Secret Places of the Lion

Secret Places of the Lion

A reader pointed out that he read a book I recommended called Secret Places of the lion and disagreed with parts of it.

I read this book about 40 years ago when I was wrestling my way out of the illusion of the Mormon church into greater light. At the time I found it extremely interesting and stimulating. I wasn’t sure there was reincarnation at the time, and this made me think about it much more seriously.

I probably would not be as impressed today if I reread it as I was back then, but still I recall numerous things it teaches that I yet consider true. If one just judges it by who’s who in past lives he may come up with a big question mark, but there is much more to the book than that.

Here are truths I gleaned from it after I read it.

[1] Reincarnation is a reality. Williamson does more than just state there is reincarnation but gives some good logic and scriptural evidence.

[2] There is a “Goodly Company” of teaching souls that are seeking to assist humanity. Whether they got here as described in the book matters not.

[3] These souls incarnate again and again and have been some of the significant Lights who have been recorded in history.

I couldn’t verify how many of the named incarnations are accurate, but some that he gives evidence on strikes a chord; such as:

[4] Brigham Young and Solomon. The correspondence he gives between them was fascinating such as the fact they both used the symbol of the lion. Solomon built the temple without “the sound of a hammer” and Brigham built the tabernacle without nails which eliminated the need for hammers also. Both were famous for having many wives and they both gave similar sounding words of wisdom.

Similarly, the evidence he gave for Joseph [son of Jacob] being reborn as [King] David was very captivating.

[5] I believe the people from history that he selected as belonging to the Goodly Company was quite accurate. These people as a group were definitely a major effect in making a positive mark on human evolution. This is very true even if he missed on a number of past lives.

[6] He made corrections on ancient timelines that seemed reasonable to me.

[7] He taught that advanced souls can switch bodies when the plan calls for it. This truth is not dependent on his accuracy of who switched bodies.

On the negative side I think he brings flying saucers into the picture much more than was the case.

These are just a few things. Like I said, it has been about 40 years since I read it and have been thinking of reading it again.

Another reader asks when the soul enters the body of a fetus or an unborn child.

All that is established before birth is a link to the body and this can be changed if another soul needs the body for some reason of importance.

The fetus itself is animated by elemental lives that run complex computer programs with occasional contact with the designated entity.

Even after birth the soul is not entirely settled in the body. When the entity becomes self-aware to the point it is embarrassing to run around naked in front of others, then the soul has pretty well settled in. The link between soul and body is usually complete at about 7 to 8 years of age.

Aborting a fetus is not nearly as harmful as killing a self-conscious being for this affects the decided path of the soul. Even so, aborting a fetus can create negative karma, and if performed the person should realize that a payment will normally be required. I use the word “normal” because there are exceptions.

Another reader asks me to comment on the Sanskrit word MUKTI which means “liberation” from unwanted reincarnations.

The person’s soul will decide on the lesson that needs to be learned and sometimes puts him in a painful circumstances which he would never decided on in his earthly state of consciousness.

Eventually he becomes a seeker and gives more than he receives. Then when he gets a lot of his karma paid off he can choose more favorable circumstances to enter life. Even here sometimes the path of service is so clear that there is no decision necessary. For instance, the disciples of Jesus were so happy to be born in a circumstance where they could be disciples of the Master that they acquiesced to circumstance more than deciding upon it.

A reader asks this: If a lesser Avatar appears to the Jews in a physical body and takes over where Jesus left off, does this lesser Avatar have to go through the same type of initiation as Jesus had something else?

If he is born as a mortal he will have to repeat the initiations. Of course, they are a different experience each time they are approached. Few are physically crucified for the fourth initiation, for example. When repeating the initiations, the difficulty is not as great as when approaching a new one to be mastered.

Question: What initiation will the Christ be making when he returns?

The Christ is working on his seventh. If he is reborn, he will start at his first and work to finishing the seventh. If he just appears in a body or works by overshadowing, he will work directly on the seventh.

In this age Jesus and the Christ will work on separate missions.

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. —George Santayana

Dec 31, 2008

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