Two Types of People

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Nov 15, 2015

Two Types of People


So it seems that my dream of creating a community with folks of varying beliefs based upon the common denominator of freedom would be doomed to failure.

I despair of ever finding even just two NORMAL people that REALLY fully agree on hot button topics like drugs, abortion, gays, etc.

I was hoping to find a common thread that could be pretty much recognizable to anyone.


The most common thread that is recognizable to those who have a significant light burning within them is respect for majority will. Even though these have different views on democracy most still recognize that majority representation is an important principle.

Let us take taxes for example. The vast majority believe that some type of taxing system must be in place in order to raise revenue for the state. The average person just wants the taxes to be fair and spent efficiently on things of real public need.

The trouble with taxes is that there is a wide range of views as to how much the people should be taxed and what they should be spent on. In this case the solution is to create a taxing system that is accepted as fair to the majority who actually pay them. If this happens then the people as a whole will be satisfied, even many who mildly disagree. There will always be a few who disagree with decisions made by governing officials, but if the majority is happy then there will be stability and progress.

Unfortunately, in the United Sates the majority will of the actual taxpayers has not been respected and much of their money has been wasted and their children placed in debt due to the tremendous debt accumulated. We then, as a country are not as stable as we should be.

Any great leader must consider the majority will of the people he leads. If he wants to go in a direction contrary to majority will then he needs to teach the people correct principles so he can sway enough people to his side so he will wind up working with the majority.

Now freedom is an unusual subject as 99% of the people will claim to be on freedoms side and want as much of it as possible, especially for themselves. When it comes to freedom for others with different views it becomes another matter. Most people want quite a few restrictions to freedom on others for their own good and that of society.

The guy who doesn’t drink normally doesn’t mind an type of law regulating alcohol because it does not restrict his own freedom. The slow driver doesn’t mind low speed limits. The guy who buckles up doesn’t mind seat belt laws and the guy with the low income doesn’t mind taxing the rich.

And apparently the guy who believes in orthodox global warming theory doesn’t mind taking away freedom of speech from those who are skeptical. A Rasmussen poll this month (Nov 2015) revealed that 27% of Democrats and 11% of Republicans want skeptics prosecuted for speaking against standard global warming theory. In addition to this 15% of the general public are not sure if skeptics need to be prosecuted.

I’ll tell you this much. I will do my best to avoid gathering any people in any group I am associated with who is so small minded as to want to prosecute someone for sincerely expressing a different opinion. It is insane that this many people would want to punish so many for free speech -speech that is totally necessary.

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Those who value freedom for themselves as well as others who think and act differently than themselves and those who only consider freedom in relation to themselves and what they want for their own little world.

To gather any group of lights that will head in the direction of oneness, people from the first group must be sought. The lights of the earth must consider freedom as it registers in the mind of his brother or sister as well as himself. He must seek to fulfill the dreams of his brother as well as himself to insure the greatest happiness and freedom for the whole.

The next great gathering will not result in perfect freedom and happiness for all but we will move a step or two in that direction and from this gathering a second gathering will take place to create spiritual molecules.

The common thread in the molecules will be soul contact. This is the final common thread that really does create oneness of purpose.

Of course people in the molecules will have different opinions of their favorite movie, color, car to drive etc, but when it comes down to decisions within the molecule they will be as one in support of decisions because they will all be contacting the same source.

“War is peace.

Freedom is slavery.

Ignorance is strength.”

George Orwell, 1984

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