I write one line he sends back five pages, not of new material, but recycled old stuff we have read many times.

Now in these last several posts he again recycles a thought that he has tried to force upon us many times. This time I thought I would comment in the hope that he will either present something new or move on to something that would be of interest to the group (dream on JJ).

Here is his thinking that he has tried to force feed us, as well as insult us with, dozens of times. Rather than quote thousands of his confusing words let me summarize his attack on us. It goes something like this:

You Keysters and basically all of humanity that are not part of my inner circle of a dozen or so, are bottom feeders taking in only “entry-level milk.” JJ, DK and others you respect have no more light to offer than Billy Graham or some other fundamentalist promoter.

Jesus taught that there were certain doctrines that were too deep to be handled by the unwashed and you, the Keys group are a part of that kindergarten bunch. You, and especially your teacher, JJ, are totally unprepared and unable to see the glorious hidden inner teachings.

And where are these teachings to be found?

Allan: “Right here with me and my inner core who receive my blessing.

“I am in contact with my soul and you are not. None of you have a clue as to what the soul is about.

“I have the inner teachings and you do not.

“I can cause others to contact their soul with hypnosis, but if you use hypnosis it will not work because I have the magic touch and know what to plant in their minds.

“Without me, as your personal beast you will never achieve soul birth and will roam the abyss for eternity as a failed soul image. If you know what is good for you then you will abandon all other teachers, quit reading books as I have, and listen and obey only me and what your soul says as long it agrees with me. If it does not have my approval then you had no contact with your soul.”

There we have in a nutshell what Allan has been trying to tell us in 100,000 words or so.

I think it is about time someone called you on this misled idea you have that you have the real higher cream teachings whereas the rest of us are just at the introductory level because we do not mindlessly, and with no reason, follow you and accept every word you say.

Where are these higher teachings of which you speak? It can’t be in anything you have written, or that is on your many sites, your forum or from your forum members. There is no cream to be found anywhere you have been pointing.

Allan responds, “But, but I have many deep teachings not understood by you guys. For instance I teach about the key of knowledge as contacting your inner teacher, the inner God or Logos.”

Sorry Allan. Most teachers east and west teach some version of this. Most in the east teach about the inner teacher and even many Christians speak of learning from the Holy Spirit within, which is the same as saying leaning from the inner Logos. What else you got?

Allan: “I teach that we must contact the soul and achieve soul birth.”

Well, Allan, you may consider this a deep teaching beyond the reach of us, but we have taught that here many times. We call the first stage soul contact and the second soul infusion. This is not considered a deep doctrine by esoteric students, but very basic. What else you got?

Allan: This world is not the true reality. We are like images in Plato’s cave who do not see the higher and more real world.”

Where have you been Allan? This is basic milk type doctrine for all the eastern religions and even Christians. They often quote Paul as saying:

“For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.” I Cor 13:12

Anything else?

Allan: “The use of male and female as a whole to achieve balance.”

Allan, my friend, that is something I have taught as a basic teaching for many years. Now give us an example of something deep, that is beyond our grasp.

Allan: “I teach about the twelve spheres of mind that are ingredients of the Tree of Life, not the mere ten as others do.”

But what do you teach about them other than saying there are twelve spheres? You might as well say there are a hundred if all you have is a catch phrase.

Surely you have something deep for us.

Allan: “Here is something beyond your understanding. I teach that he scriptures are not literal history but allegory designed to teach us the mysteries.”

Lots of people think the scriptures are not true history but allegory.

Allan: “Yes, but I see deeper meaning than they do, the real meaning.”

Can you give us an example?

Allan: “No you have to find the meaning for yourself.”

And I’ve already found the allegory, so does this mean I am no longer entry level.

Allan: “No. You do not see the true allegory.”

And that must be the allegory as you see it so I must have to read your mind to see it correctly.

One more time. Anything else?

Allan: You must go on a vegetarian diet to become a pure vessel.”

Sorry to disappoint you Allan, but billions of people think a vegetarian diet is essential.

I give up Allan. You say you have all these great hidden deep teachings but all you have is surface introductory stuff that is quite simplistic.

Unless you can give some evidence that you are far beyond us in your spiritual understanding please refrain from telling us that we are the ones at the entry level. If you want something beyond entry level here is a sample giving keys to liberation:

“When communion is established, words are forthwith used, and mantric law assumes its rightful place, provided that the One communicates the words and the three remain in silence.

“When response is recognized as emanating from the three, the One, in silence, listens. The roles are changed. A three-fold word issues from out the triple form. A turning round is caused. The eyes no longer look upon the world of form; they turn within, focus the light, and see, revealed, an inner world of being. With this the Manas stills itself, for eyes and mind are one.

“The heart no longer beats in tune with low desire, nor wastes its love upon the things that group and hide the Real. It beats with rhythm new; it pours its love upon the Real, and Maya fades away. Kama and heart are close allied; love and desire form one whole – one seen at night, the other in the light of day….

“When fire and love and mind submit themselves, sounding the three-fold word, there comes response.

“The One enunciates a word which drowns the triple sound. God speaks. A quivering and a shaking in the form responds. The new stands forth, a man remade; the form rebuilt; the house prepared. The fires unite, and great the light that shines: the three merge with the One and through the blaze a four-fold fire is seen.”

Treatise on White Magic, Pages 75-76

Let us see if Allan can produce something of similar depth in just a couple hundred words (not thousands). If not the please refrain from insulting us as beginners while you are the one with the great knowledge.

When thou art bidden of any man to a wedding, sit not down in the highest room; lest a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him; And he that bade thee and him come and say to thee, Give this man place; and thou begin with shame to take the lowest room.

But when thou art bidden, go and sit down in the lowest room; that when he that bade thee cometh, he may say unto thee, Friend, go up higher: then shalt thou have worship in the presence of them that sit at meat with thee.

For whosoever exalteth himself shall be abased; and he that humbleth himself shall be exalted. Luke 14:8-11


June 11, 2015

Tuning In


Now we went and done it! Allan has not gone silent. He is consulting Ra and his Core Allanites and he has decided to unleash Karmic Retribution to Piss Ants!


Actually, my soul tunes me in to Allan now and then and the connection has been strong the past couple days. He is an old soul and since his Higher Self has a significant investment in him the hope is that he will direct his energies toward good ends geared to his talents.

I’ve considered responding to him several times over the past few days, but each time my soul told me to not confront him. Finally, after a period of contemplation I came up with a message approved by my soul. This was post #75826 and since it was sanctioned by my soul I figured it would have an impact. After I sent it and he read it I felt a strong reaction coming from him. It was a mixture of strong emotions. He sincerely thinks he has a salvation that we desperately need and at first saw this as a disappointing final rejection of all the work he has done to bring us enlightenment. He sees my lack of acceptance as particularly disappointing since he believes we have worked together productively in the past.

It is indeed interesting to look through the eyes of another for we generally see that each person is just innocently doing his best in his own eyes and Allan has indeed been doing his darndest to accomplish his mission as he sees it.

So what does the soul do when it’s lower self is doing its best in its own eyes, yet trapped in an illusion that keeps it from moving forward into real productive work?

The answer is that it looks for every avenue possible to send a wake up message. So this last post I made to him was not repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different result, but was a message from my soul to his.

He first saw it as an a disappointing attack that disturbed him and made him feel like writing me off completely,. But then he felt a link with me that he could not ignore. He would like to but there is something about me or the teachings that he cannot just put a lid on and bury.

The real message for Allan is to feel the love and light from the highest part of his soul where we meet as brothers and merge with it. He is supposed to see me as a coworker, friend and brother, not as a poor wretched one that he has to save. Each of us must save ourselves, with a little help from our friends and our own souls.



When you say that the “individual” incarnates, are you referring to the individual “soul” of that personality? When the soul incarnates and leaves the Oversoul, then this creates an individual soul?


Even though our souls are all connected to a greater oversoul our souls are distinct and individual. When we incarnate the soul reflects itself and endows the incarnating ego with a portion of itself.


June 12, 2015

Guilt and Self-Condemnation

I received this question from a reader:

My husband and I have are having an ongoing discussion about the role of guilt. He is currently of the mindset that guilt has at least some beneficial effect in helping us recognize when we have made an error, correct it and then move forward. He has read a number of your articles related to the negative aspects of guilt but still is having a hard time seeing how once we take the voice of God from within as our ultimate guide, that guilt has served its purpose and is no longer needed. I’ve shared the idea that the voice of God within uses light and an increase of awareness to correct us rather than guilt. He wonders if there is any beneficial place for guilt if we do not allow it to hinder us from moving forward? Is it the same as having our conscience pricked? Is the main distinction between using guilt to correct and using light to correct the idea that guilt tends to be condemning while light is positive and leaves a hopeful outlook for our progression?


It helps that you have read some of my writings on this subject. Even so, I can understand your husband’s concern as we have all been brought up to believe that guilt is God’s way of revealing to us that we have sinned and those who do not feel guilt are pretty much devoid of the Spirit. A scripture of concern by many is from Paul speaking of those who are seduced by devils:

Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; I Tim 4:1-2

After reading this, one may think, “Wow, if I have to have my conscience seared with a hot iron to be free from guilt, forget about it.”

What must be understood is this. Conscience and guilt are two different things. Conscience is derived from the light of the inner Christ and gives us a sense of right and wrong. This is indeed something we do not want seared with a hot iron.

One can receive guidance from his conscience without suffering any guilt. In fact, one can bypass conscience and suffer guilt merely because of the way his brain is programmed. If a person is programmed to think it is a sin to eat peas then he could suffer guilt if he eats them.

On the other hand, his true conscience will not make him feel condemned for eating them.

Now if a true seeker were to hurt the feelings of an innocent child his conscience would indeed be activated and cause the person to try and be more sensitive,

The word “sin” in the New Testament comes from the Greek word HAMARTANO which means “to miss the mark.” In other words, when the Greeks, 2000 years ago, shot at a target with an arrow and missed they “sinned” (HAMARTANO) or missed the target. Another way to phrase this would be to say that to sin is to make an error in aim or judgment.

When you consider this idea it is kind of silly to feel guilt over making a mistake. This is like an archer, after he misses he bulls-eye, to condemn himself to such a degree that he feels unworthy to take another shot. Maybe he slaps himself around for a month before he tries again. If he took such an approach he would never become a champion.

Instead, after taking the shot he analyzes his performance and assesses what he can do to improve. This corresponds to the true conscience. It tells us what we need to do to improve. Self condemnation through guilt just slows down real progress because the pilgrim just doesn’t feel worthy to move ahead with his full strength.

Unfortunately, one cannot get rid of guilt by reading an article, though writings such as mine can set one in the right direction.

Guilt is caused by going contrary to a source of the supposed voice of God from outside of oneself. If an authority outside of oneself is accepted as speaking for God and he tells you that God does not want you to eat peas, then you will feel guilty if you eat them.

The only way to free oneself from guilt is to release yourself from leaning on outside authorities for what is supposed to be the will of God. When the seeker makes the shift from finding the final voice of God within, rather than without, then guilt will just evaporate like the dew with the morning sun.

Now many people who really believe that they rely on the voice within rather than without have not really freed themselves. Going by the inner voice only when it meets the approval of an outer voice is not enough. The inner voice must be your most potent and final authority.

If the inner voice tells you something is right or wrong then that is what the seeker must follow no matter what any prophet, priest or guru says. If he does not do this he will be subject to guilt. And if one still suffers from the self-condemnation of guilt this is a sign that he has not released himself from outer authorities speaking as the voice of God to them.

To find that release is easier said than done. My writings on the Beast should be helpful on this. Dan compiled an impressive list of links on this subject. Here is a link to his links:



June 13, 2015

Prison Planet

The group has been talking about this earth on which we incarnate as a prison planet. Actually I used this term in my book The Lost Key of the Buddha, but the reference there was focused on an earlier part of our history where conditions were much more intolerable than today. In our early history the threat from wild beasts made life insecure for much of humanity. In addition, we had to worry about being attacked, tortured and even eaten by neighboring tribes. Just surviving was a full time job. Relative to many past parts of our history, we have it pretty good today.

Whether or not one feels a prisoner is a matter of relativity. Before we began our journey away from the Oneness of our Source we had a freedom beyond the imagination. Then as we took the steps to journey through the spheres until we arrived at the physical plane we took upon ourselves limitation after limitation. Even the soul has limitations. So here on earth or any other earth on the physical plane entities endure tremendous limitations.

Yet we chose of our own free will to take upon ourselves limitation after limitation until we arrived here.

Why did we do this?

Are we supposed to deal with the limitations here or focus on escape? After all, many have caught a glimpse of the higher realities and after such a glimpse are completely unsatisfied in staying here and place all their attention on going home.


Why did we agree to the limitations here to begin with?

Are there lessons to learn from limited conditions that cannot be learned in higher spheres?

Where should we place our main focus – on mastering the situation in which we find ourselves or escaping this reality?

Do we need a master or savior to move forward?

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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