Esoteric Astrology

Esoteric Astrology

The group had been discussing the possibility that Paris Hilton was a reincarnation of Marylin Monroe. A reader questioned this because of DK’s teachings of the disciple’s progression through the Zodiac and Paris would have been out of sync for Marilyn was a Gemini and Paris is a Aquarius. These signs are not sequential.

First let me add that I said it was within the realm of possibility that these two are the same entity but cannot say for sure at this point. If I were to take the time to do a more complete analysis of their handwriting and charts, I could be more definite.

Secondly, it is doubtful that Paris Hilton is an advanced disciple so DK’s sequential progression through the zodiac may not apply.

There are two astrological pieces of information that DK gave that could be interpreted as black-and-white, yet, just as in all things, exactness in black-and-white rarely works out — especially in esoteric science.

First, he said the advanced student incarnates in counterclockwise order through the zodiac and the average person in regular order, though he did not tell us if the average person moves sequentially.

From my limited study I have found this sequential movement to not be any fixed law, but seems to be true about half the time.

Why isn’t it true all the time if this is the way we progress?

There are, I believe, a number of reasons for this:

[1] In each sign the pilgrim has a lesson of some kind he has to learn. Being as dense as we humans are, around half the time the lesson is not learned, but partially so. Therefore, he does not progress to the next sign but to an energy that will assist him in completing his lesson. Since the lesson is partially learned then it is quite possible he can finish it off in another sign and circumstance.

[2] The sun sign is the most powerful agent in astrology, but still only transmits about twenty-five percent of the influence in a chart. It is then quite possible from an esoteric point of view (often held by DK) that the lesson of a sign, such as Aquarius, could be finished off in another sign, such as Gemini or Libra, when other factors exert a strong Aquarian influence.

[3] I would assume that during the Sabbath life the entity would often be born out of sequence, since no major lesson is being undertaken.

[4] We are strongly linked to our groups and opportunities and sometimes this makes it impossible to be born in the next designated sign.

[5] An advanced soul places service above personal progress. If the opportunity for service is there then he may delay the potential progress of moving to his next sign.

The second unusual teaching is that a person is born in one life on the day he died in the previous life.

A prime example of this was Galileo Galilei who died on Jan 8, 1642 and then exactly 300 years later was born as Stephen Hawking on Jan 8, 1942. His disease was  caused by residual guilt from his life as Galileo when submitted  to the  religious authorities and recanted his   discovery that the earth was not the  center of  the universe.

I have found, however that we are often not born on the d ay of our death in the last life, thought it often happens in approximation.

For instance, in my last life my friends Wayne and Curtis were with me. Curtis was killed Aug 8 and was born in this life on Aug 7. This could have been within 24 hours of the same point in time.

Wayne was killed on October 14 and born in this life on October 17. Close again. On the other hand, I was killed 12:30 AM, July 21 and born Feb 6. This was way off the theoretical date. I was probably attracted to be born when I was because of links with my family as well as to take advantage of the Star of David in my chart.

DK never explained why the birth and death signs are so closely linked.

Here are my thoughts:

The art of astrology teaches that the natal chart is significant because at the moment of birth the entity has impressed upon his soul a snapshot of all the energies of the chart in that moment of time and space.

Now the other significant moment in the life of the soul is death. It’s quite possible another snapshot of equal power is impressed upon the pilgrim.

If this is so then one of two things would happen:

[1] He would be reborn under similar influences.

[2] If this doesn’t fit in with the plan then he would still be influenced by that snapshot of the death date as well as his birthrate and some similarities would be found in the two charts.

I just compared the death chart  of my last life with my birth chart and found some interesting things. In my last incarnation I was killed when my sun was in 28 degrees Gemini and my sun ascendant was also 28 degrees Gemini.

The ascendant in my death chart was also in Gemini and that is very significant. Esoterically the ascendant is the second most important point in the chart because it indicates the future lesson in life.

So, I was not born in Gemini, the sign of my last death, but my ascending time of my sun in Gemini harmonizes with it down to the exact degree. This makes a lot of sense to me in ways that I do not have time to explain in this post.

Two roads diverged in a wood and I – I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. – Robert Frost

Jan 1, 2009

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