Affirmations of the Disciple

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Nov 12, 2015

Affirmations of the Disciple

  1. Truth is the highest religion
  2. I seek to speak the undistorted truth at all times.
  3. I use the Law of Correspondences. Truth corresponds with truth. As below, so above with a twist.
  4. Maximum freedom equals maximum light and love and power for all.
  5. All humans are from the same Source, share the same soul essence with a destiny to embrace each other with love. I send love to all who are willing to receive.
  6. I am not alone. I am eternally connected with my Source and all life and seek to consciously re-establish those connections.
  7. True authority comes from the voice of God within, not someone without who claims to represent that voice.
  8. I am a Being who is Becoming and am responsible for my destiny.
  9. Like attracts like. I seek to gather with the lights and throw light upon those who dwell in darkness.
  10. I extend goodwill and friendship to all my brothers and sisters throughout the world.
  11. I understand that the seeds I sow today shall be reaped tomorrow. I therefore sow and nourish good seeds.
  12. I seek to assist all my brothers and sisters to speed their journey home to our Source.


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