Keys Writings 2015, Part 14

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June 14, 2015

Flaws and Greatness

Duke brought up some interesting questions and received some good comments from Ruth and Joshua. I’ll add a few things.


Very educational, thanks JJ. My guess is that, while those of us who have a long ways to go can benefit from DK’s advice here, the people he is speaking most directly to are probably no more than a handful out of each generation. Perhaps to a certain extent the same handful over and over again.


Though he says that some of the things he writes will only be understood by initiates there are important truths in his writings for everyone willing to plow through them and take in what is available.

Many give up reading DK because it is difficult reading at first. There are two things you can do if you want to get hooked on the writings.

(1) Make a commitment to read 1000 pages.

(2) As you read along look up the meaning of the words you do not know and write them down.

After the 1000 pages (or less) you will be hooked.

Now make sure you read the books transmitted by DK. Alice A. Bailey wrote several books on her own that just do not have the same wisdom. White Magic is a good DK book to start with and all the books can be downloaded free from the web.


So in light of the injunction to “live a life which is an example to others”, does that mean that “budding initiates” with such things as, bankruptcy, divorce, a criminal record, or other such public failures in their present lifetime thus have limited potential until the next go-round?


All of us have flaws. The scriptures do not even say that Jesus was perfect for such are mistranslations. They merely said he fulfilled the job he came here to do and that is what each of us needs to do, despite being prone to making mistakes.

The biggest threat to not completing one’s life’s mission is self-condemnation and a feeling of unworthiness or inadequacy. When we make a mistake, instead of condemning ourselves, we must learn to take it in stride, chalk it up to experience and move ever onward toward the goal.


How about a situation where an initiate undertakes something which is pretty much the opposite of exemplary, as with Joseph Smith taking multiple wives (whether those marriages were consummated or not)? And what of his apparently lying about it? I’ve been trying for years to wrap my head around Joseph Smith and this plurality of wives thing, and personally feel like DK may be speaking to future Joseph Smiths here.


There is a lot of mystery behind Joseph Smith, polygamy and other occurrences. To this day the Reorganized LDS (now Community of Christ) claims that Polygamy was invented by Brigham Young and Joseph did not practice it. It is also interesting that though many have claimed to be descended from Joseph’s extra wives that DNA testing has not been able to verify even one descended beyond his first wife. Even so, the evidence is pretty overwhelming that he did practice it.

The story given by several witnesses says that he was reluctant to take extra wives and he was met one day by an angel with a drawn sword who commanded him to practice polygamy or he would be slain and replaced.

Now by all accounts Joseph was honest under normal circumstances. But if we put ourselves in his shoes and consider that he felt that is was something he had to do or else, then the temptation to lie to cover up to save his life or the church would be great.

Whatever the case, outright lying, is wrong, plain and simple. Even when it seems justified it is a sign that the person has inadequately engineered his life so the truth could always be told.

Joseph and others did great works despite their flaws. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves, yet paved the way for the freedom of the human spirit that eliminated slavery.

It is interesting that many of the great souls in our history seemed to also have great flaws and did questionable acts that your friendly neighbor wouldn’t consider.

Why is this?

Part of the reason is this. An advanced soul gives himself a lot of latitude in thinking and acting and sees many out of the box alternatives that go over the head of others. He is also more passionate than most and therefore is confronted with many strong temptations to deviate from the path of harmlessness.

Advanced or not, negative tendencies must be controlled and the disciple must eventually direct his whole self to the greater good while living a life that is an example to his brothers and sisters who may look up to him for inspiration.


June 16, 2015

God’s Golden Rule

As I have taught many times the Beast represents unearned outside authority that replaces the voice of God that speaks to us within. In other words, it represents some Voice-Of-God-Wannabe that says to us. “Listen to me and obey because I know what God wants you to know and what you are supposed to do.”

The Beast is clever in that his representatives do not offend the masses by directly telling them, “I am God; therefore, listen to me and obey.”

Instead, this is the message they convey:

“I know what God wants you to know and do. Therefore, you must listen to me and obey or you will suffer devastating wrath.”

So, what gives this impersonator the nerve to think that he can tell us what to do as God’s true voice? There are a number of tricks he uses to convince those who are not guided by the true voice such as:

(1) I received a revelation from God (or some link with God) and this is what he wants you to know and do.

(2) I’ve studied the word of God in the scriptures and this is what he says you need to do and think.

(3) Because I am an authority in God’s Church or organization I represent the Voice of God. When I speak to you it is as binding as if God were here speaking to you.

One common theme among these impersonators is this: “If you don’t listen to me you’ll be sorry.”

And why would we be sorry?

The representative of the Beast insists that if you do not listen and obey you will offend God. The troubling thing for the one with the mark of the beast is that he fears God has all power and if displeased can deny him heaven, rewards and send him to hell on a whim – or even extinguish him into non existence. The scary thing is that these effects are said to last for all eternity. All eternity is at stake so the motivation to obey the Beast for a short life here is strong indeed.

A great advantage of escaping the Mark of the Beast is that the seeker who is free sees that this is the most horrific illusion that has ever entered into the mind of the human race. Once it is truly seen the disciple has pity on those with the mark, for because of fear their progression is as slow as a glacier. They are frozen with fear like the two guys in the Parable of Decision.

Keep in mind that there are thousands of representatives of the Beast. Because a person rejects some does not mean he is free of he mark. If he accepts just one out of those thousands as representing the voice of God then he has the mark.

To escape the mark requires great courage, as his Dweller on the Threshold ever dangles before his consciousness the fear of eternal punishment for stepping out of line.

One step that the seeker can take is to switch his faith from a wrathful God who is offended by small insignificant things to a God who is a loving parent wanting what is best for his children.

After all, that is the God of whom Jesus spoke.

Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish, will he give him a serpent?

If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your Father which is in heaven give good things to them that ask him? Matt 7:9-11

This scripture, if taken to heart by the seeker, will destroy the power of the Beast.

If a child of God asks for eternal life, would a God who knows how to give better gifts than your earthly parents give you eternal punishment or death?

Would this loving Father of Jesus condemn you to eternal hell, because you sincerely embraced a belief system containing errors?

Would your earthly mom and dad do this? Then why would God, who is much better than them?

A wise earthly father would not condemn his child but try and guide him out of his error.

Even so, will your heavenly parent do the same and more.

Does the child of physical parents depend on his brothers and sisters, neighbors, friends or local authorities to discover the will of his parents?


Instead, he goes directly to the parent to receive instructions he needs.

Even so, all of us must shed the Mark of the Beast and go directly to God within and receive the instructions we need. If this agrees with some other outer worker then cooperation could be a good thing.


If the voice of the outer worker is not in harmony then do not cooperate and do all that is possible to reveal the true light which was manifest within your own soul.

When quoting this scripture the concluding words following is often left out. Here they are:

Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets. Matt 7:12

We often think this scripture just refers to us humans, but Jesus was talking about, not only of the relationship of mortal parents to children, but God to his children.

In other words, God treats us as he would like to be treated himself.

Do you think that if God made an honest mistake he would want to be attacked and sent to eternal hell?

Of course not.

In other words, the treatment we can expect from God will be based on the golden rule.

Would you send your child to hell for a few mistaken beliefs?

Neither would God. It is his golden rule.

June 20, 2015

The Symbolism of the Tabernacle

Ken asks another question and I must praise him for honing down his post to dealing with one scripture and item instead of hitting us with so much material that it would take a book to cover.


Shalom All, it appears that I should try to have a little fun in addressing the “Law of Correspondences” concerning “The Holy Place.” What does The Holy Place “correspond” to? Doesn’t the writer of Hebrews state that The Holy Place (The Outer Tent/Tabernacle) corresponds to this Present Age or Time:

Heb 9:2 For there was a tabernacle prepared, the outer one, in which were the lampstand and the table and the sacred bread; this is called the holy place.

Heb 9:8-9

8 The Holy Spirit is signifying this, that the way into the holiest place (The Holy of Holies) has not yet been disclosed while the outer tabernacle (The Holy Place) is still standing,

9 which is a symbol (symbolic-corresponds to) for the present time (age)…

What do the rest of you say? Do you agree or disagree with the writer of Hebrews on this correspondence? Is The Holy Place a correspondence or symbolic of this Present Time/Age? Or is the writer of Hebrews wrong in this Law of Correspondence?


First it must be pointed out that there is a difference between the Law of Correspondences and symbolism. To teach with symbolism is to merely substitute one thing for another so word pictures can be presented to the reader’s mind in the hope that an idea may be understood more clearly or with greater meaning or feeling.

The fact that a writer teaches with symbols presents no proof that the teaching is true. A lot of poetry that is mere creative expression, but reveals no real inner truth, may use a lot of symbolism.

The Law of Correspondences may use some symbolism, but not all symbolism is harmonious with the Law of Correspondences.

To use the Law of Correspondences one must first take a thing he knows to be true and then correspond it to something related or similar to it. He then takes the thing that seems to correspond and looks at the unknown parts. Using hints from the known he can often intuitively surmise the truth about the unknown.

To understand this visualize a wave of water in the present time. We can look at or even photograph the wave and this gets us a clear picture of exactly what the attributes of the wave is. What we do not know is what the wave was like ten seconds ago or what it will be ten seconds in the future. Even though we cannot see what the wave was like in the past or the future we can use the Law of Correspondences and get a pretty good idea.

We can see what a wave of water is like, but what would a wave be like if it was made of oil, molten lava or even air? Even if we have not seen such things we could get a pretty clear picture by using the Law of Correspondences.

Niels Bohr produced the first credible model of he atom by using the Law of Correspondences . He looked at the larger macrocosm and saw that this solar system had a central sun and was orbited by planets with a much lower density. He figured then that atoms may have a dense central core with electrons orbiting around it.

We can look at known history and then project into the future corresponding the unknown with the known to obtain hints as to what is to come.

On the other hand, one can take an entirely false idea and teach it in symbols. Teaching in symbols does not turn that which is false into that which is true. If the idea was false to begin with then it will still be false in symbolic language, no matter how cleverly expressed.

Now let us get to Ken’s question. He quotes Hebrews where the author is talking about the Tabernacle of Moses and its symbolism in relation to the sacrifice of Christ. The outer part of he Tabernacle was called the Holy Place and the inner was the Holy of Holies which contained the Arc of the Covenant.

There has been much written about the symbolic meaning of the various components of he Tabernacle, but Ken wants to know if the outer part corresponds to the current age.

Before I answer let us look at an accurate translation from the Concordant version:

8 by this the holy spirit making it evident that the way of the holy places is not as yet manifest while the front tabernacle still has a standing:

9 which is a parable for the present period, according to which both approach presents and sacrifices are being offered, which can not make the one offering divine service perfect as to the conscience,

So the outer court was a symbol applicable for not our age but that time of Christ when animals were still being sacrificed.

The fact that there is an outer and inner parts of the path as we journey to the sacred feet of the Lord is indeed true and we can use this truth in connection to the Law of Correspondences to discover much useful symbolism.

There is not just one way to interpret the meaning of he Tabernacle but numerous ones that correspond to known truths could be useful.

As we journey home to God we do indeed pass through an outer court where we endure much blood, sacrifice and even have the fruits of our labors burned to ashes as happens to the red heifer. Finally we realize that we must complete the journey alone, just as the high priest must enter the Holy of Holies alone where dwells the Divine Presence and Arc of the Covenant where the true laws of God are written and can be revealed to the brave souls who complete the journey.

June 21, 2015

Health Tips

Since we have been discussing health I thought I would relate several things I have added to my health regimen that has been a benefit.

I started paying attention to preserving good health from my first year of college at about age 19. Until then, my main problem was that I kept having this feeling that I was about to fade away or pass out. Now I know that it was because my blood sugar was affected by all the sugar I consumed.

I chanced on a book in the library about diet and health and it strongly recommended that we not eat refined sugar and white or processed bread. I switched to honey for a sweetener and to whole grain bread and within two weeks I noticed a big difference. That feeling like I was about to pass out never came back and as a side effect a heart murmur I had just went away.

Since then I have been able to maintain good health by eating as many live foods as possible and use good pure water energized by the sun. I do eat meat but always try and select meat that has been sustainably and humanly raised.

There are five things I have added lately that have helped my health.

(1) Do small amounts of intense exercise several times a day. I have discovered that it is better to spread your exercise out in small increments rather than a lot at a time with large intervals between.

(2) Eat a large bulb of raw garlic every day. After you run it through a garlic press let it sit for 5-15 minutes and this triggers an enzyme reaction that boosts the healthy compounds in garlic, the best of which is Alicin which is created by crushing the garlic. Since I have been eating this I haven’t had a cold, flu or even any mild problem.

You don’t want to just eat it alone but sprinkle it on some food or eat it with cheese and crackers and this diffuses the powerful taste.

Google “garlic health benefits.”

(3) Fast 16 hours a day. I confine my eating to around an eight hour period. This helped me lose some weight and increased sense of well being.

(4) Reduced calorie eating two days a week. The theory is that this produces similar results to fasting without as much sacrifice. This helps with weight loss and helps the body to stay healthy.

(5) Get 20 or more minutes of sun daily wearing a swimsuit for maximum exposure. I got out of the habit of doing this but now getting back into it. The sun really helps your immune system and energizes you.

These are a few things I have added recently. Maybe they’ll help someone here.


Removal of Karma?


Do you believe Jesus had the Authority to forgive sin? If not, was he lying to the Prostitute when He told her that her sins were forgiven and to go out and sin no more?


The scripture says the woman was caught in adultery, not that she was a prostitute, and secondly he did not tell her that her sins were forgiven. He merely told her that he did not condemn her, which thing I would have said myself if I had been in that situation and I have no power to nullify another person’s karma.

Secondly, sin and karma are two entirely different things. One can have lots of karma but have no sin connected with it.

The word “sin’ in the New Testament comes from HAMARTIA which is derived from HAMARTANO which means “to miss the mark,” or merely to make a mistake or be in error. When Jesus told someone that their sins were forgiven he was merely telling them that the error that created their disease was corrected. That error was the mindset that created guilt, which guilt often programs the mind to create disease to punish us. When the words of Jesus relieved the person of the error of guilt he told then that their sins were forgiven. In other words, the error creating the guilt which created the disease was removed. This had nothing to do with removing karma.

Notice that Jesus said, “your sins are forgiven.” He did not say, “I forgive your sins.” He was merely acknowledging that their errors were rectified within their own souls and being.

The Masters are brethren like ourselves and it is not their job to enable us, save us or cause us to be dependent on them. They are there to guide us and assist us after we have done all we can, and even then their job is to shed light while the disciples take the actual steps. If they take away the karma of one and not another then the justice and fairness of God is nullified.

The Masters are molecularly linked up to the spiritual flow that links them all together with the greater lives in the universe and seek to bring that link to humanity, but even this does not nullify karma.

A cause can only be nullified by letting the effects play out. The best we can do is manage the effects with additional causes that neutralize them. An airplane can fly because it creates additional causes that neutralizes gravity. We do not make gravity go away.

Jesus was the mediator in the fact that he entered the higher realms and paved the way. We enter by accessing the mediator, or Christ within, who takes away all guilt.

As far as karma goes we figure out how to handle that between lifetimes and plan each new life around the creation of new causes that will balance off the slate for us as well as learn new lessons.



It is interesting that you teach that The Holy Place is a “parable” for the time of animal sacrifice.


I am not saying that. I merely quoted the writer of Hebrews who said it “is a parable for the present period, according to which both approach presents and sacrifices are being offered.”


So are you indicating or teaching that before the Messiah could enter the Most Holy Place (Heaven Itself-Heb 9:24), that He had to first perform animal sacrifice?


Haven’t thought about it to indicate it or not, but now you bring it up it is obvious that Jesus incarnated during the period of animal sacrifice so he taught in the midst of the symbolic outer court of animal sacrifice. He also sacrificed his animal nature while he was here.


  1. In Exo 40:34 we are told that a “cloud” covered the Tent of Meeting (The Holy Place), and the GLORY of Yahweh filled it. If your teaching is correct about The Holy Place (a “parable” for the time of animal sacrifice), how can the Glory of Yahweh fill the time of animal sacrifice?


These scriptures shouldn’t need additional elaboration. The outer court in the age of Jesus was filled with the Glory of God.

Matt 17:5 While he yet spake, behold, a bright cloud overshadowed them: and behold a voice out of the cloud, which said, This is my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased; hear ye him.

Acts 1:9 And when he had spoken these things, while they beheld, he was taken up; and a cloud received him out of their sight.

Acts 2:1 And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with

Acts one accord in one place.

Acts 2:2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting.

Acts 2:3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them.

Acts 2:4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance.


But on the other hand, IF The Holy Place is a “parable” for This Present Age, cannot we “see” how the Glory of Elohim/Yahweh can fill it (Num 14:21, Hab 2:14-what are the “waters” that cover the sea-isn’t it MAN)?


This age was the future age 2000 years ago and it says it was referring to the present at that time, not the future.

Even so, the glory of God will manifest in this Aquarian Age even more than it did in the Age of Pisces as indicated by Jim.


  1. Can you explain why NO MAN could be in the Tent of Meeting (The Holy Place) WHEN the High Priest went INTO the Holy of Holies to make Atonement (Lev 16:17)?


According to the account the Israelites were terrified of the glory of God and even demanded that Moses wear a covering because of its intensity around him. If God were to manifest in glory when the High Priest entered the Holy of Holies then they feared they would be consumed if they were in the outer court. The best bet was to stay a safe distance away.


Karma and Illusion


Jesus was quoted to have said,….”I and the Father are one. ” Was he lying? He didn’t say he was a piece, or cell, or Neuron of the Father. In other words, the drop is not the Ocean, nor the Ocean complete with out the drop. So, The Master Jesus took the karma from every Disciple he initiated by proving to them that not only He, but none of them had ever left The Father, because He, and they, ( as soon as they were initiated ) resumed Awareness that they had never left The Father, or drops never left the Ocean, because they are ONE ! Only their Awareness of leaving their Father had changed, as they were hypnotized by Kal, Brahma, Satan, all Creations of The Father. So, Living Masters who convince seekers they never left their Father, and are still ONE with Him, and their karma is His,……..than obviously, ……….karma is Maya, or illusion, that only exists in our minds, which are Agents of Universal Mind, (Kal) , all Creations,…..but still ALWAYS ONE with The Creator Father.

I imagine the above is a difficult mouthful to swallow, but Metaphysically, all Paths eventually lead to this conclusion of The ONE, no matter how long it takes to regain Awareness that all matter is impermanent, there fore, no karma ever existed!


I’m familiar with this argument and it doesn’t make any sense. First you say that we need a master to take away our karma and next you say that there is no karma. If there is no real karma then we have absolutely no need for some master to take away that which does not exist. He could not take away what is not there and if there is nothing there then there is nothing to be concerned with. It would make no difference whether we follow the path of selfishness or love. Even illusion is something and has cause and effect and produces experience, whether it be in illusion or reality.

Yes, the higher part of ourselves, the monad, is one with God, but it has projected itself down to these lower worlds to have experience. Even if you were to tap into this higher part of yourself or commune with a master, or master wanna-be, in meditation this does not discount karma. You Jim, no matter what you have experienced in meditation, have returned to your body and have to deal with causes and effects with your wife. If you slap her around and the resulting karma is that she decides to leave you then no master in the universe will undue the negative karma and force her stay with you.’

You Jim, as you exist in this physical plane are subject to the karma of the physical plane and not even Jesus can alter it.

If you go swimming and kill someone while in the water you cannot say when out of the water that the event did not happen and will have no effect just because you are no longer wet or in the water. Even so, all the meditation of higher worlds will not change the effect you had on your wife while in this world.

Residual karma even follows us from creation to creation. Many of our present circumstances on this world are the result of karma from the previous earth and solar system that occupied this part of divine space.

We did not come here just to escape. That would be a silly purpose. We came here to experience, to learn and to grow in capacity to love and manifest intelligence and joy.



My comments were not so much that one should fear making a mistake, but rather be mindful of this fact, in all facets. Jim mentioned that is bush was an initiate to some degree,why was he causing so much harm. I’m merely stating that no matter how far one travels, they are capable of harm in their sphere.


Yes Conall, just because one is an initiate of some degree does not mean all they do is correct. Hitler was a second degree initiate and was a vegetarian to help him control his emotional body, but took a wildly wrong turn to the left and was caught up in destructive illusion which is dispelled by the third initiation which he did not reach. It is most likely that he is now stuck in the left hand path.

Bush, another initiate of the second degree also made mistakes but follows his soul to the best of his ability and is continuing to this day toward the path toward liberation.


June 22, 2015

Looking at the Whole


You are supposedly an Intuitive, JJ. Walk through the American Grave site in Normandy, as I have, and sense what revelations you receive there. Or, spend an afternoon walking through Arlington Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia and stand over the graves of JFK and his brother, Robert, and see if you feel any of the kind of Patriotism you think you possess. Maybe you have walked Arlington? If so, how did it make you feel? I have toured many Grave Yards. I especially like touring the American Civil War grave Yards, such as the one in Charlottesville, VA. and Gettysburg, PA. I am certain, there are still spirits of dead Soldiers hovering over their buried bodies who still don’t know their dead!


In any war or conflict there are mistakes made on both sides and tales of sorrow on both sides. You can’t judge whether or not the whole was good or bad by looking at isolated individual ingredients, but have to look at that whole.

As a whole, it was indeed worth the sacrifice to defeat Hitler and prevent the rule of the planned 1000 year Reich.

As a whole, it was worth the sacrifice of the Civil War to secure the Union and abolish slavery.

As a whole, the Revolutionary War was worth it to establish an oasis of freedom in the world which influenced many other nations in a positive way.

Yes, I know you can list dozens of things the USA has done wrong while blissfully ignoring the good and benefits you now receive from the sacrifices of previous wars.

June 24, 2015


Not that I agree with the path of the masters, but it recommends following a teacher for an up words of two years, studying him and verifying if he fits the bill. While I disagree with the assertion you need a master, I don’t think it advocates blind obedience.


In the chapter, “Why Surrender to a Master?” he says: “complete surrender to the Master is the only avenue or path to complete liberation” and compares that to a patient who must trust a surgeon who is about to operate on him. The only difference is that he does not supply criteria as to how to test a teacher as to whether he is a master or charlatan so total trust could take one down a path of destruction. We only trust a surgeon that supplies us with evidence that e knows what he is doing and even then I would rely on my judgment as to whether I would use him.

The problem is that a real master doesn’t want total trust in him, but wants the student to only trust his words if he receives confirmation through the soul.

Even the Bible says to “Prove all things” I Thess 5:21

And the Master DK says this of his own teachings:

“If the statements meet with eventual corroboration, or are deemed true under the test of the Law of Correspondences, then that is well and good. But should this not be so, let not the student accept what is said.”

There are some good things in the book but the advocation of placing your trust and salvation in an outside source rather than inside is a big turn off for me for I have taught here many times that this is how the mark of the beast is received.


This guy makes absolutely no sense and contradicts himself. He says that “I am a drop of consciousness in the ocean of total consciousness, but I have never left the ocean.”

Then in the next sentence he contradicts himself and says he did leave after all. He says:

And what did I leave? I left only the awareness of being the ocean.”

So what was that “I” whose awareness left God or the ocean? Something left the awareness and has to return to it yet he maintains that no part of him left.

Does not compute. He says “ I have never left the ocean.“ If this is completely true then what is in the body doing the writing here on the earth? Who is it that sees himself as away from the ocean?

The truth is that our point of origin is in oneness with God, but this intelligence has reflected itself into the lower worlds and the awareness that we have here is separated by veils of illusion.

Is it just a huge screwup by God that we are here or seem to be here enduring limitations or is it part of a plan fitting in with the will and true awareness of God?

It makes no sense that God would make the mistake of tricking himself into believing that he is many dumb unaware parts whose only purpose is to wake up.

God can crate any type of separation he wants, but this does not mean he is not God or that he does not have a plan.

And as I said concerning Karma.

You Jim, no matter what you have experienced in meditation, have returned to your body and have to deal with causes and effects with your wife. If you slap her around and the resulting karma is that she decides to leave you then no master in the universe will undue the negative karma and force her stay with you.’

How could this Karma be removed when no power in heaven and earth will change her mind? How can some master negate this karmic effect against you?

It cannot.


June 26, 2015

The Spiritual Flow

There are a number of teachings out there telling us that we need some type of living master to obtain the highest salvation. And what is that highest salvation? Generally it goes something like this.

We have been trapped in the cycle of rebirth for many ages and we have just incarnated over and over making little progress. What we need to do is escape the wheel of rebirth and to do this we need to latch on to a living master who has this special power to escape himself and take us with him. If we are lucky enough to find such a person and lucky enough to be liked and chosen by him then he will take us under his wing and make sure we escape to the higher blissful regions, never to be reborn again.

So, is there any truth to either of these ideas? Let us take a look.

First, do we need a living master so we can return to God? If not, what do we need?

Consider this. There is a spiritual flow that descends from the highest of realms to the lowest. In this dense physical plane form is created from spirit which is concretized and slowed down to the extent that the originating spirit essence is difficult to perceive. Even though the spiritual flow is difficult to tap into it is not impossible. We spend many lifetimes learning by trial and error until we do learn to direct our focus toward the spiritual energy. When we do finally learn to do this then our progress toward pure spirit is increased as we finally have a sense of direction that leads us to our source.

So, do we accomplish this all on our own with no help?

Not by any means. We are all interdependent and need each other. Some progress faster than others and teach others what they have learned. Souls also progress unevenly and even lopsidedly. John may be advanced in one area and backward in another. Bob may be must the opposite so it turns out that they can help each other move forward in their areas of weakness.

The real key to advancement is to tap into the highest possible spiritual flow. When one does this he can assist others. But keep in mind, he assists, but does not do the work for them required to bring them in alignment with Spirit.

So what does thus teacher do?

First, he makes the students aware that there is such a thing as higher spiritual contact and that it is available to all. There is individual contact and group contact. The goal is not to progress alone but take others with us. Eventually numerous souls will merge and become one in aligning with the spiritual flow.

All of us are brothers and made in the mage of God. One is not any more special than another. Some have merely traveled further along the path of return and can help others on that same path by giving instructions to fellow travelers.

So, what about the idea of skipping over hundreds or maybe thousands of lives with the help of a master, never to be born again?

This question is easy to answer when we realize why we incarnate in this world and others. The reason is to learn, grow, gain experience and obtain the joy of accomplishment. In other words, we are in school in this realm.

Now, let us say you were half way through college, learning to become an engineer. Then you meet this unusual guy who claims to have some type of magical power and he tells you that if you listen to him and do as he says that you will not have to attend another day of school. You don’t have to be an engineer, a lawyer, doctor or anything. Just come live in his compound and you will live in bliss forever without a care in the world from now on.

Does this make sense to you?

Of course not. If you quit now you will not learn to become an engineer as you desired. If you follow the guru you’ll find that you’ll just have to retrace your steps and go back to school to achieve worth of real value.

Yes, we are in school and, after many lives of service and being served by others we will graduate. Then, after a period of labor and rest we will desire to learn even greater things and we will move on to more advanced schools and thus we move ever onward to eternal lives on eternal worlds without end.


June 29, 2015

Ken writes:

Shalom Blayne, I sorry you feel I am not part of the Elect, and that you are, but time will tell. You also try to portray Elohim as some vicious deity, or at least how you think I project Him. That is not the case at all. He is like any parent, and will correct and discipline His Children, and those who are uncorrectable, He will eventually remove from existence. Are you the type that would allow a serial murderer, who would not change, LIFE? Just where would you draw the line in destroying the wicked?


And what percentage of the children of God will God hate so much that he will burn with fire and extinguish from existence???

If you are a typical fundamentalist the figure will be over 90% in your mind and surely it will be more than half by your standards.

What kind of idiot, hateful, incompetent father would raise his children so more than half are worthy of being punished with a painful eternal death by his own hand?

Considering that question alone should reveal to any reader that there is tremendous illusion in your thinking.

Here is a part of a message I wrote to the Mormons decades ago who were caught up in a similar illusion.


We are supposed to believe that God is our Father and we are his sons and daughters and that God loves us even more than we love our children. If this is the case then we should examine the good we try and do for our children and then expect that God, being our Father, would do an even greater good for us as his sons and daughters.

If a child fails the first grade do we condemn him to stay in the first grade for all eternity, or even a lifetime? No. We have pity on the child and try and help him as much or more than ever and when he finally attains the second grade we rejoice at his progress.

If an earthly parent is this good in his thoughts then what about God? The scriptures answer: “Or what man is there of you, whom if his son ask bread, will he give him a stone? Or if he ask a fish will he give him a serpent? If ye then, being evil, know how to give good gifts unto your children, how much more shall your father which is in heaven give good gifts to them that ask him?” Matt 7:9-11. We are commanded to “ask and it shall be given you.” Matt 7:7

This scripture doesn’t apply to this life only, but for all eternity. God did not put a limit on it. Therefore if a man in the telestial kingdom asks for the means to go higher will not God provide a way? If you were with God and that person in the telestial kingdom asking was your son would not you rejoice in providing him with the opportunity to join you? If we are that good in seeking the welfare and progression of our children would God not go one better? Will God give a stone of eternal damnation to a son in the telestial kingdom who seeks to go up? Are we capable of greater good than God?

But, says one, God has his hands tied and he is subject to laws. But we ask: What laws are you talking about? Why bind God by laws that do not exist? Where is this law written that we hear rumored about the church and who established it? Would it not have been God? But if it was God why would a loving Father establish such a damning and unjust law?

Alas! We know there is no such law, but such a law is thought up by those who feel secure in their own salvation and exaltation and want to limit opportunity to their own sphere. They are like established doctors and lawyers who are secure in their income and want to establish rules for newcomers so difficult that few will make the grade thus eliminating competition.

We forget that on God’s endless worlds there is room for all and as soon as a man “asks” the opportunity will be given for God “will have all men to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.” I Tim 2:4 “Even so it is NOT THE WILL of your Father which is in heaven that ONE of these little ones should perish.” Matt 18:14 People who doubt the scripture will say that God’s will is not always done, but they forget that “with God NOTHING shall be impossible.” Luke 1:37. They also forget the prayer of Jesus: “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Matt 6:10

I contend that if it is the will of God that none shall perish, or that all shall eventually be exalted, then nothing can hold back that Will from being accomplished. If God “allotteth unto men according to their wills” (Alma 29:4) then he shall surely be able to fulfill his own will. If God cannot fulfill his own will then you and I have great reason to tremble and fear for he may not have power to save us even if we repent! Behold, the Spirit testifies that God can save and exalt whoever will use his free agency to conform to the appropriate laws, regardless of whether that decision was yesterday, today, or a million years from now.


July 3, 2015

More on Health

My wife and I took off for a couple days of R&R after the gathering and are getting settled back into the regular routine.

It is great to see old friends at the gatherings and make new ones. Because I consider the group to be my friends I am concerned when I see some health problems develop. Now, some of the group are doing great health wise, but others seem to be having more than their share of problems. This is one reason that we have some type of healing session at each gathering. It is interesting that the healing energy that circulates has something for everyone as it heals the soul and body. Everyone feels uplifted to a degree, some more than others.

The trouble with health problems is that it is often impossible to put a finger on exactly what one must do to become well as there are so many ingredients to good health such as karma, attitude, diet, water intake, exercise, exposure to sunlight, positive and negative suggestions implanted in the mind etc.

Throughout my life, when I have encountered someone with health problems, I attempt to observe their diet and lifestyle as much as possible to see if there is correlation, and generally there is, and some causes are quite obvious.

My friend Wayne, who was one of the most intelligent people I have known, made some typical mistakes that plagues many of us. He did a number of things that violated the rules that would insure good health, things which should be basic protocol for those who want to maintain power to serve, live long and prosper.

(1) He drank diet sodas.

Regular sodas with cane sugar or fructose should be avoided, but the artificial sweeteners are much worse. Artie and I warned him about these many times, but he was just addicted and just couldn’t give them up for more than a day or two.

Anyone who drinks more than two sodas a week, diet or otherwise, can expect to have some negative impact on his health. I personally avoid diet sodas like the plague. Many drink them to lose weight but research shows that one gains more weight drinking them than regular sodas with sugar.

In addition one should avoid aluminum and plastic containers.

(2) He took in lots of processed sugar.

He loved sweet things and instead of using sweeteners like raw honey or maple syrup he ate a lot of products containing fructose or regular sugar.

(3) He ate a lot of processed foods.

His worst offense was eating lots of doughnuts and rolls made of white, bleached, processed flour. This creates all kinds of health problems over time. When visiting me he would often bring a half dozen sweet rolls or doughnuts, thinking he was doing me a favor. As many times as I explained to him that these were terrible for your health, he just didn’t seem to get the message.

(4) He drank tap water.

The worst thing about tap water is that it contains chlorine. One should at least expose it to the air for 20 minutes so most of it can disperse unto the atmosphere. You never know what all poisons are in tap water so it is best to either filter it or buy filtered or spring water. Avoid water in plastic drinking containers except for occasional use.

The best filter for the money is called Zero Water and you can buy these at Walmart, Target and other locations.

This takes everything out of the water, similar to reverse osmosis, so I add some extra plant derived minerals. Here’s a link to the minerals I use.


A little unrefined salt also enlivens the water.

(5) He ate refined table salt.

Many do not realize the health problems created by regular table salt. Unrefined salt in the right doses is very healthful but regular refined salt is very tough on the body.

Regular table salt is refined at high temperatures taking out all the healthful minerals giving it a very white color. In the refining process chemicals are added that are designed to make it more free-flowing. Ferrocyanide, talc, and silica aluminate are commonly included.

And don’t think you are getting good salt when the label says “sea salt.” This is often refined as much as regular table salt. If the salt looks angelic white then avoid it. Unrefined salt has a little color to it.

Here is a link to my favorite salt.

Note that there are other good salts recommended if you scroll down.

(5) Lack of exercise.

He got very little exercise that would increase the heart rate and oxygen intake.

You do not need to exercise a lot to maintain good health. A little frequent exercise is a lot better than a lot in longer intervals. You should do something to get your heart rate up every two to three hours and not sit for over 20 minutes at a time. If you work a lot at the computer, as I do, then get up and walk around on a regular basis.

Anyway, these are some of the basics overlooked by many seekers. Much pain and suffering could be alleviated by these suggestions alone.



Although I don’t drink soft drinks, I do have some chocolate every day, and a wine at night, and some days are better than others, because I do love salt and junk food, but I do use the pink salt over the white salt.


You’ll get a lot of regular refined salt in any junk or processed food. I eat very few foods with salt added.

Wine, chocolate, sodas in the right doses will generally not do you harm. Eating a lot of chocolate with sugar added could be a problem. Overall there are a lot of health benefits to chocolate. I take most of my chocolate by means of hot chocolate and make it as follows. In a good sized mug I place a teaspoon of organic chocolate powder, a third of a teaspoon of instant coffee and then add some real vanilla extract for flavor. To this I add one third water and two thirds almond milk. Then I add around a heaping teaspoon of raw honey (or real maple syrup – preferably grade B) and top it off with a little real cream.

This makes a delicious, healthy and satisfying drink.


Do you think Wayne wanted to die?


Yes, a part of Wayne wanted to die. Whenever Curtis spoke of gaining immortality Wayne always groaned and commented that life was not enjoyable enough to live beyond the normal time.

Give us a reminder the day before your operation and I’m sure many here will be glad to pray for you or send you good vibes.



Do you still have a page on your website where you discuss in detail your belief that John F. Kennedy was the reincarnation of H.P. Blavatsky?


The handwriting link between JFK and HPB is not on my current site but can be found by linking to the old sight by means of the WayBack search. Here is the link:


Conall writes:

I don’t drink soda either, but the two studies that I see referenced for rise in obesity, and cancer, with soda consumption, are pretty shoddy. Do you have another study you look to other then the one done on rats and the observational one on weight?


I go by what my body tells me above all else and the first time I tasted artificial sweeteners my body screamed to me to avoid them. I might drink a small amount of something with it in once or twice a year and that is too much.

My body is much more tolerant of regular sodas, but the more I avoid them the better, I may drink one every month or so when there is nothing else available.

Here is a good site tellings of the dangers of too much soda:

Here is some good information on diet sodas:


I wish they would do a study on the effects of aluminum from the cans used for sodas and beer as well as the plastics for the sodas.


July 4, 2015


Stevia is not as bad but I still find the taste objectionable to the point I won’t use it. I also only use honey or maple syrup (as raw/unrefined as I can afford them) these days.


I feel the same way about Stevia though my wife and many others like it because of the low calories. On a scale of 1-10 synthetic sweeteners are 1, Stevia is 6, grade B maple syrup is 9 and raw honey is a 10. I find you can buy raw honey and grade B maple syrup cheaper online than in a heath food store. I use Amazon or Vitacost. If you are on their mailing list Vitacost offers an additional 10% discount about once a month.

I agree with you that detecting artificial sweetener is like detecting the taste of gasoline. As soon as I take a taste of something with it in I can taste it immediately. Some health food products are even adding it. I strongly advise all who read this to avoid

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