More on The Song of Eternal Life

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Oct 19, 2015

More on The Song of Eternal Life

Tom asks

What is this other prayer for healing and how does it compares with the song of the 144,000? I have motion sickness and wanting to throw up during car rides will this prayer help me? Where the prayer come from? Do I have to say it out loud or in my head?


It is called The Song of Eternal Life and it has a different purpose than the Song of the 144,000. The first song is designed for empowerment and to bring you closer to Spirit and the new one is for healing and increased physical vitality – which many of us need.

In answer to your question I was impressed through the Spirit to write it.

It is best to say it aloud, but if this is inconvenient it will still have effect if you think the words and visualize the meaning coming to pass.

Here is the Song again:

The Song of Eternal Life

OM – OM – OM

I thank you Father-Mother-Spirit

For the energy of life that is sent

From Universal Source to me

For the life that circulates through each atom and cell

Permeating my entire body and mind

Bringing health and vitality to all my living parts.

I bask in this life

I feel the life

I am the life

The life which knows not corruption

The life which makes all things new

The life which always IS.

I feel the life from my toes to the top of my head

And give thanks for its abundance.

I praise and love my body and all of its parts

For receiving this Life and Spirit and Source.

I praise body, soul and spirit

For receiving without ceasing.

A-U-M (AHHHHH – UUUUUHHH [as in you] – MMMMMM)

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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