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Oct 5, 2015

Fox News

Since a reader attacked Fox News I thought I would say a few words.

It is silly how the left just automatically rejects news from Fox as being not “reliable” as they say.

Here is the result of a study of the news:

Tucked inside a big Brookings survey on immigration are a few questions about the integrity of television news. And there, 25 percent of respondents say they trust Fox more than any other TV source for “accurate information about politics and current events,” giving the network a slight edge over generic broadcast news. By contrast, MSNBC places last with just five percent, a hair behind The Daily Show.

This isn’t the first time a poll has found Fox as the most trusted news source. For five years running, the network has taken top honors in PPP’s annual media survey. Jon Terbush


All news media make a few mistakes, but none are scrutinized and unfairly attacked as is Fox.

Next you make a completely false statement about Rush. You say:

He thinks the water on Mars is a leftist plot.

This is completely untrue. You must have cut and pasted this from a leftist site that is trying to smear him with lies.

I listened to the program where he talked about Mars and at the beginning of his three hour program he mentioned the discovery of life on Mars along with the theory that Mars once had an ocean two miles deep.

Then he predicted that the left will soon find some connection between the disappearance of the water with climate change.

The funny thing was that before his three hour program was up a story did appear on line which linked the disappearance of oceans on Mars to climate change. He had a good laugh about how accurately he can predict what the left will do and how quickly his prediction came true. I thought it was pretty funny myself and got a chuckle out of it.

I’m surprised you speak positively of the Drudge Report as that is where I got the story which was linked to Info Wars, as that is not a site I frequent. Drudge does a good job of making sure a story is accurate before linking to it.

He is accused of having a conservative bias, but research has shown that he links to more liberal sources than conservative. He does a good job of finding the truth wherever it is and is one reason he is my favorite source of news.

When I interplay with people of the left on various forums I generally avoid linking to any conservative site but stick to liberal sources as that is all they will consider. Fortunately, I do not have to do that for this group because they consider the message rather than shoot the messenger.

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