Implementing Change

Implementing Change

A reader voiced his opinion that the United States has deteriorated to the extent that any reform is not feasible. He thinks it is best to anticipate its fall and gather the lights into a place of safety. He asks if I can cite one example of a nation reforming itself to the better.

Every civilization and kingdom has had its ups and downs. Without The Lights working to make things better there would have been no ups and history would be wrought with much more pain than we have had.

A reader gave a good example citing the Civil War. We had reached a point of tension where it looked like the experiment in Democracy had failed and America was going to collapse. Most of Europe expected a collapse. Instead, we fought to save the Union, and end slavery, and the forces of evolution prevailed. The nation became a more civil place to live. Even Congress became more civil. Before the war representatives sometimes attacked each other physically or challenged each other to duels to the death.

In the Roman Empire after a rule of some of the worst tyrants in history such as Caligula, Nero and Domitian, it entered into a period of positive change through five much improved emperors who were Nerva, Trajan, Hadrian, Antoninus Pius, and Marcus Aurelius. Their reigns lasted between 96 to 180 AD.

Some influences came from the bottom up, but in that day those at the top had to cooperate for improvements in government to be made.

We have a tremendous advantage in our day. The law, as we now have it, still allows change to be made from the grassroots level. This is an advantage that the Romans did not have.

Rome lasted around a thousand years and we are only a couple hundred years old. There still exists the possibility of turning the country around. It would be easiest if we had a great leader like Abraham Lincoln, but barring that, the people are our greatest hope. A situation must be created where the common people believe in themselves and assume more power, for they have more common sense than the uncommon sense of our leaders.

I believe it was William F. Buckley who said he would rather be governed by random names picked from the Boston phone book than by the Congress of his day. There’s a lot of truth in that observation.

Does my desire to save my country negate the need for The Gathering?


The deterioration of a country reveals the need for a Gathering, and a Gathering is forced if there is a complete collapse. Of course, in a collapse you could have a gathering of good or bad guys who seek to create the new order.

If a government becomes too restrictive then the only solution for the Lights is to gather in a location out of the country or wait for a collapse and regroup.

But if a reasonable amount of freedom remains the Gathering can take place within the country. This would cause less hardship and is an important reason to work to turn the country around.

A reader asked for my advice in implementing Molecular Politics. He talked about gathering seven people and concentrating on 14 issues. Nothing wrong with the 7 people but the 14 issues is a problem. A candidate running on the Molecular platform has only one issue which is:


This will have a very powerful appeal. As soon as you start talking about issues the public will sense which side you favor on them and half will turn against you right off.

Many politicians are skilled at avoiding the central issues. On the other hand, the Molecular candidate can honestly avoid the issues because he does not vote on what he believes, but what the people believe. This is powerful because most people believe the majority is not represented well.

Imagine the Molecular candidate in a debate and he is asked:  What is your position on abortion?

He will answer:

“It matters not what my position is, I will vote on what the people want, not what I want.”

When asked:  What’s your position on the balanced budget?

He will answer:

“It matters not what my position is, I will vote on what the people want, not what I want.”

When the people hear this over and over, they will register the plan and get excited over it.

If I were you and wanted to be the first Molecular candidate, I would seek office the established way through one of the major parties, though we may have to start out running independents, as orthodoxy generally rejects any change. I would seek out some top political people and explain the plan and seek their backing in raising funds. If you do not have money and power at present it would be an uphill battle, but just getting the idea out there could establish a seed for change.

It would be a huge step forward if my book introducing this was well received and the principle gets time on the major talk shows.

After the idea gets a foothold, the next step is to create the Committee for Representation. After this is established, we then approach perspective candidates to run on the Molecular platform.

If you seek peace, be still.

If you seek wisdom, be silent.

If you seek love, be yourself. – Becca Lee

Dec 14, 2008

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