Molecular Questions

Molecular Questions

A reader asks if there’s a difference between the spiritual molecular relationship and the more material ones such as molecular politics and the molecular business.

Indeed. There is a big difference between these two groups.

The organization of the spiritual molecular relationship is quite precise and demands certain numbers to obtain specific results. The spiritual molecular relationship among humans corresponds to the molecular relationship of the atoms. To produce a molecule of water demands two atoms of hydrogen and one of oxygen. Nothing else will do. Even so, there certain combinations of humans having soul contact that will similarly produce specific results. There will definitely be molecules of 24 and 14, or two sevens. But in addition, spiritual research will point us toward many other workable combinations producing varied results.

I used the word “molecular” in relation to the new political and business groups not because they are the same as the spiritual organizations, but because they lead to greater group work and they involve sharing group energy and thought. In other words, they are evolving closer to the spiritual molecular relationship than what we have now, but they are definitely in a different category.

For instance, specific numbers are not needed for them to work. The molecular numbers are always helpful in enhancing the sharing of group energy. However no materialistic group in the immediate future will draw down a master to overshadow the group to make way for a spiritual flow. They can however be a conduit for heart and astral energy that gives the group a lower form of molecular life.

A reader pointed out that the decay he was worried about in the United States was moral and intellectual strength and because we have such a low quality person to work with it seems questionable to him the molecular politics could work.

First, let me agree with you that this is a real problem. All you have to do is watch Jay Leno interviewing some of these people off the street, many of whom have a college education. Yet some simple questions such as who is the VP or leader of the House of Representatives and they seem dumbfounded. Then he might ask something like who fought in the Civil War or in World War Two and they don’t seem to know. It’s discouraging indeed to see the ignorance of some of the young people out there.

We had a young guy in his 20’s doing some work for us a while back and asked me which party I was a member of. I told him I was a Libertarian and he didn’t have a clue as to what that was. Then when I started telling him a few things I noticed that he didn’t seem to know anything about current events or terms. He didn’t even seem to know the difference between a liberal and a conservative. By the time I was done talking to him I was hoping that there weren’t too many like him in my home state of Idaho. But, who knows, perhaps the youth are as ignorant here as the ones interviewed by Jay Leno.

Then too, perhaps we can fall back on the thought that each generation thinks that youth has gone to hell in a handbasket, and then the youth learn the lessons and wind up performing pretty well after all. Let us hope this will eventually be the case but I wouldn’t bet my cable TV money on it. I think that we are definitely in the time where the youth of this generation are more morally and intellectually challenged than they have been for a long time.

Even in this generation there many good people that will surface and perform well. I see many young people in the military interviewed that look like very outstanding individuals that see service to their country and the world is a top priority. And I’m sure there are many others not in military and seek to serve humanity and perform well.

Molecular politics offers an important screening process that will weed out many of the ne’er-do-wells. That is in order to be a co-legislator one will have to show some initiative, volunteer and go through the procedure required to become a member. Then once he is a member and wants to vote on an issue, he will have to study that issue to figure out how he wants to vote. This process will weed out the people of the mentality that answer Jay Leno’s questions. Those who do participate as a co-legislator will normally be those who really care about their country.

And, as always, there is concern that pressure groups could infiltrate and tell thousands of people out how to vote in one big voting block but there are ways to circumvent such things. If we can create an organization that governs democratically by the votes of concerned citizens then we can create a much-improved government and society.

A reader expresses his belief that working to fix this country is an exercise in futility. He thinks we should just plan on building anew after things fall apart.

There are a number of reasons we do not want to see a complete breakdown of the United States. The main one is that this country is presently the first and last line of defense in keeping the free world as free as it is. If America were to fall and become powerless who would fill the vacuum? The Russians? The Chinese? The Moslem Extremists? If foreign armies moved here to restore order would that be a good thing?

I don’t think so.

If that were to happen would our citizens even be free to peacefully gather?

Probably not.

While it is true that a complete collapse can force a gathering, such a thing may turn out to be more like a forced evacuation rather than a planned gathering of lights.

Think back to the last successful gathering. It happened with the discovery of America. England was not in a state of collapse but was at its heyday of power. In the beginning its resources were a means of nurturing the colonies until the time came that they had power to live apart from the mother country.

Even so, a gathering of lights will be easier if western society remains intact enough so the new builders can have the resources to become self-sufficient. If we are to build cities on the seas we will need resources and technology from Western nations.

It is, therefore, in our best interests to support the principles of freedom in our native lands to the best of our abilities. It would be a big hindrance indeed if we only had tyrannies to deal with and had to use stone age tools to build cities of light.

I am extremely confident that Molecular Politics can succeed. After the first representative is elected, we will be half way to the finish for then the country will see how the idea works and the common man will love the idea that he can have a voice. After the first molecular Representative or Senator gets elected there will be nothing that can then stay the progress of the idea.

A reader voices concern about deluded people becoming co-legislators. Yes, this will happen. All types of people will participate, but the reason it will work is that the majority of informed participating citizens have the good of the country much more in their hearts than does our Congress which is only concerned with power and partisan politics.

Another thing to consider in the plan is this. Even if we achieve maximum success at reform, we are still very limited in how high we can take the country as a whole. For this reason, even with successful reform, we will still need a gathering of lights in order to demonstrate a government of light.

Only when a government of light is actually demonstrated will average people in the various countries want it for themselves.

“Some say the world will end in fire, Some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire, I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice I think I know enough of hate To say that for destruction ice Is also great And would suffice.” — Robert Frost

Dec 15, 2008

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