True Spirituality

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Oct 2, 2015

True Spirituality

Even though at least 90% of what we discuss here revolves around the accepted norms of spirituality some have accused us for not being a spiritual group for a number of reasons. Among them are:

(1) They do not agree with our conclusions.

(2) We are not pious enough.

(3) We do not discuss their favorite subject enough for them. Meditation is a recent example.

(4) We do not tell members what to do.

(5) We sometimes discuss subjects that are not seen as spiritual in nature, such as science and politics.

This last point has been brought up several times lately in an attempt to convince us we are not a spiritual group.

The criteria for what is spiritual is revealed by the answer to this simple question.

What is it that takes us toward spirit and what is it that takes us away?

The answer is very simple. Truth takes us toward it and falsehood takes us away from it.

For instance, those who saw truth in the words of Jesus and accepted them moved closer to God while those who rejected them moved away.

Truth leading to spirit not only applies to spiritual teachings, but any endeavor.

For instance, those who accepted the actual truth revealed though Galileo moved closer to spirit while those who rejected moved further away.

Those who accepted true principles that established freedom for the human spirit at the foundation of the United States moved closer to spirit while those who rejected moved further away.

In politics today, those who accept the principle of freedom and reject excessive force will move closer to spirit than those who endorse force to further their political desires.

The quest for maximum freedom is perhaps the most spiritual endeavor that is possible to undertake. After all, what is always stated to be necessary to free us from the wheel of rebirth?

In every teaching it is the attainment of liberation through the acquisition of greater freedom.

He who believes that freedom is only important in some inner spiritual reality is fooling himself. The inner and the outer are intertwined and interconnected. You cannot have maximum freedom on the inside without freedom on the outside. Correspondingly, you cannot find all truth in the inner world if you cannot see what is true in the outer world. If one is deceived by those in the outer world who distort then he will be deceived by thoughtforms or spirits in the inner who also distort. It takes the power of spiritual discernment to see truth no matter where it is, inner or outer, political or religious.

The basic division in politics boils down to the true and false application of the Principle of Freedom. Even the guy who is willing to enslave his brother to get his way will claim he is the true advocate of freedom. For instance, the South, who fought to keep their slaves claimed to be the ones on the side of freedom.

Seeing the true path to freedom is a very spiritual ideal indeed and most make some mistakes in their judgments as the true vision is obtained as a result of many accurate decisions. He who can clear away the fog and see the true next step to take in the direction of maximum freedom is on the real spiritual path.

The seeker will often come to a fork in the road. There are arguments for either one as representing the one of greater freedom. The eyes of the emotional based personality have difficulty in discerning so it goes with its bias.

Even so, it is true that one choice will represent greater freedom than the other and that choice takes one in the true spiritual direction.

To consistently see that true choice requires one to raise above the emotional plane, penetrate the veil of illusion and see reality as it truly is.

He who can do this is indeed a pilgrim on the true spiritual path and is moving toward liberation.


Richard questions whether our individual identify As you move forward you do not lose your identity, but merely that which you identify with.

For instance, the atheist believes that all he is is represented by his physical body. Later he learns that he is not his body and no longer identifies with it. Even so, he remains an individual entity.

As he moves forward he changes that with which he identifies. He moves from his emotions to his mind and finally the causal or soul body itself. He realizes that he is none of these things, but he is still an individual existence within the mind of God.

Thus shall it be worlds without end.

Copyright 2015 by J J Dewey

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