Introduction To the Twelve Keys of Knowledge

Introduction To the Twelve Keys of Knowledge

Part One of the 2021 Gathering – Transcription By Adam Clayton

This is kind of a special group because you’ve come despite the virus and everybody’s nervous about catching something. So I thought people may need a little extra incentive to come here. Some came here with quite a bit of sacrifice so I’ve decided to go through all twelve Keys during this gathering.

Now so far, I’ve given out seven of the Keys. Four of them are given out in the books. Three others I’ve given out at various gatherings. But at this one, we will go through those seven, plus five additional ones that I haven’t identified yet as The Keys of Knowledge.

I’m seventy-six years old. Who knows how knows how much longer I’m going to be here, so I might as well get them out so they’re in the public arena. Hopefully, I can live to be a hundred or so.

Asaph: Two hundred and fifty.

JJ: Two hundred and fifty? That would be nice.

Yeah, I’ve got to figure out the key to regenerating my physical body. Artie and I have several keys of personal things we’ve found to try and stay healthy and that certainly helps. But we have aged just like everybody else. And so we haven’t quite overcome the physical pull toward death yet. And that is something that we’re looking forward to gaining.

That usually doesn’t happen until the fifth initiation. At the fifth initiation, the entity becomes what they call a Master of Wisdom, and he has power to regenerate. He’s not really an immortal, but he has power to regenerate until he no longer needs his physical body.

Now when attaining this power, some Masters go on to higher spiritual levels and do other work, and others stay behind. There are seven different paths that are taken by the various Masters. And one of the paths is called the Path of Earth Service. And in the Path of Earth Service, those who attain the higher initiations, stay behind in order to help us mortals that haven’t crossed over the barrier yet.

But when I wrote the first book, I introduced the idea of the Keys of Knowledge – that there are Twelve Keys of Knowledge, Twelve Keys of Understanding, and Twelve Keys of Eternal Life. I probably won’t get any further than the Twelve Keys of Knowledge in this lifetime. But you never know. It depends on if we eventually establish the Molecular Relationship, and then anything is possible.

Joshua: On these Keys, what’s the difference between these gradations? There are these three sets of keys. There are the Keys of Knowledge and . . . I forget the names of the others. What’s the distinction between those?

JJ: Well, I don’t have all the keys yet, so I can’t clearly tell you the distinction. But we’ll present the Keys of Knowledge, and you can see that the Keys of Knowledge really open up the disciple to more knowledge and understanding of principles that will further them along the path.

And the Keys of Understanding are like the Keys of Knowledge, but they are more related to understanding than increasing knowledge. And the Keys of Eternal Life will be keys that once they are in place, we will understand how to rejuvenate our physical bodies, which I do not have yet.

And if I did have them, I wouldn’t be able to give them out yet, because there isn’t a group ready to receive those final keys. The Keys of Knowledge are something that everyone can understand, and it will increase their ability to discover new knowledge, knowledge that is accurate and true.

Any other questions before we move on?

Key One:  Decision – The Essence Behind Decision

So in the book, we’re hit with the idea as to “Who or what are you?” That is the question that many people have dealt with. Many philosophers have dealt with throughout the centuries and millennia. And what is the main answer that most people give?

Now, there are a lot of teachers teaching “who or what are you.” And they give various answers. But most of their answers are very similar. What do most people say that we are?

Joshua: Souls.

JJ: Souls, yeah. Then you say, “what is a soul?” What else do people say that we are?

Asaph: Gods.

JJ: Gods. Okay, well what does that mean?

Asaph: Essentially, that we are eternal.

JJ: Yeah. Okay. There’s certainly truth to that because we came from a sphere where we were one with God. And we’re reflections of God, so there’s a lot of truth in that. But what is God? And what is any life form? What is the essence of who we are?

Let’s say Asaph here is God. And he doesn’t even know he’s a God because he’s forgotten who he is. But who is he? What is his essence? What’s an answer that a lot of people give?

Joshua: Spirit.

JJ: Spirit. That’s the most common one. Okay, our essence is spirit. All right, well what is spirit? It’s higher than matter, right? But what does that tell you? It doesn’t really tell you anything, does it?

There’s spirit and matter. We kind of have an idea of what matter is. There’s stuff that we can see. And we can build houses out of it and build cars out of it. And our physical body is built with it. But then a lot of the teachings teach that everything that we see is built on the principle of illusion. So we don’t even know what matter is for sure.

Scientists are trying to figure it out. And they look at smaller and smaller particles and all they can find is wavelengths. And then when they get down to the smallest particles, they find out that when we look at it, it’s a particle, and when we are not measuring it, it turns into a wave. And so it goes back and forth depending on whether we’re looking at it or not.

And this has really baffled scientists. It even baffled Einstein. Einstein couldn’t figure it out. It didn’t make much sense to him. He said there had to be something missing in the explanation here.

Some people have even come up with theories from the quantum reality, that science is finding, that they think the whole Universe is produced by some type of hologram. We’re living in some type of video game, and the video game is not composed of real matter that can be touched. But in the game, the actors can touch each other and have experience.

And a lot of people, because of the quantum studies they’ve done where they showed that matter is not solid, and can be either a particle or a wave, a lot of theories are surfacing that our whole life is like a video game that is being played out. This is quite interesting. But that still doesn’t tell us who we are.

Now let’s consider two different teachings. One says we’re in a real universe with real matter and God created it, and I’m in a body. Okay, well what is in the body?

Now the same thing occurs if life is a video game. You’re still in the avatar. We all saw the movie ‘Avatar.’ The guy was in his physical body, but his consciousness was projected to an avatar. The avatar wasn’t real, but it was like it was real. He still had an essence that was real. Even though he wasn’t his avatar, and maybe he wasn’t his body, he was still something. What is that something?

And this is what people have been asking for centuries. And that is what the first Key is centered around.

So the question is “who or what are you?” And first, the seeker has to find out what he is not. The first thing we have to realize is that we are not our bodies. It’s kind of sad that many hard-core scientists believe we are our bodies. They believe we are a machine, and our physical brain has produced our consciousness.

It’s kind of odd though that consciousness, according to science, came from something that was not conscious. Does that make any sense? Does that make sense that your consciousness evolved from something with no consciousness? Doesn’t make sense, does it?

There are so many things that do not make sense regarding the idea that we are our bodies. For instance, consider how complicated one cell in your body is, and how complicated the DNA within that cell is. It has all the knowledge within it to duplicate your entire body. Those small strands of DNA are more complex than any computer we’ve been able to manufacture so far. As a matter of fact, it’s so complicated that it took a tremendous amount of computer energy and technology to decipher it and merely map its configuration.

So figuring that something that has no consciousness . . . just materialized and put things together to produce less than one trillionth of your body, which would be a cell, and in that cell the DNA . . .  to figure that one thing alone was produced by just random effects is harder to believe than like walking through a forest and tripping over a computer, and thinking, “oh, this computer just materialized through the elements all combined together to make this computer work.

Now, just think of a lightbulb, for instance, how complicated it would be for random energies and random events to put together something with threads that could screw into a socket with matching threads. So you screw in a lightbulb, and it works because everything matches.

Within the cells in your body, there are all kinds of linkages like that going on, where you have things matching to other things, just within the cell. Just that alone isn’t something that would just show up for a trillion years, anywhere. And if it did show up once, the winds would blow it away and it wouldn’t go anywhere.

I often think when these atheist scientists die, and they find out that they still have consciousness, and they find out that everything was not created by chance, I think they’re going to hit themselves on the head and think, “boy, was I stupid! Why didn’t I figure that out? Here I was projecting myself as the smartest of the smart, and I did not see this really simple thing that consciousness cannot be created by unconsciousness. How can something with no consciousness create something with consciousness? How can something with no intelligence create something with intelligence?”

I think these scientists, when they find out, when they’re on the other side, they’re just going to slap themselves. Because, you know how you feel when something dawns on you and you think, “well, I should have known that, darn it.” How often has that happened to you? You know, every once in a while, it happens in life.

But you can imagine what an atheist, especially a scientist, who is supposed to be a seeker of truth, how they will feel when they see how obvious it should have been. It should have been completely obvious that we are not our bodies. But even a lot of people who are religious, and believe that within the body is a spirit, they’re still very attached to being a body. They identify with it very strongly.

A sign that we identify too strongly with the body, is the fact that we get ill, that the body breaks down. Since energy follows thought then if we identify too strongly with the body then in the process the thought will be distorted. We are not our bodies. But our body is a vehicle.

Now sometimes, like for instance, if you have a really good car . . . we had a neighbor that had this ’57 Chevy that was in prime shape. He just loved driving that around showing it off. And he had a couple of classic cars, but this particular one he almost identified with, like it was an extension of him. But he’s not his car. His car was a vehicle, but he liked his car so much that it was part of his identity.

Same thing if someone gets a Lamborghini and invests everything in it, or any type of car that someone is really proud of . . . it’s a vehicle. And the tendency of many people is to identify too strongly with the vehicle as if they and the vehicle are one.

Asaph here is a good-looking guy. But it would be a mistake to identify with his body, that he and his body are one. So we have to look on our bodies as a vehicle, a vehicle that we use. And a vehicle can be used for good or evil. You can use a car to help somebody out, to get somebody where they’re going. Or you can use a car to rob a bank.

You can use your body for service and love and helping people, or you can use it to hurt people and do destructive things. So whatever you have, whatever you identify with can be used for good or evil. But the first lesson is to learn that we are not our bodies.

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